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    Enemy/Boss Guide by FACE

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/12/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Oni (PS2 Version) Enemy/Boss Guide
    By Save Some FACE
    1. Introduction
    Hello thar, this is my second guide, an enemy and boss guide to a classic 
    third-person action game, Oni. In this guide you can expect to find detailed 
    and concise information and instructions on the enemies and bosses and how to 
    beat them.
    I think that is the guide introduced, so read on for what you came here for…
    2. Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Contents
    3. Legal Information
    4. Version History
    5. Enemies
    -5a. Miscellaneous Enemies
    -5b. Strikers
    -5c. TCTF Forces
    -5d. Furies
    -5e. Ninjas
    -5f. Tankers
    -5g. Elites
    6. Bosses
    -6a. Deadly Brain
    -6b. Barabas
    -6c. Barabas Redux.
    -6d. Mukade
    -6e. Dream Muro
    -6f. Dream Griffin
    -6g. Dream Konoko
    -6h. Shinatama
    -6i. Griffin
    -6j. Muro
    -6k. Daodan Enhanced Muro
    7. Credits
    8. Outroduction
    3. Legal Information
    This guide is Copyright (C) 2006-7 Save Some FACE.
    You can use this guide for your own or others’ personal use, copy and paste it,
    and print it out, even use it on your own website as long as you acknowledge 
    that I am indeed the author of this work.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademarks and copyright holders.
    4. Version History
    4th September 2006 (Afternoon) – Version 0.3 – The whole layout of the guide is 
    complete, and all the enemies and bosses have been listed, while the Enemies 
    and Bosses sections and the categories within them have all been introduced. 
    Introduction, Contents, Legal Information, Contact, and Credits are all 
    complete. Really, all I need to do now is the descriptions and strategies for 
    each enemy, but I have to play through the whole game again having deleted my 
    old save file a while ago. Might be a while before I can get them done.
    8th September 2006 (Evening) – Version 0.32 – I’ve completed the Miscellaneous 
    Enemies section without actually completing my current game. I’m off to do just 
    that now, so bye! For now.
    9th September 2006 (Late Evening) – Version 0.34 – I have completed the game, 
    finally, and I have also completed the TCTF Forces sub-section of this guide. I 
    also completed the strategy for the Griffin boss ‘fight’.
    10th September 2006 (Noon) – Version 0.40 – Completed the Deadly Brain, Dream 
    Muro, and both Barabas boss fights. I’m also halfway through the Shinatama 
    12th September 2006 (Evening) – Version 0.45 – I’m really trying to get as much 
    done on this as possible, even though I have school <_>. Damn annoying, 
    especially homework -_-. Well, anyway, I’ve completed the Strikers and Furies 
    sub-sections, and I did the Mukade boss battle.
    15th September 2006 (Afternoon) – Version 0.65 – I have completed the Ninjas, 
    Tankers, and Elites sections. That means I have completed the Enemies section 
    as a whole! Yay for me! AND it’s Friday. I could potentially get this guide 
    finished today, as only a few bosses are left. 
    15th September 2006 (Early Evening) – Version 1.00 – I completed the Bosses 
    section and the Outroduction. Guide complete. The weekend is ahead of me. Life 
    couldn’t get much better. BUT I HAVE HOMEWORK. Damn. Hehe. Well, yeah, the 
    guide’s complete, I’m very pleased with myself for doing this and fulfilling a 
    promise of sorts, and uhh yeah. It’s all good. I hope this gets accepted…
    5. Enemies
    The enemies form the bulk of the gameplay within Oni. You will spend most of 
    your time and get most of your entertainment from fighting and killing these 
    guys. Would this game even be a game without enemies? Of course not.
    Now, I have categorized each type of enemy, and these categories are listed in 
    the Contents. There will be multiple enemies per category, all of which are 
    listed and any special strategies given to defeat them are also included. Basic 
    information concerning each category will be shown at the start of said 
    Let’s go then!
    5a. Miscellaneous Enemies
    These are enemies who don’t really have more powerful clones, and they aren’t 
    strong enough to be bosses either. None of them will actually give you too much 
    ~Training Drone~
    The Training Drone is the easiest enemy in the game, as it is simply used for 
    training, as its name suggests. You’ll be given guidelines on how to beat these,
    so don’t worry. However, they do appear in a later level and they have turned 
    rather malicious, but the usual punches, kicks, and throws are more than enough 
    to dispatch them.
    They do actually have a stand-out moment, during the training level. You can 
    observe two of them fighting a TCTF Agent, and it is possible for them to kill 
    her, at which Shinatama will express shock and sadness and ask that you quickly 
    move on. Go Training Drones!
    ~Syndicate Worker~
    The Syndicate Worker is a beginning enemy introduced in the first levels of the 
    game, often to accompany the more competent Strikers. They wear blue shirts and 
    black trousers, and are weaksauce. Punches, kicks, and throws are all you need 
    to defeat them. Don’t waste time trying to perform a special move on such fools.
    ~Security Guard~
    The Security Guard is a slightly more resilient version of the Syndicate Worker.
    They are taller and wear red and black uniforms. They’re usually around to 
    protect civilians, but if they get in your way, don’t waste time in killing 
    them quickly.
