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    Fast Time Guide by IAM

    Version: 2.22 | Updated: 07/27/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 IAM's: TIME KILLING RECORDS
    (Version 2.22; July 27, 2000)
    IAM's DISCLAIMER.- This guide may be freely distributed as long as the contents 
    remain intact, credit is given to the author for his contribution to Tekken 
    knowledge in general, and no monetary compensation is received (Just if I could 
    win a penny for the practice of this knowledge ... I would be rich!).
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    you must DESTROY this document at all costs.
    All non-official information contained in this document is copyright by:
    Ivan Alex Mercado Lorberg
    All the credits of the Tekken Series are copyright by Namco.
    | WHAT'S NEW | 
        V2.22  Included brand new characters: Bruce Irving, Jin Kazama, Kazuya    
               Mishima; and Ling Xiaoyu for Tekken3.
        v2.00  Included other characters: Yoshimitsu, Prototype Jack and
               Gun Jack.
        v1.11  Updated Roger/Alex, True Ogre.
        v1.10  Included another fast-killing-characters: "the old man sea" Wang
               Jinrey, and his "unblockable mirror" True Ogre. 
    4).- THE PLAYERS:
    * Heihachi Mishima
    * Paul Phoenix
    * Forest Law
    * Roger/Alex
    * Wang Jinrey
    * True Ogre
    * Yoshimitsu 
    * Prototype Jack, Gun Jack
    * Bruce Irving
    * Jin Kazama 
    * Kazuya Mishima
    * Ling Xiaoyu (for Tekken3).
    First at all I would like to salute all my Tekken brothers in the whole World 
    for reading this lines. Maybe the first question you maybe saying is "What's 
    about this FAQ?". Well, is for answering one of the most Frequently Asked 
    Questions: HOW TO BREAK ALL TIME RECORDS IN TEKKEN!!!. In the next chapters 
    you'll learn how to beat that X-Character record in your local arcade video 
    shot, and then immortalize your name forever as "numero uno" (#1) in best 
    Cause one of the best things Namco could done was to set the Time Records 
    permanently!, that's cool because you may be attached as one of the best players 
    even after dead. So, what's the trick?, I have to say that I beat almost all the
    records here in my country (La-Paz, BOLIVIA) with this simple techniques for the 
    last years (so, you'll read IAM in most of the Arcades around here). Yeah, it 
    was exciting for so many years being "numero uno" ... wasn't it?. I remember 
    that some days I waited like a monk at the Video Games for nobody seeing me 
    performing this fast-killing-techniques, and I got to tell you that sometimes 
    this kind of "secrecy" putted me in an neurotically state of mind! ... but those 
    days are finally over my friends; ... because then I tough that my best 
    contribution to the Tekken Community was to unravel these secrets once for all, 
    and then make the game even more interesting for everybody: trying to beat the 
    record of the others and so on.
    It's exiting that people are using these techniques here in my OWN country 
    against ...ME! Yeah man! This is stimulating bust mostly funnier than a space 
    monkey joke! (I think that the local arcade video game owners should OWE me 
    lots of money for the thousands of coins that the Tekken players will expend in 
    their stores after being reading this FAQ ... that would be pretty cool ah? ... 
    but I think I'm just only dreaming!; besides ... "I Just love THIS game!").
    Remember that first at all you MUST know in witch 
    level of difficulty the CPU is set in (or at least guess it!),
    because it can vary from "easy" to "extra hard level 3" difficult mode, and will
    made of course the enemies smarter to cheat them with the techniques presented 
    in this paper. The last level of difficult -witch appeared in the C version of 
    the Tekken Tag Tournament- is really a painful mode, because the CPU seems to be 
    more concerned in "block all" the attacks you plan to do ( Burn!!!).
    And now, let's kick some time ass record ¡at the arcades and PSX!. Enjoy!
    		     *-*-*-BUTTON CONVENTIONS-*-*-*
                                                 | BUTTON LAYOUTS |
                                |        ARCADE         |   PLAYSTATION2   ___  |
                                |                       |       ___       | 5 | |
             1 - Left Punch     |   ___    ___    ___   |      /   \      |___| |
             2 - Right Punch    |  /   \  /   \  /   \  |      | 2 |        R1  |
             3 - Left Kick      |  | 1 |  | 2 |  | 5 |  |      \___/        R2  |
             4 - Right Kick     |  \___/  \___/  \___/  |  ___   -   ___    L1  |
             5 - Tag            |                       | /   \     /   \   L2  |
                                |   ___    ___          | | 1 |     | 4 |       |
                                |  /   \  /   \         | \___/     \___/       |
       It's very important to   |  | 3 |  | 4 |         |   ß   ___   O         |
     become familiar with the   |  \___/  \___/         |      /   \            |
     numeric conventions of the |                       |      | 3 |            |
     buttons.                   |                       |      \___/            |
                                |                       |        X              |
    		    *-*-*-MOVEMENT CONVENTIONS-*-*-*                        
    f - tap forward once           d/f - tap down/forward once
    b - tap backwards once         d/b - tap down/back once
    d - tap down once              u/f - tap up/forward once
    u - tap up once                u/b - tap up/back once
    F - Hold stick forward         D/F - Hold stick down/forward
    B - Hold stick back            D/B - Hold stick down/back
    D - Hold stick down            U/F - Hold stick up/forward
    U - Hold stick up              U/B - Hold stick up/back
    N - Neutral joystick position (Joystick is not touched)
    SS - Sidestep (u,N or d,N)
    QCF - Quarter circle forward (Circle stick from down to forward)
    QCB - Quarter circle back (Circle stick from down to back)
    HCF - Half circle forward (Circle stick from back to down to forward)
    HCB - Half circle back (Circle stick from forward to down to back)
    + - Moves must be done together
    , - Moves must be done right after the other
    ~ - Moves must be done IMMEDIATELY after the other
    > - Slightly delay the move after the '>'
    # - Hold movement preceding the '#' until end of string or until N (Neutral)
    FC - Do move during full crouched position
    WS - While standing up (Returning the stick to neutral from a crouch)
    cc - Crouch Cancel (Tapping u while crouched to bypass performing a WS move)
    BK - Back facing the opponent
    FD/FT - Lying on the ground Face Down / Feet Towards opponent
    FD/FA -   "           "     Face Down / Feet Away from opponent
    FU/FT -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Towards opponent
    FU/FA -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Away from opponent
    CH - Major Counterhit (Hitting your opponent during their move execution)
    [] - Brackets around moves mean that the hits are not part of the combo, but
         Is necessary to be thrown for the later juggling hit.
