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Heihachi by Reverend C.

Version: 1 |

VERY Advanced Guide to Playing Heihachi
version 1
By Reverend C. (K.C. Ma)
e-mail me at: kma@uci.edu

* Legal Things: *

Tekken and all the characters in Tekken are copyrighted by Namco.  This
guide is written by me, but if you want to distribute it or print it or
whatever, feel free to do so as long as you don't alter the content. If
you have to alter the content, to be included in your web site, or pub-
lication, or whatever because my grammar sucks and I can't spell, just
e-mail me.  If you want to make a profit out of this FAQ...  e-mail me
for my written consent, but if you don't, I probably will not find out
about it, but if I find out, I don't know, we'll find out when that hap-
pens.  But if I see a crappy version of my guide being passed around
web (because you have some lame comments or technique, and you want to
add it to my work) I will not be very happy about it.

* Table of Content: *

Why Heihachi?
Movelist In-Depth
	-Kicking Ass
		-Crouch Dashing
            -Custom Strings
		-Blocking or Sidestep
		-Reversal & Parry
	-Garanteed Juggles
	-Stun Combos
	-Escapeable Juggles
VS. Human Strategy -coming in the next revision
Having Fun

* Why Heihachi *

     Heihachi is the hardest non stance-changing regular sized character to
master in Tekken.  With that cleared up, you might ask, why play Heihachi?
Well, once you understand the nature of Heihachi, you will be so hooked on
Heihachi's style of play.  Heihachi is pure power!  No fancy foot work, no
complicated stance changing, no turtling all day waiting for an opening to
attack, Heihachi is about constant carefully thoughtout attack that lead to
juggles that take off one third of the life bar (if not more).  When you're
playing Heihachi, you don't try to do a whole bunch of high, low level mix-
ing attacks and tick your opponent to death.  Your whole objective will be
starting a juggle, and then keep them juggle as long as possible and watch
your opponent's life bar drains while float helplessly in the air.  The way
Heihachi fights reflect his personality.  Heihachi will intimidate and des-
troy you!

* Intro *

	Before I start, there's one thing I'd like to say here.  I write FAQs
in a span of about two weeks, and during this time, new ideas occur to me,
and I learn new things sometimes.  If that happens and I change my mind or
want to add, I use *time lapse* to denote that.  If I jump from topic to 
topic, or my view on one move completely changed, it's probably because I
learn something new in that time.  Anyway, ike my other FAQs, this FAQ is 
geared toward high level competition and not intro to Heihachi for begin-
ners.  I'm assuming that you know how to block, how to side-step, how to 
juggle, how to parry, etc.  This FAQ is meant for people who are already 
good at other charactrs, but what to try Heihachi, because he has the best, 
and I do mean BEST juggle of all.  If you're sick of Nina/Anna's poking, 
Lei and Ling's stance changing, Paul's deathfist, Hwoarang's tricks, or 
Julia/Michelle's tick damages, try Heihachi.  Heihachi will not only win 
fights, he'll destroy!  Heihachi is power and offense in its purest form 
in Tekken, he is the character designed to kick ass!  Few things before 
you start though, if you haven't played characters that has crouch dashing 
moves (f,n,d,df), be prepared to spend a lot of time to learn to do this.  
To play Heihachi, you MUST be able to do this every single time!  If you 
ever wanted a Wind God Fist, a something else come out instead, you're not 
ready to win serious competitions with Heihachi yet, crouch dashing is so 
important to Heihachi because without it, Heihachi will lose on consistant 
basis.  Heihachi should stay outside of throw range (just a little bit).  
At this range, Heihachi can start his crouch dashing guessing game, and he 
doesn't have to worry too much about constant poking of faster character.  
I know I make Heihachi sound like the best character in Tekken once you 
master him, and he probably is one of the best character (right there with 
Nina, Anna, Kazuya, Jin), but playing Heihachi isn't easy.  It'll take 
perfect timing, extremely quick reaction, exploit every chance to inflict 
damage to the fullest extent.  The old man is getting old (73 or 74), he 
has slowed down and weakened a bit since Tekken 2.  The recovery is very 
slow (don't ever wiff when you choose Heihachi), and his Hell Sweeps, Wind 
God Fist, and Twin Pistons aren't as powerful as they were in Tekken 2.  
Heihachi's strength lies in the damage he can inflict with juggles, and 
his weakness is the slow recovery time of many of his important moves.  If 
you can learn to deal with the slow recovery time, you will kill your com-
petition with the sheer power that Heihachi possess.

* Movelist *


Refer to Tekken Zaibatsu http://www.tekken.net for convention.


Command         Place         Name                          Escape

1+3             front         Neck Breaker                  1
2+4             front         Power Bomb                    2
f,f+1+2 [~5]    front         Stone Head                    1+2 #1#2
f,f+1+4         front         Head Butt Carnival            1+2 #3#4
2+5             anywhere	Tag Throw				2
1+3_2+4         left          Tile Splitter Gullotine       1
1+3_2+4         right         Freefall                      2
1+3_2+4         back          Atomic Bomb                   N/A

#1 You can quick recover after this throw
#2 Special Tag only work with Jun
#3 Only work on Jin, Heihachi, Kuma, and Lei.
#4 Can be reversed with 1 or 2, and Heihachi can reverse again with 1+2

Special Technique

Command              Name                            Range       Special Properties

b+1                  Alter Splitter                  m           GB KS#1
1,2                  Double Punch                    h,h         
  =4                 Roundhouse                      h
1,1<2                Shining Fist                    h,h,m       #2
1,2<2                Demon Slayer                    h,h,h       #2
  =~1+2 [~U_~D]      Demon Executioner [~side-step]  m
f+1<b+2,1            Demon Massacre                  h,m,m       #2
f+1<b+2,4            Demon Lair                      h,m,m       GB #2
d+1                  Tile Splitter                   m
  =2                 Deathfist                       m
df+1,2 [~5]          Twin Piston [tag]               m,m         JG
f,n,d,df+1		   Thunder God Fist                m
1+2                  Demon Breath                    m           CS KNDc
b+2                  Demon Boar                      m           HS KNDc
2,2                  Demon Backhand Spin             h,h
F+2                  Demon Backhand                  h
  =~1+2              Demon Breath                    m
f,f+2 [~5]           Demon God Fist [tag]            m           JG
f,n,d,df+2 [~5]      Wind God Fist [tag]             m           JG
f,n,d~DF+2 [~5]      Electric Wind God Fist [tag]    m           JG GB
QCT+2                Deathfist                       m
WS+2                 Dark Thrust                     m           HS CSc
f,f+3                Split Axe Kick                  m           GB
WR_f,f,f+3           Leaping Slash Kick              m           GB
f,n,d,df+3           Demon Gut Kick                  m           GB
f,n,d,DF+3           Demon Slice Kick                L 
uf+3,4               Hell Axe                        m,h         GB #3
uf+4,4               Rising Sun                      h,L         
QCT_WS_f,n,d,df+4<4  Tsunami Kick                    m,m         #2
f,n,d,DF+4           Hell Sweep                      L           JGc KS 
                                                                 BS #4
  =N+4               Rising Kick                     m
  =N+4,4             Tsunami Kick                    m,m
  =1                 Thunder God Fist                m
  =4_4,4             Hell Sweeps                     L_L,L       BS
    =N+4             Rising Kick                     m
    =N+4,4           Tsunami Kick                    m,m
    =1               Thunder God Fist                m
4                    Roundhouse                      h           CSc
f+4                  Demon Axe Kick                  m           GB SLDc
4~3                  Demon Scissors                  M           #5
d+4                  Geta Stump                      G           #6
b,b,N+3+4            Shadow Steps                    na
2+3+4                Angry Taunt                     na
f_F                  Charging Demon                  na          #7
d+1+4                Demon Tile Splitter             !           #8

#1 Stun on counter hit on standing opponent, regular hit on crouching opponent.
#2 The hit after < can be delayed.
#3 On neutral block second hit will connect, on active block both hit stuns.
#4 Cause KS on regular hit, second hit can still be blocked.
#5 Heihachi receives damage if wiffed.
#6 Heihachi can only do this while opponent's grounded
#7 Heihachi's right kick reversal, only work while Heihachi's doing a special move.
#8 Right kick will be automatically reversed.

