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Close X Final Fantasy X Remaster Walkthrough
by bover_87

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Final Fantasy X Remaster Walkthrough by bover_87Donate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 12/18/2021
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2021 | Highest Rated Guide



This section lists the various Items and Key Items in Final Fantasy X (note that Equipment is covered separately).

For each Item, Effect indicates the effect of the Item when used (the manner of using the Item depends on its type; using Items in Mix is not covered here due to its unique mechanics). Teaches indicates what abilities can be taught using that Item for Equipment (Weapon or Armor) and Aeon. The number in parentheses is how many of the Item are required to teach that Ability; if no number is given, one of the Item will teach it. Where Obtained indicates how to obtain the Item. Missable sources (and Items) are listed in red, while Items that are limited in quantity at the end of the game are listed in orange. Rare but not limited Items are listed in purple. Locations from beyond the point of no return are given in gray. For Bribes, the quantity received is given first, then the cost, and finally the cost per Item (e.g. 2,900e). Sell Value is the amount the Item sells for; buyable Items will cost double the Sell Value in most cases.

Regular Items

Due to how many sources there are, only the most important sources for the more common Items in this section will be given here.

Restorative Items

These Items restore your characters' HP, and deal damage to Zombies.

ItemRestorationTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Potion200OneN/AN/ABuy from most Item Shops25
Hi-Potion1,000OneN/ACure (×99)Buy from later-game Item Shops125
X-Potion9,999OneHP +5%Cura (×30)

Reward for defeating Belgemine's Ifrit (×30, Remiem Temple)
Prize for Lightning Dodging (5 bolts, ×2); Wobbly Chocobo (tie/beat time); Blitzball (Tournament, 1st place)
Bribe Valaha (×60, 174,000 Gil, 2,900e)

Mega-Potion2,000AllN/ACuraga (×60)Reward for defeating Belgemine's Shiva (×60, Remiem Temple)
Bribe Grendel (×60, 190,000 Gil, 3,166e)
MP Restoration Items
ItemMPTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Ether100N/AMP +5%Prize for Lightning Dodging (30 bolts); Hyper Dodger Chocobo (tie/beat time)
Bribe YAT-97 (×16, 74,000, 4,625e)
Turbo Ether500Magic Booster (×30)N/AReward for unlocking Bomb King (×60)
Steal from Spherimorph (R); Seymour (Macalania Temple) (C); Sanctuary Keeper; Spectral Keeper (R); BFA
Bribe Funguar (×2, 10,800, 5,400e); Thorn (×16, 81,600, 5,100e); Exoray (×30, 148,000, 4,933e)
Revival Items
ItemRevivalTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Phoenix Down50%OneN/ABuy from any Item Shop25
Mega Phoenix100%AllAuto Phoenix (×20)Reward for unlocking Pteryx (×99)
Prize for Blitzball (League, 2nd place)
Found in Djose Temple
Steal from Dark Ifrit
Dropped by Extractor; YAT-99; Mech Hunter (R); Mech Defender (R); YAT-97 (R)
Bribe Alcyone (×2, 8,600, 4,300e); Ghost (×38, 199,980, 5,262e)
Ultimate Healing Items
ItemTargetsTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
ElixirOneN/AHP +20% (×5)
MP +20% (×5)
Life (×8)Reward for defeating Lord Ochu before obtaining Ifrit; Butterfly Catching
Prize for Blitzball (League, 2nd Place); Lightning Dodging (get hit 80 times); Wobbly Chocobo (first win); Remiem Temple Chocobo Race (1 Chest)
Found in Guadosalam; Bikanel (Central); Via Purifico (Yuna's section); Besaid Temple (Chamber of the Fayth); Inside Sin (Sea of Sorrow)
Steal from many bosses (usually Rare)
Dropped by Oblitzerator; Crawler
Bribe YKT-11 (×12, 124,000, 10,333e)
MegalixirAllDouble AP (×20)N/AFull-LifeReward for unlocking Shinryu (×30); Butterfly Catching (second time, after Spherimorph and before the end of Act 2); Cactuar Hunting (obtain 6-7 Cactuar Spheres)
Prize for Blitzball (League, 1st Place); Lightning Dodging (dodge 150 bolts in a row); Remiem Temple Chocobo Race (2 chests)
Found in Bikanel (West) (×3); Cavern of the Stolen Fayth; Baaj Temple; Inside Sin (City of Dying Dreams)
Steal from Penance (R)
Bribe Xiphos (×2, 54,000, 27,000e); Varuna (×20, 1,120,000, 56,000e)
Status Recovery Items
ItemRemovesTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
AntidotePoisonPoisontouch (×99)Poison Ward (×40)N/ABuy from any Item Shop12
SoftPetrificationN/AStone Ward (×30)N/ABuy from mid-/late-game Item Shops12
Eye DropsDarknessDarktouch (×60)Dark Ward (×40)N/ABuy from most Item Shops12
Echo ScreenSilenceSilencetouch (×60)Silence Ward (×30)N/ABuy from most Item Shops12
Holy WaterZombieZombietouch (×70)Zombie Ward (×30)Zombie Attack (×99)Buy from Calm Lands; Monster Arena; Mt. Gagazet; Rin (Act 3)75
RemedyPoison, Petrification, Darkness, Silence, Confusion, Berserk, Slow, ZombieN/AAuto-Med (×20)N/ASteal from most status-inflicting fiends
Buy from Rin (Act 3)

Distillers are not used to teach any Abilities.

