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The best racing game of the.....erm...Universe 07/13/01 andyrose2000
Another step in racing game evolution... 10/14/01 ATadeo
Does this game live up to the hype? 07/10/01 Blade 8
One of the most disappointing games I have ever played!!!!! 07/11/01 Buster Boy
It may not be perfect, but it's still the best racing game to date. 08/27/01 C. Aquadro
GT is back and better than ever 07/18/01 Gillermo69
This game is great, IF you are a fan of the other two 07/12/01 Greatest One
Racing perfection...almost 07/17/01 jervinator
Sony not only creates the best driving game ever, they manage to make one of the best games out there 07/16/01 JGosnell
Rental Review: Despite being the same as other GTs, its still addicting and one of the best racing games out there 07/14/01 Kerred
I drove my car into a wall at 90...still runs smoothly. This is real! 07/13/01 Liontower
This is 3 times better than the first!!! 07/21/01 matt86
Fantastic but not perfect, but what is? 07/23/01 MClayden
Wow. This is one really awesome game... 07/16/01 metathran7
I hired someone to stop me from drooling when I play this game 07/24/01 Mr Food
It'll wow you, then you'll realize it's 2 in disguise 07/13/01 Mr. Chupon
The Drive of Your Life - Indeed! 07/31/03 Nexxt
Most Beautiful Racing game ever 07/25/01 poochie 2001
This is the best racing game I have ever played 07/28/01 solidussnake508
Finally a game that pushes Plastation 2 to its limits 07/29/01 Spaceman Spiff
The best racing series is back and better than ever! 08/11/01 Toyota Supra
Taking it to the next level 10/15/07 wolverinefan

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