* In-Depth Movelist *

	Before you continue, make sure you can crouch dash (f,n,d,df) and its
delay (f,n,d,DF).  Heihachi has 8 moves that can be started in crosh dash.
All of them have special properties that either juggle or stun, except f,n,
d,df+1 which is Thunder God Fist, but when Thunder God Fist connects, it'll
do enough damage that you don't really worry about extra properties.  This
section will cover all of Heihachi's special moves, what I think about it,
when to use it, its strength and weakness, and a rating based on scale from
one to five.

b+1                  Alter Splitter                       m       GB KS

This is probably one of Heihachi's fastest move.  It stuns lone enough for
you to inflict decent damage.  If blocked, it takes your opponent quite a
while to come out of block stun making this move very safe.  Its only pro-
blem is the lack of range and the fact that it has very little range.  If
you wiff this move, you'll be very sorry.  But this move is so fast, use
it often, just don't wiff.


1,2                  Double Punch                         h,h

Don't use this!  It hits high, and can be reversed.  The only time I ever
use this is in the juggles.  If you have to do two punches, use 1,1.  


1,2,4                Double Punch, Roundhouse             h,h,h

Don't use this!  Not even in a juggle, this is so useless I don't know
why anyone would use it.


1,1<2                Shining Fist                         h,h,m

This is the Mishima family special technique.  Same Shining Fist used by
Kazuya and Jin.  This two jabs are extremely fast.  Even if you totally 
wiffed, you'll recover in time to block.  In close range, Heihachi would
suffer from lack of quick attacks that recover fast enough.  Heihachi's d+1
is Tile Splitter, while useful, it's way too slow to either poke or inter-
rupt.  Ideally, Heihachi should be played just outside of throw range, that
way Heihachi can use his crouch dash to its fullest extent be lethal, but
your opponent will know that.  Nina and Anna will poke their way into close
distance where if you try to perform crouch dash, they'll attack you first.
Jin, Bryan, Paul, Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu, Ling, Lei, King, Hwoarang, Eddy,
Kazuya, Julia, Wang, Michelle will all be able to get close to you.  With-
out Shining Fist, Heihachi will be very vulnerable since his Shadow Step'll
not be able to bail him out every time.  If only the first two jabs are 
performed, it's extremely fast and can be use either to poke or trick your
opponent.  If your opponent does anything slower then jab, do all three at-
tacks.  It does decent damage (very nice damage in fact).  This move will
give you room to breath, regroup, and initiate Heihachi's crouch dashing.
The jabs are extrememly fast, and it's quite hard to reverse last punch, 
but if you wiff the first two hits, and still want to finish this combo on
the gamble that you can catch someone countering, buffer a chicken.


1,2,<2               Demon Slayer                         h,h,h

This move is much more useless than Shining Fist.  First, all three hits
hit high, can you imagine what will happen if someone duck all three hits?
Jin has WS+2 uppercut, Nina has WS+3 Spider Knee that can start juggles or
Palm Grab, Anna has FC,f+1 stun, Bryan has WS+1 uppercut, and worst of all
Kazuya has WS+2 Demon Gut Punch that will counter and result in Heihachi 
losing more than half of his lifebar.  Second, it recovers slow.  While it
is still faster than the recovery of...  Demon God Fist, basic uppercuts 
and other quick juggle starters will hit Heihachi.  It's good in a juggle
if in the heat of battle, you paniced and want easy juggle that does good
damage, this is it, but other than that, don't use this.


1,2<2~1+2 [~U_~D]    Demon Executioner [side-step]        h,h,h,m

This is much better than Demon Slayer, but still aren't that great because
you have to count on your opponent blocking the three hits and not ducking
them.  If the first three hits are duck though, most people will try stop
blocking and take the Demon Breath, but don't count on this, the essence
in this short combo is the side-step at the end.  After the side-step, you
can usually connect a throw or Shining Fist.  Try to stay away from this


f+1<b+2,1            Demon Massacre                       h,m,m

This should only be used in juggles.  If you use this outside of juggle, 
you'll pay dearly.  However, it's great in juggles.  It does good damage,
and looks good (and it's easy to time).


f+1<b+2,4            Demon Lair                            h,m,m     GB

If the last kick connects, you'll be spaired the punishment for using this
move, but don't count on that happening.  The kick stuns long enough for 
Heihachi to take initiative, and push them back far enough to start crouch
dashing.  The problem is, it takes forever to come out.  After the second 
hit, Backfist, Paul has enough time to do QCT motion than counter Heihachi
with Paul's own deathfist.  It's possible to trick your opponent to block
the kick, or even take it, but be very careful (why bother, there are too
many different alternatives, although it's a pretty cool combo).  I never
used this in juggles, but I think it can be done, but why bother?


d+1                  Tile Splitter                          m

Same Tile Splitter Paul has, but I think it does a little bit less damage.
Not a bad move, if you counter, the Deathfist seem to be garanteed.  The
best use of this move is to knock opponent down as they try to get up.  I
don't really use this, but because its bad, but because Heihachi has bet-
ter options everytime this move can be used.  One good thing about this
move is the ease to perform it.  If you're stuck with a bad joystick or
you have a bad machine where you can't find diagnal, use this and death-
fist on counters.  With some luck it's possible to win.  I strongly sug-
gest you don't use this on standing opponent, but if you do, buffer chic-


d+1,2                Tile Splitter, Deathfist               m,m

Same as the d+1,2 Paul has, does good damage on counter, but if you can
get a counter, why not go for Wind God Fist?  It will end up doing more
damage, look better, intimidate your opponent, etc.  Not that this is
bad, just that Heihachi has better options.  If you read my Nina FAQ, you
will know what I have to say about he Deathfist, buffer a chicken, and in
this case, it actually make this somewhat useless move somewhat more use-
ful.  You can purposely use this to induce reversal, and chicken!  The
Deathfist recover fast enough to leave you safe from most of the moves,
and this will teach your reverse happy opponent to think twice.


df+1,2               Twin Piston                            m,m     JG

The second best juggle starter Heihachi has.  The move itself isn't that
great (certainly not as good as it was in Tekken 2), but its great when
you want to retaliate with a BIG juggle.  It does a bit more damage than
Wind God Fist, juggles opponents a little bit higher (offset by the slow-
er recovery, but still a little bit better), and come out faster (unless
you're very good with the crouch dash and can make Wind God Fist come out
instantly).  You can throw in a lot of df+1, and every now and then com-
plete the move with 2 (won't always work against better opponent, but it
is still worth trying).  If you're playing offense, stick with Heihachi's
crouch dashing moves, but if you're defending and Paul just deathfisted,
and wiffed, Twin Piston!  

