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    FAQ/Walkthrough by antseezee

    Version: Final | Updated: 03/11/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                 For PC
                               Version Final
                             By Chris Zawada
                             User: antseezee
                       E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
                       Website: www.z-wad.com
                             Created: 12/9/05
                           Last Update: 03/10/11
                        Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada
    Author's Note
    Third person action games are far and few between. For the most parts,
    developers will usually create hit games combining shooting, hand-to-hand
    combat, and character navigating skills all into a third-person engine to
    create an outer gaming sense. Oni was one of the more original and innovative
    third-person action/adventure games to hit the consoles and PC in style.
    Originally developed by the ever popular Bungie (for their work with the Halo
    series), Oni molds typical "anime" items such as cartoonish graphics, flashy
    action scenes, and a feminine hero mixed into a futuristic world. Using elite
    skills, marksmanship shots, and a plethora of wrapped attacks, you will bring
    your opponents to your knee in mercy. While the game was released slightly back
    a few years (2001), Oni still features excellent gameplay items that current
    gamers can relate to. Will you do a spinning roundhouse kick to snap the neck
    of your opponent, or brutally get gunned down in an attempt to complete your
    If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
    added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
    content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
    you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
    I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
    with what you want to know!
    =03/10/11= vFinal
    Final update.
    =12/14/05= v1.0
    Finished the FAQ. I must admit this game was longer than I expected, but it
    sort of tapered off in terms of fun. It was a decently fun game, but felt kind
    of construed at certain parts.
    =12/9/05= v1.0
    Started the FAQ. Surprised this game has yet to be FAQed, even after so many
    years. This should be a fun project that might take a week or two.
              -    Table of Contents     -
              1) Introduction
              2) Game Basics
                 > Controls
              3) Walkthrough
                 > Chapter 00: Combat Training
                 > Chapter 01: Trial Run
                 > Chapter 02: Engines of Evil
                 > Chapter 03: Puzzle Pieces
                 > Chapter 04: Tiger by the Tail
                 > Chapter 05: Hot Pursuit
                 > Chapter 06: Counterattack
                 > Chapter 07: A Friend in Need
                 > Chapter 08: An Innocent Life
                 > Chapter 09: Truth and Consequences
                 > Chapter 10: Cat and Mouse
                 > Chapter 11: Dream Diver
                 > Chapter 12: Sins of the Father
                 > Chapter 13: Phoenix Rising
                 > Chapter 14: Dawn of the Chrysalis
              4) Special Moves
              5) Weapons & Items
              6) Codes
              7) Common Questions
                 > Troubleshooting
              8) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
              9) Proper Credits
    - 1) Introduction          -
    Very few developers manage to create inspiring third-person action games since
    you need numerous elements to involve gamers into the story. Usually, third-
    person engines must be refined to the utmost degree in order to maximize
    gameplay items to an absolute essential. Bungie decided back in 2001 to release
    an anime-style third-person action shooter/fighter which combined all of these
    elements, while employing and interesting storyline. Modern graphics, great
    presentation values, and a quality product were all combined to make the
    ultimate game. Oni provides the ultimate gameplay experience for those looking
    for an older classic that's still fun to play from time and time again.
    While most gamers do not always prefer third-person games (camera angles and
    controls are usually often clunky), Oni does a decent job of molding them into
    position. You'll find yourself constantly getting ambushed during levels, and
    must find a way out of the fight using your elite skills. The game's main
    character features a special woman capable of performing lightning-fast moves
    without even flinching. The game focuses extensively on the built-in martial
    arts system, but also features shooting, and the ability to gather new
    The following excerpt talks about the storyline (credit to rottentomatoes.com):
    Can you save society from criminals? Play as Konoko, an agent of the Tech
    Crimes Task Force, as your make your way through level after stunning level in
    pursuit of the bad guys. Taking a page from anime classics and modern day
    action movies, Oni presents a rich, involved action/adventure story to keep
    your playing for days on end. Featuring full-contact action, the game
    emphasizes both gunplay and hand-to-hand fighting. each level has been planned
    and executed by architects using the AutoCAD system, resulting in a high degree
    of realistic detail and thoughtful design.
    ##### GAME INFO #####
    Player(s): 1
    Developer: Bungie
    Released: 2001
    Rarity: uncommon
    Special Features: n/a
    ESRB: Teen
    Cover Art on box:
    - Shows Konoko crouching and looking with a held pistol
    	> Windows 98 or better
    	> Pentium III / Celeron 266Mhz or better
    	> 64MB RAM +
    	> CD-ROM drive
    	> 800MB+ free HD space
    	> OpenGL compatible card - Voodoo 2+, TNT2+, Rage Pro+, Intel i890
    		(Believe it or not, for as well as the graphics are in Oni,
    		 the requirements are VERY low and it works on many low-end
    		 computers. Video cards are the least essential device,
    		 although you need a decent one capable of rendering the 3D
    		 objects. If anything, I'd worry about the processor the most.)
    - 2) Game Basics           -
    Oni works moderately well with the PC version in terms of controls.
    Unfortunately, a gamepad makes gameplay MUCH easier since you have to perform
    complex combat moves, and it can be difficult pressing multiple buttons on one
    keyboard. The game combines the use of the mouse to rotate the view of the
    camera. This is useful since it also guides Konoko to attack in an altered
    direction, while you move with the keyboard.
                    W - Moves forward
                W + W - Dashes
                    S - Moves backward
                    A - Strafes left
                    D - Strafes right
                Mouse - Rotates view
    Right Mouse Click - Kicks
     Left Mouse Click - Punches
           Left Shift - Crouches
            W + Punch - Performs arm throw
             W + Kick - Performs kick throw
    Direction + Shift - Rolls
                Space - Jumps
                  Tab - Uses hypo ability
                    R - Reloads
                    Q - Picks up, holsters, or unleashes weapon
                    E - Drops weapon
            Left Ctrl - Activates an object
                   F1 - Accesses diary
    - The controls for Oni are much simpler than you'd expect. Basically, the mouse
    rotates your view, while you physically move Konoko using the keyboard. The
    W,S,A,D configuration works well, as the surrounding keys also act as your
    interface buttons. Pick up items or interact with the environment using the
    appropriate letter key. You will find that the crouching and jumping button can
    be used in conjunction with your attack mouse buttons to enforce combos or
    special attacks. The diary is a quick way of checking your objectives, what
    current items you possess, or how much of the storyline has been progressed.
    Some of the more advanced moves are described in a separate section, please
    refer to Chapter 4.
    - 3) Walkthrough        -
    Many linear action/adventure games employ complex plots while guiding your
    character through several levels. Oni does exactly that, while employing an
    objective-to-mission setup. This section will guide you through the full game
    /Chapter 00 - Combat Training/
           Module: 1-A
       Difficulty: *
       Objectives: + Get use to basic controls of Konoko
    - The first chapter is essentially a training module to orientate you with the
    game's interface and control system. You'll start off in an isolated room. Get
    use to the movement controls as the AI issues them to you. Make sure to sprint
    around the track as ordered, and activate the appropriate control consoles.
    Move to the next room. You'll have to perform a few more acrobatic moves,
    including somersaults and evasion maneuvers. Eventually, hand-to-hand combat
    will be explained along with minor throws. The final room to practice is basic
    gun combat. Follow your on-screen instructions to get use to the controls,
    aiming, and what not. Once you're finished with tutorial mode, it's on to some
    "real" mission.
    /Chapter 01 - Trial Run/
           Module: Syndicate Warehouse
       Difficulty: **
       Objectives: + Find Chung
                   + Keep investigating
                   + Find the loading truck
                   + Engage the truck
       *Now that you're approved for the battlefield, Griffin (your boss) has
        ordered you to assault a nearby corrupt warehouse where drug operations are
        supposedly going on. He wants you to bust the place so he can witness your
        abilities (while also approving of some downgraded crooks). While the bust
        is expected to be easy, we never expect crabcakes for breakfast.*
    - You'll start off with Konoko breaching her way through the nearby balcony
    window onto an upscale ledge. Your AI will quickly tell you that the characters
    fight back on this mission. Anyhow, you'll notice a technician guard down below
    by the console. Engage him by dropping down, or walking down via the door to
    the left. Use basic punches and/or crouching to eliminate the slow-moving man.
    Most of his basic combat attacks can easily be avoided, so use rolls to get out
    of the way. Finish him off, then head to the console where he was. Read the
       *Apparently, this syndicate was smuggling highly destructive rounds for a
        big bad guy, and he threatened their life if they did not cooperate. The
        ammunition for the specialty weapon is located in six crates.*
    - Turn around, and interact with the diamond red/white console. This will
    unlock the nearby door by the base of the steps with a green passcode. Proceed
    through this door. Check your diary after the brief tutorial message to
    discover that you must locate Chung, one of your field agents. Move to the far
    end of the room, and look along the right. Go through the door and head up the
    stairs. Once on the second floor, head through this door to the opposite door.
    Inside, interact with the console to unlock two sets of doors (one on each
    floor). Head back out, and quickly disable the guard with some flying combat
    moves. Head back downstairs and head through the first floor unlocked door. In
    this new room, move ahead until the third door on the right that is wide open.
    Quickly disable the guard, and pick up the hypo spray item he drops. Interact
    with the console against the wall. Again, it opens the next room that was
    previously locked. Exit the room, and go to the far end where the passcode is
    now green. Move on in. If you move around via your compass, you'll notice your
    objective is on the second floor. Look along the left side of the room for a
    tapered crate. Hop onto it, then hop onto the nearby metal stacked crates, to
    the next stack, and finally jump-spin to the second floor. Once there, run over
    to the body on the ground. Pick up the datapad.
       *Apparently, Chung is dead. The poor fellow never had a chance as the
        Syndicate was catching on to his traitorism. Anyhow, if you read Chung's
        datapad, it says that he was practically caught. Apparently, BGI and the
        Syndicate are joined together at the hip. They're both channeling illegal
        operations through front-cover operations to blend in their acts. The
        warehouse manager was another man trying to get out of the loop. Chung's
        datapad says to rescue him before it's too late.*
    - Watch out for the kevlar guard that appears directly in front of you. Try to
    fight or push him off the second floor to the left. Move in through the door
    where he came from. Engage the two technicians to your right. Again, use combos
    and quick punches if they both gang up on you. Lay down powerful blows to count
    them down permanently. Move through the right door. Head up the stairs, then
    proceed straight ahead. Ignore the door to the left. Head down the hallway and
    then watch for the kevlar guard to pop out of a door from the right. There will
    be (2) Kevlar Guards to deal with. This one can be fairly tough. Try performing
    some grapple moves to do maximum damage to immediately eliminate one. Head into
    this room after dealing with the threat. Pick up the dropped hypo spray, and
    interact with the console.
       *Again, we find out that both companies are smuggling more parts through
        hidden shipping crates. They must be building some "destructive" weapon.*
    - Head to the far door at the end. Down the stairs, you'll have (2) Kevlar
    Guards to deal with. Now would be a good time to make use of your pistol to
    save some health. Fire about 5-7 rounds to down each guard. Pick up each hypo
    spray, and recover some health since you're probably low at this point.	Once in
    the new room, interact with the far-side console, then go to the unlocked door.
    Once in the new room, a goofy blue-suited technician will retreat once you hit
    him a few times. Sprint after him, and knock the bafoon out. He will retreat to
    an alarm console. Punch him several times from the rear to knock him out. Turn
    around, and activate the symbol console to unlock some new doors. Go down the
    stairs, cut the right corner, and head through the unlocked door. Engage the
    welder to quickly down him. Go through the next door, and use your pistol to
    down the kevlar fool. Talk to the innocent civilian (don't shoot him at all).
    He says the manager is upstairs. Cut a quick right, head upstairs, then turn
    around the corner. Use your pistol to kill the guard beating up the warehouse
    manager. Talk to the manager, and he says the entire complex has been
    overtaken. The evil Syndicate is loading up the supplies into an armored truck.
    Let him open the doors, then run on through.
    - You'll have several generic workers to deal with. Move down the door on the
    left, through the stairs, fight a few men, then down the door on the right.
    Repeat until you reach the base loading dock. Follow your compass waypoint
    towards the loading door. Once inside, watch out for immediate machine gun
    fire. Move to the right of the green truck in the distance, and pistol down the
    guard. Take his SML3 Plasma Rifle once he's dead. Now, move along the right
    side of this room. You should see a red-lit door in the lower right corner.
    Move in, then up the stairs. Kill the machine gun guard. On the second floor,
    run across to the next red door, then up the stairs. Kill the third floor
    guard, then interact with the symbol console against the wall.