    ~Communications Trooper~
    The Communications Trooper is a somewhat unique enemy appearing in nearly every 
    level in the game. They are very weak, wearing blue armour, and only really 
    dangerous with the gun. Their Static Fist move is of note, as it is frequently 
    used. It can’t be blocked, so you should make sure to evade it (they will shout 
    the name of the move as they are about to perform it) or just prepare to take 
    the minimal damage.
    They’re only really dangerous when accompanying Strikers in strength of numbers,
    or when they’re using a gun.
    The Communications Trooper is unique in that he is the only enemy who actively 
    (both a TCTF Tactical Trooper and a Green Striker do the following…once) runs 
    to activate the Alarm Consoles. Kill him before he does this (remember he can’t 
    take much damage, and won’t attempt to hurt you while he’s running to the 
    console), or, alternatively and with much more grace, tail him until he 
    positions himself in front of the console, then perform a crushing Backbreaker. 
    There’s no way back from that ^_^.
    ~Mercenary Sniper~
    The green-clothed snipers of the game are actually a laughing stock where real 
    snipers are not. Their only asset is the Mercury Bow they nearly always carry, 
    which is the most competent actively found gun in the game, no question. 
    However, these guys also provide you with the opportunity to take that Mercury 
    Bow and use it for your own needs, so look out for them, which is probably in 
    your best interest – they can catch you out and hurt you badly if you don’t 
    know where they are.
    If you do know where they are, then it is very easy to use various dodging 
    moves to evade the slow bow, and when they are reloading, charge them and jump 
    kick them to the ground. You can them finish them off as their health and 
    attacks match that of the Syndicate Worker, if not worse. Then take the Mercury 
    Bow and carry on with your mission :).
    ~Bomb Trooper~
    Last but not least of the miscellaneous enemies, the bomb trooper, clothed in 
    distinctive blue and yellow armour, is a dangerous opponent to both you and his 
    fellow syndicate assailants.
    As a normal enemy, the Bomb Trooper is not much to write home about, with weak 
    attacks and health. However, when you supposedly kill him, his detonation 
    device attached to him is automatically activated, and you have three seconds 
    to get out of the general vicinity (it’s quite easy to get out of the blast 
    radius as long as you dash) until he explodes violently and nothing is left. 
    The advantage is that as he often accompanies Strikers and the like, it’s 
    entirely possible to catch the other enemies in the devastating blast and often 
    kill them. Just make sure you’re not distracted when you’re near to the rapidly 
    descending counter above his body.
    Like the Training Drone, the Bomb Trooper has a standout moment where he speaks 
    to Konoko in a tower, telling her that he has activated his detonation device 
    and will kill both himself and her in the ensuing blast. Konoko grabs him and 
    throws him into a violent foyer below, killing many of the syndicate in a 
    spectacular explosion. In the words of the TCTF Officer…
    “Uhh, roger that…Area secured. O_o”
    5b. Strikers
    These guys are the backbone of the Syndicate. Clad in the colour described in 
    their name and varying forms of metal armour arrangements, they’re always 
    present in Syndicate missions and dangerous foes if underestimated.
    ~Green Striker (Grunt)~
    These guys are only a small step up from the average joes of the Miscellaneous 
    Section. They really aren’t hard enemies at all, unless they have a gun, in 
    which case you should dash while zigzagging from side to side, then finish off 
    with a jumping kick to knock the weapon out of his hands.
    The Green Strikers are generally physically weak, and only their throws should 
    be of too much worry. With the agility Konoko has, you shouldn’t have any 
    trouble kicking, punching, throwing them to their doom without getting hit. If 
    they surround you, use your evasive moves and just concentrate on each one that 
    comes to you.
    Worth mentioning are the Green Strikers in the Dream Level, who are tiny and 
    almost as small as Konoko’s foot. Two leg sweeps will kill them, but after the 
    first they will attempt to run away to their little mousey holes. Be a cat and 
    kill them quick.
    ~Blue Striker (Hoplite)~
    The Blue Striker is a small step up from the Green Striker. Use the same sort 
    of moves and tactics on him; just be wary of his increased health, skill with 
    both his limbs and his guns, and his special move, the Striker Slam Punch. This
    cannot be blocked, but if you duck it and then leg sweep him, you get a free 
    leg sweep while he’s on the ground, further edging his health away.
    The Blue Striker also uses jumping moves a lot, so either stay out of the way 
    of, evade, or counter these attacks with jumping kicks of your own.
    ~Red Striker (Hussar)~
    Again, the Red Striker isn’t too much harder to defeat than the Blue Striker. 
    You might want to use throws more often to prevent him blocking and countering,
    and do more damage at the same time, but basic fighting moves are all that is 
    needed to take down this generic enemy.
    His only noteworthy feature is that he has higher health than the other two, 
    otherwise, just attack him like the other two.
    5c. TCTF Forces
    These people are actually your friends at first, but as Konoko discovers the 
    truth, they are told to eliminate her. They’re good hearted people (well the 
    Black Ops aren’t), but you have to kill them nonetheless.
    ~TCTF Worker~
    These guys are more often than not civilians, but when you face them near the 
    Bio Vats, they’re hostile.
    Fortunately, they’re worse fighters than the Syndicate Workers and weaker than 
    the Mercenary Snipers. I’ve killed one with a simple kick and then a throw. 
    That should state clearly how easy they are.
    Any other information? Well, they wear green shirts and grey trousers, so that 
    way you know if you’re facing a TCTF Worker.
