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Doctrine Dark by geestack

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/12/2001

Doctrine Dark - Street Fighter EX 3
by: Andy "geestack" Bui
version 1.0
written on: 7/12/01
email: geestack@austin.rr.com


This document is Copyright 2001 Andy "geestack" Bui. This FAQ may not 
be reproduced in ANY WAY without my advance consent first. This FAQ is 
intended for private use only, if you wish to post this on another 
website other than gamefaqs.com please email me before doing any such 
thing. As always, you can get the most up-to-date version of this 
document at gamefaqs.com.



-Version History
  -Character Analysis
-Move list
-Combo FAQ
-Extra notes

Version History:

ver. 1.0 - The first version of this FAQ is released. Pretty much the 
basics are included: Moves, Combos, and etc.

Frequently, I'll be referring to several "short-hand" names for 
specific moves. Here is what I mean:

LP-light punch    MP-medium punch    HP-hard punch    PPP-punch x3
LK-light kick     MK-medium kick     HK-hard kick     KKK-kick x3
j.-jumping        s.-standing        c.-crouching
d.-down           db.-down-back      b.-back
ub.-up-back       u.-up              uf-up-forward
f.-forward        df.-down-forward

qcf-quarter circle forward (d,df,f)  qcb-quarter circle back (d,db,b)
dp-dragon punch motion (f,d,df)


In the third installment of the Street Fighter EX game series, Doctrine 
Dark makes a return as one of my favorite characters to play. Not only 
is his story interesting, but his style of play within the game is a 
different one from most. Truly an interesting character, D. Dark is a 
fun and rewarding character to play.


D. Dark is more of a "trapping" style of character in my experience 
with the game. Whenever I play using him, I usually change my style of 
play to force the opponent character to adapt and change their own 
usual style of playing in order for me to exploit any of their 
mistakes. Most of Dark's moves aren't conventional (like fireballs, or 
dragon punch style moves) therefore you have to be able to think about 
where to hit the person using specific moves.


ADV - Like I said before, I've mostly found D. Dark to be a trapping 
style of character, therefore this style of waiting and attacking plays 
more to his advantage because it can frustrate your opponent and force 
him/her to change their tactics and allow you to exploit them to your 
advantage. Dark also uses some "pressure" attacks that can actually 
negate some of the opponent's strategies and make them think twice 
about attacking you outright.

DISADV - Because of the unconventionality of Dark's moves, they are 
sometimes hard to hit in critical spots. Also, his moves are slower 
than most other street fighters, therefore if you perform a move and it 
is jumped or blocked, you leave yourself open quite frequently. For 
example, if you attempt a Dark Wire, but it is jumped, then you leave 
yourself WIDE open for a potential combo or killing move. 


Seemingly, Dark and Guile have a history together. Dark was once a 
soldier under Guile's command. However, after Rolento destroyed it, 
Dark blamed Guile and they have become enemies ever since. Because of 
the massacre of the unit, Dark has turned out the way he is now, a 
crazy and psychotic killer. 

These are the moves specific to Doctrine Dark.

(*Note: These moves are performed when facing right.)

Special Moves:

*Dark Wire - qcf + any punch

    - Dark Spark - Don't do anything after Dark Wire

    - Dark Hold - b + any punch; after Dark Wire

*Kill Wire - dp + any punch

*EX-plosive - qcf + any kick

Super Combos:

*Dark Trump - 2x qcf + any punch

*Dark Shackle - 2x qcf + any kick

*EX-prominence - 2x qcb + any kick

Meteor Combo:

*Dark Trap - 2x qcb + PPP


*-Now we get down to the real stuff. These combos are ones that I've 
found myself, so please do not email me saying that I've ripped off 
another person's FAQ and posted these as my own. These are combos that 
I've come across merely experimenting with the game itself. If they 
happen to turn up somewhere else, it's just a happy coincidence.-

#1. - EX-plosive -> Dark Wire -> Dark Hold

 -This is one of Dark's simpler trap combos. Some people believe I'm 
actually talking about comboing from the EX-plosive into the Dark Wire 
(like combo #4), however with this one, you are to plant the EX-plosive 
a little away from the opponent (so they don't run into it outright) 
THEN execute the Dark Wire -> Dark Hold. Basically, you're dragging 
them with the Dark Wire -> Dark Hold into the EX-plosive so they blow 
up when running into it. A cool and easy to pull off trap combo.

#2. - j. MP -> s. MP -> Dark Wire -> Dark Spark

 -Another "bread and butter" combo, this one is another one you should 
get to know personally because it inflicts a good amount of damage, and 
is another relatively easy one to pull off. Be sure to know this one, 
because I use a variation of it later to pull off more combos.

#3. - s. MP -> Kill Wire -> Dark Shackle/Dark Trump

 -A simple combo which includes a super combo finisher, this one is 
another by the book combo which you should remember as I use it as a 
finisher in other combos. In order to combo COMPLETELY into the Dark 
Shackle, you have to execute the Dark Shackle a split second after 
hitting the Kill Wire.

#4. - EX-plosive -> Dark Wire -> Dark Spark

 -An easy way to hit this combo is to knock down your opponent first 
(sweeping them is highly recommended because you will be close and in 
position to perfectly set up the EX-plosive). As they are down, lay the 
EX-plosive near their feet, so when they get up, they'll be hit by it 
once they stand. IMMEDIATELY after hitting the EX-plosive, execute the 
Dark Wire, and voila, you have hit a simple 3-hit combo. There is a 
variation on this combo that I will mention later in order to hit a 
more advanced combo.

