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Ling Xiaoyu by Nall-ohki

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/28/2000

Ver. 1.5

Completed Aug. 28, 2000

Advanced guide to Ling Xiaoyu, everyone's favorite chinese schoolgirl


| L      IIIII  N   N   GGG       Xiaoyu Xiaoyu Xiaoyu      |

| L        I    NN  N  G           Xiaoyu Xiaoyu Xiaoyu     |

| L        I    N N N  G  GGG       Xiaoyu Xiaoyu Xiaoyu    |

| L        I    N  NN  G   G         Xiaoyu Xiaoyu Xiaoyu   |

| LLLLL  IIIII  N   N   GGG           Xiaoyu Xiaoyu Xiaoyu  |


Written, edited, toiled over, spent too much time on by:

- Nall-ohki [nall@iloveyou.net] (so you know who to yell at 

				 when things go wrong)

	If you are reading this, I expect you already have a good 

understanding of Tekken Tag, and at least a playable understanding 

of Ling Xiaoyu.

	All feedback is GREATLY appreciated, as I am a sucker for 

compliments as a reason to continue work.

Best viewed in monowidth font:



If this appears messed up, so will the rest of this guide.




1.    Ling Xiaoyu Profile

2.    Moves

	A. Throws

	B. Regular Stance techniques

	C. Rain Dance techniques

	D. Phoenix Stance techniques

	E. Hypnotist Stance techniques

	F. Taunts

	G. 10 Strings

3.    Form

	A. Defense

	   a. Regular Stance defense

	   b. Ducking defense

	   c. Rain Dance defense

	   d. Phoenix Stance defense

	   e. Hypnotist Stance defense

	B. Offense

           a. Regular Stance tactics

	   b. Ducking tactics

           c. Rain Dance tactics

           d. Phoenix Stance tactics

	   e. Hypnotist Stance tactics

 	   f. Charging tactics


	C. Okizeme

	   a. General

	   b. Throws

	D. Ground Recovery


	E. Tagging and Ling

	   a. Tagging In

	   b. Tagging Out


	F. Juggles

	    a. Starters

	    b. Juggles

	G. Strategy

	   a. Evasion - Pre-emptive

	   b. Evasion - Reactive

	   c. Poking - Instigation

	   d. Poking - Stringing

	   g. Custom Strings

	   h. Ling's Tricks

	   i. Specific Character Strategy

4.    Thanks go to...




Ling Xiaoyu ("Schoolgirl in High Spirits")

	- I have researched her name, and have the official characters for 

her name from a cute little teacup I won in a tournament.  It reads as follows:

Xiao - Dawn

yu   - Rain

Ling - Sunrise (Ling *IS* her surname)


Country of Origin: 	China

Fighting Style: 	Hakke Ken, Hike Ken and various Chinese martial arts

Age: 			16

Height: 		157 cm ( 5'1½"  )

Weight: 		42 kg  ( 93 lbs )

Blood Type: 		A

Occupation: 		Student, Panda caretaker

Hobby: 			Traveling, visiting amusement parks all over the world.

Likes: 			Chinese steamed buns and shrimp dumplings.  Peking Duck.

Dislikes: 		Math teachers



	- She's fast, very fast.

	- She's got many mixups

	- Most of her moves have good recovery, often fooling opponents

	- She's a small character, thus more difficult to juggle.

	- She's evasive as peace in the middle east

	- Has some very good medium level attacks

	- Decent Juggle ability, including some very fast starters

	- Some of her attacks do very good damage for thier speed

	- Often lands counterhits

	- Incredible sidesteps

	- 4 Stances

	- She's left-handed


	- She hits like a little girl

	- She takes damage like a little girl

	- With her back turned, she's vunerable if you're not careful (Whiffs are 


	- Some of her attack strings have weaknesses, especially when she turns her 


	- She has very few low attacks with any priority

	- Short Attack Range

	I want to start by saying that Ling is the reason I started 

playing Tekken.  I had on and off played Tekken 2, but it was no more 

than a passing phase.  I simply saw Tekken 3 come in at the local arcade, 

and decided to give it a shot.  It just so happened that Ling caught my 

eye (I think it was the name, actually, "Xiaoyu" - I couldn't pronounce 

it at the time, and wanted to hear the announcer say it ^^).  

	After checking out the listed moves, I was wowed by her style, 

and fell in love after that.  I also loved her speed compared to other 

characters.  Thus began my Tekken addiction.  

	Over the years of playing Tekken I have used other characters, 

but noone has surpassed my love affair with the small chinese 

schoolgirl (draw whatever meaning from this sentance you wish).  I have 

had only one teacher, Lin, a korean girl at my arcade who taught me some 

strategy early on.  Other than that, Ling players have been extremely 

rare (I've seen maybe 10 good other Ling players), and this has been an 

advantage, as my style has mostly developed on it's own, making it less 

like the normal Ling player than most.  

	All in all, I play more of a no-nonsense Ling than most people 

I've seen.  I tend to take simple evasion techniques as opposed to large 

ones, making it easier to capitalize on mistakes my opponent makes, of 

which I encourage.  




	This movelist is a modified, and REmodified version of Catlord's 

list, which can be found at www.tekken.net.  As of now, there are minor 

mistakes in this list, and it is not all-encompasing.


Front - 


1+3	Escape: 1			Slap, Forearm Chop

	Ling takes the opponent by the arm and slaps them back acrost 

the face, and then from the back, into the ground.


2+4	Escape: 2			360 Degree Flip

	Ling takes the opponents arms and spins them vertically and 

the opponent follows.  


QCB+2	Escape: 2			Over-Shoulder Throw

	Ling  takes the opponent and throws them by the shoulders.  

[So Shoe Me]

f+2~1	Escape: 1+2			Human Hurdle

	Ling hurdles opponent, stepping on them twice.  Leaves you 

and opponent with backs turned.  

[Dump the Bucket]

1+3_2+4	Escape: 1	(Right Throw)	Takedown Punishment

	Ling takes the opponent by both ends and flips them 

vertically, leaving them face down face up in front of you.  

[Arm Flip]

1+3_2+4 Escape: 2 	(Left Throw)   Cartwheel Throw

	Ling does a cartwheel over the opponents shoulders, and then 

throws them some distance.  

[Crank Up]

1+3_2+4 Escape: None	(Back Throw)    Spinning Leg Trip

	Ling grabs the opponents right leg and spins it vertically, 

causing the opponent to follow.  

Special (Front Stance):


[Move Name]

Command		Level					Description




1,2		H,H					Quick 2 Jabs 			

	Second hit guaranteed on first hit.

[Bayonet McTwist]

1,d+2		H,M					Jab, Uppercut

	Small delay on second hit.

[April Showers]

2,1		H,M					Two Quick Punches

	Ends in Rain Dance

[Belly Chop]

d/f+1		M					Spinning Punch

	Ends in Rain Dance

[Double Palm Strike]

1+2		M					Lunging, double handed strike

	Causes Violent Knockdown

[Back Kick]

B+4, {B} 	H					Double, back turned kick

	Ends in Rain Dance unless B is held

[Back Kick (Sidestep Version)]

SS, {B} 	H					Double, back turned kick

	Ends in Rain Dance unless B is held

[Single Fan]

u+1		H					Upward Slap			

	Ends in Rain Dance

[Sunrise Fan]

d/f+2,1  	M					Upward multi strike

	All hit mid.  Juggles, head facing Ling.

[Sunset Fan]

D+1,{D}		M,M,M					Downward, two-armed flap

	Special mid, hits 3 times.  Tap D to end in Phoenix Stance, ends 

in crouch otherwise.  

[Storming Flower]

d/b+1		M					Power Palm Strike 		

	Opponent rolls on counterhit.  Automatic False slaute on counterhit, N.


u/f_u_u/b+4, 	H					Jumping Overhead Kick

	Ling does a sweeping jump kick.  Bounce Juggles on Counter Hit.


[Cloud Kick]		

f+3		H					Left Roundhouse			

	Knocks opponent off axis on knockdown.

[Knee Cracker]

d/b+3 		L					Knee Shove

	Guard Breaker, Short Stun.


d/b+4		L					Toe Kick			

	Lays opponent flat, face towards Ling on counter.

[Left Spinner]

3+4		N/A					Spin Dodge Into Screen

	Spins 90 Degrees around stationary opponent.

[Right Spinner]

d+3+4		N/A					Spin dodge Out of Screen

	Spins 90 Degrees around stationary opponent.

[Leap Right]					

f+3+4		N/A					Leaps to Ling's Right

	Turns 180 Degrees around stationary opponent.  Jumps over low attacks.

[Cartwheel Left]

f+1+2		N/A					Cartwheels to Ling's Left

	Turns 180 Degrees around stationary opponent.

[Front Layout]

f,f+3+4		M					High Overhead Flip 		

	Short stun on hit and counterhit.

[Fortune Cookie]

U+1+2,2,1	M~M,M,M					Canned Combo.

	First two hits are together, 3rd hit knocks over on counter, causing 4th to miss.  

[Fortune Cookie Fakeout]

U+1+2, 3+4 	M~M					Canned Combo

	Does first two hits of flower power, then Ling spins and cancels the rest.  

[Phoenix Wings]

f,f+1+2,1+2 	M					Upward, Downward Flap	

	Short Stun on counterhit.  Second hit bounce juggles (only if first 

hit does not connect).

[Raccoon Swing]

f,f+3		M					Wide leg non-sweep.		

	Ends in Rain Dance.

[Step Kick]

f,f+4		M					Forward Lunging Kick

	Ling takes a shuffling step forward and kicks out with a fully

extended leg.


WS+2		M					Rising Uppercut			

	Juggles on counterhit.  Ends in Rain Dance.  (Tap F to end in Forward Stance)

[Skyscraper Kick]

WS+4		M					Vertical Split kick

	Juggles end-over-end on hit, no unavoidable followups possible.

[Fire Dancer]

(FC),3		L					Low, weak sweep

	Links to Dark and Stormy (2,1,4).  Ends Crouching.

[Flower Garden]

(FC),d/f,4,{4}	L					Sweep Kicks

	Ling does a tiny sweep kick.  Ends in Phoenix Stance unless the 

second kick is executed, and then ends crouching.

[Lotus Twist]

(FC),d/f+2,1	???		            		Spin Punch Combo

	A small spinning 2 hit.  

[Great Wall-Left]

b+1		M					Left Knifehand Reversal

	Ling does a knifehand block.  If B is held, she will change to 

raindance on hit.  

[Great Wall-Right]

b+2		M					Right Knifehand Reversal

	Ling does a knifehand block.  If B is held, she will change to 

raindance on hit.

[Mid Thrust Parry]

1+4		N/A					High/Med Attack Breaker

	Quick dodge, Ling pushes the attack aside.  Works on High and 

Mid level moves.

[Low Thrust Parry]

d+1+4		N/A					Low Attack Breaker

	Quick dodge, Ling pushes the attack aside.  Works on Low level moves.




[Rain Dance]

b+3+4		N/A					Turns around.

	Sidesteps 90 Degrees around stationary opponent and turns Ling around.

[Low Back Turn]

(FC),DB+3+4	N/A					Turns around

	Turns Ling around while crouching.  


2		H					Slap

	Remains in Rain Dance.

[Dark and Stormie]		

2,1		H,H					Dual Slap

	Ends in Forward Stance.  If first hit is on counter, second is guaranteed.

[Dark and Stormie -> Mistrust]	

2,1,4		H,H,M					Dual Slap -> rising kick

	Ends in Forward Stance.  If first hit is on counter, rest is guaranteed.  If 

second hit connects, mistrust on ~4 is guaranteed.  Mistrust can be delayed slightly.  

[Back Circle Breaker]

d+3 		L					Stab kick at the shin

	Lays opponent flat, face towards Ling on counter.  Remains in Rain Dance on 

Normal Hit, Ends in Normal Stance on counter.


4		M					Reverse Upwards Kick


[Peg Leg]

f,f+3		M					Skipkick

	Jumps over low attacks.  Remains in Rain Dance.

[Hop 'n Throw] (Throw)

f,f+(1+3_2+4) 	Escape: 1_2				Reverse Dash Grab 

	Ling waves arms wildly and grabs.  Jumps over low attacks.  

[Left Spinner]

3+4		N/A					Spin Dodge Into Screen

	Spins 90 Degrees around stationary opponent.  Ends in Normal Stance

[Right Spinner]

d+3+4		N/A					Spin dodge Out of Screen

	Spins 90 Degrees around stationary opponent.  Ends in Normal Stance

[California Roll]			

f+3+4, 3+4 	M					Roll Towards

	Ling rolls backwards and stands up in Rain Dance

[California Roll, Cyclone]			

f+3+4, 3+4 	M					Roll Towards, Donkey Kick

	Ling rolls backwards and kicks upwards at 45 Degrees with both legs.


[Back Layout]                              

f,f+3+4	  	M					High Overhead Flip

	Ling does a spinning backflip.  Minor stun on hit, turns into throw 

on deep hit.  

[Turn Kick]

3		H					Spin kick

	Ends in Normal Stance.




[Phoenix Stance]

d+1+2		N/A					Low to ground Crouching Stance

	Ling puts herself low to the ground, making her hard to hit.  Ducks all 

high, and most mid attacks.  


d		N/A					Duck

	Ling puts herself even lower to the ground, ducking even more attacks.  

[Left Handful]

1		M					Left Stomach Strike

	Simple slap to the stomach.  Ends in crouch.

[Right Handful]

1		M					Right Stomach Strike

	Simple slap to the stomach.  Ends in crouch.

[Wave Crest - Quick]

PP~1+2		M					High Forearm Bash

	Ling takes both arms, and using her whole body, rushes up and punches 

the opponent.  Excecuted immediately after entering the phoenix position.   

Juggles.  Ends in normal stance.

[Wave Crest - Normal]

1+2		M					High Forearm Bash

	Ling takes both arms, and using her whole body, rushes up and punches 

the opponent.  Juggles.  Ends in normal stance.

[Wave Crest - Power]

d,1+2		M					High Forearm Bash

	Ling takes both arms, and using her whole body, rushes up and punches 

the opponent.  Ling's highest juggle.  Ends in normal stance.

[Cradle Throw]

(1+3_2+4), {D}	Escape: 1_2				Crouching Dodge Roll, Throw

	Ling does a side-axis roll, and then does a lunging throw.  Pressing 

D will cancel the throw and end crouching.  Recovers normal stance on miss.  

[Knee Stabber]

3		L					Low Kick

	Ling extends her entire leg out and hits the opponent in the knee.  

Ends in Phoenix Position.  

[Back Kick]

4,{B}		M					Roundhouse Kick

	Ling stands up and does a roundhouse kick to the stomach.  Holding B 

will end in Rain Dance, otherwise Normal Stance.

[Flower Garden]

f+4,{4}		L					Sweep Kicks

	Ling does a tiny sweep kick.  Ends in Phoenix Stance unless the 

second kick is executed, and then ends crouching.

[Back Turn]

f+1+2		N/A					Rise, Turn Around

	Ends in Rain Dance.

[Roll Ball]

f+3+4		N/A					Forward Roll

	Ends crouching, Normal Stance.  


4~3		L					Strong Sweep, Liedown

	Scissor-sweep with both legs, knocks opponent down.  Ling lies 

down in prone position (i.e. for bad miss reprisal by opponnent).

[Flower Power]

u+4, {U_4} 	M					Twirling Kick

	Ling does a 45 degree angle kite-style kick.  Ends in Phoenix 

Position.  U leaves her in Rain Dance.  4 is an additional Flower Power, 

leaving her crouching.  

[Single/Double Barrel Shotgun]

u+3,{3} 	H, ?					Single/Double Jump Kick

	Ling jumps, kicking out once {or twice}.  Ends in Normal Stance.

[Single/Double Scissor Kick]

u+3,{4} 	???					Single/Double Jump Kick

	Ling jumps, kicking out once {or twice}.  Ends in Normal Stance.

[Jumping Pirouette]

u/f_u_u/b,N,3 	H					Leaping Spin Kick 

	Ling Jumps, does a spin kick.  Turns opponent around on connect.  

Ends in Normal Stance.