f,n,d,df+1           Thunder God Fist                       m

This is Heihachi's most damaging moves.  In Tekken Tag Tournament, Thunder
God Fist is become both a better, and worse move.  It got better in two 
ways, first, the longer you crouch dash, the more damaging it becomes, and
if you connect just as the crouch dashing's about to end, it'll do as much
damage as Paul's Deathfist on counter!  But how do you connect Thunder God
Fist after crouch dashing for that long?  If you do it after a lot of Hell
Sweeps, you can trick someone into taking the Thunder God Fist (but don't
ever do this on a master, it'll never work!).  The other way is to antici-
pate your opponent's tagging.  If you know after a juggle, he will tag for
sure because there's a small distance between you two, start crouch dash-
ing.  You'll hit them as them come in.  If they come in a little earlier
than that you anticipated, hit the 1 as soon as you see them.  The second
reason this is better in TTT is because of the tag combos.  Anytime your
other partner does a high juggle starter, Hwoarang's f,n,d,df+4 and Yoshi-
mitsu's Kangaroo Kick for example, tag immediately and start the crouch
dashing before Heihachi's actually in (buffer it).  Thunder God Fist will
connect for major damage, and you can continue with f+1<b+2, Hell Sweeps,
or other follow ups!  Now to the bad news, it VERY hard to use Thunder God
in Heihachi's juggles :(  Wind God Fist, jab, jab, Thunder God Fist or f,
n,d,df+2, 1, 1, f,n,d,DF+1 was Heihachi's most useful (not the most power-
ful though) juggle, it'll do about 75% of your opponent's life bar.  When-
ever I connect with Wind God Fist, I go for this.  In TTT however, it is
extremely hard to do this combo.  I get it to work in earlier stages, and
on human every now and then, but I don't think it actually combos (they
were probably just trying to get up or something).  After a lot of frus-
tration, I gave it up.  I don't even use it anymore, except on big char-
acters like Kuma and Gunjack.  There are other ways Heihachi can do dama-
ge to your opponent.


1+2                  Demon Breath                            m       CS KNDc

Treat this as your parry or reversal.  Since Heihachi has no high/mid par-
ry or reversal, this becomes very important.  It stuns long enough for you
do inflict quite a bit of damage, and it's extremely fast.  On counter, it
will put your opponent on the ground, and they can't quick recover.  To use
this, you'll have to anticipate.  If you anticipate a jab coming, use it! 
Or you can run up to your opponent's face, chance is they'll try to hit you
can if you do this as soon as you approach them, it'll probably counter.
Another thing to do is side-step, and use this.  Normally I try to juggle
after successful side-step, but sometimes I need something faster, this is
it.  In conclusion, don't use this too often, but when appropriate, don't


b+2                  Demon Boar                              m       HS KNDc

Very useful!  This can be use like Deathfist, and for some reason, no one 
can block this thing.  Maybe because it has a delay, and people try to coun-
ter it or something, but I don't care, this is Heihachi's little miracle 
punch.  It recovers slowly, but as long as you don't wiff, you are prabably
safe from retaliation.  I don't know if this move can be reversed or not, 
since it has never happen to me before, but if I throw this out, I try to 
buffer it with chicken anyway.



Just don't use this, I don't them, and I really don't know how to use them,
if you disagree, e-mail me, and I'll put your strategy up here and give you

I give this NO *, not even one

f,f+2                Demon God Fist                          m       JG

The highest juggle starter Heihachi has.  This is the juggle starter that'll
do the most damaging juggle in Tekken!  The hard part is getting it actually 
hit your opponent.  If you throw this out after Shadow Step, it'll catch the
aggressive opponents sometimes, but don't count on it.  You can use this to
induce reversal and chicken that, another good with to use it.  But to start
a juggle with it is very hard, I only use it when f,f+3 stun kick connects, 
which rarely happens.  Even though this is Heihachi's highest juggle start-
er, I find this much more useful in ending juggles!  It looks good, does de-
cent damage, and it works.


f,n,d,df+2           Wind God Fist                           m       JG

This is THE juggle starter, this is the uppercut that defines juggle starter
for rest of the characters in Tekken.  Juggle them to perfect height, comes
out fast, can be delayed, hits mid, recovers fast, does good damage all by
itself, and tons of follow up to kill your opponent.  No other juggle start-
er will connect as often as this one (not even the basic uppercut).  You can
even initiate this from side-step (kind of slow though).  With the new tag
juggles, Heihachi become even better then he's ever been because he can con-
nect Wind God Fist so often.  Everytime this connects, you can decide to tag
or not to tag.  It completely eliminates the danger of being attact when you
try to tag, and it connects so often tagging your other into the fight is
very easy when you have Heihachi on as one of your character.  To make it e-
ven better, Wind God Fist juggle them to the perfect height that everyone in
Tekken can come in and finish this juggle and inflict a lot of damage.  To
take full advantage of this move though, you must master the f,n,d,df and f,
n,d,DF delayed version.  Oh, almost forgot (got too excited), buffer chicken
because this is the most reversed move of all Heihachi moves.


f,n,d~DF+2           Electric Wind God Fist                   m       JG GB

Same as Wind God Fist, except if blocked, opponent staggers a little bit.  I
would say it's better, but it's very hard to make this come out everytime. 
I don't really try to do this, and when I do, it usually come out by itself
when I move from d to DF very fast.  I don't completely understand this move
or how to do it effectively, if anyone out there know, please e-mail me!

***** (if you can actually do this)

QCT+2                Deathfist                                m

Same as Paul's deathfist, except it comes out a little bit faster and weaker.
I guess this is fair, it's kind of hard to imagine a 73 year old doing 70% on
counter hit with just one punch without a little dashing head start and stuff
or a lot of time charging.  And Heihachi is extremely powerful already, not 
like he need this or anything.  If Heihachi has a Deathfist that rival Paul's
in power, Namco might as well make Wind God Fist unblockable and Heihachi un-
able to block (now there's a good idea :) What about Devil Heihachi with the
unblockable Wind God Fist and unable to block?).  My point is Paul's death-
fist on Heihachi would be so cheap...  Imagine Paul with Heihachi's juggle!


WS+2                 Dark Thrust                              m       HS CSc

This is a new move for Heihachi, and without a doubt the best new move.  I
know some of you will disagree, there's already another FAQ on the net say-
ing this move is useless, but I really don't see it that way at all.  Think
of this as Heihachi's answer to Kazuya's Gut Punch.  It's slower, but it has
much more range.  It will stun them long enough for you to do some very da-
maging juggles.  Make sure you don't throw this out of nowhere though, as it
recovers slowly.  If you just duck a high attack, like Hwoarang's d+4,4 (Why
do people use this stupid thing?), hit 2 while Heihachi stands up, and stun.
Follow it with anything you like afterward.  I would debate anyone over this
move!  I hear a lot of people saying this move is stupid and Heihachi didn't
get any good new moves like other people.  If it's a scrubby character who
doen't even know how to fully utilize crouch dashing, I just ignore them.  I
would debate the usefulness of this Dark Thrust with any good Heihachi play-
er though.  I usually just use it while we're fighting, and follow it with a
simple f,n,d,DF+4,4,4,N+4,4, and they are usually convinced after that.


f,f+3               Splite Axe Kick                           m       GB

This is quite useless, in Tekken 3, it'll set up Heihachi's 100% juggle, but
you'll need a miracle to get the whole thing off.  The move is too slow for
anything practicle.  I really don't use this move much.  If you really want 
to use it though, mix it up with Heihachi's other f,f moves.  You can buffer
the f,f and then use either 2 for Demon God Fist, 1+2 for throw, or this to


WR_f,f,f+3         Leaping Slash Kick                         m       GB

If you're already running this is quite handy since if it's blocked, it'll
stun them long enough to allow you to initiate crouch dashing.  That's the
only way to make this move useful though, try not to use this because it's
really not all that great, and watch the people you jab you out of your mo-
tion (or at least trade hit).


f,n,d,df+3         Demon Gut Kick                             m       GB
f,n,d,DF+3         Demon Slice Kick                           L

