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Handkerchief Side Quest Guide by ruyeyama

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/31/2004

Popolocrois: Hajimari no Bouken (PlayStation 2, SCEI, RPG)
"Handkerchief" Side Quest Guide
8/31/04  V1.1

Written by: Richard Uyeyama (ru e ama ru e ama best vwh net)*

* Instances of the letter "y", the "at" symbol, and all periods have been
  removed (replaced with spaces) from the above e-mail address in order to
  prevent unscrupulous UCE (unsolicited commercial e-mail) bot processes
  from adding to the amount of e-mail I already get...

The latest version of this file can be found at:
  Is Pinon Wearing a Dragon on His Head?

Document formatting, organization, and wording Copyright 2002, 2004 by 
Richard Uyeyama.

Permission granted by author to duplicate (unaltered) this document in its 
entirety for NON-PROFIT purposes only.  All other rights reserved.  Author 
reserves the right to rescind specific or general permission, if he sees a 
reason (such as loophole abuse) to do so.  Unauthorized duplication of 
this document is a violation of all applicable national and international 

This document is protected by International Copyright Law.  It is a 
criminal act to use this document (or any derivative work (including 
translations)) in any way that makes you (and/or your company) money; you 
MAY NOT sell this document, host this document on a website with an ad 
banner and/or membership fee, give this document away as a "purchase 
bonus", and/or use this document in any other manner which profits 
(financially) you (and/or your company) either directly or indirectly.

If you are unsure as to whether you can use this document, or if you wish 
to apply for specific rights not granted to you by the above, send a 
polite, detailed, and clearly phrased inquiry to me at the e-mail address 
listed above.  Note, however, that due to the amount of e-mail I get, I 
may not be able to reply to every query or request I receive (also note 
that the lack of a reply will NEVER constitute legal permission).

GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) has been granted permission to host this 

The following webpage contains the most recent version of the above 
copyright notice.  If there is a discrepancy between the above copyright 
notice and the one located on my current webpage, the information on my 
webpage will be treated as authentic:

Popolocrois: Hajimari no Bouken is Copyright 2002 by Sony Computer 
Entertainment Inc., Copyright Yohsuke Tamori.  All rights reserved.

             "To light a candle is to cast a shadow."

                   -- excerpt from A Wizard of Earthsea
                   (Ursula K. LeGuin)

Table of Contents:

0. Document History
I. Basic Stuff
   1. What is this document?
   2. What's new/different in Popolo-Hajimari (compared to Popolo2)?
   3. Spoiler warning?
II. The "Handkerchief" Side Quest
III. Quick Reference Time Chart
IV. Thanks and Stuff

0. Document History

V1.1: 8/31/04
      Ryuu-oh no Kiba secondary effect: almost completely eliminates
        random encounters!
V1.0: 7/22/02
      Launch version
 (6/20/02: Popolocrois: Hajimari no Bouken now on sale)

I. Basic Stuff

I.1  What is this document?

     This document is an English language informational resource for 
Popolocrois: Hajimari no Bouken (which I shall hereafter refer to as 
Popolo-Hajimari for reasons of brevity).  Popolo-Hajimari is a PS2 sequel 
of sorts to the PS1 game Popolocrois Monogatari II (which I shall 
hereafter refer to as Popolo2), which is, of course, a sequel to 
Popolocrois Monogatari (Popolo1).
     In this document, I'll be covering the methods by which one can 
complete the side quest (optional task not necessary for game completion) 
that begins with a handkerchief.
     Popolocrois: Hajimari no Bouken (PS2, J) basic info:
        1 DVD ROM Disc (SCPS-55028)
        1 Player
        Works with: PlayStation2 8MB Memory Card (368 KB)
        5800 (y)en

I.2  What's new/different in Popolo-Hajimari (compared to Popolo2)?

