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Bruce by NNoreaga

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/02/1999


The Bruce Irving Faq 2.0    
By:  Nick Noreaga 
 (Devil x Hlywood@aol.com)
:::yeah its aol, don't make fun =P:::


This Faq/Guide is for the Tekken heads all over the net.  It may 
be distributed freely through out the net as long as it stays in 
its original form, and is distributed for no financial gain. 
PLEASE don't steal my stuff I spent countless hours and quarters 
on =P. If you see another faq ripping mine off please tell me. If 
you have any questions or see mistakes in the faq please e-mail me 
.  I'll respond to every letter.  It seems that most people 
writing faq's don't seem to like EGM so...EGM, leave my faq alone 
;P. If you wish to distribute this faq for profit please E-Mail 
me.  All strategies and concepts written here are (C) Nick Noreaga 

Table of Contents:

1.    Introduction

2.    Bruce Pros/Cons

3.    Moves In Depth

4.    Strategy Guide

5.    Almost Complete Vs. Character Strategy

6.    A) Juggle Section
      B) Some Okizeme Stuff 

      C) Possible Partners

7.    Special Thanks and Other Stuff ;P

        -In the Version 2.0, I've added the Vs. Strategy section as well as 
other stuff, as far as general strategy I didn't get around 
to that IM sorry, the holidays are getting in the way =P.   

      This is my first attempt at writing a faq so please e-mail 
me if you see mistakes or if something just looks weird.  This Faq 
is geared toward medium and high levels of play so you wont find a 
move list here or any story lines. Bruce, easily my favorite 
character in the Tekken series was unfortunately left out of 
Tekken 3,  (Bryan is no Bruce!).  But to my surprise and delight, 
he has risen from the dead to once again compete in Tekken!  All 
the strategy has been tested through many hours of arcade 
competition (any many victories over my opponents, hehe)and 
hopefully this faq will get more people to use the best fighter in 
TTT in my opinion, hehheh ;).

2.    Bruce Pros/Cons
    First off he's a real Muay Thai kickboxer (He looks like the 
guy in the Van Damme movie "Kickboxer" =P ), unlike Bryan who uses 
a sissy  American kick boxing style.  Bruce is definitely an 
intimidating opponent, he looks very mean,  towering over most 
fighters. He also doesn't do anything cute, (Ex. Ling) or make any 
really annoying grunts, (Ex. Paul).  He just beats the crap out of 
people.  Why is this important?  Tekken at high levels is 
definitely a psychological game and many opponents who see you 
choose Bruce know that they are in for a very tough fight (usually 
a loss, heh).  Which already gives you an advantage from the start 
;).  As for the obvious, he is the best balance of speed and power 
and range in TTT.  Very unfair indeed.  He can poke with any 
fighter in the game, and overpower any fighter as well.  His 
juggles, simply put, are devastating and extremely easy to use.  
Bruce is also an easy character to master since most of his arts 
require little joystick motions.  He also has a great sidestep and 
very good moves off his sidestep as well.  But what is the main 
reason why I think he's the best fighter in the game?  Many of his 
attacks are knees and elbows.  Why is that so important you ask? 
Because no one can counter these attacks.  You can attack at will 
without having to chicken buffer the bulk of your attack, which 
slows you down. His basic uppercut is probably the best in the 
game next to Yoshimitsu's because it is an elbow that is 
UNCOUNTERABLE and has very good priority.  Bruce also possesses 
the singe most devastating combo in the game, his 3,2,1,4, which 
will be explained in detail later ;P.  

    Ok, lets start off with the Cons.  The biggest problem I can 
see with Bruce is that he doesn't have any special throws.  
Although he has multi-thows, its extremely difficult to catch a 
good player in them. Bruce also doesn't have any great WS moves 
like his wannabe Bryan and most of his moves can be sidestepped 
without great difficulty.   Some people also think he is weak 
defensively because he doesn't have any counters besides the 
universal low parry.  In my opinion, counters are the most 
overrated art in Tekken. If you're standing still looking for an 
attack to counter then you're not playing TTT correctly.  Counters 
are also not final, and can be chickened.  I believe only one 
character can play defensively and that's Forest Law.  Other then 
that, the best defense in TTT is a solid offense, in my opinion of 
course ;P.  

3.    Moves in Depth

    Real quick intro to this section, I'll rate Bruce's 
moves/combos in the popular 1-5 star system.  Not every move will 
be mentioned in this section, only the most important and least 
important.  1 star * being the worst piece of monkey crap 
move(from the Rock ;)} as opposed to 5 ***** stars being the most 
kick ass moves/combos. 

-Standard Jab (RP)    *****

    Definitely one of his more annoying attacks. Extremely fast, 
but what gives it the five star rating is the range.  Bruce has 
incredible range on most of his attacks and its extremely 
important to remember this.  For example if you're fighting 
against Nina or Ling this will be one of your main weapons since 
he can poke them from beyond their poking range. He can also 
follow the RP up with an annoying low or mid kick.

-Left punch Right punch combo (LP, RP)  ****

    Another annoying attack with can lead into several strings.  
Again his range on these punches come into play.  Unless your 
opponent is extremely fast he wont be able to duck under these two 
high punches and it wouldn't be wise either since Bruce can follow 
them up with a mid kick.

-Right punch, Mid/Low kick (RP, RK/ d+RK) *****

    This little baby here is one of your main poking attacks.  Use 
the RP, d+RK version about 75 percent of the time and mix in the 
Mid kick about 25 percent the time to keep opponents honest. This 
attack comes out extremely fast with of course, great range.  Its 
also very annoying since most opponents can't retaliate even if 
they block both hits.  Its impossible to distinguish between the 
Mid kick and the Low kick since they both come out at the same 
speed.  I have rarely seen an opponent block the low kick, even 
good players since they know Bruce can mix in a more damaging mid 
kick.  The RP, d+RK version is actually a short version of the RP, 
D+RK, LK combo.  However, it is wise not to use the LK since it 
his high and is not guaranteed.  I mostly follow this up with the 
LP, RP, RK/d+RK combo since opponents think they can attack you 
after this poke and will usually eat all three hits. I also use 
this attack against Lei players who like to play dead a lot.  When 
you rush in on a Lei player most of them immediately play dead, 
just use the RP, d+RK version and the low kick will hit Lei before 
he can hit the floor.  In closing, use this poking attack with no 
mercy >;).