Demon Gut Kick is very useful, but shouldn't be used as often as the Demon 
Slice Kick because this move can be countered easily.  Use Demon Slice Kick 
often, and after they starting to block low, do Demon Gut Kick.  When I say 
use Demon Slice Kick often, I don't mean use it all the time because both 
of these moves are quite slow, and you'll be punished for both of them if 
used too often.  Most people do not block Slice Kick since it come out of 
nowhere.  The smarter ones will catch on very fast, and it's time to do the
Gut Kick, the starting animations are awefully similar, and even if they do
recognize it, they'll have a very small chance to do anything about except
blocking it.


uf+3,4             Hell Axe                                  m,h      GB

On neutral block (when you leave the joystick in neutral) the second hit's
garanteed.  On active block (b on the joystick), both hit will stun when
blocked.  What does this mean?  If you can pull this off, you'll have no-
thing to lose.  This is also REALLY good in juggle, unfortunately it only
work after Demon God Fist because only Demon God Fist juggle them to the
right height.  Even then it's incredibly hard!  And when I say incredibly
hard, I mean I've pull this off maybe three or four times my whole entire
life playing Tekken in an actual fights.  Majority of the time, I end up
kicking them just above them and wiff.  If you can do this though, fights
will end really fast since Hell Sweep after you land will do about 80% of


uf+4+4             Rising Sun                               h,L       

Fairly useless, but less so then Heihachi's most useless moves.  How to
use this?  Use it in juggles.  There is no other use for this, because it
is simply too slow, and the low hit is too obvious.  It'll work against
people who never block low I guess (the same people who can't block Jin
and Kazuya's uf+4,4,4,4).  But don't count on that.  How to use this in
Juggle?  The first one will always wiff (never got it to work before), but
you can count on the second kick to hit them the same them they hit the 
ground, and follow it up with other things (I use Thunder God Fist in Tek-
ken 3, but haven't tried that in TTT).


QCT_WS_f,n,d,df+4<4       Tsunami Kick                      m,m

Very good in juggles.  Now that it's really hard to finish juggles with
Thunder God Fist, I use this and Hell Sweep a lot.  Twin Piston is a good
finisher too, but I don't use that because everyone else do.  Most of the
juggles do about 45 to 55 points of damage and they're all about equally
good, so how do you want to finish your juggles is completely a personal 
preference.  Out side of juggles, use WS version if you're already in the
crouching position, otherwise use crouch dashing and mix it with either 
Hell Sweeps, Wind God Fist, Demon Gut Kick, or Demon Slice Kick.  The de-
lay is very helpful, as some people will think that you're done with your
kick and end up taking the second kick.


f,n,d,DF+4                Hell Sweep                        L        JGc KS
  =N+4                    Rising Kick                       m
  =N+4,4                  Tsunami Kick                      m,m
  =1                      Thunder God Fist                  m
    =4_4,4                  Hell Sweeps                     L_L,L    BS
      =N+4                    Rising Kick                       m
      =N+4,4                  Tsunami Kick                      m,m
      =1                      Thunder God Fist                  m

This is Heihachi's best friend next to Wind God Fist.  This is why Win God
Fist can connect on consistant basis, people don't know what to block.  In
TTT, Hell Sweeps is much weaker (this move gets toned down in every Tekken
installment).  If any low kicks are blocked, Heihachi will stagger a little
bit, and that sucks.  Another thing is every character has low parry now,
and that doesn't help either.  That doesn't mean this is now useless.  The
power this move possess in Tekken 2 was awesome, and the new low block sta-
gger further weakened this move.  Why use this?  Well, because you can de-
cide when to stick in the mid attack(s).  If the first Hell Sweep connects,
your opponent will have to do some serious guessing.  Block high? Or low?
Don't use the same sequence twice though, because you don't want to become
predictable with this.  Another thing that make this great is the fact that
it look so awesome in juggles!  This must be the best juggle finisher in 
Tekken.  Be careful with the people who reverse your Thunder God Fist, and
Rising kick though.  As always, try to buffer chicken.


4                         Roundhouse                          h

Decent damage and great range!  Use this as a retaliating move though.  It
is not very safe to use this in offense, but on minor counter, it'll stun.
It has its uses, but be very careful when you use this.


f+4                       Demon Axe Kick                      m      GB SLDc

More useful than Split Axe Kick in my opinion.  Doesn't stun as well as the
Split Axe Kick, but you can actually get this to connect every now and then
because this is much faster.  Just don't use it too often.


4~3                       Demon Scissors                       M       

Same Demon Scissors Kazuya and Jin has.  This is Heihachi's way to hit the
grounded and getting up people, or punish Lei.  Just be careful not to wiff
or Heihachi will take 5 point punishment.  A little trick I learned from 
William Knight's FAQ: do uf~4~3, and the scissors will come out instantly.
Normally Heihachi jumps into the air, and turn around, but if you do uf be-
for 4~3, it'll come out instantly.


d+4                       Geta Stump                           G

You can only do this if your opponent is grounded.  Don't use this if you
think they are going to roll and hit you.  There are times when this move
is garanteed, like after 2+4 front throw.  It adds nice damage, and it's 
very handy as long as you use them at the right time.


b,b,N+3+4                  Shadow Steps                        n/a

Most underused, but useful move in Heihachi's possession.  It's like us-
ing parry and chicken, one of those little things that make some people 
better than others.  Heihachi need some space to be effective, and dash-
ing back doesn't always help since characters like Anna, Nina, and Ling
are so damn fast, they'll always be in your face.  Dash back (b,b), and
then press 3+4 to initiate the steps.  Heihachi will not only run back-
ward very quickly, he will do it in little side-steps, making it very
hard to follow.  Another great way to utilize this is to use this with
Hell Sweeps.  Shadow Steps make using Hell Sweeps fairly safe even if
you're parried, or blocked (and stagger).  All you do is hold on to the
last 4, buffer it, dash back (b,b), and press three.  I can't count how
many times this little trick saved my ass (Thanks to William Knight and
his FAQ).

Charging Demon

This is Heihachi's reversal, it only reverse right kick, and Heihachi'll
also receive damage himself, less though.


Demon Tile Splitter

It's an unblockable, not too useful except when you can anticipate your
opponent's tagging.  It doesn't have the same range as...  Paul's so you
will have to be much more careful when you use this.

* Crouch Dashing *

I can't emphesize enough on how important Crouch Dashing is!  If Heihachi
does not have crouch dash, he'll be as weak as...  Kuma with power of Ling
and unable to juggle.  Well maybe not that bad.  Still, to play Heihachi, 
you must learn to do f,n,d,df and learn to delay any crouch dashing moves
by holding the joystick in DF position, and this is why if you can't find
the diagnal on the joystick you're playing on, play someone else.  The DF
allow Heihachi to continue dashing for quite a while, and during that the
dashing, Heihachi can either do 2 or 4, Wind God Fist and Hell Sweep, and
they come out instantly.  Once you're in crouch dashing, you are pretty
much in control.  If your opponent attacts, either counter or block (I'd
rather counter).  Block is block, but counter with Wind God Fist, and you
will deal out so much damage they will be much more careful next time, and
it's fairly safe.  But you can't just wait until they attack though, you
will have to anticipate a little bit too.  Hell Sweep doesn't have as much
juggle possibilities, but you can still inflict a lot of damage, and with 
some practice, you can do very damaging juggles from Hell Sweep on counter
(but HARD!).  I don't know if this following juggle is garanteed, Wind God
Fist, jab_jab,jab, Thunder God Fist, it work sometimes, but not always, I
will find out more about this juggle.  Assuming it's garanteed, you will
have to time the dashing very well to get it to work.  This combo is an
example of why you'll have to be very good at crouch dashing, many other
juggles rely on crouch dashing, and good crouch dashing equals to lethal
Heihachi.  The sheer power of Heihachi possess makes him in my opinion the
top 5 characters in Tekken (if it's up to me, he would be either first or
second.  I think Heihachi, Anna, Nina, and Kazuya are tied for first and
second).  Heihachi has a total of eight moves that he can initiate from 
crouch dashing.  Thunder God Fist, Wind God Fist, Electric Wind God Fist,
Demon Gut Kick, Demon Slice Kick, Hell Sweeps, Rising-Tsunami Kicks.  Many
of these have different variations and all of them are useful.  Wait that's
only seven!  Well, the last one isn't an official move, but it can be ini-
tiated from crouch dashing.  That's the WS+2 Dark Thrust.  You do this by
waiting until crouch dashing ends and Heihachi's getting up.  By then most
people will try to counter, and Dark Thrust will end up stunning them!  If
that happens follow it up with either Thunder God Fist or Hell Sweep!  Hei-
hachi is one of the two, three characters in the game, whereyou might be 
dying, and there's 10 seconds left, and you can turn the tide and beat your 
opponent within that 10 seconds, yes that's how deadly this old man can be 
if played right!

