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Bison/Dark Bison/Shin Bison by ORCA782

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/15/2001




This guide will detail moves, what to do with them, and combos for 
Bison and Dark Bison.  It will also explain how to get Shin Bison in VS 
mode, and what he does.  It is for more experienced players, so newbies 
can read it too, but don't expect to get it all in a day or so.  Also, 
Dark Bison is only playable in the main game, sadly enough, so no 
multiplayer action.

Legal Stuff:
This game is property of Arika and Capcom, so don't bootleg it or steal 
it or pawn it off as your own.  This guide is mine, email me and I'd be 
glad to let you post it or do whatever with it.

qcb=quarter circle back (with d-pad)
qcf=quarter circle forward
bf=back for a second or so, then forward
du=down for a second, then up
PPP=all three punches
KKK=all three kicks
bfbf=back for a second, forward back forward rapidly
bdb=back, then down to back quickly
fdf=forward then down to forward
dbdb=down to back twice quickly
dfdf=down to forward twice
mk=medium kick
hk=hard kick
lk=light kick
lp=light punch
hp=hard punch
hk=hard kick
Moves: (normal)

lp: Bison's light punch is fast, whether crouching, jumping, or 
standing.  It won't do much damage, but it will stop them from 
charging, and it is a good combo starter.

mp: Bison's medium punch is the best for starting combos.

hp: Bison's hard punch when crouched is a veritable uppercut to stop 
jumping enemies, and it is the best punch to do in the air.

lk: This is a sort of weak kick, I don't use it unless I'm in a knee 
press combo.

mk: This is the best normal kick to use to start combos and such.

hk: This, when crouching, is an excellent trip, as Bison slides towards 
his enemy.  It also follows his alternate throw well.

Throw (lp+lk): This throw is a solid shoulder toss.  It does good 
damage, and it's fast.

Alternate throw (blp+lk): This throw allows Bison to add another move 
in.  When he throws them to the ground with his leg, after they hit the 
ground, do either the slide trip, or a psycho crusher.  To charge the 
crusher, charge back from the original direction he was facing.  This 
is very hard, but possible, flashy, and hard hitting.

Psycho Crusher (bfP): This is Bison's signature move.  He will fly 
across the screen, cloaked in electricity.  It is good to knock 
opponents down, and to finish combos with.  The harder the punch, the 
farther it goes.
Knee Press (bfK): This is a fast combo starting move, that is easy to 
stop air and ground enemies with, as well as momentary combo from.  The 
harder the kick, the farther it goes.

Head Stomp (duK): This is a good move to get close to an opponent with.  
He will jump through the air, and stomp the enemy's head.  Then hit P 
while in the air to dive in for another hit.  I only do this if they 
are not expecting it, but I usually don't.  It is good to do the first 
stomp, then come in and throw them.

Harp (bdbPPP, fdfPPP, bdbKKK, fdfKKK): This move can be done in a lot 
of variations, which gives it versitality.  KKK will make it go farther 
away, and back or forward is where he will teleport relative to the 
opponent.  Do it if they are charging at you with a good move or 
something, but not just for fun, because he's vulnerable for a moment 
after doing it.

Moves: (super combos)

Psycho Cannon R (bfbfP): Bison charges an excellent ball of energy.  It 
is the strongest projectile in the game.  It can charge up to 10 hits, 
whereas anyone elses maxes out at 6.  Hokuto's charged arrow will hit 6 
times, and Ryu's super hadouken will do 5 hits.  If these projectiles 
collide, it is simple math.  Bison's has 10, Hokuto's has 6, and 
Hokuto's disappears, with Bison's having 4 more hits left.  Do this if 
your opponent is jumping at you, or just to keep them away.  It is 
great in combos, 
or after an alternate throw, to hit them while they bounce.

Knee Press Nightmare (bfbfK): This move is not as effective as the 
cannon, so on average I do this one very little.  It is best to launch 
into it right from the beginning as a combo starter.  Just throw that 
mp, then go into this.  If you miss, it will cancel itself.

Moves (Meteo combos):

Super Psycho Crusher (bfbfPPP): This move blasts across the screen, and 
will demolish any unwary foe.  It can be stopped by a single fireball 
however, so watch out.  Wait until your opponent is open.  Also, don't 
do it in a combo, or it will be very weak.  

Dark Bison Additional Moves:

Psycho Cannon G (dbdbP): This is similar to the Psycho Cannon R, but it 
moves slower, and it goes up and down.  It is a great combo addidition.