-Left punch, Right punch, Mid/Low kick (LP, RP, RK/d+RK) ****

    Great overall combo since its fast, has no lag time and you 
can mix the mid or low kick at the end.  The reason it isn't as 
great as the first combo is that someone with quick hands can take 
a chance a low counter the last hit, or simply duck the first to 
hits and counter with a standard low jab. Also if the first hit 
connects on a counter all three hits a guaranteed.  If you really 
have fast hands if you counter hit with the first jab try a f+RK 
high kick instead of a mid kick which is guaranteed and 
devastating. This is pretty much an overall safe combo if not 

-Bruce Rush (LP, RP, LP, RP)  **

    This is not a great string but it does have some uses.  If the 
first jab hits on a counter im 99 percent sure all the punches 
will hit.  However if the opponent blocks the last hit there is a 
slight lag time and I think the last hit can be countered but Im 
not sure since I rarely use this combo since there's better 
options off a LP, RP starter.

-Face Buster (df+RP) **********

    Probably Bruce's best juggle starter, Bruce takes a tiny step 
forward and elbows opponents in the air which can be followed by a 
triple knee juggle.  The best property about this move is that no 
one can counter it.  It also has great priority up close, please 
abuse this move.  After a couple of failed attempts at trying to 
counter this move most opponents will be to scared to even think 
about countering anything from Bruce again.  Don't use the double 
Face Buster (df+LP,RP) its not nearly as useful. I have beat many 
Paul scrubs who keep trying to counter this and never learn, they 
just slam the game and say the controller doesn't work, ah hehehe 
thank god for Paul and Eddy scrubs, the game would just not be the 
same without them ;).

-Low Kick (d+RK)  ****

    I love this move, a simple low kick, doesn't take much damage 
but by the end of each round I like to connect with at least 6 or 
7 of these.  They can really annoy the hell out of anyone and are 
impossible to see coming and have great range.  I usually stand 
out side an opponents poking range and low kick them without 
mercy.  Also great to hit Xiayou out of her phoenix stance.

-Leaping Jump Kick (uf+RK) ***

    Unfortunately this move doesn't seem to have the same priority 
as Paul's or King's leaping kick, it is however a good overall 
move.  I mostly use this move to catch opponents tagging in and 
punish them with a triple knee juggle.

-Triple Elbow Rush (f+LP, RP, LP) ***

    I mostly use the first two elbows to cover small distances 
between me and my opponent face and then start poking srings.  If 
you hit the first elbow on a counter the following elbows are 
guaranteed and also take very good damage.  However the last elbow 
if blocked has a terrible lag time. Also remember all the elbows 
can't be countered

-Nightmare Backhand (b+LP) ***

    Comes out fairly quick, takes off good damage and if you hit 
someone on a counter hit you can get a quick juggle.  More of an 
intimidation move if anything. You should use this move once in a 
while just as a change of pace

-Gatling Combo (LK, RP, LP, RK) *********

    This is the combo that will strike fear in your opponents.  
Remember that this is not the same combo that Bryan has although 
they look the same.  The first hit comes out incredibly quick, and 
hits mid with unfair range and priority.  The next two hits are 
also mid, and cant be countered if the opponent blocks the first 
kick.  You should never use the last hit since it can be low 
countered.  Now lets get to the really good stuff ;).  If the 
first kick hits on a counter, the next two hits are guaranteed.  
One important thing to remember....the third hit juggles!  Believe 
me, its not hard to even get really good players on a counter hit 
with the first kick since its very fast and has great range.  Plus 
there's NO lag time on the combo.  After you connect on the first 
3 hits watch your opponent float helplessly in the air as you slam 
them with a triple knee combo, and waste over half their life. 
This is definitely an intimidation move. Also your opponent may 
try to counter the first kick so don't forget to throw in a 
chicken buffer ;P.  Everyone at my local arcade has felt the wrath 
of this combo ;) the key to your success with Bruce is setting 
this combo up.

-Knee Launcher (b, F+RK) ***

    Although this is a devastating juggle starter (takes off 29 
percent of your opponents life by itself) and Bruce's highest 
juggle launcher, its hard to connect with this against a quality 
opponent.  However, I have found a couple of uses for it ;).  
Against counter players if you expect a counter (EX: Paul uses his 
Death Punch which you block, and he will most likely follow with a 
counter...)  Throw this little baby out, it can't be countered and 
will make any player think twice about countering any attack.  
Also if its obvious someone's going  to tag in you can time this 
move and catch the person tagging in.  

-Nightmare Cross Straight (f,f+RP) **

    This move can be seen coming by good players, doesn't take off 
much damage and hits high.  It does look pretty cool if you 
counter someones high punches with this art since he'll do a 
special throw type animation.  I use this punch once in a while if 
someone is constantly poking with jabs, its more of an "in your 
face move" then anything else.

-Swaying High Kick (db+RK) ***

    I was surprised on how good this move is.  Bruce sways back 
quickly and throws a good damaging high kick.  Use against over 
aggressive opponents.  This move is not something you should just 
throw out there, you have to anticipate what your opponent is 
going to do.

-Spinning Elbow (F+LP+RP) *

    This move is about as useless a move that Bruce has.  It 
doesn't sidestep anything well, hits high and can be seen coming.  
If anyone knows any good uses for this move E-Mail me.

-Slash Kick (f,f+LK) ***

    This is the same slash kick that Bryan has...only difference 
is that Bruce's Slash Kick causes a nasty guard stun so there's no 
chance to retaliate against it.  If you have some distance between 
you and your opponent this attack is pretty safe to throw out 
since it hits mid and its hard to counter do to its timing.  
However, my best use for this move is in Bruce's okizeme game.  If 
someone rolls backward please don't hesitate to throw this baby 
out for some major damage.

-Leg Slice Tornado Uppercut (df+LK, LP) **

    This combo isn't nearly as useful as it was in Tekken 2 since 
Bruce's Gatling combo or Double Knee low kick combo have been 
weakened in TTT, and don't trip opponents where this combo was the 
best follow up. This combo is best used to hit someone laying down 
after being knocked down, but just the first kick.  Also if 
someone is stupid enough to roll forward after being knocked down, 
use both hits.  Also if you hit someone on a counter hit with the 
Nightmare Backhand, use both hits to combo them.