     3D characters and areas: Unfortunately, load times are now a lot 
longer, partly because of this.  =/
     New characters: Pinon (Pietro and Narcia's son), Luna, and Marco.  
And Papoo.  =)  Only Pinon, Luna, and Marco are playable.
     New battle system: Initiative meters are real-time now (you have to 
wait for them to fill), but stronger attacks can be charged by waiting 
longer (up to a 2-meter maximum).  Movement and range are no longer 
     New battle interface: A simpler menu system with up to three choices 
([square], [triangle], and [O]) per menu level.
     Random encounter battlefields: Are no longer based upon the current 
screen area.  Load time is consequently longer, both before and after 
random encounters.  =/
     Running away from battles: No longer costs you money.  =)
     New magic system: Based around three Elements (Wind, Water, Fire).  
Spell strength is determined by the strength of its associated Elemental 
spirit(s).  Elements can be collected.  Getting 30 of a particular Element 
will raise that Elemental spirit to Level 2; getting 60 will raise it to 
Level 3.  Raising the strength of the triple-team magics (see "Team-up 
magics", below) to Lv.3 seems to require getting 90 (I think) for all 
three Elements.  Getting 100 (maximum) for all three doesn't seem to have 
any additional effect.
     Team-up magics: If more than one character has an action ready, you 
can combine their actions to cast more powerful spells (double- and 
triple-team magics).

I.3  Spoiler warning?

     While I have tried to write this document so as not to contain any 
major plot spoilers, the fact that the side quest *can* span the entire 
length of the game does mean that there may be some minor spoilers in this 
document, especially in the "Quick Reference" section, in which the basic 
structure of the entire game is displayed for easy reference.
     So if you tend to be sensitive about even minor spoilers, it is 
highly recommended that you complete the game on your own at least once, 
before reading any further in this document...

II. The "Handkerchief" Side Quest

     Steps must be completed in order.  For each step after the first, 
what you're basically doing is exchanging your previous item (the one 
obtained from the previous step) for a new one.  Though it would perhaps 
be slightly more accurate to say that you *give* your item away, and in 
gratitude, the recipient gives you something back...

Step. Who
   * How/Why (if further explanation is useful/noteworthy)

1. Queen Narcia
   Popolocrois Castle, Throne Room
   Beginning - before completing Dragon Temple
   Handkerchief (hankachi)

2. Sneezing Guard
   Popolocrois Castle, Main Hall (ground floor room w/staircases & statue)
   Beginning - before Shadow realm
   Pencil (enpitsu)

3. Boy With Glasses
   Popolocrois Gakuen (schoolhouse), Classroom (when class is in session)
   Beginning - before Shadow realm (any sunny daytime)
   Candy (ame-dama)
   * Prerequisites: Obtain Pencil.  Go to the fence corner opposite from
     where the boy with the glasses is standing.  This will trigger a
     "class begins" cutscene, after which you can enter the Classroom and
     give the boy your pencil.
        Visual: (B = boy, C = cutscene trigger spot)

                       | school |

                 ------          ------
                | C                    |
                |                  B   |
          ------                        ------

4. Man With Crying Baby
   Takinen Village, first house on the left
   after Wind Realm - before Shadow Realm (any daytime)
   Hand Towel (tenugui)

5. Bald Man
   Takinen Village, first house on the right (inn), 2F
   after Wind Realm - before Shadow Realm (any daytime)
   Sandwich (sandowicchi)

6. Weary Traveller
   Outside path from Takinen to river crossing, before arch-tunnel
   after Fire Realm - before Shadow Realm (any daytime)
     or: after Shadow Realm (before Final Battle)
   Magnifying Glass (mushi-megane)
   * Going from Takinen to Popolocrois, after crossing the hanging bridge
     (rope and planks), turn left (instead of going straight) to take the
     outside path.  A little bit before you reach the small arch-tunnel,
     you'll see a man lying on the ground.  That's him.
   * While you *can* complete this step after completing the Shadow Realm,
     doing so will make it impossible to finish the Side Quest (step 7
     cannot be completed after the Shadow Realm), so you'll probably want
     to complete step 6 at some point earlier than that...