       *The crane will get operated and moved to Konoko's position. She hops in,
        and manages to flip the armored truck just before it leaves. The assault
        team comes in to cover her position. Konoko tells Griffin that a nearby
        plant is in cahoots with the bad guys. She wants to assault it. Griffin
        finally approves the operation, and off we go.*
    /Chapter 02 - Engines of Evil/
           Module: Manufacturing Plant
       Difficulty: ***
       Objectives: + Search the Musashi Manufacturing Plant
                   + Get out of the Plant
                   + Destroy the Brain
       *The TCTF and Konoko tell the receptionist that they're taking over the
        plant due to the possibility of illegal operations. The receptionist trips
        an alarm, in which point we're forwarded to two bad guys. Muro and Barbasa
        are talking to each other. Barbasa is suppose to hold off the TCTF while
        Mura makes an escape with the goodies. Suddenly, the receptionist let's two
        assault guards in to attack Konoko and her agents. It's ambush time!*
    - Three guards will ambush your (2) TCTF partners. Take out the two kevlar
    guards to your right using a ranged weapon. Focus on taking out the remaining
    one. Now, move straight ahead, and enter the right door. Move into the left
    room and engage the technicians. If you have any allies left, they should
    assist you in taking down the perps. Walk over to the control panel with the
    bar graph on it. Interact with it to unlock a door near the main entrance.
    You'll also find a neutral console panel in this room. It mentions something
    about a bionic organ mixed with a battle drone to create a powerful creature.
    Head back to the main room, then move on in. Take out the lone technician for
    an easy hypo spray. Now, go back to the room with the bar graph console and
    head into the recently unlocked green door. Watch for the machine gun firing
    guard. Try to gun him down.
       *Konoko tells Griffin that the entire operation is a distraction. She wants
        him to scan for any operations the Syndicate may be performing while the
        TCTF infiltrate this compound.*
    - Go down the new hall. Proceed through the room, cut through the hallway, and
    take out the yellow Kevlar Guard. Turn around as there is a computer console
    wedged in between the center piece. Interact with it to unlock a second floor
    door. Pick up the hypo spray then continue through the door. You'll eventually
    reach a room where some blue-suited scientists are getting beaten up by a thug.
    Rush in there quickly; engage the lone Static Thug. Be careful for his static
    attack, as it does a rush of damage. Roll out of the way when he says the
    phrase "Static this!"
    - With this man down, talk to the female scientist for an ammo clip. Interact
    with the console in the corner of the room. It should open a nearby door. Head
    on through, and you'll now be back at the main receptionist area. If you look
    to the right, there's a set of stairs that leads to the second floor. Before
    heading on up, enter the recently unlocked door to the right of the desk, and
    disable the techy for a hypo spray. Now, head up. Watch for plasma rifle
    wielding guards on this top walkway. Kill the guard, and switch for his plasma
    rifle. Once through the next door, the area will turn into a pseudo-lab
    environment. White tiles should surround your position. Proceed ahead until you
    reach a large blue room. Go left, and you'll have roughly 5 techies/guards to
    deal with. Make use of your plasma rifle until you have to engage the Kevlar
    guards. Make sure to reload on your hypo sprays to keep your health
    consistently high. Head to the end of the room, then move to the left of the
    generator, and enter the small doorway.
       *Griffin informs you that Syndicate forces are attacking a nearby research
        facility. He has already sent a team to assist the research facility, but
        they're going to need your help. You are ordered to get out of there.*
    - When you reach the next doorway, crouch, and crawl to the other doorway.
    Don't engage the human guards below. Once at the next area, you'll see a bunch
    of lasers strafing vertically through the upper railing. You have to avoid
    these, otherwise an automatic trip gun gets triggered. Use the slide move by
    double tapping forward then pressing shift. If it gets triggered, try to run
    forward as quickly as possible to avoid the constant plasma blasts. In the next
    room, two Kevlar Guards will be patrolling the bottom area. Crawl forward until
    you're forced to engage the man who walks up the stairs. Disable both men using
    the Scram Gun (if you still have it). Head below, and look underneath the steps
    for a control panel that will turn off the red laser grid. Move to the far end
    and interact with the console. You'll learn some information about the master
    brain and how it interacts with robotics. Just what we need, futuristic
    - Backtrack to the laser grid hallway, and you'll notice a green door is now
    lit up to your left. Head on in. You'll have to either slide or roll under the
    varying lasers. Once this is done, use the computer to unlock a door. Your AI
    informs you that a mechanical brain remains in this compound. If you destroy
    it, the TCTF can take over the compound. Now you have to backtrack to the room
    where two techies were below, but you did not engage them. Once there, take
    them both out and head through the opened door. Talk to the scientist to
    receive a hypo. Use the blue computer in the corner of the room to unlock a
    door. Now, go back to the laser-filled hallway. Enter the door to your right
    before the lasers. You're going to have a Kevlar and Static guard to deal with.
    Make use of the remaining ammo in the Scram Gun to give them a treat. Interact
    with the console where the downed scientist is.
       *Apparently, something went wrong with their beautiful brain. It's purely
        evil, and the scientist was killed for the malfunction. Oy.*
    - Anyhow, move around the corner and use the computer to open a door. Head past
    the lasers to that last dead end room, except, you'll find the newly opened
    door on your top railing. Move on in. Sprint up to the guard shooting the
    scientist, and disarm him. Shoot him with his own weapon. Talk to the
    scientist. You'll receive (2) Hypos, and be told to disable the Brain. Move
    down the right stairs until you reach the bottom room. The Brain has activated
    itself! Read the console to learn that the scientist tried to override it via
    the console panel. Open the nearby sliding door, and wait for the CLOCKWISE
    rotating beam to pass. Run lagging behind it until you reach the first computer
    panel. Interact with it to disable one braker. Again, repeat this strategy.
    Wait for the clockwise laser to pass and follow it to the next panel. The
    counter-clockwise rotating laser rotates above Konoko's head, so you don't have
    to worry about such treacherous alterations. Once all four brakers are
    disabled, you learn that the Brain tries to access the public data networks
    another way. Basically, you have to disable all four brakers AGAIN, except with
    a different laser pattern rotating. Again, do the same item from before. Follow
    the nearest double beam making sure not to tripwire any others. Disable all
    four consoles again. The Brain will do one more laser sequence. This time, all
    four lasers will be lined up and moving very fast. You will have to disable all
    four brakers, however, follow the most recent laser stack by sprinting. If you
    don't sprint, the previous rotating column will catch up to you. Sprint to each
    panel, disable them, and the Brain will be disabled.
       *Konoko escapes, however, we learn that an ensuing saga develops between
        Griffin and Konoko's doctor. Both of them treat her like an experiment, and
        fight over ownership. She would whip their arse if she heard them
        backtalking her like that.*
    /Chapter 03 - Puzzle Pieces/
           Module: Bio-Research Lab
       Difficulty: ****
       Objectives: + Fight Barbasa
                   + Access the roof
                   + Get to the top of the Security Control Tower
                   + Clear out the Upper Floors
                   + Stop Muro from taking the stolen technology
       *Konoko rushes to the scene of the Bio-Research Lab. Using her speedy bike,
        she hits a ramp and launches herself into the main courtyard. However,
        we're greeted by Barbasa launching large plasmic rays and numerous elements
        of the compound. It's boss battle time - already!*
    - Right after you vault into the main entrance of the facility, Barbasa will
    immediately engage you. Barbasa is a fairly easy opponent, but the boss battle
    itself takes a few minutes. Start off by retreating behind the pillar behind
    your position. Lure Barbasa down here, and hide behind the pillar whenever he
    charges up his wave cannon. Avoid the beams as they do minor damage. Fire back
    a few pistol rounds till you are empty. Run towards the 5 glass panels near the
    building entrance. Cut a right to the small inlet, and pick up the ammo
    cartridge. Reload, and re-engage Barbasa yet again. Once you're fully out of
    pistol ammo, charge at him and jump kick him. This should knock his weapon out
    of hand. I'm 50% sure you can use the weapon during the match (when I tried to
    pick it up, it would not let me - however, you can pick this weapon up after
    the battle is complete). Barbasa will keep going for his wave cannon as a
    priority. Use mainly jumping attacks, with some close grapple throws to do
    damage. Retreat back to the main gate entrance, and cut a left. Go up the
    walkway path, and take the Plasma Rifle off of the dead guard. Wield this
    against Barbasa to do significant damage. A good strategy is to fire your
    rounds, then jump kick him right before his charged shot can fire. After
    several hits, Barbasa will retreat.
    - You now have to find a way inside via the tower entrance of the building.
    Pick up the Wave Motion Cannon off of the ground that Barbasa dropped. Watch
    for one Kevlar guard to rush you from the main panel entrance. Try to shoot
    him. Since you cannot carry this weapon without moving slowly, drop it by
    pressing E, and move to the left. Enter the ground floor unlocked door. Around
    the corner will be (2) Kevlar Guards. Do your best to disable the one nearest
    to you, then seek shelter behind a wall pillar. Wait for the submachine gun
    guard to charge at you. Jump kick him, take his weapon, and knock him out. Pick
    up the ammo off of his body. Turn around, and enter the small single-door room.
    Use the console to unlock all six doors in this lab area, and one green
    sequence on the main door. Get out of the room, and enter any door on the
    right. In this main room, take out the submachine gun wielding guard with your
    own weapon. Talk to the female scientist for a hypo spray. Read the console at
    the end of the room.
       *Apparently, the Syndicate has been attempting to create cyborgs to use in
        their corrupt effort. This is not a good sign.*
    - Back in the main room, take out the Static thug, then head into the left
    doors. Again, one armed guard is what you'll have to take out. Talk to the male
    scientist for (2) Hypo Sprays. Exit the room and move up the stairs. Three
    Kevlar guards will be awaiting up top. Peek your head out, and lure the armed
    guard to walk towards the steps. Wait till he turns around, then engage him.
    One of the Static guards should assist them. Wield the weapon against them, and
    use basic martials arts to take them out. Enter the first door on the left.
    Engage the lone Kevlar guard before he harms the scientists. Talk to both
    nearby scientists for a force field upgrade & ammo clip. Enter the opposite
    doors and repeat the same strategy. Talk to one scientist for a hypo spray.
    Check the console panel. Some brief details about the cyborg's initial phase
    are described. More techno googoo. Exit and move to the single doorway before
    the set of stairs. Use the console once. Move up the stairs, and engage the
    Static & Kevlar guard. Again, enter the single door, and use the last console.
    All six doors should be unlocked along with the final door fully "sequenced."
    - Enter the first door to your left. Take out the lone guard, and check the
    bodies for any useful items. Repeat the same strategy for the right room,
    except try to gun down the guard with any remaining ammo. Check for more items,
    backtrack, and go up the final set of stairs to the ultra door. Move on in to
    the roof of the building. Engage the blue Kevlar guard and proceed forth. Two
    yellow Kevlar guards will be at the adjacent roof. Try to knock them off the
    sides to save some health. Enter the large door near the corner of the segment.
    Move up the stairs taking out the lone guard, then the other one in the room
    with the downed officer. Move through the next door. You should be in the
    control console room now. Suddenly, a kevlar guard with C4 strapped will attack
    you. This man is fairly tough since he blocks a lot. Make use of your own
    blocking by simply not pressing anything, then counter with a jump kick. Use
    the flip stomp when he is downed. Knock him out.
       *The TCTF officers are calling in for support. Suddenly, the man you
        thought you knocked out rises and triggers his detonation sequence. He's
        going to take the tower out with you! Konoko simply tosses him through the
        window on top of the bad guys below. They get slaughtered, and the TCTF
        officers move in. Konoko heads down an elevator.*
    - Once in the lobby, follow your compass to the corner of the room. Interact
    with the console against the wall to unlock part 1 of the ultra door. Suddenly,
    a few guards will rush out of a back room. Engage them with your TCTF pals, and
    take them out. Watch for the C4 thug. Backtrack to the main room, but head up
    the stairs. Three to four Kevlar guards will be armed and waiting. Assault
    them, then cut the corner, and enter the lone room. Take out any remaining
    fellows, and interact with this console. Part two of the door will be disabled.
    Cut back to the stairwell, and look to the rear of this area for access to the
    third floor. Head up. The last console is located at one of the two ends near
    the exterior of these rooms. Interact with it to unlock the door. You'll have
    about 5 thugs to deal with in total. Make use of your weapons and martial arts
    to down them. With the door unlocked, move to it, and head in. Read the
    console. Just another safety warning - boohoo.
