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General FAQs

FAQ/Move List 11/12/00 CJayC 0.90 81K
FAQ/Move List 02/13/04 Kao Megura v0.1 200K
FAQ/Move List 10/03/03 SuperSagat 0.8 49K

Character FAQs

Area 08/23/01 NekkiBasara 1.1 36K
Bison/Dark Bison/Shin Bison 11/15/01 ORCA782 1.00 9K
Doctrine Dark 07/12/01 geestack 1.0 12K
Kairi 11/07/01 FFrulez 18K
Ryu/Evil Ryu 10/25/00 JaRyu 1.5 8K
Ryu/Evil Ryu 09/09/03 SuperSagat 21K
V.Rosso 11/29/01 FFrulez 32K
V.Rosso 04/27/03 Jester_ 1.1 22K

In-Depth FAQs

Combo FAQ 10/01/03 SuperSagat 4 22K
Combo FAQ 12/09/04 Vic Viper 21K
Meteor Combo Damage Data 02/28/05 DDark 2.0 5K

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