-Leg Bazooka (f,f+RK) *

    Don't use this move, it hits high and can be seen coming.  It 
does cause guard stun but the animation of the move doesn't give 
you any advantage.

-Stomping Knee Feint (b+LK, RK) **

    Safe move to use against scrubs but against good players they 
will make you whiff the knee and punish you.  Use cautiously.

-Triple Knee/Double Knee Low Kick Combo (b+RK,LK,RK/d+RK)******

    This is another move that will cause your opponent to call you 
cheap.  ANYTIME you juggle someone, please use this combo.  Don't 
get fancy trying anything else, this will take off loads of damage 
off of any juggle starter.  Also if you juggle someone with your 
teammate please tag in Bruce so he can finish with his Triple Knee 
combo.  It is extremely easy to juggle someone with this combo and 
takes off insane damage. I also use the first two knees of the 
combo to get up close to start poking which I'll explain more in 
the strategy section, a great combo overall. The other day I was 
facing a Heihachi Mishima master who was doing all these fancy 
juggles and thought he was the man.  Well he connected with a 
Electric Wind God Fist and did some cool looking juggle and the 
crowd was like ::oooh ahhh:: All I did was get up and connect with 
the Gatling combo, Triple Knee and that was it, fight was over.  
Everyone there kept telling him he was better then me so he kept 
playing and I kept floating him, Triple Knee.  Df+RP, Triple Knee.  
Uf+RK, Triple Knee.  He kept losing everytime. The point of this 
story is that he probably was more skilled then me, but with Bruce 
you can compete with players more skilled then you do to the ease 
of his juggles and moves and power. 

-Nightmare Elbow (SS+LP) ****

    Bruce seems to have been blessed with a very good sidestep, 
and some useful sidestep moves. This is a great over all attack, 
mix this up with a side throw and you should have a good 
sidestepping game.  If you hit someone normally with this move it 
causes them to drop to one knee giving you a slight advantage.  
However, if you hit with a counter it will drop them to the floor 
allowing you to play some okizeme games.  Oh yeah, did I mention 
it has great priority, comes out very quick and can't be 

-Double Bull Kick/Bull Kick Right Cross(SS+RK,RK/RP) ***

    Bruce sidesteps and throws out two great range kicks, the 
second kick is delayed a bit and will catch mostly anyone who 
hasn't seen this move.  The second Bull Kick also sends your 
opponent rolling backwards if you connect.  The Bull Kick right 
cross uses the same first kick but then Bruce throws a fast 
hooking punch.  Alternate between the two versions in combat.

-Nightmare Low Heel (b,b+LK) **

    Hard to connect with this move against anyone good...I'll 
sometimes run up to someone and do this move but its extremely 
risky. Its pretty slow too so it can be seen coming.  Also if your 
opponent blocks this kick it will cause a "trip" effect leaving 
you vulnerable to WS moves. If this move had the range of some of 
his other kicks it would definitely get a three star rating.

-Sledge Hammer (LP+RP) *

    This move comes out slow, and usually SS by good opponents.  
This move is pretty much useless, however I do use it against 
Xiayou players when they go in their phoenix stance.

-Knee Bash (LP+LK) ***

    Probably Bruce's best throw, does a quick knee but the best 
part about it is you can tag in your teammate after it.

-Rib Crusher (RP+RK) **

    Bruce grabs his opponent and knees them in the ribcage , 
nothing special.

-Embracing Knee Strike/Multithrows (f,N,d,df+RP+RK+LP) ***

    Good move to use against scrubs but don't dare try it against 
a master.  You can try to time to catch someone tagging in but the 
crouch dash isn't very good and doesn't cover ground like a 
Mishima family crouch dash, but I guess if he had a good crouch 
dash it just wouldn't be fair ;).  However, the follow ups are 
devastating especially the multiple knee strikes.

4.) 	Strategy Guide

    Alright, lets get to the good stuff ;). Now that you have a 
basic idea of which moves you're going to use to win, lets put 
this whole thing together shall we?.

A.)How to win

    With Bruce your main goal is to annoy your opponent into 
frustration and then when he makes a mistake, make him eat a 
painful juggle ;).  Here are some basic custom strings I use to 
achieve  this goal, also make your adjustments to these strings to 
best suit you ;)

-RP, d+RK/ LP, RP, d+RK/ df+RP-juggle or LP+LK-throw
    This is definitely one of my favorites.  The quick RP, d+RK 
poke I 99.9 percent assure you your opponent will eat the low 
kick.  Most of the time your opponent will immediately try to 
attack after eating the low kick.  Because your opponent has just 
been hit you have the advantage and that's when you slam him with 
the LP, RP, d+RK.  After completing this your opponent will most 
likely do two things.  Either he'll get pissed and still try to 
attack, that's when you use the df+RP and nail him/her with a 
juggler or your opponent will turtle, and that's when run up and 
throw.  Its also a good string to see what kind of an opponent you 
have, a turtle or an aggressor.  Of course, masters can be both 
defensive or offensive so don't try to categorize them or you will 
pay.  The best thing as with any character is to keep mixing up 
your strings.  If you ended with a juggle the first time you 
pulled off this string and you do this string again, throw him/her 
the next time.  Cause havoc in your opponents mind ;)  Also I've 
run into some intelligent players who after getting hit with the 
Rp, d+RK, they'll duck anticipating the LP, RP, d+RK.  A simple 
solution to that is after the RP, d+RK, use the df+RP juggle 
starter.  See how many times they'll try to duck after that ;) 
Also remember to mix in a few Mid kicks on the RP, d+RK use the 
Rp, RK because some players will learn to duck immediately after 
you jab, make'em pay for adjusting ;P.  Also if you come up with 
some better options more power to you, don't just take what I 
write and think its the best way to play Bruce.  Share your ideas 
with me too, hehe.

