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V.Rosso by FFrulez

Updated: 11/29/2001

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&&&&&    &&&     &&&&       &&&& &&&&      &&&
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  &&&&&  &&&     &&&&&&&&&     &&&         &&&
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    By FFrulez          **   **   **  **  **
optimus9@dolfijn.nl     * * *  *  *   *  *  *
  copyright 2001        * *  **  *** ***  **
   C  H  A  R  A  C  T  E  R  G  U  I  D  E

T O I L E T  O F  C O N T E N T S
* 1. Introduction              *
* 2. Controls 'n stuff         *
* 3. Listed Moves and Combo's  *
* 4. Non listed Combo's        *
* 5. The extra stuff           *
* 6. FAQ                       * 
* 7. Credits and Legal stuff   * 
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         Just Kidding

* ****
******** I N T R O
Vulcan Rosso... wow what a freaky haircut. Surely a good 
fighter, but you wouldn't say this by his looks. I wonder what
kind of gel he uses. Maybe he uses superglue for it....

Now for serious, Vulcano Rosso is a combination of a defensive
player with an offensive player. When you can fight properly with 
V.Rosso, you are a strong opponent. V. Rosso has powerful moves 
and even has his own listed(!?) combo!! 

But on the other side, his surprise blow sucks, his meteor combo 
is kind of hard to connect and his non-listed combo's are hard.
That's what I made this guide for. 

A funny thing I have noticed about Vulcano Rosso is that when he 
fights after each movement he click his two boots agianst 
eachother. Very strange and very non cool. I think it's that kind 
of stuff that doesn't make him a very popular character just like
Area or Dhalsim. 

* **** 
******* C O N T R O L S

^-button  = jump
>-button  = move right
<-button  = move left
v-button  = crouch
[]-button = light punch
/\-button = middle punch
r1-button = hard punch
><-button = light kick
()-button = middle kick
r2-button = hard kick
start     = pause
r1+r2     = change fighter(only in tag-battles, duh!!!!)
[]+><     = grab fighter

Guide thingy's
DB        = down back
DF        = down forward
UF        = up forward
UB        = up back
B         = back, away from enemy
F         = forward, towards enemy
D         = down
U         = up
LP        = light punch
MP        = middle punch
HP        = hard punch
LK        = light kick
MK        = middle kick
HK        = hard kick
P         = any punch-button
K         = any kick-button
PPP       = all punch buttons
KKK       = all kick buttons

For example
If I say: F,D,DF+P
You put in forward, down, down-forward+a punch button fast.

***  ***  
***  *** 
  *****  L I S T E D  M O V E S  A N D  C O M B O ' S
V. Rosso's moves, super combo's and meteor combo's
with some comments of mine. 


V. Rosso grabs his enemy and holds him up. Then he rams a fist 
into his stumach. Then he drops the enemy, who is in pain. 
It's a throw, so don't miss or your open to an attack. Plus you
need to get very close to your opponent to grab him/her. The damage
done is quite reasonable. 

Surprise blow

V. Rosso performs a flying "bruce lee"-stylish jump kick, while he
flys across the screen. He's feet also light up.
A very unique surprise blow. It can either be very usefull or be 
very.. well... unusefull. If you hit the enemy when he is in the
middle of the screen, it's OK. You will fly over the enemy and land 
far from him. Watch out if it is blocked, cause projectile-throwing
characters can still hit you there. If the enemy is far away and 
almost at the right or left side of the screen, don't use it, cause 
you will not fly thorugh and land right next to your opponent. This
gives him the chance to attack you and instantly corner you. Since 
the move also starts with V. Rosso running a little while before he
actually jumps itno the air, never use it when you are close to an 
enemey. The ideal moment to use this move is actually when the enemy 
is far away from you and is just jumping in the air. This will then 
be the ultimate anti-air move. Be sure to kick him down, cause when 
missing you will be open to an attack once more.