[Sky Kick]

u/f_u_u/b,N+3 	H					Leaping Spin Kick 

	Ling Jumps, does a jump kick.  Ends in Normal Stance.


u/f_u_u/b+4, 	H					Jumping Overhead Kick

	Ling does a sweeping jump kick.  Bounce Juggles on Counter Hit.





b+1+2		N/A					Circling Defensive Stance

	Ling continuously sidesteps slowly.

[Spin Sticker]

2		M					Circular single strike

	Ling spins and comes out with a right hand strike.

[Thunder Strike]

1+2		M,M,M					Two handed power strike

	Ling powers up in the Rain Dance/Crouch position, and then turns 

a double arm flapping strike on opponent.  Damage for move varies on 

distance walked in Hypnotist.  Hits 1-3 times.




[Tenstring 1]



	Not a bad 10 string, but easily blocked.  Stopping at 4th or 5th 

hit leaves Ling in Phoenix Position.  

[Tenstring 2]



	This one's even better, but has some delays that leave her 

vunerable.  Leaving at 6th hit leaves Ling in Phoenix Position.


[False Salute]

1+3+4							Horizon Taunt

	Ling shuffles her feet and pretends to be looking at something 

far away (complete with hand as a visor over the eyes).  Wiggles her 

body and makes a small giggle noise.


2+3+4		M					Wave Taunt

	Ling sticks her face out, smiles, and waves her hand at you 

vertically.  This taunt actually hits for 0 damage.




	Ling is fast.  Very fast.  Her left jab is tied for the fastest 

execution in Tekken at 8 frames, and her right kick is as fast as most 

people's jabs at 10.  Her movement is quick as lightning, and is probably 

the fastest, or among the top 3 (Julia, Michelle and Kuni are up there 

as well).  

	Because of this, Ling's defensive strategy SHOULD NOT be based 

on blocking.  Note: this does NOT mean "do not block with Ling", but 

rather, there are better options.  

	As for me, there are several that I tend to use:




a) 1, 2: Bayonet (10/10)

	This move is GREAT vs. frontal attacks.  Not only are these 

jabs fast as hell, there recovery is really good, and on hit you gain 

a 9, read it, 9 frame advantage.  In theory, if you Bayonet twice in 

a row with no delay, if the first pair hits, you should get a second.  

	This move stops any frontal momentem, and can turn the tide of 

the battle in a lot of situations.  They tend to interupt a LOT of 


	These should be used at close range only, as whiffing entirely 

does give the opponent an (albeit small) advantage.


	- See Strategy : Pitbull

b) SS: Sidestep (9/10)

	Ling's sidestep is VERY fast, and VERY large.  In close range, 

her wrap around can be enough for a back throw, and always for a side 


	This should especially be used on opponents making 

forward-momentum attacks from close-medium range.


	- See Strategy : Evasion - Preemptive/Reactive

c) d+1,2: Sunrise Fan (8/10)

	This is an EXCELLENT move when it's pulled off.  

Unfortunately, it's fast, but not blindingly so (14 frame execution), and 

has poor recovery (18 frames) when blocked.  On the up side, the move hits 

mid, hits many times (which often confuses the opponent enough to keep 

the opponent from reprising immediately on a partial hit), is high 

priority, and juggles for decent damage followup.  

	This should be used at close to medium range, and only when 

the opponents attack is somewhat slow, or you can anticipate his attack



	- See Juggling : Sunrise Fan

d) 4: Standing right kick (7/10)

	This move is fast, equal to most people's front jabs.  What's 

better is that on counter hit (which is quite common), it floats the 

opponent.  As a juggle, if you are REALLY quick (you almost have to 

anticipate it, but it is possible to do on reaction) you can hit them 

with a Storming Palm before they hit the ground.  

	The down side is that this move doesn't have as much range 

as her Bayonet (which actually sometimes is an advantage, but I 


	This move should be used almost exclusively at close range, 

and can be thrown out almost at random.  Works very well on charging 

opponents and okay after a canceled charge.  


	- Storming Palm (d/b+1) Juggle, dash

e) b+1+2: Rain Dance (9/10)

	This move has less speed, and sidesteps slightly less than her 

normal sidestep, but on the bright side, Ling ends up in Rain Dance.  

Often, after this move, you can pull off a Mistrust before they 


	This move can be used ALMOST the same as her sidestep, but 

should not be used when people tend to use, very fast poking, quick 

recovery moves, or 360 degree axis moves, as doing so tends to 

compromise Ling's life.  


	- See Tactics : Evasion

f) B+4, SS+4: Back Kick (4/10)

	This move is only good on slow moves, and is not 

neccessarily the best to use.  One advantage is that Ling slightly 

backsteps during execution.

	This move should NEVER be just thrown out unless you expect 

to hit on counter, as the recovery is horrid.  Use at medium range.


	- See Offense/Defense : Rain Dance

g) d/b+2: Storming Palm (7/10)

	This move is fairly fast, but not extremely, which makes 

it lose a few points.  The reason it is so highly rated, though, 

is that it can be absolutely DEVISATING to your opponent on counter.  

Not quite Paul's Phoenix Smasher, but hurts enough coming from Ling.  

	Use at Medium Range.


	- See Offense : Charging Tactics

h) 2, 1: April Showers (6/10)

	The first hit is 10 frames, and the second turns Ling around, 

leaving her ready for Rain Dance.  Unfortunately, after this move, 

Ling doesn't always have such a great frame advantage, which can 

get her slaughtered if you're not careful against good players.  Can 

also hold d/b to cancel the turn to rain dance if you wish.

	Use at close to medum range.


	- See Offense : Rain Dance

g) 1+2: Double Palm Strike (3/10)

	This is a new move to Tag, and frankly I toss it out more 

by accident than by choice.  In my opinion, it is a very "Un-Ling" 

move, taking 20 frames to connect.  It does, however, have the 

longest range of any of her moves (except her unblockable).

	Do NOT use this at close range EVER, unless you want to 

attend her funeral.  Best used at Medum to Long range on obvious 

attacks, though other, better options are available (Storming 



 	- See Okizeme : General

h) d/f+1: Belly Chop (7/10)

	This move has slower execution than April Showers, but 

has better recovery, thus giving Ling more of an advantage once 

her back is turned.  Also, the first hit goes out further.  Great 

in custom strings, and allows you to play a change up game by 

going into/not going into rain dance.

	Use at close to medium range.


	- Consult Offense : Rain Dance

i) Throw: Throw (6/10)

	Ling's throwing game is very important, and being as 

quick as she is, you can connect them very often.  Throw them 

into her strings often.  

	Should only be used in close range.  


	- Consult Okizeme : Throws

j) d+1: Sunset Fan (7/10)

	This move is not great on speed (17 frames), but has 

great priority.  It hits 3 times, mid, and stops most attacks 

cold once it's out.  Followups leave something to be desired 

however, because good players know she recovers crouching or 

in the phoenix position.  

	Use in medium range.


	- Cyanide (u/f+4)

	- Bayonet (1,2)

	- Double Palm Strike (1+2)

	- Skyscraper Kick (WS+4)

	- Sunflower (WS+2)

	- On {D}, consult Offense : Phoenix Position

k) d+1+2: Phoenix Position (10/10)

	This move is Ling's best evasion tactic.  She ducks 

over all high, and most medium attacks, causing most moves 

to miss her.  After that, the opponents are at your mercy.  

	Be wary of players who will goad you to enter the 

phoenix position in order to hit you out of it.  Ling cannot 

block in the Phoenix position.


	- Wave Crest: Quick (~1+2) -> Consult Juggles : 

		Wave Crest

	- Firecracker (4~3)

	- Consult Offense : Phoenix Position

l) 1+4_d+1+4_d/f: Mid/ Low Thrust Blocks (6/10)

	The mid thrust block is good for stopping momentum, 

but unfortunately, Ling doesn't have any spectacular followups 

albeit going on the offensive.  The only thing guaranteed, I 

think, is the 1-2 punches.

	The low thrust block is a great move, however.  

Following it, just about any of Ling's basic moves are 



	- Mid Thrust:

		- Bayonet (1,2)

		- Consult Offense : Pitbull or Evasion

	- Low Thrust:

		- Storming Palm (d/b+1)

		- Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1)

		- Throw

m) 1+4_d+1+4: Left/Right Spinners (2/10)

	These suck for defense, use the other sidesteps 



	- See Offense : Sidestep

o) b+1_b+2: Great Wall Left and Right (5/10)

	This move is really not that great.  The range really 

sucks, and whiffing is not a good idea.  If you hold B and 

manage to connect, you will change to rain dance, but will 

be at a slight frame disadvantage.  


	- See Defense : Rain Dance




	As a rule, Ling is NOT best served by ducking.  She 

has a better repetoire in the phoenix position, as well as less 

of a perchance to be hit (Namely by some Mid Level moves).  All 

ducking moves should be done at close range ONLY.  

p) WS+2: Sunflower (6/10)

	Apperantly, in the period where Tekken Tag takes place, 

it is obvious that one of the following has occured:

Ling is:

	a) Having her period

	b) Recovering from surgery

	c) A recent victim of Roger's voracious sexual appitite

	d) Been eating too many Steamed Buns

	As a result, this move has been butchered in Tag.  It 

now juggles only on Counterhit, making it a dangerous 

commodity (to HER!).  Ling ends in the rain dance, and may eat 

dirt if the move is blocked (reccomend an IMMEDIATE d+1).  

	Use only in close range, and ONLY if you think a 

counterhit is possible.

Note: due to an interesting timing glitch, I have been back 

      thrown out of this move.


	- On counterhit, consult Juggles : Sunflower

	- On hit, consult Offense : Rain Dance

	- On block, consult Ground Recovery

q) WS+4: Skyscraper Kick (8/10)

	Very fast move to come out, and knocks down.  

Unfortunately, damage and followups leave much to be desired.  

Is GREAT for getting the opponent off your back, however.  


	- See Okizeme : General

r) d/f+2, 1: Lotus Twist (3/10)

	I rarely use this move.  Frankly, it's not much damage, 

has low priority, and has a high mess-up factor.  I do use it 

occasionally because of the fact that if you hold d/f after the 

first hit and don't execute the second, Ling ends in Rain Dance, 

which can cause opponents to panic.  


	- See Offense : Rain Dance


s) N, Throw: Stand and Throw (8/10)

	Ling's speed once again gives her the advantage.  People 

don't expect how fast this can come out.  If you get the timing for 

this down, it's almost instantaneous.


	- See Okizeme: Throws




	Ling is not really equipped to defend herself in the Rain 

Dance position.  Blocking is impossible, and almost all of her moves 

are slower.  This taken, it's important to avoid this situation if 

possible, but if it's not avoidable...

t) Throw: Throw (3/10)

	Ling's throw while turned around is slower, and if she 

whiffs, she's going to be in a world of pain.  This move is NOT 

suited for defense.  


	- See Okizeme: Throws

u) 4: Mistrust (7/10)

	It comes out pretty fast, but many people know the timing 

of this, and it is only an okay move to use on defense (unless you're 

baiting the opponent).  The range is pretty good, though.  


	- See Juggles: Mistrust

v) 3: Turn Kick (8/10)

	Comes out a bit faster than the Mistrust, which catches 

people by suprise.  Hits high, which is a bad thing, but usually 

people leave theirselves open when attacking Ling's backside.  


	- None

w) 2, 1, 4: Dark & Stormie -> Mistrust: (9/10)

	Close to her fastest move with back turned (12 frames for 

the first hit).  Even better is on counterhit, the rest is guaranteed 

plus a juggle 


	- See Juggles: Mistrust

x) d/f+2: Crouch Punch (7/10)

	I don't use it much, but it's the fastest move she can pull off 

in rain dance.  Is a good followup to a bad frame advantage back turn 

attempt, as it will usually snuff out most anything else.  


	- See Offense: Crouching

y) SS: Sidestep (9/10)

	You have to anticipate a bit with this one (i.e. Start the 

sidestep early) because it's a bit slower then when she's face forward, 

but seems to sidestep farther, missing more moves.  


	- Mistrust (4)

	- Throw

	- Dark and Stormie Changeups

z) 3+4_u+3+4: Spinners (7(9)/10)

	I have totally changed my opinion of this move recently, but 

only partially.  The 3+4 spinner is okay, it is a far sidestep, and 

she ends up close to the opponent in normal stance.

	The u+3+4 spinner, however, is REALLY, REALLY nice for agressive 

players against Ling's back.  The movement itself is like Yoshi's B+3+4, 

moves Ling to the side and away from the opponent, and gives her some 

room to work with, while simultaneously making many people whiff her.

Use it wisely.


	- Mistrust (4)

	- Hop n' Throw

	- Cyclone (f,f+3+4,3+4)




	In General, Ling can be hurt in the Phoenix Position if used 

carelessly.  However, it's also a great position in which to trick 

the opponent to attack you.  The latter is risky business, but can 

be very effective just the same.  

aa) 1_2: Left/Right Handful (7/10)

	They're quick, and interupt attacks.  Not great priority, 

but okay.  


	- Sunflower (WS+2)

	- Skyscraper Kick (WS+4)

bb) ~1+2_1+2_d+1+2: Wave Crests (7/10)

	They're slower, but pack much more punch and juggle to 



	- See Juggles: Wave Crest

cc) 3: Knee Stabber (1/10)

	The only reason I write this one is to warn you NOT to 

use it.  You will be hurt from reprisal 90% of the time.  


	- You hitting the ground

	- Firecracker (4~3) (If opponent is too slow)

dd) 4~3: Firecracker (8/10)

	Hits low, is quick, knocks opponent down.  Stops them 

dead, people don't usually expect it, either.  


	- Low sweep (3 from the ground)

ee) 1+3_2+4, {D}: Cradle Throw (5/10)

	Good for an escape if you start early enough, but the 

throw is off axis a lot of the time, which makes it better to 

just cancel the throw.  All in all, not that great.


	- See Okizeme: Throws

ff) u/f+3 {,4}: Hop Kick (9/10)

	This is a move I discovered the beauty of only recently.  

Really, it's strenth comes in that it is it's fast-as-hell 

execution after going into the Phoenix Position, alowing you to 

often catch people during recovery that you can't for any other 


	In addition, this move has VERY high priority against 

most attacks.  On top of that, it Juggles, and you can use it 

with her other jumping mix-ups.  Learn to use this.


	- See Juggles: Wave Crest




	Ling can do almost anything she can do in the normal 

stance from the Hypnotist Stance (including block).  The only 

exceptions are moves who's inputs overlap with her 2 moves 

from this stance.  (1,1+2)

	- See Defense: Normal Stance




	Ling is without a doubt, an offensive character.  

However, there is one thing to remember: careless offensive 

tactics are not what Master Wang perscribed.  Instead, she 

is best used with a variety of pokes, confusion tactics, 

throws and juggles.  I believe that Ling has one of the best 

overall useful arsenals, with a ton of moves from every 

position, if you mix them effectively, your opponent will have 

no idea what to do.  When that happens, you've already won.  

	Along with not being predictable, there is another 

skill that will win you more matches than ANYTHING else: being 

able to predict and/or bait your opponent.  Ling has so many 

small poking moves, and has many moves from which recovery is 

very, very fast.  Used effectively, you can:

	- Snuff opponents attacks out

	- Major counter opponents attacks

	- Force them to choose between attack levels

	- Totally whiff her, leading to an easy juggle




a) 1, 2: Bayonet (10/10)

	Great in offense as well as defense.  Recovery is fast, 

and allows you to go directly into other moves.  A great move 

to throw out after any whiff, it tends to snuff out other 



	- See Offense: Custom Stringing

b) SS: Sidestep (10/10)

	Thrown out at random, or even as a threataning tactic, 

Ling's sidestep is the best in the game.  Use it often


	- See Offense: Custom Stringing

c) d+1,2: Sunrise Fan (7/10)

	Great move when you expect the next moves may occur 

simultaneously, as it tends to out-prioritize enemy attacks.  

Bad side is that if it's blocked, it has poor recovery.  

Creates a great changeup game with a throw, as the start of 

the animation is unthreatening.  Great on ducking opponents.  


	- See Juggles: Sunrise Fan

d) 4: Standing right kick (9/10)

	Excellent in custom strings, and followup to blocked 

or whiffed moves.  Juggles on counterhit, with a Storming Palm 

followup (you must be VERY FAST).


