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  1. I planning play Final Fantasy XI, but: I want play on Playstation 2.

    Some questions:
    If I will have PS2 Fat NTSC-region with HDD&NetworkAdapter and FF XI disk can I play from Russia? PlayOnline pass russian ip-adress from NTSC-console?
    If yes, can I play with installed chipmode (with stealth-mode) (need for GSM, for play in 1080p)?
    If I will have PS3 Fat and FF XI disk can I play? PSN still have data for play PS2-games?
    Square Enix don't planning close PS2-support?

    And, final - in general, it is possible? Play XI from Russia in 2014-15 years? SE don't will ban me for audacity like this?

    p.s. PC&Xbox 360 not to offer. Sorry for my English if something wrong.

    User Info: Master11250

    Master11250 - 4 years ago

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