Special Moves

Etna no Ikari
PPP, then K
V. Rosso jumps straight in the air and comes down with a surprisingly
fast kick.
This is a good move. You can either kick when you're high in the air,
making it a good anti-air move, or you can kick low when you are still
in the air, making it a surprising jump kick. Watch out not to use 
this move too much, cause when people know how avoid it and how to
counterattack swiftly, you're dead meat. The funny thing about this 
that you can also threaten to jump kick you're opponent, making him 
block or move backwards. Then don't kick it all, cause then you make
him look like a fool. THE right moment for this move is when your 
enemy is just about to jump, to kick them back down. But you can also 
use it to avoid a jump kick, by jumping over the leg and then 
counterattack. The last strategy is a bit though so might want to 
practice it wirth two players in training-mode. 

Sciara Del Fuoco
V.Rosso walks through his opponent.
A very strange move that is only mend for one thing: avoiding. If
your opponent is coming at you with a destructive move that you can't
block(anymore), use this move to reappear behind the opponents back. 
You can also use this move as a start up for certained close range 
moves. To do this stay far from your enemy and do the move. As you 
reappear close to him, put in this move for some damage. 
Another good usage for this move is to counterattack or confuse your
opponent. Simply do it three four times and then attack. Your 
opponent will probably be of his guard. He'll surely be of his guard 
if he tried to attack you.

Regalo or Canassa
KKK and D,DB,B+K
V.Rosso blocks the enemy's attack and counterattacks
Now this what makes V.Rosso so usefull. Since You can adress all three
kick buttons just to one button(I suggest you use the L2-button). 
Now you can counter as swift as a reflex. Wait for the right attack to
come and then BLAM!!. He's counterattacked. I suggest you use the
Regalo more then the Canassa, for the logical reason that the Regalo
is easier to perform. Although the Canassa is more damaging then the
Regalo, I wouldn't use it very much. If you have a very unskillfull
opponent, then it's worth it to humiliate him/her. 
Be careful when counterattacking, cause after a while a good 
opponent will watch they're attacks and attack more suddenly or with
a supercombo. 
Ohh... before I forget canassa only works on 
surprise blows(as far as I know).

V.Rosso throws a series of orange/yellow energie salvo's that hit the 
This an impressive move to see. It also does lots of damage. Then 
what is the bad side I hear you think? Well, the problem is that 
the energie salvo's only cross a little bit of the screen. Meaning
that it's only effective up close. If you're opponent gets knocked
down and wants to get up, stand at his feet when he lies down and 
do the move. Most of the time it will hit your enemy plus he'll be 
open to more attacks. I suggest using the mp version a lot, since it
has a good power and a good speed. It's sort of an average of the 
low and hard punch version. If you are sure that you can't miss, 
do the hard punch version. If it's blocked, you're not open to 
attacks, so feel free to chain it with any move.

D,DF,F+P, followed up by F+P, F+K
V.Rosso puts in a hit with his left fist, then he pushes(or hits) the 
opponent back for the final blow. (the last blow is the same as
his surprise blow)
The most damaging of all of V.Rosso's special moves and it will 
knock your opponent down. Lot's of people have been asking me how to 
this move(I wonder why?). The problem is that some people try to 
push forward and punch(or kick, at the last blow) precisely at the
same time. With this method you'll be busy for months before even 
one combo will connect for the full. The trick here is to hold the
forward button and simply pound the punch button and after it works, 
you pound the kick button a few times. It will always work this way,
resulting into maximum damage. 
It's a very usefull move, cause if the first punch hits, so will 
the rest. Be careful though, cause if the first punch hit you will
be open for an attack fore some time. 

Super Combo's

Note: if you're smart you'll use a few move as a start-up for the
combo's, like the Vesuvio or Sciara Del Fuoco

Ponte Dei Sospiri
V.Rosso punches the opponent with his left fist, then he hits 
about 6 times very fast with his right, before jumping onto 
the opponent's chest and "step" on his face three times.
This move is very painful to watch. It's also the most poweful 
supercombo V.Rosso has. If you miss with this combo, you won't 
be open to an attack, but you will just have wasted a third of
your supercombo-bar. The best supercombo, so use it a lot.

Torre Pendente
V.Rosso hits with his left arm and then fire comes out of the 
ground, blowing the opponent away and inflaming him.
The fastest, most imprssive looking, but weakest supercombo. It's 
pretty useful if you fight against a slow opponent, but be careful,
cause people can jump over it and then put you flat on your back 
with an air-combo(Kairi's purple ball for instance). Then you'll
not only have wasted one third of your supercombo-bar, but your 
energy bar as well. 