    - Once in the next room, you'll notice green hazardous liquid at the base of
    the floor. Don't fall in here, otherwise it is instantaneous death. Rather,
    move down each stairway along the walls to reach the very bottom. You'll come
    across 4 guards total, and it would be best to take them down without getting
    harmed (you're most likely low on hypo sprays).	On the very bottom floor, look
    underneath the stairs for a console. Interact with it to unlock the garage
    door. If you're having trouble living through this room, supercharge Konoko so
    she gets a small force field around her. Use a hypo past full health. Once the
    console is activated, go up one floor, and head across directly above the
    opened door. Drop down. This saves you the frustration of trying to jump across
    the three set blocks next to the bubbling ooze. In the next room, you'll have
    two basic guards to take down. Use the Plasma Rifle to blast them away. Head
    through the single door.
       *Muro and his men escape with the stolen technology in a truck. Konoko isn't
        about to give up just yet.*
    /Chapter 04 - Tiger by the Tail/
           Module: Airport Assault
       Difficulty: **
       Objectives: + Find a path through the Airport
                   + Unlock the access doors
       *Your AI informs you that the local airport has reported several casualties.
        The Syndicate must be conducting an attack to cover their tracks. Konoko
        races to the airport to find Muro catching a plane. He orders his men to
        kill her.*
    - Start off by charging towards the entrance. Melee down the first Kevlar
    guard, then take out the assaulting thug on the interior. Talk to the female
    civilian for a hypo spray. Go right. Engage the Static man with your pistol.
    Move forth and you'll have a few more armed thugs ahead. Use your own weapon to
    take them down, and talk to the nearby civilians for some easy refills. Move
    through the fire-stricken door.	You'll find a console with a plane symbol on it
    against the left wall. Use it, then head through the door. Two men will rush
    out of a door around the center pillar. Engage them both, and take the weapon
    away from one of them. Fight back using a plethora of moves. Move past the next
    door, and the one C4 guard will eventually retreat to a back room. One of the
    accessways will also get destroyed.
    - Move down the pathway. Engage the men below, but avoid attacking the
    engineers as they work at the airport. Move outside via the left ramps and
    you'll have roughly 8 guards to deal with in total. If you explore around, try
    taking the weapons off of them, and grabbing hypo sprays off of the dead
    bodies. Simply move right, and you'll have two more slanted ramps to move down
    into. In this next room, it should look similar to the previous one, except a
    walkway is smoking from damage. Engage the armed guard via the stairwell, and
    talk to the nearby engineer for a hypo. Move up the walkway. Engage the lone
    Kevlar guard, then move into the room, and blast away at the armed guard near
    the doorway. Grab his Scram Gun, and use the console. You'll read up on some
    precautions about this area of the airport. Move on in anyway.
       *Muro claims you have potential to be as strong as him, however, your fate
        has been decided. He has two thugs prepare to take you out.*
    - This next encounter involves two basic kevlar guards, except one is armed
    with a Van de Graaff Stun Gun. Your best bet is to nudge the gun out of their
    hands, then fire stun rounds at each of the men. Use powerful kicks and stomps
    to lower their health. If you get into a jam, try using low sweep kicks to
    bring them to the ground. Once they're both dead, check the second side room
    for a force field. Go to the first room and use the console to unlock the door.
    Move on in. You should reach a large hangar area. Turn around the corner and
    take out the guard. If you check this first room, the console will be disabled.
    Go down via the right stairs, and move across the holding area to the opposite
    walkway. Head up the stairs, then move in and activate the console. Two red
    elite guards will be armed and on the scene. Move down the stairs, take out the
    kevlar guard, then sprint charge the two elite guards. Jump kick both of them,
    and try to take one of the weapons. Wield it against them both and finish them
    off. Recover your health, then move to the previously locked keycode. Activate
    the console now. Run across the hangar to the door at the base level. Move on
    in for a mission complete.
    /Chapter 05 - Hot Pursuit/
           Module: Airport Cargo Hangars
       Difficulty: ***
       Objectives: + Continue tracking down Muro
                   + Find the Rappelling Harness
                   + Reach Muro's Plane
    - Check the left hallway for a guard or two. Once they're down, talk to the
    nearby engineer for a hypo. Move across the large room to the door on the lower
    floor where the windows are. Cut a right and take out the guard beating up the
    engineers. Talk to the engy for an easy hypo, then use the console. Some
    flights have been tampered with according to the log. Move up the stairs, and
    work on taking out the (2) Plasma-armed guards. Watch for a lone Static thug to
    assault you. Move across the pathway to the opposite second floor doorway.
    You'll a C4 guard near the command console in the right corner. Take him down,
    then retreat before he blows up. Use the console to unlock a door. Drop down,
    and move to the upper left corner. Go through the door and talk to the
    engineer. He'll tell you that some sort of tracker is in the next hangar over.
    Read the nearby console. Move to the far end of the room and use the unlocking
    computer. Backtrack to the main room, and head for the large door.
    - Once inside, move forward and plasma down the red-suited guard. Flank along
    the left, and nail down the submachine gun guard. Check near the back portion
    of the room for one more guard with a Superball gun. Now, eliminate the
    remaining threats by conserving ammo. Move to the back room, but watch for a
    Static guard directly right of the door entrance. Knock the stunner out of his
    hand, kill him, then activate the console. Look for the unlocked door right
    around the corner. Move in.
       *Muro and his men will split up. You now have a choice of taking the lower
        or upper route.*
    - First off though, 3 lower room guards will protrude your way. Many of them
    are armed. Try to shoot any of them down using your weapons, otherwise, lure
    them one-by-one near the cargo crates along the right portion of the room.
    Knock their gun out of hand, and use it against them. Clear out the last guy on
    the stairwell, then move left to the rear of the dislodged truck. Move in here,
    and you'll have roughly 2-3 rooms to clear out. Various men will be armed. Use
    jump kicks to disarm most of them, then wield the gun against their own guys.
    Talk to the engineer in the small office for some free hypo sprays. Move up the
    next ramp onward. This next part may be fairly tough. Basically, a bunch of
    lasers will operate at varying lengths damaging you if you happen to touch
    them. Sprint as the first pattern repeats and stay behind the initial lasers.
    Interact with the console and now dash forward ensuring to jump, slide, and
    roll when necessary. You will take some damage, but try to reach the other end
    before the 10-second counter reaches null. Once you hit the door, you'll
    encounter a Static and Grapple Guard. I recommend shooting down the Static
    thug, then trying to martial arts the Grapple guy. Quick punches seem to do the
    most damage since the grappler has fairly slow attacks. Move through the next
    door. You'll eventually reach a parking lot. Drop down to the right and disable
    the submachine gunning guard. Move ahead and use martial arts to take out the
    Scram Gun guard. Move up the railing, then take out the Plasma Guard. Try to
    conserve ammo in the weapon. Move up the left area on the roofs. Take out the
    plasma guard after the cross-section area, and pick up his hypo spray. Move
    down and you may notice an area below that is too far to jump down.
    - Look along the left and you will see 3 Engineers running for their lives from
    Muro's thugs. There should be a small stairwell. Head down it, then engage the
    two thugs in the alley. Watch for two more men to appear. Be careful not to
    harm the engineers, otherwise, they'll end up fighting you as well. If they
    live, talk to them for some free hypos. Leave the alley. Run down the left
    parking lot until you reach the area that you saw before. Charge the nuclear
    guard and try to stun him with the Van de Graaf pistol. Otherwise, disarm the
    Superball Gun and wield it against them. Watch for the C4 man as well. Use the
    console, and the door from the roof will now be unlocked. Backtrack to the
    mini-stairs and head up to the roof. Look for a nearby doorway on the roof area
    that has stairs leading up to it. Head on in, and talk to the scientist for
    some ammo clips. Move down the stairs.
    - When you reach the bottom, try to save the scientist from the Kevlar and
    Nuclear guards. It can be difficult fighting the ultra-tough nuke guard, so
    focus on him over the primitive guard. The Scientist hands out much-needed hypo
    sprays. After another flight of stairs, take care of the two enemies below.
    You'll find the Rappelling Harness just before the third flight of stairs
    entrance, to the left on a table against the wall. Pick it up, then head
    downstairs. Take out the Nuclear Guard. Head through the door and chase down
    the 3 enemies in this large room. Two will be on the ground floor, with one
    patrolling near the alarm on the second floor. Prevent them from sounding the
    alarm. Contine up the stairs. Head into the side door before the very top.
       *Muro and his men will be seen getting into the cargo plane.*
    - Leave the mini-room and head to the roof via the stairs. Once on top, watch
    for the ambush of dual-armed thugs to your left. Sprint on the roof to the
    center metal railing overlooking the base unit of the plane.
       *Konoko will automatically rappell down and plant a tracking device on top
        of Muro's Plane. Inside, we see Muro and an associate talking over about
        your presence. You're apparently an Android hooked to an SLD. Sounds brutal
        and experimental if you ask me. He wants Barbaras to capture you alive.*
    /Chapter 06 - Counterattack/
           Module: TCTF Headquarters
       Difficulty: ****
       Objectives: + Reach the Upper area
                   + Save Shinatama
                   + Repair the damaged elevator
                   + Stop Barabas
       *Konoko is returning back to TCTF Headquarters when an assault from the
        Syndicate strikes the area. She knows that her allies are under attack, and
        it's up to her to save them.*
    - You should spawn in the lower garage area connected to the TCTF Headquarters.
    Proceed straight towards the upper left corner of the room. Two Kevlar guards
    should spawn out of the nearby doorway. Engage them both, ensuring to disarm
    the submachine gun. Focus on using grapple moves when surrounded by pairs of
    enemies. Move in the upper left door, and repeat the same strategy. Try using
    the spinning cyclone kick if you cannot get in close enough to perform some
    excellent grapple techniques. In the next room, take down the lone Nuclear
    guard, then grab the Mercury Bow off of the dead TCTF agent. In the next room,
    fire one round at the guard standing on the metal crate. Move into the room to
    your left, and watch for a Static & Kevlar Guard to engage you. If possible,
    hold on to this Mercury Bow as the weapon is rare. Look for ammo clips, and
    always pick it up after the battles simmer down. Check the far end room along
    the right door. Save the woman scientist from the two thugs. Check the left
    door for a lone Static Guard. Take him down, then use the console to unlock the
    previously locked door. Head back out, and check the other end of this long
    room for the unlocked door. Go in.
       *A brief cutscene shows the Syndicate engaging your allies. They have
        managed to cut down the TCTF's security defenses. Here comes their full
    - Start rushing up the stairs. Enter through the first unlocked door you see.
    Cross the brief hallway, and cut a left across the ceiling pathway. You'll run
    into some Heavy Guards. These guys are basically equipped with increased metal
    armor, or even if force fields to protect from ranged damage. They have a
    dangerous slam attack and cannonball roll. The best way to avoid these attacks
    is to roll sideways whenever you hear their indicative phrases. Grapples work
    very well on these opponents as they tend to block quite extensively. Do this
    to knock them down, and try to save the TCTF agent if possible. The second
    floor mainly has weapons, ammo, and hypo sprays to be gained off of the agents.
    Head up to the third floor via the stairwell. You'll run into an engagement of
    three guys near the main hall. Expend some rounds from your Mercury Bow to
    increase your odds of victory, then combat down the remaining souls. Check the
    upper left single-door room for a console panel. Use it to unlock the door on
    the fourth and final floor. Head up there now and move through the door.
    - You'll find a few remaining enemies around, mainly in side adjunct rooms. One
    interesting item of note is that you'll find a woman who looks similar to
    Konoko. Combat her using similar techniques, but try doing an aerial grab move
    to bring her down for the count. Check the upper right room for a lone console
    panel. Read it, and you'll learn that Barabas was quite an elite operative.
    Exit this room, but check the door opposite of it for a new stairwell. Head on
       *Shinatama gets grabbed by Barabas. You have to save your previous AI!*
    - Head through the door, and you'll now be fairly close to the heart of the
    TCTF Headquarters. There's going to be an initial gunfight between your agents
    and the Syndicate. Rush up the side stairwells until you can safely engage the
    two Syndicate gunners. Use martial arts to bring them down since they have
    heavy armor and/or force fields. Pick up all dropped ammo, health, and
    powerups. Now, you'll have to sprint jump between the missing gaps on the
    stairwells. Remember to hold down the space bar to reach the peak of your jump.
    Do this about two more times till you reach the highest floor possible. Try
    shooting down a few of the topside guards with your Mercury Bow. Head into the
    upper right room on this top floor, and talk to the Civilian Welder. He'll give
    you his welder torch. Exit the room, and go down the pathway. You'll find the
    elevator on the same floor against the wall. Jump onto it.
