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Hmm. Not a bad start for PS2 FPSers. 12/30/00 Agent_X
A good FPS from the guys that brought you Goldeneye... sort of 06/13/02 Baldo
The best console based FPS to date, in my opinion. 02/18/01 Cecil of BaronCastle
Ever try driving a car without a steering wheel? Thats sorta what this game is like.... 02/02/01 cHaOs
The Great Invasion has begun! And, naturally, you need to save us! 01/05/07 Doomian
The Best FPS In My Merry World Of Gaming!' 06/12/02 Evil Dead King
The lack of story really hurts this game. 03/04/02 FFrulz2000
Not bad, not bad at all 04/20/01 GeoX_
I declare this game a monument to FPS mediocrity 12/29/00 Ice Wind
The most challenging FPS I've ever played. 08/29/01 Icy Guy
Free Radical and Eidos team up to do the first PS2 FPS, is their effort worth it or just another mediocre game. 04/18/01 JGosnell
Great concept, but way too short. 09/04/07 JonWood007
There just isn't enough time for all of this! 07/16/01 Larcen Tyler
I played this game until my eyes weren’t functioning right. 08/14/01 LuniNutz
Well, the game was fun for 5 or six minutes... 11/17/01 PContaminator
Timesplitters Review 01/11/16 plurp911
The Fastest 1st person shooter out there! 12/04/00 PredWill
A must have game for any console FPS fan!!! 03/28/01 RayPark
What you'd get if you mixed Leauge Of Gentleman & Unreal Tournament 02/22/18 SofaChillReview
Don't buy the hype!!! 07/02/01 Tallman
Excellent deathmatch shooter with slightly lame single player 03/24/02 trelliz
Trigger happy timesplitting 10/22/15 videogamefiles
Keep your finger on the trigger! 11/20/06 wetwillies

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