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NSGNSNCNONENNENBB Challenge Guide by zzanmato

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 07/04/2014

    _______             __   ______            __                      _  __
   / ____(_)___  ____ _/ /  / ____/___ _____  / /_____ ________  __   | |/ /
  / /_  / / __ \/ __ `/ /  / /_  / __ `/ __ \/ __/ __ `/ ___/ / / /   |   / 
 / __/ / / / / / /_/ / /  / __/ / /_/ / / / / /_/ /_/ (__  ) /_/ /   /   |  
/_/   /_/_/ /_/\__,_/_/  /_/    \__,_/_/ /_/\__/\__,_/____/\__, /   /_/|_|  

         N S G N S N C N O N E N N E N B B    C H A L L E N G E

 _______                                   _    _           
(_______)                    _            | |  | |          
 _        ____ _____ _____ _| |_ _____  __| |  | |__  _   _ 
| |      / ___) ___ (____ (_   _) ___ |/ _  |  |  _ \| | | |
| |_____| |   | ____/ ___ | | |_| ____( (_| |  | |_) ) |_| |
 \______)_|   |_____)_____|  \__)_____)\____|  |____/ \__  |

 ________   ________   ______  __  __           ______  ______  _____      
/\_____  \ /\_____  \ /\  _  \/\ \/\ \  / \_/ \/\  _  \/\__  _\/\  __`\    
\/____// / \/____// / \ \ \ \ \ \ `\\ \/\      \ \ \ \ \/_/\ \/\ \ \/\ \   
     // /       // /   \ \  __ \ \ , ` \ \ \__\ \ \  __ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \  
    // / ___   // / ___ \ \ \/\ \ \ \`\ \ \ \_/\ \ \ \/\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \_\ \ 
    /\_______\ /\_______\\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \ \_\ \ \_____\
    \/_______/ \/_______/ \/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/ \/_/\/_/\/_/  \/_/  \/_____/

Version 3.0

Version 1.0:

Version 1.01:
Corrected some minor mistakes and made a spoiler-warning. How could I forget.
Thanks to GangstaL and EnigmaGamer for that.

Version 1.02:
Changed the strategy for the first Zu. I didn't know Lulu could have a
Poisontouch weapon earlier. Thanks to Blitz_Ace470 for that.

Version 1.03
Added a Thunder Plains enemy encounter and cut out Grammar mistakes. Thanks to
g3rr and SoulSpark for that.

Version 2.0
Forgot to credit a very important certain individual that gave me the actual
idea to start this FAQ.

Version 3.0
Changed lots of information and strategies

This guide is solely for private use. If you wish to host this guide on your
website, contact me for permission before doing so. Any profitable use is
strictly prohibited.

The following sites can use this guide without permission:

Other websites should and must ask permission to host this guide on their
website. If permission is granted, this document must stay in its original

Contact me by sending a PM if you want to ask questions, give me information
or want to correct mistakes in the challenge. 
A lot of ideas found in this document are not originally mine. I need to thank
the following persons.

Thanking is maybe too less. They deserve huge credits. Don´t forget these
names when you´re playing this challenge.


Thundaka - After reading his NSGNSNO FAQ, I got inspired of writing one of my

Dark Locke and TrueDFX - The first ones who came up with the idea for the
NSGNSNCNO challenge.

Blitz_Ace470 - For lots, lots, LOTS of information.

Kazi121, Yunas Secret Child - Also for lots of information

KADFC and Yunas Secret Child - The ones who came with the idea to add NENNE to
the challenge. To prevent the boring Escaping. This makes the challenge even
harder, yet more fun!

I might have forgotten some people. Please notify me immediately when you
think you should be on the list. 

It's very important to me that all the people that want and deserve to be on
the list are there. 



Copyright						1.0
Foreword						2.0
Table of Contents					3.0
About this challenge					4.0
Characters						4.1
Weapons/Armors						4.2
Quick guide						5.0
Walkthrough						6.0
Zanarkand & Al Bhed Boat  				6.1				
Besaid:							6.2
Kilika:							6.3
Luca:							6.4
Mi'hen Highroad:					6.5
Mushroom Rockroad:					6.6
Djose Highroad:						6.7
Moonflow:						6.8
Guadosalam:						6.9
Thunder Plains:						6.10
Macalania Woods:					6.11
Macalania Lake:						6.12
Bikanel 						6.13
Home:							6.14
Bevelle:	 					6.15
Via Purifico: 						6.16
Highbridge:						6.17				
Calm Lands:						6.18
Sunken Cave:						6.19
Mount Gagazet:						6.20
Zanarkand						6.21
Airship	+ Capturing					6.22
Sin							6.23
More Capturing 						6.24
 Gagazet Cave Area					6.24A
 Gagazet Underwater Area				6.24B
Omnis							6.25
Most Capturing:						6.26
Final equipment hunting					6.27
BFA							6.28
Appendix A: Items					7.1
Appendix B: Monster Attacks				7.2
Credits							8.0

I will assume you have completed the game more than one time already.
Remember that I will give away SPOILERS WITHOUT WARNING. You've been warned.

For starters, an explanation of the abbrevations used.

NSG - No Sphere Grid. Don't activate a single node on the Sphere Grid.

NS - No Summon. Don't summon an aeon. Except for the four forced Summons.

NC - No Customise. Don't use the "Customise" ability in the menu. You are
allowed to upgrade a Celestial Weapon to their full power, though.

NO - No Overdrives. Don't use overdrives, except for the two forced ones.

NE - No Escape. Don't escape from a single battle.

NNE - No [No Encounters]. Don't use the weapon/armour ability [No Encounters]

NBB - No Blitzball. Don't play Blitzball for rare items.

Impossible? No. It requires a good knowlegde of the game and the CTB bar.
Don't even think of trying this challenge if you are not a big fan of this
game. It'll take several amount of tries killing bosses for needed weapons
and armors.

You will spend hours and hours in the same area just to steal good items.
Plus, for a better chance of defeating BFA; you'll need to capture 5 of each


The base stats and usefulness for all characters:

- - - 
520HP, 10 Agility
Regular attack: ~130 damage. ~200 with Elemental strike

A very much used character, his Stunning Steel (Slowtouch), his Sonic
Steel (First Strike) and his Agility will be used a lot during your No Escape

- - -
618HP, 7 Agility
Regular attack: ~110 damage. ~170 with Elemental strike

His Accuracy allows him to connect to every fiend pre-moonflow.
Furthermore; his moderate HP and his TKO will work wonders. Dark Attack is
slightly useful.

- - -
380HP, 5 Agility
Basic spells: ~230 damage. ~350 with right Element

Pre-Djose: you will use her a lot. Her spells can cause up to 350
damage against fiends with no Magic Defense and weak to the specific spell.
After Guadosalam: her Fatal Cait Sith (Deathtouch) is probably your biggest
rely if you want to take on Elements. Dragons and Moles are also easy victims
for Lulu's doll. Last note: her Evasion stat is lovely

- - -
475HP, 10 Agility

Cure and Esuna is useful pre-Djose. After this; you will use her
mostly to heal outside battles. She also has quite high Evasion and is the
only one who has odd Max HP, giving her critical status after being revived
with a Phoenix Down.

- - - -
644HP, 6 Agility
Regular attack: ~180 damage. ~270 with Elemental strike
Lancet: ~85 damage + ~85 healing. Rank II.

Kimahri is the strongest physical attacker next to Auron. His
second highest HP is also a good point. The Red Armlet from Kilika (Fire Ward,
Lightning Ward, Ice Ward) is a very much used armor until the Calm Lands.
Don't forget about Lancet. It has a faster recovery time than a regular
attack and it heals him as well.

- - -
1030HP, 5 Agility
Regular attack: ~280 damage. ~420 with Elemental strike

The tank of the party. His monstrous 1030 (/sarcastic) HP allows him
to survive a lot of attack which the other characters cannot survive. He can
also do +280 damage (and +420 damage with the right Elemental strike on his
weapon), which can be very useful. Power Break is useful against a lot fiends.

- - -
360HP, 16 Agility

The speedy beauty of the party. Rikku is the uber, the everything,
your main source in the complete challenge. Not only with bosses, but also
with regular encounters. More is explained later.


You don't need Break Damage Limit or Triple Overdrive on your weapons.
However, there are weapon abilities which will make your life so much better:

If you plan to not buy the Sentry, you won't have this until the Thunder

The CTB-bar is your fiend while you are busy, especially when a battle just
started: it's very important to see which fiend acts first. <AMBUSH> is
very bad. It mostly leads to a Game Over if it happens on the Thunder Plains
or later. What a coincidence: the Thunder Plains is the place where you can
obtain your first Initiative weapon. It completely prevents enemy ambushes
and increases the Pre-Emptive strike chance. Never leave home without it.

Initiative is dropped by Qactuar/Cactuar

Ambush or not, Agility high or low? First Strike doesn't care about it. You
will always have the first turn in a battle. Because you start at the first
Tick of the battle (notice the non-purple block in the CTB-bar), you mostly
will have another turn after your first. Tidus' Sonic Steel (obtained in
Macalania) is famous. Too bad, only this one and Auron's Masamune (obtained
much later in the game) have First Strike ability. It's not obtainable 
otherwise, except if you want to take on Dark Valefor...

Very important when you take on your enemies. You can see their amount of HP
left and their elemental weaknesses. Although it's not needed for most
encounters, it can come to the rescue.

Get critical HP and you are immune for the specific element. It works wonders
in random encounters.

You can buy them in several shops and it is dropped by all Machinas.


For those who don't want to read every single detail, i'll provide a quick
guide. It only involves items and equipment you are not allowed to miss
throughout the game:

For everywhere counts, make sure you have 99 Phoenix Downs, only when you can
afford them, of course. 

OVERALL - Buy every SOS Nul-element armor from anyone you see
KILIKA - Nulblaze Shield for Tidus, obtain from a crusader
LUCA - Stunning Steel for Tidus, buy from O'Aka
LUCA - Rulebreaker for Wakka, buy from O'Aka
MI'IHEN - Lightningscout for Wakka, find on the oldroad on a chocobo
MUSHROOM ROCK - TKO for Wakka, buy from O'Aka
DJOSE - Soft Ring for Yuna, obtain from a crusader
MOONFLOW - Steal at least 5 Poison Fangs for Anima, Evrae and Natus
MOONFLOW - Steal at least 1 Stamina Tablet
THUNDER PLAINS - Initiative from a Qactuar for anyone but Tidus, Rikku or Yuna
THUNDER PLAINS - Yellow Shield for Tidus when you leave the agency
MACALANIA - Sonic Steel for Tidus, buy from O'Aka
MACALANIA - Win Silencestrike from Seymour for either Kimahri, Yuna, Lulu
or Auron
VIA PURIFICO - Pick up Rematch for Wakka in a chest after beating Evrae Altana
CALM LANDS - 60x Farplane Wind, 60x Shining Gem, 99x Chocobo Wing, 40x Silver
Hourglass from capturing
CALM LANDS - Win SOS Haste armors for Rikku and one other character by
killing Bashuras.

That's it. The rest of the equipment or items you need can be obtained by
either backtracking or stealing. No more information here. If you only use
this guide; good luck!

6.0    W A L K T H R O U G H


Nothing very special to say. Just play the game and kick some butt. Of course,
open all chests that you find. You are forced to use Auron's overdrive. This
is one of the few exceptions.

Strategies for Klikk and Tros are not worth it. Just attack some and kill
some. Continue on.

Obtain the items from the Aurochs. Follow Wakka and kill the monsters in the
water. Enter Besaid Village.

Obtain the treasure from the Besaid Temple: it's the Rod of Wisdom, with
Magic +5%, Magic +3% and Sensor. It's useful in a lot of battles

Leave Besaid and backtrack to obtain Energy Blast.

Are you ready for the first random encounters? Oh yeah.

You are forced to summon Valefor. Kill the Garuda by just boosting over and
over with some Sonic Wings in between. When you have a full overdrive gauge;
Overkill him with Energy Blast. Darktouch for Tidus is useful, but optional.

You are forced to use Wakka's Dark Attack. You would have done that anyway, so
no problem there. Kill him with Tidus' attack, Lu's spells and Wakka's Ball.
You should kill him before Darkness wears of. Again, Darktouch for Tidus is
useful, but optional.

I will not add an enemy party section here. The fiends are too easy:
Tidus kills Dingo in one hit
Wakka kills Condor in one hit
Lulu kills Water Flan in one hit

Don't bother hunting for equipment here. If your name is Yunas Secret Child;
you will definitely receive Waterproof from the Water Flan, but it's not
worth fighting for.

Pick up the items from various people on the beach and open the chest for some
Antidotes. Enter the boat.

Kick Yuna's bag and obtain a maximum of 20 Potions. Donate 101 gil to O'Aka.


<<<BOSS: SIN>>>
<<<HP: 2000>>>>

Nothing special about this boss. Use Tidus and Kimahri to take out two
Sinscales. Wakka and Lulu already target Sin himself. As soon as two Sinscales
are dead, switch in Yuna to heal Lulu or Wakka hit by Spines. Take out Sin.

Make sure Wakka and Tidus have full HP before killing him.


<<<HP: 2000>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Use Wakka's Dark Attack immediately. Ignore the Sinscales' attacks. They are
annoying, but nothing to fear. Pummle away on the boss and heal when your HP
drops below 150. Blender cannot be avoided, but nothing some quick Potions
cannot handle. Re-blind him when his Darkness status wears off.


See the dancing and enter the woods. This is where your first real enemy
parties are. Thanks to Split Infinity, i can give you information about the
fiends in this area. Also, thanks to him, i can give the encounters in which
they can appear.

Make a run for the Scout. It has [Icestrike][Sensor] for Wakka. The former is
really important. Defeat Lord Ochu for the Nulblaze Shield

Keep your party: Tidus, Yuna, Lulu. Tidus and Yuna may rarely act before the
lizard. You can switch one of them for Wakka and kill either the lizard or
the bee with Wakka's scout.


Dinonix (Lizard), 140HP, Agility: 13. Weak to Ice.
Weak to ice. Tidus can sometimes take him in one hit. Wakka with the Scout
takes him in one hit for sure.

Killer Bee (Bee), 110HP, Agility: 8. Weak to Ice.
Wakka with the Scout gives overkill. Lulu's Blizzard is a guaranteed overkill
as well.