ItemCauses to
Where ObtainedSell
Power DistillerPower SphereBuy from most late-game Item Shops25
Mana DistillerMana SphereBuy from most late-game Item Shops25
Speed DistillerSpeed SphereBuy from most late-game Item Shops25
Ability DistillerAbility SphereBuy from most late-game Item Shops25

Use Items

These Items are used with the Use Ability.

Special Healing Items
ItemEffectTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Al Bhed Potion1,000AllRemoves Poison, Silence, PetrificationN/AN/AN/AFound throughout Bikanel Island; Home; Bevelle
Steal from/Dropped by most small machina
Buy from Rin (Act 3)
Healing Water9,999AllN/AAlchemy (×4)N/APray (×5)Steal from Adamantoise (C)
Bribe Anacondaur (×16, 116,000, 7,250e)
Tetra Elemental9,999One*Grants NulBlaze, NulFrost, NulShock, NulTideN/ACurseproof (×12)N/ASteal from Seymour Natus; Master Tonberry (R)200

*Tetra Elemental is labeled in-game as working on all party members, but it is actually single-target.

Ice Attack Items

These items deal Ice-elemental damage. All attacks are single-target.

ItemDamageTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Antarctic Wind600Icestrike (×4)Ice Ward (×4)NulFrost (×2)
Steal from Snow Flan; White Element25
Arctic Wind1,000N/AIceproof (×8)
SOS NulFrost
Blizzara (×2)Steal from Chimera (all types) (C); Ice Flan
Bribe Snow Flan (×10, 12,000, 1,200e); White Element (×7, 7,800, 1,114e)
Ice Gem5 random × 600N/AIce Eater (×20)Blizzaga (×4)Steal from Chimera Brain (C)
Bribe Ice Flan (×9, 27,000, 3,000e)
Fire Attack Items

These items deal Fire-elemental damage. All attacks are single-target.

ItemDamageTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Bomb Fragment600Firestrike (×4)Fire Ward (×4)NulBlaze (×2)
Steal from Bomb (Mi'ihen Highroad); Red Element25
Bomb Core1,000N/AFireproof (×8)
SOS NulBlaze
Fira (×2)Steal from Bomb (Home); Chest (Moonflow)
Bribe Bomb (Mi'ihen Highroad) (×16, 17,000, 1,062e); Red Element (×8, 9,000, 1,125e)
Fire Gem5 random × 600N/AFire Eater (×20)Firaga (×4)Steal from Flame Flan; Grenade; Puroburos; Bomb King (C)
Bribe Flame Flan (×10, 30,000, 3,000e)
Lightning Attack Items

These items deal Lightning-elemental damage. All attacks are single-target.

ItemDamageTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Electro Marble600Lightningstrike (×4)Lightning Ward (×4)NulShock (×2)
Steal from Yellow Element (C); Gandarewa; Thunder Flan; Aerouge (C); Gold Element25
Lightning Marble1,000N/ALightningproof (×8)
SOS NulShock
Thundara (×2)Reward for defeating Belgemine's Ixion (Remiem Temple, subsequent wins)
Steal from Yellow Element (R); Aerouge (R); Chimera (all versions) (R)
Bribe Yellow Element (×6, 6,000, 1,000e); Gandarewa (×4, 2,960, 740e); Thunder Flan (×8, 9,000, 1,125e; ); Aerouge (×4, 4,000, 1,000e); Gold Element (×20, 24,000, 1,200e)
Lightning Gem5 random × 600N/ALightning Eater (×20)Thundaga (×4)Reward for defeating Belgemine's Valefor (Remiem Temple, first win)
Found in Guadosalam (Path to the Farplane) (×8)
Steal from Chimera Brain (R); Imp; Vidatu (×4) (C)
Water Attack Items

These items deal Lightning-elemental damage. All attacks are single-target.

ItemDamageTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Fish Scale600Waterstrike (×4)Water Ward (×4)NulTide (×2)
Steal from Water Flan (C); Blue Element; Aqua Flan (C); Sahagin (Via Purifico) (C); Maze Larva (C)25
Dragon Scale1,000N/AWaterproof (×8)
SOS NulTide
Watera (×2)Reward for defeating Belgemine's Ixion (Moonflow)
Steal from Chest (Moonflow); Water Flan (R); Aqua Flan (R); Sahagin (Via Purifico) (R); Maze Larva (R); Octopus (C); Phlegyas (C); Remora
Bribe Splasher* (×4/8/12, 4,000/8,000/12,000, 1,000e)
Water Gem5 random × 600N/AWater Eater (×20)Waterga (×4)Steal from Evrae; Octopus (R); Phlegyas (R); Evrae Atlana (C); Achelous (C); Maelspike; Geosgaeno
Bribe Water Flan (×2, 6,300 Gil, 3,150e); Blue Element (×10, 30,000, 3,000e)

*Splasher comes in three different varieties, with one, two, or three fish. Its stats, HP, and Bribe prices and returns scale up based upon how many fish there are.


All Grenades target all enemies. Grenades do not teach any Abilities, therefore those columns are omitted.

ItemEffectWhere ObtainedSell
Grenade350N/ABuy from mid-/late-game Item Shops75
Frag Grenade800Armor BreakPrize (rare) from Magic Urn
Steal from Mech Leader (R); Splasher (R)
Basic Status Grenades

These Items inflict status ailments against all enemies that last a specified number of turns, and the status never fails unless the target is immune. Coincidentally, these Items also represent Wakka's status repertoire.

ItemEffectTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Sleeping Powder750Sleep8Sleeptouch (×10)Sleep Ward (×6)Sleep Attack (×3)
Sleep Buster (×10)
Steal from Dingo (R); Mi'ihen Fang (R); Garm (R); Snow Wolf; Sand Wolf
Bribe Dingo (×4, 2,500,625e); Mi'ihen Fang (×6, 3,200, 533e); Garm (×8, 4,800, 600); Snow Wolf (×12, 8,000, 666e); Sand Wolf (×12, 9,000, 750e)
Dream Powder1,000Sleep8Sleepstrike (×16)Sleepproof (×8)N/ASteal from Skoll; Bandersnatch
Bribe Skoll (×12, 20,000, 1,666e); Bandersnatch (×20, 36,000, 1,800e)
Silence Grenade750Silence8Silencestrike (×16)Silenceproof (×10)SIlence Attack (×3)
Silence Buster (×10)
Steal from Funguar (C); Anima (Macalania Temple) (C); Bat Eye (R); Thorn (C); Exoray (C)37
Smoke Bomb750Darkness8Darkstrike (×20)Darkproof (×10)Dark Attack (×6)
Dark Buster (×12)
Reward for losing to Belgemine's Ixion (Moonflow)
Steal from Condor (R); Garuda; Simurgh; Alcyone; Zu; Stratoavis (C); Pteryx (×4) (C)
Bribe Condor (×4, 1,900, 475e); Simurgh (×6, 4,000, 666e)
Ultimate Attack Items
ItemEffectTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Shadow Gem50% current HPGravityAllN/AN/ADemi (×8)Reward for Capturing every Fiend species on Bikanel Island (×99); defeating Belgemine's Yojimbo (Remiem Temple, first time) (×8)
Prize during Cactuar Hunting (Robya, chest)
Steal from Sand Worm (C); Halma (R); Abyss Worm (C)
Shining Gem6,000NoneOneMagic Counter (×10)N/AFlare (×60)Reward for Capturing every Fiend species in Macalania (×60); defeating Belgemine's Magus Sisters (Remiem Temple, first time) (×40)
Steal from Black Element (R); Right Fin (R); Sinspawn Genasis (R); Seymour Omnis (C); Varuna (R); Abaddon (R); Bomb King (R); Juggernaut (R)
Dropped by Coeurlregina (×3) (C)
Bribe Grenade (×12, 150,000, 12,500e); Puroburos (×36, 400,000, 11,111e)
Blessed Gem7,500HolyOneN/ADefense +20% (×4)
Magic Def +20% (×4)
Holy (×60)Prize during Cactuar Hunting (Robya, chest)
Steal from Barbatos (R); Coeurlregina (R); One-Eye (R)
Dropped by Cactuar King (C)
Supreme Gem9,999NoneAllStrength +20% (×4)
Magic +20% (×4)
N/AUltima (×99)Reward for unlocking Greater Sphere (×60)
Steal from Left Fin (R); "Overdrive" Sin (R); Seymour Omnis (R)
Dropped by Jormungand (C)
Bribe Halma (×20, 260,000, 13,000e)
Advanced Status Attack Items

These Items inflict status ailments that last indefinitely. Except for those Items that inflict KO, the statuses inflicted by these Items will never fail barring immunity.

ItemEffectTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Poison Fang2,000PoisonOnePoisonstrike (×24)Poisonproof (×12)Bio (×8)Reward for Capturing every Fiend species in Kilika (×99)
Steal from Killer Bee (R); Bite Bug (R); Wasp (R); Nebiros; Hornet (×4) (C); Sleep Sprout (×4) (C)
Bribe Killer Bee (×2, 2,200, 1,100e); Bite Bug (×2, 4,000, 2,000e); Wasp (×3, 7,200, 2,400e); Nebiros (×6, 14,000, 2,333e)
Silver Hourglass0SlowAllSlowtouch (×16)Slow Ward (×10)Slow (×4)
Delay Attack (×10)
Reward for Capturing every Fiend species in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth (×40)
Prize (rare) from Magic Urn
Steal from Vouivre (R); Lamashtu (R); Kusariqqu (R); Mushussu (R)
Bribe Vouivre (×10, 5,100, 510e); Lamashtu (×10, 5,500, 550e); Kusariqqu (×20, 8,900, 445e)
Gold Hourglass1,000SlowAllSlowstrike (×30)Slowproof (×20)Slowga (×8)
Delay Buster (×30)
Reward for unlocking Tanket (×99)
Steal from Nidhogg (R); Fafnir (C)
Bribe Mushussu (×5, 13,600, 2,720e); Nidhogg (×12, 40,000, 3,333e)
Candle of Life0DoomOneZombiestrike (×30)Zombieproof (×10)N/AReward for Capturing every Fiend species along Mushroom Rock Road (×99)
Steal from Fallen Monk (Rifle/Flamethrower) (×2) (C); Don Tonberry (×2) (C); Pteryx (×2) (R)
Petrify Grenade0PetrificationAllStonetouch (×10)
Stonestrike (×60)
Stoneproof (×20)N/AReward for Capturing every Fiend species in Dojse Highroad (×99)
Steal from Dinonix (R); Ipiria (R); Raptor (R); Basilisk; Melusine (R); Iguion; Cave Iguion; Anacondaur; Yowie (R); Demonolith; Zaurus; Jormungand (C)
Bribe Dinonix (×2, 2,800, 1,400e); Ipiria (×3, 3,600, 1,200e); Raptor (×2, 4,000, 2,000e); Basilisk (×24, 40,500, 1,687e); Melusine (×4, 5,300, 1,325e); Iguion (×5, 7,400, 1,480e); Yowie (×12, 18,000, 1,500e)
Farplane Shadow0KOOneDeathtouch (×30)Death Ward (×15)Death (30)Steal from Ghost (R); Tonberry (R); Wraith (C); Master Coeurl; Espada (×4) (C)75
Farplane Wind0KOAllDeathstrike (×60)Deathproof (×60)N/AReward for Capturing every Fiend species in the Calm Lands (×60)
Steal from Wraith (R); Varuna (C); Coeurlregina (C); Espada (R); Sleep Sprout (R)
Dropped by Don Tonberry (×3) (C)
Bribe Epaaj (×25, 174,000, 6,960e); Ahriman (×6, 56,000, 9,333e); Wraith (×60, 444,440, 7,407e)
Dark Matter
ItemEffectTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Dark Matter13,000AllInflicts damage regardless of Break Damage LimitBreak Damage Limit (×60)Ribbon (×99)Full Break (×2)Reward for unlocking Ultima Buster (×99)
Dropped by all Area Conquest monsters (R); all Species Conquest monsters (R); all Original Creations (R); all Dark Aeons (C)
Positive Status Items

