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    Chickening Guide by CIlang

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                       Tekken Tag Tournament 
                         Chickening Guide
                         By: Chris Ilang
                       Monday, May 27, 2002
    This guide or Document is Copyright by: Chris Ilang 2002
    Presented by: CRS corp. Namco and CRSClan
    Table of Contents: 1.0 Chickening
    1.1 Practicing Chickening
    1.2 Hit Properties
    1.3 Choosing a Character for Chickening
    1.4 Chickening Tactics
    1.5 Applying Chicken Tactics
    1.6 Chickening for Longer Ranges
    1.7 Glitches
    1.8 More to come
    1.9 Thanks
            This document will upgrade every Month 
    Introduction: Chickening is the most hated Technique
                  Not only you enemy is getting far but
                  He always stays blocked when you hit him/her
                  His just waiting for you to do a wrong move
                  Or Whiff an attack and then hits you with a 
                  Launcher move.
                  So I made this guide how to defeat a good 
                  Chickener and how to do a best chicken 
                  Move. Some might wanna abuse the power of
                  The chicken technique so in my own 
                  Tournament I will not allow chicken techniques
                  Chickeners will automatically disqualified.
    1.0 Chickening 
    The technique called Chickening is a best Defense style 
    It actually give your mind an instinct to block properly
    And it saves your game even its an Human enemy or computer
    Chickening gives a lot of hard work to do but can result to
    A massive great defense and bring every Human/computer down
    The only problem with chickening is when you encounter a even
    Great chickener a if you encounter a great chickener you 
    Might want to alternate your tactics to chicken tag will 
    Explain the chicken tag later on..
    1.1 Practicing Chicken Tactics
    When practicing Chicken Tactics you might want to practice
    All of the blocking first.
    Blocking are very important to the game it makes the tactics
    Even more defensively 
    1.2 Hit Properties
    Hit properties is one of the main element of the game
    More you understand this properties the more improving you 
    Will get.
    High Range Attacks: Hits standing enemies. High attacks won't
                        Hit a crouching opponent, and will not 
                        Cause damage to enemies in a standing
                        Guard stance.
    Mid Body Attacks: Can hit both standing and crouching 
                        Enemies. Will not cause damage to enemies
                        In a standing guard stance.
    Low Range Attacks : Hits both standing and crouching enemies.
                        Can be blocked by a crouching guard 
                        Stance, or avoided by jumping over 
    1.3 Choosing a Character for chickening
    At last the Chickening. When you Chicken you must choose the
    Right character for the right kind of chickening you want to
    Ex. Devil : good for chickening short range attacks
        Can be easily master his chickening tactics
        True ogre: good for both Long and Short range attacks
        Takes a few time to master
    1.4 Chickening Tactics
    Great now you choose your character right now you this are 
    The sections for every character that you choose
    All of the Characters Expect T.Ogre and Jacks
    C.Attack : By throwing a simple attack on the enemy be sure 
               To poke first when successfully poke even if its 
               Blocked you are 80% sure that your attack can be
               Guaranteed safe to pull out.
               Ex. Devils twin piston: 1,2,d/f 1,2
               You can also C.Attack by poking low the followed
               By while rising attack
               Ex. Devils twin piston: d+1,ws4,d/f 1,2
    C.Blocking: Chicken blocking properly is done by ending an
                C.attack perfectly when doing this kind of 
                Strategy be sure the move you will do is 100%
                Un-expectable by your enemies.
                Ex. Devil: 1,2 d/f 1,2 Block
                When you the C.Blocking you might want to watch
                Out for the throw the throw is one of the game 
                Of the Chickening this is one of the moves you
                Looking forward to do by your enemies. When 
                They do throw attempt be sure to dodge low and
                Then do a WS move.
                Ex. Jin: WS 2
                Other watch out is a low attack practicing a 
                Low blocking is a good idea better than parrying
                Low (I repeat block not parry) you can always
                Pull out a guaranteed a WS move.
                Ex. Hwoarangs: WS 4,4
    C.Sidesteping: Sidesteping for a move is one of the main 
                   Tactics of the Chickening. When you sidestep
                   Be sure you are not to cover a complete step
                   Some of the move of your enemies can be an
                   Homing sidestep moves so watch out.