    {} - Curved Brackets indicates an attack that misses in a juggle.
    This guide is useful in the following situations:
    * For beating records in TTT video arcades games, and PSX Tekken3 with a little 
    modifications that I'll explain later. About the PSX2 version ¡I don't have it 
    for the moment!, but I wish that it will come to my country (BOLIVIA) in a few 
    months more; so when I play it, be sure that I'll update this FAQ specially for 
    the PlayStation2.
    * It also works nicely against ... Yes! Real people!!! (but I will take no 
    responsibility of further consequences this cheap game can do to the self-esteem 
    of your enemy!).
    * When it's the last round for winning against the CPU and your life bar is 
    almost about to die but the one of your opponent is pretty full of energy, so a 
    guaranteed unblockable hit can be consider really as your best move before you 
    A few words before we begin the lessons: if you want to beat a Time Record 
    remember that you cannot continue the game, i.e. imagine that you are kicking 
    ass with the legendary Heihachi Mishima and you "accidentally" loose the Final 
    Stage against your opponent, and you "decide" to insert a new coin and continue 
    with a slow time killer (say Ling Xiaoyu for example), no way man! The machine 
    is clever than you so the record will not be for Ling (even is the previous 
    Heihachi´s time was 1 minute 55 seconds). In the TTT Version there is a little 
    modification: you have to pick two characters so they can tag, isn't it? Yeah, 
    but there is a little trick: if you want to immortalize your initials you can 
    pick a lousy guy (like Kuma) and THEN pick a real time killing character (as 
    Paul Phoenix), so the machine will think that you are playing with Kuma and all 
    the credits will go for him cause its the FIRST character you chose, but don't
    worry ... for gaining extra golden seconds you can push the Start button BEFORE 
    the round begins so the second character will appear at the beginning of the 
    game; cool ah?!.
    Okay, now let the magic begins!.
    4).- THE PLAYERS:
    I will start this FAQ with the oldie (but goodie) Heihachi, because he inspired 
    me to be #1 at the arcades Time Record, so the info here can be applied to other 
    characters with sharpness differences that I will explain later on, now let's 
    get started with an easy step by step(S-S)Guide:
    Step #1).- Why he is the first?, well, I discovered most of the Time Killing 
    Records with him. So we can say he is my inspiration for kicking bad asses. 
    Okay, now seriously, the fastest way to put your enemy into the air is the Wind 
    Godfist   (f,N,d,d/f+2) ; so, when the voice of the machine yells: "¡fight!" you 
    execute this juggle starter immediately, and most of the times it will connect 
    to the enemy.
    Now, you got your enemy floating into the air, and the computer maybe thinks: 
    "Hey, this position is really embarrassing so let's make a quickly stand up with 
    the "rolling technique" (it means that as soon as the character hits the floor, 
    pressing any button he -she- will rapidly stand up). So, be ready for a quick 
    raise of your enemy.
    Step #2).- After the Wind God Fist you can follow your mini-combo with one of 
    the following hits:
    - 1,2. This is my fav cause most of the times it will make your opponent to 
    quick raise before it looses more energy with a full combo (not only beginners, 
    but intermediate players -believe me- tend to smash the buttons when they're 
    - 1,1,1. Sometimes the CPU will not tech-roll immediately and it will wait a few 
    seconds expecting your next move, but you can go through this situation by 
    jabbing him three times in the air.
    Step #3).- HERE comes the magic my friends!, why? Because of the simple fact 
    that if the opponent (Human or CPU) roll technique after you connect the jabs of 
    steps one or two, you perform the UNBLOCKABLE! , this means the Demon Tile 
    Splitter (d+1+4), and there you go! An enormous damage to your poor enemy!. 
    In Tekken3 this would mean "Perfect!" so ¡congratulations! You kill your 
    opponent is less than 10 seconds. If you continue doing this trick you can beat 
    the entire stages in a 1:25´:37" (my best time at the arcades). But the PSX has 
    some more difficult so be prepared to expend more time, anyway your time will be 
    less than two minutes ¡believe me!.
    Now lets talk about the Tekken Tag Tournament, Heihachi has being tone down a 
    lot since the terrifying Hell Sweep[s] (f,N,d,D/F#+4,[4],[4]) can be easily 
    blocked at the second sweep (buuhhh!). But don't worry, the Wind Godfist is 
    still one of the quickest and deadliest attack in the game so the steps one and 
    two remain but in TTT the machine has a little extra energy enough to tag out of 
    the shame and making you loosing precious seconds (even if this happens you can 
    make to the second opponent the same steps 1,2 & 3). 
    Okay, in TTT the referee yells "fight" and you perform a Wind Godfist so the 
    opponent float into the air helpless, you Jab him a couple of times and then you 
    strike the Unblockable but ... ¡the enemy is still alive!, so it's very 
    important that your distance from the opponent is middle (this means not so 
    close to be attacked by a Rising Mid Kick -4 -). An f,f move will make you 
    closer to the enemy but be careful with the Rising Kick (3_4). Now, the machine 
    will try to do one of the following moves:
    a) Avoid further attacks with the Ankle Lighting Kick (d+4), I love this cheap 
    technique cause if you stay at a middle distance the opponent's right feet will 
    whiff and then with a simple Wind God fist motion or a Deathfist (QCF+2) your 
    enemy is knocked out.
    b) Try to escape by tagging (fifth button), so here comes another f,f, useful 
    motion: the Low Slice Kick (f,N,d,D/F#+3). This means that you can finish you 
    opponent with a low attack, this is pretty good because you can reach an enemy 
    that is trying to escape with a front attack. Another good move when they try to 
    tag is the Deathfist (QCF+2) because it can reach a considerable distance 
    between you and the in-hurry enemy.
    c) Tech-roll, now your enemy is creeping death ... ¡mistake! because a simple 
    Tile Splitter (d+1 ) will finish his (her) suffering.