    ~TCTF Officer~
    These people wear light blue uniforms, and can be male or female. The first 
    time you see them, they’re your friends and competent fighters, but later in 
    the game, you’ll face them as enemies.
    They have no special attacks and are very easy to dispatch. The only time you 
    might face trouble is if they’re using strength in numbers. Otherwise, you 
    shouldn’t worry when you see them. Basic combat tactics are all you need.
    ~TCTF Tactical Trooper~
    A competent fighter is the TCTF Tactical Trooper. He is the TCTF’s answer to 
    the Syndicate’s Green Strikers. He’s slow but powerful, and has a number of 
    throws that can catch you out if you’re outnumbered.
    Otherwise, the basic tactics of kicks and throws are more than enough to take 
    him down comfortably. He’s nothing special, but not to be underestimated either,
    especially with a gun.
    The TCTF SWATs are badasses with high health and good physical resilience. 
    They’re fast, unlike their lumbering figure and armour may suggest, and can 
    easily piece together damaging combos – fortunately, you can block these.
    They do seem to be slow in dodging attacks, though, and throws are quite 
    effective against them. A notable feature of the TCTF SWAT is his Lion Axe kick,
    which he often uses when you’re grounded. For this reason, among others, you 
    should be quick and always on your toes when fighting this formidable opponent.
    The TCTF SWAT has a standout moment, where two of them chase Konoko and one of 
    them is sucked into and mashed up by a giant fan. Not pretty. The other guy 
    retreats and acts like nothing happened. It was actually the fault of the TCTF 
    Tactical Troopers…
    ~Black Ops Tactical Trooper~
    The Black Ops Tactical Trooper, clothed in black armour and a blue visor with 
    only their mouth exposed, are a simple upgrade from the TCTF Tactical Trooper. 
    They are actually physically weak, and only dangerous if they are used as 
    support troops or if they have an automatic gun. One of their few redeeming 
    features from their predecessors is their speed, which is actually one of their 
    only saving graces. Other than this, they’re pretty average opponents that 
    shouldn’t provide you with much trouble.
    ~Black Ops SWAT~
    The ultimate enforcer of the TCTF, the Black Ops SWAT is a far tougher opponent 
    than his underlings, the Black Ops Tactical Troopers and the TCTF SWATs. They 
    wear completely black armour with a blue visor, and like the TCTF SWATs, have a
    lumbering figure that is quite deceptive.
    They have the same dangerous moves of the TCTF SWATs also, with the Lion Axe 
    kick and Lion Fist remaining dangerous moves. They have high health and their 
    combos and throws are damaging. All I can say is keep up the pressure and give 
    them a good steady fight, with relentless kicks, punches, and the occasional 
    throws. Only give them a chance to get up so they don’t get a cheap shot in as 
    they rise, then leap up and pound them again.
    Did I mention they’re very competent marksmen? They’re dangerous opponents, 
    these fellows.
    5d. Furies
    The Furies are the women that Muro’s army wouldn’t be the same without. They’re
    quick, clever, and dangerous, but their light armour does make them weak in 
    ~Green Fury (Harridan)~
    The Green Fury’s only major plus is that she is particularly quick. In fact, 
    the Furies are the quickest troops of the Syndicate. Fortunately, this means 
    that she has extremely low health.
    Your basic kicks and punches will be enough to take her down without too much 
    trouble. You might take a little damage from her relentless attacks, but it’s 
    nothing too big.
    ~Blue Fury (Banshee)~
    The Blue Fury is the most common Fury, but she isn’t much harder than the Green 
    Fury. She likes to block your attacks a lot and counter them with her own, but 
    you should block these and get some good long-range kicks in. Basic mêlée 
    attacks are all that you will really need - generally, you shouldn’t try 
    special moves on furies, as they often take too long and are too slow so the 
    furies can dodge them easily.
    ~Red Fury (Valkyrie)~
    Wow, this one has really low health too! In fact, I’ll tell you something – 
    even Red Furies can be almost killed by one backbreaker. Yeah. They’re not very 
    intimidating now, are they?
    But seriously, if you can get a backbreaker in, do it. Otherwise, as I have 
    stated before, kicks and maybe quick punches are the way to go. The Red Fury 
    has the Ten-Shadow Punch which can be quite annoying, but if you are quick 
    enough to evade it, then that is the only move that will cause you problems.
    5e. Ninjas
    Ninjas are lightning fast and very acrobatic, but physically weak. They’re 
    dangerous opponents though, and can be as surprising as they are creepy.
    ~Green Ninja (Infiltrator)~
    The Green Ninja, while quick and agile, is not a very hard opponent. He has low 
    health and doesn’t do too much damage, so good kicks, punches, and maybe a 
    throw or two will have him down in no time.
    This Ninja, however, does have two or three annoying gimmicks that are common 
    to all ninjas, so this section applies to the following two enemies, too. The 
    first is that he occasionally dodges away from an attack making copies of 
    himself that you will hit so he does not take any damage. Fortunately, he often 
    seems unable to counter you if you can recover quickly after this. Second, is 
    the Volt Suplex special move – this is a throw of sorts where he will grab 
    Konoko’s head with his legs and throw her to the ground for decent damage. 