-d+lp/ WS+RK/ df+RK/ LK,RP,LP

    One of the most important things to know when using Bruce is 
the range of the first kick of the Gatling combo.  I try to catch 
people from as far away as possible to counter hit and this is one 
of the ways I achieve this.  Simple d+LP, WS+RK to get some space, 
then the standard df+RK to even create more space, then you should 
just be able to reach the last kick of the Gatling combo ;).  I've 
noticed that the farther you connect with the first kick of the 
Gatling combo the more likely you'll get a counter hit simply 
because your opponent thinks he's/she's safe at a certain 
distance.  They may try to rush in , or crouch dash and that's 
when you'll slam them big time ;)  If your opponent wises up and 
expects the Gatling combo at the end of the string that's when I 
abuse Bruce's d+RK.  I'll go d+LP, WS+RK, df+RK, walk a little 
forward and d+RK, and usually if I want to be a jerk I'll walk in 
a little a do another d+RK.  Against counter freaks be sure to 
buffer some attacks, after a few chickens they'll most likely stop 
their childish play ;).  I also use a d+lp, d+rk and rise to the 
Gatling combo, also very effective since the d+lp, d+rk creates 
good space.  Also if you whiff the first kick or the Gatling combo 
please stop or you'll get sidestepped and punished...

-df+LP/ LP/ df+RK/ LK,RP,LP..

    Same concept as the last string just to give your opponent a 
different look.  Most of my strings do exactly the same thing but 
just look different so the opponent just has no idea what is 
coming ;).  There's a lot of games I play off of strings like 
these.  Instead of following the df+LP elbow with a LP, I'll use 
the RP, d+RK string instead and go from there.... Or I'll replace 
the df+RK with a couple of d+RK pokes. Or if your opponent blocks 
the whole string including the first kick of the Gatling combo 
stop the Gatling combo at the LK, RP/ and just poke him/her with 
some d+RK's.  Also remember to chicken buffer some attacks against 
counter freaks, its obvious when they're going to counter I've 
noticed, all Paul scrubs seem to counter at the same time and the 
same moves.  If someone is just trying to counter everything just 
run up and df+RP juggle them a few times and they'll stop I 
guarantee it >;).  Also remember Bruce isn't Bryan, when im 
playing as Bryan I try to catch people with WS moves and create my 
strings to achieve that goal.  Bruce on the other hand is more 
affective standing and poking, and he doesn't have any great WS 
moves.  So create most of your custom strings to take advantage of 
Bruce's range and quickness at his normal standing position.  
Don't create too many strings with d+LP's in them that are so 
popular now-a-days for the simple reason that at the crouched 
position you take away the speed of Bruce's punches and kicks and 
take away his range, and most of his attacking options.

Here are some really evil strings I use...

RP/ b+RK, LK/ RP, d+RK/ RP/ b+RK, LK/ Throw or df+RP Juggle
    Quick jab, Two Knee strikes that get in your opponents face, 
hit mid and can't be countered and have almost no lagtime.  Then 
the RP, d+RK poke that you should be abusing by now ;).  Another 
RP, and then the same double Knee strikes but this time change the 
ending.  The goal of this string is to make your opponent think 
you're doing the same thing over and over.  After the first pair 
of knee strikes you throw out your quick jab to keep them on 
guard....then after the second pair of knee strikes come around 
they'll be expecting that same quick jab, but this time your toss 
them ;) or juggle them, if they duck.  Also play more string games 
with your opponent, cut your strings short and replace them with 
d+rk's as I explained earlier, be creative ;).  

F+RP, LP/ RP / F+RP, LP/RP/ df+RP

    Make sure you have a little room before starting this 
string...Your goal in this string is train your opponent to block 
high.  Use the very quick Triple Elbow combo but cut it short and 
only use two elbows...the two elbows make great poking attacks 
since they're fast, can't be countered and have no lag time if you 
only use two.  And your opponent will fear the last elbow so they 
usually wont try to interrupt you.  What's the problem with the 
two elbows then? They hit high...but don't make it your problem, 
make it your opponents ;).  Use the two elbows to get in your 
opponents face, then Jab to get a little space then use these same 
annoying elbows again, and jab again! By this time your opponent 
thinks he/she has you figured out, they're just going to duck the 
next pair of elbows and punish you...wrong ;).  Instead of using 
another pair of elbows, walk in a little and use your juggle elbow 
and watch your opponent's watch jaw drop, ah hehehe.  Sometimes 
for fun I'll just keep repeating 2 Elbows ,LP against a scrub just 
to see how long he will just stand there, eh hehe.  Also change 
the string up, Use the double elbow starter, then go into the RP, 
d+RK poke and go from there...vary your attack ;).

Sidestep+LP, or Throw

    Bruce seems to have been blessed with a good sidestep so use 
it.  Sidestep close to an opponent and either Elbow Drop them or 
throw.  Remember the Elbow Drop can't be countered.  Also try not 
to go for a side throw, just a normal one.  Good players know that 
to get out of a side throw all they have to do is press LP if 
you're on their left side, or RP if you're on their right 
side....indeed sidethrows are the easiest throws to counter.  So 
what I do and recommend is for example if you sidestep to someones 
left side, don't go all the way to their side, but as close as 
possible but still if you throw them it would be a normal throw. 
Then use the normal throw opposite the side you just sidestepped 
to >;P hehe. In a nut shell, if you sidestep towards someones left 
side, use RP+RK to throw with a normal throw cause smart players 
will press LP anticipating a sidethrow from their left 
side....hope I didn't confuse you there ;P.

5.) 	Vs. Character Strategy 

          Just remember that these are strategies against quality 
human opponents, if you need help to beat your local CPU 
something's wrong with you, ah heheh.  This section is also in no 
particular order and I will have a last say sentence on the main 
strategy you should use at the end of each scouting report You'll 
also notice I don't have every character here, its just i can't 
say I've seen every character mastered, therefore, it wouldn't 
feel right for me to right a strategy for them ;).