Psycho Cannon B (dfdfK, dbdbK): This teleports a copy of Bison to the 
opposite side of your opponent, and puts two blue cannons on either 
side of them.  It is a great combo to do alone, but be careful as it 
can be broken.

Combos for Bison are generally really fast hard hitting combos.  He 
can't do long streams like Ken or Chun-Li, but his combos will do equal 
if not more damage.  Let's start off with combos that require no combo 

Basic Combo: Do a mp or mk, then a knee press.  This will bring you up 
to 3 hits, and the enemy will not be able to block it if you hit them 
with the first punch or kick.  Just do the mp or mk, then cancel it 
with the press.  

Add ons: You can add many things to this basic combo.   You can jump 
in, and throw a mp or hp first, putting more damage, and another hit on 
there.  This is hard, because jumping in takes aim and precision.
You can do a momentary combo after the knee press, by hitting punch or 
kick the second he hits them the second time with his foot.  This will 
cause either a psycho crusher or a head stomp.  The head stomp is 
easily blocked, so I go for the crusher.  This will add another hit, 
and considerable damage.  You can also start the entire basic combo 
with a hp, which is cool, but requires better timing, and it will do 
more damage.

Basic Combo: Do a knee press to start with, which will be slightly more 
blockable, but upon landing, do a mk, then lk to your opponents shins, 
then go into yet another knee press without stopping.  This is a 5 hit 

Add on: The only thing to help this out is the momentary combo, when 
you do the crusher after the second knee press.

Super Combo Combos: 
This is a bit redundant, but there are a few of these, though they 
aren't as effective.  

Basic Combo: Do a mp or mk, or hp for that matter, and then instantly 
go into the psycho cannon, or the knee press nightmare.  This will be 
unblockable, but in the case of the cannon, it will only hit them 5 
times or so.  Throw the cannon quickly after to get max hits.

Add ons: After throwing the cannon, they will be stunned in the air for 
a second.  Use this time to charge a hp psycho crusher, then launch 
into them before they go flying off due to the cannon.  This will add 
damage and style.  The knee press nightmare leaves Bison in the air, so 
it has no add ons.  If you have Dark Bison, the combo can go on much 
longer.  Do the basic combo with a psycho cannon, but as it's hitting 
them, go into a psycho cannon G, and then do the crusher into them.  

Quick Combos:
These combos are very quick, have no add ons, and require very little 
to do, but pack a good punch.  

1  Mk or lk into knee press: Just hold back, do a crouching mk or lk, 
then hit forward as you are kicking the opponent.  Bison will do a knee 
press, no kick button needed.  So just do b,k,f, and he does 3 hits for 
hitting kick only once.

2	Any punch into psycho crusher: Just do the same thing as above, but 
with punch.  Hold back, hit any punch while crouching, and quickly 
hit forward.  He will launch into the crusher, sending the opponent 
flying.  Excellent damage too.

Shin Bison: 
Shin Bison is the ultimate fighter.  You get him by beating the game on 
hard 4 times, each time beating him.  You have to get 500,000 points, 
and that means no continues.  This is done by either finishing each 
match with a Meteo or rainbow parade, or finishing each level with a 
super combo.  This adds mad points to your finishing combo score.  Try 
to keep your health up too.  He has infinite combo energy, and his 
combo limit is off, so he can do any number of moves nonstop.  His 
favorite combo is:
Jumping mp, crouching mp, hk, crouching hk (slide), crouching hp 
(uppercut), psycho cannon R, psycho Cannon G.  This does massive 
damage, and is not possible to a normal player.  As a normal player, 
you have to link moves right after they finish.  He does not, he can 
cancel a hk any time he wants to, whereas we have to wait.  He also has 
a new meteo, where he makes 3 copies of himself, and each one does the 
knee press nightmare.  I think this is unblockable, but I don't know, 
because every time he did it I was off guard, and not blocking.  To 
beat him, just block everything he does and hit him after he finishes 
combos.  Another way to beat him is to glitch the game with Blanka.  
Just sit there and do electricity, and Shin Bison will keep walking 
into you.  Anyway, after 4 wins he will be in your VS menu to battle 
any time.

I hope this helps anyone who likes Bison.  He's my favorite character.  
Remember to link your moves, lk right after the mk finishes, etc.  
Anyway, email me any questions at vejiitassj4@hotmail.com.

-Gamefaqs for a great site.

-Capcom for a great fighting game.

-My friend wurddog for letting me borrow this game so often.

-My friend gilmorne for helping me get into the groove of playing.

-CVXFREAK or formatting the guide

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