    Third, most commonly used and also most annoying, is the Volt Stomp. The Ninja 
    will jump into the air, usually while you’re doing a combo, and land on you for 
    some good damage. It takes good responses to get away from the stomp, so keep 
    on your toes when facing this quick yet weak enemy.
    ~Blue Ninja (Eliminator)~
    The Blue Ninja is a dangerous opponent. He has all the characteristics of the 
    Blue Ninja, but is a little more hurtful with his attacks and just a generally 
    annoying and tough opponent. His health could be compared to that of the Green 
    Often, Blue Ninjas are deployed with Green Ninjas. You should concentrate on 
    neither, instead just pummeling whichever one gets closest to you. Just watch 
    out for the Volt Stomps and the dodges…
    ~Red Ninja (Avenger)~
    Personally trained by Mukade, the Red Ninjas are very dangerous opponents. By 
    the time you first see them, you may be accustomed to the Ninja style of 
    fighting, but these guys have a lot more health than the other two and are 
    sometimes capable of going invisible. When there’s two of them, be prepared for 
    a damn tough fight where you will need your wits and best attacks about you.
    5f. Tankers
    Tankers are illegal SLDs (Simulated Life Dolls) created by the Syndicate’s 
    corrupt scientists. They’re powerful, but a little dumb and quite slow. They 
    are most often used as support troops for Strikers.
    ~Green Tanker (Skirmisher)~
    I’ll be honest. I’ve never seen a Green Tanker, ever. I think maybe they are 
    only in the PC Version.
    So, to make sure this guide has quality in every section, I’ll give you some 
    basic Tanker tips here…
    The Tanker is a slow opponent who you can overwhelm quite easily with agile 
    attacks and an on-the-ball mentality. They’re really not too difficult, and you 
    should never be intimidated by them unless they’re in numbers or supporting 
    other troops, in which case you should beat up anyone and everyone who comes 
    near you.
    ~Blue Tanker (Brawler)~
    Now the most common Tanker. Apply all the knowledge you’ve learnt from the 
    Green Tanker section, and use it. Simple?
    Unfortunately, it’s not. The Blue Tanker has a lot of health and will take you 
    a while to kill, and his Nuclear Tackle special move is very common. The Tanker 
    will spontaneously jump up and spread his whole body in an attempt to smother 
    Konoko and crush her under his body. It’s daring and leaves him vulnerable 
    afterwards (you can get one or two leg sweeps in), but when he does hit, it’s 
    annoying and damaging. Use evasive maneuvers to get out of the way of this 
    common attack.
    Otherwise, the Tanker is relatively average and a little slow, so use basic 
    attacks and throws against him.
    ~Red Tanker (Crusher)~
    Uhh…Okay, I haven’t seen the Red Tanker either, not once. The only advice I can 
    give you is that he probably is a better fighter and has more health than the 
    Blue Tanker, but just use what you normally would against the latter and you 
    should come out with barely a few scratches. Hope that helps.
    5g. Elites
    Elites are the strongest basic enemies of Muro’s army. Massive, terrifying, and 
    physically hugely powerful, they can take on three well-trained men and come 
    out alive. Their speed isn’t bad either. They are only used for the most 
    dangerous and important operations.
    ~Green Elite (Ogre)~
    The Green Elite isn’t too hard of a opponent. His most prominent aspect is his 
    ridiculous health, and the Cannonball Roll special move. This can’t be blocked, 
    and will hit you for good damage more often than not. He will curl up into a 
    ball and roll towards you at a fair speed – he also shouts the name of the move 
    when he’s about to do it. This is probably your only warning to get the hell 
    out of the way, but it is possible to hit him while he’s recovering.
    Often when he’s supporting other lesser troops, the Green Elite has a gun. You 
    should use a running attack to knock this out of his hands, then try and 
    concentrate on the others before you move onto the big guy himself. 
    Unfortunately, the Elite will attempt to harass you with his Cannonball Rolls 
    while you’re doing this, so keep him at bay too.
    Otherwise, the Green Elite can be taken down quite easily eventually. It takes 
    time, but you should remember that Konoko is a little faster than him so kicks,
    punches, throws, and the Sledgehammer Heel should just slowly chip his health 
    away until he’s gone.
    ~Blue Elite (Giant)~
    Apply the same tactics as you did for the Green Elite when facing the Blue 
    Elite. Be prepared for more Cannonball Rolls, though…And a lot of health to 
    take off. A lot. 
    The Blue Elite also uses the Whirling Dervish special move, where he spins 
    around on the spot with his arms around to hit you. Fortunately, it’s possible 
    to duck and leg sweep the fool, but if you’re near him, it may be a little hard 
    to evade, seeing as it has very little warning. It isn’t as commonly used as 
    the Cannonball Roll, thank God.
    Also, Blue Elites tend to appear in pairs. When they are in pairs, you should 
    be careful to concentrate on neither, do a lot of evasive moves, and slowly 
    whittle each one’s health down with throws (hopefully you’ll be able to throw 
    one into the other) and special moves. They’re tough and arguably the hardest 
    normal enemy in the game that you will find, so don’t expect an easy ride.
    ~Red Elite (Titan)~
    The hardest normal enemy in the game, the Red Elite. However, I have never seen 
    one. Urk. I’m not sure if they even exist, as described in the manual – ‘Titan 
    class Elites are only rumoured to exist’. Technically they could have just been 
    put in the manual as a scare for the arrogant players expecting an easy game.