    Note the difference that any arcade has, for example the "C" Version of TTT is 
    more difficult than the others, anyway you must follow the 1,2,3 steps and if 
    the CPU is still alive with an important amount of energy ... !improvise! ¿how? 
    Well, for example, at the very beginning of the first round you perform the Wind 
    Godfist (S-1) and two quickly jabs (S-2) but now you can use the d/f+1 for an 
    additional hit; then as soon as your opponent gets up you can follow the Steps 
    One more thing, I know that sometimes it's hard to do S-3 because it needs to 
    press two buttons (1+4) at the same time making it a hard move to pull off 
    properly for beginners, so listen, an important difference about Tekken and 
    other games (like Street Fighter X-version) is that if you want to press more 
    than one button at the same time, i.e. the Kiai Tame Powerup (1+2+3+4), you can 
    just press one button then HOLD that button and press the other and so on; in 
    the previous example it means (1) -hold it-, (2) -hold it-, (3) -hold it-,and 
    finally press (4). This can become very handful in many characters multimoves, 
    and Heihachi its no exception: you may noticed that sometimes Step-2 means 
    connecting a couple of Jabs (button 1), well ... ¿witch button you need for the 
    next Unblockable move?, Yeah! The (d+1+4)!, so if the buttons seemed to be very 
    whacked out simple Jab the floating opponent with Left Jabs (1,1_1) and HOLD the 
    first button (1) and immediately finish the Demon Tile Splitter (d+4) ¡It will 
    work perfectly and without any whiff surprises!.
    This blonde guy with a hair cut like Guile style, has one of the most inflicting 
    unblockable damage than any other character (only Law, Wang Jinrey and 
    Roger/Alex can compare his Super Death Fist), and this means a perfect round 
    without any additional surprises!.
    First at all, you need a good control over the diagonals specially the u/f and 
    the d/f motions because his Jumping Kick will be very necessary. 
    Ok, now lets figure it out Step-by-Step how to break a time record within few 
    (by the way my best time record -BTR- in TTT with Paul is 1:25´:92" ¡surprise?!, 
    maybe ... but remember that when the game appear last year the difficult was not 
    so hard and the arcade was an "A" type, but my best BTR happened in Tekken3´s 
    arcade version -sit down-: 0:57´:38" ... less than a minute ¡amazing! ... but I 
    think the machine was very brainless those days).
    Step #1).- If you read the previous Steps for Heihachi you must be noticed that 
    the central point of a perfect round is how to juggle the opponent, so the 
    Phoenix has two ways to do this:
    a) Performing the Jumping Boot (u/f+4).
    b) Using the Elbow Uppercut (QCF+1), but be careful cause this won't work in a 
    Counter Hit (CH) witch it only will stun your enemy. If you hit properly this 
    attack will take your opponent floating helpless into airborne and ready to eat 
    the next Step!.
    Step #2).- Ok, your enemy is in the air now your next moves are the 1-2 Punches 
    (1,2). Note that you can also try a 1,1,2 Punches if you fell that the CPU will 
    wake up quickly. Remember here that you can HOLD IN the first button (1); so by 
    the time you connect the second jab (1_1), just hold it for your next 
    unblockable move.
    Step #3).- Now it's the perfect time for using the Unblockable motion, so as 
    soon as you do S-2, finish the poor bastard with the Super Death Fist (b+1+2). I 
    can guarantee you that if this steps are done with precession and coordination 
    after the S-3 you will have a Perfect round, but if the enemy continues alive 
    you can relief it's suffering with the f,f motion (Run) and the Sliding Leg 
    Sweep (4) or -most effective- the Flying Cross Chop (1+2).
    | FOREST LAW |
    This fellow is a legend in martial arts (but always remember that there is just 
    "One") so I think that's why the Namco Team gave him a lot o good combinations 
    plus one of the most deadly unblockable in the game. 
    Okay, Forest has a lot moves to juggle an opponent but now I'm going to suggest 
    the ones that I think work best:
    Step #1).- Your first move to the victory must enter your enemy into the air, so 
    a nice and easy juggle starter is the Jumping Boot (u/f+4) because it's quickly 
    and done with just one move; but if your enemy insists in getting ducked (D), 
    then your best shoot can also be a Lifting Uppercut (d/f+2) , the problem is 
    your opponent doesn't float too high. If your enemy tries to hit you can perform 
    a Counter Hit like the Low Punch, Flipkick (d+2,3), this is good move because it 
    will give a time advantage.
    Step #2).- Now, your next move are the 1-2 Punches (1,2), this means that you 
    are pissing off your opponent to rise up quickly and if you can do this, boy 
    you're one step left to the glory!. Remember to hold down your last button to 
    finish the S-3 successfully.
    Step #3).- It's time for the final blow: the mighty Law's unblockable
    Dragon Fang (d/b+1+2), the thing I don't like about this crusher it's that you 
    need to master the diagonals really good, if not ... "just forget about it!". 
    Another handicap of this move its that Forest tend to finish the unblockable in 
    a liner motion, this can be really messy if you whiff the hit. In other hand, 
    its one of the few character in the whole game who can "fake" his deadliest 
    attack (u,u to Cancel); but I think this will work better in human opponents who 
    will buy the trick of the unblockable and will try to escape or strike back, 
    this last one gives you a little time advantage cause you can parry their hit 
    with  b+(1+3)_(2+4) if you expect a high attack, or d_FC+(1+3)_(2+4)  if you 
    think that the opponent will try a low attack. My BTR is 2´:34":51
    | ALEX / ROGER |
    ¿Why choosing a so amusing pet as a lead head of your team?. Two reasons: first 
    that if the other records are full plenty of Paul's or Heihachi´s BTR, then you 
    may try to use others characters less conventional. Two: because the unblockable 
    of these creatures are awesome, it drills almost the 80% (or more if you are 
    lucky enough)from the lifebar of your opponent.