* Custom Strings *

This is one of Heihachi's major weakness!  His custom strings pretty much 
sucks (if not non-existant).  Heihachi doesn't have a d+1 jab most charact-
ers have (Heihachi does a tile splitter instead).  All Heihach can do from
standing position is 1, 2, 1,2, 1,1,  df+1, df+2, QCT+4<4.  Instead of put-
ting together a long quick strings that's hard to block and even harder to
predict (like Anna and Nina), Hehachi has to rely on a couple of extremely 
quick jabs (even the jabs aren't that quick) to bring Heihachi close to put
on some pressure, then you can go from there to Wind God Fist or Hell Sweep
or throws.  If it doesn't work, Heihachi will just have to initiate another
move very quickly, or regroup.  It's very hard to use strings to set things
up for Heihachi.  You'll have to rely on constant crouch dashing, and force
your opponent to block low or high, or reverse (and get chickened).  If you
put enough pressure on your opponent, eventually they'll have a hole that
you can exploit.  When you're playing Heihachi, you will have to stay just
outside of throw range.  If you're right in their face, it's much harder to
initiate things even if you can do any crouch dashing move instantly.  I'm
just used to staying at this distance, I feel comfortable, and I play bett-
er at this distance.  However, as soon as you start the dashing, you want 
to be right in their face, and make them guess.  After that, you'll have to
be careful, yet relentless with jabs and Wind God Fists and Hell Sweeps.  
If you're ever in trouble, parried, staggerd, use Shadow Steps.  The steps
side steps a little bit and is very hard to track, not to mention Shadow
Steps are fast.  Anyway, Heihachi doesn't have the ability to make custom
strings that flow into each other endlessly, but I guess that would make
Heihachi too cheap.  Learn to crouch dash aggressively, you won't really
miss the strings that much.

* Countering *

This is the funnest part of playing Heihachi.  There is nothing more satis-
fying than juggling your opponent in the air while they can not do anything 
but stand there and watch helplessly.  Well, but juggles don't come by easy
and a lot of times, you'll have to tick your opponent to death (Nina, Anna,
Ling, Jun).  But not Heihachi, no, this old man is made to destroy opposi-
tion in juggles with sheer brutforce.  But how do you juggle with Heihachi
if he can't trick people into eating Wind God Fist with custom strings you
might want to ask.  Well, here's the best part, there really isn't a need
to set up Wind God Fist.  All you'll have to do is counter whatever comes
your way with Wind God Fist and finish the juggle.  This is possible only
because Heihachi's Wind God Fist comes out faster than basic uppercut (if
you don't delay the crouch dashing, well, it feels that way to me), hits
mid (it'll also hit people rolling around or Ling hiding in her Pheonix
stance), goes under high and some mid attacks, has great range for juggle 
starters, and has incredible priority.  It will take out Paul while he's 
still in the animation to deathfist.  You'll beat Nina or Anna's jabs be-
fore they can even reach you.  You'll avoid Bryan's Mech Punch and juggle
him.  Jin has Wind God Fist, but it hits high (except when he turn into
Devil Jin).  Kazuya has a Wind God Fist as awesome as Heihachi, but he's
juggles rely on the stun to do BIG damage.  Wind God Fist is probably 
the best move in Tekken (what else is anywhere as good?), but wait there
is even more!  Heihachi can counter with Tsunami kick.  Although not as
good as Wind God Fist, it has excellent priority and the delay makes it
a little bit more damaging than if you don't delay it (I think, could be
totally psychological on my part though, someone e-mail me).  And wait,
here's more, the good old Deathfist.  Ok, it doesn't take of 75% of the
life bar like Paul's, but it comes out faster, and that helps when you
try to counter.  I don't use the Deathfist often though, in fact, I al-
most never use it because whenever you want to use Deathfist, Wind God
Fist is better.  Don't forget Twin Piston.  By itself, any moron will be
able to block or even reverse this, but they can't do anything when you
counter them.  Maybe they'll actually beat you out, but fat chance.  I
personally don't use Twin Piston often because I love Wind God Fist so
much.  But I think Twin Piston comes out a little bit faster, but has a
smaller range.  If you're afraid that Wind God Fist won't come out in
time, try Twin Piston.  Another reason you might consider Twin Piston is
that you can do longer, better looking, more impressive, and a bit more
damaging juggles with Twin Piston because it juggles them higher (the
real reason why I would ever choose this over Wind God Fist).  Am I done
yet?  No!  I know, I know, you get the idea, but here's one more thing,
Heihachi has the best Hell Sweep of the Mishima family, most damaging,
and hardest to block.  It has longest range of all the moves that you 
should use to counter, and it'll duck more moves than Wind God Fist, and
on counter (you should counter, I mean this is the coutering section), 
you can do very damaging juggles.  Best of all, Hell Sweep kicks low, I
hate Bruce's mach punch that reverses high/mid punch, well this is what
I use on Bruce.  I counter with Hell Sweep and juggle him to death!  I
am pretty sure you get the picture.  You can basically play Heihachi two
ways, continuing relentless pressure until they crack, or keep a good
distance and counter (there're actually more ways which I'll discuss in
later sections).  If you're just starting Heihachi, and you can't apply 
enough pressure to make your opponent crack, keep a distance and counter
with everything Heihachi has!

* Okizeme *

Ling and Nina has the meanest Okizeme game in Tekken, without a doubt, but
Heihachi is right there with them.  Maybe not as good as Ling or Nina, but
better than everybody else.  The most important move Heihachi has to knock
you opponent back on the ground is Hell Sweep.  All hits will hit grounded
opponent, though it's very unlikely (if not impossible to get all three of
the kicks connect).  If your opponent is rolling on the ground, Hell Sweep
with out hesitation.  If they're grounded and not moving, Hell Sweep.  If
they quick recover after you knock them down, don't use it.  If they are
waiting for your action.  One Hell sweep, and you will be in the same pos-
tion as before, except now he's even weaker.  After a 2+4 front throw, do
Geta Stomp d+4.  It stomps them for good damage.  If they try to get up,
or attack you, d+1 Tile Splitter will put them back on the floor.  If you
are a bit too far, Demon Slice Kick (f,n,d,DF+3).  These all do decent da-
mage for Okizeme, but Hell Sweeps are what you use to keep them grounded.
It's not as simple as Ling's sweeps or Nina's d+4,1 and d+3,2, but it'll
get the job done.  After the juggle, Heihachi can make getting very frus-
trating, and hate Leis' playing dead?  Stomp them and sweep them to death!
In Irvine, we have this arcade place called Palace Park, and the people
who play here are all Asian (Chinese and Korean, I totally respect good
Japanese Tekken players) guys who do the same 3 or 4 moves over and over
(BTW you guys at Aladdin's Castle in Torrance got to come here and play!  
This is the place where fifty cents will last you more than twenty wins 
in a row if you don't feel like screwing around and lose on purpose!), a
lot of times I just Hell Sweep them as they try to get up, and if they
get up, I Hell Sweep them back on the floor.  I beat a lot of people at
Palace Park doing nothing more than that.  Well, of course they always
give me that standard you're a cheapass lecture, which is very ironic,
because all you have to do is block low, or parry, and I'll be in so
much trouble I probably won't use Hell Sweep carelessly against that
person anymore.  My point is Heihachi can be very effective at Okizeme
once you learn to play him effectively, but be careful when your oppo-
nent does get up because Heihachi doen't have reversals or effective
parries at close range so you'll have to learn to either block the on-
coming attacts or side-step it.