Yellow Element (Element), 300HP, Agility: 5. Weak to Water.
Lulu's Water makes short work of him

Ragora (Plant), 780HP, Agility: 15. Weak to Fire.
Bad in duos. High agility and quite strong. Fire, Tidus attack, Kimahri attack
and Lancet kills him.

N O T E 

-1x Ragora:
Switch Yuna for Kimahri and Lancet him. Tidus attacks. Ignore Ragoras attack
and cast Fire with Lulu. Attack with Kimahri. Tidus finishes the job.

-2x Ragora:
Concentrate your attacks on one of them. Yuna can heal characters in between.
Swap Yuna for Kimahri and Lancet one. Tidus attacks. The Ragoras have their
turns, hope that they target Lulu and miss. Heal one or two characters with
Cure and make Lulu blast another one with Fire. Kimahri and Tidus can finish
one of them now. Heal with Yuna and take on the other one.

-1x Dinonix + 1x Yellow Element + 1x Killer Bee:
The Dinonix mostly acts first. If Petrified: Esuna on the triple. If not, let
Wakka kill the Bee with the Scout. Tidus targets the Dinonix, if it's not
death: let Kimahri finish the job with Lancet. Lulu takes on the Element
before it even had a single turn.

-1x Dinonix + 1x Killer Bee:
Lancet + Tidus attack the Dinonix. Wakka aims for the Bee.

-1x Dinonix + 1x Yellow Element:
This is too easy. Wakka + Tidus/Kimahri take the Dinonix and Lulu slaughters
the Element.

Save before fighting Lord Ochu. Have Lulu, Yuna and Tidus in the party. Equip
any Poisonward armors if the Ragora or the Bee dropped them. 

<<<HP: 4649>>>>>>>>>>

Again, nothing new. Cast nonstop Fire with Lulu, attack away with Tidus and
Cure Poison/Heal with Yuna. It won't be very hard to keep up with him. The
only real difference is not being able to summon Valefor to Sonic Wing him to
death and to avoid Earthquake.
When he has lost about half of his HP: he will fall asleep and gain Regen
status. Wake him up immediately or he will heal all your hard work.He counters
with Earthquake which takes away half of your HP. Use some Potions and Cure
when necessary. Continue using Lulu, Tidus and Yuna. You can switch Tidus for
Kimahri if he is Poisoned. Lulu definitely does the most damage, so keep her
in the party always. Eventually, the big plant will fall.


Poisontouch from him is very useful, but optional. Obtain Elixir from Luzzu.


-----VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Claim the Nulblaze Shield from one of the
Crusaders. It has [SOS Nulblaze] for Tidus and is VERY, VERY important.

Enter the stairs. Make your party Tidus, Yuna and Wakka.

<<<HP: 3000>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<HP: 450 EACH>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Easy again. use Tidus, Wakka and Kimahri (swapped for Yuna) to kill the
Tentacles. Switch in Yuna when they are badly hurt. When both of them are
killed, switch in Lulu (Fire), Yuna (Cure/Esuna) and Kimahri (Piercing) and
target Geneaux himself. Heal when necessary and he will come out of his shell
eventually. Keep the same party and just pummle away with Fire and Kimahri's
attack. He will be dead after a few rounds.


Darktouch for either Kimahri or Tidus is recommended.

-----VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Obtain Kilika Temple's Treasure. It's the Red
Armlet [Fire Ward][Lightning Ward][Ice Ward] for Kimahri and VERY important
in the random encounters until the Calm Lands.

Complete the trials. You can buy a Sensor weapon for either Lulu or Kimahri,
but it's not that important.

6.4 LUCA

Watch the boring scenes here and wait until you can buy your equipment stuff
from O'Aka.

-----VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Buy the Stunning Steel from O'Aka. It has
[Slowtouch] for Tidus.

-----VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Buy the Rulebreaker from O'Aka. It has
[Poisontouch] for Wakka.

If you don't have the money, you can find 400 gil in a chest behind O'Aka.

Kill the Workers with Lulu's Thunder. There are very slow, weak and easy. Try
to win some SOS Nuls, but it's optional.

<<<HP: 6000>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Cast Thunder thrice on the crane and have Tidus use it. Leave Oblitzerator
alone while you are doing this. Oblitzerator will suffer exactly 5625 damage
and he won't do anything anymore. 

Now it gets tough, cause a Lightningsteel from him is VERY USEFUL against
Extractor and the upcoming Sahagin fights. Kill of Lulu and Kimahri with Tidus
and finish Oblitzerator with only Tidus alive. This will improve the chances
for Oblitzer dropping the Lightningsteel.

If he doesn't drop it about 5 times in a row; you can forget about it (or 
have patience and continue fighting him :)

Play Blitz. Win if you want, but it won't help you. 

//FORCED ENCOUNTER: 18x Sahagin Chief. 170HP
Equip Lightningsteel if you have it and Tidus can kill them in one hit with
it. Always target the ones who you can kill before their first turns. Heal
with Potions when necessary and get at (almost) full HP before you finish
the last one.

Er.. Attack?

Inflict Power Break with Auron, Darkness and Poison with Wakka and Slow with
Tidus. Ouch...

Buy as much Phoenix Downs as you can. There's a chest with 1000 gil above
the stairs.


This place is dangerous. Make sure to have Tidus, Yuna and Auron in your party
at all time.

Equip the following weapons/armors:

Tidus:	Stunning Steel 			Nulblaze Shield
Yuna:	Rod of Wisdom			Seeker's Ring [HP+10%]
Wakka:	Rulebreaker 			---
Lulu:	---				---
Kimahri:Hunter's Spear*			Red Armlet 
Auron:	Katana				---

*Hunter's Spear [Piercing][Sensor][Stength +10%] obtained by talking to a
past-walking guy

Of course, any received Magic/Strength +x% modifiers or HP+% modifiers are
always good.

Talk to everyone to receive items/gil and make sure not to miss the Hunter's
Spear and the Ice Brand with Tidus' [Icestrike]

-----VERY IMPORTANT FUTURE ARMOR ALERT: Eventually, you're going to grind for
a Fire Ward armour for Auron for the Natus battle. Out of all ways to defeat
him, Auron with all 4 -ward armours is definitely the easiest and most safest
one. You can buy Ice, Water and Lighting later in the challenge, but the Fire
Ward one is not for sale. So, we grind for it. This is the full list of where
it's possible to get a Fire Ward armor:

-Bomb 			Mi'ihen Highroad  - 15% chance
-Chocobo Eater (BOSS)   Mi'ihen Highroad  - 100% chance 
-Red Element  		Mushroom Rockroad - 4% chance (3% in NA version)
-Sinspawn Gui's Head  	Mushroom Rockroad - 11% chance
-Spherimorph (BOSS)  	Macalania 	  - 100% chance
-Crawler (BOSS) 	Macalania 	  - 100% chance
-Bomb 			Al Bhed Home 	  - 4% chance (3% in NA version)
-YAT-99 		Bevelle 	  - 11% chance
-YKT-63 		Bevelle 	  - 11% chance

Quite some sources, ain't it? If I were you, I wouldn't hope too much on the
4% chance sources and also not on the YATs and the YKTs since they are already
a nightmare to defeat without hoping for equipment. The Bombs on this highroad
are not that hard to beat and have a decent chance to drop equipment. And if
it's an armour, it's ALWAYS Fire Ward.
You can also go for Chocobo Eater or Spherimorph later. Or you wait until the
airship for the Bombs there, whatever floats your boat.
Another 'interesting' option is the first battle in Home. That's an automatic
battle with 3 Bombs, the battle commences fast and is done in an instant, it's
possible to grind for it there (reload every time it isn't dropped).

Whatever way you choose to get it, it may take a while, but you may also be
lucky and get is very soon.

If you really don't want to grind for it (in which I doubt you're the person
to start this challenge), you can also grind for a seconds Stamina Tablet on
the moonflow. However, the chance for a Stamina Tablet in those chests is
only 10%.


Bomb (Bomb), 850HP, Agility: 11. Weak to Ice.
These ones are quite annoying. Triple Blizzard is a kill, but they rarely
appear alone. The Nulblaze Shield really comes in handy here. Get Tidus in
critical HP and target the Bombs until they Self-Destruct in his face.<IMMUNE>

Floating Eye (Eyeball), 140HP, Agility: 10. Weak to Thunder.
Eyeballs are your worst nightmares, cause Confusion is a killer. Wakka is used
to weaken them and Lulu can finish him with a Thunder spell.

Mi'ihen Fang (Wolf), 160HP, Agility: 13. Weak to Fire and Water.
Fast and hard to hit. Unless Tidus has a critical, Fire- or Waterstrike; he
won't kill them in one hit. Wakka or Lulu can kill them after the first strike

Raldo (Mole), 240HP, Agility: 5. Weak to Ice.
An easy victim for Auron's sword.

White Element (Element), 390HP, Agility: 5. Weak to Fire.
Fire + Lancet is a kill. Blizzard hits hard, watch out.

Dual Horn (Horned), 1,875HP, Agility: 12.
This is where Poison comes to the rescue. Dark Attack and/or Power Break and
keep attacking with Wakka until he is Poisoned. It can drop Silencetouch, but
i wouldn't go hunting for it.


- 2x Floating Eye + 1x Bomb:
Pretty tough encounter. Switch Tidus for Wakka and hit one of the eyeballs.
Hope that it is Poisoned. If not, switch in Lulu and cast Thunder on it to
make it fall forgood. Accept the Bomb's damage and hope the Eyeball doesn't
Confuse a character. Hit the Eyeball again with Wakka and finish him with 
a Thunder. If you can take the bomb before you die, do it. If not, let the
Bomb allow Tidus to hit critical HP and make it Self-Destruct.

- 1x Mi'ihen Fang + 1x Floating Eye + 1x White Element:
Tidus hits the Wolf immediately. Yuna is switched for Wakka, kill the Fang.
Both the Element and the eyeball have a turn. If they don't target the same
character; you live. Throw Phoenix Down (PD from now on) with Tidus or Yuna
(they are the fastest) if someone falls. Wakka charges the Eyeball and leave
it alone if it's Poisoned. If not, make Lulu finish the job. For the Element:
Fire + Lancet finishes him

- 1x Bomb:
Easy. Triple Blizzard is a kill. Heal Lulu when necessary.

- 3x Bomb:
Try to kill one and make sure you have SOS Nulblaze Tidus in the party to make
yourself Bombproof. If all your characters are dead, let Tidus target them
until they all Self-Destruct.

- 2x Bomb + 1x Dual Horn:
Nightmare, Ambush + this party leads to a Game Over. First things first: The
Dual Horn is strong and fast: a bad combination. Dark Attack him immediately,
you can choose to Power Break, but he won't connect and Power Break delays.
Try to ignore the Bombs. SOS Nulblaze Tidus can absorb some of their attacks.
(Slow and) Poison the Dual Horn and leave him alone after he has green bubbles
and he'll die eventually. Perhaps you need to survive one attack. Defend
before his non-blind turn. SOS Nulblaze Tidus survives the Bombs.

- 1x Mi'ihen Fang + 1x White Element + 1x Raldo:
This one ain't that hard. Tidus hit + Lancet takes the Fang. Auron targets the
Mole and Fire + Lancet takes the White Element. With a little luck; you can
finish the battle before the fiends had the chance to attack.

- 1x Mi'ihen Fang + 1x Floating Eye + 1x Raldo:
Two fast enemies can mean danger. Switch in Wakka and try to Poison the Eye
ball. If not: Thunder him. The Wolf will act now and hope he doesn't inflict
Sleep on a character. Kill the Raldo with Auron and kill the Mi'ihen Fang
with Tidus + Lancet.

- 1x Floating Eye + 1x White Element + 1x Raldo:
Relativily easy. Wakka (+ Lulu, depends on Poison) kills the Eyeball. Auron
kills the Raldo and Lulu + Lancet take the Element.

Don't feel ashamed to use an Ether for Wakka. The Dual Horn is very dangerous
when not Blinded. Don't forget to talk to Belgemine to get back Yuna's MP.

Listen to the conversation between Yuna and Tidus. Make sure to get the 2x
Mega Potion from Rin. Equip the Stunning Steel for Tidus and any Firestrike
weapons for one of the guys. Make your party Yuna, Tidus and Wakka.

<<<HP: 10000>>>>>>>>>>>>>
If you want a double challenge, try to push him off the cliff. I succeeded
the first time, but that was mostly because of a Fire Blade i received.

Use Tidus to try and Slow him, Wakka goes Dark Attack and Yuna is swapped for
Auron; Power Break. As soon as he is Slowed; switch Tidus for Kimahri and
Wakka for Lulu. Just blast away on him with Lulu (Fire), Kimahri and Auron
(Piercing). Switch in Yuna from time to time to heal them.

Because he is Slowed, you have enough time to deal damage to make sure he
won't push you off the cliff. You will have to do some more healing as soon
as his HP drops below 5000, cause he will counter every attack with Blizzard
while on his back. Make sure you only use Auron and Lulu then, cause an
attack of the two of them will push him back immediately, so he will counter
only one of them.

I hope he gave you the Red Bracer.

That wasn't too hard, was it? Get a free Chocobo ride and continue on the
newroad. Pick up Heat Lance.

Enter the oldroad on the Chocobo. Obtain Thunder Blade.

-----VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Obtain the Scout [Lightningstrike][Sensor]
for Wakka. Extractor is much easier if you have it.

To speed up the upcoming Gui battle a bit (and a bit useful in some random
encounters later on), you can choose to farm a Firestrike weapon (or empty
Katana) from a Bomb. As you may know, those weapons have a damage constant of
18 instead of 16, making Auron's regular attacks do ~305. It's not much, but
can be useful.

Grab Mars Crest and return to the split section between the oldroad and the

Don't bother donating gil to the crusader. Save and let Seymour give you
accesss to the Mushroom Rockroad.


After some cutscenes, you have control over Tidus again. There are some new
fiends and encounters here.

Keep Auron, Yuna and Tidus in the party at full HP.

Added note: all equipment surrounded by stars are changed equipments.

Tidus:	*Ice Brand* 			Nulblaze Shield
Yuna:	Rod of Wisdom			Seeker's Ring
Wakka:	Rulebreaker			---
Lulu:	---				---
Kimahri:Hunter's Spear			Red Armlet 
Auron:	Katana				---


Thunder Flan (Flan), 450HP, Agility: 6. Weak to Water.
The Flans are getting more annoying. This one requires two Waters from Lulu
to be killed. 

Vouivre (Dragon), 255HP, Agility: 6. Weak to Ice.
This one is a one hit kill for Auron. Watch out for its Fire Breath, cause
it can inflict instant Game Over if you allow him to use it.