    The manual states that they have the special move Crucifix Punch that Barabas 
    also uses, so be wary of this and keep on your toes if you ever do come up 
    against one.
    While they may simply not exist in the PS2 version, the Red Elite should be 
    treated with respect if you come across one, and be prepared for a nasty battle 
    with the king of the Syndicate’s henchmen.
    6. Bosses
    The bosses are the nasty guys who there are generally only one of, and it’s 
    safe to say that they’re an ever-present trademark of most good videogames. Oni 
    has a large plethora of bosses, and they deserve their own section as such.
    6a. Deadly Brain
    The Deadly Brain is your first boss, and he’s actually quite a hard one. To 
    explain the battle, basically you have to run to each of the command consoles 
    (you’ll know what they are) and activate all four of them in turn to defeat the 
    Deadly Brain. Unfortunately, you have to do this three times (meaning you’ll 
    have to activate them twelve times in total) before he’ll finally die.
    Sounds a bit easy, no? Well, while you’re running between each console, the 
    Deadly Brain has lasers circling the room, and if you touch one of them, you’re 
    in for some trouble. Automatic Guns will fire at you from all angles, and 
    Screaming Projectiles will hunt you down and sap your health. They’ll only stop 
    if you haven’t touched lasers for a long time, if you successfully activate all 
    four consoles in a sequence (there are three sequences remember), or if you’re 
    dead. Now it’s a bit more complicated, huh?
    Some tips before the battle: if you do touch a laser early on in the sequence 
    (i.e. after only one or two consoles have been activated) then you haven’t got 
    much hope. Just bear with the guns and make sure you’re dodging the lasers, but 
    most important, avoid the Screaming Projectiles – these are what you MUST avoid,
    or you’re dead. If you’ve activated three already, I would suggest dashing to 
    the final one and activating it quickly to make the guns stop. Also, when 
    you’re in front of a console (in front of its screen), the lasers will not 
    touch you – they seem to skip the console and they’ll carry on where there’s 
    open space (i.e. between them). Remember this. One more thing, when you start 
    the second and third sequences, you’ll be in front of a console. Activate this 
    without moving, and you’ve effectively only got three consoles left to do in 
    that sequence. Although that would seem obvious, there are people who think 
    they have to go all the way around. I’ve seen them O_o
    Well, preparation aside, shall we go on to the battle? Why not? The first 
    sequence, well, wait until a laser passes by the door and entrance to the 
    Deadly Brain’s…arena, then dash to the console directly in front of you and 
    activate it. If you carry on in the direction you should be going (to the 
    console farthest from the door), then you’ll see that there are low lasers that
    you’ll have to jump coming towards you, and high lasers that you’ll avoid as 
    long as you don’t jump following you. It’s easy to dodge these, to be quite 
    honest, just make sure to jump forward over the low lasers and you’ll be fine. 
    Just remember, as you should always do throughout this battle, to dash as soon 
    as a laser reaches the console you’re currently at. This gives you lots more 
    When you’ve done that, Shinatama will speak and the brain will seem to think it
    is quite the beauty brain. It’s gone a bit mad, but it’s still very dangerous. 
    Now, if you carry on left, then you’ll notice two lower lasers that you must 
    jump are coming towards you. So, what to do? Why not activate the console 
    you’re currently at, and then head left towards the next, and so on and so 
    forth, all the while jumping the simple lasers? It’s not hard at all.
    The brain has decided that it wants feet. Now it may have gone completely 
    bonkers, but this time, very fast moving groups of five lasers will be 
    advancing towards you. The only way to dodge these is to dash and then slide, 
    or outrun them. This is where the battle gets its difficulty. Activate the 
    console you’re currently at, then face the RIGHT, because we’re going to try 
    and outrun them. Sliding is a bit hit and miss. As soon as a group of lasers 
    passes the console you’re at, dash to the next one, but be very quick about it.
    Hopefully, you’ll make it. Repeat the process. If you do get hit at this stage,
    then carry on regardless, only making sure to avoid the screaming projectiles. 
    Eventually you’ll activate all four consoles, and the brain will be shut down.
    6b. Barabas
    Right at the start, Barabas will fire at you with his 1337 gun, but it isn’t 
    actually 1337 at all. Don’t pick it up throughout the whole battle – it is too 
    slow. Make sure to run to one of the sides and dodge the blast, then run 
    towards him and jump kick him or at least knock him to the ground to make the 
    gun fall out of his hands.
    Now keep leg sweeping him whenever he is on the ground, then use repeated 
    Sledgehammer Heels whenever he gets up, or a few kicks to soften him up. If you 
    let off for a while, he may use dangerous combos, a shoulder barge, or even go 
    to pick up his gun. If he does the latter, quickly attack him and get it out of 
    his hands. His most dangerous move is when he shouts ‘Earthquaker’ – he will 
    jump and waves will reverberate across the ground, and they can hit you for bad 
    damage. You have very little time to either get out of the way or jump to avoid 
    them. Other than the Earthquaker, it’s a simple battle, as Barabas is quite 
    slow and his only other feature is when you get him to orange health and leave 
    him alone for a few seconds. At this point, he will say ‘Stronger, and 
    stronger’ and regenerate his health – you must put a stop to him doing this 
    immediately or he can get himself back to yellow health, which may be annoying 
    if you had nearly gotten him killed.