    Alright, now let's get started with a simple S-S explanation:
    Step #1).- A fast and easy way to juggle-start your enemy is an Animal Right 
    Kick (u/f+4), so at the very beginning of the round you walk towards your 
    opponent and then kick him out. You can also try a Crouching Uppercut (FC,d/f+2) 
    as an S-1, but only if you feel the diagonals will work for you.
    Step #2).- Then you must jab the opponent with a Double Punch (1,2)for keeping 
    him (her) into the air for a few more seconds and also for make ´em try to wake 
    up faster than a rabbit (it's incredible how this works so good not only against 
    the machine but also in a human being ¡same on you!). Remember that the CPU will 
    not always wake up as soon as it hits the floor, so sometimes you must combine 
    the jabs, like (1,1,1) -always walking against the opponent-, this hazard 
    decisions make the game even more excitement so ... "Trust the Force".
    Step #3).- Okay, the time for the final blow has come: now do the Animal Gigaton 
    Punch (b+1). If you connect this fancy punch it won't be so funny for your 
    punished enemy. By the way my BTR in TTT is 1:57":32 
    This is the oldest fellow in the Tekken series, so ¡he must be trickier than 
    hell! and as an Spanish tale says: "el diablo sabe más por viejo que por 
    diablo", it means "the devil is wiser by oldie than devil itself". And I have to 
    confess that I never knew the real power of this dude since I played with him 
    these short days, and man ... ¡he is the cheapest character for BTR in the 
    Tekken Tag universe!. Well now lets see why:
    Step #1).- At the very beginning of the game you can walk directly towards your 
    opponent and then juggle him (her) with a Jumping Kick (u/f+4), but the problem 
    with this move is that you have to be really close to the enemy so it can be 
    become really hard to pull this off properly. But wait, there is an answer for 
    this, the miraculous Force Kick (f+4), it so easy to do that anyone can juggle 
    the opponent without any suffering; that's another reason why any beginner 
    player can enter his (her) initials at the end of the game with even no 
    experience before in TTT!.
    Step #2).- This guy is so simple and cheap that he only needs two steps for 
    winning a Perfect game. After S-1 you must perform the Indigo Punch (b+1+2), 
    this unblockable is so extraordinary that most of the times you will listen 
    "Perfect!" from the machine and you will wonder "I may be finish this game in 
    less than a couple of minutes", and you are right my friend; by the way my BTR 
    with Wang as a wingman is 1´:40": 25 ... pretty nutty ¿eh?.
    If you fell a little tense, you can rely with a little jab (1) after S-1, buy 
    never with two or three jabs because they are unnecessary attacks for your tied 
    schedule, so it's better to finish the CPU with the Unblockable just after the 
    (u/f+4) lick. 
    Sometimes your enemy will not die after the power of S-2, so if this happens you 
    must quickly view the lifebar of your enemy: if it still have energy to resist a 
    few hits, it better to run and wait haw he (she) raises up and if you're lucky 
    enough it will thy and Ankle Lighting Kick (d+4), then its piece of cake to 
    finish the clumsy guy with a fast Deathfist (QCF+2) or a Front Strike (f+2). But 
    if the opp´s energy is about to die, Run immediately towards him (f,f,f_f,F)and 
    then use the Sliding Leg Sweep (4) for a quick victory.   
    | TRUE OGRE (Ogre-2) |
    It's not a coincidence that now I'll explain True Ogre after Wang Jinrey and if 
    you are clever enough for answering that question you're in the right path to 
    become a real time killer machine in the Tekken World.
    Got it?. Yes! The simple fact is that the God of the Fight eat (literally 
    speaking) the old W. Jinrey at the beginning of Tekken3, so he "absorbed" Wang's 
    soul and, of course, some of his best moves ... and ¡yeah! The amazing 
    unblockable too!.
    Step #1).- As you may read the Wang Jinrey text, I suppose that you already know 
    the first movement; if you answered "the Jumping Kick" (u/f+4) you are so 
    right!. But there is also an additional first attack that I just love to do with 
    True Ogre: the Snake Squeeze (f,f+2), against the CPU this means a guaranteed 
    Unblockable because it NEVER escapes from it (at least in the Arcade version), 
    that makes this attack very reliable.
    Step #2).- As you may figured it out now its a time for a couple of Left Jabs 
    (1_1). This is important because it makes your enemy to try a tech-rolling quick 
    rise, and also because it will keep your opponent at a convenient distance 
    between you and him (her). 
    Step #3).- Now, ¡Yes! ¡You got it! ... it's the perfect time for the Indigo 
    Punch! (b,b+1+2), this Unblockable is also a great hit for putting your opponent 
    in its coffin. My BTR with True Ogre is 2´:03":28
    A very odd matter about True Ogre it's his Extended Gutpunch (WS+2), witch by 
    the way stuns your enemy on a clean hit; the estrange thing happens when it 
    connects both opponents with a few energy left, this means that if you hit any 
    of them with a Gutpunch ¡he(she) will tag with it's partner and by the time it 
    does ... apply another Gutpunch and so on till one of then finally dies!
    A final word about this character, an interesting "bug" that I've found since 
    the Tekken3 days is that when the machine its on the floor after it had being 
    hit, when you close up to him (her) with the Kunai Stab attack (b+2) sometimes 
    it will connect the CPU ... but the weird thing its that if you insist 
    performing this hit ... ¡It will succeed until your opponent dies!. This is real 
    cool because it also works nicely in TTT so try it on!.
    The mayor difference of this dude is that he hasn't a quick juggle starter like 
    the other characters above so this can be a really pissed off problem, 
    especially if the CPU is turned in the hardest level mode. But I recently figure 
    it out an special hit that can solve this messy trouble; in TTT the folks of 
    Namco added to Yoshi a new move (and very useful for our purposes), witch 
    includes a Side Step motion, here it is how this works:
    Step #1).- You must be able to side step many time till you can successfully 
    connect the Dodging Uppercut (SS+2); this is a very special juggle starter 
    because when it hit the opponent his position will be facing down and feet away 
    from you. This is a very convenient attack because in Tekken Tag Tournament 
    after a successful Dodging Uppercut your enemy won't be able to perform a tech-
    roll escape (some kind of "Floating Position" -FP- that I will explain later in 
    the Kazuya character); so he (she) will just stand up but they will DELAY a few 
    seconds before being able to do anything ... there is the evil trick of using 
    this side step motion!.