Ipiria (Lizard), 180HP, Agility: 13. Weak to Ice.
Lizards are fast and will almost always act before your characters. Tidus will
start missing here. He instantly kills him with his Ice Brand, if he connects.
With some Luck, Wakka's Ice-scout kills him in one hit as well.
If it inflicts Petrification; you should use Esuna / Soft immediately, except
if you can finish the battle. If you lack on healing it; one of the fiends can
shatter your character. 


- 2x Bomb + 1x Thunder Flan:
Quite dangerous, you want to get rid of the Flan first. Switch Tidus for Lulu
and blast the Flan with Water. Switch Yuna for Tidus again and attack the
Flan. All the fiends will attack now. If the Flan KO's Tidus, you can be in
trouble, but Auron survives, even if everything would land on him. Switch
Auron for Kimahri and kill the Flan with Lancet. Tidus finishes the Bombs.

- 1x Thunder Flan + 1x Floating Eye + 1x Vouivre:
Not very hard. Swap Tidus for Wakka and change weapons to the Thunderscout.
Kill the Floating Eye by using the Thunderscout. Swap Yuna for Lulu and cast
Water on the Flan. Auron finished the Vouivre. The Flan does a pathetic
Thunder. Kill him with a finishing Water.

- 2x Dual Horn + 1x Vouivre:
This is bad. Switch in Wakka and use Dark Attack immediately on one of the
Dual Horns. Auron HAS to kill the Vouivre. Both of the Dual Horns have
attacked in the mean time, double Gore means double trouble. Let Wakka Dark
Attack the other one. Now, you are quite safe. Try to Poison both of the Dual
Horns and Defend until they die.

- 1x Vouivre + 1x Thunder Flan + 1x Ipiria:
Ipiria attacks first. Try to kill it with Tidus, you should mostly connect.
Yuna is switched for Lulu and she makes the Flan wet. Auron kills the Vouivre.
Accept Thunder's damage and finish the Flan with Water.

- 1x Vouivre + 1x Ipiria + 1x Floating Eye:
Again, Ipiria attacks first. Tidus tries to connect again. Switch Yuna for
Wakka, switch weapons to the Thunderscout and finish the Eyeball. Auron
finished the Vouivre.

Make a run for the the next area, don't forget to pick up items/equipment
from the Crusaders. You'll find O'Aka in the next area. One of the Crusaders
has a Tough Bangle for Lulu with [HP +20%]

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Nulfrost Armguard. It has [HP+5%][SOS
Nulfrost] for Wakka and is very important against some random encounters.

Sell all useless equipment. Don't sell the Katana for Auron if you have the
Thunder Blade equiped. If you do; Basilisks will be very hard.

Save. Enter Mushroom Rock. The battles here can be bad. Even if you are a
complete master in this game, you still can go Game Over with some bad

Equip the Nulfrost Armguard for Wakka.


Funguar (Fungus), 540HP, Agility: 4. Weak to Fire.
It is very slow, but its Fire is very painful. It also has the irritating
habit of countering your attacks with Pollen, which inflicts Sleep on the
entire party for 1 turn. Because it's kinda slow, ignore it until the other
fiends are killed, cause Pollen gives a free ticket to the Farplane.

Gandarewa (Imp), 148HP, Agility: 9. Weak to Water.
He attacks with Thunder which is not as annoying as Funguar's Fire, but it's
not to be taken lightly. Wakka attack and Water kills him.

Garuda, 4000HP, Agility: 14.
A lot of HP, but it is not as bad as it looks. Dark Attack + Power Break +
Poison + Slow kills him very fast. In order of priority.

Lamashtu (Dragon), 275HP, Agility: 6. Weak to Fire.
MOSTLY, Auron kills it in one hit. Always make sure to have another turn after
Auron's attack cause the randomness in Auron's attack may leave it with a
little bit HP. If you managed to get a Bomb drop weapon (even without Fire-
strike, it's a guaranteed kill). If you really can't stop it from moving;
have Auron with in the party with full HP and Wakka with SOS Nulfrost.

Raptor (Lizard), 200HP, Agility: 14. Weak to Ice.
A new lizard, with more HP. Tidus and Wakka can take care of it in two hits
and Tidus might even be able to handle him with one Icestrike attack. It's not
guaranteed that he connects. You can try to kill him with Auron, one hit is a
kill, but he has to be lucky.

Red Element (Element), 450HP, Agility: 6. Weak to Ice.
Blizzard + Attack + Lancet is a kill. However, its Fire is not very powerful.
It has no big priority, but don't let him kill you.


- 1x Garuda:
Dark Attack with Wakka and you are basically set. Power Break him just in case
and Poison him with Wakka to make things faster.

- 1x Lamashtu + 1x Red Element + 1x Gandarewa:
- 1x Raptor + 1x Red Element + 1x Gandarewa:
- 1x Raptor + 1x Red Element + 1x Funguar:
- 1x Red Element + 1x Lamashtu + 1x Raptor
- 1x Raptor + 1x Funguar + 1x Red Element
- 1x Funguar + 1x Red Element + 1x Gandarewa:
I'll do these all together. There are a lot of Fire attacks in here. Kill the
other fiend(s) as soon as possible and Tidus can kill the Fire-casters on his

Talk to Shelinda to get Yuna's MP back. Pick up all the items and equipment
on the way. After you enter the elevator; there's one encounter here which is
VERY, VERY dangerous. I suggest to keep Tidus in the party with 1HP, so that
he enters with SOS Nulblaze.

- 2x Funguar + 1x Garuda:
OUCH! You HAVE to leave the Funguars alone. You cannot kill them in one hit
and Pollen is very dangerous. Dark Attack the Garuda and hope it's poisoned.
If not; keep on attacking him until he is. Keep on healing and Defending
until the Garuda dies. NOW, target the Funguars with Tidus SOS Nulblaze in
the party. You'll win eventually.
The biggest problem is if the Garuda manages to kill 1HP Tidus. 

Try to get Darktouch for either Kimahri or Tidus from a Garuda.
Try to get Sleeptouch for everyone but Lulu or Wakka from a Funguar.

PHEW. FINISHED the Mushroom Rockroad (did you do it in your first attempt?)


Watch Luzzu and Gatta and take the Elevator to watch operation Mi'ihen.

Keep on walking until you find O'Aka.

---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Buy the TKO for Wakka. It has [Stonetouch]
and is your biggest rely in random encounters.

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Red Ring for Yuna. It has [Fire Ward]
[SOS Nultide] and is very important in the Macalania Woods.

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Lucid Armguard for Wakka. It has
[Confuse Ward][Mag.Def+3%]. Very important against Eye-balled fiends. Honest:
you don't want a Confused Wakka with a TKO equiped, now do you?

---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Not mandatory to buy now, but well worth the
mention: It's your choice whether to buy the Sentry for Auron. It has
[Initiative] and is mandatory once you enter the Thunder Plains. Auron is also
handsdown the best character to have Initiative, since he will most likely
always be in the starting formation of your party. So, is there any reason
NOT to buy it? Yes, it's expensive as hell. You need a lot of grinding to get
the needed money. It's well over 10,000, even if you donated 1001 to O'Aka.
You can get Initiative in the Thunder Plains itself when farming Qactuars,
your call to grind for it now or to wait until later. Keep in mind that the
chance to get it for Auron is pretty slim, since he most likely will not be
the one to deliver the finishing blow.

Buy as much Phoenix Downs as you can and if you have the money; buy the Alert
Armlet [Sleepward] as well.

You maybe won't have the money for this. Sell all useless equipment and all
your Power/Mana/Speed/Ability Spheres. If you still don't have enough; get
back to Mushroom Rock and fight until you have.

Let either Luzzu or Gatta die in operation Mi'ihen. Watch the reunion with
Kinoc and open all chests here.

Make sure not to forget the Serene Bracer.

Equip any HP-boosting armors and make the party Lulu, Yuna, Tidus.

Save and get ready for a boring and easy boss.
<<<HP: 12,000>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<HP: 800 EACH>>>>>>>>>
<<<SUBBOSS: HEAD>>>>>>>>
<<<HP: 4000>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Sigh... if only Rikku was here...

Be prepared for a boss fight which'll take more than half an hour. First
things first; the head! It should be destroyed as soon as possible because
it's a big danger when you leave it alone. Switch Tidus for Auron and Power
Break the body immediately. Ignore the body for now and make sure you only
keep yourself busy with the head. Use Lulu, Wakka and Yuna. Wakka targets the
head, Lulu casts spells on the head and Yuna does the supporting work. If one
of your members dies; use Tidus or Yuna to throw a Phoenix Down, because they
are your fastest members. The head will go down eventually. Now, you should
destroy the body to make the battle yours. Make your party Yuna, Auron and
Lulu. Lulu casts spells on the body, Auron targets the arms and Yuna does
the healing work. I suggest to take Auron out of the party when Demi is coming
(Gui alternates between 'punch' and Demi), cause it'll rip away a lot of his
HP. As soon as you are about to kill the last arm; i'll suggest to be at full
HP and to take Lulu out for Tidus and Yuna out for Kimahri. NOW, kill the last
arm and target the body until the arms reappear. Only heal when it's really
necessary, cause this is your chance to damage Gui really hard. The "CHING"
cricital hit from Auron's sword will be a lovely sound if it happens :). When
the arms reappear, re-change your party to Yuna, Lulu and Auron and start
destroying the arms again. Be aware that Gui's attack patern changes when he
has lost half of his HP. When he has lost it; he can use two, or even three,
Demi's in a row, but it isn't guaranteed that he will always do it. Just
that you know.

This is what I did the second time. In this strategy, we're going to leave the
arms alone. Kill the head as described above and now you're going to damage
the body without ever touching Gui's stupid arms. Kimahri will be almost non-
stop in your party, because of his lovely Lancet attack. It damages Gui for 65
which is not a lot, but because of the Rank2 and the healing, it removes the
need to hardly ever heal him at all. Lu's spell does ~190 and Auron's attack
does ~57 (~65 with a Bomb weapon). The trick is to only switch in Lu when the
Demi is coming, since you know that the attack can't kill her then. A defen-
ding Yuna can take a hit before the 'slap', afterwards she can heal Auron. And
as I said, Kimahri is a godsend in this battle. All those nonstop Lancets do
a good amount of damage. 
In my opinion, this strategy is more interesting than the previous one. Each
his own. 

One strategy is not better or easier than the other, there are just two
different ways down the same annoying road.
It'll take some time, but you will succeed. Yuna or Lulu mostly need an Ether.

For the second fight; let Seymour destroy the head and then the body. He can
do it single-handedly.

Gui's equipment drops can be wonderful: SLEEPSTRIKE!!! If you receive it, make
a little victory dance. If you don't; it's your choice to refight the battle
or to continue. I didn't receive it and i really was not going to fight this
very boring battle again, so i accepted it.

I will pretend you DID NOT receive it, if you did; some random encounters will
be a lot easier.

If you still don't have Auron's Fire Ward Bracer, then remember that the
sources will get smaller and smaller from now on...

Watch at some cutscenes, open chests and enter the:


New fiends, new encounters, new chances. Whoohooo. Talk to everyone to receive
items and equipment. From now on, of course, if you bought the Sentry: equip
it and keep Auron in the party. This will prevent ambushes, which is a great

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Claim the Soft Ring, [Stoneproof] for Yuna from
one of the crusaders. It's very effective against random encounters and it
will be her armor for BFA.

Make your party Yuna, Tidus and Auron.

Tidus:	*Stunning Steel*		Nulblaze Shield
Yuna:	Rod of Wisdom			*Soft Ring*
Wakka:	*TKO* 				Nulfrost Armguard
Lulu:	---				Tough Bangle
Kimahri:Hunter's Spear			Red Armlet
Auron:	(Sentry)			---

Of course; if you have Sleepstrike, you should equip this immediately, cause
it will help a lot in the random encounters.


Bite Bug (Bee), 200HP, Agility: 15. Weak to Ice.
Lulu's Blizzard is an instant kill. You can also try to Petrify him with Wakka

Basilisk (Snake), 2025HP, Agility: 9.
Not as hard as it looks. Keep Yuna in the party to decrease the chances of
Petrification. You can Power Break, Blind, Slow, Poison him, but it's all 
optional. The only bad thing about them is that they are immune to Wakka's

Garm (Wolf): 240HP, Agility: 16. Weak to Fire and Lightning.
Petrify him with Wakka or try to take him on with the Lightningscout. I
suggest the former.

Bunyip (Mole), 400HP, Agility: 6. Weak to Water and Ice.
It takes one hit from Auron and one hit from Kimahri to kill him. Petrifying
with Wakka is also an option. Don't let it get a turn, cause it hits hard.

Snow Flan (Flan), 600HP, Agility: 7. Weak to Fire.
Two Fires or one TKO Wakka kills him. Be careful as the Magic stats of the 
Flans grow. Wakka is immune to him once he reaches critical HP.

Simurgh (Bird), 200HP, Agility: 17. Weak to Fire.
Fast, but weak. Fire kills him.


2x Bite Bug + 1x Basilisk:
Target the Bite Bugs first. They will both act first. Switch Yuna or Tidus
for Lulu and kill the first one. Try to petrify the other one. Try to Slow
the Basilisk and kill it slowly. Esuna those who are Petrified.

2x Basilisk:
With Yuna Stoneproof; it's easy. Slowing and Poisoning them is your biggest
rely. Switch Wakka's TKO for the Rulebreaker and try to Poison them. Leave the
one alone who is Poisoned and target the other. When they are both Poison;
defend and watch the show.

1x Garm + 1x Bunyip + 1x Simurgh:
Take the Simurgh first with Lulu's Fire. Take the Bunyip with Wakka; if he
doesn't Petrify; kill it with Auron and Kimahri. The Garm has latest priority.
Petrify it.

1x Basilisk + 2x Funguar:
This encounter is deadly annoying and can lead to a Game Over if things go the
wrong way. The Funguars are not to be touched, cause their Pollen is still a
quick road to the Farplane. Blind, Slow and Poison the Basilisk as soon as
possible! Heal the Funguar's Fire with Yuna and hope they don't target the
same character. As soon as the pyreflies escape from the Basilisk; you are
safe. Get Tidus in critical HP and kill the Funguars.

1x Garm + 1x Bunyip + 1x Snow Flan:
Wakka Petrifies the Bunyip or Auron and Kimahri take him. Now, attack the Garm
with Wakka and try to get him in critical HP. As soon as the Garm is down, you
are set: SOS Nulfrost Wakka VS Snow Flan. An easy win, ya?

