PlayStation 2 PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From Asch The Hated (09/09/2007; 176KB) 15 saves leading to various cut-scenes. Save 01 has all movies and music playable when you visit the theater in Luca.
  2. From Calorie_Mate (04/14/2008; 10KB) 99 of every use/sphere grid item, begining of game on rikku's ship
  3. From rojotrece (01/31/2010; 10KB) Final save point - all party members with basic stats at 255 and 85000+ HP
  4. From dided21 (04/22/2008; 13KB) Saved right before final boss, all characters and aeons have max stats with modified Sphere Grid, all Celestial Weapons and ultimate armor

PlayStation2 CodeBreaker Save (North America)

  1. From GameMasterZer0 (04/13/2005; 10KB) Save 20. Save on Beach before taking the boat to Luca. 1st Battle Agaisnt Sin. Have All Items
  2. From GameMasterZer0 (04/13/2005; 10KB) Save 21. Kilika Dock after Sin Destroyed the Port. CG Scene: Yuna Preforms the Sending
  3. From GameMasterZer0 (04/13/2005; 10KB) Save 22. At Kilika Temple. Fight against Sinspawn Geneaux
  4. From GameMasterZer0 (04/13/2005; 10KB) Save 23. After Kilika's Closter of Trials. Have 2nd Aeon Ifirt.
  5. From GameMasterZer0 (04/13/2005; 10KB) Save 24. S.S. Winno after Kilika's Trials. Jecht Shot Challenge
  6. From GameMasterZer0 (04/13/2005; 10KB) Save 25. CG Scene: Arrival at Luca
  7. From GameMasterZer0 (04/13/2005; 10KB) Save 26. after Besaid vs Luca Blitzball Finals. Intro to Auron.
  8. From GameMasterZer0 (04/13/2005; 10KB) Save 28. battle at Mushroom Rock. CG Scene: Al Bhed & The Crusaders Vs. Sin. Seymour, Yuna, and Auron Vs. Sinspawn.
  9. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 10KB) Save 29. Mushroom Rock. After Sin's Attack. Spoiler: Someone hints about marriage!
  10. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 10KB) Save 30. Djose Temple after the trials
  11. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 10KB) Save 31. Moonflow South Wharf
  12. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 10KB) Save 32. Moonflow North. Enter The Rikku (What a hottie!)
  13. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 10KB) Save 33. At Guadosalem. The story of Yunalesca.
  14. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 10KB) Save 34. Half across the Thunder Plains at Al Bhed Agency
  15. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 35. Macalania Woods- Jecht Sphere.
  16. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 36. Jecht Sphere
  17. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) SAVE 37. Lake Macalania. Battle against Brother and his Anti Magic Machina
  18. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 38. Fight aginast Seymour and Anima
  19. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 39. At Macalania Temple
  20. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 40. Fight against Big Foot!
  21. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 41. Bottom of Macalania Lake
  22. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 42. Oasis
  23. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 43. Sanubia Desert
  24. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 44. Battle at Home
  25. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 45. Airship- Yuna's Wedding
  26. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 46. Yuna's wedding
  27. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 47. Bevelle Trials
  28. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 48. On Trial. New Aeon Bahamut added to list.
  29. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 49. Via Purifico
  30. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 50. Fight agianst Seymour 3
  31. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 51. CG Scene- the Big Love Scene!!!
  32. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 52. Calm Lands
  33. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 53. Yojimbo
  34. From GameMasterZer0 (04/14/2005; 11KB) Save 54. Mt. Gagazat
  35. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 55. Mt. Gagazet after battle with Ronzos
  36. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 56. Mt. Gagazet after maze. Prepare for fight against Seymour
  37. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 57. Mt. Gagazet after battle with Seymour
  38. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 58. Trials of Mt Gagzet complete
  39. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 59. Passed through gagazet maze
  40. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 60. Zanarkand Ruins. REAL GAME BEGINS
  41. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 61. Zanarkand Dome
  42. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 62. Enter the Yunalesca. The TRUTH
  43. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 63. After battle with Yunalesca
  44. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 64. Airship after battle with Yunalesca
  45. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 65. After Maestor Mika Disappears
  46. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 66. After battle with Sin on Airship
  47. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 67. Assault on Sin above Bevelle
  48. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 11KB) Save 68. Near Airship in Sin
  49. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 12KB) Save 69. At the end of "Sea of Sorrow"
  50. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 12KB) Save 70. "Tower of the Dead"
  51. From GameMasterZer0 (04/15/2005; 12KB) Save 75. Misc: "Tower of the Dead" All Items, All Aeons including Yojimba, Anima, and Magus Sisters. Seymour is also in your group.
  52. From ChandooG (03/08/2007; 12KB) Save before the final bunch of battles in the game, characters with very high stats and all. Enjoy.
  53. From dasviolator (04/10/2005; 13KB) Saved Right before the Final Battle. Everything Done and earned.