    When you deal the finishing blow, he will fall, hurt, and zoom up into the sky 
    to retreat and lick his wounds.
    6c. Barabas Redux.
    This battle is very similar to the first time you faced Barabas, with the only 
    difference being that you’re on the rooftops, and if you fall off, then you’re 
    dead. If you knock Barabas off, then he will NOT die, and instead use his 
    jetpack to zoom back up to the battlefield and even use a variant of 
    Earthquaker which will hurt you if you’re near to where he rises back up. For 
    this reason, try not to fight near the edges of the rooftop.
    As before, dodge his initial shot from the gun, then take him down with a 
    Sledgehammer Heel or something. Then keep up the pressure, never allow him to 
    regenerate, and don’t let him or yourself get hold of the gun. Just forget the 
    gun, it’s crap for you but pretty good for him. He uses Earthquaker slightly 
    more frequently this time, and is able to regenerate to yellow-green health, 
    but those are the only two differences other than the rooftop thing. He also 
    has the Crucifix Punch move, where he will pick you up and punch you for some 
    damage, but this isn’t too much too worry about and it only happens if you’re 
    giving him a chance. Pressure from repeated throws and combos, and leg sweeping 
    while he is on the ground are what will whittle his health down while you stay 
    in the green.
    Expert players may wish to go for a showboat kill. Get him on red health near 
    the edge of the rooftop, then use a killing blow to knock him off. He certainly 
    can’t get up from that. That sort of kill takes time and patience (you’ll 
    probably have to allow him to regenerate more than once), but it’s possible.
    6d. Mukade
    This is a good battle against a worthy opponent. You’re up against Mukade the 
    Master Ninja, so don’t expect this one to be a walk in the park, exactly.
    Well, first, I’d better explain Mukade’s moves and such. He’s a ninja, so he’s 
    naturally going to be quick (his health isn’t bad either), and he’s capable of 
    shooting red beams of light at you which take off a fair amount of health, he 
    can pull of five+ hit combos, and he’s been known to dabble in making himself 
    invisible from time to time (although generally you can still see him, 
    especially as its dark). He can do ninja throws as well, but these are rare, 
    and the trademark annoying ninja move called the Volt Stomp where he jumps up 
    in the air and lands on you, which you will probably see more than once in the 
    battle. His most commonly used move is that of teleportation. He will spin for 
    one or two seconds while blue rays of light surround him, and he will disappear 
    to a location unknown to you. Often, it’s very near to you, where he will 
    attempt to do a dashing attack or a combo on you, or he may teleport away from 
    you (or above you, on one of the ledges on the edge) and shoot those annoying 
    red beams of light. Fortunately, it’s possible to catch him mid-teleport and 
    get some good hits in before he is finally able to teleport again. Usually, 
    it’s dashing, then jumping kicks, or often throws, that will stop him mid-
    teleport. He also teleports back into the ‘arena’ if you knock him off one of 
    the edges.
    So what to do? Well, keep on your toes, keep up the pressure. When you don’t 
    know where he is after a teleport, dash around and you’ll find him eventually. 
    Try not to let him attack you, as his attacks can not often be blocked, and 
    it’s hard to evade his lightning-fast combos. When he shoots his red light 
    beams, run away, as they will fizzle out eventually. Your best bet is to keep 
    punching and kicking him, never giving him a chance. The old trusty 
    Sledgehammer Heel works well if you can daze him momentarily with a good 
    forward kick to the chest. If you can stop him teleporting, this will always 
    help, as you are getting damage onto him while reducing the likelihood that he 
    will hurt you after he teleports.
    Hopefully, you’ll emerge victorious after a tense battle. Konoko denies she is 
    the monster like Mukade, then snaps the broken ninja’s neck. Ouch.
    6e. Dream Muro
    Move towards Muro and you’ll find yourself boxed in with only him and you 
    inside. You have to fight the guy, but it’s not as hard as you might think.
    Quickly kick him while he’s standing still, then try and get a number of throws 
    and Sledgehammer Heels in. These all take off good damage and Muro can’t do 
    much about it if you keep up the pressure. If you let him off the hook, then he 
    might hit you with some nasty combos and even his more notable move here, the 
    Leg Breaker. This is usually when he blocks a kick though and can then reverse 
    it, so keep on your toes and time your attacks right.
    As I said, pressure is the best thing to use here. Repeated throws, jumping 
    kicks, and damaging special moves like the heel are your best bet, and make 
    sure to crouch and do a leg sweep while he’s down to knock off a little more of 
    his health.
    Eventually, with the ‘killing’ blow, he’ll disappear in a crackle of purple 
    light, and you’ll have to carry on with the level.
    6f. Dream Griffin
    Griffin can’t fight, but in your dreams, he can :(. He even has a damn annoying 
    Stun Gun that can really piss you off, and you’ll probably want to keep it out 
    of his hands. And the other two pair of hands that belong to the TCTF SWATs who 
    are accompanying him…Note that you will have to kill all three, you can’t kill 
    Griffin and expect the other two to disappear, unfortunately. Just make sure to 
    knock the Stun Gun out of the armed person’s hands with a jumping kick or 
    something. You may want to disarm whoever is using it, and holster and keep the 
    gun for yourself.