1x Lamashtu + 1x Raptor + 1x Funguar:
Easy. Tidus and Wakka can mostly take the Raptor with one hit each. Auron
takes the Lamashtu and Nulblaze Tidus kills the Funguar.

2x Bite Bug + 1x Funguar:
Bite Bugs first. They will attack first, but they do pitiful damage. Kill the
first one with Blizzard and kill the other one with Wakka (and Lancet). Tidus
for the rescue against the Funguar. You can even ignore Poison as long as it
doesn't land on Tidus.

1x Snow Flan + 2x Gandarewa:
Double Gandarewa is annoying. Kimahri is the one with both Lightning- and Ice
Ward so keep him in your party. Try to Petrify the Gandarewas with Wakka, if
he doesn't succeed: Lulu's Water kills him the next turn. Heal when necessary
and kill the Snow Flan (Wakka Nulfrost) in the end.

2x Bite Bug + 1x Simurgh:
A fast party, but doing pitiful damage. Lulu to the rescue. Fire + Blizzard
+ Blizzard is a win. You can use Wakka and Lancet as well.

Try to win another Stonetouch weapon from the Basilisks. It's optional, but
highly recommended. I assume you have one.

Enter the Djose Temple and complete it. Don't forget to pick up the gil and
the Mega Phoenix. Stock up on a good amount of Phoenix Downs, Potions and
Softs. Pick up the Halberd when you leave the Djose Temple. Sell it again for 
good gil. 

Enter the road to the Moonflow. Equip the Red Ring instead of the Soft Ring.


Ochu (Plant), 7200HP, Agility: 6
Heal its attacks and attack with Wakka to Petrify it. Winning Poisontouch for
someone would be great.


1x Ochu + 1x Garm:
Take the Garm first with Wakka (and Tidus). Heal after every Ochu's Poison
Claw and Petrify it with Wakka.

1x Ochu + 2x Bite Bug:
Blizzard one Bite Bug after they attacked. Lancet + Wakka attack the other and
keep on targetting the Ochu with Wakka until it is Petrified.

- 1x Bunyip + 1x Garm + 1x Bite Bug:
Cast Blizzard on the Bite Bug and let Auron and Kimahri take the Bunyip. The
Garm is finally taken with Tidus and Wakka attack.

- 2x Gandarewa + 1x Funguar:
An annoying party. Water + Wakka attack the first Gandarewa and keep Yuna and
Kimahri in the pary to half the Funguar's Fire. Try to Petrify one of the
Gandarewas. For the Funguar; well... Nulblaze Tidus maybe? :)


We've arrived at the Moonflow and Rikku is about to join the party.
FINALLY. First, pick up the 5000 gil hidden in a chest behind Lulu under the
tent. You need it, cause you need to buy some equipment here. Don't forget a
single one of them.

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Danger Armguard from the Woman. It has
[SOS Nulblaze][SOS Nulshock] for Wakka. It's VERY important for... well... a
lot of places.

---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Buy the Snakehead from O'aka. It has [Mag+5%]
[Poisontouch] for Kimahri. Very important in Bikanel.

---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Buy the Noxious Cait Sith. It has
[Poisontouch] for Lulu and it will be a very important weapon against the
first Zu in Bikanel.

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the White Bracer from the standing man,
it has [Mdef +5%][Ice Ward] for Auron and is mandatory for Natus.

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Blue Bracer from the Woman, it has
[Def+5%][Water Ward] for Auron and is mandatory for Natus.

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Serum Bracer from O'Aka. It has [Poison
Ward][SOS Nulshock] for Auron. A must in the Thunder Plains and very important
against Evrae.

---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Buy the Blurry Moon from the Man under the
tent. It has [Piercing][Darktouch] for Auron and can save you against moles.

You can also buy the Double-Edge for Tidus [Firestrike][Icestrike]. It's
slightly useful against the Sand Wolves in Bikanel, but optional.

You should have enough money from the 5000 gil, selling the Halberd and the
random encounters. If you don't have it, get back to the Moonflow and win
enough in the battles.

Save, equip the Stunning Steel for Tidus and the Lightningscout for Wakka.

Enter the Shoopuf.

<<<HP: 4000>>>>>>>>>>
He is not as hard as you think. First a little chitchat about his attacks.
Aqua Shooter - 200 damage on either Wakka or Tidus.
Readying Depth Charges - charges for Depth Charges.
Depth Charges - 350 damage to both of them, plus adding Darkness status.

Depth Charges is annihilating. The 350 damage is survivable, but Darkness
makes sure you won't connect to him, so he will use the attack immediately
again. You have to make sure you will NEVER see Depth Charges. How? Read and

It requires a little bit of luck at the start of the battle. After that, you
have the world in your own hands. In the start of the battle; you should attack
the Extractor with the Stunning Steel until he is Slowed. You have two or three
chances, before you get Depth Charged.

Done? Good.

Extractor uses one OR two Aqua Shooters before he rises up to use Depth
Charges. If you do 500 damage or more between these moves, he will come back
down and will not use Depth Charges. You can only do 500 damage without 
critical hits if you have four turns between "ready" and Depth Charges (Wakka
160 x 2 + Tidus 130 x 2). Force this by changing weapons and healing before the
the he CAN rise up comes, this means you have to do it after the first Aqua
Shooter. If you DON'T have 4 turns after his next turn and he rises up; you are

Example of CTB-bar (W=Wakka, T=Tidus, E=Extractor) after he came down used
Aqua Shooter once:
T - W - T - [W] - E - T - W - T - E - W - .....

You have four turns to blast him before he has a chance to rise, BUT IF he
rises, you only have THREE turns to attack him, which is NOT ENOUGH to make him
go down. Depth Charges is unavoidable. Except if you change weapons/heal with
Wakka before Extractor's first turn (note the brackets on Wakka's turn). If you
do that, the CTB bar would have been the following:

T - W - T - E - [W] - T - W - T - E - W - .....

Notice that you have 4 turns now between "ready" and Depth Charges.

As long as you make sure he'll NEVER use Depth Charges; you'll win.

Extractor can drop more than SOS Nul-element on his armors. I suggest to
refight the battle until you have, but it's optional.

Open up several chests and talk to several people.

Rikku joins the party. FINALLY!!! Woohoooooooooo!!!

For the tutorial battle; don't even think of wasting two expensive Bomb Cores.
Mix two Power Spheres for an overkill.

Before we are going to steal, the Guadosalam event (try to steal some Poison
Fangs and Antarctic Winds before you arrived). Of course: Don't forget any


Very boring. Watch the cutscenes and go the Farplane

---VERY IMPORTANT ITEMS ALERT: Don't forget the 8x Lightning Marble hidden in
a chest on the way to the Farplane.

Watch the cutscenes and the Brotherhood getting upgraded.

Return to Guadosalam and enter O'Aka's shop. DO NOT WATCH ALL THE CUTSCENES
FIRST or O'Aka will be gone.

---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Buy the Fatal Cait Sith from O'Aka. It has
[Deathtouch] for Lulu. NOTE: O NOT watch all the cutscenes and the Thunder
Plains Tutorial first, because O'Aka is gone after that!

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Yellow Bracer for Auron, it has 
[Lightning Ward] and is needed for Natus.

Also, buy a Lightning Ward armor for Rikku.

Had a good nap while listening to the boring cutscenes? Good, wake up now.


It's too early to go here. Back to the Moonflow.


Now, it's stealing time. Stealing is very risky, cause Rikku mostly can't
survive a single attack from a fiend. Especially later in the game. Mostly,
you only should steal from fiends who are Sleep, Blind or Silenced. I'm going
to be rough on you, cause you will waste a long time on this short piece of
Moonflow road. Steal the following items here. There are two numbers. A number
you HAVE to steal, and a number i RECOMMEND you to steal (within brackets)

Item:			Fiend:			Number:	Rare/Common:

Poison Fang*		Bite Bug		1[5]	0x Common/1x Rare
Antarctic Wind		Snow Flan		10[16]	2x Common/2x Rare
Remedy			Ochu			0[2]	1x Common/2x Rare
Stamina Tablet		[Treasure Chest]	1[1]	10% chance
Dragon Scale		[Treasure Chest]	4[6]	30% chance
Mega Potion		[Treasure Chest]	0[4]	60% chance

You don't really need to steal from Ochus, but i recommend you to do it while
Wakka tries to Petrify it. For the Bite Bugs, steal from them while they are
together with a Treasure chest. Weaken them with Lancet and try to steal the
damn Poison Fangs you need. After about an hour; i think you have all of the
items you need. As you can see, the Stamina Tablets may take a while as well.

A little backtracking to Djose Highroad. Just defeat the enemies you meet on
your way back. Except for the Bite Bugs and the Snow Flans, there is nothing
really worth it to steal.


Poison Fangs make the challenge easier, since they simply do a ridiculously
amount of damage. And yes, you can talk about easiness in this challenge, how
weird it may sound. However, ONLY 1 Poison Fang is ABSOLUTELY needed in this
challenge, and that is the one for Natus. The others, for Anima, Seymour and
Evrae, are optional. So, for both Seymour and Evrae, it's also added how you
can beat them without Poison Fangs.

Steal the following items.
Item:			Fiend:			Number:	Rare/Common:

Petrify Grenade		Basilisk		10[15]	1x Common/1x Rare
Silence Grenade		Funguar			5[8]	1x Common/0x Rare
Smoke Bomb		Simurgh			4[6]	1x Common/2x Rare

I won't make a new strategy for the fiends. Steal every spare turn Rikku has.
She is much faster than the rest of the party, so you should have that spare
turns. For the Basilisk, Funguar x2 party: be careful with stealing, cause it
is really dangerous.

Remember that stealing from the Funguars can also trigger Pollen. Keep
Nulblaze Tidus handy and only steal when there are no other fiends left.

Is the challenge annoying you already? 

Yes? Play another challenge / game.

No? Good. Follow me back to the Moonflow and into Guadosalam.


Now for real. Before you have reached the agency; you can call this place the
"Game Over Plains" no doubt, especially without the Sentry. Wakka starts
missing flyers here. Hell.

Auron's Serum Bracer and Wakka's Danger Armguard should be in your surviving
kit. Equip following weapons:

Make your party Rikku, Auron and Yuna

Tidus:	*Brotherhood*			---
Yuna:	Rod of Wisdom			Soft Ring
Wakka:	TKO 				*Danger Armguard*
Lulu:	Fatal Cait Sith			Tough Bangle
Kimahri:Hunter's Spear			Red Armlet 
Auron:	(Sentry) *Blurry Moon*		Serum Bracer
Rikku:  ---				Yellow Targe

For once; Forget everything and make a run for the agency. NOW!


Aerouge (Imp), 200HP, Agility: 11. Weak to Water.
Quite fast. Thundara hits very hard. TKO Wakka kills him, or two attacks with
Wakka if the TKO refuses to work.

Buer (Eyeball), 230HP, Agility: 12. Weak to Water.
O NO. A new Eyeball. Deadly. It requires two Wakka-attacks to kill it. Even
Water + Wakka attack is not enough. You can't help it from having a turn
if Wakka doesn't petrify. Even worse, Wakka will occasionally miss it.

Gold Element (Element), 1200HP, Agility: 7. Weak to Water.
Unless you want to waste all Lulu's MP, you should kill him with the Fatal
Cait Sith. Although he uses Thunder; it hurts more than Thundara from Aerouge.

Kusariqqu (Dragon), 445HP, Agility: 7. Weak to Water.
This monster is your worst nightmare. It never appears alone and he has a
guaranteed Game Over Lightning Breath. Kill it FIRST with an attack of Auron
and Kimahri. You can't trust TKO or Fatal Cait Sith (FCS from now) to kill it.

Larva (Larva), 1498HP, Agility: 10. Weak to Water.
These only appear with other Ligntning casters. Auron or Wakka with SOS
Nulshock are Larva-proof.

Melusine (Lizard), 265HP, Agility: 17. Weak to Ice.
To make it even worse, the Lizard is back again. Tidus will mostly miss, so
mostly only Wakka can connect to it. Hope you'll petrify it soon enough. If
not, it requires three attacks...


- 1x Buer + 1x Kusariqqu + 1x Gold Element.
Ambush is deadly. Luckily you can avoid that by having low HP with Wakka
and Auron, and their SOS-nulshock armors. Throw a Grenade to get rid of the
You'll need to use Lancet with Kimahri. Attack with Auron, and the Kusariqqu
is gone. The Gold Element is still standing. Kill him with the FCS.

- 1x Gold Element + 1x Larva:
Fairly easy, try to kill the Element with the FCS. Make sure either Wakka or
Auron comes in critical HP. Kill the Larva with the TKO.

- 1x Melusine + 1x Kusariqqu + 1x Aerouge:
You will die if you have an ambush here. Target the Kusariqqu first with
Kimahri and Auron. Leave the Aerouge alone for now, it's hardly dangerous with
SOS Nulshock Wakka/Auron in the party. Kill the Melusine with Wakka and Tidus.
THEN, safely Petrify the Aerouge.

- 1x Gold Element + 1x Melusine + 1x Buer:
This one is even worse. The Melusine rarely acts before Rikku. Switch Rikku
for Wakka and try to Petrify it. Switch Tidus/Yuna for Lulu and try to KO the
Gold Element. As soon as Rikku gets a next turn; throw an Antarctic Wind on
the Buer. If the TKO and FCS both work; kill the Buer with TKO (why waste an
item when not necessary?). This party relies on luck. If the TKO and the FCS
refuse to work several times; you are in serious trouble.

- 1x Gold Element + 1x Buer + 1x Aerouge
Relatively easy if you want to waste an Antarctic Wind on the Buer. If you
want to play dangerous; try to Petrify it with Wakka. The Gold Element and the
Aerouge are harmless with SOS Nulshock Wakka or Auron.

- 1x Larva + 2x Aerouge
SOS Nulshock Wakka + TKO can take on this party. Gotta love SOS Nulshock, eh?

Reached the agency? Well done.

Watch some boring cutscenes and talk to the girl behind the desk. 

---VERY IMPORTANT ITEMS ALERT: Buy as many Grenades as possible!!! They are
vital for the Macalania Woods and the rest of the Thunder Plains. You'll feel
safe with some Grenades in stock, trust me. Of course, Phoenix Downs are more
worth the money than Grenades.