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

  1. From TheGoat (05/19/2006; 11KB) 4:42 into game at Besaid. Save File utilizes my "Tricked Out" Sphere Grid; all +1/+2 nodes replaced by +4 nodes to yield max chars. with proper leveling up. Also, nearly 4 Million Gil to play with. Enjoy!
  2. From B_E_R_T (02/20/2005; 16KB) Begin with max gil and stats, all items and abilities.
  3. From Sheva5566 (04/15/2005; 15KB) Last Stage, Tidus, Yuna, Auron, Wakka, Riku has complete ultima Weapon

PlayStation2 SharkPort 2 Save (North America)

  1. From NickyJam02 (12/30/2001; 60KB) Every Character Max Stats, All Abilities Learned, Super MP, Super HP, Ultimate Weapon. Tidus Max Stats on Blitzball. Sphere Grid for All Characters Completed. Everything in the game is done.
  2. From AlphaX (01/21/2001; 60KB) In Macalania Woods just inches before the FMV In Macalania Woods just inches before the FMV with Tidus and Yuna
  3. From rojotrece (03/08/2004; 60KB) Save 43, unhacked, 160 hours - Kimahri has max stats except luck and 86744 HP, others over 35000 HP with high stats and damage break
  4. From BigRDawg18 (02/11/2003; 60KB) The No Summon, No Sphere Grid, No Customization Challenge (NSNSGNC). The following save is clocked at 24 Hours and 25 minutes at the very last stage of the game. Thanks to Gestahl for making this possible. No codes or cheats were used to complete the
  5. From TwistedB2Cross (04/05/2002; 60KB) This is nearing the end of the game at Mount Gagazet, 29 hours through. Characters levels are around 30.
  6. From thgink999 (05/19/2003; 60KB) Warp Sphere x99 obtained at the earliest point of the game. Current save is before first visit to Highbridge. Game time 50:30

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (North America)

  1. From CAHowell (05/26/2003; 60KB) On Airship with only final boss to complete. Most of the Legendary Weapons powered up
  2. From anubie (02/08/2003; 60KB) Saved at Arena. Some of the ancient weapons are unlocked. Ability to purchase "clear spheres" at the arena to build characters beyond the normal limits.

PlayStation2 CodeBreaker Save (Japan)

  1. From Zirot (10/11/2013; 9KB) Everyone Max stats except strength on Salvage deck right before Besaid great custom armor & weapons special status Aeon Immunities as Auto ablity all albed books nothing completed
  2. From JugsOfHolyness (05/23/2008; 10KB) Final Save, all Aeons max HP/MP/stats, all characters max stats, all Celestial Weapons, several customized weapons & gear, all Overdrive skills & types, all monsters captured for Arena, all Al Bhed Primers, Dark Aeons unbeaten

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Japan)

  1. From Xyton (10/06/2004; 12KB) Final Fantasy X International save. All the new stuff is untouched. All music and movie spheres bought. All Al Bhed primers.

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (Japan)

  1. From Xyton (10/06/2004; 60KB) Final Fantasy X International save. All the new stuff is untouched. All music and movie spheres bought. All Al Bhed primers.

PlayStation 2 PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From DPR91 (09/29/2009; 10KB) Ruins-UnderHall (Start of game) - Tidus has 99 of every item and all key items
  2. From cheekyboys (08/25/2009; 14KB) Save with just about everything, Celestial weapons, high stats and good armor. Monster area and dark aeons cleared.

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Europe)

  1. From lilobaggins (11/23/2005; 15KB) 100% Complete
  2. From ttforce (06/29/2006; 14KB) Best Eu. Save on gamefaqs - All received;learned;earned. 100%Complete. Final Fantasy X Pal Save. All earned. 100%Complete. Before the Penance(not killed). By Entity&Taelsien.
  3. From x8m8x3k3t (11/01/2008; 13KB) Final Fantasy X No Sphere Grid Perfect file. Has 99 S.LVL's if you want to use sphere grid, 99 of all Items, perfect NSG equipment etc.
  4. From Weapon (10/08/2008; 13KB) PAL-iTALiAN VERsion. 100% Completed. Der Richter Beated. All Celestial Weapon Mastered. Stats Character: 75000 HP, 999 MP, Every Stats At 255.
  5. From BigBadWolf11 (06/04/2009; 13KB) Perfect Save! All Characters and Aeons have Max Stats and all Abilities, all Overdrives and Overdrive Modes, all Items x99, all Celestials Powered-up, Penance and Nemesis Defeated, all Quests Done.
  6. From Split Infinity (08/16/2004; 11KB) Saved just before fighting Geosgaeno for the first time, 99 of all items, all key items
  7. From lilobaggins (07/10/2007; 11KB) Start a game with 99 of all Items and MAX HP/MP
  8. From Split Infinity (08/16/2004; 14KB) Tidus, Yuna & Rikku have high stats, all celestial weapons, 99 of every item, all key items, all subquests completed, monster arena fully unlocked, bosses remaining are Penance and final storyline bosses, 230 playhours
  9. From Villa_ftw (01/20/2007; 13KB) YONS(OSG) - Yuna Only No Summons save. Only BFA to fight, then you can take it to the Monster Arena, and/or see how far you can get with the Dark Aeons.

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