    Now on to the battle. Hopefully you will have read the TCTF SWAT section of 
    this guide, and you should know they’re relatively slow and the Lion Axe Kick 
    move is their best, and they will use it a lot during this battle – your best 
    bet is to evade and counter with a kick of your own. They’re more of an 
    annoyance than a danger, and Griffin is actually quite a sub-standard fighter. 
    Throws and Sledgehammer Heels work particularly well on him, and try to get a 
    few leg sweeps in on him while he’s down. The same applies to the TCTF SWATs 
    who you should first down with quick kicks and punch combos. Stun Gun aside, 
    you should be able to keep on top of this battle, especially if you use lots of
    throws and just kick anyone in your way. You’ll win, probably.
    6g. Dream Konoko
    Oooh, it’s yourself! Note that the enemy Konoko has Daodan Power on her, so she 
    is a lot more dangerous at the start of the battle. If you can keep attacking 
    her without getting hit, then the Daodan Power should soon disappear. Otherwise,
    It won’t hurt if you use a Hypo of your own while you’re on full health to get 
    yourself in the same state.
    Despite yourself being the most amazing master fighter ever, your clone isn’t 
    much of a fighter at all. When her Daodan Power runs out, she’s relatively weak,
    with only her speed and agility as her best asset. She will often block and 
    evade your attacks, but if you keep up the pressure then she won’t have much 
    chance to recover. Sledgehammer Heel is again one of the better moves to do if 
    the first two quick punches hit, but otherwise, use your quickest moves to hurt 
    the minx. Throws can be useful if she’s blocking too much, but the battle isn’t 
    that hard and you’ll only struggle if you’re scared to fight. Keep your wits 
    about you and use basic combat moves and you should be fine. When you kill 
    BANG! No pizza before bed, girl.
    6h. Shinatama
    If you thought the Deadly Brain was hard, well, wait until you see the lasers 
    that you have to dodge here…
    It has happened. Griffin has manipulated Shinatama’s remains into a robot that 
    controls a defence system similar to the Deadly Brain that Shinatama ridiculed 
    and helped you fight against not long ago. It’s exactly the same format as the 
    Deadly Brain fight, but it’s a lot harder. If you haven’t already, read the 
    first three paragraphs of the Deadly Brain boss strategy to get an idea of how 
    this works, only replace Automatic Guns with Plasma Rifles, and add gaps in the 
    floor that you must jump or go around to the list of dangers. It’s an ugly 
    battle, and the lasers are almost impossible to avoid sometimes. Still, I’ll 
    guide you through each phase in the best way that I can, but don’t expect it to 
    be easy…
    The first phase…Where you’re standing at the minute, nothing can hurt you. You 
    should note that there are vertical lasers moving outwards towards the edge of 
    the chamber, and three horizontal lasers moving across each section where the 
    control consoles are. Turn to your right, and as soon as the horizontal lasers 
    have come close to you and then gone away, run. Make sure the vertical laser 
    isn’t in a disruptive position either, but the horizontal lasers are your main 
    concern. Hopefully you’ll make it with relative ease. But this is where it gets 
    hard. Continue going to the right, but as soon as the horizontal lasers have 
    passed behind you, then dash forward to the center while dodging the vertical 
    laser. Carry on quickly when the horizontal lasers in front of you are moving 
    away, and hopefully you’ll get to the next console. The next area will allow 
    you a break in the middle, where you can stand without any danger. Carry on 
    when you’re comfortable and activate the next console, then carry on and hit 
    the final one. If you get hit at this stage, carry on, just make sure not to 
    fall down into the pit.
    Now, the second phase. Seriously, this is ridiculous. The lasers from phase one 
    are here, but there is another vertical laser, very slow moving, that can go 
    through the console and hit you while you’re activating it! Immediately 
    activate the console you’re currently on, then move quickly to the next one as 
    you did in the first stage. If you can safely get to the second console, then 
    you can plan when to run, as the new vertical laser is, as I said, particularly 
    slow. If you get hit, carry on regardless, making sure to not fall in any gaps 
    in a panic, and try not to hit any more lasers as this will prolong your agony 
    under the rifles and screamers.
    The third phase. First, activate the console you’re on. You only have three to 
    go now. Face right. You’ll notice there are two horizontal lasers, one low, one 
    relatively high that can hit Konoko when she is standing. I recommend dashing 
    to the right when the low one is furthest away from you, on the right side. NOT 
    when it is on the left side. You can jump it when you know it’s coming that way.
    However, there are columns of vertical lasers that move to try and catch you as 
    you are crossing sections at the center. This is all about timing, patience, 
    and skill, and maybe some luck. This phase is seriously hard. If you get hit 
    (likely), then just advance regardless and try to get away from the screaming 
    projectiles. You might just die from the plasma rifle shots, though. 
    Perseverance is what you need here.
    Eventually, you should do it. Shinatama will attempt to activate the Omega 
    phase, but she is unable to and instead advances on Griffin. Griffin shoots and 
    kills her, but Konoko is behind him and she disarms him.
    6i. Griffin
    It’s down to just you and Griffin. Griffin can’t do anything. You’re the one 
    with a gun. The ball’s in your court. Whatcha gonna do?
    If you hit him in any way, he dies. Or, you can walk behind him and you’ll walk 
    away, leaving him to reflect on his sins and deceitfulness.