    Step #2).- Okay, now you enemy is floating in the air after you SS+2 attack and 
    he (she) expect for the worst from you so, don't disappoint em!. But before that 
    a couple of jabs (1,1) will be useful to keep your distance from the opponent, 
    this is important because the next Step (as I think you have already 
    discovered), needs the mighty and powerful sword of Yoshi. This special attack 
    is the farthest unblockable of the whole Tekken characters, so its better that 
    you keep a safety distance between you and your enemy.
    Step #3).- Now it's time for the final Step: the terrific Samurai Stab (b,b+1) 
    this unblockable is very powerful because it will drain almost the complete 
    lifebar of you enemy. But most of the times you opponent will denied to die 
    fast, so if there is just a little breath of them you can hit em while they are 
    lying of the floor with a simple d_D+4 kick. In the other hand, if you enemy 
    still has a considerable amount of stamina, many times the CPU tends to wake up 
    from death with an Ankle Kick (d+4), so after the Unblockable move forward your 
    enemy until a safe distance (this range means that you are close to your enemy 
    but far from being hit with their feet); if the machine gets fool of using an 
    Ankle Kick to stand up (thank God for this!), you immediately finish your enemy 
    tossing the Shark Attack, Shark Dive and also the Kangaroo Kick 
    (f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4). This final blow will just ripped out the last hope of your 
    enemy to keep alive. 
    Well, this is how it works for the Yoshi character; the funny thing is that I 
    discovered this set almost for accident when I was trying to pull off another 
    way of Time Killing Record with Yoshimitsu. It happened that a dude decided to 
    challenge me in the middle of my way of the warrior BTR (this really pisses me 
    off a lot!), well a few rounds before I observed the convenient move of SS+2 and 
    decided to try it out with a human character, for my great surprise the whole 3 
    Steps that I described above worked out perfectly and the face of my opponent 
    was red of anger ... the best part comes here: I immediately noticed that he was 
    an intermediate player, this is easy to notice cause you can observe what they 
    do after a juggle starter: 100% of the times they tend to tech-roll away from 
    the pain mashing the buttons quickly as soon as they hit the floor ... a wet 
    blanket decision!. So in second round I repeated the same doses, and it also 
    worked out for the fun of the crowd that was in the arcades!. Of course this 
    will work properly only against beginners players or tech-rollers very stupid; 
    against good players or masters this attack will just suck!, because they will 
    simple get away from the Unblockable rolling backwards (b), but until this FAQ 
    gets to every ear and view of all the Tekken Nation players ... you can fool 
    your opponents using this techniques!.
    How about the big opponents like Kuma, Ganryu or the Jack's fellows?. Will these 
    techniques work against these big guys?. The answer is a simple YES!, because 
    even when you connect them a Dodging Uppercut (SS+2) they seemed to not float 
    into the air (they are too heavy weights!); but don't worry, it's just an 
    appearance because you can still follow the steps 2 and 3 ... but be careful 
    because even if you hit ´em with Step 1 they will not be facing down and feet 
    away from you, this means that you have a little handicap against this kind of 
    enemies for the reason that they can interrupt you attack with a single hit or 
    escape from certain death tech-rolling or even rolling backwards; anyway it's 
    worthy to take a chance of glory, isn't it?.
    But, what happened to the Tekken3 players that wish to immortalize their names 
    as the BTR?. My friend Catlord showed me the way to pulled this off properly and 
    I modified a little his experience, this is how you can beat the Arcade Time 
    Record within a few minutes in Tekken3 (by the way my BTR at the arcades is 
    1´:18":72, enough for me!):
    Step #1).- The first move is the Backhand (f+2) witch will turn your opponent 
    around, in this position he (she) will stay a few seconds practically 
    defenseless to any attack or grab, so this is your chance to drill him (her) the 
    most energy you can use in your next attack, so ...
    Step #2).- At this point you must choose one of the following paths:
    a) You can directly make the Shark Attack, Shark Dive and the Kangaroo Kick 
    (f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4) as quickly as you can; if not, your opponent will be able to 
    interrupt your move or even grab you from that position. If you connect this 
    attack be sure that your enemy will loose a considerable energy out. 
    b) But there is also another way to use the backwards position of you opponent. 
    A guaranteed hit after the Backhand it's the Yoshi Uppercut (d/f+2), then you 
    must keep your enemy in the air with a couple of Jabs (1,1) and finally -yes- 
    perform the terrific Samurai Stab (b,b+1), after this cluster its a little bit 
    probably that your opp remain any energy, but if this happens a modest ground 
    kick (d_d+4) will end your trouble (not double).
    Why choosing these big guys with funny noising sounds? (Brrr!, yack!, yack!). 
    One thing is for sure ... If you can hit an opponent with his unblockable, the 
    Dark Greeting (f+4~1) to ANY enemy (CPU or human), then: man, you're a Tekken 
    god!; because it's really a fluke to get this one properly!, your enemy will 
    interrupt your execution almost all the time with a simple attack.
    But don't worry, there is a guaranteed way to make a BTR with the guidance of 
    the next 1,2,3 Steps:
    (note.- This Steps works perfectly not only in the TTT but also in Tekken3 
    Arcade version and in Playstation too!, by the way my Best Time Record in PSX 
    with Gun Jack is 2´:15":62 ... not bad for a big dude eh?).
    Step #1).- This fellow its a little different than the others, in one hand it's 
    bigger and heavier than the other characters we've been analyzing since now, and 
    in the other hand it's no discrimination at all that he needs a different way to 
    make a BTR. 
    So, your first move when you listen "fight" it's the Hammer Knuckle (1+2). Be 
    careful in NOT pressing the buttons twice because you will swamp the Double 
    Uppercut (>1+2), witch will force the CPU to tech-roll as soon it gets into the  
    floor ... not very convenient for you at all!. 