V.Rosso starts of with an impressive kick combo, before finishing 
with a nice punch-combo
The average from the two above. Not slow or fast, just a good combo. 
Ideal for super cancels, believe me. You'll be open for an attack 
if you miss, but that's not for too long. 

Meteor Combo

Quattro Panorami
V.Rosso grabs the opponent, choke holds him/her and rams a fist in
there stumach. Then  he "steps" on his/her head three times, 
while charging his fist. After that he turn them around and slams
on his/her face with his charged fist, inflaming them. Then he 
kicks him/her in the face and she/he rolls away.
A very painful combo to look at. Also V.Rosso's most powerful one. 
The bad thing it costs(off course) your full supercombo-bar and
the move must be done from up close the opponent, cause it is a
throwing move. If you miss, you won't be open to your attack or
something else. You'll only have to refill the superbar again. 
This move works best against a slow big character. Only 
good timing is needed to make good use of the move. 

Momentary Combo's

Note: momentary combo's are combo's that you're character will do
when you push on a punch or kick button, precisely when the first 
special move hits. So a bit of timing is needed here.

Etna no Akiri
Punch after a special move
The surprising kick-move at a surprising moment, meaning..
Most of the time it will hit!! Do it after the Vesuvio if 
you're timing is good, but only if the Vesuvio's first 
hit is blocked. This is because the Vesuvio combo is 
unstoppable when the first hit connects. 

Sciara Del Fuoco
Kick after a special move
An outstanding momentary combo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the ultimate move. If you're timing skills are 
good(and they will be if you practice a lot), you'll 
love this. It works like this: you hit with you're special 
move for one hit and then dissappear and reappear behind them.
So fast and useful, that when handled correctly you'll be
almost unbeatable!! At least that is... if they don't sweap you.
Your special move can still hit and you can teleport away, but
a fast and smart player(like myself) will know were the move
ends. They will waiting for you and probably sweep you, so 
you're warned not to do this twenty times in a row or 
something like that.

 ** **
**  **
**  **
   *** N O N - L I S T E D  C O M B O ' S
My favorite part. In this part I will discuss all:

- regular combo's: combo's with normal kicks and punches, 
combined with special moves.

- super cancels: super combo's chained to eachother or 
chained to meteor combo's.  

- special combo's: combo's that contain supercombo's,
special moves, momentary combo's and kicks and punches.

Here we go.....

Regular combo's

LP => LP => LK => Crouching HK
The timing on this baby is though, but look it from the 
bright side. It's the easiest combo to learn.

Vesuvio(only to the first hit) => Surprise blow
The fast version of the Vesuvio, not very useful, unless
your opponent is crouching and blocking at the same time.

LK or MP => LK or MP or HP => Vesuvio
A short one, but yet pretty darn hard to pull of. It's like
Ryu's classic HP into a Hadoken. Try to do the motion as 
fast as you can and then finish the Vesuvio combo. 
Very damaging if you can master it.

Sciara Del Fuoco => Crouching LK => Sciara Del Fuoco, etc. 
then end with a sweep instead of a LK.
A easy combo, that involves repeating the Sciara Del Fuoco
a lot. If you're opponent is catches on to you, quit with it
and try it again later. You can also keep sweeping instead of
using a crouching LK, but then you'll have to pause sometimes
to give your opponent the time to get up.

Crouching LK => Standing MP => Surprise blow/Special move
While the LK and MP keep the opponent of guard, you put in 
the special move and it will hit most of the time. If you 
use the surprise blow I suggest that you do two crouching LK,
so your opponent is far enough from you to hit.  

Sciara Del Fuoco => LK/MP => Vulcan
Make sure that your opponent is far from you, so 
Sciara Del Fuoco ends just before him. As soon as you are 
vissible again, punch or kick him fast and do the vulcan
motion. It's more easier to do the MP version of the 
vulcan when you punch before it, because you alrady have 
your finger on it. 

Sciara Del Fuoco => Sciara Del Fuoco => etc.
This is just some fun combo. You won't hit your enemy and 
he won't hit you, as long as you're fast enough. It can be 
usefull, when you have more health then you're opponent
and you're playing with a timer. But it's still a bit 
chicken to play this way. 