	- Storming Palm (d/b+1), Running Slide/Cross Chop 

		(WR 3_1+2)

e) b+1+2: Rain Dance (9/10)

	Great to throw out after moves, and just randomly.  

The sidestep from it will dodge most attacks, and leave you 

back-turned for a mistrust when they whiff.


	- Mistrust (4)

	- Throw

f) B+4, SS+4: Back Kick (2/10)

	This move SUCKS on offense.  If the second part does 

NOT connect, Ling will see a world of pain.  It gets 2 points 

because it does decent damage if both hits connect.  


	- Block and hope

g) d/b+2: Storming Palm (10/10)

	This move is in some respects better than Paul's 

Phoenix Smasher:

	- Easier execution

	- Easy to buffer

	- People don't expect it from Ling

	- It takes less space to execute

	The speed is about the same, as well.  It is 

important to note, however, that while it has good range, it 

is NOT anywhere NEAR Paul's (Ling has little tiny arms!).

	Also, this move is better if you throw it in a 

custom string, or after an opponent's whiffed attack, as 

it does have a slight windup time, and it tends to veil the 


	Note: I just came home from my weekly Saturday night 

bouts at Taito: Akita, and I counterhit an entering Heihachi 

for around 45% damage, no joke.  This move ROCKS.


	- See Offense: Charging	

h) 2, 1: April Showers (7/10)

	Good move to mix up the mix, and another good custom 

stringer.  It's also good to hold d/f after 1, to keep Ling 

in her normal stance most of the time (it creates a good 

mixup game for when you DON'T).


	- See Offense: Custom Stringing

	- See Offense: Rain Dance

g) 1+2: Double Palm Strike (4/10)

	This move is only good occasionally.  Usually, I 

do it when the opponent is pushed out of Ling's normal range 

and starts a slower move, although often the Storming Palm 

is better.  I also occasionally use when people duck directly 

in front of me.  


	- See Okizeme : General

h) d/f+1: Belly Chop (7/10)

	Another good custom stringer.  You can play the same 

hold d/f mixup with opponents to trick them.


	- See Offense: Custom Stringing

	- See Offense: Rain Dance

i) Throw: Throw (9/10)

	Throws are one of Ling's strongest assets when used 

correctly.  I have found that while people know that I will 

throw them, can do nothing about it.  

	I tend to use her regular throws (1+3_2+4), and mix 

up which one I do (for people who escape throws).  They 

do good damage, and have good Okizeme (not guarenteed, but 

good, just the same).  

	Also, if a throw IS escaped, my most common response 

is to sidestep immediately, and throw again, changing the 

throw.  This gets people 85% of the time.  


	- See Offense: Okizeme

j) d+1: Sunset Fan (5/10)

	This move is okay on offense, but I would not 

reccomend it very often.  It leaves Ling vunerable (either 

ducking or in the Phoenix Position) to good players.  Also, 

because of the range, it is primarily a defensive move.


	- Cyanide (u/f+4)

	- Bayonet (1,2)

	- Double Palm Strike (1+2)

	- Skyscraper Kick (WS+4)

	- Sunflower (WS+2)

	- On {D}, consult Offense: Phoenix Position

k) d+1+2: Phoenix Position (10/10)

	This is excellent if you use it effectively.  It 

is great for frontal back-and-forth combat, as you can 

immediately follow it up with her Wave Crest-Quick for a 


	If the opponent does not immediately respond, 

you still have a lot of options, though I would not 

reccomend staying still for any time at all.  


	- See Offense: Phoenix Position

l) 1+4_d+1+4: Left/Right Spinners (2/10)

	I do not use these moves at all.  It's too obvious 

and an inferior sidestep for advanced games.  It might work 

against scrubs, however...


	- Strategy: Evasion - Premptive/Reactive

m) WS+2: Sunflower (4/10)

	With this move butchered as it is, offensively, it's 

not great.  It has a somewhat slow execution, and if it's 

blocked, Ling could be in trouble.

n) WS+4: Skyscraper Kick (7/10)

	Very fast execution, knockdown.  'Nuff said.

o) u/f_u_u/b+4: Cyanide (6/10)

	Occasional use move.  Best used when a low move is 

expected, but has funky execution.  On the bright side, you 

can go into her 10 strings from this move.  

p) u+1+2,2,1: Fortune Cookie (5/10)

	Alright move, decent priority, last move can be 

delayed, otherwise not very wise, doesn't string very well.  

Can also be sidestepped easily.  

q) f,f+1+2,1+2: Phoenix Wings (9/10)

	Another move who's usefulness has shown itself to me.

There is a guard stun after the second hit, which makes it 

incredibly good against people blocking.  This makes a really 

really good changeup game.  In addition, it does good damage, 

and tracks better than most people realize.  Also, the second 

hit I believe is guaranteed if the first connects.

	You can also use this without the second hit, after 

which you should do an immediate standing right kick, for 

a float into a Storming Palm.


	- See Juggles: Floats

	- Bayonet (1,2)

	- Belly Chop (d/f+1)

	- Phoenix Position (d+1+2)

	- Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2,1+2)

	- Standing Right Kick (4)

r) f,f+3: Racoon Swing (7/10)

	A good general move to follow up any knockdown with.  

Also a good long range custom string starter.  Leaves you in 

Rain Dance, but the range from opponent will vary.  Use this 

to your advantage - Opponent will not understand usually.

Note: Do NOT overuse this move


	- See Offense: Rain Dance

	- Spinner (u+3+4)

s) f,f+4: Step Kick (7/10)

	This is an occasional move to throw out, don't use 

it often, as it takes a bit to come out, during which Ling 

can get major countered.  However, the timing is kinda funky 

on it, so it may be miss interpreted by the opponent.  


	- None

t) d/b+4: Nutcracker (5/10)

	Another occasional move, not great speed, poor range, 

but is her only normal stance low move.  Knocks opponent down 

face down, head towards Ling on counterhit.  

	Use when opponent is Turtling.


	- See Offense: Custom Stringing

	- See Okizeme: Nutcracker

u) f, f+3+4: Front Layout (7/10)

	A move to use from further range.  Most people do not 

know how to deal with this move, and will fall prey to it, 

but if opponent catches on, cease all but the upmost prudent 

use - Ling can be in a lot of trouble otherwise.  On hit, the 

only guarenteed followup is usually a poke.  

	Also a good measure charging opponents.  


	On Hit/Block:

		- Bayonet (1,2)

		- Front Kick (4)

	On Over Opponent:

		- See Offense: Behind Opponent




	I'm just going to make a few comments in this section, 

as I feel it should be used only sparingly, as Ling is very 

vunerable when she does not move.  

	These moves should be used only in two main situations, 

that is 1) to regain the advantage through a low poke or WS move, 

or 2) inside of a custom string

	Waiting, immobile, ducking is like begging Mistress Nina 

to kick her in the teeth.  

v) FC+1 : Crouch Punch (8/10)

	Everyone has it, use it in custom strings, or when you 

feel you give the opponent too much of an advantage and they are 

attacking in close.


	- See Strategy : Custom Strings

w) WS+2 : Sunflower (5/10)

	This move is butchered.  If you use it and they block, 

be sure your next move is a crouch punch, otherwise you're going 

to eat dirt.  Juggles ONLY on counterhit now, making it a shell 

of the move it once was.  


	On Hit:

		- Crouch Punch (d+1)

	On Counter:

		- See Juggles : Sunflower

x) WS+4 : Skyscraper Kick (8/10) 

	VERY fast execution, decent recovery.  Knocks opponent 

over, with a Raccon Swing (f,f+3) okizeme possible.  Damage is 

small.  Good if you need a breather.  Tends to catch people.  


	- Raccoon Swing (f,f+3)

y) d/df+4, {4} : Flower Garden (6/10)

	Same as from the Phoneix Position.  In fact, if you do 

only one, it leaves you in the Phoenix Position.  


	- See Offense : Phoenix Position

z) d/df+2,1 : Lotus Twist (6/10)

	Okay move, doing only the first will leave you ducking 

in Rain Dance.  Okay for a suprise turn to Rain Dance, but not 

all that useful.  Careful, recovery is not great, especially if 

you miss.  


	- None

	- See Offense : Rain Dance

aa) N, 1+3_2+4 : Stand n' Throw (8/10)

	Let go of the lever for a moment, and notice how fast 

Ling stands up.  Learn to buffer the throw, and it comes out 

like lightning.  


	- See Okizeme : Throws




	When Ling is in the Rain Dance, she has her best arsenal 

available, unfortunately, she is also somewhat vunerable.  Thus, 

the best way to play her with back turned is offensively, not 

giving the opponent a chance.

bb) Throw: Throw (8/10)

	Ling's throw while turned around is a very, very good 

move, and should be used whenever possible.  People will often 

have to choose between this and the mistrust (standing/ducking)  

If you can influence them correctly, you have it.

	There is 1 MAJOR danger with this, however.  If you 

whiff with her throw, Ling remains in Rain Dance and has MAJOR 

recovery time, which proves very, very deadly to the little girl.  


	- See Okizeme: Throws

cc) 4: Mistrust (10/10)

	Mistrust -> Storming Palm is almost Ling's trademark move.  

This move is great, comes out with good speed, hits mid, juggles 

high, recovers with no penalty, and is impossible to see coming 

from the animation.  

	There is one downside, people expect this move, and thus 

will often wait for it.  However, used correctly, this can be 

easily turned to your advantage.  


	- See Juggles: Mistrust

dd) 3: Turn Kick (8/10)

	This move is good in emergencies, or when you sense you're 

beginning to lose the advantage.  Coming out a few frames faster 

than the Mistrust, and having longer range, are it's only 

advantage over the move.  It hits High, so be careful on ducking 

opponents (you should Mistrust them anyways).


	- None

ee) 2, 1, 4: Dark & Stormie -> Mistrust: (9/10)

	This canned string is nice, really nice.  The only 

disadvantage is that the first two hits hit high.  Luckily, if 

either of them hit on counter, and you use full speed on the rest, 

the rest is guaranteed.  

	The REAL strength of this move, though is that it can be 

delayed between both 2 and 3rd hits, and the last move canceled in 

favor of a throw, or even further, having the opponent eat a counter 

hit standing 4 -> Storming Palm.


	- See Juggles: Mistrust

ff) 2: Stormie (6/10)

	This move is her jab when turned around.  Hits high, and is 

basically a setup move, forcing the opponent to react.  Reccomended 

for prudent use, and not to be overused, as opponent may duck and 

hurt you.  


	- See Offense: Rain Dance

gg) SS: Sidestep (9/10)

	Ling's backward sidestep is a great offensive move.  It 

often causes opponents to react, or miss, leaving Ling ready with a 

mistrust or throw, though the former is usually preferable, and 



	- Mistrust (4)

	- Throw

	- Dark & Stormie -> Mistrust (2,1,4)

hh) b+3+4: Roll Ball (8/10)

	A great move when you end up Rain Dance at medium distance 

to opponent, and creates a great confusion game.  The move puts you 

in the opponent's face with Ling in Rain Dance (always a good thing).  

After this, you can do any rain dance tactics, especially a throw or 

mistrust (forcing a duck/not duck game).


	- Mistrust (4)

	- Throw

	- Delay, Rain Dance Tactic

ii) f+3+4,3+4: Cyclone (9/10)

	A move to be used during times of retribution from opponent.  

Ling goes down into the roll ball, and then kicks up with both feet, 

creating a far juggle, and doing good damage.  The move is fairly 

quick, but the real advantage lies in that she goes under a lot of 

attacks during the animation.  Also, this creates more confusion, if 

used in conjunction with the roll ball.  

	If this move is blocked, you have more advantage that the 

opponent often thinks.  The best followup is another Cyclone, as 

opponent will often try to hit her after a block (I fall for this 

tactic more often than I'd like to admit, despite the fact that I 

know it and use it myself).  


	- See Juggles: Cyclone

jj) f,f+3+4: Back Layout (9/10)

	A great move for medium range.  It's got among the best 

priority in the game, stuns on hit and counterhit for a guarunteed 

juggle, and she is safe for almost the entire move.  It's simply 


	This move good/bad against large characters, the nice thing 

is that if she does it close enough to opponent, it will hit the 

opponent with an unblockable on the way up, and then another time 

on the way down, and you can get a 1 hit juggle with an immediate 

Mistrust most of the time (this does excellent damage, by the way).  

The bad thing is that if it hits large opponents with the down hit 

only, it often hits too early to get the automatic Mistrust juggle.  


	- Mistrust (4)

	- Throw

kk) d/f+2: Crouch Punch (6/10)

	This move is ultra fast, and is used primarily if you want 

to custom string Ling between Rain Dance and normal stance or as 

a defense, because of it's speed.  Not really that special, just 

a crouch punch.  


	- See Offense: Custom Stringing

ll) d+3: Back Circle Breaker (6/10)

	Good move for turtling opponents who like to back out of 

throw range of Ling.  Hits low and gives you the advantage.  

Also, if you hold D, Ling will return to Normal Stance.


	- See Offense: Rain Dance

mm) f,f+3: Peg Leg (6/10)

	This move is good if you can get it off.  It has a bit of 

lag at the beginning, and for some reason, against me tends to be 

countered a lot by King (go figure).  The real advantage of this 

is the advantage game it plays.  Ling has no lag on block, and 

so has an illusionary disadvantage, which temps opponents to attack 

almost 95% of the time.  Remember: getting opponents to attack is 

Ling's perogative.


	- Cyclone (b+3+4,3+4)

	- Sidestep

nn) f,f+(1+3_2+4): Hop 'n Throw (7/10)

	Another good move to use at close or medium range, and 

when opponent is not actively attacking Ling.  The move itself is 

one of Ling's most deceptive, as she hops, waves her arms wildly, 

making it look like an attack, and then lands to throw the opponent.  

Most people can't deal with this move, even if they know it and have 

fought against it.  

	Also, this move can be used to counter low attacks against 

Ling as she hops over them.  This move earns you great style points 

with observers.

	Be very careful, though.  This move has horrid recovery on 



	- See Okizeme: Throws




oo) 4~3 : Firecracker (8/10)

	A good move, fairly fast, and plays a great changeup game 

with the Wave Crests.  Best pulled immediately after going into 

Phoenix Position.  Doesn't do the best damage, but does knock the 

opponent down.  

	Careful, though.  On block, Ling is grounded, but in slide 

position, meaning she can be picked up by some moves.  


	- None

pp) 1+2_d+1+2_d,1+2 : Wave Crests (9/10)

	Great juggle starters, with variable speed depending on 

the input.  Not incredibly punishable on block either.  It's best 

to input a chicken, however, as some players wait for this move.  


	- See Juggles: Wave Crest

qq) 1_2 : Handful Left_Right (6/10)

	A quick poke, leaves Ling in a sort of half ducking, half 

standing position.  However, this means that a WS move is possible 

fairly quickly afterwards.  Reccomend WS+2 if you are sure of a 

counter, WS+4 otherwise.


	- See Offense: Normal Stance

rr) u+4,{4} : Flower Power (6/10)
	This move is okay to keep you on the offense, but is risky, 

especially if you do the second one because the opponent definately 

has the advantage.  Usually, after I do two of them, I will immediately 

throw out an attack parry (this actually works almost 70% of the time).  

	Otherwise, it is wise to just block, as you are likely going to 

eat any move the opponent gives you.  Another option is to go 

immediately into the Phoenix Position, but it is more risky, as for 

some reason, TTT doesn't like to take buffered directional commands and 

buttons together for some reason.  Also, it is slower, and Ling may 

take a counter to the face.  

	If you do NOT use the second flower power, you have really two 

options: recover ducking and go from there, or hold U when you input 

the first move, and end in Rain Dance.  The second is only good because 

of it's suprise factor, as Ling has a disadvantage when doing this.  


	- See Above

ss) f+4,{4} : Flower Garden (5/10)

	Use this only in very close, as the range is very small.  If 

you do two, you end up ducking with an illusionary disadvantage.  This 

is caused by the speed that her WS+4 comes out (use WS+2 if you're 

gutsy, and be sure to chicken either one!).  

	If you don't do the second, you're left in the Phoenix 

Position, Go from there.  