-Against Bryan aka Wannabe Evil Dead Freak

    Lets start off with Bruce's wannabe, hehe.  First thing you 
have to know is that good Bryan players will try to set up his WS 
moves and punish you if you whiff moves with his Mach Punch.  
Remember the Mach Punch and Mach Kick both hit high so you have to 
make Bryan pay when he whiffs these moves.  When Bryan's in the 
crouched position he has 3 powerful moves his WS+LP juggle, WS+RP, 
B+RP juggle which is devastating and his WS+LK knee which isn't as 
powerful as it used to be.  If you get hit by a WS+LK on a counter 
tag out immediately since you can know tag out of double over 
stuns or your match will be a very short one.  He only has one 
damaging low move which is easy to see coming (df+LK).  If you 
block it counter with a uf+RK Hop Kick.  Good Bryan players will 
use his mixing combos (LK,RP,LP,RK/RP) (b+LK,RP,LP,RP/LK), 
(LP,RP,LP,RP/RK), (LP,RP,LK/df+RP)  <--one I invented, heheh.  The 
best thing to do is eating the low kick instead of a mid RP 
because It'll knock you to the guard allowing for some okizeme, or 
you can simply look at your opponents hands to see what they're 
going to do ;).  Also on the LP,RP,LK combo you can low parry the 
last kick (DF) and uf+RK juggle him.  Bryan is also good at 
catching people tagging in with his Mach Punch so be very careful 
tagging in.  Also never finish the last low kick of your Gatling 
combo since he has a true low parry, his punch parry shouldn't 
cause you too many problems as long as you vary your attack.  -
last word...Remember most of his power moves need time to start up 
so get in his face, at point blank range he's not very effective 
and sidestep alot.

-Paul Phoenix aka Trailer Thrash Rebel
    Eh...I really don't like this guy cause he's too easy to use, 
hehe.  Well, at least his Falling Leaf combo (d+RK,RP) has been 
toned down so he doesn't have a 50/50 game with that and his Death 
Punch (QCF+RP).   When playing Paul your execution has to be 
perfect, and never take anyone likely that can take 50+ percent of 
your life with one simple move.  DO NOT WHIFF MOVES AGAINT PAUL, 
AND TAG CAREFULLY...if you don't do either of those you will be 
eating Death Punches.  OK....now lets get to some strategy, heh 
don't try to counter the Phoenix punch since he can mix it up with 
a Thruster Elbow (QCF+LP) which can't be countered.  Try to catch 
Paul players QCF dashing in with your Gatling combo when you have 
some distance, but it's risky business.  Good Paul players will 
use his Thruster Elbow and Shredder jugglers (uf+LK or ff+LK) alot 
because both have insane priority.  However all these moves have 
lag times which Paul players try to make up for with his 
reversals.  That's when you make him pay with your df+RP juggler.  
If you block his Shredder kicks throw him, and the next time you 
block it df+RP juggle him to keep him guessing.  Paul also has 
mean okizeme so please beware when you've been knocked down.  You 
shouldn't have too much problems with his sidestep moves because 
they aren't that great.  However, beware of his sidestepping 
shoulder (f+LP+RK) it works good against Bruce's linear attacks.  
-last word....It's not going to be an easy fight, stay up close 
with your df+RP and make him pay for trying to counter, poke alot 
and stay up tight since his poking skills are weak.  DON'T BE 

-Nina Williams aka Blond Slut

    Where to begin...She's got a ton of moves and most of them 
have the ability to change at the end to either a medium of low 
attack creating some frustrating 50/50 games.  Im not going to go 
specifically into her moves since most of them do the same 
thing...poke.  At point blank range she's devastating, know that 
you're going to eat alot of low pokes against Nina just don't get 
juggled! I can't stress that enough, don't get hit with the Divine 
Cannon (db+LK+RK) or get juggled with the d+lk,RP combo or any 
combos similar to it.  Eat her pokes and overpower her since her 
true power comes from her juggling and okizeme.  Also punish 
reversal freaks with a df+RP juggle and if you get knocked down 
against a good okizeme playing Nina I feel sorry for you.  Also 
I've noticed the Divine has a longer lag time then in Tekken 3 so 
after you block her Divine Cannon im almost certain you can get a 
guranteed Hop Kick in, if not throw her, then the next time df+RP 
juggle her.  Don't try to duck the d+RK,LP poke since she can mix 
it up with the d+LK,RP juggle.  The Bad Habit (f,f+LK or QCF+LK) 
also has great range but you should see it coming.  Her mulithrows 
shouldn't be a problem since they are very easy to see coming as 
well.  -Last word...stay outside her poke range and use your reach 
advantage, also punish her for abusing her reversal, and as I said 
before DON'T GET JUGGLED and Surgeon Generals Warning:  Nina 
Okizeme is bad for your health!

-King aka Big Dumb Freak Who Growls Too Much

    King is in my opinion one of the best fighters in the game.  
Mostly all his moves are useful and he has some painful throws.  
Good king players will use the threat of throws to their advantage 
and use his hop kick (u or uf+RK) when you expect a throw.  If you 
think you can get up real close and poke him think again, his 
d+LP,N+RP is one of the best poking attacks in all of TTT.  You 
can, however poke him from a distance with RP, d+RK strings and 
d+RK.  Also remember he doesn't have any true follow ups to the 
RP,LP combo so many King players abused in Tekken 3.  If this is a 
fancy King who likes to use muli-throws punish them for whiffing 
the muli-throwing motion.  Don't use any moves with lag time since 
he will catch you with his b+RK.  If your opponent use's his Ali 
Kicks (d+rk, rk...) block them and counter with a uf+RK.  Also 
many of Kings moves have lag times like his Ankle Smash (D,df+LP), 
Dynamite Uppercut (D,df+RP) and his Hop Kick and his Ali kicks as 
I said before, make him pay for not connecting with these arts.  -
Last word...Poke him from long range, annoy the hell out of him 
and KNOW YOUR MULTI-THROW REVERSALS...great King players can get 
almost anyone in a multi-throw, study a list on how to get out of 
his throws pleasssssse. (note- Don't hesitate to look at your 
opponents hands when he's doing multi-throws ;) ah hehe )