These Items imbue Positive Status Effects on the party. Dur. indicates how long the status lasts.

ItemEffectTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Chocobo FeatherHasteOneInitiative (×6)SOS Haste (×20)Haste (×10)Reward for unlocking Fenrir (×99); defeating Belgemine's Ixion (×10) (Remiem Temple, first time)
Steal from Qactuar; Cactuar (C); Fenrir (×2) (C)
Chocobo WingHasteAllN/AAuto-Haste (×80)Hastega (×16)Reward for Capturing every Fiend species in the Thunder Plains (×99)
Steal from Cactuar (R); Cactuar King (×2) (C); Fenrir (R); Ornitholestes (R)
Bribe Machea (×60, 360,000, 6,000e)
Lunar CurtainShellOneN/ASOS Shell (×8)
Auto-Shell (×80)
Shell (×4)Reward for Capturing every Fiend species Inside Sin (×99)
Steal from Larva; Crawler; Defender X (×4); Defender; Defender Z (×2); One-Eye (×3) (C); Jumbo Flan (×4) (C); Tanket (×4) (R); Juggernaut (×4) (C)
Light CurtainProtectOneN/ASOS Protect (×8)
Auto-Protect (×70)
Protect (×6)Reward for unlocking Juggernaut (×99)
Prize (rare) from Magic Urn
Steal from Iron Giant; Gemini (Sword/Club); Tanket (×4) (C); Ironclad (×4) (C)
Dropped by Fafnir (×20) (C)
Star CurtainReflectOneN/ASOS Reflect (×8)
Auto-Reflect (×40)
Reflect (×3)Reward for unlocking Nega Elemental (×99); defeating Belgemine's Shiva (×6) (Remiem Temple, subsequent wins)
Steal from Dark Flan; Sinspawn Genais (C); Barbatos (C); Nega Elemental (×4) (C)
Healing SpringRegen10 turnsOneN/ASOS Regen (×12)
Auto-Regen (×80)
Regen (×60)Reward for unlocking Sleep Sprout (×99)
Steal from Evrae Atlana (R); Achelous (R); Beheomth King (C); Catoblepas (×3) (C); Vorban (×2) (C)
Dropped by Kottos (×20) (C)
Bribe Achelous (×16, 102,000, 6,375e)
Draining Items
ItemDrainsTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Mana Spring1,000 MPMagic +5% (×2)Magic Def +5% (×2)Magic Break (×4)
Osmose (×10)
Reward for unlocking Vidatu (×99)
Steal from Coeurl; Master Tonberry (C); Malboro Menace (×2) (R); Chimerageist (×2) (C)
Stamina Spring400 HPStrength +5% (×2)Defense +5% (×2)Power Break (×8)
Drain (×60)
Reward for unlocking Ornitholestes (×99); defeating Belgemine's Anima (Remiem Temple, first time) (×60)
Steal from Sand Worm (×2) (R); Ogre; Sin (Core) (×3); Spirit; Stratoavis (×2) (R); Kottos (×4) (C); Chimerageist (×2) (R); Fafnir (×2) (R)
Bribe Ogre (×50, 188,000, 3,760e); Bashura (×80, 340,000, 4,250e)
Soul Spring1,500 HP
1,500 MP
N/AHP +10% (×3)
MP +10% (×3)
Lancet (×20)Reward for Capturing every Fiend species on the Mi'ihen Highroad (×99)
Prize (rare) from Magic Urn
Steal from Bashura; Kottos (×2) (R)
Purifying Salt
ItemEffectTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Purifying Salt1,100DispelNo Encounters (×30)Dispel (×3)Reward for unlocking Fafnir (×99)
Steal from Warrior Monk (Rifle/Flamethrower) (R); Fallen Monk (Rifle/Flamethrower) (R); Abaddon (×3) (C); Hornet (×2) (R)
HP/MP Boosting Items

These Items double the max HP or MP of their targets for one turn. Note that they do not actually heal current HP, nor can they break the HP Limit without Break HP Limit equipped.

ItemEffectTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Stamina TabletHPOneAuto-Potion (×4)
HP Stroll (×4)
Reward for unlocking One-Eye (×60)
Prize (rare) from Magic Urn
Steal from Yunalesca (Zanarkand Dome) (C); Adamantoise (R); Abyss Worm (R); Vorban (R); Ironclad (R); Dark Ixion (C)
Bribe Defender (×20, 240,000, 12,000e)
Mana TabletMPOneMP Stroll (×2)Reward for unlocking Ironclad (×60)
Steal from Behemoth (R); Jumbo Flan (R); Dark Shiva (×2) (C)
Dropped by Abaddon
Bribe Chimera (×10, 105,000, 10,500e)
Stamina TonicHPAllHP +30%Reward for Capturing every Fiend species in Besaid (×99)
Steal from Machea (R); Catoblepas (R); Dark Yojimbo (×2) (C)
Dropped by Abyss Worm (C)
Bribe Iron Giant (×2, 72,000, 36,000e); Gemini (Club) (×10, 720,000, 72,000e)
Mana TonicMPAllMP +30%Reward for unlocking Hornet (×60)
Steal from Great Malboro (R); Vidatu (R)
Dropped by Malboro Menace (×2) (C)
Bribe Gemini (Sword) (×10, 720,000, 72,000e)
MP Cost Items

These Items reduce the MP costs of their target to zero for the duration of the battle, or until the target is KO'd.

ItemTargetsTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Twin StarsOneHalf MP Cost (×2)N/AN/AReward for unlocking Jumbo Flan (×60)
Steal from Behemoth King (×2) (R); Nega Elemental (R); Dark Bahamut (×2) (C)
Dropped by Nega Elemental (×2) (C)
Bribe Spirit (×10, 200,000, 20,000e)
Three StarsAllOne MP Cost (×20)Break MP Limit (×30)Doublecast (×5)Reward for unlocking Earth Eater (×60); Remiem Temple Chocobo Race (5 chests) (×60)
Prize for Blitzball (League, 1st Place)
Steal from Jormungand (R); Shinryu (R); Dark Anima (C)
Dropped by Catoblepas (C)
Bribe Behemoth King (×14, 1,350,000, 96,428e)


Spheres are used to perform operations on the Sphere Grid.

Red Spheres

These are the "workhorse" spheres. Red Spheres can be used to activate a corresponding Node at the character's current location or on any immediately adjacent node. Almost all biological enemies, except bosses, drop some sort of Red Sphere.

If you're short on any of the common Red Spheres (Power/Mana/Speed/Ability), click here for information about how to get more.

TeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Power SphereHP, Strength, DefenseStrength +3% (×3)
Distill Power (×2)
Defense +3% (×3)Cheer (×5)
Extract Power (×20)
Dropped by most power-/defense-based fiends1
Mana SphereMP, Magic, Magic DefMagic +3% (×3)
Distill Mana (×2)
Magic Def +3% (×3)Focus (×20)
Extract Mana (×10)
Dropped by most magic-based fiends1
Speed SphereAgility, Accuracy, EvasionDistill Speed (×2)N/AAim (×5)
Reflex (×10)
Extract Speed (×20)
Dropped by most fast/evasive fiends1
Ability SphereSpecial, Skill, Black Magic, White MagicSensor (×2)
Distill Ability (×2)
N/AExtract Ability (×20)
Scan (×10)
Dropped by most miscellaneous ordinary fiends1
Fortune SphereLuckN/AN/ALuck (×2)
Jinx (×2)
Reward for finishing the Three Color Trial (Mt. Gagazet Cave)
Found in Mi'ihen Highroad (Oldroad - South); Cavern of the Stolen Fayth; Zanarkand Ruins (Overpass)
Dropped by Earth Eater (C)
Yellow Spheres

Yellow Spheres allow the user to activate any Sphere Grid Node of the specified type. Note that another character needs to have activated the Node in question for it to be available using this method, except for Master Spheres which work regardless.

TeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Attribute SphereAll StatN/AN/AN/ABribe Maelspike (×1, 200,000)25
Special SphereSpecialN/ADefense +10%N/AFound in Home (Quarters); Inside Sin (Sea of Sorrow)
Dropped by Seymour (Macalania Temple) (R)
Bribe Adamantoise (×6, 1,088,000, 181,333e)
Skill SphereSkillStrength +10%N/ATriple Foul (×4)Found in Home (Quarters); Via Purifico (Yuna's section)
Bribe Zu (×2, 360,000, 180,000e)
Wht Magic SphereWhite MagicN/AMagic Def +10%N/AFound in Via Purifico (Yuna's section); Besaid Temple (Chamber of the Fayth)
Bribe Dark Flan (×2, 256,000, 128,000e)
Blk Magic SphereBlack MagicMagic +10%N/AN/AFound in Via Purifico (Yuna's section)
Dropped by Seymour (Macalania Temple) (C); Evrae; Evrae Atlana
Bribe Black Element (×2, 152,000, 76,000e)
Master SphereAllN/AN/AN/AReward for unlocking Nemesis (×10)
Dropped by all Dark Aeons (R); Penance (×3)
Key Spheres

Key Spheres are used to remove Locks from the Sphere Grid, replacing them with empty Nodes.

TeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Lv. 1 Key Sphere1N/AN/AReward for Dodger Chocobo (first win)
Prize for Blitzball (League, 1st Place); Wakka's Throwing Minigame (Gagazet - Mountain Cave)
Given upon reaching Mi'ihen Highroad Travel Agency
Found in Mi'ihen Highroad (Central); Moonflow (×3) (South Bank Road) (2 different chests); Lake Macalania (Crevasse)
Steal from Earth Eater (R)
Dropped by Chocobo Eater (only if pushed off the cliff); Sinspawn Gui (×3); Master Coeurl (C); Puroburos (R); Sand Worm (R)
Bribe Imp (×4, 17,600, 4,400e)
Lv. 2 Key Sphere2PiercingArmor Break (×2)Reward for Hyper Dodger Chocobo (first win)
Found in Lake Macalania (Lake Bottom); Sanubia Desert (Central); Home (Living Quarters); Calm Lands; Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Steal from Catastrophe (R)
Dropped by Spherimorph; Seymour Natus (×2) (Highbridge); Defender X; Tonberry (R); Defender Z (C); Varuna (R)
Bribe Behemoth (×30, 460,000, 15,333e)
Lv. 3 Key Sphere3N/AN/APrize for successfully opening 4 chests (Omega Ruins)
Found in Zanarkand (Dome - Interior); Inside Sin (Sea of Sorrow)
Steal from Biran Ronso; Yenke Ronso; Ultima Buster (R)
Dropped by Defender Z (R); Yunalesca (Zanarkand - The Beyond); Right Fin; "Overdrive" Sin; Behemoth King (R); Demonolith (R); Seymour Omnis (Garden of Pain); Machea; Ultima Weapon (×3)
Bribe Demonolith (×40, 900,000, 22,500e)
Lv. 4 Key Sphere4N/AN/APrize for opening 1 chest, opening 7 chests (Omega Ruins)
Found in Home (Living Quarters); Gagazet (Mountain Trail); Inside Sin (City of Dying Dreams, slay 35 fiends)
Steal from Nemesis (C)
Dropped by Seymour Flux (Gagazet - Prominence); Spectral Keeper; Omega Weapon (×3)
Bribe Chimera Brain (×2, 196,000, 98,000e)
Stat Spheres

Stat Spheres are used to create new Attribute Nodes on the Sphere Grid on a character's current position or any immediately adjacent Node. The Node where the Stat Sphere is to be placed must be empty. Other than the small number of fixed locations, these Spheres are obtained as Common Drops from Species Creations representing the Attribute in question.

These Spheres do not teach any Abilities to Equipment or Aeons, so those columns are omitted. Total Needed indicates the total number of that Sphere needed to max that stat in the recommended stat maxing plan (detailed here), taking into account Nodes of equal value already on the Sphere Grid for the Standard Sphere Grid.

Where ObtainedSell
HP SphereHP +300333Found in Luca (Dock No. 5); Gagazet (Mountain Trail); Bevelle Temple (Cloister of Trials, "Destruction" Sphere reward); Inside Sin (City of Dying Dreams)
Prize for Lightning Dodging (×3) (dodge 100 bolts in a row)
Dropped by Lord Ochu (R); Left Fin; Ironclad (C)
MP SphereMP +4073Reward for Butterfly Catching (before Spherimorph)
Prize for Lightning Dodging (dodge 20 bolts in a row)
Found in Thunder Plains (×2) (South); Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Dropped by Lord Ochu (C); Sin's Core; Vidatu (C)
Strength SphereStrength +440Reward for winning mandatory Blitzball Tournament
Prize for Lightning Dodging (dodge 50 bolts in a row)
Given in Cavern of the Stolen Fayth (Chamber of the Fayth, Act 3)
Dropped by Juggernaut (C)
Defense SphereDefense +451Found Inside Sin (City of Dying Dreams); Kilika Temple (Antechamber, Act 3 only)
Dropped by Tanket (C)
Magic SphereMagic +445Reward for Djose Temple (Destruction Sphere)
Found in Luca (Dock No. 5); Macalania Temple (Chamber of the Fayth)
Dropped by Jumbo Flan (C)
Magic Def SphereMagic Defense +447Found in Moonflow (South Bank Road); Djose Temple (Chamber of the Fayth); Macalania Temple (Chamber of the Fayth)
Dropped by One-Eye (C)
Agility SphereAgility +421Found in Kilika Temple (Chamber of the Fayth); Djose Temple (Chamber of the Fayth)
Dropped by Fenrir (C)
Evasion SphereEvasion +40Found in Besaid Temple (Chamber of the Fayth)
Dropped by Pteryx (C)
Accuracy SphereAccuracy +40Found in Kilika Temple (Chamber of the Fayth); Macalania Temple (Chamber of the Fayth)
Dropped by Hornet (C)
Luck SphereLuck +452Reward for Macalania Temple (Destruction Sphere)
Prize for Blitzball (League, 1st Place)
Found in Kilika Woods; Zanarkand (Dome - Corridor); Kilika Temple (Chamber of the Fayth); Djose Temple (Chamber of the Fayth)
Dropped by Greater Sphere (C)
Clear Sphere
ItemEffectWhere ObtainedSell
Clear SphereDeletes an Attribute Node from the Sphere GridBuy from Monster Arena Item Shop (after unlocking Ultima Buster)2,500
Movement Spheres

These Spheres allow your characters to quickly move around the Sphere Grid.

TeachesWhere ObtainedSell
Return SpherePreviously-activated NodeFirst StrikePrize for Blitzball (League - 1st Place/Most Goals; Tournament - Most Goals)
Found in Gagazet (Mountain Cave)
Steal from Greater Sphere (R); Dark Cindy (C)
Dropped by Biran Ronso (C); Yenke Ronso (C); Sanctuary Keeper; Sinspawn Genais; Barbatos (R); Black Element (R); Chimerageist (C)
Bribe Dark Element (×4, 36,000, 9,000e); Mandragora (×24, 620,000, 25,833e)
Friend SphereAlly's locationCounterattackReward for Cactuar Hunting (9-10 Cactuar Spheres)
Given by Clasko (before Crawler, tell him to become a Chocobo breeder, then find him on the S.S. Liki)
Found in Home (Quarters, the password puzzle); Zanarkand (Dome - Interior); Omega Ruins (Upper Ruins)
Steal from Neslug (R); Dark Sandy (C)
Dropped by Biran Ronso (R); Yenke Ronso (R); Master Coeurl (R); Spirit (R); Vorban (C)
Bribe Coeurl (×2,120,000, 60,000e)
Teleport SphereNode activated by allyEvade & CounterReward for Butterfly Catching (Act 3, first win)
Prize for Blitzball (League - 1st Place); opening 11 chests (×2) (Omega Ruins)
Given by Yojimbo (×2) (triple his starting price--not recommended)
Found in Sanubia Desert (West) (×2); Omega Ruins (Main Area, examine the glyphs)
Steal from Th'uban (R); Dark Mindy (C)
Dropped by Master Tonberry (C); Sleep Sprout (C)
Bribe Barbatos (×20, 1,900,000, 95,000e)
Warp SphereAnywhereN/APrize for opening 12 chests (×99) (Omega Ruins)
Steal from Nemesis (R)
Dropped by Nemesis (C)
Bribe Master Coeurl (×2, 260,000, 130,000e)