    Step #2).- The beautiful of the Hammer Knuckle is that it makes your opponent 
    lying on the floor for a few seconds (waiting for what Namco Crew?!). It's 
    incredible but the CPU won't try to stand up or anything, it just stays on the 
    floor like Lei Wulong´s break off day!. Of course against human opponents these 
    cheeze techniques won't work at all because its pretty obvious what it comes 
    next,; but the computer enemy it's really a shame to its class!.
    Okay, after a successful S-1, the trick here it's to use the Dive Bomber (3+4) 
    taking advantage of the 2nd and 3rd Thrusts (3+4_3+4). This unblockable is very 
    special because it attacks vertically instead of horizontally ("death comes from 
    above"). For secure your unblockable properly made, remember that in the Tekken 
    world you can hold down a button and then press the other; this means that you 
    perform the Dive Bomber (3+4) and hold down the third button (3) meanwhile you 
    press the forth button (4). This is a safe way to fly away towards your opponent 
    without any risk of pressing the 3 and 4 buttons at the same time; but anyway, 
    remember that you need to calculate the distance between you and your floored 
    enemy ... most of the times you will need just a (3+4,3+4) motion to stomp into 
    them, but some other times you'll need an extra 3+4 thrust. 
    Step #3).- No matter how good you perform the Steps one and two, anyway .... 
    your enemy will be still alive!. In tekken3 for the PSX a simple Hammer Knuckle 
    (1+2) will finished them off, but in TTT it may be not enough; so if your enemy 
    tries to tag escape from dishonour you can execute the Digital Hans Head Slide 
    (f+3+4), the reach of this motion is really good against opponents witch have 
    only a simple fact in their minds: getting out the screen!. But don't abuse this 
    movement because in any case you connect or not this attack, its recovery is 
    painfully slow!. 
    You can also mix the Scissors (f+1+2), and the Low Scissors_Megaton Punch 
    (1+2)_(d/f+2) for getting a bad shape opponent and then finally strike the 
    Digital Hans Head Slide for a nice touch of bloodlust. 
    This guy is really powerful with his triple knee attacks and he can tag juggle 
    with almost any character of the game, making him a really good opponent. The 
    negative side of Bruce is that his Unblockable is too weak for such a punisher 
    player (is this a paradox Namco?). This means that even if you are able to 
    perform the 1,2,3 Step-by-Step properly; your enemy won't die with such 
    technique ... too bad!.
    Anyway, you can do the following for fun or use Irving as a tag side wind guy in 
    cases that your primary character is about to die, so he really can save your 
    ass many times!.
    Okay now lets focus in the Steps that will make the tech-roller players think 
    twice before they smash rapidly the buttons:
    Step #1).- Bruce has one of the best Jumping Kick attacks of all the game so you 
    may use this in your advantage. As soon as the game starts you must approach 
    near you opponent (f,f_F) and then use your Jumping Kick (u/f+4), this attack 
    will put your enemy into the air, making him /her) helpless and desperate to 
    avoid your next juggle punish, but instead of that...
    Step #2).- Now it's a perfect moment to cool the situation using your Jabs 
    (1_1_2), just be careful to don't move the stick ahead (F), believe me, that 
    becomes almost as a reflection after been played with the other characters!. If 
    you move the control forward the CPU will think that you are trying to execute 
    the beginning of the Triple Elbows (f+1,2,1); if that happened you will just 
    miss the opportunity to finish the S-3.
    Performing the Jab attacks is very important because this will not only 
    maintain a safe distance between you and your enemy but it will also put your 
    opponent in a straight line for the next Step. This means that if you skip Step 
    two from your strategy, the CPU will be able to tech-roll faster than your 
    Unblockable and will counter you, stop you or grab you, got it?. Also without 
    the Jabs Bruce's Unblockable is too straight to connect your opp properly, so 
    better stick to the original strategy (but if you feel lucky enough ... please be my guest!)
    Step #3).- So by now your helpless enemy should be still in the air, wondering 
    that maybe you will miss your next attack with a bad timing or concentration; 
    Wrong! Now your bloodcurdling move will be in: the Sidewinder (b+2+3). As I said 
    before Bruce's unblockable really sucks compared from the guys above!, so you 
    won't get and instantly "perfect!" voice form the machine ... sad but true!. 
    Anyway you must run towards your fall opponent and try to execute these Steps 
    one more time baby! (no way!). 
    You may noticed this Unblockable requires the right punch so a I recommend to 
    use a 1,2 Jab attack in Step two if you are not sure about pressing the two 
    buttons at the SAME time. There is a word that explains this and its called 
    "buffering" witch in the words of the expert  Nicky Quick it means:" Buffering 
    is the art of PRE-INPUTTING COMMANDS or parts of commands, and then finishing 
    them subsequently.  What this means is:  1) buffering applies to multi-button 
    commands (with directional commands, buffering applies to adjacent or subsequent 
    commands rather than to simultaneous ones).  2) some difficult command inputs 
    can be simplified and execution times improved.  3) moves can be chained 
    together.  4) WHEREAS A 2 BUTTON COMMAND (ex. 1+2) produces 1 technique (Lei's 
    hook-punch, recovers BK), a buffered version [1], 2, will produce 2 techniques 
    (jab followed by hook-punch, BK).  5) many buffered combos can be started 
    either left or right.  6) all the quick taps (4~3) are in reality buffers.  
    And 7) superb mix-ups can be created". 
    So use the one two Jabs (1,2) -after the Jumping Right Kick (u/f+4) of course- 
    then right away MAINTAIN - remember that the bracket symbols [ ] means this- the
    second button pressed [2] and then move the stick backwards and simultaneously 
    press the third button (b+3) for a perfect execution of the Sidewinder 
    Unblockable! ... Good!.
    Another way to start juggle your opponent for the S-1 it's the Rising Knee 
    (b,f+4), then you can follow the standard Steps two and three from there. 
    Unfortunately this sort of attack is more complicated than the Jumping Right 
    Kick but it works a okay against side-steppers and CPU´s that refuses to eat the 
    (u/f+4) hits, I "Du Hast" that!. For the duck-opps or the reverse-dudes, nothing 
    better than a simple Face Buster (d/f+2) to start juggle and penalize them with 
    Steps 2 and 3 ... Bruce can be really a pain in the ass!.