	- See Above

tt) f+3+4 : Roll Ball (6/10)

	A move that would be best used at far range, but unfortunatly 

doing so give the opponent time to hit you, and so it should not be 

used as such.  Better used at medium to close range, as a confusion 

tactic, as it leaves you in ducking stance, which is not optimum for 

a Ling assault.  


	- WS+4

	- WS+2

	- Phoenix Position

	- Side Step

uu) f+(1+3_2+4), {d} : Cradle Throw (7/10)

	This move is good for an escape... sometimes.  It's actually 

slower than it looks in getting off of the oppponent's axis, so be 

wary in using it to avoid hits.  Out of this move, you can either 

throw or tap down to cancel the throw and recover crouching 

(reccomended).  Most people will duck the throw, leaving you open, 

so be careful in using it.  In addition, in TTT, the throw seems to 

track worse than it did in 3,  


	- See Throws: Okizeme

	- See Offense: Ducking




	When Ling is in the Hypnotist Stance, she can do almost 

anything she can in the normal position.  With this in mind, use 

it as a scare tactic, making them think you are vunerable, or 

are going to come out with 1 of the two moves from this stance, 

of which I rarely use.  Throws are highly encouraged.  

	During this stance, Ling will take 4 steps, ending ON 

the forth (not after).  After each step, the damage (and lag in 

beginning for the Spin Sticker) will increase.  Note: you can 

restart the Hypnotist stance by pressing B+1+2.

	This move is utilized better in sidestepping tactics 

with Ling.  

vv) 2 : Spin Sticker (7/10)

	This move sidesteps and ducks Ling before coming out, 

and sends Opponent flying on connect.  Follow with a charge.  

Not highly reccomended because people expect it too much.  


	- Charge!

ww) 1+2 : Thunder Strike (3/10)

	Ling's unblockable is decent in damage, she ducks in 

execution, it tracks like a SOB and has deceptively long range

but yet does NOT connect with any regularity.  Don't ask me 

why, perhaps I don't utilize it correctly.  

	Not reccomended, people can step away in time or 

duck punch her out of it, giving them the advantage.  


	- None




	The charge is a great offensive tactic for Ling, but 

at the same time, high risk.  It is important not to be too 

forward in TTT about charging in general, because there are 

many more options for avoidance/payback than there were in 3.  

	The most common mistake is to get too close to the 

opponent before executing your move, this can be extremely 

fatal, so watch your step!

xx) 4 : Slide (9/10)

	I use this by far the most often.  Even advanced 

players fall for it time after time, expecting a frontal 

attack or throw.  Gives you a chance for a followup sweep 

as well, or, if the opponent immediately tags out, you can 

sweep juggle the newcommer.  


	- Play by Ear

yy) 3 : Jump Kick (8/10)

	I use this only when people have been blocking the 

slide as a followup.  It's got very little range, and for 

some reason people duck when they see the animation, 

expecting to duck it.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work that 

way.  A little bit more risky than the slide.


	- None

zz) 1+2 : Flying Cross Chop (7/10)

	Even more risky, as it takes more time to come out, 

sometimes allowing the opponent to hit you first.  I use it 

for far opponents, especially large ones, because it sometimes 

hits them even if they're grounded.  

aaa) N : Shoulder Charge (6/10)

	Unblockable, but takes a LOT of time to get going, you 

also may get hit first, which makes it difficult to pull off.  


	- None

bbb) N : Ultimate Tackle (4/10)

	I don't use this very often, as it's too risky in TTT.  

Ling really doesn't do much damage with her little slaps, 

anyways, so it's not worth it in my opinion.  Plus, it can be 



	- Slaps (1_2 x 5)

ccc) N : Body Stomp (6/10)

	Good move usually.  This only occurs when the opponent 

is lying down.  Fairly safe, unless you give the opponent too 

much time to recover, in which case you can be low swept.  


	- None

ddd) Stop Short, Sidestep (8/10)

	Defensive manuver, puts Ling into position to make an 

attack.  Use any of Lings evasive sidesteps from her basic, to 

the cartwheel, to the back turn.  Change it up!

eee) d/b+1 : Storming Palm (7/10)

	A good one because the timing is a little odd the 

opponent may try to hit you as you run in, but this move will 

usually out prioritize his move if done correctly.  

	Best part about it: on counter, you get to charge 



	- Charge!

fff) f,f+1+2,f+1+2 : Phoenix Wings (6/10)

	Quite risky, but has lots of possibilities for 

devistating damage to the opponent.  If this move out 

prioritizes, he takes a good 30+ Points.  On counter hit it's 

more.  If the SECOND hit is on counter, you get a float from 

which you can do a small juggle or a Storming Palm (d/f+1)


	- F+4

	- Charge!

	- d/f+1

	- Throw

ggg) Stop Short, Front Layout (6/10)

	A little risky.  If the opponent does a long move, 

you will be back to back with them, but if they recover too 

fast, they'll kick you out of the air before you land behind 

them.  Best followup is a Cyclone.  


	- Cyclone (f+3+4,3+4)

	- See Tactics : Behind Opponent

hhh) Throw : (4/10)

	This is one time in which it is NOT reccomended to 

throw.  The charge gives people too much time to see you 

coming, and will more than likely hit you before you get a 



	- See Okizeme : Throws




	Okizeme is, put simply, "Hitting the opponent while he's down."

Some call it cheap (scrubs, no good players), but it's a great way to 

add damage to Ling's game, especially because many of her moves offer 

such great opportunities to do so, and are damaging.  So, without 

further ado...




	Ling's okizeme is best used exclusively at close range, like 

most peoples.  It is often uncertain (as well as unwise), to hit far 

ranged opponents lying on the ground by charging in and doing a move, 

because 9 times out of 10, they will out prioritize you.  The only 

somewhat "safe move" in this situation being the Racoon Swing (f,f+3).

I use the following codes for the Okizeme section:

[D] - Good damage

[d] - Poor damage

[F] - Good Followups

[f] - Poor (or no) Followups

[P] - Good Position is gained by the move

[p] - Poor Position after execution

[S] - Usually a safe move

[s] - Fairly unsafe move

[H] - Usually Hits

[h] - Hitting is Risky

* If not noted otherwise, moves are somewhere in the neurtral range.  

a) d/f+2,1 : Sunrise Fan (9/10) [DF...]

	This move is AWSOME against grounded opponents.  It comes out 

with good speed, hits several times, and does good damage.  However, 

it does not work well UNLESS the opponent is sideways from Ling.  

Doing so otherwise will hit the opponent 1-2 times, and give them a 

major advantage.  Good followup is Racoon Swing (f,f+3) to Back Circle 

Breaker ((RD) d+3)

	There is one danger in this move, in that the opponent may 

quick rise to block it.  This situation is covered in Strategy : Ling's 


Best used when:

	- Opponent is on his side, and refuses to move OR has just 

been knocked down.


	- Tag -> Slide [.fpS.]

	Opponent Rolls (likely):

		- Racoon Swing (f,f+3) 	  [dFPSH]

		- Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2) [D..sh]

	Opponent Stays:

		- Fire Dancer ((FC),3) 	  [D.p.h]

		- Racoon Swing (f,f+3)    [dFPSH]

b) d/b+4 :  (5/10) [.F.S.]

	Okay move, fairly safe if done right away, and you want to 

stay in front stance.  Has poor range, though, allowing it to miss 

if you're too far.  Not bad if the opponent is rolling towards you 

either, because it leads to more followup opportunities.

Best used when:

	- Opponent rolls towards you, and you aren't ducking.

	- Opponent lies still, with feet or head towards Ling


	Opponent Stays:

		- Racoon Swing (f,f+3) 	  [dFPSH]

	Opponent Rolls:

		- Racoon Swing (f,f+3) 	  [dFPSH]

		- Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2) [D..sh]

		- Step Kick (f,f+4) 	  [D.P.h]

		- Fire Dancer ((FC),3)    [D.p.h]

c) d/b+3 : Knee Cracker (5/10) [d.PSH]

	This move is not bad as a confusion tactic, as it will often 

cause the opponent to flinch, allowing you to do a number of things.  

Note: this move does NO damage, it's only nudges the opponent.

Best Used When: 

	- Opponent is sideways

	- Opponent just starting a move (possible float)


	Opponent Stays:

		- Racoon Swing (f,f+3) 	  [dFPSH]

		- Nut Cracker (d/b+4) 	  [.F.S.]

		- Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1)   [DF...]

	Opponent Rolls:

		- Racoon Swing (f,f+3) 	  [dFPSH]

		- Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2) [D..sh]

		- Step Kick (f,f+4) 	  [D.P.h]

		- Fire Dancer ((FC),3) 	  [D.p.h]

d) FC+3,{2...} : Fire Dancer (7/10) [Dfp.h]

	This move has the potential for the most damage of any of 

Ling's Okizeme, as it goes directly to her standard Juggle.  

Unfortunately, it's hard to hit with on a wary opponent.  Keep in 

mind that some of her longer combos will miss the last move from 

this juggle, as it is slightly lower than her standard starters.  

Best Used when:

	- You block a slide attack, or Opponent is Short.

	- Opponent does a move that grounds him in front of your 


	- You can anticipate a roll forwards or backwards


	Opponent Juggles:

		- See Juggles : Fire Dancer


		- No followups possible

e) f,f+3+4 : Back Layout (6/10) [..P..]

	This move has a specialized use for long range Okizeme.  

Use it sparingly, though, as it can be seen coming.  The advantage 

is that the opponent on the ground will often take incorrect steps 

to avoid being hit by this move, either leaving him standing or 

on the ground after being hit.

Best Used when:

	- Opponent is at medium distance, recently grounded.


	Opponent is Hit on Ground:

		Opponent Rolls:

			- Racoon Swing (f,f+3) 	  [dFPSH]

			- Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2) [D..sh]

			- Fire Dancer ((FC),3) 	  [D.p.h]

		Opponent Stays:			

			- Racoon Swing (f,f+3) 	  [dFPSH]

f) f,f+3 : Racoon Swing (10/10) [dFPSH]

	Okay, this move gets a 10/10 because of the following 

reasons: 1) It's almost a guarunteed hit 2) It ends back turned 

3) there are good, and (almost) guarunteed followups 4) It's a 

pretty safe move.

	If you notice, this move is part of most of my Okizeme 

tactics, putting me in position to begin with the next attack.  

However, if opponent is rising when this move connects, be SURE 

you IMMEDIATELY sidestep.  If you don't, at worse, you'll 

probably take a single hit to the back.  

Best Used when:

	- Just about any time at all (while opponent is on the 



	- Back Circle Breaker ((RD) d+3) 	  [d.PSH]

	- Peg Leg ((RD) f,f+3) 			  [D.Psh]

f) (RD) d+3 : Back Circle Breaker (8/10) [d.PSH]

	This move is almost guaranteed after the Racoon Swing 

(f,f+3) if executed immediately, and is if the opponent happened 

to be rolling when they were hit.  The damage is negligable, but 

this move is an inportant part in a great little attack pattern 

Ling has.  

Best Used When:

	- Following Racoon Swing (f,f+3) [dFPSH]


	- See Strategy : Ling's Tricks

g) (RD) f,f+3 : Peg Leg (7/10) [D.Psh]

	This move, to be honest, almost NEVER hits if the opponent 

does anything but just sit there.  So why do I give it a 7 rating, 

you ask?  See Strategy : Ling's Tricks for the answer.

Best Used When:

	- See Strategy : Ling's Tricks


	- See Strategy : Ling's Tricks




	The main reasons Ling's throwing game is so deadly is that 

there are very good Okizeme followups.  Learn to use these, and you 

can REALLY punish the opponent.  Indeed: this a major part of Ling's 

fgame, in my opinion.  


Front Throws - Jade (1+3) and Ruby (2+4)


	After both of Ling's front throws, there is a very good 

followup: Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1).  Follow up with anything you 


	There is 1 pitfall, however.  This move CAN be blocked, 

but it is very difficult to do.  For people who DO know how to 

block it, however, there is a trick...

- See Strategy : Ling's Tricks


Side Throws - Dump the Bucket (Right), Arm Flip (Left)


	Ling's Right throw (Dump the Bucket) doesn't really give 

you much of an option for good Okizeme.  The best you can hope 

for is if you do an immediate Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2,1+2), you 

can sometimes catch them if they're doing rising kick or sweep.  

It's risky business, though.  

	Ling's Left throw (Arm Flip) on the other hand, is an 

incredibly good thing.  See Ling's Tricks for details.  

- See Strategy : Ling's Tricks


Back Throw - Crank Up


	Aside from doing really nice damage for a character who 

can get back throws as often as Ling does, it also has a very good 

possibility for an immediate Juggle afterwards.  

	The trick is this (will be recapped in Strategy : Ling's 

Tricks) :

	Immediately after Ling's Crank Up back throw, duck, and 

wait for any sign of a flinch from the opponent.  Most people think 

that because of the range, they are safe from her by rolling back... 

but Ling has incredibly long legs for such a tiny Chinese girl, 

and her little juggling sweep can still catch them most of the time.  

	When they move, hit 3, 2 and Juggle!




	Ling actually has fewer options than most people from the 

ground.  She can't perform the normal b,b+3+4, or f,f+1+2 moves like 

most people can.  This means you have to be somewhat more prudent.  

	HOWEVER, Ling does have 1 thing in particular that in all 

likelyhood, more than makes up for it: She can juggle opponents while 

she herself is on the ground!

	The move in question is simply her Rising Low Sweep (3) and 

followed immediately by the Fire Dancer (d+3) into a rain dance combo.

Note: this juggle is a bit lower than most of her others, and thus, 

if you try to put a Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2,1+2) on the end, you will

more than likely miss (but not always!).  

	As a result, I tend to use rising kick moves a lot more than 

I would with other characters when using Ling.  This can occcasionaly 

get me into trouble with people who anticipate it, but wins me a lot 

of damage, so I live with it.  

	The best time to use the sweep is on people who use careless 

Okizeme tactics against you.  The move is fast, very fast, so you 

can get it in a lot, but beware of low blockers.  Reccomend to mix 

it with her Rising High Kick (4) if you're unsure.

	Other than that, use quick recoveries, rolls, etc. as you 

would with other characters.




	In TTT, Tagging in and out safely is no less an important 

skill than knowing your character.  Doing so unsafely will result 

in many spent Quarters (or 100 Yen pieces, depending where you are).  

	Ling has a few advantages when tagging that other players 

don't, so it's important to learn them and use them to your 





	Ling's entering moves are standard, that is, she has the 

Slide (f,f,N+4), the Head Dive (f,f,N+1+2), the Jump Kick (f,f,N+3), 

and the Run Cancel->Backflip (u/b,b).  

	I will not explain the use of these moves individually, as 

they are well known and you should be able to determine when they 

should be used.  I will instead suggest moves from Ling's arsenal 

to use when entering.  

a) d+1+2 : Phoenix Position (9/10)

	This is a GREAT move, as long as you don't overuse it.  

It's suprises people who want to hit you as you come in, as it makes 

thier attacks whiff.  Follow up with a quick Wave Crest (~1+2).  If 

you misjudge, and the enemy doesn't attack immediately, follow up 

with a Firecracker (4~3) or another Rain Dance Tactic.  

	Use on aggressive opponents attempting to hit you 

immediately on entry.


	- Wave Crests (1+2)

	- Firecracker (4~3)

b) d/b+1 : Storming Palm (7/10)

	This one is great when done well, but is only good in 

situations where the opponent is either recovering close to the 

side of the screen, or is attempting to attack you, but is attacking 

you towards the end of your run.  This will out prioritise them, and 

likely counterhit.  But be wary.


	- Running Charge

c) SS_b+3+4_f+1+2_f+3+4 : Sidestep, Rain Dance, Cartwheel, Leap Right


	These are good if the opponent is not on top of you when you 

come in, or is attacking you with really bad latancy when you come in.  

	Be careful if the opponent has already begun a move, though.  

With the cartwheel and Leap right, you will probably not completely 

avoid an attack, but the damage will be much less.  With the Sidestep 

and Rain Dance, you might get nailed if you're too close.


	- See Tactics : Evasion Reactive

d) Throw : (7/10)

	This move is good on an "indecisive" opponent.  If they're not 

attacking, they'll probably expect an immediate attack, so run up and 

grab them immediately.  