       *Oni will weld the cable on the elevator. The natural reaction of the pulley
        brings her to the top floor of the complex.*
    - You'll now be in a red-alert zone. Charge forward and take out the high-
    priority Konoko look-a-like with a force field. Ensure to engage the Kevlar
    Guard. Try to hype yourself up with full health and/or a force field, as a
    Mercury Bow sniper will be above you on the top floor. This gun does extreme
    damage. Go near the wedge sticking out by the control console, and look on the
    other side of it for a console panel. Use it to unlock a door in the upper
    right corner. Move there, then head up. You'll have to deal with a Heavy Armor
    and default guard before doing so. On the top floor, watch out for two armed
    guards in the right corner. Make use of a swirl kick and a few grapples to deal
    with them quickly. Jump kick charge the Mercury Bow sniper on this center
    platform, and take out the remaining troops with your own Mercury Bow.
    Crossover to the other side via the central pathway. You'll find a stairwell to
    the third section in the upper right room. When you reach the top, check the
    right corner of the room for a Phase Cloak. This basically makes you invisible.
    - Cross over to the upper right room and ignore both guards if you wish. Move
    up the stairs yet again. Your phase cloak should be wearing off by now. Take
    out the armed Kevlar Guard up top, then proceed through the door. You'll have
    roughly three guards to take care of to your left. Pull out the Mercury Bow and
    focus on taking out the armed guard and heavy one. Conserve some ammo, and take
    the rest out with your body. Run over to the glass wall and move through the
    slide door. Cut the right corner.
       *Barabas is seen with Shinatama inside a transport helicopter. They cart off
        and Konoko believes she has failed. She turns around to find out that
        Barabas is standing right next to her. It's time to take out a corrosive
    - The second time with Barabas is only slightly different in that he is
    equipped with an Earthquake attack. Basically, you'll see him jump in the air
    like a pogo stick. When he slams down, a radiating pool of damage can hurt you.
    The best way to avoid this is to jump or somersault out of the radius while it
    protrudes outward. Dealing with Barabas is a joke. Use jump kicks, crouch
    sweeps, and crouched roundhouse kicks to down him. Jump kick the gun out of his
    hand, then use these basic assaults to deal damage to him. The Mercury Bow or
    his own weapon don't really do significant damage because Barabas has a
    permanent force field on his exoskeleton. Repeat these attacks for the most
    part, and ensure to avoid his earthquake attack. Other than that, he'll die
    after a few minutes of punishment.
       *Konoko gets supercharged after killing Barabas. Perhaps she is gifted after
    /Chapter 07 - A Friend in Need/
           Module: Atmospheric Conversion Center
       Difficulty: **
       Objectives: + Navigate towards Shinatama's position
       *Griffin and Konoko have an arguement after how to solve the Shinatama
        situation. Griffin says he's just going to send a strike team to rescue the
        SLD (Shinatama), while you say that you're perfect for the job. Griffin
        tells you not to go, but you refuse. Konoko hang glides into the secretive
        facility on her own.*
    - Start off by charging ahead, then engaging the two basic guards on the right
    walkway. Use the Plasma Rifle on the third guard patrolling the round block at
    the end. The biggest threat on this level is falling off. Don't be tempted to
    knock an enemy off, as you'll threaten your own life as well. Since save points
    are far and few between, it's dangerous to attempt such treachery. Check the
    small left cubicle for a console. Use it, and look behind the console for a
    free hypo spray. Head to the edge of the block for the unlocked door. Go in.
    Talk to the engineer for a hypo. Take out the nuclear guard on the left walking
       *NOTE: A good strategy, even though I said treacherous, is to face your
              opponents against the exposed drop-off points. Try pushing them off
              without even landing a blow. The biggest problem with getting tossed
              off is if Konoko or an enemy performs a grapple. Often, you'll
              automatically slide off when performing the move.*
    - Run down to this other end, and try shooting off the two guards on the
    topside area. Head through the door at the end of the path. Talk to the
    engineer, then use the console. Move through the door. Immediately look above
    you, and gun down the armed guard. If you have no gun, crouch against the wall
    for utmost secrecy. Rush down the RIGHT ramp (left one leads to a dead end).
    Enter the small elevator cubicle and talk to the woman for a Phase Projector
    weapon. Use the console. Exit the room, and head right for an elevator.
       *The elevator will lower with Konoko aboard. We're forwarded to Shinatama's
        position where she is being tortured by Muro in an electric fryer. He
        claims that her pain threshold is very realistic to that of a human, even
        though she is based off of an SLD computer cyborg program.*
    - When you reach the bottom, rush down the pathway. Watch for a topside armed
    guard. Ignore him unless you can clearly take a shot. Make a U-turn around the
    corner, and rush down the opposite pathway until you reach a right cubicle. Use
    the console inside to unlock a door. Backtrack to the U-spot and move through
    this unlocked door. You'll find a Konoko look-a-like. Gun her down using the
    remaining ammo in your Phase Projector. Pick up the Mercury Bow on the ground.
    Keep this weapon for the rest of the level. Move ahead.	This next long room
    will have four guards, two on the walkways, and two above. Immediately move up
    these stairs, and rush to the far end where a console is. Use it to unlock the
    door. Turn around and drop down. Move through the door.	You will find an
    assisting scientist with a hypo. Move through the next door. You'll have to
    traverse on the walkways in a giant "U" pattern until you curl around and start
    to head for a glass-covered cargo area. Along the way, you'll have to Mercury
    Bow snipe a few topside guards. Watch for the dual ambush from (2) Kevlar
    Guards about halfway to the room. I found it best to try and forward kick them
    off the platform. You'll eventually reach an elevator cubicle. Use the console,
    then head to the platform to move down.
    - Once you reach the bottom, check the left cubicle for a console panel. Use it
    to unlock a door. Move slightly right, and talk to the engineer by the large
    cylinder. You'll get a free hypo spray. Backtrack to a red door just before the
    electricuting pipes. Inside, you'll find an electrical engineer fighting a lone
    guard. Take out the guard, and save the engineer's life. Talk to him. He says
    he can recalibrate the capacitors to help delay the shockwave on the grid.
    After he uses the console, the pattern will change to three neutral waves and
    one shocking wave. Exit the room, then head for the center pipe. Sprint on it,
    and jump over every blue-colored wave. Do this until you reach the other side.
    Flank along the left and take care of the plasma rifle guard. Move into this
    central room. Move through the next door. You will find an engineer at the end
    with a providing item. Backtrack before heading into the series of rooms. Go
    left now. You'll find a group of guards near the small glass cubicle. Take care
    of them, use the console inside, then head through the unlocked door. The
    scientist inside will tell you that the Syndicate made numerous modifications
    to the atmospheric processor. They must be up to some evil plan.
    - Use the console inside and you'll have 18 seconds to get across the next
    electrified pipe. Go out the left door, cross out in front, then sprint across
    avoiding the blue electric waves. Hop off on the left station platform and take
    out the guard. Use the steps to move down below. Save the security guard for a
    hypo spray. Use the console against the wall to unlock the door. Move in. Watch
    for an immediate armed guard to your left. Your security guard may help you in
    killing him. You'll have to pass through (2) Generator rooms with armed guards.
    Lure the guards near the entrances where the electric rays don't discharge.
    Once they're dead, crouch and move to the other side of the room to duck under
    the discharges. The third room will have another Konoko look-a-like with (2)
    Kevlar Guards. Expend the remaining Mercury Bow ammo on the two guards, then
    focus on using grapple techniques on the force fielded mime.
       *Once all three guards are dead, Konoko receives a tremendous surge of
        power. Griffin says the operation is getting out of hand.*
    /Chapter 08 - An Innocent Life/
           Module: Atmospheric Conversion Center
       Difficulty: ***
       Objectives: + Rescue Shinatama
                   + Escape the facility in a Maintenance line
    - You're getting closer to Shinatama's position. You should be on a bottom
    floor now. Two Kevlar guards will try to jump kick greet you. Evade the kicks
    and counter with a rush slide or grapple of your own. Finish them off, move to
    the next room, and head down the yellow-lit stairwell. This next large area
    will have four enemies to deal with. Most of them are your basic opponents from
    before, but you'll need to perform special moves. Try doing the swirl kick,
    running swirl grapple, or mobile moves. Staying still in this area will get
    your arse beat down. Head through either door to the next room. Two Konoko
    wanna-bes will charge at you. I found the best way to deal with them was pure
    grapples. They're excellent at blocking and counter-attacking but suck with
    grapples. Get in close and use stomps when they're on the ground. Round the
    corner, and take out the supercharged Konoko wanna-be using an assortment of
    stomps and grapples.
       *Shinatama is sitting fatally wounded. Apparently, she spills her guts. The
        purpose of Shinatama was to monitor your progress, as you are supposedly a
        superb cyborg filled with endless capacity. They tortured her to find out
        what you knew. The TCTF was also monitoring Shinatama's position, and
        figured that you (Konoko) knew the secrets behind your background. The TCTF
        triggered a self-destruct mechanism inside Shinatama. She tells her to run
        and that Konoko has 30 seconds.*
    - Immediately turn around and sprint up the steps. Ignore any guards that
    approach you. Get in the nearby doorway, and save the scientist's life. By now,
    the explosion has probably gone off. The scientist will delay the shockwaves on
    the pipe. Cross using the usual technique, but reaching the other side will cut
    close with the relay time on the shockwaves. Talk to the female scientist on
    the other side for a free force field. Head through the door to your left, and
    watch for two guards near the right stairwell. Disarm the topside guard, and
    take out the remaining troops. Move to the top floor an disarm the Nuclear
    guard of his stun pistol. Once he's beat down, move in to this top room. The
    scientist will have a hypo. Use the console. Move through the door. This next
    room will basically have large lasers that rotate in set patterns. To get past
    the first one, wait for it to do one circle rotation. Follow across and knock
    the droid into the sewer pit below. Use the console to deactivate the laser for
    approximately 10 seconds. Sprint across to the next loop and take down the
    droid. Repeat this strategy for the next two loops. Head through the door
    against the wall. Watch for a Konoko look-a-like. Use your stun gun to disarm
    her, and take her down for the counter. Enter the next stairwell, and proceed
    to the bottom floor. You'll have a few armed threats to deal with.
    - At the bottom room, you'll have to use the console to modify the electric
    waves. As usual, sprint across, hopping over each blue wave. When you reach the
    other side, use your stun gun to take care of the two remaining guards (watch
    for another Konoko wannabe). The next large cargo area will feature to lower
    area guards. Make use of running techniques to lessen their odds of victory.
    Use a Phase Projector or Stun Gun to take care of any armed threats on the
    second floor. Head up to the second floor. Talk to the scientist in the large
    door room on how to get out of the facility. Move to the third floor, and (2)
    Konoko wannabes will be attacking a scientist in his room. Engage them both,
    and take an ammo clip from the technician. Move to the fourth floor. Repeat the
    same strategy to the fifth floor. Check the large left room for a console
    panel. Use it, and some TCTF agents will arrive from the top floor. These
    agents are now your enemies. Exit the room, and engage one of them to fall off
    the railing. Move to the sixth floor. Take out the armed TCTF agent. You'll
    find one lone door on the top floor. Proceed in both of them. On the next
    floor, watch for an immediate rush of TCTF guys. Take them down, then use the
    console to deactivate the power grid - temporarily. Start sprinting on the pipe
    as usual, hopping over electrified rays.
       *Four TCTF agents will arrive on scene. Two of them chase Konoko on the pipe
        while another agent activates a large rotating fan. The fan sucks one of
        the poor guys into shreds. Konoko manages to grab on to one of the
        railings, and guides herself to safety. She escapes the facility. Griffin
        is disappointed and declares Konoko a rogue. She is now a Class B threat.*
    /Chapter 09 - Truth and Consequences/
           Module: Regional State Building
       Difficulty: ***
       Objectives: + Access the interior Command Center
                   + Find unlocking consoles for the Roof
                   + Find the hacker
       *Griffin knows that Konoko wants to know more about her background. The only
        place she can gain access is via the local state files building. Griffin
        plans an ambush at this location since Konoko will most likely go there.
        Konoko arrives on scene to notice that two security guards are down.
        Reinforcements arrive on scene believing she killed the two guards. She
        fights back like the eye of a tiger.*
    - Both of these security guards are primitive humans. Disarm the one guard,
    then take them both down using advanced moves. Grab the Pistol and reload it
    with the ballistic ammo clip. Move through the right door, then cut a left into
    the main lobby. Four guards will arrive on scene, and this area looks a lot
    like the place from the Matrix. Anyhow, use your pistol ammo to down the armed
    TCTF guard, then focus on eliminating the security guards. Enter a room
    opposite of you, and look for a white-suited clerk. He'll spill his guts
    claiming that the Command Center is the only location where the files could be.