    Finally I have discovered another funny "bug" in TTT, I like to call it 
    "the super-cocacho". How does this works? Effortless, just use the buffering 
    technique of the Overhead Bomb (1+2). For entertaining, I recommend to knock 
    down your enemy with any hit that put ´em to the ground so then it's easy to set 
    up the CPU with single hit: the Overhead Bomb (1+2), do it one time and then ...
    maintain one of the buttons i.e. [1] and just press the other punch button and 
    so on till the machine yells: Perfect!. Also you can beat the hell out your 
    opponent till the degree he (she) needs to tag out, if you expect this run 
    towards your enemy and as soon as the CPU changes character execute him (her) 
    the Overhead Bomb until it sleeps!. Remember that this kind of techniques is 
    also applied to beginning human rivals and tech-rollers, just be careful in your 
    timing or your "cocacho" will whiff out.
    | JIN KAZAMA |
    I have to confess that I never believed that Jin was able to use his Unblockable 
    suitably, especially after I was being trying to accomplish this tricky mission 
    in Tekken3 because his Lightning Godfist was in a straight line making it easy 
    to tech-roll away from it or even being counter, but ... I was Wrong!. A new 
    attack included the Tekken Tag Tournament made it possible!. This action 
    confirms what everybody at the Community had being complaining about since the 
    release of TTT for the Arcade: Despite almost all the good butchery guys in 
    Tekken3 that have being ripped off of their most fierce attacks - characters as 
    Heihachi, Nina, True Ogre and of course the Paul Phoenix players will know what 
    I am talking about- Jin Kazama seems to have being blessed with new GOOD moves 
    like the over abused Demon Steel Pedal (b+4) and -for our own purposes- the 
    incorporation of the Corpse Thrust (d/b+1) ... Does this means that Jin K. in 
    the beloved son of daddy Namco? Who knows.
    Anyway, let's start with the one, two, three Steps specially prepared for this 
    lucky guy ... wait a second! ... did I said: one, TWO, three Steps? ... Opps I 
    think I did it again!, Jin just needs a simple couple of movements to finish out 
    his opponents! (another one Namco Stuff?):
    Step #1).- As soon as the round begins you may be ale to master the diagonals of 
    the stick control, if not: better don't try to pull this off!. Well, your first 
    action must be the brand new move the Corpse Thrust (d/b+1) witch allows you not 
    only knock out your opponent but also to thrust him (her) very far away from 
    This power punch beats up an enemy very hard and I think it's a future copy of 
    the definitely possession of Devil-Jin, just remember that the Devil character 
    has the exact motion (the Devil Fist) in TTT but with the difference that when 
    it connects he passes trough his opponent; besides, his Unblockable is totally 
    different from Jinn's, but guess ... who has the exact Unblockable power in the 
    Mishima family?; yes, you got it!.
    Step #2).- If you did accurately S-1, then you may be able to use your "useless" 
    unblockable motion, the Lightning Hell Godfist (B+1+4) and then ... surprise! 
    The lightning punch connects perfectly to the CPU. Why? I really don't know but 
    I think that the machine doesn't expect you to do such a silly move all across 
    the whole scenario!, so he (she) waits you whiff your attack and foolishness try 
    to counter it, being of course hit with such and straight and so predictable 
    Unblockable!. Just remember that even you connect this techniques properly your 
    opponent won't die instantaneously so ... do it again and again till your enemy 
    refuses to continue the battle!.
    For a perfect execution and timing you may use the buffering motion of the 
    Corpse Thrust d/b+[1] and then move backwards the stick control for the 
    Lightning Hell Godfist B+4. It's important that you remember to keep the 
    joystick back (B); if not, then you will only be able to implement the 
    Lightning Godfist (b+1+4) witch attack range is too short for hit any kind of 
    Sometimes, your Unblockable won't be able to reach the necessary range required 
    to hit your opponent so it may misses just a little. I strongly recommend that 
    you have your eyes stared in the game; cause if you see that the enemy flies to 
    far away from you after S-1, it's better that you move forward just a little 
    (f_F) -not too much- to arrive at your adversary properly. 
    Good looking-sharp gentleman!, but be careful cause he can really be a nightmare 
    when he gets mad!. If you have practiced the two steps from above, it's now 
    obvious that you must know what I'm going to write here, right?. Yeah!, like 
    father like son (and vice versa) and this is no exception in the Mishima family; 
    so now let me tell you what I'm talking about:
    Step #1).- Kazuya has some devastating combos to make your life a really hell on 
    the earth and he has actually three ways to put his enemies into the floor and 
    they are:
    a) And straight Wind Godfist (f,N,d,d/f+2) in counter hit (CH) will set your 
    enemy into the air defenceless, and most importantly: taking you control 
    of the whole situation without any interferences. 
    Now you can follow the Wind Godfist with a couple of left, right jabs 
    (1,2) for maintaining your adversary floating into the air and for keeping 
    you  in his same line of attack.
    Last but least, you must use the brand new movement in Tekken Tag 
    Tournament implemented for the Kazuya character: the Demon Gutpunch 
    (d/f+2). This attack has the peculiarity to set your enemy into the 
    "floating position" (FP) witch means that your enemy is helpless to make 
    ANY movement after this hit has been connected for a pair of seconds ... 
    enough time for the next Step!.
    b) Other way to achieve the Step one is by using the Glory Demon Fist 
    (f+1+2), this powerful punch will Float your enemy ("ouch my stomach!" or 
    maybe ... my guts?!). This movement will take you the advantage in a neat 
    FP as I mentioned above.
    I know what you are thinking now ("I can read your mind"), this attack 
    looks exactly as Jin´s Corpse Thrust (d/b+1) but believe me, it's totally 
    different because it will place your enemy right in front of your nose and 
    will not set your victim in the other side of the screen as his son did!.
    c) Another way to set your opponent in a convenient FP is the use of the 
    traditional attack of Kazuya Mishima since Tekken2: the immortal   
    Kazuya Gutpunch (WS+2); this motion is really useful against High attacks   
    or grappling opps because it will stuns your enemy on Clean Hit. 