Miscellaneous Items

Menu Items

These Items do not teach Abilities.

ItemEffectWhere ObtainedSell
MapDisplays the World MapBuy from many Item Shops12
Rename CardRenames any AeonPrize for Blitzball (League - Most Goals, Tournament - Most Goals)
Steal from Ornitholestes (C)
Dropped by Espada (C)
Bribe Zaurus (×10, 157,000, 15,700e)
Other Miscellaneous Items

These Items cannot be used in the normal sense; rather, they are used for Mix and for teaching Abilities.

ItemTeachesWhere ObtainedSell
MuskN/AConfuse Ward (×16)
Confuseproof (×48)
N/ASteal from Floating Eye (R); Buer (R); Evil Eye (R); Sandragora (×10) (R); Evil Eye (Home); Ahriman (×2); Floating Death (×4)
Bribe Floating Eye (×1, 2,800); Buer (×2, 4,600, 2,300e); Evil Eye (×4, 6,200, 1,550e)
Hypello PotionN/ABerserk Ward (×8)
Berserkproof (×32)
N/ASteal from Raldo (R); Bunyip (R); Murussu (R); Mafdet (R); Swamp Mafdet (R); Shred; Halma (C)
Bribe Raldo (×10, 4,800, 480e); Bunyip (×16, 8,000, 500e); Murussu (×24, 11,600, 483e); Mafdet (×28, 14,200, 507); Shred (×50, 39,000, 780e)
Shining ThornN/AN/AMental Break (×4)Steal from Dark Element
Bribe Larva (×10, 29,960, 2,996e)
PendulumN/AMaster Thief (×30)N/AReward for Remiem Temple Chocobo Race (4 chests) (×30)
Dropped by Neslug (C)
Bribe Master Tonberry (×4, 960,000, 240,000e); Ultima Weapon (×99, 1,400,000, 14,141e)
AmuletN/APickpocket (×30)N/ADropped by Stratoavis (×2) (C)
Bribe Tonberry (×2, 270,000, 135,000e)
Designer WalletGillionaire (×30)N/AN/AReward for Capturing every Fiend species in Omega Ruins (×60)
Steal from Cactuar King (R); Don Tonberry (R)
Dropped by Catastrophe (C)
Bribe Defender Z (×5, 846,000, 169,200e)
Door to TomorrowOverdrive → AP (×10)N/AN/AReward for unlocking Catastrophe (×99)
Steal from Ultima Weapon (×10)
Dropped by Bomb King (C)
Bribe Mech Scouter (×1, 55,000); Mech Leader (×2, 74,000, 37,000e)
Wings to DiscoveryTriple AP (×50)Break HP Limit (×30)N/AReward for Remiem Temple Chocobo Race (3 chests) (×30)
Dropped by Shinryu (C)
Bribe Malboro (×4, 540,000, 135,000e); Great Malboro (×8, 1,280,000, 160,000)
Gambler's SpiritSOS Overdrive (×20)N/AN/AReward for unlocking Th'uban (×99)
Steal from Omega Weapon (×30); Earth Eater (C); Greater Sphere (C); Catastrophe (C); Th'uban (C); Neslug (C); Ultima Buster (C); Shinryu (C)
Dropped by Ornitholestes (C)
Bribe Floating Death (×10, 134,000, 13,400e)
Underdog's SecretDouble Overdrive (×30)N/AN/AReward for obtaining all 26 Al Bhed Primers (speak to Rin)
Prize for Blitzball (League - 1st Place)
Dropped by Th'uban (C)
Winning FormulaTriple Overdrive (×30)N/AN/A

Reward for unlocking Neslug (×99)
Dropped by Ultima Buster (C)
Bribe Sand Worm (×16, 900,000, 56,250e)


Key Items

All Key Items are one-of-a-kind and cannot be sold or used to teach Abilities, so these columns will be omitted.

ItemEffectWhere Obtained
Cloudy MirrorUsed to obtain Celestial MirrorReward for Remiem Temple Chocobo Race (win a race)
Celestial MirrorUsed to obtain Celestial WeaponsBring Cloudy Mirror to upgrade area in Macalania Woods
Submerged Temple Items
ItemEffectWhere Obtained
Withered BoquetAllows progress in the dungeonFound in Submerged Ruins (Main room)
FlintAllows progress in the dungeonFound in Submerged Ruins (Stairwell)
Aeon Items
ItemEffectWhere Obtained
Summoner's SoulAllows teaching Abilities to AeonsGiven by Belgemine after fighting her in the Moonflow or Remiem Temple
Aeon's SoulAllows stat boosts of AeonsGiven by Belgemine after fighting her in the Calm Lands or Remiem Temple
Miscellaneous Key Items
ItemEffectWhere Obtained
Jecht's SphereCauses Jecht Spheres to appear in SpiraReceived after defeating Spherimorph
Rusty SwordUsed to obtain MasamuneFound in the Calm Lands (Gorge Bottom)
Celestial Tokens

These Items are used to upgrade the Celestial Weapons. Each Celestial Weapon has a Crest and a Sigil associated with it; the Crest found somewhere in Spira and is used for the Weapon's first upgrade, while the Sigil is the ultimate reward for a mini-game and gives the final upgrade (the Sigil cannot be used until the Crest is applied). Both will generally be in locations and quests of some relevance to the charcter; the names of the Tokens are also reflections of their personalities. Note that some of the Sigils are named differently in the Japanese versions of the game, but the location of each character's Crest and Sigil will be the same. This guide uses the English naming scheme.