-Kazuya Mishima aka Wannabe Evil Cool Guy

	In my opinion the strongest member of the Mishima family 
tree (I'll get alot of heat from Jin users for saying that, heh) 
Although Kazuya doesn't have as many moves as his father or his 
son,  He can definitely hold his own against any fighter.  
Beware of the Wind God Fist (f,N,d,df+RP) as much as you do Paul's 
Death Punch.  Don't whiff attacks or you will eat a painful 
juggle.  Remember the Wind God Fist hits special medium (SM) so 
you can block it low or medium, so anytime you see him crouch 
dashing block low to block his WGF or his Hell Sweeps 
(f,N,d,DF+LK,LK).  If he goes for the Two Jab Stature Kick combo 
(LP,RP,RK), low parry the last kick and Hop Kick him.  The Stature 
Kick (db+LK) can be annoying just weather the store and don't get 
juggled.  Of course I don't have to tell most of you about the 
Demon Gut Punch (WS+RP) Good players have the ability to disguise 
this move very well, if you get hit on a counter tag out 
immediately to avoid a nasty juggle.  The Glorious Demon Fist 
(f+RP+LP) has a nasty lag time I think you can get a guaranteed 
uf+RK hop kick if you block it, but if not just throw him, then 
the next time around df+RP juggle him.  -Last word....Kazuya is a 
well rounded fighter but he doesn't have many moves so he can 
become predictable, for example from the crouched position you can 
bet your life the Demon Gut Punch is coming.  Also beware tagging 
in carelessly or you'll eat the Wind God Fist.

-Heihachi Mishima aka Old Mean Rogaine Reject 

    I really feared this fighter in Tekken 1 and 2 but it seems he 
gets weakend as the Tekken series goes on and he is definitely a 
shell of himself from Tekken 2.  His Hell Sweeps (f,N,d,DF+RK...) 
are out right pathetic in TTT besides using them for okizeme.  
Like Kazuya, Heihachi's Wind God Fist can be blocked low or high, 
but this is still where his power lies.  Heihachi is devastating 
when he pops you in the air with one of his uppercut juggles, if 
you avoid them this match shouldn't be too difficult.  Heihachi is 
very vulnerable in the poke game so get up on him, frustrate the 
old fart but watch out for his Double Palm Strike (f+RP+LP) he'll 
use it in a sidestep or to punish over-aggressive opponents.  He 
does have a Death Fist but it is a shell of what Paul's death 
fist.  Heihachi also has a nice okizeme game so beware getting up.  
Also his Twin Pistons (df+LP,RP) have a terrible lag time so make 
him pay for using it.  I also like to interrupt his Tile Splitter, 
Death Fist combo right after the Tile Splitter with my Gatling 
Combo after the Tile Splitter but its risky business.  -Last 
word....Heihachi is definitely the weakest Mishima male and must 
rely on his powerful juggles to win matchs.  As long as you don't 
do anything stupid you should come out on top (note- If your 
opponent can pull off an Electric Wind God Fist consistently 
you're in for a tough fight.)

-Armor King aka Shrugging Growling Freak

     Wow, I'd have to say Armor King is one of the best fighter 
that came straight from the Tekken 2 series.  He's got nasty pokes 
(d+LP,n+RP) (df+LP), two great juggle starters (uf+RK), 
(f,n,d,df+RP) the last which is a form of Wind God Fist, which I 
call the "Armor God Fist" ah hehe.  He also seems to me to be 
quicker then King.  Since he only has one Multi-throw starter know 
how to break it right when it starts.  His Mule Kick (b+LK), is a 
great move to counter moves with long lag times.  Also beware of 
his Low Drop Kick (db+RK) that he'll use if you block high too 
many times.  If Armor King like to do Ali Kicks (d+LK+RK, RK..) 
block them and punish him with a Hop Kick.  Beware tagging in 
against Armor King or you'll eat the Armor God Fist (f,n,d,df+RP).  
His sidestepping move (SS+RP) is a very under-estimated move, 
quick and takes a good 20 percent off.  One more thing....most 
Armor Kings will throw with RP+RK since you can do a pile driver 
(d,d+LP+RP) from it, so whenever Armor King throws you, its 
probably safe to press RP to thwart his efforts ;)   -Last Word, 
if the player knows what he/she's doing, you're in for a tough 
fight, you must stick to your strengths, nothing fancy.

-Jin Kazama aka Obedient Pet School Boy

    Although many characters were toned down from Tekken 3, Jin 
actually seems to have gotten stronger.  His Hell Sweeps 
{f,n,d,DF+LK) seem to trip you easier then they did in Tekken 3.  
Also his new kick, the Demon Steal Petal (b+RK) has insane 
priority and is used in juggles and okizeme.  It is also possible 
to escape heavy damage from his Stun Punch Combo 
(b,f+RP,LP,RP_d+RP).  If your stuns you with only the first punch 
alone, tag out immediately.  If he stuns you with the first two 
hits, hold F.  Against counter freaks, use your df+RP juggle 
starter.  When Jin sidesteps you can bet your life he's going for 
the Tooth Fairy (ss+RP).  The Tooth Fairy is a great juggle 
starter, but has a nasty lag time if blocked.  Im not sure if the 
uf+RK is guaranteed but it always seems to work for me, if not 
df+RP or throw him, I just love doing that ;).  Jin is usually an 
easy fight for Bruce since he's a better fighter then him, ah hehe 
impose your will on him, poke him to death.  -Last Word, make sure 
you show Jin who's in control of the fight, poke alot and get 
juggling, hehe you'll over power him trust me.

-Wang Jinrey aka "Hey, aren't you dead?"

      I don't know how this guys still alive he was friends with 
Heihachi's dad for crying out loud, but anyways, heh, he's Another 
Tekken 2 powerhouse returning.  I love to use Wang, he can flat 
out juggle people. I'll be writing a Faq on Wang and Bryan, ASAP 
;).  Up close expect the G-Clef Club Fist Cannon (f+LP~LP,LP) 
trying to connect on a counter hit.  Stay out of his range and 
poke him.  His new Combo the Low Kick, False Lift (db+RK,RP) has 
to be one of the most useful combos in Tekken and you should fear 
it.  It can be used as a juggle starter, juggle finisher, and in 
okizeme tactics.  He also has a Death Fist so beware whiffing your 
moves and tagging in.  Wang also has mean okizeme, if you stay on 
the ground you're going to get a Bowling Ball Punch (df+LP+RP), if 
you roll, you'll also be punished.  Against counter freaks use 
your df+RP as usual.  Also the Razor Rush Sweep Combos 
(RK,RK,d+RK_RK-LP) can be annoying, you can try to low counter the 
second sweep, but you have to be extremely fast.  -Last Word, over 
powering Wang is not going to be easy, use your Gatling Combo alot 
since you can start it way out of his range where he can do 
anything effective.  Poke him ALOT most of his arts are slow to 