	- See Okizme : Throws




	There's really no extra trick to tagging out with Ling in 

comparison with any other character.  I will now go over methods of 

tagging out.  

e) 2+5 : Tag Throw (8/10)

	Tag throws are a great option for her, because of her speed 

and ability to make people eat them.  Although, sometimes the prospect 

of getting close to an opponent while low on life is sometimes 


f) (RD) 4~5 : Mistrust [Tag] (5/10)

	This is not bad if you happen to be in the position where you 

can use this move to tag out, great: more power to you.  Unfortunately, 

it requires her to go to the trouble of getting into the Rain Dance, 

which is dangerous if she is low on life.  It's more of a risky manuver 

than I like to take considering how low her stamina is.  Good juggle 

starter, however.  

g) (PP) d+1+2~5 : Wave Crest - Power [Tag] (5/10)

	The wave crests are tagable, but this option is brought down for 

a couple of reasons:

1 - Ling CAN NOT tag out while in the Phoenix Position - a fact 

that has flustered me once or twice in a game - making this position 

somewhat dangerous while low on life.

2 - If the opponent blocks, or you miss, you lose the round.

	On the up side: you get a good juggle if you connect.  

h) (PP) 4~3,5 : Firecracker, Tag (8/10)

	This move makes you go into the Phoenix Position, but the 

move itself has a much lower chance of being blocked, allowing you to 

tag out safely, and tag in RELATIVELY safely as well.  The opponent 

will be grounded, or rising when your partner comes in.  

i) d+2,1~5 : Sunrise Fan (5/10)

	This move is a DANGEROUS one to use.  The move itself, if 

connected, insures a safe exit and entry for your team from the front 

position.  Unfortunately, the penalty for failure, is death, as the 

recovery time for this move is enough for any medium speed juggle 

starter.  You also might be able to juggle SOMETHING off of this.  

j) WS+2 : Sunflower (3/10)

	This has about a 25% chance of you surviving.  Unless you 

feel lucky - little girl - don't use it to tag out.  You get almost 

no chance of a juggle, anyways.  

k) 1,2_d/f+1,WC+1_4 : Poking tactics (8/10)

	This is my usual way of tagging out if an opportunity is 

not immediately obvious.  Basically, I do a small poking move, and 

tag out after a connect.  This often causes a retaliation move that 

will most time miss your partner coming in (but not always!), thus 

give you a juggle starting opportunity.  




	Ling is a very good juggler - better than most people think.  

Her juggle do decent (not Mishima level, but very good) damage, and 

can be extremely long.  Unfortunately, her Juggle starters are not 

as good as say, EWGF, but they do the job.

	A lot of your game should be centered around an occasional 





a) (RD) 4 : Mistrust (10/10)

	This is Ling's signature starter.  It juggles high, and 

allows almost all of her juggles.  Comes out fast, Highly 


b) ~1+2_1+2_d+1+2 : Wave Crests (7/10)

	This is a good juggle starter.  It's impossible to hit an 

unaware person with, but works great on countering other attacks.  

The d+1+2 version is a Class 1 starter, and is her highest.  

c) WS+2 : Sunflower (5/10)

	As a juggle starter, no.  This move is unreliable unless 

you're ducking under a string and know you can get a counterhit.  

I would give up the Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1) to have this move back 

in full.  

d) d/f+2,1 : Sunrise Fan (8/10)

	A new move to TTT, this is the best improvement they've 

given her (though not enough for what they took away).  It 

juggles head towards Ling, which SEVERELY limits her options, 

but it does it's job nonetheless.  




	Okay, this is by no means the end all of juggles for Ling, 

and I intend to update this section once tekken.net gets around to 

listing them.

	For those who doubt Ling's juggle ability, I ask them to 

compare them to, say, Jin's Laser scraper combos.  Ling's will 

usually do more.  In fact, Ling's better Juggles will do from 1/3 

to 1/2 (on Kali) of the opponent's life bar.  This is by no means 

weak in any fashion.  

	Note, [***] Indicates a good damage combo.

	Also note that all of these juggles have not been tested, 

ESPECIALLY in the Sunrise Fan category.  I have a number of sources 

for these juggles, as well as personal experience.

	They are as follows:

From tekken.net forums:

	* TekkenSmoker

	* Marsical Gump

	* LingPanda

	* StatiK

	* SmuvMoney

Mistrust Juggles


	Ling's best Juggle starter for many reasons.  From this 

move she can do close to her most damaging juggles.  

Mistrust ( (RD) 4 ) ->

	* d+4_d/f+1_WS+2

		* 2,{2},{2},{2} [***]

		* 2,{2},...

			* ~1

				* f,f+1+2,1+2 	[***]

				* d/f+3		

				* d/f+1 	

				* d+4		

				* d/b+4 	

				* d/b+3		

				* (FC) 3	


			* 3 

			* 4 

			* d+3

		* 3 

		* 4 

	* d/b+1 

	* f+4   

	* 1

		* f,f+1+2,1+2 	[***]

		* d/b+1 [Big Only] [***]

		* d/f+3		

		* d/f+1 	

		* d+4		

		* d/b+4 	

		* d/b+3		

		* (FC) 3	

		* d+2,d/f+4

		* d/f+2,1 [~5]

		* d/f+1

		* f+3

		* D+2,WS+4

		* D+2,D+3

		* 1,1,f,f+3 

	* 1,2   

		* f+4 	

		* d/b+1	

The juggle I almost always use is:

	Mistrust -> d/f+1, 2, 2~1, f,f+1+2.

However, I will occasionally go for just

	Mistrust -> d/b+1

if I know the person will die, or if I'm running out of 

time with my Kali.

Wave Crest Juggles


	With the wave crest Quick and Normal, you can do 

most of the Mistrust followups minus the f+4 and d/b+1.  

Keep in mind that fewer of the (RD) 2,{2}... are 

reccomended to get the end of the juggle off.

	The wave crest Power is Ling's highest launcher,

and allows for a few extra juggles.  Any of her Mistrust 

Juggles are good, but there a few additional Juggles that 

should be added.

Wave Crest - Quick ( (PP) ~1+2 ) ->

Wave Crest - Normal ( (PP) 1+2 ) ->

	All Mistrust followups except d/b+1 and f+4.

Wave Crest - Power ( (PP) d+1+2 ) ->

	* d+1+2

		* ~1+2

		* u+4

			* ws+2

				* 2,{2},{2} 

				* 2,1

					* f,f+1+2,1+2 	[***]

					* d/f+3		

					* d/f+1 	

					* d+4		

					* d/b+4 	

					* d/b+3		

					* (FC) 3	

	* u/f,N+4 (7/10)

		* f,f+1+2 [***]

		* d+4	  

	Both of the above juggles ending with f,f+1+2 are 

fairly difficult, but worth the effort if you can get them.

Sunflower Juggles


	Though toned down, this move is still a nice 

juggle starter on counter.  It basically puts you into the 

same position as if you used the WS+2 link off a Mistrust, 

plus a bit more.  

Sunflower (WS+2) ->

	See Mistrust Juggles off of the WS+2 link for juggles.

Sunrise Fan Juggles


	This move juggle opponents with head facing Ling, and 

not very high, thus limiting her options.

Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1) ->

	* d/f+2,1 [~5] [***]

	* 1

		* f,f+1+2,1+2 	[***]

		* d/b+1 [Big Only] [***]

		* d/f+3		

		* d/f+1 	

		* d+4		

		* d/b+4 	

		* d/b+3		

		* (FC) 3	

		* d+2,d/f+4

		* d/f+2,1 [~5]

		* d/f+1

		* f+3

		* D+2,WS+4

		* D+2,D+3

		* 1,1,f,f+3 

		* d/b+3,d/b+3,d/b+3,f,f+3 [Really Taunting]

			* 2, d+4, 2+3+4 [Taunt!]

			* 2,{2}

				* 3

				* 4

			* 2~1

				* d/f+3

				* d/f+1

				* d/b+3


			* d+2,d/f+1,2,4 [Big Only]

	* 1,2	

		* 1,2, f,f+3

		* 1,2,d/f+4

	* d/f+1,2~1

		* f,f+1+2,1+2

	* d/f+1

		* 3 	(8/10)

		* 4 	(7/10)

		* d+3 	(6/10)				


I usually just go for the d/f+2,1, as it's the easiest, and 

almost never misses (but beware if you do it too late, it 

can be techrolled!).

Cyclone Juggles


	With the Cyclone, you have a few additional options

over the Mistrust, but you also have some disadvantages.

Cyclone ((RD) f+3+4, 3+4) ->

	* f,f, 2,{2}...

		* See Mistrust section for juggles

	* f+3+4, 3+4

	* u/f,N+3

	* u/f,N+4

	* 3

	* 4




	Ling has a few moves that float, and while I will 

not get technical here, I will list a few followups for them.

Standing Right Kick on counterhit:

	Storming Palm (d/b+1) is about all you're gonna get off.

Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2,1+2) second hit on counterhit

	* Storming Palm (d/b+1)

	* Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2,1+2)

Nutcracker (d/b+4) on counterhit, Knee Cracker (d/b+3) OR

Back Circle Breaker ( (RD) d+3 ) on counterhit, Reverse Knee 

Cracker ( (RD) d+4 ):

	* 1, f,f+1+2,1+2 [HARD AS HELL]

	* f,f+1+2,1+2 [HARD AS HELL, but easier]

Someone gave me this last float, but I totally forget who it 

was.  It was on tekken.net's forum, and I apologize to that 

person.  If you would like me to put your name her, please 

notify me!




	In this section, I will go into the basic, 

and intricate strategy of playing Ling.  These 4 strategies 

are the main ways in which I have found effective to use 


	Certain stratagies are better against certain kinds 

of opponent, as well as specific characters.  This will be 

discussed in detail at a later date.  

	In General, Ling is at her peak against offensive 

characters - ESPECIALLY pitbulls.  Turtles are generally 

her weakness, with every other type of style somewhere in 

between.  Another type of person to fear is the person who 

knows Ling well - they are the people who can punish you 

after certain moves where Ling is vunerable (they exist in 

more places than people think).  More on this later.  




Name : 			Schoolgirl's Temprement (jyoshikousei 

			no seikaku)

Best Used Against : 	Low-HighAverage Level Pitbulls, 


Effectiveness :		7/10

Fun Factor :		10/10

Strengths :		Allow you to avoid attacks all

			together if used right.  Is fun as 

			hell and taunting to your opponent.

			Evasion often coinsides with an enemy's 

			reprisal, leaving Ling in prime position.  

Weaknesses :		If you make a mistake, you can 

			be punished for it.  High level 

			players will not fall for it as 


Primary Purpose: 	Confuse the enemy, provoking them 

			into making mistakes by attacking 

			Ling while she is sidestepping, thus 

			giving you opportunity for side/back 

			throws or juggle starters.

	Basically, this is Ling as she was ment to be played.  

Unfortunately, due to many of the changes made to Ling since 

Tekken 3, this option has been taken away from her at higher 

level play (mainly due to the fact that the Mistrust now does 

a head-over-heels knockdown instead of juggle when done behind 

the opponent).  

	In this strategy, you will use a lot of Sidesteps, 

Rain Dance back turns, Spinners, Cartwheels and Leaps.  To mix 

it up, you should also use the Phoenix and Hypnotist Positions.  

	The main trick is to keep moving, and to watch your 

opponents actions carefully.  When in doubt, sidestep, when not 

in doubt, sidestep: it's the name of the game.  There are a few 

reactions that the typical opponent will have to this:

1) Opponent continually turtles while backing up

	This is the most annoying type of reaction, and one that 

you really have very little control over.  If the opponent 

continuously does this, you should 

a) Front or sidestep Throw them

b) Use her Knee cracker (d/b+3), Nutcracker (d/b+4), or 

   Firecracker ((PP) 4~3) to break thier block, and encourage 

   some reprisal.

c) Use her Roll Ball ((PP) f+3+4) and California Roll 

   ((RD) f+3+4) and changeup with Throw/Mistrust (Risky)

d) Use her Back Layout ((RD) f,f+3+4) from in close.  If the 

person continues to back up, he'll be in trouble, even if he 

doesn't, if you make it up in the air, Ling should be safe.  

2) They try to pitbull you

	Switch to reactive evation (you'll beat them soon).

3) Opponent Turtles, without backing up

	This is easy to counter, as if they don't back up, 

thier axis fails to change despite thier ducking.  You can 

mistrust them or throw them from the side.

4) Opponent will Turtle with intent to bait you into coming 


	This is the most common reaction, and the best trick 

is to beat them at thier own game.  

	You can do this by making false approaches, and using 

confusion tactics like the Left and Right Spinners (d+3+4, 3+4).  

These are only needed for excessively conservative opponents, 

who have proven themselves to be good at avoiding Ling tactics, 

and should be very carefully given out.  

	Usually, people who try this will fail against a clever 

Ling player, unless they have extensive experience against her.  

	I usually mix this tactic with Poking : Instigation.  

Primary Moves:


	- Sidestep (SS)

	- Cartwheel Left (f+1+2)

	- Leap Right (f+3+4)

	- Rain Dance (b+3+4)

	- Phoenix Stance (d+1+2)

	- Roll Ball ((PP) f+3+4)

	- California Roll ((RD) f+3+4)

	- Cradle Throw {Cancel} (1+3_2+4,{d})


	- Throw

	- Mistrust (4)

	- Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1)

	- False Salute (1+3+4) \ Whoever said 'attacks'

	- Greetings (2+3+4)    / had to do damage? ^^




Name : 			Maiden's Prerogative (otome no tokken)

Best Used Against : 	Low-High Level Pitbulls

Effectiveness :		9/10

Fun Factor :		7/10

Strengths :		Makes your opponent miss you 

			completely, setting you up for 

			painful retribution opportunities.  

Weaknesses :		Moves that track, 360 Degree axis 

			moves, slow reaction on the part of the 

			Ling player can all MAJORLY punish her 

			while using this.  

Primary Purpose: 	Lings most damaging method of play 

			if done correctly, allows you to 

			really do damage.

	The main difference between this and premptive 

evasion is the fact that you don't use as much of the 

outgoing Ling moves to begin with, but do more of a give 

and take game, with occasional Sidestep, Cartwheel (f+1+2), 

Rain Dance (b+3+4), or Phoenix Position (d+1+2).

	This is the primary method I use, as people don't 

know as much about Ling's frontal arsenal as her back-

turned.  As a result, people seem to underestimate her, 

and it adds more variety to her game.  In fact, unlike 

most people who play Ling, I tend to use her front game 

more than her back, and use the Rain Dance mostly for 

specific purposes such as changeups, stringing and 


Primary Moves:


	- Sidestep (SS)

	- Cartwheel Left (f+1+2)

	- Rain Dance (b+3+4)

	- Phoenix Stance (d+1+2)

	- Roll Ball ((PP) f+3+4)

	- California Roll ((RD) f+3+4)


	- Throw

	- Mistrust ((RD) 4)

	- Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1)

	- Wave Crest - Quick (~1+2)

	- Firecracker ((PP) 4~3)




Name : 			Teasing the Teacher (Sensei wo ijimeru)

Best Used Against : 	Fast characters, or those with 

			Linear or High moves

Effectiveness :		7/10

Fun Factor :		9/10

Strengths :		Can set you up for some good damage

			counters and juggles.

Weaknesses :		You may eat a move with higher 


Primary Purpose: 	Another method of setting opponent 

			up in order to retaliate.  


	This strategy is about as defensive as Ling gets.  

The idea is to use nothing but small, fast pokes and 

occasional evasion tactics to safely do damage to the enemy.  

It's basically a back and forth tactic, changing from offense 

to defense and back again - something Ling is very good at, 

though not the MOST effective way to play her.  Note, although 

you should use pokes often, it does not keep you from going 

for an occasional powerful move or juggle starter.  More often 

than not, you will be forced into this strategy by better 

players, so it's important to learn.

	I use this rarely by choice, as there are usually better 

ways to beat the enemy.  It can be, however, EXTREMELY annoying 

to the opponent when you poke thier life away from every move 

they do.  

