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Reviewed: 05/26/03 | Updated: 05/26/03

Do'h! I died......again...and again....and again....

Gameplay: 8/10
Gradius is an old arcade game, and even ported to some consoles. The one I currently have is Gradius III for the snes. And believe me, its much easier than this PS2 version. Its a 2D sidescrolling space shootem up, so dont expect anything revolutionary. Just something that will give you a hell of a time.

Graphics: 8/10

Being born in the days of just 2D sprites, im not real picky about graphics, all you people born during the next-gen console have it pretty good, you spoiled brats. Gradius III is a 2D sidescrolling space shooter, which means a space background, and the nice looking levels after you get out of space. The bullets are TEENY though, but after spending some time with the game you will have an easier time with it. Gradius IV is a bit more graphical, since everything is 3D, but in still a 2D sidescroller shootem up. I have a problem with This ones graphics, mostly becuase not only are the bullets still small, but so is your ship. This is a bit bothersome becuase while your ship is going fast and theres so many enemies and bullets on the screen, you may lose track of your little ship and die. Thats bad.

Sound: 7/10
BWEO BWEO! BOOP! Wait a second was that boop an explosion? Yes it was. The games sound effects werent enhanced at all, but it brings kind of a nostalgic feel to the game, but then again, why would they make the music sound more enhanced? Oh well, the music is really good, and its not even my kind of music either.

Controls: 10/10
Any game where you can fix the controls to your liking gets a 10 in my book, so that means that this one lets you fix the controls to your liking.

Difficulty: Hard...thats it, the only skill level.
Yes its true, even on easiest skill this game is hellishly hard, this game makes Ghost and Goblins look like a trip to old folks home. Being a hardcore Gradius fan like myself though, I played it on normal, and it took me forever to get past level 3 without dieing 3 times. Both games are like this, but I seem to have an easier time with IV than III, which is strange, becuase I can get past easy skill and normal skill on the SNES version of Gradius III without dieing once, I guess that was the toned down version of it. Either way, you will be getting your moneys worth for this one, becuase it WILL take you a long time to beat it. So good luck ace.

Rating: 8

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