    Move in this room, and you'll find a console as well. Use it to unlock a door.
    Backtrack to the first entry room you were in. Go up the stairs to the second
    floor now. Enter the right door.
    - This next area will have roughly (6) TCTF agents to deal with. Use an
    assortment of arms and martial arts to down them. Enter the middle right room
    on this floor, and look for a console. Use it to unlock the third level floors.
    Backtrack to the entry room and rise to the top floor. Move in. The three
    consoles to reach the roof are located in the middle right, middle left, and
    top central rooms. They're clearly marked, but you'll have lethal threats in
    each room. There are usually 2-3 guards protecting each console. Watch for a
    Mercury Bow sniper to pelt through the roof. Be quick when accessing the top
    central panel. Use either side hall to advance to the roof via the access
    stairwells. Take out the sniper on the roof, and hold onto his Mercury Bow from
    now on.	Enter through the central door where the command console computers are.
    Use the Mercury Bow on the lone guard. Use the computer to unlock the basement
    doors. Backtrack to the entry room where you first started. Go onto the first
    floor, and enter the main lobby. Watch for Black Ops troopers to drop down from
    the roof or pop in. Down them, then enter either unlocked side door (they have
    ladder diagram emblems on them).
    - You'll now have a problem. There are patrolling lasers to your left and
    right. Try sprinting past the lasers to the door and rush in before the
    sentries can gun you down. You can attempt to evade them, but it's not worth
    the trouble. Move into one of the unlocked interior rooms. Take out the (2)
    Black Ops, then go to the yellow-marked spot.
       *Konoko starts to access her life-long files stacked away in the archives.
        Before she can, a hacker steals the data and logs her off the terminal. She
        must track down the hacker and make him hack for good.*
    - Before leaving this room, check the wall for a now-activateable console. Use
    it, then head out to the hall where the two unlocked doors are. This giant room
    is basically a stairwell, head up and eliminate both Black Ops guards. Once you
    reach the next area, lasers will start rotating from point to point. As before,
    if you run over them, plasma sentries will be activates. Either sprint through
    and avoid the shots, or avoid the lasers. When you reach the opposite area,
    you'll be in a small stairwell. Head up. Cross the next set of lasers, and
    enter the unlocked door.
       *Konoko greets the mysterious hacker with fists of fury. The hacker ninja
        decides to escape by crashing through the window.*
    - Follow the hacker, and hop over the gap in the roofs to make sure you reach
    the physical rooftop. Sprint down to the left and suddenly two of his Ninja
    Guards will interact. These men are formidable foes as they're quick, agile,
    and flexible. They lack with a small life bar, but are dangerous foes. To deal
    with them, use your punches more often, and focus on a slide attack or moving
    grapple. Basic combos work quite well, but avoid repeated jump kicks are
    sweeps. These guys seem to have counters for each of them. I found it best to
    get close where they could not be as mobile. Use stomps to deplete their health
    bar when they're down. Once they're both down, move to the yellow spot.
       *Konoko will hop up to where the hacker is. He hops onto a zipline and
        escapes. His assisting guard does the same but Konoko hitches a ride on him
        following the hacker's position.*
    /Chapter 10 - Cat and Mouse/
           Module: Rooftops
       Difficulty: *****
       Objectives: + Track down Mukade
                   + Kill Mukade
       *Konoko and the Ninja Guard will land on a rooftop. It's nukem time!*
    - Fight off the lone Ninja Guard using what you learned before. Go down to the
    left, and drop down. Sprint forward strafing as a Mercury Bow sniper will pelt
    shots at your position. There will be a Ninja Guard trailing you from the rear,
    but focus on disarming the dangerous sniper. Fight them both using the fiery
    uppercut and swirl kick. Take the Mercury Bow in case you find ammo clips. Hop
    across the two chasyms to prevent dying from a long fall. Once you're on top of
    the elevator, do a long jump to the other side. Engage the two ground level
    foes, and go up the stairs. Take out the ranged ninja guard using your own
    weapon or an assortment of agile techniques. Continue forward across the
    rooftops, and three enemies will be waiting for you. Try to disarm the plasma
    rifle so you can use it against your Konoko wannabe. Otherwise, you'll have to
    waste some health dealing with the threats on ground level. Make use of the
    fiery uppercut and some sprint grapples for easy takedowns. Hop over to the
    next roof when you're finished at this location.
    - Again, two guards will be there to greet you. They're basic enemies, so use
    basic combos. Look in the upper left corner for adjunct roof to hop onto. Do
    so, then curl around the corner. Two ninja guards will be around the corner,
    and extremely dangerous. Focus on the blue one with the stun gun, and try to
    use it against them if possible. The Scram Gun does very little damage in this
    situation. Head into the green door elevator. Konoko says that she knows the
    ninja quite well.
    - When you first start out, go left and up the stairs. Take care of the Konoko
    wannabe by launching her off the railing. Grab her weapon, then sprint jump
    over to the other roof from this heightened position. From there, drop down and
    take out the armed man with the Screaming Cannon. Wield it against the gunner
    and Ninja Guard that drops down. With both men down, use the stairs to reach
    the top, then sprint jump to the new roof. Move ahead, and there will be gaps
    in this roofing ventilation area. Jump sprint jump across each large gap. It's
    easier to do than attempting to jump to each side segment and short hop to the
    other side. When you reach the far end, use the Screaming Cannon on the guard
    above you. Look across the pit for a small stairwell. Hop to it, then proceed
    up it. When you reach the top, curl around the left, and drop down on the guy
    crouching in the corner. Cut a right in towards the interior of this segway.
    You should see TV screens channeling in the distance. Go down this path, but
    watch for an immediate rush of guards. Try using the Scream Cannon to get a
    good laugh.
    - Cut a left at the end of the hall, and watch for a Kevlar guard stationed
    around the corner. Look for some stairs, and take them up. When you reach the
    top, (2) Ninja Guards will try to interfere. Scream them down, or grapple them
    off the edge. Hop where the hypo spray is elevated, then jump again to the
    yellow marked spot. Pick up the zipline, and drop down to the zipeline where
    the Master Ninja just retreated from.
       *Konoko will zip to the other side.*
    - Once there, rush ahead. Two more Ninjas will greet you. You know what to do.
    Scream them down, or slide them off the edge. Move up the mini-stairs, and hop
    across. Now, jump flip to reach the highest peak on each of these segments.
    Keep jumping till you reach a level floor. This next battle will be tough as
    three foes are ready to greet you. Watch for the ultra Konoko wannabe, and the
    armed guards. Fire a scream to down their damage while you combat them. Go down
    the stairs to your left. You should be on a circling path now. Knock most
    guards off the edge if possible, and try to disarm the Mercury sniper quickly
    (otherwise he will knock you off). One more Konoko wannabe and a force field
    powerup should be right before the lair door. Head into the door.
       *Konoko finally hunts Mukade down to an isolated position. He claims that
        they're both of the same build, but she dismisses him as a mere thug.
        Anyhow, it's time you just downed this cybernetic mess.*
    - Mukade is very similar to the Ninja Guards in technique, except slower, but
    with special abilities. Basically, he has quick agile attacks, a leech "cell"
    attack, and teleportation abilities. The best strategy to defeat him is the use
    of grapples. You will never get a chance to stomp on Mukade, so don't even try.
    Try to push him into a corner if possible, or do enough damage so he teleports
    on one of the top ramps. If he goes invisible, look for his bold outline. Jam
    him into the corner and keep laying down combos finishing with grapples.
    Everytime he attempts to teleport out, he'll get jammed into one of your
    grapple moves. Really, this battle is not that enduring.
       *Mukade falls crippled on the ground with a data disc falling out of his
        pocket. Konoko knows that he and herself both feel the same feelings, but
        she's not sure why. She knows that she is nothing like this corrupt ninja
        and snaps his neck with her boot.*
    /Chapter 11 - Dream Diver/
           Module: Dr. Hasegawa's Lab
       Difficulty: ***
       Objectives: + Find out what's going on
       *Basically, we start off in Konoko's shelter where she inputs the data disc
        into her laptop. Apparently, Hasegawa was her father and an excellent
        scientist. He fell in love with one of his students (can't blame him, a
        blonde) and they ended up joining the resistance against the government's
        plans to renovate the planet. They snuck into one of the secret facilities,
        and his love got an infected cut inside the facility. She ended up dying.
        Hasegawa vowed revenge, and his lover's brother was going to help him as
        well. Suddenly, Konoko is startled as Muro is standing over her. She must
        be dreaming...I hope.*
    - Start off by moving towards Muro. The room will shift into a small dark
    cubicle. You'll have to fight off Muro with no powerups. Basically, he'll use
    an assortment of moves similar to yours with a leg twister grapple. Try using
    basic combos on weakening him. Once his health bar is in the yellow region,
    he'll block less and the battle becomes much easier. Simply focus on laying
    powerful blows and continue doing grapples. Add in a few stomps until he
    eradicates into nothing. The room will morph back to normal. Cut a right down
    the hall. Two guards will disappear as ghosts. Move a tad further, and
    Shinatama will tell you to follow her. Watch for some midget Kevlar guards to
    appear. Use the stomp attack or leg sweep to kill them. Cut a left into the
    hallway. Go up the yellow stairs, and two invisible ninjas are ready to greet
    you. It can be difficult, but special moves are the only way to victory. Use
    the swirl kick, then some grapples. Pick up the dropped hypo. Move through the
    next door, and continue ahead until you find (2) Konoko wannabes. Use power
    grapples and your strength should prove to be the riding strength. Move ahead
    yet again.
       *Suddenly, Griffin appears out of nowhere. He claims that he was just a pawn
        forced to follow orders. You claim he betrayed you.*
    - Disarm Griffin of his stun gun. Some TCTF agents will assist him. I mainly
    use rear kicks to knock each man to the ground. Pick up the Stun Gun, and focus
    on taking out the grapple hungry TCTF agents. Griffin just has some quick
    combos, but really loves his stun gun. Once they're down, pick up the hypos and
    check the corner for two blue doors. Move through, and some shock traps will be
    waiting for you. Take care of the ninja guard, but avoid the lasers. Move
    ahead, and you'll see Shinatama floating past you in the air. Is this like some
    sort of freak circus or something?
       *In the next room, you see a mirror image of yourself. The mirror image
        claims you to be a former murdered, and someone from a ward. You were
        signed up as a TCTF pawn. Whatever.*
    - Fighting yourself isn't that challenging. Start off by charging forth and
    using primary grapples. Your mirror image is quite exposed when downed, so make
    use of stomps and leg sweeps. Try to overhype yourself to get supercharged
    punches, and roll out of the way of the powerful leg kicks your mirror image
    provides. After killing your mirror image, you will awake to find out it was
    just a dream.
    /Chapter 12 - Sins of the Father/
           Module: TCTF Science Prison #112
       Difficulty: ****
       Objectives: + Find Dr. Kerr
                   + Activate the 3 Door Locks
                   + Reach the Bio-Matter Disposal Vats
       *One of the security guards at a science facility let's the other one in.
        Konoko manages to sneak by while they're distracted - undetected.*
    - It works best to not get detected for this first portion of the level. If you
    do get detected, you will practically get killed by several mercury lasers
    instantly. Getting past the lasers is a fair task. Hold down Shift to crouch
    but look at where the laser mounts are so you can trace the base positions of
    each laser. Crawl under the vertical scaling beams, and hop over the semi-arc
    ones that rotate from point to point. Do this three more times until you reach
    the door. Move on through.
    - You'll be in a minor office complex. Engage the guard to your right, and
    prevent him from reaching the nearby alarm console. Watch out for two more TCTF
    agents to assist him. Whatever you do, prevent them from sounding the alarm,
    otherwise it's like Nam' all over again. Once they're down, head down one
    flight of stairs, then move in the large red door. Use the console to unlock
    the doors near the alarm console. Head up there and proceed through them. If
    the patrolling guard sees you and retreats, hunt him down, and follow him down
    a floor. Don't let him interact the console. If you look along the wall, you
    should see a large blue door. Move in and use the console. Backtrack to one
    floor above the alarm console and go through these unlocked doors.
    - You'll have some tougher opponents to deal with, specifically Black Ops.
    Focus on nailing the heavy armored ones with your Pistol, and relay the rest
    with aerial assault techniques. There's no alarm console in this third room, so
    fight them off. On the top level, move right of the lasers and look for a door.
