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Tekken 3 is good but this is way better! 12/12/00 ATadeo
One of the greatest fighting games hits the PS2! 06/09/01 CyanShadow
A great fighting debut for the ps2 11/25/00 DKurtzberg
An amazingly nice twist to Tekken's lineup. 06/01/05 Dninex
It's the Ramblin' Rod show! 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
Eat your heart out Dead or Alive 2! 11/04/00 Emanex
Good game, but underneath the paint job, same ol thing.. 11/15/01 Funk Punk
As close to the arcade as you're gonna get... 05/05/01 KasketDarkfyre
The way to do an arcade-to-console port! 07/16/01 Larcen Tyler
Stunted Growth with kill this game! 07/17/01 Liontower
I've never touched a Tekken game in my life, and this had made me an addict. 04/18/01 Me-sama
Great if you played it, but not too much of it 01/30/01 Mr. T
Do we really need another Tekken?? 09/10/00 Neoboy259
Perfect. Namco has done it again. 06/11/01 Ninja99
Tekken, possibly one of the best 3d fighting games of all time. Tekken Tag Tournament adds a whole new perspective to this wonderful series. 10/28/00 Nonlamegamer
This is the best "Vs" game out there. The best Tekken yet, not to mention one of the best overall fighters ever made! 11/30/00 PWolfstien
Quite possibly the best PS2 launch title yet 10/28/00 roadkill
The best fighter I ever played. 06/25/01 Undertaker Powerbomb
Evolution is the word 10/08/15 videogamefiles
Makes Street Fighter look like Space Invaders! 09/30/01 Wild Gunman
Tekken Tag is a great PS2 title 06/02/01 Writer
Tekken with a New Twist 08/19/01 ZeldaGuy

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