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Reviewed: 11/20/06

Keep your finger on the trigger!

My friend introduced me to this game earlier this year. I was hooked. I still play this game now. Timesplitters is a fun, fast shooter. So keep your finger on the trigger, and dont hold back.

Its pretty much the classic shooter formula, just sped up. This game is hard. Your character moves when you tell him to and the controls work well. The main game mode isn't very fun to play alone. In every level you start in a certain area then you find an item and then you go back to the starting point. Retrive and retreat. It does get very hard when your alone because you have no one to watch your back. But with a friend co-op is very fun. Multiplayer will keep you engaged for hours. This game is worth it just for multiplayer. The level editor is very well done. It is easy to make your level the way you want. My friend uses the level editor so much he bought a second memory card for it. He also said that it took him days to make his level exactly he how he wanted. I don't know if you would look at that as a good or bad thing. But he worked so hard on it that he knew it backwards and forwards. The style of Timesplitters is like a run n gun fast paced bullet fest. And it totally works. The gameplay of this game will actract people to the FPS genre. Before this game, i despised first person shooters. Now I find the first person shooter to be a thrilling experience, and my game library is full of FPS games. So what I'm trying to say if your looking to get into the crazy bullet fests Timesplitters is a good place to start.

There is some kind of a story. But its not in the game. The manual and box have the story. I cant really talk about it because it doesnt say much. So the game isn't completely storyless, so it doesn't get a 1. I know it's about traveling through time(duh) and the time crystals. But it could have been a great tale. If you play the games after this, the story is great. And its all because of the box of this game, I guess. And while there is no story, there are some great characters. I know thats hard to understand but when you choose a character they each have a little voice clip. You learn about the personality of each character from this voice clip. It shows that Free Radical can write a great story with great characters. My guess why it is without a story is because this game was rushed to release in time for launch. With Timesplitters 2, Free Radical would greatly improve.

Im not graphics savvy but I'm not crazy about the art style. The game doesn't ever really glitch up or slow down when it comes to graphics. The characters look weird but they are designed like that. I guess they could do better. Comparing it to The Bouncer, a game that came out not longer after this, then they could definitely do better.

The gunshots are good, just like most shooters. The voice acting is good as well. But the music is not my style. It's like techno most of the time. And I'm not crazy about it. But the gunshots are good. And in a shooter thats all that matters. I talked about the personality of characters before, and the voice acting is what shows the personality. Its not the scripts, its the voice acting. You know if this person is a deep voiced macho action hero, or a high voiced tiny little wimp. All through the greatness of voice acting.

The "story mode" has three different difficulty levels. And co-op is its own mode. But what really shines is the multiplayer. You'll be playing deathmatch forever. I consider it an improvement to Goldeneye 007. And there is also a level editor. You and your friends will make a level then duke it out. Timesplitters is a great multiplayer experience.

Rent or buy?
Definitely buy. I found it for $5 and it is worth more than that. If you have friends you should buy right away. But don't expect to be wowed by the "story mode".

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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