    Head into it.
       *Kerr is somewhat surprised to see you. Before he can actually help you, he
        needs (3) Power Generators activated so he may utilize his equipment.*
    - He'll also give you a much-needed Hypo Spray.	Use the console in his room to
    open the door protected by lasers. Go through this door now that the lasers are
    gone as well. Cut a left, and there should be a very long hallway. Move
    slightly down, and cut a right down the stairs. Take out this lone TCTF guard.
    Then, engage the (2) remaining guards with your Pistol. Once they're downed,
    salvage any new weapons, and proceed down the narrow abyss. You will find a
    second inlet stairwell. Go down and it take care of the two basic TCTF guards.
    Move into the room at the end of this junction and talk to one of the male
    scientists for a hypo. You will also find a control panel that disables one of
    three locks on the main door. You should also find a new door in this room. Go
    through it, and take out the armed guard on the other side. Now, run down to
    the next door to your left on this ground level. There's an invisicloak about
    halfway down along the right wall. Consoles #2 & #3 are in each of the two
    remaining lab rooms. There should be no threats in these rooms, and plenty of
    helpful scientists handing out all sorts of samples. Once you're ready to go,
    and all three locks have been unlocked, head to the main door.
       *Kerr will end up hooking you into an analysis machine to see what's going
        on. You seem to be alright. Kerr basically spills his guts. He and Hasegawa
        (Konoko's father) joined the Syndicate as they needed a source to fund
        their research on how to backfire the poison being released by the
        government on Planet Earth. They ended up developing a project called the
        Chrysalis, which would sort of cure any damaged systems in a human body.
        They managed to implement (2) Chrysalis units into two prototypes, you and
        your brother. You end up finding out that your true brother is Muro, the
        evil villain all along. One day, the TCTF raided the Syndicate's labs, and
        Kerr took you to the TCTF for protection. Meanwhile, Muro and your father
        stayed with the Syndicate. You turned out to be molded in a protector of
        good, while the influences of the Syndicate molded Muro's character into an
        evil person. Both you and Muro possess excremental powers. Originally, Kerr
        and your father wanted to take the Chrysalis out of both you and Muro once
        the experiment was done. However, both the TCTF (Griffin forced it) &
        Syndicate wanted the Chrysalis units molded permanently. They were hoping
        both of you would turn into finely tuned weapons. Nonetheless, the
        Syndicate and Griffin both had evil intentions. Suddenly, a Black Ops Guard
        pierces the perimeter and Kerr jumps in front of a Mercury round to save
        your life. Konoko looks pissed.*
    - Jump kick the Black Ops guard to disarm him, then finish him off with your
    current weapon. Grab the Mercury Bow for reference sake. Before leaving,
    interact the console near the command stand to unlock a door. Exit via the
    right door, and go down this hall to the unlocked door. There will be lots of
    Black Ops officers if you do not. Move ahead, and be sure to pick off the armed
    men. You will find a console that unlocks a nearby door. There's also one that
    provides theory-based info on the Chrysalis. Head through the unlocked door,
    and you'll be in an odd hall with lasers. Pass through the lasers by jog
    jumping, and then either rolling/ducking on the vertical passing trips. Once
    you get past the first half, you'll have a total of (4) Black Ops to deal with.
    I found it best to expend any remaining ammo in the Mercury Bow. Drop it, then
    charge at the Screaming Cannon operator. Disarm him, and wield the weapon
    against the force field warriors. Move through the door after the second group
    pops out. Drop down once the area is clear, and you'll find a lone guard just
    before the acid vats. In this next room, use the Superball Gun against the
    other Superball wielder. Don't worry about the harmless engineers as they'll
    get blown to pieces by debris. You now have to weave and arm three controls for
    the crane. The first one is on the left. Go right, then left, and repeat this
    swirl pattern from side adjunct to side adjunct. You'll have a few basic Black
    Ops to deal with, but nothing too extensive. Once you reach the third control,
    the movie will execute automatically.
       *Konoko hops onto the crane and avoids the slicing dicers. She dives into
        a giant vat of acid, and escapes via the sewage route. The TCTF Officers
        believe she killed herself, and report the target terminated.*
    /Chapter 13 - Phoenix Rising/
           Module: TCTF Headquarters
       Difficulty: *****
       Objectives: + Hunt down Griffin
                   + Disable the TCTF HQ Defenses
                   + Unlock the Omega Vault
                   + Destroy Shinatama
                   + Kill Griffin or walk away
       *We're presented with Griffin talking to one of his top scientists. They
        have not received a signal over the past two days, and believe Konoko is
        dead. Griffin tends to differ. Just as the scientist leaves, Konoko crashes
        into Griffin's office. Before she can get answers, he triggers his desk to
        drop off to the ground floor.*
    - Exit Griffin's room and cut a right. You should see some lasers down the
    hall. Go into the small security room and dispose of the (2) TCTF agents.
    Interact the console to disable the security systems. Head to the center of the
    previous room, and take care of the (2) TCTF Guards that rush out of the small
    monitoring room. Now, go into the room where they just came from. Use the
    console to unlock one door on this floor. Head to the room opposite of this
    one. Talk to the scientist. Apparently, Griffin did something to "somebody" to
    use against you. Activate this console as well. Look on this floor for a door
    with a yellow semi-circle and two bars. Enter it. Talk to the scientist.
    Everyone at the TCTF thinks you betrayed Griffin. You'll snatch the items off
    of him. Now, look for a red symbol door on this floor, and go through it.
    You'll find two armed guards to take down. Avoid shooting the welder as he'll
    give you a hypo if he lives. Head down the stairs near the rear wall. Be
    careful not to trip the wires, otherwise you'll signal an infinite ammo turret
    to start firing. Engage the armed guards near this room, then exit, and head
    across the transplatform.
    - Go down the set of stairs in the diagonal room, and avoid the lasers by
    hopping in the middle as they split. Take out the armed guard, and again, cross
    over. Do this two more times till you get to the bottom level. Head through the
    door on the base floor for another gray set of stairs. Go down.	When you reach
    the next room, some lasers will scroll around the hall. Avoid them, and head
    into the first door to your left. Take care of the (2) TCTF agents first and
    foremost. Talk to the female scientist afterwards. She will disable the first
    substation after a brief discussion. Head back out, and go down one floor.
    Continue down the floors, but check each room for enemies, powerups, or
    civilians with items. You'll eventually find the second console to deactivate
    substation #2. Keep going down, and search for the third control panel.	It
    should be past several lasers. Deactivate it.
    - With all systems down, proceed to the very bottom floor, and go through the
    green door. Continue down the stairs till you run into (3) Black Ops. Use any
    available weapons to down the threats, then use sliding and aerial grapping
    moves. Go into the door next to this one and take out the security officer.
    Grab his gun. Go down the hall, cut a right, and activate the blue console.
    Now, go through the door and move down one flight of stairs. This next floor
    will be infested with TCTF troops. Your primary concern should be with downing
    the heavily armed troopers, preferably using your own weapon. Make your way to
    the upper left room, and activate the console to unlock one of three keys. Go
    back to the stairwell, and proceed down another flight.	The floor will have the
    same gameplan. Clear out the initial grouping of enemies, and check the upper
    left room for unlock #2. Head down another flight of stairs. You will only find
    (2) TCTF agents in the last upper left room on this third floor down. Once it
    has been activated, the third unlock should permit access. Backtrack to the
    stairwell. Watch for a quick ambush of (2) TCTF Guards. Head into the red
    nuclear sign door and continue down.
       *Griffin says that he was prepared for your arrival all this time. Because
        of this, he has rewired Shinatama as an Evil Brain. That sick son of a
    - If you remember the Evil Brain from the earlier stages, it basically works
    the same way. Start off by rushing to the right console as soon as the three
    horizontal lasers move away from you. Watch for the vertical catching beam as
    well. Once this console is activated, stay here. You'll have to jump to each of
    the remaining platforms by getting closer to the core central (the space
    between the exterior edges is too far to jump). Long jump ensuring to avoid the
    lasers, and activate the console. Do this for all remaining stations to defeat
    Level 1 Security Mode. Level 2 Security Mode involves the same idea, except the
    three horizontal lasers move faster. There are also a few vertical lasers
    tossed in that overlap where you'd normally press the buttons. You have to time
    your interaction with the consoles after the vertical laser appears off of the
    console. Do this again to defeat Level 2. Level 3 basically have vertical beams
    with small spaces at the edge of each quarter platform. Five to six low
    rotating beams hover near the ground level. If you find the lasers too tough to
    pass, there's an alternate strategy. I had maxed hypo sprays since there were
    tons of powerups previously. Simply sprint through and start injecting hypos as
    soon as you take damage. Activate each console as the turrets and Scream
    Cannons fire. You can activate all four before dying, and you should be able to
    retain most of your health by using all six hypos.
       *With all three security modes disabled, Shinatama malfunctions. She now
        goes after Griffin. Griffin gives her one shot to the head, putting her
        down for the count. Oni ends up disarming Griffin and holds the gun to his
        head. The choice is up to you. Kill Griffin, or let him live.*
    - The best choice is to let him live. You'd wonder why you came all this way
    just to meet Griffin. Most people would kill him, but this makes the game
    tougher later on (you have to face a tougher boss). The developers also gave
    you a hint (press F1, and they say that mercy gives the best strength). Simply
    walk away.
       *Konoko scorches Griffin for being a coward. She claims that she never
        became the monster he thought she would be.*
    /Chapter 14 - Dawn of the Chrysalis/
           Module: Syndicate Mountain Compound
       Difficulty: ****
       Objectives: + Infiltrate Muro's Compound
                   + Access the Computer Core
                   + Overload the Generator
                   + Fight Muro
       *Konoko manages to land in the Syndicate's compound. She is ready to
        seek vengeance towards Muro.*
    - Start off by sneaking right past the guard tower. There's a Mercury Bow
    Sniper up there, so it's best to zig zag when he has an angled shot on you.
    Take the Hypo Spray behind the tower, then rush across the black-colored
    pavement. You're going to end up facing (3) Syndicate Heavy Guards. Try to
    disarm one of them with the gun, and focus on avoiding the cannonball rolls.
    Use blocking to help defend against their powerful attacks. Rush past the first
    transport helicopter and continue down this landing location. Head diagonally
    right past a few more hangars and you'll see a building in the distance. Before
    heading where the two guards are standing near the door, go right. Kill the
    Heavy Guard, then look on top of the brown boxes for a Superball Gun and Phase
    Projector. Take either weapon you prefer. Head towards the doorway where the
    two guards are and blast them down. Head inside. When you reach the room with a
    red console, don't touch it no matter what. It's an alarm console, and will
    trigger 3 Guards if you do. If you go right, you'll find a hypo behind one of
    the tall columns. Go back out, then take the left door.
    - This next area will have lasers on both halls, with two patrolling guards. I
    recommend luring the guards out to where you can fight them in open space.
    Avoid the first set of lasers by jumping and rolling in mid-air. Enter the
    first room. The scientist says you can take anything you wish. Pick up the
    powerups, then avoid the second set of lasers the same way. The second room has
    a data console with some information. Finally, take the last unlocked door
    against the right wall to exit this area.
    - This next part can be tricky. There are (3) normal Kelvar Guards down the
    left hall, with one armed red guard down the right hall. Try luring them into a
    group so you can nail a Superball shot on them. Take the right door, and
    proceed through the appropriate door on this ledge. You'll encounter (3) more
    tangos to deal with. Do not fall to the center room, but feel free to knock
    your opponents down there for easy kills. You'll eventually find a right open
    door. Proceed through it, and launch an explosive round at the two guards in
    the lab room. Use the console in this room to unlock a nearby door. You'll find
    a hypo spray on top of one of the ventilation boxes in this room. Triggering
    the console causes a Mercury Bow guard to pop out. Backtrack from your current
    room to the first hall you encountered. Rush down here, and charge grapple the
    Mercury Bow guard. Kill him, then hold onto this Mercury Bow for pretty much
    the rest of the level. You should have a few ammo clips for it by now. The door
    you need to enter is right by the guard against the left wall. Head in, and
    again, engage (2) Heavy Guards. Take them down, and talk to the scientists for
    free hypos. Use the console against the wall. Exit the room.
       *An armored truck has arrived on the scene. Konoko wants to hijack it for
        her own personal joy. Right on, woman.*
    - Turn to your right and move to the beginning of the hall. A recently unlocked
    door should be there. Go down it, and take out the guard on the stairwell.