	The primary requisites are extremely fast pokes, and 

small damage strings, with an occasional throw if the opponent 

opens themselves up too much.  If he flinches, throw out a 

poke.  If he stands there, go over and poke them or throw them, 

or juggle them with a Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1) when they duck.  

	The whole idea of play is basically a back and forth 

strategy, with capitalization on slow moves that can be stopped 

with small pokes.  

	The Bayonet (1,2) is your primary weapon, it's tied for 

the fastest move in the game, and is almost always a great 

followup to moves that recover at fast to medium speed (anything 

more, and you should juggle or throw them).  It's also good if 

you can see a move coming before it comes out (i.e. double 

forward tap moves).  Better yet is the Standing Right Kick (4), 

as it's almost as fast as the Bayonet (albeit 2 frames), and 

on counterhit, floats with a Storming Palm (d/b+1) followup 

for very good damage.  

Primary Moves:


	- Bayonet (1,2)

	- Belly Chop (d/f+1,{d/f})

	- April Showers (2,1,{d/f})

	- Bayonet McTwist (1,d+2)

	- Standing Right Kick (4)

	- Storming Palm (d/b+1)

	- Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1)

	- Racoon Swing (f,f+3)

	- Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2,1+2)

	- Flower Garden ((PP) f+4,{4})

	- Flower Power ((PP) u+4,{4})

	- Wave Crests ((PP) ~1+2_1+2_d+1+2)

	- Firecracker ((PP) 4~3)

	- Skyscraper Kick (WS+4)

	- Sunflower (WS+2)

	- Step Kick (f,f+4)




Name : 			Wrath of the Schoolgirl (jyoshikousei 

			no hageshii ikari)

Best Used Against : 	Slow Characters, especially those with 

			no good pokes.  Turtles.  

Effectiveness :		7/10

Fun Factor :		7/10

Strengths :		Does not give opponents a chance to 

			react, or will score counterhits for 

			good damage when they try to retaliate.

Weaknesses :		You may eat a move with higher priority.

			Chickens are often difficult to buffer.

			Damage is not that great compared to 

			other methods usually.  

Primary Purpose: 	Keep the pressure on the opponent so that 

			he can't react, useful especially as the 

			opponent is tagging out, to be prepared 

			for the entrance of the partner.  

	Ling's custom strings are EXCELLENT.  She's probably among 

the best in the game in this area.  Her moves are fast, most have 

quick recovery, and add up to damage when you use them to work in 

a throw or juggle starter.  

	I do have use some standard strings in my repitoire, mostly 

because they have worked so well for me consistantly.  On my better 

days, I tend to do something I call "Random Stringing."

	Basically, this can be done with the faster characters that 

one knows very, VERY well.  The trick is to start a string, and not 

really think about what you're next move will be (because doing so 

will cause you to go to your standard stringing techniques).  This 

makes for extremely hard-to-predict strings.  If you're on, it works 

like a charm.  If you're not, you'll get nailed.  I usually have 

my best streaks when my strings are sufficiently random.  

	Other things to work into this is an occasional sidestep, 

possibly changing to the Poking - Instigation occasionally, as these 

two styles work together very well with Ling, because the opponent 

won't know if he's being baited or not.

	Often the best poke is the poke that the opponent thinks is 

coming, but doesn't - it usually confuses the opponent, at which 

point, panic moves come out; Moves often inappropriate against 



	- Bayonet (1,2)

	- Belly Chop (d/f+1,{d/f})

	- April Showers (2,1,{d/f})

	- Bayonet McTwist (1,d+2)

	- Standing Right Kick (4)

	- Storming Palm (d/b+1)

	- Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1)

	- Racoon Swing (f,f+3)

	- Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2,1+2)

	- Flower Garden ((PP) f+4,{4})

	- Flower Power ((PP) u+4,{4})

	- Wave Crests ((PP) ~1+2_1+2_d+1+2)

	- Firecracker ((PP) 4~3)

	- Skyscraper Kick (WS+4)

	- Sunflower (WS+2)

	- California Roll ((RD) f+3+4)




	Here I will list all of the common strings I 

pull off with Ling, and attempt to show some of the 

possible options she has from any position.  Remember: 

this list is not exhaustive, as I believe that would 

be close to impossible, so don't use these strings 

exclusively, try random stringing to see what you come 

up with!

Note: I am Forgoing the move names at this stage as a 

      space-saving device.

I use the following codes for the String section:

[D] - Good damage (or potential off a juggle or Okizeme)

[d] - Poor damage

[F] - Good Followups

[f] - Poor (or no) Followups

[P] - Good Position is gained by the move

[p] - Poor Position after execution

[S] - Usually a safe move

[s] - Fairly unsafe move

[H] - Usually Hits (whether opponent blocks or not)

[h] - Hitting is Risky

In refrence to the FC, RD, and PP Strings sections:

	The strings labeled '1' are for moves where 

when entering that position, you have little time to 

make your next move.  Those labeled '2' are if you 

have more time to work in those positions.  This is 

subjective, but all moves in '1' sections may be 

used even if section '2' is pointed to.

	Sidestep (SS) does not use this method as if 

you fail to gain the advantage in a sidestep, you are 

still in front position.

Setup for this section is as follows:

?) Link Input [Properties for using this as a Link]

	- Move Input	[Properties] Hit Level (Rating) [Links to ?]

* Ratings for moves are indivdualized for the move they follow.  

  That is, certain moves flow together, the rating reflects that.  

* Certain links have properties that cannot be listed, and as 

  such are not exactly the sum of thier parts.  Try them out to 

  get a feel of what works.

* The move listed is the MOST COMMON used linker, other moves 

  may result in similar setups.

* Keep in mind that these strings are VERY (x3) dependant on whether 

  or not your opponent gets hit, gets hit on counter, or blocks her 

  moves.  In other words, if opponent blocks, they may be pushed 

  back (or the opposite may be true).  You should always be watching 

  EXACTLY what happens when Ling throws her moves.  The difference 

  advantage and spacing means the world.  

a) 1,2 [FPSH]

	- d/f+1{d/f}	[dFPSH] (10/10)[c]

	- 1,d+2		[...SH] (9/10) [b]

	- 1,2		[...S.]	(8/10) [b]

	- Throw		[DFPs.] (8/10) [KD]

	- b+3+4		[.FPS.] (8/10) [RD-2]/[SS-RD]

	- SS		[..PS.] (7/10) [SS]

	- d/b+1		[DFP..] (7/10) [KD]

	- 4		[.F...] (7/10) [b]/[Float on CH]

	- d/f+1		[dFPsH] (7/10) [RD-1]

	- d/f+2,1	[DFPs.] (7/10) [Juggle]

	- f+4		[DFP..] (6/10) [KD]

	- d/f+4		[dfp.H] (6/10) 

	- 2,1{d/f}	[....H] (6/10) [b]

	- 2,1		[.FPsH] (6/10) [RD-1]

	- d+1+2		[.FP..] (6/10) [PP-1]/[PP-2]

	- d+1{d}	[.fps.] (5/10) [PP-1]/[PP-2]

	- d+1		[.Fps.] (5/10) [h]

b) (1,d+2) d/f+4 [SH]

	- d/b+1		[DFP..] (8/10) [KD]

	- f,f+1+2	[DFPs.] (8/10) [d]

	- SS		[.FPS.] (7/10) [SS]

	- 4		[.F..h] (7/10) [b]/[Float on CH]

	- f+4		[DFPsH] (7/10) [KD]

	- b+3+4		[.FPS.] (6/10) [RD-2]/[SS-RD]

	- d+1+2		[.FPS.]	(6/10) [PP-2]

	- d/f+4		[dfp.H] (6/10) 

	- 2,1		[.FPsH] (6/10) [RD-1]

	- d/f+1		[dFPsH] (6/10) [RD-1]/[RD-2]

	- d/f+1{d/f}    [d..SH] (6/10) [c]

	- 1,2 		[.FPsh] (4/10) 

	- d/f+2,1	[DFPsh] (4/10) [Juggle]

c) d/f+1{d/f} [...SH]

	- Throw		[DFPsH] (10/10)[KD]

	- 4		[.F...] (10/10)[b]/[Float on CH]

	- 1,2		[.FPS.]	(8/10) [a]

	- SS		[..PS.] (8/10) [SS]

	- d+1+2		[.FP..] (8/10) [PP-1]/[PP-2]

	- d/f+2,1	[DFPsh] (8/10) [Juggle]

	- f+4		[D.P..] (7/10) [KD]

	- d/f+1{d/f}	[dFPsH] (7/10) [c]

	- 1,d+2		[...SH] (7/10) [b]

	- b+3+4		[.FPS.] (7/10) [RD-2]

	- d/b+1		[DFP..] (7/10) [KD]

	- d/f+1		[dFPsH] (7/10) [RD-1]

	- d/b+4		[.F..H] (6/10) [b]/[KD on CH]

	- d/f+4		[dfp.H] (6/10) 

	- 2,1{d/f}	[....H] (6/10) [b]

	- 2,1		[.FPsH] (6/10) [RD-1]

	- d+1{d}	[.fpsH] (6/10) [PP-1]/[PP-2]

	- d+1		[.FpsH] (6/10) [h]

d) f,f+1+2 [DFPs.]

	- Throw		[DFPs.] (10/10)[KD]

	- ~1+2		[DfPSH] (9/10) [Opp ends FC]

	- 4		[.F...] (9/10) [b]/[Float on CH]

	- 1,2		[.FPS.]	(9/10) [a]

	- f,f+1+2	[DFP.H] (9/10) [d]

	- f,f+1+2,1+2   [D.P.H] (9/10) [b (Opp FC)]

	- 1,d+2		[...SH] (8/10) [b]

	- b+3+4		[.FPS.] (8/10) [RD-2]/[SS-RD]

	- d/b+1		[DFP..] (8/10) [KD]

	- f+4		[DFP.H] (7/10) [KD]

	- SS		[..PS.] (7/10) [SS]

	- d+1+2		[.FPS.] (7/10) [PP-2]

	- d/f+1{d/f}	[dFPsH] (7/10) [c]

	- 2,1{d/f}	[....H] (7/10) [b]

	- d/f+1		[dFPsH] (7/10) [RD-1]

	- d/b+4		[.F..H] (7/10) [b]/[KD on CH]

	- d/f+2,1	[DFPsh] (6/10) [Juggle]

	- d/f+4		[dfp.H] (6/10) 

	- 2,1		[.FPsH] (6/10) [RD-1]

	- d+1{d}	[.fpsH] (6/10) [PP-1]/[PP-2]

	- d+1		[.FpsH] (6/10) [h]

FC1) Full Crouch Strings - 1 (Time-critical)

	- WS+4		[..PSH] (10/10)[KD]

	- 3,2		[.FP.H] (10/10)[RD-2]

	- FC+1		[...SH] (9/10) [FC-2]

	- WS+2		[DFPsh] (7/10) [RD-1]/[Juggles on CH]

	- d/b+3+4	[.FPs.] (5/10) [RD-1 (FC)]/[RD-2 (FC)]

FC2) Full Crouch Strings - 2 (Normal or advantage)

	- WS+4		[..PSH] (10/10)[KD]

	- FC+1		[...SH] (7/10) [FC-2]

	- d/b+3+4	[.FPs.] (6/10) [RD-2 (FC)]

	- d/f+4		[.FPsh] (6/10) [PP-1]

	- d/f+4,{4}	[.fp..] (6/10) [FC-1]

	- WS+2		[DFPsh] (6/10) [RD-1]/[Juggles on CH]

	- d/f+2		[.Fps.] (5/10) [RD-1 (FC)]

	- d/f+2,1	[.fps.] (3/10) [FC-1]

RD1) Rain Dance Strings - 1 (Time-Critical)

	- 2,1,4		[DFP..] (9/10) [Juggles]

	- d+1		[df.SH] (9/10) [FC-1]

	- 3		[.fPSH] (9/10) [KD]

	- 1		[dfP.H] (8/10) [b]

	- d+1+2		[.FP..] (8/10) [PP-1]

	- SS		[.FP..] (8/10) [SS-RD]

	- f+3+4,3+4	[DFP.H] (7/10) [Juggles]

	- 4		[DFPsH] (6/10) [Juggles]

RD2) Rain Dance Strings - 2 (Normal or advantage)

	- Throw		[DFPsh] (9/10) [KD]

	- 4		[DFP.H] (9/10) [Juggles]

	- f+3+4,3+4	[DFP.H] (8/10) [Juggles]

	- SS		[.FP..] (8/10) [SS-RD]

	- f,f+3+4	[DFP..] (8/10) [RD-1]

	- d+1+2		[.FP..] (7/10) [PP-1]/[PP-2]

	- 2		[.fPs.] (7/10) [RD-1]

	- d+3		[.FPs.] (7/10) [KD on CH]

	- 2,1,4		[DFP..] (7/10) [Juggles]

	- f,f+3+4	[.FPs.] (7/10) [RD-1]/[RD-2]

	- d+1		[df.SH] (7/10) [FC-1]

	- 3		[.fPSH] (7/10) [KD]

	- d+4		[dFP..] (7/10) [b (Opp Guard Stun)]

	- f,f+(1+3_2+4)	[DFPsH] (6/10) [KD]

PP1) Phoenix Position Strings - 1 (Time Critical)

	- 4~3		[DFPSH] (10/10)[KD]

	- ~1+2		[DFPsH] (9/10) [Juggles]

	- 4		[Df..H] (8/10) 

	- 1		[dfpS.] (8/10) [WC-1]

	- f+4		[dFps.] (6/10) [PP-1]

	- f+4,4		[.fpsH] (6/10) [FC-1]

PP2) Phoenix Position Strings - 2 (Normal or Advantage)

	- 4~3		[DFPSH] (9/10)[KD]

	- ~1+2		[DFPsH] (8/10) [Juggles]

	- 4		[Df..H] (8/10) 

	- u+4		[....H] (7/10) [FC-1]

	- u+4{u}	[...sH] (6/10) [RD-1]

	- u+4,4		[.fpsH] (6/10) [FC-1]

	- f+(1+3_2+4){d}[.fp..] (6/10) [FC-1]

	- f+3+4		[.FPs.] (6/10) [FC-1]/[a]

	- f+1+2		[.FPs.] (6/10) [RD-1 (FC)]

	- f+4		[dFps.] (5/10) [PP-1]

	- f+4,4		[.fpsH] (5/10) [FC-1]

	- f+(1+3_2+4)	[DFPs.] (5/10) [KD]

SS)  Side Step Tactics 

	- d+2,1		[DFP.H] (10/10) [Juggles]

	- Throw		[DFP.h] (9/10) [KD]

	- SS-4		[.FPs.] (7/10) [RD-1]

	- SS-4{b}	[.fp..] (6/10) 

SS-RD) Sidestep Rain Dance Tactics

	- 4		[DFP.H] (10/10) [Juggles]

	- Throw		[DFP.H] (9/10)  [KD]

	- 2,1,4		[DFP.H] (8/10)  [Juggles]

	Well, if you get anything from any of the above, 

let it be this: LING IS VERSITILE.  She has a ton of moves 

from many different positions, and levels (although she's 

a bit short on the low side) making her an excellent 

stringer.  In the words of Master Wang: "Use the strings, 


	My FAVORITE strings will be listed in the Ling's 

Tricks section.





	Okay, this is the section you've all been waiting 

for: the section where I reveal all of my tricks of the 

trade, and how I use Ling to her fullest advantage and 

beat the crap out of every person I meet.


	Please excuse me there, but I have been doing my 

best to resist the temptation this long, I guess I finally 

had to rant.  

	This is basically all the little things I've found 

over the years I've been playing Ling, and the basic little 

insights into Tekken I've gotten from learning it PRIMARILY 

from the spunky little girl.  (If you didn't know, I tend 

to sidestep a lot, even with other characters).

	So, without further ado...



Bayonet (1,2), Storming Palm (d/b+1)

	It's simple.  I can hear you asking "What's so 

special about that?"  Well, it's the fact that the Storming 

Palm (d/b+1) connects so often if you use this with other 

strings.  People think Ling is weak after her jabs, in 

fact, the opposite is true: she has a 5/6 frame advantage.  