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Obtain the Yellow Shield when you leave the
agency. It has [Lightningproof] for Tidus. You'll need it... Trust me...

Again, make a run for the end of the Thunder Plains. The rest comes later.

Tidus:	Brotherhood			Yellow Shield
Yuna:	Rod of Wisdom			Soft Ring
Wakka:	TKO 				Danger Armguard
Lulu:	Fatal Cait Sith			Tough Bangle
Kimahri:Hunter's Spear			Red Armlet 
Auron:	Sentry (Blurry Moon)		Serum Bracer
Rikku:  ---				Yellow Targe

Pray to one or two (i advice not to pray to three, it makes capturing harder)
Qactuar Stones to unlock the Qactuars.


Iron Giant(Iron Giant), 3600HP, Agility: 7.
A lot of HP, but very easy. It always targets the weakest character. Use this
to your advantage. If you can, try to make Lulu (highest Evasion) have less
HP than Rikku (between 250 and 359) and always Defend. If Iron Giant is
Power Broken; he can't kill Lulu. Heal her with a Potion everytime.
Petrify him with Wakka or KO him with Lulu.

Qactuar(Cactuar), 500HP, Agility: 15
Rikku acts before him/them. Double Grenade is a kill. A Smoke Bomb to be sure.


- 1x/2x Qactuar
Use one Grenade and they flee like cowards.
A Smoke Bomb when hunting for Initiative (see below).

- 1x Iron Giant
A lot of HP, but very easy. It always targets the weakest character. Use this
to your advantage. If you can, try to make Lulu (highest Evasion) have less
HP than Rikku (between 250 and 359) and always Defend. If Iron Giant is
Power Breaked; he can't kill Lulu. Heal her with a Potion everytime.
Petrify him with Wakka or KO him with Lulu.

- 1x Melusine + 1x Kusariqqu + 1x Aerouge
Tadam!! Grenade saves you. Use it to kill the Melusine and the Aerouge in one
hit. The Kusariqqu is left with enough HP for Auron to kill it in one hit.

- 2x Larva
SOS Nulshock Wakka + TKO = 'nuff said.

- 1x Iron Giant + 2x Buer
Dangerous? Neeehhhh... Rikku uses a Grenade to kill the Buers. For the Giant:
see above.

- 1x Gold Element + 1x Buer + 1x Melusine
Again, a Grenade kills the Buer and Melusine in one hit. Lulu FCS's the Gold
Element. Try to steal one or two Electro Marbles before killing it.

Initiative from one of the Qactuars for anyone but Tidus, Rikku or Yuna.
Kimahri or Auron is most recommended. Don't use Grenades, cause they will run
away the next turn. Use either an Antarctic Wind, Electro Marble or Smoke
Bomb. If you've already bought the Sentry, then there's no need to hunt for

Why not Tidus: he will be wearing the Sonic Steel always after Macalania.
Why not Yuna: she is not present in Bikanel Island. The place where Initiative
is extremely useful.
Why not Rikku: she has to be OUT of the party in Bikanel, so that she can be
switched in for Tidus immediately to take out fiends with Smoke Bombs/Sleeping
Powders. If she is the one with Initiative; she HAS TO BE in the party when
it starts. You'll be screwed when you meet a lot of Sand Wolfs/Alcyones. They
act before Rikku and are too fast to handle.

Fight next to a Save Sphere and steal several Electro Marbles from Aerouges or
Gold Elements. Rikku with full HP and the Yellow Targe can survive one attack
of them. Kill the other fiends until only one of them is left. Steal about 10.

Also, try to win an SOS Regen armor from an Iron Giant. It's not useful, but
it sells for a lot of gil. If you win it with two open slots, you're blessed.
Buy as many Grenades as you can from selling it.

Leave the Thunder Plains; you can't be bothered to hang around there. We need
the Sonic Steel first to make it a lot easier.


This place is even more dangerous than the Thunder Plains. I'm not
oversensitive. It's just plain true. Equip following weapons/armors:

Tidus:	*Stunning Steel*		---
Yuna:	Rod of Wisdom			*Red Ring*
Wakka:	TKO 				Danger Armguard
Lulu:	Fatal Cait Sith			Tough Bangle
Kimahri:Hunter's Spear			Red Armlet 
Auron:	Blurry Moon			Serum Bracer
Rikku:  ---				Yellow Targe

*Initiative goes before an other weapon for a character and he/she must be in
the frontline no matter what. Ambush is a guaranteed Game Over in the Woods
*SOS Nultide for anyone should be equiped immediately


Blue Element, 1500HP, Agility: 9. Weak to Lightning.
This one is trouble. Big trouble. It's Watera is an instant kill to EVERYONE
except Auron. Kimahri's Red Armlet doesn't have Water Ward. Yuna with SOS
Nultide is immune when she has critical HP. Use the FCS to kill him. Throw
a Silence Grenade for extreme measures.

Chimera, 5250HP, Agility: 9.
Always appears alone, which makes him easy. Aqua Breath is the only real
dangerous attack. Everyone survives it when at full HP, except Rikku and
Lulu sometimes. Use the TKO or FCS to kill him quick.

Iguion, 370HP, Agility: 19.
Fast, and more dangerous! It mostly acts first and can kill Rikku in one hit.
Use a Grenade and attack with Wakka to kill it. Do not allow it to move more
than once. If he petrifies Rikku; you better give up.

Murussu, 580HP, Agility: 7.
Slow and easy if he would be on his own. It doesn't have full priority. He
kills all the girls in one hit, but Lulu sometimes evades. A Grenade and an
attack from Auron kills him. You can also try the FCS or TKO.

Xiphos, 2700HP, Agility: 17.
Fast and quite strong. TKO or FCS for the rescue. Dark Attack works only half
of the time, due to 50% resistance. He likes to Poison you as well.

Wasp, 360HP, Agility: 18.
It's fast, but does low damage. A Grenade or Blizzard can kill him, but it's
not guaranteed. Give it last priority.


- 1x Chimera
Watch out for Aqua Breath, furthermore; it's easy. Try to steal some Arctic
Winds from him. TKO or FCS to kill him.

- 1x Xiphos
Pitiful. TKO or FCS for a kill.

- 1x Xiphos + 2x Wasp
Take out the Wasps by throwing a Grenade, when they aren't dead; use a
Blizzard to kill them forgood. Power Break the Xiphos if you like.

- 1x Iguion + 1x Murussu + 1x Blue Element
Oh no. A painful party. The Iguion has to leave, NOW. Throw a Grenade as soon
as Rikku gets a turn. Finish him with Wakka. You can't stop it from having a
turn, so you have to be a little bit lucky. The Murussu now only has about 230
HP left so Auron kills him with one attack. Now, you only have one Blue
Element left. Steal some Fish Scales from it, don't forget to throw a PD on
everyone who is killed. KO it with the FCS. 

- 1x Iguion + 1x Murussu + 1x Wasp
Iguion! Away, MOVE. First turn Rikku gets; Grenade. It can kill both the
Iguion and the Wasp, but it's not guaranteed. Wakka gives the final blow to
the Iguion. The Wasp (if it wasn't dead already) is finished by Blizzard and
Auron sends the Murussu to the Farplane.

- 1x Wasp + 2x Blue Element
This is the worst of all. Ignore the Wasp for now and switch in Lulu. If she
manages to KO one of the Blue Elements, take a deep sigh. If she doesn't KO
one of them: switch in Rikku and throw a Silence Grenade; you can't risk the
Blue Elements to have both a turn, cause you will be Game Over before you can
blink your eyes. While they are Silenced; stock on a lot of Fish Scales and
kill them with the FCS.
Left the Woods? Find O'Aka. Tell him his prices are too expensive.

B U Y   T H E   S O N I C   S T E E L. You'll be sorry if you don't, cause
this makes the challenge 100% IMPOSSIBLE! Needless to say; it has First Strike
for Tidus and it will safe your butt more than... whatever.

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Blue Armlet; is has Waterward for
Kimahri. WHY wasn't O'Aka here before the Blue Element rush?

Equip the Sonic Steel, unequip any Elementalstrike weapons for Auron and Save
your game.

Make sure to have at least the following items, before facing the next boss.
Electro Marble - x10
Antarctic Wind - x10
Fish Scale - x4

Make your party Rikku, Lulu, Tidus (Sonic Steel)

Let Auron cut the woods in some pieces. It brings us the next boss.

<<<HP: 12000>>>>>>>>>>>
This overgrown Sphere is easy, but time and item consuming. As you know from
previous game(s), Spheri absorbs every element, except its one weakness.

Switch in Auron, Power Break him. You now know his weakness. Use the following
item/spell when he counters with:
Fire - Rikku's Antarctic Wind (~900 damage)
Water - Rikku's Electro Marble (~900 damage)
Ice - Lulu's Fire (~350 damage)
Thunder - Rikku's Fish Scale (~900 damage) or Lulu's Water (~350 damage).

He will change his weakness. Auron uses a physical attack again to find out
what his next weakness is.

Defend with the rest of the frontline. Use Yuna to heal party members who are 

His Press only cuts of 25% of everyone's current HP. Only 12.50% when a
character is under Defend. His normal attack and his counter don't do very
high damage. This boss is slow and weak. Use PD's when a character has fallen
for some reason. Really, some random encounters are harder than this boss. It
only takes time and items.

That's that. Watch the next scenes and Save again. Now, we are going to
backtrack to the Thunder Plains do steal some more items. With the Sonic Steel,
it's much safer. Trust me. Take the crystal path to avoid the Woods (we'll be
back there as well, but not now).


Equip the Sonic Steel and leave Rikku OUT of the party. You can switch her in
to use two items in a row, with none of the fiends being able to attack
before. If you leave the Initiative character in the frontline as well: you
are safe.

Steal the following items:

Item:			Fiend:			Number:	Rare/Common:

Light Curtain 		Iron Giant 		15[20]	1x Common/1x Rare
Lunar Curtain 		Larva			15[20]	1x Common/2x Rare
Chocobo Feather		Qactuar			15[20]  1x Common/1x Rare
Electro Marble		Gold Element/Aerouge	20[30]	1x Common/2x Rare
Silver Hourglass	Kusariqqu		1[1]	0x Common/1x Rare

I'd recommend not to try to steal more than 3 items from the same fiend. The
chances decrease exponentially. 100% - 50% - 25%. For the 4th steal; you'll
only have a chance of 1 in 8 to have a succesful steal. Don't rely on it.


]]Light Curtain:
Encounter either an Iron Giant or 2x Buer and Iron Giant. It doesn't matter.
Switch in Rikku and either kill the Buers with a Grenade or steal your first
Light Curtain. Auron Power Breaks the Giant. Switch in Tidus, switch to
the Stunning Steel and hope to Slow the Giant. Now, he will face Rikku every
turn. If she defends before he uses his attack, the Giant won't kill her.
Get her to full HP every time and steal as many Light Curtains as you can.
When Reaper is coming (4th attack), make sure everyone has more than 350HP
or 175HP when they are defending. When you have enough Light Curtains, kill
the Giant with TKO or FCS.

]]Lunar Curtain:
The best encounter would be with two Larvas. Switch in Rikku and steal the
first. Let TKO or FCS finish one which you already stole one from. Make sure
to switch Tidus back in with his Lightningproof shield to be safe. When one
Larva is down; steal Lunar Curtains like crazy. Rikku survives one Thundara
when she is wearing the Yellow Targe.

]]Chocobo Feather:
Switch in Rikku; steal one. The Qactuar makes a move. If he kills Rikku;
revive her immediately. Try to steal another one and throw a Grenade after
this to make him run like a coward. If you encounter two Qactuars; it'll be
better to kill one with an Antarctic Wind / Electro Marble to decrease the
chances for a Game Over.

]]Electro Marble:
Kill the other fiends in the active party.Rikku with the Yellow Targe survives
both Gold Element's Thunder and Aerouge's Thundara. Make sure everyone in the
active party is alive to drag their attacks from Rikku. When you have three,
kill the last fiend.

]]Silver Hourglass:
A hard one. Use a Grenade to kill the other fiends and target your attention
to the Kusariqqu. Rikku can't survive Lightning Breath, so try not to have her
in your party when the Kusariqqu has a turn. Make sure Auron is in the party
nonstop at full HP. He can survive Kusariqqu's Lightning Breath and his
regular attack and is able to kill him in one hit when things get dangerous.
Because the Kusariqqu is slow, you can steal an item and get Rikku out of the
party before Kusariqqu gets a move in. The Silver Hourglass is a rare item,
but mandatory for Evrae. Don't leave the Thunder Plains without it, no matter
how long it takes.

Make sure to change your frontline between battles and heal your characters
between battles. Save every three or four encounters just four the insurance.
What if you forget to have Sonic Tidus and your Initative character in the
party? 2x Buer and Iron Giant? Ambush? That's gonna hurt.

Got the items? Good, stock up on Grenades and PD's (remember the SOS Regen
trick?). Proceed to the Woods. Save.


Steal the following items:

Item:			Fiend:			Number:	Rare/Common:

Fish Scale		Blue Element		10[15]	2x Common/3x Rare
Arctic Wind		Chimera			5[8]	1x Common/1x Rare

You don't need many items. I'll provide stategies, but first: check the
amount of Poison Fangs you have. It's recommended to have at least 5. You
can do it with less, but i really suggest you to steal them. There's a new
source here: Wasp. 

As said in the note before, you only *NEED* one Poison Fang, but more will 
make your life much, much easier.


]]Poison Fang:
Wait for a Xiphos and 2x Wasp battle. TKO the Xiphos and try to steal the damn
Poison Fangs. Wasps do very little damage. Heal Rikku when necessary and kill
one when you stole two useless Hi-Potions from it or when it's annoying you.
Yuna's Esuna or Antidotes take care of Poison.

]]Fish Scale:
-First possibility: 1x Iguion + 1x Murussu + 1x Blue Element
Switch Sonic Tidus for Rikku and throw a Grenade. Throw another. Now, you only
have a Blue Element left. Steal the Fish Scales and revive characters when
necessary. A single Blue Element isn't dangerous.

-Second possibility: 2x Blue Element + 1x Wasp
Switch Sonic Tidus for Rikku and throw a Silence Grenade. You can get a lot
of Fish Scales by just using a single item: 12 if you are lucky. Kill them
with the FCS when they are annoying you. If you don't want to waste a
Silence Grenade: don't say i didn't warn you...