Super Cancel

Ponte Dei Sospiri => Accelerando => Torre Pendente
An impressive supercombo cancel if you can complete it.
You start de Accelerando while your still punching in 
Ponte Dei Sospiri. Then you do Torre Pendente when 
your just beginning the punch-combo part on Torre 

Accelerando => Ponte Dei Sospiri => Torre Pendente
A variation of the one above. Usefull, cause 
Torre Pendente

Accelerando => Torre Pendente
Start the Torre Pendente when you start punch on 

Ponte Dei Sospiri => Torre Pendente
Start the Torre Pendente on the punching part of the 
Ponte Dei Sospiri. 

Pontei Dei Sospiri => Accelerando => Quattro Panorami
You do need 5 flashing bars to complete this combo, but
it will result in an instant kill. Just start the follow
ups on the punching part of the supercombo's. 

Other super cancel are:

Pontei Dei Sospiri => Quattro Panorami
Accelerando => Quattro Panorami
Accelerando => Pontei Dei Sospiri => Quattro Panorami

Special Combo's

Sciara Del Fuoco => LP => LK => Any super cancel or
super sombo
A sort of ultimate way to start up your super cancel.
It's very simple when to start it up and when to do 
nothing. If both LP and LK hit you start it up, if 
else you don't do anyhthing.

Sciara Del Fuoco => SUper Combo => Meteor combo
A very risky combo, since it sacrifices a lot of 
your Super Combo bar. When you do the Sciara Del
Fuoco, make sure you go all the way through the 
enemy or make him attack first and then counterattack
before you start the supercancel. 

Vulcan => Torre Pendente
A painful combo. If the Vulcan connects then fire the 
Acccelerando for more damage. Other Super Combo's I
don't recommend, cause the enemy could be knocked to
far away by the Vulcan. If it's blocked, at least your 
opponent will be pushed away a bit, which makes sure
that he can not counterattack immediatly. 
You can also add to LP's or LK's, to make sure your
combo connects, but don't kick your opponent to far
from the Vulcan.

Sciara Del Fuoco => LP => Vesuvio => Super Combo => 
Meteor combo
A though combo. If your LP hits then you're OK, but 
if it misses its target, forget it. You need a 
four Super Combo limit for this, or even 5 if you
want to add another Super Combo. 

Sciara Del Fuoco => Crouching LK => Vesuvio => 
Momentary combo punch => Super Combo,etc. 
Another though combo. If you can pull this off, 
then I mean the start-up, then supercancel and you
easily can get a 15 hit combo. Though to master, but
worth it.

You can make more variations of some combo's, for 
your comfort. But I still suggest to start up the combo 
with Sciara Del Fuoco or a LP, LK- combo. Since this
are fast moves that will sometimes catch your opponent
off guard and makes sure that your Super Cancel or 
Special Combo hits. Be careful not to hit your 
opponent back to far, cause then you might waste your
Super Combo- bar, which is a waste off course. 
It would be better if you didn't have a limit, like
in Critical Parade. Go into training mode and put the
supercancel limit of. You can perform nice combo's 
or even perform juggling combo's if you turn that 
option on. It's fun to experiment that way. 

If you can't get the combo or moves to work, I suggest
using different timing strategy's or pause while during
the combo, to practice your timing. If you still can't
pull it of I suggest buying annother controller with
better grips or a slow-motion option. Don't go saying 
that they don't work, cause as I told before timing is
very though and is only mastered by repeated training.

*****  T H E  E X T R A  S T U F F 
This chapter of the guide is about the Cirtical Parade 
and the Meteor tag combo of Vulcano Rosso. 
It offers you Critical parade combo's for Vulcano and 
strategy for Critical Parades, like which character is
useful in a Critical Parade. 
It has to be done by V. Rosso's friend: Jack. 
So I will not go guide you any further on this since 
this guide(in case you didn't notice, yeah right) is 
about Vulcano Rosso. 

Now for the Critical Parades. 

You can only do the Critical Parade if both characters 
have Super Combo - level 2 and a full tag- bar. It 
doesn't matter if you hit the opponent or not, it will
still continue.