#5. - EX-plosive -> Dark Shackle/Dark Trump -> (OPTIONAL) Super Cancel 
into Dark Trump
 -Very simple, yet effective combo, this one can be varied a little, 
depending on whether or not you wish to switch it up a little and 
change pace with your opponent. Obviously, to cancel into the Dark 
Trump, use the Dark Shackle first.

#6. - Dark Wire -> Dark Hold -> EX-plosive -> Dark Trump

 -This is the variation on combo #5 I am talking about. This one 
requires a little more in the timing department, however it is flashy 
and very satisfying to pull off. Does a fair amount of damage as well. 
You can execute a Dark Shackle in place of the Dark Trump, however once 
the EX-plosive hits, the opponent will be in the air, and you won't hit 
the entire Dark Shackle.

#7. Dark Wire -> Dark Hold -> s. mp -> Kill Wire -> (OPTIONAL) Dark 

 -Going down the line, this is one of the more advanced combos. When 
going from the s. mp -> Kill Wire, be sure to get the timing down. If 
you want to proceed with the Dark Trump, going from the Kill Wire is a 
little trickier, as it requires some split-second timing. However, I 
would practice this combo a lot, as it is an actual piece of a more 
advanced combo. I wouldn't recommend attempting a Dark Shackle as a 
super combo finisher just because when you hit the s. mp -> Kill Wire 
the opponent will be in the air and you won't be able to hit the Dark 
Shackle to its full capacity.

#8. - EX-plosive -> Dark Wire -> Dark Hold -> s. MP -> Kill Wire -> 
Dark Trump OR Dark Shackle (not recommended)

 -This is the variation I spoke of in combo #4. Instead of finishing 
with the Dark Spark, this one goes from a Dark Hold into the combo 
finisher. The same tactics apply from combo #4 in order for you to hit 
the EX-plosive -> Dark Wire and make it count as a combo. I don't 
recommend using the Dark Shackle because, like in combo #7, they will 
be in the air. However it is up to you on what you wish to do. Make 
sure you DO NOT execute this like combo #1, you DO NOT want to drag 
them into the EX-plosive, or you will ruin the entire setup of the 

#9. - j. MP -> s. MP -> Dark Wire -> Dark Hold -> s. MP -> Kill Wire -> 
Dark Trump OR Dark Shackle (not recommended)

 -This is the most advanced combo I have discovered so far. This is 
actually a linking of several of the combos that I have listed here 
already. I would actually practice several pieces of this combo 
separately until you feel that you have them down and THEN try to link 
them together in this one, flashy, intricate combo. It seems like every 
time I hit this combo it really satisfies me a lot. Note that I do not 
recommend the Dark Shackle once again. You can also leave out the s. MP 
-> Kill Wire and just finish it with the Dark Trump.

#10. - Dark Wire -> Dark Hold -> EX-prominence -> EX-plosive

-An obvious combo, this one is a little hard to hit because of the 
timing of the EX-prominence. Be sure to lay the EX-plosive directly 
under the opponent and make sure you execute it DIRECTLY after hitting 
the EX-prominence. I haven't really found an "advanced" way of hitting 
into the EX-prominence besides a Dark Wire -> Dark Hold, however it 
does combo and it does work.


-Most of the combos I have listed depend on your ability to hit the 
Dark Wire consistently. Should you miss (like your opponent jumps over 
it) then you leave yourself COMPLETELY open and at your opponent's 
mercy. Be sure to know NOT to start off every combo with a Dark Wire, 
as your opponent will be quick to learn your strategy. In fact, because 
Dark depends a lot on the Dark Wire, it is one of his biggest 
weaknesses. However, the combos I've posted also usually include you 
comboing into the Dark Wire from something else, so don't worry to 
heavily about missing the Dark Wire.

-Most combos can be started off with a simple j. mp -> s. mp. I use it 
quite frequently to start off several combos. Also note that it is 
completely optional to include them in the combo. By leaving them out 
or in varies your combo attacks and allows you to mix up the tactics 
and hopefully keep your opponent guessing at you.

-As I said before, D. Dark is a trapping character. Use your EX-plosive 
often to keep up the pressure and allow yourself some breathing space 
and even some time to think. Remember that if the opponent runs into 
your EX-plosive it hurts them, not you. I recommend getting in the 
habit of using the EX-plosive every time you knock down your opponent 
(be sure to use the HP or MP EX-plosive, as the detonating time is 
almost the exact time it takes for your opponent to "wake-up") because 
it will give them something to think about as they are trying to plan 
their next move. Plus, it opens the door for a potential combo. 
Remember, EX-plosive, EX-plosive, EX-plosive. (Just don't use it as an 
offensive weapon, as it is SLOW coming out and leaves you completely 
open. Remember, it's not a fireball.)

-Vary your tactics and combos. Being repetitive does nothing but hurt 
yourself, so mix it up every now and then. If your opponent thinks your 
going to do one thing, do another and throw them off. Incorporating 
throws into your repertoire also increases your randomness and throws 
off your opponent's anticipation. 

-Make a note that if you combo into Dark's Meteor Combo (Dark Trap) 
then you reduce the damage inflicted very significantly. It's easier to 
chain into the Meteor Combo, however make sure you know the trade off. 

-First of all, I would like to thank the guys at Capcom and Arika for 
making such a sweet game. I'm one of few (all three of us) who 
appreciate the EX series.

-Also thanks go out to my bro who let me monopolize his PS2 for the 
sake of writing this. 

-Thanks should also go out to the guys at gamefaqs.com for actually 
publishing this. Since it is my first FAQ, I'm glad someone will 
actually put this out there for people to read.

Feel free to email me at: geestack@austin.rr.com

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