]]Arctic Wind:
Just start stealing. Rikku dies from Aqua Breath and Megiddo Flame, but she
survives Thundara and (of course) his regular attack. Stealing ain't that hard
although you should not forget to have two other characters in the battle with
more than 400HP to survive Aqua Breath. You can Slow him with the Stunning
Steel if you want to.

Done it all? Save and go to Macalania Lake. First, we have an item check, you
should at least have the following items. Remember; this is the MINIMUM. More
is always good:

5 Arctic Winds
15 Chocobo Feathers
4 Dragon Scales
20 Electro Marbles
15 Light Curtains
8 Lightning Marbles
15 Lunar Curtains
12 Petrify Grenades
5 Poison Fangs (or less, for those who try to defy all laws of FFX)
4 Silence Grenades
1 Silver Hourglass
2 Smoke Bombs
1 Stamina Tablet

Last: about 12 single elemental items in total (Antarctic Winds and Fish

Don't leave the Woods without these items. 


New fiends, new chances. I'll stop writing the weapon-part. A lot of weapons
will be different than I had in my game. Never forget to equip:
-Wakka with TKO
-Lulu with Fatal Cait Sith
-Tidus with Sonic Steel
-Character with Initative in the frontline (not Rikku, Yuna or Tidus)

Rikku must be OUT of the battle at all cost. 

Don't bother stealing here. Run to the agency, you might have an encounter
here. Switch in Rikku and finish it with Grenades. Or do it the way you like.
For the Ice Flan; leave it until the end and finish with TKO or FCS. Enter
the Agency. Buy 99 Phoenix Downs, some Softs and as many Grenades as you can
effort. Sell useless equipment; you should check by yourself what you consider
useless equipment. I sold all elemental strike weapons, except for Auron's.
Buy some Hi-Potions if you are very rich. Make sure to have at least 15 Hi-

Leave the agency. 

Make sure Tidus has the Sonic Steel equiped. 
Party: Tidus, Kimahri, Auron. 

<<<BOSS: CRAWLER>>>>>>
<<<HP: 16000>>>>>>>>>>
<<<HP: 1000>>>>>>>>>>>
You can try to get the Lifesaver here, it's a weapon for Tidus with Alchemy
on it. For years, we all thought it was mandatory to have it to have a chance
against BFA. However, our NSGNSNCNO-Hero Blitz_Ace470 clearly mentioned that 
it doesn't help you as much as we thought it would. It's useful, sure. And
there's absolutely no way you can get Alchemy on Tidus' weapon later, but it
IS optional.

You can win the battle without Rikku in Haste, but it will be very useful
and the battle will take much less time. Switch Sonic Tidus for Rikku, throw
a Chocobo Feather on herself. Followed up by a Light Curtain, she even has
another turn; throw an Electro Marble. Accept Gattling Gun's damage. No one
dies. Switch Kimahri for Tidus, switch to Stunning Steel. Auron heals Rikku.
Tidus tries to Slow the Crawler.

Rikku keeps on throwing Electro Marbles, Tidus keeps on trying to Slow him and
Auron keeps on healing the party. When he is Slowed; Rikku can throw up to 7
Electro Marbles before Crawler is on turn. 

Make sure to have Crawler at less than 80HP. Force this by using Lancet, Auron
attack and Tidus attack. When he has less than 80HP and Tidus is at full HP:
kill the rest of the party and finish Crawler with only Tidus alive. This will
improve the chances for Crawler to drop the Lifesaver.

It only happens rarely that Rikku doesn't survive Gattling Gun. Revive, Haste
and Protect her again if it happens. Or just Reset if you don't feel like
wasting valuable items.

The battle can take less than 6 minutes. It depends on when the Stunning Steel
Slows Crawler. Luckily, Crawler is quite easy.

If you didn't win the Lifesaver, it's your choice to try again. Remember that
it's not really necessary to win. If you desperately want it and Crawler 
refuses to give it, then what are you crying about? You're the one who started
the challenge!

If you didn't win the Lifesaver, remember that this was the last source for
the Fire Ward Bracer unless you want to get it from the Bombs in Home or the

Watch the scenes with the Snowscooter, you'll ride with Rikku, trust me.

Get into Macalania temple and watch Jyscal's Sphere. Don't watch it when you
don't have the items mentioned above, cause there's no way back after you've
watched it. Seymour is evil? As if you didn't know.

Talk to O'Aka: buy 99 Phoenix Downs and make sure to have about 20 Eye Drops.

Equip the following weapons/armors:
Tidus - Stunning Steel, Yellow Shield (Lightningproof). Don't equip the Sonic
Steel. For some reason, only Tidus will have the first turn with it. While all
three characters have a turn if you haven't equiped it. Quite odd, but true.
Wakka - Danger Armguard (SOS Nulblaze, SOS Nulshock)
Yuna - Rod of Wisdom (Sensor) and Red Ring (Fire Ward, SOS Nultide)
Kimahri - Red Armlet

This is all you need. You can't set a party, cause it's preset.

Save. Here he comes.

<<<HP: 3000>>>>>>>>
Tidus is switched for Rikku. Throw a Petrify Grenade to kill the Guado
Guardians. It's that simple. Seymour casts a spell, revive the fallen
character. Tidus switches weapons to the Stunning Steel. Revive characters
with the other character than Tidus. Preferably Auron, cause he can survive
one spell from Seymour. Tidus attacks Seymour nonstop with the Stunning
Steel to Slow him.

As soon as he is Slowed; you'll have a lot more turns to prepare. This is what
you should do before finishing him.
-Talk with Tidus. This isn't that hard.
-Switch Tidus' weapon to the Brotherhood, the Str +15% is really useful.
-Throw a Chocobo Feather on Rikku herself.
-Throw a Chocobo Feather on Tidus.
-Throw a Chocobo Feather and a Lunar Curtain on Auron.

Make sure Rikku and Tidus are not in the frontline when Seymour casts a
spell. It would be a waste when she dies and loses Haste.

Your party for Anima: Tidus, Rikku and your fastest other character that you
have (I'm not going to tell you who that is, since you are supposed to know
that by now coughyunacough). Use Tidus' attack and some of Rikku's items to
ripp his 3,000HP off.
<<<HP: 18000>>>>>
You must destroy Anima and her 18000HP before Oblivion. Anima alternates
between Boost and Pain. The point is that you should use Rikku's items and
Tidus' attack when she is in Boost, cause it does 150% damage. Some numbers to
make it easier. All numbers are stated when Anima is in Boost
Poison Fang: ~3000, Arctic Wind: ~1500, Tidus' attack: ~850(1700 if critical),
it is enough to kill her. Try to take out Rikku before every Pain, this is
possible unless Tidus is targeted too much. Those ~850 damage that Tidus does
helps tremendously. As long Tidus isn't targeted too much, there's no need to
throw Poison Fangs, at all. Feel free to do so if you want to play safe.

Keep in mind that damaging Anima fills up her overdrive. Try to ALMOST fill it
before she has a turn. She uses Boost and you can unload your last attacks on
her. Don't fill it just before she has a turn, cause Oblivion is a guaranteed
Game Over, no doubt.

<<<HP: 6000>>>>>>>>>>>>
You have some turns with your characters to damage Seymour, please do so. Do
not, however, waste any valuable items, because that's not needed. Of course,
keep Auron in the party with Haste and Shell. Seymour either kills two other
characters or kills one character and damages Auron. So, whoever Seymour hits,
Auron can either throw two Phoenix Downs, or a Phoenix Down on whoever died
and a Hi-Potion on himself. Tidus' talk doesn't get 'dispelled' when he dies,
so just use every oppurtunity he gets to attack Seymour. The third character
is switched for Rikku (if it isn't already Rikku) and she can throw Arctic
Winds/Lightning Marbles when she gets a turn.

Eventually, Seymour wil die. A bit.

You should win a Silencestrike weapon for either Kimahri, Yuna or Auron. If
you didn't: My advise is to refight the battle! I also advice you to win it
for another character than the one who has Initiative.

You CAN accept it for Lulu as well, but you should waste the FCS from time
to time. It's at your own risk. You CAN accept Silencetouch for each of them
as well, but it will make things a lot harder. 

However, the Silencestrike weapon is NOT MANDATORY to beat the game, but it
may well make your NENNE trip a bit easier. Random encounters get more
annoying every area you enter. Flans and Elements are getting really, really
deadly if you cannot disable them. You are taking big risks if you move on 
without it. But is it a ---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT? No...

I will pretend that you received it. It took me only two tries to obtain a
Mage Hunter for Kimahri with Silencestrike my first game and three tries to
obtain a Tacid Blade for Auron with Silencestrike my second game.

Complete the Cloister of Trials and Save your game. When you run away, you
will be forced to fight at least three battles with an annoying Guado Guardian
(one or two in the HD remaster version, we love speedy Tidus).

Tidus (Sonic Steel), Initiative character and Yuna / Wakka. Make sure Rikku
and Auron are always OUT of the party. Except when Auron wears the Initiative

Tidus: Sonic Steel
Wakka: TKO, Nulfrost Armguard
Lulu: FCS, Tough Bangle
Auron: Blurry Moon
???: Initiative Weapon
???: Silencestrike weapon


Guado Guardian, 2000HP, Agility: 12
His spells hurt bad. Use the TKO to kill him. You can Silence him as well
with your new weapon. He has 10% resistance to Death, so the FCS will only
work 40% of the times.

Evil Eye, 310HP, Agility: 15
Easy, switch Tidus for Rikku and throw a Grenade for a kill.

Ice Flan, 1350HP, Agility: 9
Silence him with the Silencestrike weapon and kill him with the TKO or the FCS

Mafdet, 710HP, Agility: 9
Double Grenade is mostly a kill. Try to Blind him with Auron's Blurry Moon and
finish him with TKO or FCS is an option as well. His attack mostly kills
everyone accept Auron in one hit.

Snow Wolf, 400HP, Agility: 20
Very annoying and very fast. He doesn't die from one Grenade, so you can't
stop him from having a turn. Wakka's attack after the Grenade kills him for


- 2x Evil Eye, 1x Guado Guardian
Switch Sonic Tidus for Rikku and throw a Grenade to kill the Eyes. Silence the
Guado Guardian and finish him with TKO or FCS. Throw Phoenix Downs when he
kills a character.

- 1x Mafdet, 1x Ice Flan, 1x Guado Guardian
Quite dangerous. Switch Sonic Tidus for your Silencestrike character and
Silence the Guardian. It still can cast Berserk on the Mafdet. Attack the
Mafdet with Auron and Kimahri to kill it. The Ice Flan mostly kills a
character. Try to Silence it and you are set. Kill them both with TKO or FCS.
You can be in trouble if the Flan kills your Silencestrike character.

- 2x Snow Wolf, 1x Guado Guardian
More dangerous. Switch Sonic Tidus for Rikku and throw a Grenade. Now, all the
fiends have a turn. Ouch... Rikku dies from the Guado Guardian's spell and if
both the Sand Wolves target her. If she gets a new turn; throw a new Grenade.
Silence the Guardian and TKO or FCS him. If Rikku dies before the Wolves are
dead; you are in big, big trouble.

Left the Temple Road? Make a run for the Save Sphere at the end of the snowy


- 1x Mafdet + 1x Snow Wolf + 1x Ice Flan
Tidus->Rikku: throw a Grenade. The Wolf is on turn now, but he can't kill
Rikku in one hit. Throw another Grenade to kill the Mafdet and the Snow Wolf.
Silence the Ice Flan and kill it with TKO or FCS.

- 1x Evil Eye + 1x Snow Wolf + 1x Ice Flan
Tidus->Rikku: throw a Grenade. The Evil Eye falls. The Snow Wolf is on turn.
Throw another Grenade to kill the Wolf. Silence and TKO/FCS the Flan.

- 1x Mafdet + 2x Evil Eye
Tidus->Rikku: throw a Grenade. Bye Evil Eyes. Throw another one. Bye Mafdet.

Steal in between. These are the items you need:

Item:			Fiend:			Number:	Rare/Common:

Sleeping Powder		Snow Wolf		15[20]	1x Common/2x Rare
Arctic Wind		Ice Flan		15[20]	1x Common/2x Rare

For the Arctic Winds; this is the TOTAL amount you need for your trip until
the Calm Lands. It doesn't mean you have to steal another 15.


I suggest to, as weird as it sounds, to UNEQUIP the TKO. You will see why.

]]Sleeping Powder:
Wait for a [1x Evil Eye + 1x Snow Wolf + 1x Ice Flan] encounter. Switch Rikku
for Tidus and throw a Grenade to kill the Eye. The Snow Wolf does something.
Heal the Snow Wolf with a Potion and use Dark Attack with Wakka. It will be
Blinded and you don't risk killing it. Silence the Flan and steal Sleeping
Powders with Rikku. Wakka targets the Wolf another time. As soon as Darkness
wears of, kill it with Wakka. This wil net you two or three Sleeping Powders.
Steal some Arctic Winds and FCS the Flan.

]]Arctic Wind:
Same as the previous one, but now you should not heal the Wolf, but kill it
instead with Wakka after you threw the Grenade. Silence the Flan and have some
happy stealing time.

Stealing is not hard, just time consuming. The above stated stealing moments
are the safest ones, you can also steal in the Mafdet encounter, but it
requires one attack more. You can, of course, steal some Arctic Winds or
Sleeping Powders when Rikku has a spare turn.

Good, a new boss is waiting. He is deadly easy. Equip Sonic Steel with Tidus.
Take Rikku out. 


<<<HP: 18000>>>>>>>
This boss will never touch you even once. Switch Tidus for Rikku and use a
Petrify Grenade to kill the Guardians. Use a Sleeping Powder to put Wendigo
to Sleep for 7 turns. This will be an easy battle.

You can choose to Haste Rikku with a Chocobo Feather. It will spare one or
two Sleeping Powders, but it wastes a Chocobo Feather. Do as you will.

Throw Arctic Winds / Lightning Marbles on Wendigo (~1000 damage) to slowly
kill it. You can choose to throw Antarctic Winds / Electro Marbles / Fish
Scales (~600 damage) as well. It's your choice. When he wakes up; use another
Sleeping Powder.

Kimahri can damage him with Lancet (~80 damage) or Lulu with some of her
spells (~230 damage) as well.

A lot of items and about 15 minutes later; you kill him.

You can try to get SOS Haste from him, but it is rare. Counter-attack for
Auron is useful as well, but don't go hunting for it.

You will be automatically go to the place below Macalania temple. Watch some
cutscenes. Pick up the Avenger for Tidus. It's quite useful.