7. Old Man Reading Book
   Popolocrois City, house to the left of stairs leading up to schoolhouse
   after Fire Realm - before Shadow Realm (any daytime)
   Bracelet? (Nut) (udewa? (natto))

8. Windmill Engineer
   Windmill by Popolocrois Castle, platform at top of ladder
   after Fire Realm - before Shadow Realm (any daytime)
   Model of Kanarishia Cannon (Kanarishia Taihou no mokei)

9. King Pietro
   Popolocrois Castle, Throne Room
   after Fire Realm - before Shadow Realm (any daytime)
   Ocarina (okarina)
   * If you examine the cannon model after you give it to Pietro, you'll
     see tiny models of Pietro and Narcia (Popolocrois Monogatari) on/by
     the cannon.  =)

10. Lady Elena
    Popolocrois Castle, 2F outside
    after Fire Realm - before Shadow Realm (any daytime)
    Aged Key (furuboketa kagi)

11. Locked Chest
    Popolocrois Castle, 3F, Storage Room (room across from King's room)
    after Fire Realm - before Final Battle
    Royal Dragon's Fang (Ryuu-oh no Kiba)
    * The Ryuu-oh no Kiba is an Accessory that only Pinon can equip.  When
      equipped, it will give Pinon +5 to each of the four stats (Attack,
      Defense, Dexterity, Luck).  It will also *significantly* reduce the
      frequency of random encounters (while it is equipped).  Which is
      quite a nice feature (especially considering the significant load
      delays which occur both before and after each random encounter).
    * So if you're exploring (perhaps searching for Elements), or just
      trying to get to a specific location, or just want to get to a
      Realm's (or Dungeon's) Boss (or Sub-boss) battle, the Ryuu-oh no
      Kiba is definitely something you'll want to have equipped.  Of
      course, the other Pinon-only Accessory (obtainable before entering
      the Shadow Realm) gives him +10 to all four stats, so that's
      probably a better Accessory to have equipped for the Shadow Realm
      Boss and Final Boss battles...
    * Note: With the Ryuu-oh no Kiba equipped, you won't be gaining a lot
      of Experience from random encounters, so if you're having trouble
      with a Boss (or Sub-boss) battle, you may want to temporarily equip
      some other Accessory, to make it easier to gain more Experience (and
      Levels) from random encounters...

III. Quick Reference Time Chart

Here's a quick reference chart showing approximately when each step in the 
"handkerchief" side quest can be accomplished:

    Beginning (daytime, sunny)   1  2  3
   (Dragon Temple)

    evening, dark                   2
   (Wind Realm)
    evening, dark                   2

    daytime, sunny                  2  3  4  5
   (Fire Realm)
    daytime, snowy                  2  *  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11
   (Ice Dungeon & Water Realm)
    evening, dark                   2              .  .  .  .  11

    daytime, sunny                  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11
   (Shadow Realm)
    evening, lunar eclipse             .  .  .  6     .  .     11
   (Final Battle)

Notes: # means step is possible; blank means step is not possible; period 
means step is *probably* not possible (building is locked, or person is 
not at the proper location), but I haven't actually tested to verify that 
it doesn't work.  Data not necessarily guaranteed to be 100% accurate; not 
all data has been double-checked.

* During the snowy period after the Fire Realm, it's possible to complete 
step 3 only if you have previously (earlier in the game) triggered the 
"class begins" event.  It is not possible to trigger the "class begins" 
event during the snowy period.

IV. Thanks and Stuff

Thanks to:
   GameMaster's Popolocrois: Hajimari no Bouken site (Japanese)
      (http://www.netdene.com/~kusari/popolo3/), for pointing me in the
      right direction on the Step 3 prerequisites!


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