First of all in Critical Parade mode you have an 
unlimited Super Combo bar, but you can not perform 
Meteor Combo's. Second your partner jumps in the fight 
as well, so it's actually to powered up characters
against one(good odds ehh). For the last, you can 
super cancel as much as you want to. SO MAKE USE OF
THIS!!! You can create 30+ hit combo's this way. 
Unfrotunately Critical Parade is very short so you 
have to be quik with your Super Combo's and Super 

A good thing is too pay attention to what kind of
mode you gave to the second character. 

- Semi Auto will mean that the computer controls 
the second character during Critical Parade
- Manual is the setting you should choose if you are 
playing alone. It let's you control both characters
at once
- Manual Player 2 is the setting you should choose
if you're playing together. Player 2 controls the 
second character during Critical Parade and offers
lots of combo fun.

What V.Rosso should do in Critical Parade?
V.Rosso start of the Critical Parade with 
Accelerando. If you're smart, you'll immediatly 
cancel it into Ponte Dei Sospiri and then cancel
it back to Accelerando. You can go on like this,
but if you have a usefull second character selected
then you are better to use Accelrando or let Torre
Pendente finish. This will "move" the opponent 
to the second character and he'll get the chance to
start his super cancel. This way you can also play 
tennis with each other!!

Now if you want to use the second character too,
I've made a "list" of the two characters that are 
best to choose in my opinion. I'll put down a few 
combo's down for them as well.

First Character: RYU
Ryu is a strong character with only two Super Combo's.
Don't let that fool you, cause they are both very 
usefull. You start the Critical Parade with V.Rosso 
off course. 

Critical Parade => Torre Pendente => Ryu's Tatsumaki
Senpuu Kyaku => Accelerando => Ryu's Shinkuu 
Hadoken => V.Rosso's surprise blow
The toughest combo I have found yet. With your 
Torre Pendente you will "move" your opponent to Ryu, 
he will then Whirlwind kick him back. When he's in
mid-air start the Accelerando and make sure all 
blows hit. As your opponent will fly through mid-air
to Ryu, imediatly start the Shinkuu Hadoken. When the
fourth hit of Ryu's Shinkuu Hadoken has been made, you
start the Surprise Blow. 

Critical Parade => Torre Pendente => Ryu's Shinkuu
Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku => Torre Pendente => etc.
This is what I call: the Tennis-Combo. It's an easy 
Critical Parade that will get you lots of hits and 
damage. If your fast enough you can pull three Super 
Combo's each for Vulcano Rosso and Ryu. If the 
Torre Pedente hits the opponent to high, simply use a
mid-air Shinkuu Tasumaki Senpuu Kyaku. 

Critical Parade => Torre Pendente => Ryu's Shnikuu 
Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku => Ryu's Shinkuu Tatsumaki 
Senpuu Kyaku => Ryu's Tastumaki Senpuu Kyaku
Now this is the easiest Critical Parade with Ryu. You 
slam the opponent up and Ryu will keep him up by 
Super Canceling one Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku into
another. You should be able to do three of them. 
Remember to let them do full damage and not start a to
early Super Cancel. 

You can make up any variation of these combo's, but it's 
not garantued that they'll work. I suggest learning the 
second one, cause it looks impressive, causes much 
damage and makes a good hit-count. If you're not so 
good at Critical Parade combo's, I suggest learning the
last one, cause it's easy and has nice damage.

Second Character: Kairi
Kairi has three Super Combo's, good speed and nice 
strength. This makes him an ideal character for 
Critical Parade, but the combo's are a bit hard to 

Critical Parade => Torre Pendente => Kairi's Shinki 
Hatsudou Kai => Torre Pendente => etc.
This is another Tennis-combo. It's easy to learn,
but a bit tricky to do. While V. Rosso is doing 
the Torre Pendente, you must push up to let Kairi 
jump. Then the opponent will "move" towards 
Kairi. While he's in mid-air do the Shinki 
Hatsudou Kai. If you're late when doing the 
Shinki Hatsudou Kai, Vulcano Rosso will also do
his Torre Pendente, resulting in an extra painful
combo. You can Super Cancel that to and do it 
again and again,etc. You get the idea.

