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    NPC FAQ by JonnyRam

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/22/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                                     F I N A L   F A N T A S Y  XI
                                                                         NPC Guide
                                                                JonnyRam 2003 v1.1
         I. Changing title
        II. Checking fame
       III. Watching past event scenes
        IV. Buying a world pass
         V. Changing allegiance
        VI. Buying a linkshell
       VII. Buying the starting armour
      VIII. Buying maps
        IX. Lucky Roll
         X. The Vana'diel Weather Link Shell
        XI. Credits
      revision history:
      v1.1. Added new NPCs (Oct 21 patch) - event NPCs and Lucky Roll NPCs
      v1.0. First draft - complete list of NPCs
    ___ I. Changing title _________________________________________________________
    The following NPCs allow you to change your title. You can change your title to
    any title you have previously gotten from completing a quest, mission, or
    defeating a Notorious Monster, by paying a fee based on the level of the title.
    The price currently rangers from 100gil for easy quest titles to 2000gil for
    HNM titles. Also, the titles available vary from location to location.
      Bastok (Port)        |  I-7  |  Tuh Almobankha
      Jeuno (Lower)        |  I-8  |  Tuh Almobankha
      Kazham               |  G-7  |  Eron-Tomaron
      Norg                 |  G-7  |  Quntsu-Nointsu
      Mhaura               |  I-8  |  Willah Maratahya
      Rabao                |  G-8  |  Shupah Mujuuk
      San d'Oria (South)   |  K-6  |  Moozo-Koozo
      Selbina              |  I-9  |  Yulon-Polon
      Windurst (Walls)     |  H-10 |  Burute-Sorute
    ___ II. Checking fame _________________________________________________________
    The following NPCs will tell you how famous you are within the area. This is
    useful for checking whether you have enough fame to receive a certain quest.
      Bastok (Port)        |  E-6  |  Flaco
      Jeuno (Lower)        |  H-8  |  Mendi
      Kazham               |  I-11 |  Ney Hiparujah
      Norg                 |  H-8  |  Vaultimand
      Rabao                |  G-9  |  Waylea
      San d'Oria (South)   |  K-6  |  Namonutice
      Windurst (Waters)    |  F-10 |  Zabirego-Hajigo
    ___ III. Watching past event scenes ___________________________________________
    Scattered around Vana'diel are a number of bards who will let you watch cut
    scenes for events you have already completed. You need to pay them.
      Bastok (Market)      |  I-8  |  Lamepaue
      Bastok (Metalworks)  |  I-8  |  Taulluque
      Bastok (Mines)       |  I-9  |  Gorvik
      Bastok (Port)        |  D-7  |  Dalba
      Jeuno (Gardens)      |  G-9  |  Archanne
      Jeuno (Lower)        |  G-9  |  Geuhbe
      Jeuno (Port)         |  F-8  |  Dohhel
      Jeuno (Upper)        |  F-7  |  Tinjue
      Kazham               |  F-8  |  Beyzen
      Norg                 |  H-9  |  Colleraie
      Rabao                |  E-8  |  Zungutt
      San d'Oria (Castle)  |  I-9  |  Chaloutte
      San d'Oria (North)   |  J-10 |  Jufaue
      San d'Oria (South)   |  H-8  |  Gizel
      Windurst (Port)      |  B-5  |  Tonule
      Windurst (Tower)     |       |  Mashua
      Windurst (Walls)     |  D-6  |  Juvillie
      Windurst (Waters)    |  F-5  |  Dienger
      Windurst (Woods)     |  J-10 |  Bozack
    ___ IV. Buying a world pass ___________________________________________________
    World passes can be given to friends so they can start a character on the same
    server as you. These are the NPCs that sell world passes. Once a world pass has
    been bought, it can be used by six people and is valid for seven days. Price
    varies depending on the current population of the server.
      Bastok (Port)        |  J-6  |  Kachada
      San d'Oria (Port)    |  J-10 |  Ambleon
      Windurst (Tower)     |       |  Gamimi
    ___ V. Changing allegiance ____________________________________________________
    You can change allegiance, i.e. the country you are fighting for. Pay 10000gil
    to the relevant NPC and your country will change, you will lose your rank but
    you will keep your conquest points. Useful for people who want to play the game
    completely, experiencing all the mission events, or for people who want to
    get better conquest rewards.