    If you kill him, you will face the Daodan Enhanced Muro as the final boss, 
    otherwise you’ll face normal Muro, but Griffin and two Black Ops SWATs will 
    back you up. It’s entirely up to you…
    6j. Muro
    You’ve saved Griffin, or so it would appear. Muro (his voice appears to have 
    broken) and two Red Furies will appear, but Griffin and two Black Ops SWATs 
    will arrive in a helicopter to back you up. This is a little complicated battle,
    so first I’ll explain the various allies who will come to back you and Muro up.
    Griffin and the Black Ops SWATs do not matter to much to you other than to 
    provide useful diversions for Muro’s lackeys. Muro himself will initially go 
    after you, but he may go after the others if they hit him. The Black Ops SWATs 
    and Griffin will go up against two Red Furies initially. When/if the Red Furies 
    are killed, Blue Elites will appear to replace them individually. If those two 
    are both killed, then a lone Red Ninja will appear, presumably Mukade’s right-
    hand man. When he is killed, Muro is on his own. You do not get any 
    replacements when the Black Ops SWATs and/or Griffin die.
    Now, what I suggest you do is avoid Muro for now because his Daodan power is 
    currently brimming, and his special moves are pretty ridiculous. He also, when 
    he is normal, has Neckbreaker and Legbreaker moves which can hit you for 
    massive damage. What I suggest you do is head left and help out the lone Black 
    Ops SWAT kill the Red Fury. Remember what I said in her section – a single 
    Backbreaker will pretty much kill her, so do that if you can (it’s possible 
    because she is distracted). You don’t have to do this, though. Muro will be 
    harassing you constantly, so keep him at bay with some kicks and throws if you 
    can. Griffin and the other guy can take the other Red Fury. At this point, you 
    should probably go help out Griffin and turn the fight into a mass brawl. Blue 
    Elites will arrive and the Black Ops SWATs will die quickly. Griffin can keep 
    the Elites at bay while you get some good kicks and throws in on Muro, who 
    should have lost his Daodan power by now.
    If Griffin dies, then you should take on the Blue Elites, who should be running 
    out of health. Again, keep Muro at bay. When the Elites die, the Red Ninja will 
    emerge, so go to greet him and kill him quickly. It will probably be down to 
    you and Muro now. 
    Muro has some very nasty special moves that he uses constantly, and he’s very 
    quick so you probably won’t be able to get a leg sweep in on him when he’s down.
    Just try to dodge his attacks and really try to avoid the Legbreaker. As long 
    as you are facing Muro, the Neckbreaker will not come into play. If you keep up 
    the pressure as you did in the dream fight, he won’t have much of a chance. 
    Kicks can daze him and a Sledgehammer Heel will really hurt him. Keep dodging 
    his attacks, keep up the pressure, keep your wits about you, and you will 
    emerge victorious.
    6k. Daodan Enhanced Muro
    Oh, you KILLED Griffin? Well done. Well you’ve got a giant mutated Muro on your 
    hands now, so I hope you are happy with your decision.
    He’ll start off all red and glowing and stuff. You cannot hit him while he is 
    like this. Instead, you must go near to his attacks and make him attack you. He 
    will often use a single punch or stomps, but after a few of these, he will 
    attempt to use a combo on you. When he uses this, he uses his red power up and 
    he will become normal. This is your chance to get some good kicks and 
    Sledgehammer Heels in on him. POW! That’s it! Unfortunately, after a few 
    seconds, he will crouch and focus himself, and he will become red again with a 
    massive pulse of red energy. If you are near to him when he does this (likely), 
    you will be thrown back and hurt very slightly. You must now repeat the process 
    of dodging his attacks again. This is easy if you are adept at dashing, but 
    evasive moves help too.
    If you near full health when he is not red, maybe you should use a Hypo to 
    become Daodan Powered yourself, so you can hit him for a lot more damage. You 
    should also note that when his health gets less and less, his red power becomes
    a lot more erratic and a single recharge may not work for him. Basically, as 
    you knock more health off him, his Daodan becomes far less capable. 
    Hopefully, you’ll persevere and win this final battle. You’ve killed pretty 
    much everyone and completed the game. Well done.
    7. Contact
    You can E-Mail me at omegasaint@hotmail.co.uk. 
    Please, do not send spam or other such annoyances. There are a number of things
    that can happen when you do that anyway (I state this always, and truthfully). 
    Also, make sure you have read the whole guide before asking for further help.
    Other than that, E-Mail me with typos and errors you have found, suggestions 
    for improving the guide, and praise or criticism (constructive please) as you 
    see fit. If you can find errors, typos, or make a successful suggestion, you 
    will be listed in the Credits section.
    7. Credits
    Myself – I did write this. >_>
    CJayC and GameFAQs – Administrator and creator of the best gaming site on the 
    internet (content anyway). And he accepted my Golden Axe FAQ! Whee.
    Green Day/The Offspring/The Killers – Listening to these bands motivates me. 
    And I like them lots anyway.
    You – Thank you to you, the reader, for using or simply reading this guide.
    8. Outroduction
    It’s been a good experience writing a second guide, and it proves to me that I 
    can write just more than one guide and then leave it at that. I hope to follow 
    this particular guide up with Enemy/Boss Guides to games such as XIII and 
    killer7. Look out for those whenever I get time to write them.
    Thank you once again for reading.

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