-Yoshimitsu aka No IM not the alien from those autopsy movies

     One of my favorites ;).  He can do it all, poke, juggle, pull out 
some nasty tricks, some great unblockables, against a master 
you're in for a real fight.  Lets start with Yoshi's main pokes, 
his df+RK which has insane reach and priority, his standard jab 
which is one of the fastest, and his Step Uppercut (df+RP) which 
always seems to pop people in the air.  How do you fight back 
against this? Overpower Yoshi ;).  Although his Jab is quick, it 
doesn't have good range so poke him just outside his Jab range.  
Against the df+RK boot, I really don't know how to counter this 
well, there's not much you can do, besides poking him faster then 
he can poke you.  If he tries his Low Sweep juggle (D,df+LK) block 
it and Hop Kick him.  Ok lets cover some unblockables...The Bad 
Breath (b+LP+RP,any) is mostly used in two ways.  If you're over 
aggressive on your pokes or throw alot, you'll probably end up in 
a mist of stank Yoshi Breath, so beware.  Yoshi might also try to 
run up to you and do the Bad Breath, use your RP,d+RK poke to keep 
him at bay.  Against his Somersault Sword Slice (QCF+LP), sidestep 
it and punish him with the attack of your choice.  Against the 
ff+LK,LP combo poke him quicky after the LK.  His Sword 
Counter,(b+LP+LK) is a great move for Yoshi to run right up to you 
and Juggle you, if Yoshi whiffs this move df+RP him to make him 
pay. -Last Word, definately one of the best fighters in Tekken, 
beware of Yoshi masters, even though they are a rare breed of 
Tekken player ;).  Overpower him with your Gatling Combo and stay 
out of his Jab range and be prepared for a poking war ;).

-Lei Wu Long aka Wannabe Jackie Chan

	One of the most annoying fighters next to Ling, most of your 
tactics aren't going to work against him since he can fall to the 
floor to avoid such arts are your Gatling Combo, or juggle 
starters.  Ok, most Lei users don't get to complicated with their 
stances, they mostly Play Dead (d+LK+RK) when you get close to 
him, or Razor Rush Punch (f,n+LP,RP,LP,RP,LK_RK) you when they get 
the opportunity.  Against Play Dead freaks, use your RP,d+RK poke 
to catch him on the way down with a low kick. Agaisnt Razor Rush 
freaks what I like to do is stay far away and try to lure them 
into doing the Razor Rush too early, then counter them with my 
Gatling Combo.  Its tough to do though, but the first kick of the 
Gatling Combo has priority over the Razor Rush punches.  Also 
during the Razor Rush if he tries to change stances after one of 
the punches, Hop Kick him out of it.  Learn what moves he can do 
in his stances, I really don't feel like going through every 
single stance ;).  Two more things to remember.....Lei has a Hop 
Kick too, and a low juggle starter (db+LK). Against the Hop Kick, 
Block it and throw him, then the next time...you know by now,hehe.  
Against the Low Juggle Starter, if you block it Hop Kick him.  -
Last Word, I hate fighting Lei its just no fun since you can't use 
most of your moves.  Be stubbern, if he drops dead just stay away 
from him, make Lei come to you.  Never give in to him, its going 
to be a real boring fight :::yawn:::. 

-Ogre 1 aka Aztec Monster Freak

    This guys so freakin' predictable, its funny.  Every non-scrub 
Ogre is going to try to get to his crouched position, then pull 
out some powerful moves.  His main method for getting in the 
crouch position is the d+LP poke.  If Ogre does this, do the same.  
D+LP him, hehe.  It's faster then anything he can do, annoy the 
hell out of him.  Also remember its hard to juggle this freak, so 
you'll have to rely on your pokes.  Also remember he has a great 
Hop Kick, so beware....Also he has some good unblockables, but as 
long as you keep poking they shouldn't be too much of a problem.  
If he gets you with his Ogre Grip (f,f+RP) tap b,b quickly.  Ogre 
also has a very good Sidestep, so keep your combos short and 
quick, and he has a throw that has no escape so beware.  Last 
Word-  another ::yawn:: fighter, impose your will on him as usual, 
he doesn't really have any weaknesses or anything to really fear, 
just play smart and you should come out on top.

-Ling Xiaoyu aka Somebody Please Slap My Annoying Ass

    I really don't like this fighter, but she's still one of the 
best in the game.  She's so short, you're really going to have to 
rely on your RP,d+RK and d+RK pokes alot.  Please stay out of her 
poke range, she's much to fast for you.  If she goes in her 
Phoenix stance (d+LP+RP) d+RK her out of it.  If she has her back 
turned poke her some more, but its risky business.  Honestly when 
I play a good Ling player I don't do much else but poke.  The 
Gatling combo is almost useless since she can sidestep all over 
the place.  She's also got some of the meanist okizeme in the 
game, be very careful getting up.  Ling players also set up throws 
real well, especially when her back is turned.  She'll RP poke you 
with her back turned, then throw you.  Or Roll at you from her 
Back position, then throw you when you expect her juggling upward 
kick.  My opinion, she's the best fighter in the game.  LastWord- 
Bruce was not made to fight this fight, call on my buddys King or 
Wang who are just great against her ;).

-Gun Jack aka Big Dumb Metal Freak

    This really goes for all the Jacks.  POKE HIM TO DEATH.  
Simply put, he's to slow to deal with your Bruce.  Poke him at 
will, don't let him breath.  There's not much Jacks can do if you 
do that.  Maybe it's because I haven't played great Jack players, 
but I have played good ones, they still can't handle Bruce's 
pokes.  -LastWord, to dumb, to slow to handle you ;) Poke with no 

-Forest Law aka Bruce Lee Test Tube Baby

    One of the better fighters in the game, in the hands of a 
master he can do it all.  Although he's extremely quick with his 
pokes, his real strength is in his defense.  Against people who 
abuse jabs he'll use the Tricky Sidestep Counter (b+LP+RP,LP) and 
get to juggling you.  Or his low counter, and Hop Kick you and 
juggle.  IM really not sure if he can tricky sidestep counter your 
df+RP, but I doubt he can so use it until he proves me wrong ;).  
You all know about the JunkYard combo/Dragon Rush combo scrubs,  
low counter the second kick of the Junkyard combo and Hop Kick 
him.  If you block the Dragon Rush Punch combo, Hop Kick him after 
the third punch.  Stay out of his poke range as usually, and poke 
him but BECAREFUL.  He doesn't have any real weaknesses, if you 
block his Hop Kick, throw him or df+RP him.  If you block any of 
his moves that end with a Flip, or his Dragon Sweep (db+RK), Hop 
Kick him.  If you block his WS+RP, Hop Kick again.  If you get 
juggled, I really feel sorry for you.  -LastWord- not an easy 
fight, should come down against his defense against your offense.  
If its an offensive style Law, you definitely have the upperhand.