    You'll find an Phase Cloak at the bottom of the stairs. Use it, then go through
    the door. You'll run into an ambush of 3-4 men to deal with. Keep your eyes on
    where the engineer goes. He has the truck keys and must be killed. Deal with
    the threats, then grab the truck keys off of his dead body. Go near the armored
    truck on the ground floor.
       *Konoko takes control of the truck and careens through the armored door.
        She now has access to the interior of the base.*
    - Proceed up the stairs in front of you. Take out the Konoko wannabe, and
    prevent her from Screaming you to death with that lethal weapon. Keep going up
    the stairs until a red Heavy Guard pops out. Toss him off the stairwell, then
    head through the door he just came out. Pull out your Mercury Bow and pick off
    the topside guard. Cut a left at the intersection and go through the door.
    Check the console out. It describes the plans of the Syndicate, but we still do
    not know why they're hijacking only the atmospheric processors. Exit the room,
    and head in the opposite direction until you meet a single door just like it.
    Head in, talk to the scientist, then use the console to unlock most of the
    doors. Exit this labyrinth, and go back to the stairwell. Head up one flight of
    stairs, then re-enter the complex. On this top floor, head along the left side,
    and enter the single door room. Kill the lone Heavy guard, then read the
       *Apparently, Konoko believes Muro is trying to reverse the process on the
        atmospheric processors, which will cause poison to spew into the air. He's
        trying to kill everyone.*
    - Exit out, and head to the opposite door. Talk to the scientist for a hypo. Go
    back to the stairwell, and head down to the ground level doors. Head on in.
    Disable any patrolling guards, then check the left room for a console. Use it.
       *Konoko has figured out the plan. Muro wants to poison everything in the
        atmosphere so everyone across the world will want Chrysalis implants.
        Chrysalis implants will help regenerate any damage taken from poison in the
        air, and hence, everyone will rush to his necessary implant. By implanting
        these devices into humans, he will manage control over an entire army.*
    - Leave the room, and three Heavy Guards will rush out of a lower chamber. Drop
    to ground level, and expend all remaining Mercury ammo on the guards. Kill
    them, and pick up ammo clips if possible. Still, hold on to your Mercury Bow.
    Head through the door they came out of. You'll have one guard on this square
    pathway to deal with. Head around to the other side, then proceed up the
    stairs. Watch for the pistol-armed guard. On the second floor, try to toss the
    force field ninja off the edge. Repeat this two more times, go up alternating
    stairs. Knocking your opponents to their death is the easiest strategy past
    this part. When you reach the yellow construction bars at the top, jump to the
    center platform, then hop over to the nearby computer. Kill the Static thug,
    then use the computer.
       *Konoko manages to input a command and alter the settings causing the
        system to practically overhaul every atmospheric processor on network.
        Muro's evil plan to disrupt the world is ruined. However, he still lives.*
    - Hop onto the center platform again.
       *Konoko criticized her brother for following the wrong path. He curses her
        for coming here alone. If you chose to spare Griffin's life, then Griffin
        will come in support of you via an attack helicopter. He claims Muro is
        under arrest. If you did not save him, then Griffin will be dead and not
    - Fighting Muro is not as challenging as it seems, although you'd probably have
    to worry more about his minions. If you still have that Mercury Bow, use the
    remaining rounds on the (2) Konoko wannabes and the (2) Heavy Guards. After the
    (2) Konoko wannabes are killed, watch for the (2) Heavy Guards to ambush.
    Muro's techniques involve a few aerial kick moves, fast agile Hypo power, and
    obvious spin kicks/attacks. He does not use grapples as often as he did during
    Konoko's dream. I simply used kick and punching combos to get close. Once you
    injured him to the orange status, he hardly blocks. Start doing grapple moves
    at this point to really lower his health bar. Mercury Bow rounds do not work on
    him as he has a permanent force field. Try to keep Griffin alive as he's a
    useful comrade during the fight. Let Griffin distract him while you punch your
    brother in the back of the head. Muro will go down quite easily.
       *Just as you thought you saved the world, the overload inputted by Konoko
        on the generator caused a majority of the atmospheric processors to
        explode. Several of these explosions caused mass deaths across the world.
        She hoped that people would realize her father's work of preventing
        pollution was the right way to go. The work of the Chrysalis, despite being
        a partial overpowering of the being, could be the source in saving lives in
        the future. Nonetheless, she knows Earth is doomed for constantly using
        toxins and not sparing the wrath of poisons on the planet.*
                  / ___/o          THE
    mrf           \__'o
                 /_|\\                END
                .'./\ \
               ',/  / /     - Cheat codes can now be used upon completing the game.
               ''-  ''-       Press F1 to access the diary, then type in the word
           ----------------   of the code.
    - 4) Special Moves    -
    The great thing about the Oni combat system is how it utilized fighting moves
    quite well, much like a traditional fighting game. Executing buttons in a
    certain order and combo can execute special moves. This section will briefly
    discuss the special moves available in Oni. Also note that you can check them
    out in your Diary (Press F1, hit the Moves tab).
    =? Escape Moves ?=
    Controls: Crouch + Direction
    - Escape moves are best used in situations when you're outnumbered, or facing
    an overpowering boss. They essentiall perform rolls, somersaults, or flip outs
    of a hairy situation. Avoid escaping into an enemy though, as it leaves you
    exposed to attacks.
    =? Jump Flip ?=
    Controls: Jump + Crouch
    - I love using this move. This not only allows you to get the highest jump
    possible in the game, but it also does damage to grounded opponents. Do this
    move all the time on downed opponents to get free damage without having to
    worry about a counter. It can also extend the range on your jump as the flip
    helps keep you in the air longer.
    =? Slide ?=
    Controls: (Tap) Forward + Crouch
    - The Slide, while rarely used, is perfect for disarming opponents. Your
    opponent must be on the ground. The Slide can also be used for sliding under
    laser beams or for knocking down groups of opponents.
    =? Throw ?=
    Controls: Forward + Punch/Kick
    - Throws are the primitive grapple moves in the game. These allow you to do
    enhanced damage to opponents by using momentum against themselves. You have to
    get close and press towards the enemy while pressing an attack button to
    perform different throws.
    =? Running Throw ?=
    Controls: (Tap) Forward + Kick
    - Indentical to a normal throw, except you perform this when running. Not much
    of a difference either.
    =? Sledgehammer Heel ?=
    Controls: Punch + Punch + Kick
    - This is practically one of the power kicks that Konoko possesses. I find
    these best to use on some of the tougher opponents you face, such as Heavy
    Guards or TCTF Agents. This leaves you exposed before you lay down the heel
    kick, so be prepared to take some punishment from agile attackers.
    =? Block ?=
    Controls: (Nothing)
    - Blocking is overrated in this game. You basically have to stand still without
    pressing any buttons or direction WHILE facing an opponent. You'll see blue
    starish dust rise whenever you block an attack. Blocking is great early on, but
    its usefulness tends to lower as more advanced enemies use grapples whenever
    you block, or have attacks that are unblockable. To be honest, I rarely block.
    =? Disarm ?=
    Controls: Forward + Punch
    - Disarming is sort of a useless technique as it isn't the quickest way to
    disarm an opponent. This is similar to a grapple throw, except you gain control
    of the weapon. For a quicker method, simply jump kick an opponent to disarm
    them ASAP.
    =? Backbreaker ?=
    Controls: Forward + Kick (behind enemy)
    - This practically a grapple move from the rear that does enhanced damage. Get
    an opponent to face their back to you, then perform a normal grapple move. The
    enhanced damage is nice (along with the crackling of the back), but it's just
    tossed in the game for cosmetic effects.
    =? Triple-Hit Haymaker ?=
    Controls: Punch + Punch + Punch
    - Again, this is a power punch best reserved for heavy armor guards. The
    Haymaker is sort of like a wound-up uppercut that finishes the punching combo.
    Not as useful since punches are best reserved as countering enemy attacks, or
    interrupting powerful attacks.
    =? Spinning Sidekick ?=
    Controls: Kick + Kick + Kick
    - This is a useful kick, although I tend to find that it misses quite a bit
    later in the game. Performs a basic spinning kick that aims for the head. If an
    opponent ducks, you'll miss entirely with it.
    =? Willow Kick ?=
    Controls: Backwards then Forward + Kick
    - This move rocks on later in the game as you're basically shifting your
    momentum into the base of your foot. Great for knocking down opponents for
    increased damage over the traditional jump kick. May take some time to get use
    to performing, but worth learning.
    =? Crescent Moon Kick ?=
    Controls: Kick + Kick then Forward + Kick
    - Similar to the Willow Kick, except combined in a combo. The advantage of this
    move is that the flip performed by Konoko causes opponents to fly into the air.
    These flailing bodies can essentially land on nearby enemies, causing them to
    get knockdowned. It's quite an innovative technique, but takes too long to
    perform on the battlefield.
    =? Devil Spin Kick ?=
    Controls: Crouch then (let off) + Kick
    - This is the perfect spin kick if you're recovering from a blow. The Devil
    Spin Kick is pretty much like the Tornado Kick from the Double Dragon games. It
    will blast away all opponents surrounding Konoko's spot instantly. Some Hypo
    damage is included as energy swirls around as you perform the move.
    =? Running Lariat ?=
    Controls: (Tap) Forward + Punch
    - This is my favorite grapple move in the game. Konoko basically grabs a hold
    of the neck of your opponent, swirls around causing a "crack" sound, while
    doing kick damage on the swirlaround. It's perfect to attempt on patrolling
    guards (from the rear or front), and just feels good to do. This is the best
    special move in the game if you ask me.
    =? Rising Fury Punch ?=
    Controls: Crouch then (let off) + Punch
    - Pretty much the same as the Devil Spin Kick, except with a furious uppercut.
    You may notice that your enemies fly into the air similar to the Crescent Moon
    Kick, causing damage to surrounding opponents.
    =? Twister Kick ?=
    Controls: Left/Right then Forward + Kick
    - This is very similar to the Devil Spin Kick except Konoko performs an aerial
    maneuver allowing her to avoid enemy attacks temporarily. It's a solid
    technique and useful move against Ninja Guards later on in the game, but you'll
    rarely remember to use it.
    =? Stepping Disarm ?=
    Controls: Forward + Kick
    - Just another form of disarming an opponent while doing grapple damage. I
    personally dislike the disarm moves since jump kicking is just a more efficient
    - 5) Weapons & Items    -
    Throughout the adventure of Oni, weapons and items will prove to be key
    lifesavers in Konoko's life. Using these items to the utmost advantage will
    prove victory, defeat, or just pure humiliation. This section will describe the
    items with ratings.
    -> Campbell Equalizer Mk4
    Ammo: Ballistic
    Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
    "The Equalizer is the standard issue TCTF sidearm. It has undergone a number of
    refinements since the original model appeared during the World Coalition
    Government's rise to power."
       = The basic pistol of any force, the Campbell is a moderate weapon I'd
         recommend to use if you're simply out of weapons. It just does not do
         enough damage, and the recoil is quite powerful for a small secondary
         sidearm. It takes roughly 5 bullets to down an opponent, and missing once
         means you wasted an entire clip.
       - RATING: **
    -> SML3 Plasma Rifle
    Ammo: Energy Cells
    Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
    "The SML3 Plasma Rifles fires bursts of superheated plasma encased in 1.2 kT
    magnetic field which explode on impact."
       = This has to be one of the best energy weapons you can acquire for most
         of the game. The Plasma Rifle has extreme range, the projectiles move at a
         fast pace, and does decently good damage. It can take anywhere from 3-5
         cells to down an opponent, however, it is an efficient weapon in just
         about any situation.
       - RATING: ****
    -> Hughes Black Adder SMG
    Ammo: Ballistic
    Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
    "Manufactured around the world in dozens of illegal factories, the Black Adder
    SMG is the weapon of choice for violent criminals, terrorists, and Syndicate
    assault troops."
       = Granted, the SMG is a weapon capable of handling close encounters. Still,
         it's nowhere near the competitive abilities of modern advancements. The
         spread on the bullets in automatic fire is horrendous, and this is limited
         to close encounters. It takes nearly half a clip to down an opponent, and
         just is not worth the waste of ammo.
       - RATING: *
    -> Scram Cannon
    Ammo: Ballistic
    Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds
    "The Scram Cannon is the most indiscriminate weapon of terror in the
    Syndicate's arsenal! It's homing-missile swarms "scramble" toward targets
    moments after launch."