Blah Blah. Sin comes. Oh no, he brings us to:


This place is not really dangerous. Rikku and her Grenades will be more useful
than anywhere else. Pick up the Remedies and Save your game. 
Equip Sonic Steel, of course.

Switch to the Stunning Steel. Auron and Lulu will join Tidus after the Zu
killed Tidus. Power Break him with Auron and Lulu revives Tidus. The Zu has
an attack. It's weaker than the next Zus you will encounter, but still; only
Auron can survive his attack. Try to Slow him as soon as you can with the
Stunning Steel and switch weapons with Lulu to the Noxious Cait Sith. Attack
him with it and hope it gets Poisoned. Make sure Auron has the Blurry Moon
equiped, cause you have 30% chance to Blind him with it. As soon as he is
Slowed and Poisoned, the battle is yours. Keep on healing and Defending until
he dies.

Find Wakka, Kimahri and Rikku as well.

If you encounter a Sand Worm BEFORE you find Rikku; you're in for a tough
fight. A very tough fight. You might want to reset if that happens. The only
way to prevent the Worm from using Earthquake (instant Game Over) is through
Sleepstrike or to make sure that you target it 10 times before he starts
to prepare it. Because he will swallow a character then, instead of using
the earthquake. It will still take quite some time to kill the damn thing,
since you need to Poison it as well. Slow it with Tidus too. 

I won't put down enemy encounters before you find Rikku, cause you will only
have to fight two or three. Take the shortest routes to find your party
members and try to get in as less encounters as you can. Trust on the TKO the
FCS, Dark Attack, Lancet, Fire and everything you can to kill enemies. Find
Rikku, FAST!!! However, don't forget to pick up Kimahri or you will have to
wander back to him. You mostly have to fight only two battles (I suggest
*not* to Save after you defeated the first Zu, because of the steps you're
taking back. Getting into an encounter without Rikku is very risky). 

You have Rikku in the party and survived the encounters? Good.


Alcyone, 430HP, Agility: 26. Weak to Fire
A silly bird, which does pitiful damage. But always accompanied with his
friends. Don't underestimate the bird. Double Grenade kills him. You can also
use a Fire in between for 350 damage. Wakka mostly misses him, if you were
planning to TKO it.

Sand Wolf, 450HP, Agility: 23. Weak to Fire and Ice
Very deadly. Double Grenade is a kill. Both he and the Alcyone are too fast to
handle. Kill them quick and silent. The TKO is an option as well.

Cactuar, 800HP, Agility: 24
This is a master-cactus. Watch out for the silly thing and kill him fast with
a Smoke Bomb and a Grenade. The encounter is rare, it's possible that you
don't even encounter him. Wakka mostly misses and he has 255 Magic Defense, so
you should rely on Rikku's items.

Mushussu, 680HP, Agility: 9. Weak to Ice
Don't, I REPEAT: Don't let this guy have a turn. Both his normal attack and his
Fire Breath attack instantly kill ALL your characters, even Auron. Double
Grenade is a 90% sure kill.

Sand Worm, 45,000HP, Agility: 8. Weak to Water and Ice
Slow, a lot of HP and easy. Poison him with Kimahri or Wakka. Revive characters
from his regular attack until he is Poisoned. Throw a Sleeping Powder and steal
a lot of Shadow Gems while he is asleep and suffers from Poison. Throw a new
Sleeping Powder when he wakes up. Poison kills him after 10 turns.

Zu, 18,000HP, Agility: 8
Not that hard as well. Power Break him and throw a Smoke Bomb. Slow him after
this with the Stunning Steel and try to Poison him with Wakka's Rulebreaker or
Kimahri's Snakehead. It only works 25% of the times, so it might take a while.
If he is Poisoned: wait until it kills him. Defend before Sonic Boom (~300 
damage if Defending).

Very easy, just steal from them. They are a good source for SOS Nul-elements, 
Al Bhed Potions and Grenades.

Equip the following weapons:
Tidus: Sonic Steel
Wakka: Rulebreaker, Danger Armguard
Auron: Blurry Moon
Lulu: FCS
Kimahri: Snakehead
Rikku: Doesn't matter

You don't need the Silencestrike weapon here. Make sure Rikku is ALWAYS out of
the party and your Initiative character always in.

- 2x Mech Guard
Tidus->Rikku: steal from both of them.

- 2x Mech Guard + 1x Mech Gunner
Tidus->Rikku: steal from the Guard and the Gunner. The next turn Rikku gets;
steal from the last Guard.

- 1x Cactuar
Tidus->Rikku: throw a Grenade. It'll mostly run away now. If not; throw a new
Grenade. Use a single elemental item and a Grenade to kill it if you want
Initiative. Steal a Chocobo Feather if you want.

- 1x Zu
Tidus->Rikku: throw a Smoke Bomb. Switch the next character for Auron and
Power Break him to reduce Sonic Boom's damage. Slow with Tidus. Wakka and
Kimahri try to Poison him. Defend before Sonic Boom.

- 2x Alcyone + 1x Sand Wolf
Tidus->Rikku: throw two Grenades

- 1x Sand Worm
Tidus->Kimahri/Wakka: try to Poison him until he is. Throw a Sleeping Powder
and wait until he wakes up. Throw another Sleeping Powder IMMEDIATELY. Steal
a lot of Shadow Gems while he is busy dying :)

- 1x Sand Wolf + 1x Alcyone + 1x Mushussu
Tidus->Rikku: throw two Grenades. Auron attack when the Mushussu isn't dead

- 3x Sand Wolf + 1x [chest]
Tidus->Rikku: throw two Grenades

- 1x Mushussu + 2x Alcyone
Tidus->Rikku: throw two Grenades. Auron attack when the Mushussu isn't dead

As you can see; Grenades save you against the Mushussus, Alcyones and Sand
Wolves. They might be fast and strong, but they don't do anything against
our speedy beauty. Like I said: Rikku is the uber in the challenge. Too bad
that you also need to steal here. Ghehe.

Item:			Fiend:			Number:	Rare/Common:

Sleeping Powder		Sand Wolf		15[20]	2x Common/2x Rare
Smoke Bomb		Zu (Alcyone)		30[50]	3x Common/4x Rare
Shadow Gem		Sand worm		10[20]	2x Common/0x Rare

30[50] Smoke Bombs sounds very much. However, you will waste ONE Smoke Bomb
and steal nine with a Zu fight. A good deal, isn't it?

You probably will have more Shadow Gems than stated above, not bad. The
Sleeping Powders are the hardest ones to steal. It might take a while, but
you need them.


]]Sleeping Powder:
Why not Steal more in Macalania. Well, because we hate snow and because you
Steal two at a time in Bikanel, twice the fun...

You have to isolate the Sand Wolf. There are TWO encounters in which this is
realisticly possible.
- 1x Sand Wolf + 1x Alcyone + 1x Mushussu:
 A Common encounter. Switch in Rikku and throw a Grenade. Switch Rikku for
 Lulu again and cast Fire on the Alcyone. The Sand Wolf is on turn. Hope for
 God's sake that it doesn't target Rikku. Switch in Auron and attack the
 Mushussu. PLEASE, DIE!!! If not; switch in Kimahri and kill it forgood.
 The Sand Wolf is on turn again, ignore it's attack and cast Dark Attack on it.
 If if succeeds; you have 3 turns for Rikku to steal. If lucky; you'll steal
 six Sleeping Powders. Kill the Sand Wolf with Wakka / Rikku when you
 think you have enough.
- 2x Alcyone + 1x Sand Wolf:
 A little less hard than the previous one. Tidus->Rikku: throw a Grenade.
 Switch her for Lulu and set one of the Alcyones on Fire. Kill the other
 Alcyone the next turn Lulu gets. Again; Heal and Blind the Sand Wolf and
 try to steal as many Sleeping Powders as you need. Kill him with Wakka or
 This encounter is easier, but appears less frequent.

]]Smoke Bomb:
Just encounter the Zu as you normally would, but steal a lot of Smoke Bombs
from him (3x[4x]) as soon as he is Power Broken, Slowed and Poisoned. You
can steal a lot of them from one encounter. You will reach 40 of them very

]]Shadow Gem:
Put the Sand Worm to Sleep and you have loads of time to Steal the Shadow
Gems you need. 

For the treasure chests; stealing from them can be fun if you want to, but
they don't contain very nice items (only Mega-Potions and Ethers).

If you win a SOS Reflect armor from a Mech Gunner, you know God loves you.
This will make the Natus battle extremely easy.
However, the chances for a Mech Gunner dropping SOS Reflect are very, very
slim. About 1.5% chance.

6.14 HOME

Save your game. The monsters here are insanely hard. Take Rikku out and put
Sonic Tidus in. The rest doesn't matter.

Enter Home

//FORCED ENCOUNTER: 3x Bomb, 1x Guado Guardian
Switch Tidus for Rikku: throw a Petrify Grenade.
--You can try to kill them with SOS Nulblaze Tidus or Wakka, but the Guado
Guardian can cast Confuse and he has 25% resistance to both Death and
Petrify. He is very hard to kill.

If you don't have the Fire Ward Bracer by now, the above fight is a very
nice source, since it's forced. You can easily reset and reload for a quick

//FORCED ENCOUNTER: 2x Dual Horn, 1x Guardo Guardian
Switch Tidus for Rikku: throw a Petrify Grenade.
--You can try a Smoke Bomb / Sleeping Powders as well. Sleeping Powders
don't work on the Guardian, cause he is immune to Sleep. A Petrify Grenade
is the safest. 

Do this for the rest of the random encounters. You can obtain a Mega Potion
and some other items, but it is a huge waste of Petrify Grenades.

Save the game and go through the door.

//FORCED ENCOUNTER: 2x Chimera, 1x Guado Guardian
Switch Tidus for Rikku: throw a Petrify Grenade.
--There is no other way to kill them unless you are VERY lucky.

Watch the Home scene. The best scene in the game. It made me cry the first
time I played through the game.


Talk to Cid, your characters and to whoever you want to talk to. Eventually,
the Airship will start shaking and there are fiends who entered the ship.


Sell all the Underdog Secrets Rin gives you. You are very rich now.

Buy 99 Softs/Antidotes/Eye Drops/Phoenix Downs/Hi-Potions. Some Echo Screens
for fun.

Equip the Nulblaze Shield and the Danger Armguard.

Sonic Tidus and Initiative character is, of course, in the frontline. Take
Rikku out.


2x Dual Horn, 3795HP, Agility: 17
They are quite harmless when you throw a Smoke Bomb. They still are able to
connect sometime, so watch out. Don't bother with stealing some stuff. Just
TKO or FCS them.

2x Evil Eye, 430HP, Agility: 17
Switch Tidus for Rikku and throw two Grenades to kill them both.

3x Bomb, 2200HP, Agility: 11
Make sure Tidus and/or Wakka get critical HP. Steal some Bomb Cores until
Rikku is KO'ed. Kill them with SOS Nulblaze Wakka or Tidus.

Don't leave the Airship without at least 10 Bomb Cores.

Now, prepare for a hard boss. It might take several tries to kill her, but
if you do things right: you will succeed. 

Equip the following weapons and Armors:

Tidus: 		Sonic Steel	---
Wakka: 		---		---
Auron: 		---		Serum Bracer
Lulu:  		---		---
Kimahri: 	Hunter's Spear	Red Armlet
Rikku:		---		---

The blanks can be filled in with either Sensor weapons or Strength-modifying
weapons. Make sure you don't have elemental weapons equiped.

Make your party: Tidus, <Initiative Character>, Kimahri.

Save. Get ready!!!

<<<HP: 32000>>>>>
Evrae's attack patern close: Swipe, Swipe, Inhale, Poison Breath, <repeat>
Far away: Photon Spray, <repeat>

Start with Tidus switching for Rikku. Throw a Silver Hourglass to Slow Evrae
a little bit down (Stunning Steel doesn't work). Rikku has another turn,
throw a Smoke Bomb to Blind her. You are set for now. Switch Auron in the
party and Power Break Evrae just in case. Now, just attack her and let Rikku
steal Water Gems from her. Evrae's regular attack will miss and When Evrae
uses Stone Gaze; throw a Soft on the character immediately. Stone Gaze is
predictable, but it's not worth the time to tell you when she uses it.

As soon as Evrae inhales; PULL BACK immediately, cause Poison Breath is an
instant Game Over. While she is far away, throw a Lunar Curtain on Rikku, so
that she (mostly) survives Photon Spray. Kimahri and Wakka can target Evrae
while she is far away. Let Cid launch his missiles three times. All together;
this will do for about 7,200 damage. Still a lot to go. 

Get close and personal again. Auron and Kimahri can just attack Evrae. Rikku
is only busy stealing Water Gems. You need them bad! Make sure to have three
succesful steals (if you have a rare steal; even better). When you have enough
Water Gems; use Grenades to give some additional damage to Evrae. Prepare
Rikku and Auron here. Rikku already has Shell, but give her Haste as well 
(Chocobo Feather). Give Auron Haste and Shell as well. When that's done, you
can easily attack her. Rikku can throw up to 4 items inbetween Evrae's turns,
do switch her and Auron out before Evrae is on turn, so Haste and Shell will
not be dispelled with Stone Gaze. Soft the one that's petrified and of course,
Pull Back before Poison Breath. Reblind her with a Smoke Bomb when her
Darkness Status has worn of. Get her to 10,667HP and STOP attacking. It is
allowed to let her have a little bit more HP than 10,667, but ABSOLUTELY NOT

Make sure Evrea's Darkness has FADED AWAY and she JUST CAME BACK FROM MISSING
POISON BREATH. This is important.

So, now you have:
-Auron and Rikku Haste and Shell in the frontline
-Evrae with no Darkness status
-Evrae who is just about to start her attack patern: Swipe, Swipe, Inhale,
Poison Breath.

Now, throw a Smoke Bomb and see Evrae countering with Haste. She is extremely
fast right now, but you still have the fight in your own hands. Because you
have some turns before Poison Breath comes, unload all your attacks. Don't
attack with Grenades anymore, but use Smoke Bombs now. Auron slashes with his
sword, but keep in mind that he must have a turn after Evrae's fourth attack
(always forcable with a weaponswitch after inhaling). As soon as Evrae inhales
you have to switch Rikku out and defend/switch weapons with Auron so that he
has his turn after Poison Breath.

