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Reviewed: 10/14/02 | Updated: 01/20/03

Good Game But Really Has No Replay Value

Silent Scope is a direct port from the arcade hit Silent Scope. Silent Scope is a first person shooter where you play the role of a sniper. I'm sure most of you have played this in the arcade and that is why it might disappoint you. The game doesn't come with a gun of any sort like the arcade game did which is really its main flaw. Everyone was expecting this game to be much better since it was great in the arcade. Well its the same as it was in the arcade except for, you guessed it, the huge sniper rifle. So here is my review of Silent Scope.

Silent Scope's gameplay is good, but it could be so much better. Silent Scope has pretty basic controls that are easy to learn and master. In story mode you just follow the story of the game. There is also a training mode where you shoot targets and see how many you can shoot in a certain amount of time while gaining points and losing points along the way. The training mode is fairly hard while the story well, isn't. The only thing you move in the game is the scope. You don't walk around at all.

A good thing about Silent Scope games is the ability to take different way points after beating a level which also adds replay value. After most levels, you will have boss fights where you fight some bad, bad men.

The game uses a credit system and if you lose too many credits, game over. There is also a time limit which takes away life if the time limit is violated. There are girls in bikinis scattered throughout some of the levels and if you pass your sniper rifle scope over them, you will get an extra life pack.

The levels in the game are pretty diverse. On some levels, there are terrorists on top of large skyscrapers and on others, you might find yourself sniping at terrorists in a football stadium where the football players are chasing the terrorists too which is pretty funny to watch. You don't always start a level in the same place either. Most levels have about 3 different ways to go so it gives it a little mix-up which is a good thing.

There are a few different scopes including thermal among other things. There is also a night vision scope for dark areas. The gameplay is fairly good but all you really do is move the scope and shoot. It gets so boring after a while. If there was something in the game, like a light gun to use, the game would be so much better.

You are a lone sniper and you take on many terrorist threats. A bunch of terrorists have taken the president, the first lady, and the president's daughter hostage. You have to do anything in your power to save them. In Silent Scope, you will take on bosses such as Cobra, Tom and Jerry, and Monica. Cobra is in pretty much every Silent Scope game in the arcade and he is also in 1 and 2 for the PlayStation2.

The graphics are great. If you shoot in a dark room, the room lights up for a second like it would in real life. The graphics aren't choppy at all and look fairly realistic. Explosions look good also.

The sound is great too. The gun shots sound great and so do the explosions. The music is pretty good. Bullet holes stay in walls and so does blood when splashed on the walls. Bodies don't disappear either.

This is the only area where Silent Scope is lacking. The only thing that really gives it variety is the different way points and the training mode which takes a long time to complete since it is so difficult.

I think this would be a good rental for any fan of the Silent Scope series, but since you can find it for around $15 now, it is also a good buy even though it won't last you that long. So if you liked the game on arcade, you will most likely want to try this out.

Rating: 6

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