* Juggles *

Well, Heihach has the best juggles in Tekken (not counting Kazuya's Demon
Gut Punch stun juggles).  They're hard to perform, but reasonable, and you
will have so many chances to juggle thanks to Wind God Fist.  No one else
can keep someone in the air as long as Heihachi, and even if I lose, I'll
still scare a whole bunch of sweat from whoever I play with.  I don't do
any really long juggles.  I usually do juggles consisting at least five
hits but almost never more than seven hits.  Why?  Because as the hits add
up, each successive hits will inflict less damage.  Really long juggles'll
be cool to look at but won't do anymore damage then a much simpler three
hit juggle started with Demon God Fist, then Wind God Fist, and finished 
with roundhouse kick.  Of course if you want to learn all the juggles so
maybe one day you're fighting someone, you can keep them floated in the
air and run the clock out.  Personally I see no reason to do that, and I
don't see any reason why anyone would do it in a very close fight unless
you've spent your whole life practicing Tekken and you can do them with
ease (There are actually a lot of people like that out there, but it's not
necessary).  Anyway, you play Heihachi because of his awesome juggles, now
I'll discuss Heihachi's awesome juggle starters.

Wind God Fist:
     Without a doubt, the BEST juggle starter in Tekken.  It comes out a
little bit faster than basic uppercuts, can be delayed, good range, good
priority, avoid high attacks, and does lots of damage.  It's weakness, it
can be reversed, but that's really more like a strength if you buffer the
chicken like I told you to.  Besides that, there are no real weakness, oh
yeah, did I mention that you can start this from side step?  Well, tech-
nically you can't, but you can initiate crouch dashing from side step, so
you can actually start this from side-step, and people always choose Jin
because his Tooth Fairy is easier to do, well, I'm sure most people would
agree with me that Wind God Fist is much better than tooth Fairy.

Twin Piston:
     Heihachi's second best juggle starter.  This is not a substitution of
Wind God Fist.  A lot of people don't have the crouch dashing down yet, so
they use Twin Piston whenever they want to do Wind God Fist.  Against ave-
rage or beginners it might work (anything will work on the beginners), but
against experts, Twin Piston has some fundamental flaws if used to replace
Wind God Fist.  First, it doesn't crouch dash.  Crouch Dashing is why Wind
God Fist is so great.  It ducks high, covers lots of ground, can be delay-
ed, has extremely high priority.  Anyone can block Twin Piston because you
can't delay it, which makes the timing easy.  You can't make your opponent
guess, df motion will do a move hitting mid.  Second, the recovery time is
awefully long if you wiffed.  You'll be so sorry that you didn't listen to
me when you're in the air being juggled because Twin Piston recovers too 
slowly.  Why use this crappy Twin Piston then if I have so many bad things
to say about it?  Well, like I said earlier, Twin Piston is a bad substi-
tution for Wind God Fist because they are fundamentally different.  A good
ways to use Twin Piston would be when you don't feel like blocking anymore
and there's a step or two between you two, Twin Piston.  It come out just
a bit faster, and if the first hit connects, the second punch will juggle.
Twin Piston doesn't have the kind of range Wind God Fist has, so you only
use it when your opponent is coming to you.  If you see Nina lowering for
Devine Cannon, Twin Piston.  If you see Paul crouch dashing for Deathfist,
Twin Piston.  If you see Jin bringing his are back for b,f+2,1 gut punch,
Twin Piston.  You get my point.  The timing is crucial though, and you'll
have to anticipate a little bit.  Once Twin Piston connected though, it's
a whole new story.  The juggles you can do here is better than Wind God
Fist because it knock them up higher, not to mention Twin Piston itself
does more damage than Wind God Fist.  Wind God Fist is an offensive wea-
pon, but if you're reacting to your opponent's attack, Twin Piston is a
better choice in many occasions (I have to admit that I almost never use
this though since I have no problem making Wind God Fist come out instant-
ly, and I LOVE Wind God Fist soooooo much...).

Demon God Fist:
     This is a show off juggle starter.  The best of Heihachi's juggles
are started with this.  Incredibly damaging, and visually impressive, but
the problem is, you won't see this connect too often.  The range is very
good, so if your opponent is doing his stuff from a few steps away, this
will usually catch them by surprise.  Much like Twin Piston though, use
this carefully because this is the slowest recovering move Heihachi has,
and if wiffed, or even blocked, Heihachi'll be in a lot of trouble.  One
way to set this up is Shadow Step, the more aggressive people will try to
catch up with you and they'll run right into Demon God Fist.  Another way
to use this is buffer the f,f dash, and you can use 1+2 for the Headbutt
instead.  Headbutt is the best throw Heihachi has because it takes two 
buttons to break.  You won't have too many chances to juggle with Demon
God Fist, but when you do, take your opportunity and inflict as much da-
mage as you possibly can!  By the way this is a good looking juggle end-
er, not that great in terms of damage, but looks cool.

Electric Wind God Fist:
     This comes out when you roll the joystick from d to df very fast, and
dash a little bit I guess.  Some juggles can only be done with Electric
Wind God Fist, and it's also better in that if this is blocked, this will
cause long enough block stun to leave you completely safe and you can ini-
tiate your next attacks before they recover.  I think I do this a lot, be-
cause my Wind God Fist usually cause guard stun, but I don't know how ex-
actly this is done.  If anyone knows how to do this, e-mail me!  If you can
do this though, use it, it's even better than Wind God Fist.

Dark Thrust:
     This doesn't juggle people in the air, but it has the same effect on
your opponent because it stuns them on a counter hit to start a juggle.  If
you ducked high, Hwoarang's d+4,4 for example, while you're standing up in
their recovery, counter with this!  If you're fast enough, you can finish
this with Thunder God Fist like Kazuya and his Demon Gut Punch (it doesn't
always work, I don't know if it's my timing or whatever, someone e-mail me
on this one).  It side-steps a little bit and it has better range than Ka-
zuya's Demon Gut Punch!  This is without a doubt Heihahci's best new moves.

Hell Sweep:
     This only juggles if you counter, which is fine because it ducks a lot
of moves, and has good range.  The juggles you can do off this move is very
hard and takes a lot of time to practice.  You have to do one and only one
Hell Sweep, pause a little bit, do a N+4 Rising Kick.  But if you waited too
long, Roundhouse will come out instead.  That's the hard part, after you get
that over with, you can continue with a lot of cool juggles, and these jug-
gles do good damage!  If this is too hard, or you don't want to spend that
much time practicing this, well, there's always couple more Hell Sweeps to
follow up the first one, and you can always finish with a cool Thunder God
Fist or Tsunami Kick.