This being the fact, if anyone starts a move that takes 

longer than 12 frames, they're gonna get busted in the 

teeth.  Use this ONLY if opponent gets hit by both hits of 

the Bayonet, otherwise her advantage is not great enough to 

give you a reasonably safe execution.


Bayonet (1,2), Belly Chop (d/f+1{d/f})

	This is Ling's best string starter.  Not do her 

Bayonet (1,2) almost guarantee the Belly Chop (d/f+1{d/f}) 

(actually, if the opponent doesn't block, it *IS* 


If you HOLD d/f, from here, you can:

	- Throw

	- d/f+2,1

	Throwing from here is ingenious because of how 

close the belly chop brings you to the opponent, and the 

fact you're still facing forward gives them just enough 

time to duck, which most people will NOT do the first 

couple of times you do this, and will continue to fall 

for it forever after, because any attack they use will 

fall prey to the speed of her throw, and the alternative 

is to duck and take a Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1) juggle.

	It is HIGHLY reccomended that 75% of the time, 

you HOLD d/f after the Belly Chop (d/f+1{d/f}).  This is 

because if you do not hit the opponent, Ling is at a 

disadvantage when she gets into Rain Dance, and faster 

players will punish her severly.  However, use the 

Rain Dance turn occasionally as a changeup.


Stormy (2), Back Circle Breaker (d+3), Sidestep (SS),

Mistrust (4)

	This is an extremely good confusion tactic 

while Ling is turned around.  If you hit them with the

Stormie (2), then you will more than likely hit them 

with the next hit, causing a slight duck animation, 

and allowing the character to do WS moves.  This is 

why you sidestep, because most players will either 

do a WS move, or continue ducking.  

	Immediately after the SS, I check the 

opponent's state:

	1) He did a WS move -> Mistrust

	2) He remained ducking -> Mustrust

	3) He stood up and backed away -> Delay, 

	A lot of times, Sidestepping with Ling while 

in Rain Dance unnerves people (and with good cause!).  

People will often attack her immediately following a 

sidestep, allowing an easy Mistrust.  


Raccon Swing (f,f+3), and setting up.

	The Racoon Swing seems to be the best Okizeme to 

use in a lot of situations.  This is ESPECIALLY true when 

the other person is low on life, because it leaves Ling in 

Rain Dance waiting for the opponent to enter: the optimum 


	From there, you can Mistrust (4) or Cyclone 

(f,f+3+4,3+4) them into your chosen Juggle, but be SURE to 

buffer a chicken reversal.  

	I tend to get a rhythm going with Ling, mainly 

Juggling them with a Mistrust, and then another, and 

another, until they tag, and do it again.  It's so 

sickeningly effective sometimes you don't need your partner.  


Dark and Stormy Mixups (2,1,?)

	Okay, this is commonly known, but if you don't get 

a counterhit on the 2,1 your 4 is gonna miss, because the 

opponent is blocking, right?  Well, there's two ways to 

deal with this:

	- Dealy the 4

	- Throw 

	- Delay even farther, and take a standing 4

	It really depends on how well you can read your 

opponent.  Many people will duck after they see you dealy 

on the 1, hoping to avoid a throw.  This is when you use 

the delayed 4.  

	For people who continue to backup block, the throw 

is in order.  I tend to use this option less in higher level 

play because the throw can whiff give the opponent a juggle 

or worse.  

	The last option is if you didn't feel like throwing 

and the opponent didn't react.  More than likely, they will 

rush in for a move after.  You can usually score a Counter 

with this move, giving you a Storming Palm (d/b+1) off the 



Bayonet (1,2) and Standing Right Kick (4)

	These two moves are staples of my Ling game.  The 

1,2 is the safer of the two, giving you great start and 

recovery (fastest in the game on the former, at WORST a 

few frames if you whiff, which is hard).  It stops strings, 

snuffs reprisals, gives you the advantage, and starts you 

into her custom strings.  Who could ask for more?

	The 4 is better and worse: 

1) The Float on counterhit + Storming Palm (d/b+1) does 

	INCREDIBLE damage for a move this fast.  Not only 

	that but you have a charging came to play 


2) It's slower on start and recovery (but not by much)

	All in all, it's one of my favorite moves for 

her, and I have been known to go counterhit hunting with it.  


California Roll ((RD) f+3+4)

	This move is an intimidating one, because it puts 

Ling with her back basically touching the enemy's skin.  

It's frightening to opponents, and it plays an INCREDIBLY 

good mixup game between Mistrust (4), Throw, and 

Cyclone (f+3+4,3+4).  Use it whenever you get a chance.  


Hop n' Throw ((RD) f,f+(1+3_2+4))

	This move is a great move to throw in 

occasionally.  It's confusing as hell, even to someone 

who's seen it and used it a million times.  The thought 

that goes through thier head is printed on thier faces 

shall be described through Homer Simpson style phrasing:

Normal Person - "Say, she's waving her arms, that must 

		 mean she's... DOH!"

Experienced Person - "Ah!  The hop and throw!  Still some

		      time to get out of the way, now less, 

		      now none!  DOH!"

	I am pleased to admit that my "deer in the 

headlights" reaction to this move is down to around 50%.  


Peg Leg ((RD) f,f+3)), Cyclone (f+3+4, 3+4)

	This move is decieving whether you hit the opponent 

with it or not, because people seem to think from the 

animation that she has some kind of recovery time, when in 

fact she has almost none.  

	Even people who play me constantly still fall for 

this 99.95% of the time.  I just don't get it.

	Closely related to this is during Okizeme right after 

a Raccon Swing (f,f+3) that does not knock the opponent away:

	If you follow this up with a Peg Leg ((RD) f,f+3), 

many times the person will roll to the side and get up, almost 

exactly the same time as Ling appears to whiff on her move.  

Here's the trick: these people are slightly off axis, and really 

the only move that they could throw that would injure Ling in 

this tiny period of time is a throw, which is fortunately 

avoided as she launches them with the Cyclone.  This is also

near foolproof.  That is, if they rise as I said, they WILL eat

the Cyclone.


Knee Cracker (d/b+3) Okizeme Trick

	There are actually two tricks here.  

The first one is simply, if the opponent is just beginning his 

roll away, you can Knee Cracker (d/b+3) him, and he will end up 

in a more hitable lying position closer to you.  I only use this 

usually on people I expect to rise kick me, as it snuffs it out 

and allows me to continue my Okizeme.

	The second trick is actually a glitch that I used to do 

in my Tekken 3 days, but I do not know the status of in TTT.  

Basically, in certain positions, you could do the Knee 

Cracker (d/b+3) against a sideways-laying opponent, and end up on 

the other side!  What was even better was that the opponent would 

invariable rise kick, to the side Ling just left, thus giving you 

a Mustrust ((RD) 4) to thier back.  Unfortunately, this wouldn't 

work nearly as well in TTT because of how the Mistrust ((RD) 4) 

reacts to back turned opponent.  Perhaps you could try a back 



Left Handful ((PP) 1) to Skyscraper Kick (WS+4)

	This one gets a lot of people, just because of the speed 

that the Skyscraper Kick (WS+4) comes out.  I use it as a 

defensive manuver a lot, as it is pretty safe.


Flower Garden ((PP) f+4,4), Skyscraper Kick (WS+4)

	Another trick because of the speed of the Skyscraper 

Kick (WS+4).  


Jumping Pirouette ((PP) u,n+3)

	I use this move about once every two games to throw in 

some variety.  It's a non-standard juggle starter if followed 

by a Firecracker (FC+4) into Dark and Stormies (2,1).


Side Throw - Arm Flip (Left)

Immediately after Ling's Arm Flip Right throw, begin a dash.  


1) Opponent rolls away

	Have Ling Slide, she will take the legs out and do 

good damage.  You now have have the opponent in the "slide 

guess" situation, as I call it.  See Ling's Tricks for more 


2) Opponent does NOT move

	This is troublesome, because Ling does not have enough 

running distance to do a stomp from this throw.  As a result, 

you should run up and immediately pull off the Sunrise Fan 

(d/f+2,1), bringing them into the normal Okizeme sequence.  

3) Opponent flinches even slightly just as Ling arrives

	This is what you're waiting for.  If your timing is 

down, this works 85% of the time, and can do REALLY NICE damage.  

You run up to the opponent, stop just barely short, and do a 

standing 4.  From here, the opponent will either be juggled on 

a counter hit, from where you can Storming Palm (d/f+1), or 

they will be standing with back turned, and you can do an almost 

guaranteed Storming Palm (d/f+1) to thier back, possibly on 

counter.  If you are really gutsy, you can go for a Phoenix 

Wings (f,f+1+2,1+2) after the kick, but it's very uncertain.  

Better than that, if you connect with the Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2, 

1+2) fast enough, the opponent will still be back turned.  

Remember, Counter + clean hit with the Storming Palm = Devistation


Front Throws - Jade (1+3) and Ruby (2+4)

	After either one of Ling's front throws, you can immediately 

followup with a a Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1). as Okizeme.  However, it is 

possible to rise fast enough to avoid this, blocking it and leaving 

Ling vunerable on the recovery.  This point of my game was weak for 

a while until I discovered a few ways to kill this problem.  Against 

the 5%-10% of people who actually are able to avoid this, you can:

1) Sidestep immediately after the throw using either normal, or 

Rain Dance (b+3+4).  This puts you into attack position immediately, 

with opponent slightly off axis.

2) (prefered method) Fake the Sunrise Fan.  I do this by doing sort 

of a crouch dash (I know, Ling doesn't have one, but it looks 

something like it).  The effect is, you are in front of your 

opponent for an IMMEDIATE throw.  This is really fun because it 

plays an huge mind game for the opponent.  What does he do?  

Usually, they believe you'll go for the Sunrise Fan again, and 

stand, giving you a throw again.  I have done this up to six times 

in a row (against a skilled player, at that, not a scrub).  Finally, 

I went to the last option.

3) After you've conditioned the quick-risers to anticipate the throw, 

and try to duck to catch you on your whiff, you delay the Sunrise Fan.  


	This is by far my favorite mind game.  Unfortunately, I am 

unable to do it against most opponents, who just take her Sunrise 

Fan okizeme, which is actually safer, but less damaging, or fun.  


Okizeme with Racoon Swing (f,f+3) and Back Circle Breaker ((RD) d+3)

	The trick with this is that you can do a lot of damage with 

this simple combo.  The racoon swing also tends to catch people trying 

to roll out, which can win you a lot of games.  The trick is to have 

it so that Ling either finishes her Racoon Swing chasing the opponent 

on the way out, or a non-turning Back Circle Breaker.  This sets the 

opponent up for a Mistrust or Cyclone as they come in (buffer a 

chicken!).  If you work it right, you can force the opponent out and 

get the partner coming in.  I get this so often it's scary, as the 

entering opponent will take anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 (on Kali or low 

endurance opponent) of thier life.  Even after the Juggle, you still 

get the approach.  


{Firedancer ((FC) 3)}, 2,1 Mixups

	This is a good part of Ling's game, but it can be somewhat 

dangerous for her.  The best thing you can do is to catch opponent on 

counter with one of the first two hits.  Afterwards, a Mistrust is 


	However, in the case that the opponent blocks it, you can be 

in trouble.  What your success depends on now is how well you read 

your opponent.  


1) Forget the 4, and go to a throw

	This is EXTREMELY risky against advanced players, as most of 

them will just escape the throw, or even worse, duck under it.  On 

the bright side, you can use (2) to counter people ducking.  

2) Delay 4 - This can be done, often to good effect, and is often 

	forgotten about by even the best of players.  

3) Delay 4, enough for a basic standing 4 to come out.

	This will OFTEN catch opponents on counterhit, giving you a 

float juggle.  Unfortunately, the delay is sometimes too long.  

4) Follow up with a 1,2, (FC) 2

	This will usually catch the opponent on counter, but have a 

much better chance of connecting, and give you the advantage.  No 

real damage like a Mistrust, but lets you keep the initive.  

5) Block

	This is one of the safer, but conceeds the advantage, which 

is not optimal.

6) Duck

	Make opponent whiff a high, quick reprisal.  Somewhat risky, 

but effective sometimes.  


Flower Power ((PP) u+4, {4})


	Okay, everyone expects the second hit.  There are really 

some good followups if you do NOT do it, though.  

1) ~u, Rain Dance

	You have time by virtue of unexpectedness.  Reccomend 

immediate action after this.  An instantaneous Mistrust often 

connects for some reason.

2) WS+4, WS+2

	Ling counts as standing up immediately following the move, 

so you can execute these.

3) Throw

	If the move hits, the opponents will often be close enough 

for an immediate throw

4) Phoenix Position (d+1+2), SS, Rain Dance (b+3+4)

	People seem inclined to immediately reprise this move, so 

these moves are great for a juggle or other damaging action.  

5) Quick Poke (1,2; 4; (FC) 1; etc.)

	This will maintain the initiative, possibly counterhit.  	


A word on Ling's Low 1

	I tend to not use Ling's d+1 while standing forward, as it 

is OFTEN taken as D+1, her Sunset Fan, which is a much slower move, 

and often gets me hurt.  I use her d+2 in this case.  It's 2 frames 

slower than the d+1, but is safer.  This does not mean I do not use 

her d+1, I do, but only from Rain Dance, full crouch, or Phoenix 

Position, as these all have excellent followups.

- Reccomended: WS+4, WS+2, (FC) 3,2


A word on back kick opponents (On the ground, b,b+3+4)

	Ling has excellent Okizeme, and this is one of the banes 

of it, as she often has to come in from long range to do it.  Many 

players learn that the b,b+3+4 while grounded is a great way to 

stop Ling from her followups.  Well, they're partially right.

	The thing about this trick is that you have to be watching 

for it, and anticipate it, otherwise you won't get it.  AS SOON 

as you see them flinch in thier b,b motion, do a d/f+1.  Don't worry 

about a back roll or tag out attempt, because at worst they'll be 

away from you with back turned, which isn't neccicarily a bad thing, 

and if they tag out, you're in Rain Dance position when the partner 

enters, not too shabby.  The thing is, though, is that the d/f+1 will 

float the opponent perfectly, setting the opponent up for a (RD) 2, 

(RD) 2~1, f,f+1+2,1+2 (or any other small combo you want).

	One thing to watch for is if they actually did b,f+1+2, which 

this move will NOT catch.  Bascically, if you do the d/f+1 and do NOT 

catch the opponent, immediately sidestep.  This will avoid the head 

dive, and give you an opportunity to chase the opponent's back, which 

I've always enjoyed.

	Use this trick if you can, it's a real crowd pleaser.  It 

also adds more fear to the opponent in thier getup game, which is 

always a good thing to introduce.  


Ling's Phoenix Position - Firecracker and Wave Crest - Quick.

	Use this often, especially during poking games, as you can 

catch the opponent for an easy juggle, or just use her Firecracker (4~3).

The firecracker is an excellent move.  It's low, quick, it's one of the 

safest moves in the game, and people almost never block it, even at a 

high level of play - it's just too dangerous for people to duck against 

her in that position.  

	There is also one special property to the Phoenix position not 

found in Tekken 3 - that, when back turned, in the Phoenix Position, 

she is able to do the Mistrust without standing up.  This is very 

useful when people are doing a head dive against her, as the position 

avoids this and lets you hit them as they're flying past.  While this 

won't juggle, it does set you up for Okizeme.  

More to come!


VS. Opponents


Alex - Alex is not too much of a problem, just watch out for the SS+4 low sweep thing, and 

	you should be alright for the most part.  Also, his Animal Uppercut move can REALLY, 

	REALLY, REALLY hurt Ling, especially with her low stamina.

Do:	- Block the SS+4.

	- Use her Sunrise Fan against frontal attacks.

	- Poke him off balance,

Do Not:	- Sidestep his crouch dash or sidestep moves,


Anna - Anna can be a pain in the ass (no refrence to any move intended, really!).  Her elbow 

	launcher can catch you often, and if her quick pokes can connect

Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative

Do:	- Launch Anna whenever possible, keep her on the ground

	- Sidestep

	- Parry her strings.

	- Low parry after a blocked counterhit-elbow

Do Not: - Poke her to death

	- Let her run poking strings on you.  Interupt her any way you can.