    Funny thing is that the True Ogre cheeze technique works here pretty good 
    again!. I mean, if the CPU has a little bit of energy and you perform the   
    Kazuya Gutpunch against him (her), the machine will tend to move his 
    character off the screen and placing the wingman instead but ... you 
    perform another Kazuya Gutpunch and the CPU will tag out again and again 
    till you win for good!.
    But if you are in a little hurry up, then your best choice is to attack 
    directly with the Demon Gutpunch (d/f+2) witch set your opp in the 
    convenient FP that you were looking for.
    Any case remember: any of this options will put your enemy in a FP so 
    don't stick glue with any of them!, vary your attacks depending in your 
    sixth sense ("use the force Luke!").
    Step #2).- You got it!. It's time for the Lightning Hell Godfist (B+1+4), this 
    Unblockable is very efficient because after S-1 your opponent is facing down and 
    grabbing his stomach (guts) in the cold floor, just in front of you!. I don't 
    know if the machine is so stupid or what, but thinks that you are going to use a 
    bizarre attack against it and will move just a little bit, sufficient for being 
    touched by the lightning fist!. Bad!.
    Against human players I really don't recommend the (B+1+4) attacks because they 
    are extremely obvious even against novice opponents. Anyway, if you fell cocky 
    enough to show off that you are the best Tekken player ever ... try some! 
    (sometimes I won incredible victories using the Lightning Hell Godfist and 
    delightful the Arcade fellows in a red heat experience!).
    What can I tell you about this youth, kinky girl?. Well, believe or not she has 
    one of the best times finishes in Tekken3 (specially in the PSX version because 
    her "technique" is so cheap that you won't need to use her Unblockable!). For an 
    approximation to her power let me tell you that I finished the game in 1´:23":04 
    (a real BTR ahh?!) at the Playstation console and if you think this is one of 
    the bests ever I guarantee you can do the same so easy that you won't believe 
    what your eyes will see!.
    And now, let's start this simple two Steps in order to achieve this goal:
    (note.- In Tekken Tag Tournament she had been ripped off this extravagant 
    technique so be careful!):
    Step #1).- As soon as the round begin you must input the Power Crescent (f+3) to 
    kick out your opponent from the fighting scenario. This is a very quick movement 
    but the problem is that it connects on in High attacks, making it duckable and 
    so dangerous for you. But don't worry, the CPU is too unintelligent for avoiding 
    this kind of attack. 
    Step #2).- Now here comes the pain!. After you've been succeeding in S-1, your 
    adversary might be in the floor, out of your attack range ... isn't it? Yes but 
    Ling has an special motion that let her going forward an executing a powerful 
    kick attack; so now you must perform the Lunging Kick (f,f+4) as soon as you 
    entered the Power Crescent. 
    The trick here is to do these two attacks really quickly because after the S-2 
    your opponent will stay in the Back Position against you so ... Yes! Become a 
    real cruel person at the game and execute Steps One and Two AGAIN!. Of course 
    that after a successful Lunging Kick your poor enemy his defenceless against any 
    attack so you can do ANY (you can even try a throw grappling if you want to!), 
    but remember that the CPU tends to skip the disgrace of being cruelty defeated 
    by stopping your next move after the Power Crescent with any move, so I suggest 
    you to use the traditional Steps 1 and 2 for a guaranteed BTR (but anyway it's 
    up to you!).
    As I said before, unfortunately these cheeze techniques has being removed in the 
    TTT version because your opponent instead of being backwards and grabbing 
    whatever he (she) has -lungs maybe?- ... and then he (she) will just float 
    forward into the air far away from any attack of yours!; but these cheeze 
    techniques works smoothly in the Tekken3 Arcade and PSX version. So you can go 
    back to the future and thrill with this older version just for the fun to do it 
    and make your own Best Time Record!. 
    One last word about this subject, Xiaoyu seems to have lost her big advantage 
    after a successful attack with the Lunging Kick (S-2), but sometimes its pretty 
    much probably that the CPU tends to roll in the floor and try to use an Ankle 
    Kick or another open guard motion; if your enemy does this, punish him (her) 
    with another One, Two Steps mentioned above (do it for me man!).
    Finally, I want to thank Catlord for sharing with me his conventions (the most 
    complete I think) and for the cheeze techniques he contributed for the Jack's 
    characters, Yoshimitsu and for the fastest CPU time killer in Tekken3: Ling 
    Xiaoyu. Another good friend of the Tekken Community is Exar Kun who write me 
    about a character witch his Unblockable I thought it was useless in TTT: Jin 
    Kazama. Thanks to Nicky Quick for the explanation of the Buffering section and
    I also would like to thank David J. Antoine and his useful suggestions for the 
    legal Disclaimer stuff of this guide. 
    Well my friends, that's all for now ... but don't worry I will update this FAQ 
    with other interesting characters like: Devil/Angel, Nina Williams, Ogre, 
    Ganryu, King, Armor King and maybe other interesting competitors.
    As some kind of epilogue I dare to make this million dollars question:
    That's a hell of a question!, I wonder if someday I will get a solid answer 
    about that!.
    I would also like to salute some good friends of mine: my brother Franz and of 
    course my Mom Gladys Martha for being so supportive all the time, my "compadre" 
    Luchin (LFSG) with witch we started to enjoy the Tekken games playing thousands 
    and thousands of hours with the PSX at home; my "padawan" learner Jusseff and 
    his family; and finally to all the Tekken Players here in La Paz (Vladi, Andres, 
    Ariel, Felix, and all the guys at the Arcades) ... This one goes for you boys!
    Well, for the moment that's all. Thank you very much for reading this essay and 
    if you have any suggestions, comments, questions or some interesting stuff about 
    this subject, please feel free to E-mail me at:
    (And don't worry, if your stuff is useful you will gain all the credits in the 
    Acknowledgements as my gratitude for contributing in the development of this 
    I wish you all the best luck and skillful techniques in beating everybody's 
    records, and as my favorite proverb says:
    "Information is power ... but the REAL POWER becomes after several practice from 
    this Knowledge"  ¿don't you think so?
    Your BOLIVIAN friend 
    Ivan Alex Mercado (IAM)
    "Good fight and ..." ¡you know the end of this sentence!.
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