* Throws *

This is funny, Nina and Anna have some of the best throws in Tekken, but I
rarely use them.  When I play Heihachi, though, I throw like crazy.  The
reason is I never really need to throw with Nina or Anna, a throw here and
there, that's all.  But it's different when I play Heihachi.  Because Hei-
hachi has no good custom strings, or d+1 low jab, throws become Heihachi's
best friend at close range.  Unless people start breaking my 2+4 throws, I
use 2+4 throws.  It's cooler, and you can stomp them after for extra dama-
ge.  Heihachi has nothing that hits low after sidestep, so throws become a
very good option.  If my offense isn't clicking, I side-step aggressively
for side-throws, and Heihachi has a pretty big side-step, which helps.  If
you have problem getting close enough, f,f dash helps, and you can buffer
that into Headbutt, which requires two buttons to break.

* Chicken *

When you play Heihachi, you'll have more chances to chicken than any other
characters.  Mainly because everyone will try to reverse your Twin Piston,
Wind God Fist, and Demon God Fist.  Well, with Wind God Fist and Demon God
Fist, you can delay it, or throw instead, but why not just chicken them?
You'll have to buffer chicken for Twin Piston though, because you have to
unless you want your uppercuts reversed.

* Interrupting *

Heihachi does not have any custom strings, or even a low jab to interrupt,
well, that sucks, but he has Wind God Fist and Twin Piston.  Unlik Nina or
Anna, Heihachi can't interrupt everything there is in Tekken, and he will
need a little more distance too.  But instead of interrupting with d+4,1
or d+1,N+4, Heihachi interrupt with Wind God Fist and Twin Piston.  In a
way it makes sense, why interrupt and do 5 or 10 points of damage when I
can juggle them and take out anywhere from one third to half their lifebar
or sometimes even more!  The trick to interrupting with Heihachi is that
you'll have to block first.  You wait until your opponent pushed you cou-
ple of steps away.  Often they don't realize that and they continue with
their poking or relentless attack, but to Heihachi that's enough distance
to counter with one of his uppercuts.  This sounds almost like countering
your opponent with your uppercut, well, in a way it is.  Heihachi relies
on countering to interrupt.  It takes very precise timing and lots of pra-
tice, but it pays off.  I remember seeing these Asian guys in Palace Park
one time, and they were hold the EGM in their hand.  They read the Heiha-
chi section and EGM told them that Heihachi is awesome, but for experts
only.  Well these guys picked Heihachi because they think they play at the
expert level.  Of course they do, no one they know can beat their Paul and
Jin when they 10-hit combo everyone to death.  Well, I killed them perfect
like 4 fights in a row.  They got really pissed off, and declare that Hei-
hachi sucks like shit, EGM is wrong, and picked Paul.  Well, of course I
have to pick Heihachi now just to show them that they're wrong.  The first
round I chicken this guy to death, hahahahahhhhaaaaaaaaa!  Then comes the
second round.  Wind God Fist, jab, jab, Thunder God Fist, dash, f,n,d,DF+
4,4,N+1 as they try to get up, and the match is over in 6 seconds.  They
were stunned, and I just scratched my head and continue playing the CPU.
The other guy laughed at the guy I just beat, and tell him that he was go-
ing to show him how it's done.  Picked Jin, of course I'll have to teach
this guy a lesson with Heihachi too.  Well first round goes like this:
Wind God Fist, jab, jab, Hell Sweep, Thunder God Fist, Counter on Hell
Sweep, Rising Kick, jab, Demon Massacre, Hell Sweep, sweep, sweep, Tsuna-
mi Kick him to death as he tried to get up, a perfect round.  The second
round is just to ridicule these guys.  Interrupted his ten-string with
Hell Sweep, Rising Kick, jab, Wind God Fist.  Then I just Hell Sweeped him
to death.  They looked stunned, and I told them Heihachi doesn't suck, and
they say well only because I play cheap.  I said, well what about I'm just
better than they are.  Oh, my God, yeah right!  We are the best, no one 
can beat us!  You're just cheap!  Blah, blah, blah!  Well, whatever, I gave
that Tekken 3 game to them so they can practice Heihachi more, but they got
pissed and just left.  Well, that's why they suck, they don't practice!  I
got carried away.  What I'm trying to say here is that I was able to beat
them because I interrupted everything they throw at me.  Well, it's true,
I can just beat them by being very offensive, or block and counter every-
thing.  But those aren't the only two choices.  It is possible to actively
interrupt with Heihachi.  It's hard, but the reward is great!

* Block or Side-Step *

When you're playing Heihahci, to block or to side-step is a very big deci-
sion.  On one hand, side-step sounds very temping considering the payoff. 
On the other hand, what if you fail?  Well, this is where all the practice
comes in.  Most of the time you'll have to block (when you're playing the
defensive side, but Heihachi is much better when played aggressively).  E-
very now and then, the gap between you two will be big enough to give you 
other choice besides blocking.  Countering is a pretty good choice most of
the time, and sometimes you might even consider crouch dash forward and 
aggressively interrupt whatever they have in mind.  But if you can antiti-
pate a particular opponent, side-step!  Crouch dashing can be initiated in
side-steps, or if you're opponent's move isn't that slow in recovery, use
the side throws.  One cool thing you can do in your side step is side step
and go into crouch dashing, then side-step again.  Or side step, crouch
dash, and at the end of it, do Dark Thrust.  Make sure you side step into
the right direction though.  This can sometimes put you behind your oppo-
nent because Dark Thrust side-steps a little bit.  The best thing to do in
side steps though would be mix up Wind God Fist and Throws.  Throws work,
but some people start ducking immediately when you side steps, and that's
where Wind God Fist comes in.  Heihachi only has one special move in side
steps, Demon Breath, but that doesn't Heihachi's option in side-step is 
inferior in any way.  His big sidestep helps with getting side-throws, and
if your opponent is doing slow recoverying move, initiate crouch dashing
from side-steps and start the guessing game.  Using Heihachi's side-step
takes a lot of caution though, so be careful.

* Reversal & Parry *

Well, another weakness of Heihachi.  Heihachi has one crappy reversal that
does damage to Heihachi too.  And he has the the most basic, generic low
parry, d/f.  This means Heihachi will have to either block, or side-step,
or interrupt/counter.  Parry is the best thing to have when you're block-
ing ten-hit combos, and Heihachi has the basic low parry.  But, I don't
know, I always have problem with diagnals (not most other people though,
I guess it's just my little problem), and I don't have that confidence to
tap that diagnal to low parry.  Most of the time I just block the whole
string, except when there are two low hits in a roll.  That's the only 
good use I can find for generic low parries.  You block the first low hit
and there will be enough time to roll the joystick over to parry the se-
cond low hit.  As for the reversal, it sucks!  I can't count how many
times in close fights, I see some doing a high right kick, and I tried to
Wind God Fist him to death (wide open and stuff), and I end up reversing
it, and I end up dying and the other person's still alive.  It's pretty
useless I pretty much let it come out on its own.  Heihachi has very few
options as far as reversal and parry, but who cares, Heihachi is meant 
to juggle, and kick ass!  You're suppose to KILL, not trying to figure
out how to defend yourself!  You're suppose to destroy your enemy, keep
that in mind!