                   Ex. SS,Backdash
                   Knowing where to sidestep is everything when
                   You sidestep be sure your in the right foot 
                   And the right condition.
                   Ex. 1 st player: sidestep D C.Blocking
                       2 nd player: sidestep U C.Blocking
    1.5 Applying Chicken Tactics
    Just be simple to the enemies not to letting him/her know 
    That you are in the Chickening position and you will be in 
    Good shape and if you are lucky you will not gain a chicken
    Chicken is best when attaching a few Taging Tactics and can
    Be assure as you give a determination on you strategy care
    Fully and keep on mind to alternate your move and not
    Let your enemies to discover your real strategy on the game
    Be aware of the enemies always prepare a back up plan
    While giving a hard to pulling you down on the ground try to 
    Watch your life gauge to when you see your other character
    Is in full recover and your current use is in a red color
    No matter small the red is tag him out for a rest you might
    Need it for the time up judging 
    1.6 Chickening For Longer Ranges
    This are the list of the longer ranges for Chickeners
    T.Ogre, Jack, Gun Jack, P.Jack, Gunryu, Armor King
    This are the Characters that contains the long range Chicken
    This tactics isn't recommended for the shorter range Charac.
    When using the Longer ranges Characters be sure to abuse
    There long range ability this are there key for wining the
    Game and fully covers there Chicken Tactics.
    C.Backing : Chicken backing is recommended for this guys
                When you can C.Backing safely then your just
                Gonna be fine just be aware that when you do
                This there are some delay before you can guard
                Be sure to pay attention to the C.Backing
                When you complete or fully covers the C.backing
                I guarantee a safe pull out move and opponent
                Can whiff an attack when you do this tactics
                80% effectives of C.Backing 
                Ex. T.Ogre : b,b, then f,f,2
                You have do the C.backing then when enemy tries 
                To attack you back you just have enough time
                Block it 
    C.Steping : Chicken Steping makes your Character more 
                Accurate but defensibly lows 
                C.Steping is best for longer range when pulling
                Out a big damage such as T.Ogres standing 4
                It comes out fast and damaging as well as
                Jacks 3 stuns enemy
                73% Effectiveness of C.Steping
                Ex. T.Ogres : f,f, then 4,b
                You just the time to block and while you can do a
                Fast C.Backing and you will be just fine
    C.Crwal   : Only for T.Ogre, This one the deadliest move for
                Both Ogres but effective for T.Ogre he actually
                Crouch down and wait for enemy to strike high and
                Whiffs do a Ws 3,3,d+3,3 guarantee hit
                Its much effective if T.Ogre do d/f again and 
                Again he can parry a unexpected move or Throw
                An lower punch pull out Cool huh
                Ex. T.Ogre : D,ws,3,3,d+3,3
                    T.Ogre : D,d/f,d/f,d/f,d/f. . . . . .
    Applying this Tactics are best only for Logranges Characters
    Use them well practice this well to you can be the master
    Of Chickeners one day  
    1.7 Glitches 
    There are some glitches in this tactics but they are pretty
    Hard to find but an way here is the list of the glitches 
    Hope you hunt them nicely
    Devil : C.backing,5+3+4,5,5,5,5,5,5,5. . . . .
            This will make Devil Tag on mid air and when he does
            The character change is on the ground but there are
            Some lasers animation on the Tag it does not cause
            Any damage :( 
    Hwoarang : 3+4,2+4
               Hwoarang start to throw but nothing happens
               This feature is fixed on Tekken 4 :)
    Jin : EWGF when the opponent Tags out the Lighting will
          Disappear :( 
    Hwoarang : 1+2,3+4,3+4
               Fox steping just for some show off guys out there
    If you have some Glitches in there pls. Send it in
    And will give you a credit in return
    1.8 More to come
    Updates of the Chickening
    (every guides need a updating everyday there is a new thec.
     Learned and every day players improve or decrease)
    Defeating Chickeners 
    (Defeat is not the name for a good warrior every warrior has
     to find the way to know the enemy's weakness in order to 
     claim the Title
    1.9 Thanks
    CRS Clan members, Game Faqs.com and namco
    Michelle Alcaide, Jhon Andrew Ramos, Dohee Kim, Sohee kim
    And Dokyong yoon
    Tuesday, May 28, 2002 created by: Chris Ilang 

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