A. King - I've never had that much difficulty with A. King with Ling.  His moves are mostly 

		too slow I think, and easily sidestepped.  There is a problem if he gets 

		you on the defense, as he does have an annoying high-low mix-up game.

Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher, 

	  Wrath of the Schoolgirl

Do:	- Use any tactics you like against him.

	- Learn his high-low mix-ups

Do Not: - Let him throw you

	- Go into the Phoenix Position obviously

	- Fall repeatedly for that double-footed, low lunge of death


Baek - Baek can be a problem, honestly.  His strings are confusing, he gets all sorts of 

	little cheap shots, and very little recovery time on a lot of his strings.

Strategy: Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher

Do:	- Throw him

	- Learn his strings, and how to avoid/block/parry them

	- Use the Phoenix Position to your advantage during his strings

	- Sidestep opposite him

Do Not: - Use too frontal attack methods on him.  

	- Get counterhit by his strings


Bruce - Bruce is just a power house.  Combined with Ling's low stamina, it takes you from 

	140 to nill in 6 seconds.  This in mind, be careful!

Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative

Do:	- Use the Phoenix Position, his low attcks are slow

	- Throw him

	- Sidestep

	- Be careful

Do Not:	- Poke him to death, his d/f+2 elbow launcher will get you (however, if he doesn't 

	  use this move, feel free!)

	- Reprise too quickly after a sidestep if he's in a string, as it WILL track.


Bryan - Although Similar, Bryan is much more dangerous to an unaware Ling than Bruce.  He 

	does nasty damage, and is quick.

Strategy: Maiden's Perogative, Wrath of the Schoolgirl

Do:	- Use her Sunrise Fan as a shield

	- Use the Phoenix Position

Do Not: - Let him keep the initive for any length of time

	- Fall for his low d/b+3 / u+4 changeups

	- Let him catch you rising of the ground

	- Be to obvious with punch strings, his parry is nasty.


Devil - Devil is probably your least dangerous Mishima.  Watch for the twin pistons.

	Do a Phoenix Position or Belly Chop to avoid the Laser.

Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher, 

	  Wrath of the Schoolgirl

Do:	- Use the Phoenix Position

	- String him

Do Not: - Fall for the laser

	- Get hit by the twin pistons

	- Get hit by his SS launcher, you'll probably lose 1/2 your life


Eddy - Eddy is very rarely a problem for me anymore.  Best thing to do is to pitbull him or 

	interupt his strings.  But beware the Eddy master!

Strategy: Teasing the Teacher, Wrath of the Schoolgirl

Do:	- Interupt his strings early.  Sunrise/Sunset fan, Phoenix Wings, Front/Back Layout, 

		Cyclone, Racoon Swing are good for this purpose.

	- Keep him on the defensive

Do Not: - Let him use his strings


Ganryu - Ganryu is a pain to Ling.  Because of his large size, he is very difficult to 

	 get around sidestepping unless he does a forward momentum move.  He also has great 

	 frame advantage on many of his moves.

Strategy: Teasing the Teacher

Do:	- Use pokes to keep him back

	- Use defensive gameplay

	- Use the Storming Palm

Do Not:	- Let him get the offensive

	- Sidestep carelessly


G. Jack - G. Jack is a ball to play with Ling.  Very rarely is there any problem at all.  He's 

	  just too slow to touch her if you keep moving correctly.

Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative, Wrath of the Schoolgirl

Do:	- Sidestep a lot

	- Use Phoenix Wings

	- Use the Storming Palm

	- Have fun

Do Not: - Let him hit you, ever.

	- Let him throw you, ever.


Heihachi - "Heihachi kills, rapes and pillages poor little Ling, and it's not even fair.", as 

	   someone on Tekken.net's message board put it, and frankly, it's true.  Heihachi 

	   has everything he needs to dominate the little girl.  He could be one of the most 

	   difficult opponents.

		Heihachi opponents tend to really like ducking, and then coming up with his 

	   big fist in the face.  Anticipate this.

Strategy: Teasing the Teacher


	- Watch the Hellsweeps

	- Watch the EWGF

	- Poke him to keep him at bay

	- Sidestep his moves

	- Duck when he crouch dashes

Do Not:	- Sidestep his crouch dash

	- Go into the Phoenix Position in front of him

	- Sidestep his crouch dash

	- Whiff any moves

	- Sidestep his crouch dash

	- Get hit on counterhit by his WS+2 or standing 4

	- Sidestep his crouch dash


Hworang - 

	Lotsa' damage, nasty strings, not really a problem.  I really enjoy playing 

	against Hworang now, as his methods are easily countered by Ling on most days.

Strategy: Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher, Wrath of the Schoolgirl

Do:	- Keep him on the defensive

	- Use the Sunrise Fan (d/f+2,1) to stop slower strings

	- Use her parry (1+4) to stop quicker strings

	- Use the Phoenix Position to get under strings

	- Use the sidestep (not back turn) to get around strings (and block if needed)

Do Not: - Duck randomly

	- Sidestep premptively

	- Get Juggled


Jack 2 - 

	- See Gun Jack


Jin - Jin is frakly, a pain.  His b+4 "Kick of death" is usually his Coup de Grace 

      against her.  Nasty okizeme, nasty sidestep game, just plain nasty.  

Strategy: Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher.


	- Watch the "Kick of Death"

	- Watch the EWGF

	- Watch the Sidestep Launcher

Do Not:	- Sidestep his crouch dash

	- Go into the Phoenix Position in front of him

	- Whiff any moves

	- Get hit by the "Kick of Death," "Rising uppercut of death," "Sidestep 

	  uppercut of death," "Electric Wind God Fist of death," or 

	  "Twin Pistons"  (of death).


Julia - Kill her, a lot.  Julia tends to run people to the ends of the earth with 

        her pokes, and things a lot stronger.  The important thing is to not let her 

	run you to death.  

Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher

Do: 	- Use pokes (ONLY) quickly after hers (Bayonette or Standing Kick are great)

	- Use the Phoenix Position

	- Keep her guessing

	- Sidestep, a lot

	- Throw

Do Not:	- Use slow moves against her

	- Duck

	- Get hit by her hop kick (it hurts)

	- Watch for Mad Axes bufferers (Like me!)


Jun - A good Jun can be a pain for Ling.  She has moves that have very high priority, 

      like the cartwheel kick and palm thrust, and other quick moves such as her standing 

      uppercut that can launch you easily.  She does good damage, and should not be taken 


Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative

Do:	- Low dodge the sweeps

	- Duck the White Heron

	- Buffer Chickens

	- Sidestep

Do Not: 

	- Give reprisal opportunity while in Rain Dance

	- Let her run you with strings

	- Use the Phoenix Position too often


Kazuya - Ow! Ow! OOOOWWW!  Is about what you'll say if you give him a chance.  He's fast, 

	 does nasty damage, and generally murders a careless opponent.  He also tends to 

	 turtle, which is probably the hardest thing against Ling.

Strategy: Teasing the Teacher (with caution!)

Do:	- Use the Phoenix Wings whenever possible on a guarding Kazuya, it gives you the 

	  appearance of attacking later than you do, often getting a counter.

	- Use the Phoenix Position

	- Throw

Do Not: - Get hit by counter on anything

	- Let him hit you


King - 	King does nasty damage, really nasty.  On the bright side, though, he is pretty 

	slow.  Usually if you can keep him on the defensive, he's not a problem.  Be sure 

	to regain the offensive as quickly as possible.

Strategy: Teasing the Teacher

Do:	- Use the Storming Palm

	- Use the Sunrise Fan

Do Not:	- Let him run you with Okizeme

	- Let him throw you


Kunimitsu - I have seen the pain that Kunimitsu can dish out, and it ain't pretty.  Her 

	    style is actually very, very similar to Ling (so you'd think I'd be able to 

	    play her better).  The best thing you have to do is play a good back and 

	    forth game, and watch for her certain key moves.  Be VERY careful about 

	    being overly offensive.

Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher

Do:	- Watch for the d+3+4 overhead flip kick

	- Watch for the FC d,df+4 sweep kick

	- Watch for the SS 3+4 sweep kick

	- Watch for the b+2 unblockable

	- Watch for the Back Turned flip

Do Not: - Get hit by the above mentioned moves


Law - Law can be really, really annoying sometimes.  His combos are long and damaging, 

      and he has the annoying d+2,4 starter.

Strategy: Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher

Do:	- Watch the d+2,4 starter

	- Use the Sunrise Fan after a missed flipkick

Do Not:	- Get juggled by successive flipkicks


Lee - I watch Lee players VERY carefully.  It seems like his arsenal is made 

      specifically to thwart Ling.  

Strategy: Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher

Do:	- Parry, and low parry everything you can in a string.

	- Block when you should

Do Not: - Get hit by the first hit of his Infitity Kicks (Low Parry the 3rd kick!)


Lei - Annoying!  Not fun to play against.  Annoying ground stuff.  Low move that 

     is WAY too strong.  Good Okizeme.

Strategy: Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher

Do:	- Use caution in Okizeme against him

	- Learn to predict his ground changeups (especially the two-footed kick)

Do Not: - Eat the back turned sweep-o-cheeze


Ling - Ling vs. Ling fights are always fun, and I personally have a lot of fun with 

       them (feels like I'm protecting her honor).  The best way to beat Ling is to 

       KNOW Ling.  You will often get into back-turned fights, and these are the 

       key to winning against her.

Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher

Do:	- Be confusing as hell

	- Sidestep (this is a MUST)

	- Get into the Rain Dance

	- Use overpowering moves against the opponent (Sunrise Fan, Phoenix Wings)

Do Not: - Go into the Phoenix Position when the opponent is in Rain Dance.


Michelle - Michelle, while not as dangerous as Julia, has a few things to watch out 


Do: 	- Use pokes (ONLY) quickly after hers (Bayonette or Standing Kick are great)

	- Use the Phoenix Position

	- Keep her guessing

	- Sidestep, a lot

	- Throw

Do Not:	- Use slow moves against her

	- Duck

	- Do anything but block after her sidestep moves

	- Get hit by her upward-double-kick-into-tag-juggle


Mokujin - Duh!  Figure out who he's mimicing, and go from there.


Nina - Nina is just as much of a pain as Anna, in my opinion, but not quite as dangerous 


Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative

Do:	- Launch Nina whenever possible, keep her on the ground

	- Sidestep

	- Parry her strings.

	- Chicken

Do Not: - Poke her to death

	- Let her run poking strings on you.  Interupt her any way you can.

	- Let her throw you


Ogre - Nasty if he gets going, but not too much of a problem.  Hop kick, 

	Infinity kicks, lots of damage, doesn't track well.  Has few low moves 

	worth anything.

Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative, Teasing the Teacher, 

	  Wrath of the Schoolgirl

Do:	- Keep him busy

	- Use confusion

	- Use the Phoenix Position

Do Not: - Let him hit you

	- Use the Mistrust too often, doesn't juggle well


Paul - Pro: Phoenix Smasher, Falling Leaf.  Con: Low recovery, Slow.

Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative

Do:	- Capitalize on his recovery time

	- Use the Storming Palm

	- Use the Phoenix Wings

Do Not:	- Get hit by the Phoenix Smasher or Falling Leaf


P. Jack - Different, but uses a strategy similar enough to the other Jacks not to matter.

		See: Gun Jack


T. Ogre - OWWWWwwwwwwww...!  Talk about major damage.  I'd rather be hit by the Phoenix 

	  Smasher than take one of T. Ogre's combos (and subsequent 50-80 damage Okizeme).

	  He is quite possibly the most under-rated character in the game, and one of the 

	  most dangerous by far.

Strategy: Teasing the Teacher, Wrath of the Schoolgirl

Do:	- Be REALLY, REALLY careful about being Juggled

	- Capitalize on his lack of speed, and block if you let up on the attack

	- Watch the low moves

	- Be VERY, VERY, VERY careful about getting up off the ground

	- Use the Storming Palm

	- Use the Phoenix Wings (As Okizeme as well)

	- Use the Sunrise Fan (As Okizeme as well)

Do Not: - Get knocked down anymore than you have to

	- Tag in predictably

	- Get up predictably


Unknown - Same as Mokujin, but this guy (girl?) is not really a problem in the arcade.


Wang - Ling's Master; nasty old fart, but slowed down by years and years and years...

Strategy: Schoolgirl's Temprament, Maiden's Perogative

Do: 	- Take advantage of his lack of speed

	- Use the Storming Palm

	- Sidestep

	- Chicken your moves

Do Not: - Duck, most of Wang's nasty moves are Mid

	- Attack when you both have large attack time (Wang's moves can hurt a LOT)


Yoshimitsu - Yoshi is the master of the 'what move is he gonna do next?' style of 

	     gameplay.  He has nasty combinations resulting from odd minor stuns, 

	     floats, and unblockables.  He is agile and has a large repitoire of 


Strategy: Maiden's Perogative

Do:	- Anticipate; there are combinations that Yoshi does a lot, see if you can 

	              guess them.

	- Watch the quick low sweep

	- Use the Bayonette and throws as a reprisal

Do Not: - Fall into timing traps.  Often you'll see an opportunity to attack that's 

	  	really a trick.

	- Fall repeatedly for low moves

	- Be overly offensive




God, so many people here.

Ling's Practice Dummies:

Lin -  Who taught me rudimentary Ling style, and allowed me to get out of 

	my scrub phase.  (Yes, I was a Ling scrub!)

Alan Larson - Friend, Compatriot, Tekken Freak the same as I.  

		Thanks for taking all the beatings you did over the years

		from my annoying little schoolgirl.

Jake Raines - Also Friend, chum, Tekken Freak as well.

		Thanks for beating my ass occasionally in a 12-15 win 

		streak just to show me my place.  Had you not, my Ling

		wouldn't have improved beyond the intermediate stage.

Takuma - Sorry I can't remember your last name, dude, but you've never told 

	 me!  Ah, wasting our time away daily at Playland Go! in Akita against 

	 your True Ogre/Kuma team that made my Ling advance to the final level.

	 It took me nearly 2 weeks to be able to play against you and win at all!

	 Second Note: Since you've changed to Mishima ultra-offense style, I've 

	 learned a bunch about why people use them, and why I should be using 

	 Julia instead of Jun as Ling's partner.

Enoki - Your Mokujin/Lei team taught me more about tag sliding, head diving 

	than anything.  May we continue playing at Taito until I leave for home.  

Eiko - You are a turtle, and you have the hardest style to play against that I've 

       ever seen.  Your style forced me to use different moves, and discover 

       strengths and weaknesses in Ling's.  Thanks for keeping my ego in check.

Everyone at Say Taito, Akita; Playland Do!, Akita; and Pop's Arcade, Minneapols - 

	Who provided the the rounding for my style, and improving my Tekken 

	abilities in general.  While I spent my year in Japan and everything else 

	in my life turned upside-down, Tekken remained constant, because I always 

	had good friends to play with.  I'll remember our friendship and miss you 


People on the Web:

(jkkim@nwu.edu) - Creater of the original FAQ from which I formulated this one.  

		  Although the move list is completely rewritten, some of the 

		  original wording remains here and there.  


Tekken Zaibatsu (http://www.tekken.net) - 

	Without who's help, I would have been lost for knowlage about Tekken's 

	intricate system.  Thanks to them, I finally understand why little Ling 

	can do so much damage with her little hand on clean hit/counter.  


For people who want to know why I think Ling is Left Handed, and why it's an 


	- Her Storming Palm, 'nuff said.

		It's done with d/b+1, which is her left hand.  NO ONE would do 

	a move that strong with thier off hand, and if they could, I'd be a 

	little bit worried about Ling's right.  

	As far as being an advnatage goes, I honestly don't know.  I'm sure it 

plays a role somewhere.  Perhaps she gets strength during the fight from the 

anger caused by lack of a pair of workable scisors when she last trimmed Panda 

(or perhaps from the sparing practice that occured afterwards, when Panda didn't 

like her new 'do.).

	Other Evidance:

		Wang's left hand reversal cannot be chickened.  Perhaps he got 

sick of being beaten by a little girl with such a strong left hand and then 

became proficient at countering it?

Note: in Tekken Bowl on the PS2 version of Tekken Tag, Ling bowls RIGHT-handed...

	this may debunk my theory, but I'm not sure.  If she really is right-

	handed, she's awful ambidextrious for my tastes.  

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