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Meteor Combo Damage Data by DDark

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/28/2005

STREET FIGHTER EX3 (PS2) Damage FAQ v2.0 By SuperF. Feb 2005.

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I've not seen this anywhere, so here's a comprehensive list of 
Meteors and Meteor Tag Combos, together with their hits and dmg.
You probably know the deal: Meteor Combos are Supers that take up 
all 3 levels of your meter. MTCs take the same, but also use up 
the blue tag gauge, and also require a specific partner.


This table includes followup commands, but no button mashing. 
They were all performed on the European version in Training mode 
against Ryu- note that Bison, Zangief and Darun all take up to 
7% less damage than others. The total vitality of a character 
is 200 points.

Denjin Hadouken:       5  32 (or 1 hit for 9 dmg without charging; ***)
Cosmic. FAB.:          4 116 (no stars)
Nekketsu Hadoken:      1  96 (***)
Galaxy (completed):    5 139 (2 h 28 d guaranteed; no stars)

Final Cancer:         31 132

Psycho Break Smasher: 10 140
Triple Knee  (True) :  8 106 (CPU only, thanks to ShinjiGohan for the data)
Tag Vega:              2 130

Super Electricity:    25 129
Tag Dhalsim:          23 135 (grab)

Kikoushou Goku:        8 108

Death Trap:            2 126 (Auto-self-cancel)

Yoga Inferno:         24  88 (without upward control, 26 92 with)

Kyoujin Sanshuu:      32 129 (with followups, 6 67 without)

Sonic Boom Typhoon:   10 113
Tag Chun:              9 139

Shirasegatana:         1 120 (or 85 if too close)
Tenkyou Satsu (Blood): 3 156 (grab)
Tag Kairi:    (Blood):12 169

Home Run King:         4 101 (without pressing, 149 with)
Tag Rosso:             3 110

Kyouja Renbu (RD):    14 140 (grab)
Shouki Hatsudou:      33 109 (and drains up to 96 of your own health)

Kuzuryuureppa:        17  70 (without pumping, 23 89 with)
Tag Ryu:               8 140

Gamble of Darun:      12 267 (if successful, 35 otherwise)
Tag Zangief:           3 140

Machiyoi Tenkyuugeki:  2 130 (Auto-self-cancel)
Tag Hokuto:            5 140

Gradus Par:            2 116 (Auto-self-cancel)
Tag Darun:             6 140

Shin Shouryuuken:      3 140 (or less if too far)
Denjin Hadoken(Evil):  5  36 (max charge)
SyunGokuSatsu (Evil): 14 140

Tiger Storm:          20 120 (without timing, 30 140 with)

Nekketsu Hadouken:     1 100
Genki Ichiban:         1 160 (unblockable)
Tag Ryu:              14 156 (grab)

Super Demon Energy:    9 150

Assault Rifle:         1 120 (unblockable)

Super Skullo Energy:   7  99

Rolling Izuna Drop:    3 200 (grab)

Quattro Panorami:      6 135 (grab)

Cosmic FAB:            4 155 (grab)
Tag Darun:             3 140

Note that two of Hokuto's moves require you to perform the 
Trance beforehand, and are thus actually Level 4 Supers (possible via
a green emotional flow).
Vega's uses one level on the wall bounce and then two more if you connect.

A special move worth noting is Jack's Turn Punch. It does 16 damage for 
the first 2 seconds, and then an extra 2 points for every second you charge
it after that, up to a maximum of 100 dam at 40 secs. And after about 16 
secs, you knock them upwards instead of backwards.

Another detail to note is the damage scaling in combos. If you include a 
meteor inside a combo, then the damage will be greatly reduced. There seems 
to be an upper limit of about 70 points, meaning that some meteors will 
lose over 50% of their damage. It's therefore only worth doing them as
the starter.

Blocking a special/super takes off roughly 14% of the regular damage. As 
you probably noticed, blocking a 2nd (yellow) one does no chip at all.

With a Critical Parade, damage of up to around 192 seems possible, or 
slightly more if preceded by a short combo.


When you get hit in a tag-team match, the red area of the bar is 
recoverable, and the length of this portion is approximately 37.6% of 
the total damage of the move you got hit with. Resting brings it back 
up at a rate of approximately 1.5 points per second.

In the Original mode, Unused characters recover 100 points per battle.

The Ace Healing super (no stars) uses one bar and gives you back 
approximately 10 points of life. Too bad this is so low (using three 
would give you back the same as a normal throw).

Here is how much meter is charged for connecting with the following moves
(or rather, how many of the moves you need to do for one level)

          |      Attacker      |      Recipient
          | Light Middle Heavy |  Light Middle Heavy
Clean hit |  24     10     6   |   48     20    13
Blocked   |  48     20    13   |   96     40    25

And the waiting partner seems to build half of this amount as well.
Most whiffed specials take between 10 and 20 repetitions to do the same.


All the above assumes standard settings (4>). For others, the damage is
increased/reduced by about 9.5% of the default for every >. In other words,
the maximum (8>) will deal out 138% of the default, and the mimumum (1>) 
will deal out 71%.

A consequence of this is that none of the meteors can kill a fresh opponent 
outright on min, whereas about eight of them can on max.


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The end.

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