* Chicken *

When you play Heihachi against any reversal happy enemy, you are in chi-
cken heaven.  They will always try to reverse either Wind God Fist, or
Twin Piston, or other stuff.  I expect people to know how to buffer chic-
kens, but apparently most people still don't know how to do this, so I'm
going to tell you how to do it briefly.  Let's use Wind God Fist for ex-
ample since it's probably the most reversed Heihachi move.  The hard way
to do a chicken is to do Wind God Fist, then with lightening reflecx, do
f+2+4, and very few people can anticipate or see a reverse, and chicken
it on reflect, except the CPU of course.  What you want to do is do the
usual f,n,d,df+2 for Wind God Fist, then HOLD ON to 2, tap f (or you can
roll the joystick to f), and tap 4.  Think hold 2, and do f+4, everyone 
can do f+4, it's easy.  If you do that while holding the 2 you used to
do Wind God Fist, you will have buffered a chicken, and if the Wind God
Fist is reversed, you'll counter that reverse!  Now, do this for all of
Heihachi's uppercuts, Deathfist (if you use them), last hit of Shining
Fist, if you delay it, rising kick (and the rising kick in Tsunami Kick
too).  Make this a habbit, and you'll be immune to reverse.

* Juggles *

Garanteed Juggles:

Like the name implies, these are the juggles that once started, you'll
be able to finish the whole juggle.  It can't be tech rolled out of or
anything, all you have to do is time your attacks and don't screw up!
There are too many juggles to be listed here, if you want different 
juggles, a good source to find them would Tekken Zaibatsu:


I'm only going to list the ones that I feel is both damaging and not
too hard to perform.  If you know a juggle that does a lot of damage,
but can't get it off, it won't do you much good.

Wind God Fist:

1, f,n,d,DF+1 (only garanteed on big characters)
1, 1, f,n,d,DF+2
1, f+1,b+2,1
1, 1, f+1,b+2
1, f,n,d,DF+4,N+4,4
1, f,n,d,DF+4,4,N+1
1, 1, QCT+4, d+1
1, QCT+4,4
1, 1, f,f+2
1, 1, df+1,2

When I get a Wind God Fist, I usually stick in one or two jabes, and 
finish it off with either Hell Sweeps, or Tsunami Kicks, or Twin Pis-
ton.  There are fancier ways to finish, but this is probably the most 
effective way (not to mention risk free from screwing up) to finish 
Wind God Fist Juggles

Twin Piston:

Basically the same Wind God Fist, except that it juggles a little bit
higher, and I can usually stick an extra jab in there.  The timing is
a little bit harder because you have to pause a little bit before you
start your juggle.  If you don't, Heihachi will wiff.  

Demon God Fist:

This the highest juggle starter Heihachi has.  Instead of the jab or 
two you usually use with Wind God Fist, you can use a Wind God Fist
instead 1 or 1,1.  

f,n,d,df+2, 4 
f,n,d,df+2, 1, f+1,b+2
f,n,d,df+2, 1, df+1,2
1, f,n,d,df+1  
I am very sure this will catch them before they hit the ground, making 
it a garanteed juggle.  I don't know if this is still true in TTT, but
in Tekken 3 you can't quick recover from this juggle.

Hell Sweep:

This is quite tricky.  It only juggle on a counter hit, and it juggles
the same way Jin's sweep juggles.  Another way to juggle with this is
if the first kick is blocked, and the second kick connects (this is ac-
cording to Tekken Zaibatsu).  I never got this to work in TTT because
when the first kick is block, Heihachi staggers.  I'll find out more a-
bout this one.  Hell Sweep itself left the opponent very low, and to
juggle them you either do another sweeps and finish it anyway you like,
or do a Rising kick.  There's a delay between Hell Sweep and the Rising
Kick.  If Rising kick comes out too fast, it will not put your opponent
at the right height.  If it comes out too slow, Heihachi will just do
a roundhouse, which will wiff.  The timing is crucial, and it takes a
lot of practice to do it.  *time lapse*  Just an hour ago, I figure out 
a new way to do Hell Sweep juggles, and I hate myself right now.  It's 
so freaking hard to time the Rising Kick, but there's an easier way to 
do it, much easier.  After you juggle with Hell Sweep, forget the Ris-
ing Kick.  Just do QCT+4 Rising Kick.  I hate myself for not figuring
this out earlier *&%@ #^...

QCT+4, 1, f,n,d,DF+2
QCT+4, 1, df+1,2
QCT+4, 1, f+1,b+2
f,n,d,df+2, d+1

Stun Juggles:

It starts a little bit different.  You don't immediately juggle them
into air.  Instead, you stun them, then continue your juggle.

Dark Thrust:

Most of the the Wind God Fist and Hell Sweep juggles work here, I don't 
know if there is any that doesn't work.  Here are some additions:

Yeah, just like Kazuya's Demon Got Stun!
QCT+4, f+1,b+2,1

* Escapable Juggles *

Juggles that can be quick recovered from, mainly the ones involving the
Thunder God Fist.  I don't know the deal with Thunder God Fist in TTT,
but they are very unreliable.  This was my favorite juggle in Tekken 3
because this is one of the very few ways where you can juggle with the
mighty Thunder God Fist.  Well, maybe Namco takes away that and gives
Heihachi Dark Thrust.

1, f,n,d,DF+1
1,1, f,n,d,DF+2

* Having Fun *

Heihachi is one of the more serious characters because he mostly kick
ass and doesn't do much else.  Unlike Nina and Anna, Heihachi can't 
string together many short strings to annoy opponents.  And Heihachi
can do infinite strings to annoy people like Hwoarang and Jun.  And
Heihachi can't win with annoying button pushing like Baek and Eddy.
Your source of entertainment while playing Heihachi would come from
juggling your opponent helplessly in the air.  Call me sadistic, but
I find destroying other people very entertaining.  Heihachi is get-
ting pretty old, and with age, he gets slower.  But once you learn
to compensate for Heihachi's old age, Heihachi is still the best
juggler in Tekken.  Have fun with the Wind God Fist.

* Conclusion *

	If you live in Orange County area, you can find me in either
Lake Forrest or Huntington Beach Nickel Nickel.  They have Tekken Tag
Tournament for 15 cents, that 3 nickels, cheaper than most of the pla- 
ces' Tekken 3 game.  I always wear the same Fila shirt with Black and
Red, or all white outfit, and I have a big burn scar on my left arm
and a tongue stud.  You can identify me fairly easily, and I always 
go with my girlfriend, Nancy.  She always wear jeans and tank tops, 
except every now and then she would go as naked as they would allow 
her to be.  If you see us please challenge me to a game of Tekken, or
Nancy to a game of Marvel vs. Capcom (she'll kick your ass with her
cheap air demon Chun-Li combos).  Once again, at Nickel Nickel, they
have 15 cent Tekken Tag Tournament, so please stop going anywhere 
that charges you 50 cents a game even if the continue is only a quar-
ter.  By the way, I'll be writing FAQ for Kazuya, and Anna next.  De-
pending on what happens after that, I'might write more FAQs for Julia, 
Jun, Jin, Michelle, Bryan, Hwoarang, Paul, and Wang (That right, I 
play just about every character there is), but Kazuya will probably 
come first, since I played him for the very first time a couple of 
days ago (I never played Tekken 2), and I must say I'm totally hooked 
on his WS+2 stunning gut punch, that punch must be the most awesome 
move in Tekken (right there with Wind God Fist, funny how Mishima, 
Kazama, and William families got all the good stuff).  *time lapse* 
It's been about two weeks since I played Kazuya, and I've been play-
ing Kazuya ever since.  This guy is awesome!  Weaken, but still awe-
some.  I've been doing a lot of very cool tag juggles with Heihachi,
Anna, Nina, and Julia.  I'll probably write Kazuya FAQ first because
it'll probably be shorter and won't take as long as Anna's FAQ.  I'm 
getting off the subject, anyway, if you want to meet me to play a
mean game of Tekken (or lame if I feel like screwing around) just e-
mail me!

* Credits *

Here are the list of FAQs and Web Sites I refered to while writing
this FAQ:

Catloard's Movelist {catlord@tekken.net)	
Tekken Zaibatsu (http://www.tekken.net/zaibatsu)
William Knight's Tekken 3 Heihachi FAQ

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