(Trivia: It's not possible to fully upgrade any of the Celestial Weapons before starting Act 3.)

ItemUpgradesWhere Obtained
Sun CrestCaladbolgTidusFound in Zanarkand (Dome, The Beyond)
Sun SigilReward for Catcher Chocobo (defeat Trainer with a total time under 0.0)
Moon CrestNirvanaYunaFound in Besaid (Beach, in an alcove on the east end of the area)
Moon SigilReward for defeating all of Belgemine's Aeons (Remiem Temple)
Mars CrestMasamuneAuronFound in Mi'ihen Highroad (Oldroad, South)
Mars SigilReward for unlocking 10 Area/Species Conquest monsters in the Monster Arena
Jupiter CrestWorld ChampionWakkaFound in Luca (Stadium, Aurochs' locker room, in a locker) after going to Mi'ihen Highroad
Jupiter SigilReward for Blitzball (League, 1st place, after obtaining all of Wakka's Overdrives)
Saturn CrestSpirit LanceKimahriFound on Mt. Gagazet (Prominence, among the pillars along the path leading to the cave)
Saturn SigilReward for Butterfly Catching (second win, Act 3)
Venus CrestOnion KnightLuluFound in the Farplane (after gaining access to the Thunder Plains)
Venus SigilReward for Lightning Dodging (dodge 200 bolts in a row)
Mercury CrestGodhandRikkuFound in Sanubia Desert (West, in an outcrop along the western edge of the area)
Mercury SigilReward for Cactuar Hunting
Al Bhed Primers

Al Bhed Primers translate letters of Al Bhed speech and writing for you (note that the audio will always be in Al Bhed regardless of Primers, but you will see any translated letters at the bottom). Getting all 26 on a save file allows you to obtain 99 Underdog's Secret Items by talking to Rin (at the end of the game he will be on the Airship).

Note that, if missed, Al Bhed Primer I, Al Bhed Primer V, and Al Bhed Primer XIV can be found in the Sanubia Desert if their initial opportunities are missed. However, Al Bhed Primers XIX through XXII, if missed, can only be acquired by starting a new game or importing from a save that has those Primers collected.

For pictures of the Primers' locations, click here.

ItemEffectWhere Obtained
Al Bhed Primer IYAFound on Al Bhed Salvage Ship or Sanubia Desert (Oasis)
Al Bhed Primer IIPBFound in Besaid Village (Crusaders' Lodge)
Al Bhed Primer IIILCFound in S.S. Liki (Power Room) or Sanubia Desert (Oasis)
Al Bhed Primer IVTDFound in Kilika Port (Tavern)
Al Bhed Primer VAEFound in S.S. Winno (Bridge) or Sanubia Desert (East)
Al Bhed Primer VIVFFound in Luca (Stadium - Basement B)
Al Bhed Primer VIIKGFound in Luca (Theater - Reception)
Al Bhed Primer VIIIRHGiven by Rin at Mi'ihen Highroad Travel Agency
Al Bhed Primer IXEIFound in Mi'ihen Highroad (Newroad, North)

Al Bhed Primer X

ZJFound in Mushroom Rock Road (Precipice)
Al Bhed Primer XIGKFound along Djose Highroad
Al Bhed Primer XIIMLFound in the Moonflow (North Wharf)
Al Bhed Primer XIIISMFound in Guadosalam (House)
Al Bhed Primer XIVHNGiven by Rin in Thunder Plains Travel Agency (speak to Rikku, then to Rin, tell him "Okay") or Sanubia Desert (East)
Al Bhed Primer XVUOFound in Macalania Woods (Lake Road)
Al Bhed Primer XVIBPFound at Lake Macalania (Agency Front)
Al Bhed Primer XVIIXQFound in Sanubia Desert (Central)
Al Bhed Primer XVIIINRFound in Sanubia Desert (Central)
Al Bhed Primer XIXCSFound in Home (exterior)
Al Bhed Primer XXDTFound in Home (Living Quarters)
Al Bhed Primer XXIIUFound in Home (Main Corridor)
Al Bhed Primer XXIIJVFound in Bevelle Temple (Priests' Passage, near the stairs)
Al Bhed Primer XXIIIFWFound in the Calm Lands (Central, near the northwestern corner)
Al Bhed Primer XXIVQXFound outside Remiem Temple
Al Bhed Primer XXVOYFound in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Al Bhed Primer XXVIWZFound in the Omega Ruins (main ruins)
Flower Items
ItemEffectWhere Obtained
Blossom CrownUsed to obtain Magus SistersReward for Capturing all species on Mt. Gagazet
Flower SceptreUsed to obtain Magus SistersReward for defeating Belgemine's Bahamut (first time)
Mark of Conquest
ItemWhere Obtained
Mark of ConquestReward for defeating Nemesis the first time