      Bastok (Metalworks)  |  J-8  |  Mythily
      San d'Oria (North)   |  C-9  |  Beriphaule
      Windurst (Tower)     |       |  Rakano-Marukano
    ___ VI. Buying a linkshell ____________________________________________________
    The following NPCs sell linkshells. These are used to make groups of people who
    can all communicate on the same channel. After buying a linkshell, it can be
    given a name and a colour of your choice.
      Bastok (Port)        |  E-7  |  Ilita
      San d'Oria (South)   |  E-8  |  Paunelie
      Windurst (Port)      |  H-9  |  Khel Pahlhama
    ___ VII. Buying the starting armour ___________________________________________
    Chances are, if you run out of space in your moghouse, you may want to discard
    the free armour you get when you start the game, to save space. If you want to
    buy it again later, you can acquire it for a small price from the following
      Hume and Galka armour:
      Bastok (Mines)       |  K-8  |  Proud Beard
      Elvaan armour:
      San d'Oria (North)   |  F-3  |  Arachagnon
      Tarutaru and Mithra armour:
      Windurst (Port)      |  E-7  |  Kucha Malkobhi
    ___ VIII. Buying maps _________________________________________________________
    The following NPCs sell maps for dungeons and areas nearby. Prices vary from
    100gil to the early region maps (e.g. Bastok, San d'Oria etc) to 3000gil for
    the harder dungeon maps (e.g. Eldieme, Oztroya etc). Bear in mind, there are
    a lot of maps that can only be received from quests, as well.
      Bastok (Market)      |  H-9  |  Karine
      Bastok (Port)        |  J-7  |  Rex
      Jeuno (Lower)        |  H-7  |  Promurouve
      Jeuno (Upper)        |  H-6  |  Rusese
      Mhaura               |  H-6  |  Ludwig
      Rabao                |  K-7  |  Ashu Bolkhomo
      San d'Oria (North)   |  I-8  |  Elesca
      San d'Oria (South)   |  G-10 |  Violitte
      Selbina              |  I-7  |  Lombaria
      Windurst (Port)      |  G-9  |  Mhoji Roccoruh
      Windurst (Woods)     |  H-11 |  Pehki Machumaht
    ___ IX. Lucky Roll ____________________________________________________________
    Lucky Roll is a gambling game held in Rabao and Norg. You can play once each
    Vana'diel day. You pay 100gil to enter, and then you roll a dice. The number
    (1-6) is added to a running total that is calculated from other players' rolls.
    When the total reaches 400, the counter resets and the player that pushed it
    to 400 (or beyond) gets a 10,000gil payout. If it lands on 400 exactly, there
    is an additional prize. The two NPCs are connected, so your roll is added to
    a single total shared between Norg and Rabao.
      Norg                 |  H-8  |  Repat
      Rabao                |  H-7  |  Mileon
    ___ X. The Vana'diel Weather Linkshell ________________________________________
    Vana'diel has its very own Linkshell of weather forecasters. You can ask them
    for weather forecasts for the next three days. This is particularly useful for
    the Summoner quest, where you need to subject a stone to different types of
    weather. Here are the members.
      Bastok (Market)      |  H-10 |  Svana
      Bastok (Mines)       |  I-9  |  Mariadok
      Bastok (Port)        |  J-11 |  Fo Mocorho
      Jeuno (Lower)        |  F-11 |  Shashan-Mishan
      Jeuno (Port)         |  K-8  |  Leffquen
      Jeuno (Upper)        |  G-6  |  Appollonia
      Kazham               |  G-7  |  Tcinono
      Mhaura               |  H-9  |  Pekuku
      Norg                 |  H-9  |  Shidzue
      Rabao                |  F-8  |  Amaja-Kumaja
      San d'Oria (South)   |  J-8  |  Maleme
      Selbina              |  H-9  |  Wachiwi
      Windurst (Port)      |  M-7  |  Eya Bhithroh
      Windurst (Waters)    |  F-8  |  Furan-Furin
      Windurst (Woods)     |  K-12 |  Mushuhi-Metahi
    ___ XI. Credits _______________________________________________________________
    This FAQ was started by JonnyRam in October 2003 and the latest version is 1.1.
    If you have any questions or comments, please send them to jonnyram@yahoo.com.
    Much of the information can be found on eLeMeN - the FFXI Database in Japanese
    at http://www5.plala.or.jp/SQR/ff11-index.html - and was contributed by a
    number of people on Japanese message boards.
    The latest version of this FAQ should be available at GameFAQs. Please make
    sure to check there for the latest update if you downloaded this elsewhere.

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