Critical Parade => Torre Pendente => Kairi's 
Shinki Hatsudou Kai + the Torre Pendente =>
Kairi's Garyuu Messhuu => Kairi's Shinki 
Hatsudou Kai
A tough combo, involving Kairi doing al the hard
stuff. Make sure you do the Torre Pendente and 
the Shinki Hatsudou Kai at the same time, to 
let your opponent hang in the air. Then you 
Kairi's Super Cancel and do the second Shinki
Hatsodou Kai at the last hit of Garyuu Messhuu.

Critical Parade => Accelerando => Ponte Dei 
Sospiri while Kairi's Mekkuu Zangeki => Kairi's
Garyuu Messhuu => Kairi's Shinki Hatsudou Kai
While your chooping in on the opponent, you make
sure Kairi is ready when he teleports. As he 
reappears above, immediatly start his Garyuu 
Messhuu. Don't let the Ponte Dei Sospiri get 
to the head-stepping part or Kairi will miss.

Critical Parade => Torre Pendente => Kairi's 
Mouryou Kasen(to the 3rd hit) => Kairi's 
Garyuu Messhuu => Kairi's Shinki Hatsudou Kai
An extremely hard combo, but cool if you can 
pull it of. Use the LP version of Kairi's 
Mouryou Kasen to get up high in the air. 
When the oppoent is kicked down, you can 
also let V.Rosso do Sciara Del Fuoco and 
get close to the opponent. Then hit him 
with Torre Pendente. 

Well I hope you can master these combo's, 
cause they are essential when trying to
get the medals on the orriginal mode. 

I'll also put down some other fun combo's 
which I discovered with other characters. 

V.Rosso with D.Dark
Critical Parade => Accelerando/Torre Pendente =>
EX-prominence => KILL Trap
Do the EX-prominence right after the Torre 
Pendente or Accelerando has ended. It will blow
the opponent sky high. After that use the 
KILL Trap to combo on and do more hits and 

V.Rosso with Ken
Critical Parade => Accelerando/Torre Pendente => 
Shippuu Jinrai Kyaku => Torre Pendente
A nice combo. When your opponent is in mid-air,
flying to Ken, perform the Shippuu Jinrai Kyaku,
then wait for the opponent to come down and use 
the Torre Pendente when he's almost on the ground.

Off course there are more combo's like these, but
you can easily create your own. Just experiment 
with Super Cancels and Juggling moves. 

* * 
*  *
 ** F A Q

Vesuvio doesn't work with me. The first hit will
hit but the second one never works.
To make the Vesuvio work, hold the forward button
after you have started up the move. Then keep 
punching on the punch-button for the second. 
Repeat this for the third hit only then with 
one of the kick-buttons. 

What's the purpose of Sciara Del Fuoco, I think 
it's useless.
Let me set this this straight........
THIS MOVE IS NOT USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This move is very usefull to confuse the 
opponent or to avoid a big attack from him.

Some combo's of you don't work, how come??
Sometimes you need good timing for the combo's.
Practice them in training mode. You can also
put the juggling option on in pratcice mode, 
which makes some mid-air combo's easier.

I can't get either oen of the counter attacks 
to work. How does it work??
Simple, the D,DB,B+K move only works on 
suprise blows. The other one works on every 
mid attack. Timing with the counters are 
pretty tough, so once again practice them
in the training mode. 

*  C R E D I T S  A N D  L E G A L  S T U F F
Well this is it. I hope you enjoyed reading it,
as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

I would like to thank

- CJayC for posting my guide.
- CJayC for making a moves list with all the 
original names.
- Arika and Capcom for making the game and
releasing it in Europe. 
- You for reading my guide.
- FFrulez, thas's me, for making this guide. 
- My local store for selling the game very cheap.
- My dog for sitting there and look dumb as I 
played the game.

If you have questions, you can always find me 
on the SFEX3 board or find me at the capcom
boards on theyr site. 

You can also mail me if you can't find me
at: optimus9@dolfijn.nl. 

So they'll dissappear from my mailbox plus 
I will sign you for as much junk-mail as 

Things that you can do to get a quick answer:

- Drop a line about how good the guide is.
- Say SFEX3 on the topic title of your mail.
- Be short and clear about your question.
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These sites can post my guides:


I you want to post this guide on your site
you'll have to mail me at optimus9@dolfijn.nl.
You'll have to ask for my permission first. 

If you press alt+f4 you will play the game. JK

Happy gaming.

Copyright by FFrulez November 2001 

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