       = This is certainly one of the more odd weapons. After firing the weapon,
         eight little hornet seekers look for the closest target and zoom towards
         it. If all eight manage to connect, a miniature explosion occurs rendering
         the target dead. This is very similar to the Needler (included in Bungie's
         future release of Halo). This weapon works best when fired at a target
         from a long range (all seekers will quickly zoom on the target) or from a
         VERY short range (before the seekers can lock, they'll hit the closest
         straight-ahead target). Either way, it's a decent weapon to use
       - RATING: ***
    -> Wave Motion Cannon
    Ammo: Unknown
    Magazine Capacity: Unknown
    "This massive weapons array has been under development by Syndicate scientists
    for some time. Normally vehicle mounted, it would require superhuman strength
    to lift or fire!"
       = Unfortunately, as cool as it would be to use this weapon at any point in
         the game, use is restricted to the two times you fight Barabas. The Wave
         Motion Cannon fires in one of two ways. A large laser beam fires after
         three seconds of charging in primary mode, or a grenade satchel fires in
         secondary mode. This gun is tremendous but so big that you walk as if you
         were crawling. It cannot be concealed either, meaning it must be dropped
         if you want to move at a normal pace. The best weapon in the game if not
         for the lack of mobility.
       - RATING: ****
    -> Van de Graaff Pistol
    Ammo: Energy Cells
    Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds
    "An extrapolation of fundamental electrical principles, the VDG Pistol is the
    ultimate stun gun. Each shot is high-voltage/low amperage, so it causes minimal
    physical harm."
       = This is practically a stun gun. Stun guns are useful for stunning bosses
         and tough enemies, but this weapon really sucks in group encounters. While
         there is spread on the stun gun's shots, you'll usually get knocked down
         before you can execute your wrath on a stunned opponent.
       - RATING: ***
    -> SBG Man-Portable Mortar
    Ammo: Ballistic
    Magazine Capacity: 4 rounds
    "Scatter-pack Ballistic Grenade Man-Portable Mortar is too much of a mouthful,
    so troops all over the world simply refer to this weapon as the Superball Gun!"
       = This weapon rocks, but does not hold enough ammo over the course of the
         game. The Superball Gun launches an explosive satchel that detonates if it
         hits nothing (after a few seconds), or explodes instantly upon hitting a
         target. Miniature grenades are released after exploding that do splash
         damage. The gun is rare during the game, but very useful for group
         encounters. Unfortunately, if used in close encounters, you will kill
       - RATING: ****
    -> Mercury Bow
    Ammo: Ballistic
    Magazine Capacity: 2 rounds
    "Unlike its low-tech namesakes, this "bow" fires a compressed silver of frozen
    mercury at ultra-high velocity. Damage comes both from the initial trauma of
    impact, and subsequent mercury poisoning."
       = The Mercury Bow is by far the best gun in the game. It acts like a
         railgun, doing instantaneous piercing damage. It has the farthest range of
         all weapons, and has the disadvantage of recharge time and low ammo
         capacity. Still, it can kill some of the most powerful enemies in the game
         with one shot.
       - RATING: *****
    -> Phase Stream Projector
    Ammo: Energy Cells
    Magazine Capacity: 300 units
    "This device is a miniaturized version of the vehicle-mounted phase projectors
    deployed during the Freedom Riots of 2012. It emits a continuous beam of energy
    that can stagger or topple enemies."
       = This is a decent weapon that fires out phase energy. The gun has an
         amazing capacity to hold plasma cells, and can be held down to fire a
         continuous stream or in little blasts. It actually hurts enemies quite
         well, but there are definitely better weapons out there.
       - RATING: ***
    -> Screaming Cannon
    Ammo: Energy Cells
    Magazine Capacity: 6 rounds
    "This weapon fires capsules that release a mysterious entity known as a
    Screaming Cell. These creatures seem to exist out of Earth phase, but feed on
    human lifeforce and are drawn to it when freed."
       = This is an odd weapon that can be useful (fairly rare), but it sort of
         backfires. When you fire a round, this floating cell basically looks for
         enemies to suck health from. If the enemies get close to you, then it will
         start to do damage to Konoko. It takes a good 10 seconds to kill
         efficiently, and you may get knocked down while its tracking towards a
       - RATING: ***
    ../Ballistic Ammo\..
    Purpose: Reload
    "Coordinating the arms of mercenary and corporate forces during the Great
    Uprising had WCG researchers scrambling to solve their logistical problems.
    Their solution was modular, generic casings and projectiles loaded with
    mission-specific ordinance payloads. "Blanks bullets" allowed modular
    components to adapt and reload any ballistic weapon on the battlefield."
       - Ballistic ammo is red-colored and useful in some of the most powerful
       weapons in the game.
    ../Energy Cell\..
    Purpose: Reload
    "Governments and markets welcome the emergence of the World Coalition
    Government, or were crushed beneath it. As hostilities subsided the WCG began
    to standardize "fundamental technical elements" across all market regions. The
    ubiquitous Energy Cell has replaced all other portable power sources."
       - Energy cell is blue-colored and useful in some of the more efficient
       weapons in the game.
    ../Hypo Spray\..
    Purpose: Replenish/Enhance
    "Hypo Sprays deliver stimulants, analgesics and active neuro-biological
    reinforcing elements through a sub-dermal injector. The solutin takes time to
    act on the body: further shocks while it is active reduce the Hypo's maximum
    healing potential. Even a few hits will cancel the effect altogether. Multiple
    Hypos can be activated at once to extend the maximum healing range."
       - Hypos can either heal your health bar, or give Konoko enhanced powers
       if her health bar is already full. Enhanced powers yield more powerful
       attacks and a glowing aura.
    ../Phase Cloak\..
    Purpose: Invisibility
    "The Phase Cloak agitates the user's molecules out of the visible light
    spectrum. The effect only lasts for 30 seconds: any longer and the user might
    suffer irreversible cellular damage. A weakness of the cloaking effect is that
    the wearer becomes visible for a moment during physical contact with non-phased
       - The Cloak is useful for making yourself invisible for a short amount of
       time. Try to get past groups of enemies without having to engage them. But
       where's the fun in that.
    ../Force Shield\..
    Purpose: Bullet Protection
    "The Force Shield surrounds the body of the wearer and absorbs the impact of
    any projectile that strikes it. The Shield can only absorb a limited amunt of
    punishment before it collapses; as it grows weaker its intensity fades."
       - The Force Shield protects you from weapon damage. The shield has a
       separate bar which will wear down from continuous damage. This ONLY protects
       from bullet damage, and not hand-to-hand combat.
    - 6) Codes                 -
    Oni is actually a very fun game if you enable a majority of the cheats and
    don't worry about all of the strategy involved in a third-person action game.
    However, there is a glaring difference between the PS2 & PC version that causes
    problems when entering cheats. You cannot use any of the cheat codes in the PC
    version until you have beat the game legit. The only way to use cheat codes
    before beating the game is via the use of a hex editor. I usually do not
    condone the use of file editing, but it's necessary for the PC version of Oni
    if you want to cheat before beating the game. The following section will go
    through the built-in cheats and developer mode of the game. I'd like to thank:
    - for providing these cheat codes.
         __= Enabling Cheats (before completing game) =__
         - Download a hex editor program. Go to Google and search for hex editor.
           Download any small one that works. Open the hex editor up, and go to
           the Oni game directory. The game's directory is C:\Program Files\Oni.
           Once there, open a file called "persist.dat"
           Click on the Search or Address tab in the Hex Editor program you
           downloaded, and look for the following address: $44
           It should highlight one cube in the data file. The cube should have
           either a 02 or 06 value. Type in 07 and press enter. Save the file.
         - You can now use any in-game button code before beating Oni.
       >>> The Actual Codes <<<
       Press F1 during the game to bring up the diary. Now, simply type in
       any of the following cheat words to get the designated effect. You will see
       a message saying "_____ Cheat has been enabled"
       shapeshift     = Press F8 to switch your character
       liveforever    = Invincibility
       touchofdeath   = One kit hills
       glassworld     = Breakable objects
       superammo      = Super ammo
       reservoirdogs  = AI characters will automatically fight each other
       roughjustice   = Gatling Guns mode
       chenille       = Doadan Power mode, constant increased damage
       behemoth       = Godzilla mode, you become a giant
       fistsoflegend  = Enter Fists of Legend mode, some cool martial arts
       carousel       = Slow motion
       munitionfrenzy = Receive a weapons locker
       thedayismine   = Enable Developer Mode ***
       *** - The dayismine code allows you to open up an array of functions.
             The functions are as follows:
             ~ - Opens the developer console menu, use this to input commands
             F9 - Record a movie demo
             F10 - Stop recording a movie demo
             F11 - Playback your recorded movie demo
             CTRL + SHIFT + s = Toggle off/on textures
             door_ignore_locks = 1 - Unlocks all doors
             chr_nocollision 1 - Let's you walk through walls
             chr_nocollision 0 - Disables walk through walls
    - 7) Common Questions      -
    )) Gameplay ((
    << What would you rate Oni? >>
    - I'd have to rate Oni a [7/10]. Oni is practically a third-person action game
    involving primary hand-to-hand combat with the use of items, guns, and
    interaction with the environment. For a product from Bungie, the entire theme
    and representation of futuristic combat is there. The interface fits perfectly
    to the theme of the game along with a neat fighting system. They try to place
    you in the role of a practical menace of a woman, capable of destroying even
    the toughest opponents. Despite being a 2001 release, the PC version works
    quite well. Controls fit perfectly to the entire keyboard and mouse theme,
    especially for a controller themed game. Graphically, the game works EXTREMELY
    well on some of the most primitive computers out there. The requirements are
    low, and there are plenty of 3D environments to rush around. The game tries to
    enforce a flashy anime sequence, but you only see a few Oni quality movies
    throughout the game. Really, there's nothing too bad about Oni, it just
    severely lacks in replay value. Aside from a practical 14 mission single-player
    mode, there is no multiplayer, and no ability to expand the gameplay. Bungie
    created a beautiful engine, a great storyline, and the game turns out to be
    nothing more than a weekend rental. The codes add tons of fun to the game, but
    most gamers will never play the game again after beating it.
    << Are there any other versions of Oni? >>
    - Yes, there is also a PS2 and MAC version (aside from the PC version). The PS2
    version received above average reviews. Graphically, the game is toned down a
    bit compared to the PC version. The PS2 controller makes it somewhat easier to
    perform combos and practical moves. Aside from that though, this was
    practically an individual project. Bungie tried to emulate an anime
    environment, and do not confuse this with some of the Oni games released over
    in Japan.
    << What are the key differences between the PC & PS2 version? >>
    - The only difference I know of is that you cannot use cheats before beating
    the game on the PC version, while you may use cheats on the PS2 version. The
    only way to enable cheats on the PC version pre-completion is with a hex
    editor, which can be a complex process for the average computer gamer. Perhaps
    Bungie did this for challenge sake, or a good laugh.
    << Is there a mod community for Oni? >>
    - Not really, although plenty of people have fiddled around with exploits and
    glitches. Bungie thought about making a dev tool for Oni, but a lot of the
    "expected" features were ripped out of the game. Try checking Bungie's site for
    tools. I know there's an included script editor (you can have the text on
    cutscenes change).
    << Where's the multiplayer? >>
    - Unfortunately, a ton of the fun features in Oni got ripped out a year or so
    before release. Multiplayer was originally scheduled in the game, but got
    canned due to ping issues. Dev tools were suppose to be included but got
    cancelled. The game was suppose to be more interactive, but just turned out to
    be a linear adventure.
    )) Troubleshooting ((
    << I'm getting an error when I try to play Oni on my computer? >>
    - Oni was originally made for Windows 98 back in the day. Bungie did not know,
    but there was an incompatibility error when playing on a Windows XP machine. To
    fix this, you need to download the Unofficial Oni Patch. Don't let the name
    fool you, this patch fixes everything. Go to oni.bungie.org and download the
    patch in their files section. If it still doesn't work, check Google and search
    for the Unofficial Oni Patch. There's another form of the patch that actually
    includes the patched file directly in the zip file. All you have to do is
    overwrite files from the patched zip into your directory, and you should be
    able to play error-free.
    - 8) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
    This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
    by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
    NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
    own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
    either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
    your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
    it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
    all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
    FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
    trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).
    Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms),
    however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    - http://www.ign.com/
    - http://www.neoseeker.com/
    - http://www.cheatcc.com/
    - http://www.cheatplanet.com/
    - 9) Proper Credit         -
    I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ
    )) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
    to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.
    )) Rootsecure.net (( for letting me use an excellent ASCII generator, which
    composed this typical-style art. Excellent.
    )) Bungie (( for creating a decent third-person action game, although it was no
    where near the perfection in the Halo series.
    )) Gamewinners.com (( for providing several console codes that help lengthen
    the gaming experience.
      "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
      "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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