-Anna Williams aka The Booty Shaker 

    Another annoying fighter, she seems to be faster then Nina, 
but can't juggle as well as her sister.  Basically, she can poke 
you even meaner then Nina can, up close you're a sitting duck..get 
out of her poke range and over power her, that's the only way 
you're going to win this fight.  Again like her sister her okizeme 
is flat out not fair, hehe be VERY careful when rising from the 
ground, try not to roll anywhere.  She also has a counter, to deal 
with that of course use the df+RP juggle starter ;).  Against the 
Cat Stance (b+RK) hit her with a mid attack, don't hit her low or 
try to throw her, you'll pay.  From the crouched position she's 
very dangerous, kinda like Ogre-1 is, so d+LP her when she goes 
down on you ;P.  If you can't see her multi-starter coming, 
something's wrong with you, it shouldn't be much of a problem 
since she can't do as much off her crouch dash as Nina can.   -
Lastword.....yeah, you're going to get poked, but her power is no 
where near yours, this shouldn't be a very difficult fight for 
6. 	    A.)    Juggle Section

    Ok people, I really wanted to make an interesting juggle 
section but everytime I popped the CPU in the air I kept thinking 
to myself, there's nothing better then the Triple Knee so here's 
my juggle section, I will have more stuff in the next version of 
this FAQ ;).

Starter-Df+RP/ RP/ b+RK,LK,RK

Starter-uf+RK/ RP/ b+RK,LK,RK

Starter-b,F+RK/ RP/ b+RK,LK,RK

Starter-LK,RP,LP/ b+RK,LK,RK

Starter-CH b+LP/ df+LK,LP 

B.) 	   Okizeme
    Bruce is not as good as Nina or Ling in his okizeme game but 
he still is effective.  Ok, against opponents who Roll Backwards, 
use your Slash Kick (f,f+LK).  If your opponent Rolls at you, 
which is almost suicide, use the Leg Slice, Tornado Uppercut 
(df+LK,LP).  If your opponent tech rolls, or just normally rolls 
sideways, throw them as they're getting up, then the next time 
they do that, Hop Kick them.  If they just lay there, which is 
probably the smartest thing for them to do, use the standard D+LK, 
or the Leg Slice by itself (df+LK) without the Tornado Uppercut 
follow through.  If they get up with an attack, make sure they 
whiff the move and Hop Kick them.  

C.) 	    Possible Partners

    After thinking about this question for about a minute I came 
to one conclusion, that Bruce is the ideal teammate for any 
fighter.  Anytime you Pop an opponent in the air you can always 
call on ol' Bruce to finish off the juggle with his devastating 
triple knee combo.  But the reason I really feel he should be 
apart of your tag team is he's very easy to use and very powerful.  
Basically what IM saying is, I've had problems using teams like 
Yoshimitsu and Lei Wu Long, or Lei Wu Long and Ling simply because 
when I choose two characters who have complicated fighting styles, 
it mixes me up alot....im not sure if anyone else has had this 
problem but I do.  However, a team of Yoshimitsu and Bruce can be 
effective especially if you're losing the fight, you can always 
tag in Bruce and trust me, you are NEVER out of a fight with Bruce 
since he can end anyone in a few seconds.  And its not hard to 
adjust from Yoshi to Bruce since Bruce's fighting style is very 
simple and effective.  My perfect team that I use is Law/Bruce.  I 
start with Law and poke to get people out of my face, and play 
very defensively looking for pokes to counter, then with Bruce I 
go right after my opponent, but that's just me, you put together 
your perfect team ;).

    Alright, The holidays have really slowed me down...I didn't 
get as much work in as I wanted too but I will make one more 
Update for this FAQ after I finish a FAQ that I've been wanted to 
do for a long time, an in-depth Bryan FAQ, I promise I'll deliver 
on that FAQ since I haven't seen any FAQs on Bryan that truly show 
how to master this complicated character, no offense to FAQ 
writers ;).  I also might write either a Wang or Anna FAQ, or both 
if I have the time. I'll add on to the strategy section, finish 
the Vs. Character section and try some weird juggles that pop into 
my mind =P.

7. Special Thanks

-All the Faq writers on the net, for some very cool ideas and 
strategies on how to play Tekken.

-WWW.Tekken.Net/Zaibatsu, probably the best site for Tekken info, 
I recommend it to any Tekken player

-WWW.Tekken.Net/Catlord,  This site has some interesting features 
and probably the best move list on the next.  Or to my best 
friend...the place to find nude Tekken art of Nina and Anna, ah 
hehe ;)

-Namco, for this great game ;)

-Eddy/Hwoarang/Paul/Law Junkyard Scrubs, If it weren't for you 
guys the arcade would just not be fun ;)

If you're in the Los Angeles area and know of any tournaments, or 
just simply want to challenge me, just e-mail me please, im always 
looking for quality competition...even if I lose there's always 
something to learn when two quality players battle ;).  I can 
usually be found in the downtown Los Angeles arcade on Broadway 
and 7th, or the Fun Center in Commerce (I got 2nd Place in a 
tournament there..should have won, hehe) or sometimes picking on 
Eddy Scrubs at Tilts in the Montebello Mall ;).  Please don't 
challenge me if all you do is choose Paul and Death Fist, 
Counter..I will just chicken your life away, ah heheh. You'll 
probably see me using teams of Yoshimitsu/Bryan/Wang /King/Anna 
unless I lose a few times then you'll see the unbeatable team of 
Bruce/Law ;)   Thanks for reading my faq.  

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