Evrae Breaths and Auron survives. Whoah, that CTB looks scary, doesn't it? If
Auron is Poisoned, use an Antidote. If not, switch in Rikku and start throwing
Smoke Bombs. Evrae attacks, and misses. (Switch in Rikku if Auron was Poisoned
and) Continue the Smoke Bomb assault. When Evrae inhales, Switch in Auron
again and throw a Hi Potion. Poison Breath comes, Auron survives, repeat.

This way, Evrae slowly dies. The only way you can die is if Evrae attacks
through Darkness, but since that chance is lower than 10%, we can assume she
doesn't. If she does, too bad. Just try again.

Of course, if you have spare Poison Fangs, you can always use them.

My original strategy was to finish her before the first Poison Breath by
using three of four Poison Fangs. This is also possible, but even though
this is a Poison Fang-free strategy, it's foolproof, except for the small
chance that Evrae connects through Darkness. 

That was intense, wasn't it? Stonetouch for one of your characters is good,
but optional.

You'll now enter five forced encounters, which can be deadly if you don't
prepare well. One mistake and you will have to fight Evrae again.

PRE ALL BATTLES: Take Rikku out, put Tidus in with his Sonic Steel. DON'T
FORGET THIS, or you'll receive a Game Over very soon!!!

//1ST FORCED ENCOUNTER: 2x Warrior Monk(1400HP), 1x Flamethrower Monk(1400HP).
Tidus->Rikku. One Petrify Grenade or two Smoke Bombs for a kill

//2ND FORCED ENCOUNTER: 2x Flamethrower Monk(1400HP), 1x YKT-63(4200HP)
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Sleeping Powder. The YKT-63 is immune for Sleep and
will have a turn. Throw a Phoenix Down. Use a Potion on one of the Monks, so
that the next Smoke Bomb won't kill them (if they are both dead; the YKT-63
will Eject all your characters with Thrust Kick.

Throw a Smoke Bomb and one of the Monks fall. The YKT mostly won't connect
anymore. Kill it with Bomb Cores / Dragon Scales or use Auron if he has a Fire
Blade or Water Blade. When the YKT falls; kill the last Monk with a Grenade or
with Auron's attack.

//3RD FORCED ENCOUNTER: Same as first.

//4TH FORCED ENCOUNTER: Same as second.

//5TH FORCED ENCOUNTER: 2x Flamethrower Monk(1400H), 1x YAT-99.
Tidus->Rikku; throw a Petrify Grenade. Now, you will get in close combat with
the YAT-99 which'll kill one of your characters each time he attacks. Use PD's
everytime and kill him with Bomb Cores / Dragon Scales or Auron's attack if
he has a Fire Blade or a Water Blade.

That's that. Take a deep sigh. This was one of the toughest moments in the
challenge. Watch the wedding. See some cutscenes.

Complete Bevelle's Cloister of Trials. You may want the treasure, but it's

Watch Kinoc, Kelk, Seymour and stuff. And eventually, you will enter the...


Yuna is alone. VERY, VERY bad. Make a run for the Save Sphere and Save. Now!

Take the first teleport path and transport to the end of the cave. Find Auron
there. Your chances of surviving are some bigger now. Walk in the right
corridor and find Kimahri at the end of it. Rely on Auron's Blurry Moon and
(hopefully) a Silencestrike weapon for each of them if you get in a battle.

Backtrack to the Save Sphere and Save. If Lulu received the Silencestrike
weapon; you have to find her.

Enter the red-colored road towards Isaaru and his Aeons. Equip Auron's Thunder
Blade and the Silencestrike weapon.

//FORCED ENCOUNTER: 1x Maze Larva (2222HP). Weak to Thunder.
If you DON'T have a Silencestrike weapon here: good Luck.....

Silence him and use Auron's Thunder Blade and Lu's Thunder Spells to kill him.
It won't take long, due to Silence.

You will have two or three battles with him. 

Find Isaaru and his Aeons. Last time cheat alert...

Round 1, Grothia (Ifrit):
Grand Summon Shiva and cast Nulblaze to nullify Hellfire. Kill him with
regular attacks.

Round 2, Pterya (Valefor):
Summon Bahamut and slowly kill Valefor. Shield if he uses Energy Ray.

Round 3, Spathi (Bahamut):
Summon Shiva again and use Diamond Dust. Use Blizzara five or six more times
and he falls. Shield before Mega Flare if needed.

That's that. Rikku, Wakka and Tidus take over.

The battles here are dangerous, but you should steal some Water Gems for the
battles on the Highbridge. Make sure you have at least eight in stock.

Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel and Wakka with the TKO. Always fight next to a
Save Sphere and Save every two battles at least.


- 1x Phlegyas + 2x Remora
Ouch. Deadly. Throw a Smoke Bomb with Rikku and Petrify the Remoras with Wakka
cause no one is able to survive Maelstrom. Leave the Phlegyas alone, cause
Sonic Wave is a guaranteed Game Over as well. Throw a Sleeping Powder when
both of the Remoras are dead. Steal as many as you can and end the battle with
a Grenade.

- 2x Octopus
Throw a Smoke Bomb and the battle is yours. Start stealing and Petrify them
both with Wakka.

- 2x Phlegyas
Throw a Sleeping Powder and again; steal like insane. Throw a Smoke Bomb and
a Grenade when you are done stealing to end the battle.

- 2x Remora + 2x Sahagin
The Sahagin's are silly. Throw a Smoke Bomb to overkill them both and put the
Remoras in Blind status. Steal some from them and Petrify them with Wakka. As
you know: Mealstrom is Game Over.

- 2x Sahagin + 1x Octopus
Smoke Bomb again to take out the Sahagins and steal. Petrify the Octopus when
you are done.

Steal table

Fiend name	Commom steal		Rare steal
Remora		1x Dragon Scale		2x Dragon Scale
Phlegyas	2x Dragon Scale		1x Water Gem
Octopus		2x Dragon Scale		2x Water Gem

As you see, the only sources for Water Gems are rare steals. Don't blame me. I
didn't make the rules...

Make sure you have at least 15 Dragon Scales and 8 Water Gems. Don't fight
Evrae Altana without them.

Save one more time.

<<<HP: 16384>>>>>>>>>>>>
Throw two Phoenix Downs on her. Steal when Rikku has a spare turn.

---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Receive either a Break Knuckles or a Basilisk
Steel (Stonetouch for Rikku or Tidus) from Evrae Altana. If not, reset. This
is the best source for now, cause this boss is deadly easy.

Pick up the Rematch. You'll be sorry if you don't, it has [Evade & Counter]
for Wakka. You won't capture a lot of enemies in the Omega Ruins if you 
forget it.

Pick up the Avenger. It sells for nice gil...


This place is your worst nightmare. The battles here are extremely hard and it
relies a little bit on luck.

Save your game and equip Tidus with Sonic Steel. Equip Wakka with Rematch.
Put Initiative character in and take Rikku out.

First things first.


YKT-63, 4200HP, Agility: 22
One of your nightmares. It has a lot of HP and hits hard. A Smoke Bomb works,
but he is mostly accompanied by his friend YAT-99.

YAT-99, 2700HP, Agility: 9
Luckily, it is slow. However, if he is far away: he will kill all your
characters in one hit. 

Flamethrower Monk, 1400HP, Agility: 17
A Sleeping Powder followed up by two Grenades kills him. They are easy.

- 2x YAT-99 + 1x YKT-63
Switch in Rikku and throw a Shadow Gem. Hope to finish the YKT with a Water
Gem. If you finished one of the YATs, then it's also good. If the YKT is still
alive and one of the YATs are dead, then the battle is won. Why? If the YAT is
in far distance, it'll use its multicannon attack which will lead to a game
over. However, if you attack it, it will attack that character back. Since
Wakka has E&C and he can reach it, he can simply attack the YAT to provoke
it to attack Wakka its next turn, which he will counter. He will also counter
the YKT to dead. Of course, killing the YKT is also possible.

If the Water Gem failed to kill the YKT but kills both of the YATs, then
IMMEDIATELY switch E&C Wakka out. If he is Thrust Kicked before that, you've
lost this battle. If not, let the YKT Thrust Kick two characters (and do some
damage inbetween) and switch Wakka for the last character. The YKT doesn't use
Thrust Kick when there's only one character left.

- 1x YAT-99 + 2x YKT-63
Not hard, but very time consuming if things turn out the wrong way. Switch in
Rikku and throw a Shadow Gem. Throw a Water Gem immediately after it. Now,
you should have killed one or two of the monsters. If it's only one, then try
to do some damage with Rikku's items before she dies. Switch in Wakka and use
the 'attack the YAT at far distance' trick with the Rematch equiped to make
him completely invulnerable. Watch out that all other party members must be
dead if the YAT is finished before the YKT, since we still don't want Wakka to
be Thrust Kicked.

- 1x YKT-63 + 2x Flamethrower Monk
Throw a Sleeping Powder. The YKT-63 is immune for Sleep and will have a turn.
Throw a Phoenix Down. Use a Potion on one of the Monks, so that the next
Smoke Bomb won't kill them (if they are both dead; the YKT-63 will Eject
all your characters with Thrust Kick).

Throw a Smoke Bomb and one of the Monks fall. The YKT mostly won't connect
anymore. Kill it with Bomb Cores / Dragon Scales or use Auron if he has a Fire
Blade or Water Blade. When the YKT falls; kill the last Monk with a Grenade or
with Auron's attack.

Save at the next Save Sphere and prepare for a fun battle where Auron will be
your lonely hero. Make a last check if he has 4 different armours with all 
different Wards. If he doesn't, you're in deep ****. Unless you want to waste
your Stamina Tablet on Kimahri, or unless you want to wait for the YATs or the
YKTs to drop it.

Equip Auron with the White Bracer first.

(For the cheaters (joke...) who have an SOS Reflect armor: equip it and bring
the character to critical HP and make sure you survive Shattering Claw and
stay in critical HP. WIN. It's that easy, really.)

<<<BOSS: SEYMOUR NATUS>>>>>>>>>>
<<<HISTORY LESSON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Some inside information about this guy first. If you don't care about that,
just scroll down a bit for the strategy. 

When I first uploaded this document (in 2008 IIRC), this was the hardest
boss to defeat next to BFA. Far before that, it was said that he was almost
impossible to defeat. However, lots of players have done lots of research
and invented strategies as how to defeat Natus. 

Why is Natus such an irritating bastard? Because of the first form only,
simple as that. Both Natus and Morti cast elemental spells, which are simply
too damn powerful for our characters to survive. The annoying Mortibody also
uses full party elemental spells which is just too overkill to survive.

First, the strategy was to use Nulspells to survive, and a lot of them. We
tried to grind in Luca for the Workers to force us to drop SOS Nulspells, and
later in Bikanel, we grinded too. This was, however, very tedious.

Then, the Kimahri Tank strategy was invented. Kimahri with his 644HP, all 
elemental Wards (Fire, Ice and Lightning from Kilika temple and Water from
the Macalania Woods) and Shell, could have enough HP to survive Natus' spells,
but this strategy is too risky as well, since Morti can screw things over. 
Those last digits of damage was too much for Kimahri to handle if he didn't
have time to heal himself. After this, the Kimahri tank strategy reached a
new level, since we decided to grind for a second Stamina Tablet on the
Moonflow, so Kimahri's HP could be doubled. Well, this worked, but relying on
an itemsteal with a 10% chance? This can be done easier.

After that, I played the HD Version on the PS3 and got some lucky drops from
Crawler and a Red Element and found myself accidently with all elemental Wards
for Auron. I beat Natus with 2 fingers in my nose and 1 finger in... never
mind. I decided that that was the way he should be beaten.

History lesson over. Class dimissed!

<<<BOSS: SEYMOUR NATUS>>>>>>>>>>
<<<HP: 36,000>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Switch Tidus for Rikku, throw a Chocobo Feather on herself, a Poison Fang on
Natus and switch her out for Auron, switch weapons with him. Natus now uses
his first Multispells, if he doesn't target Auron, you're in trouble. If he
does, switch in Rikku for the still standing character and use Chocobo Feather
and Lunar Curtain on Auron. He has time to change his armor to the Yellow
Bracer and to heal himself with a Hi Potion.

Right now, battle is done. After 25 turns of Seymour, he is dead. How do you
survive? Simply enough, Auron has time to change to the specific -Ward armour
before Seymour's next multispell and he also has time to throw a Hi Potion
on himself. In case you didn't know it from the top of your head already, his
attack pattern is: Ice, Lightning, Water, Fire.

One big rule. Don't attack him, since that will cause Natus to use Break on
Auron and that would be kinda silly, wouldn't it?

After some kissing and some talking, we arrive at a new place. A place where
you are going to spend the next few hours.


The monsters here are fast and dangerous. As you probably notice from appendix
A, there are few monsters who don't kill your characters in one hit. First:


Anacondaur, 5,800HP, Agility: 16
They appear always in duos, they are fast and have an attack that kills all
your characters. This is very, very bad. Sleeping/Dream Powder and two Poison
Fangs is the only safe way of killing them.

Chimera Brain, 9,800HP, Agility: 14
Those are even worse. They are immune to Sleep and Aqua Breath is an attack
you mostly won't survive, unless Auron is in the frontline. Luckily, A Petrify
Grenade is a quick kill.

Coeurl, 6,000HP, Agility: 18
When alone with two Mechs, they are quite easy. Use Poisontoch or Deathtouch
and try to kill them without using items. Remember that he has 25% resistance
to both Death and Poison.
In duos; they are deadly. Sleeping/Dream Powder and a Poison Fang. Take the
second one with FCS.

Flame Flan, 1,500HP, Agility: 6
Silence him and kill him with TKO or FCS

Malboro, 27,000HP, Agility: 10
Immune to every negative status, a bad attitude and a lot of HP. All
ingredients for an annoying fiend. Throw two Shadow Gems and two Fire Gems to
kill him. A waste of items, but there's no other way.

Nebiros, 700HP, Agility: 22
Fast, but weak. Double Blizzard is a kill. An Antarctic Wind if you want to
play fast.

Ogre, 9,400HP, Agility: 17
Strong and easy. He has 25% resistance to both Petrification and Death. Use
FCS, TKO and your third Stonetouch character to kill him. Smoke Bomb for a
safe kill.

Shred, 1,950HP, Agility: 10
Quite slow, but deadly. Try to Blind it and use FCS, TKO or other Stonetouch
weapon to kill him.

Skoll, 1,000HP. Agility: 28
Fast like the wind. Blind him with Wakka and use TKO to kill him. 


Fiend name	Common steal		Rare steal

Skoll		1x Dream Powder		2x Dream Powder
Flame Flan	1x Fire Gem		2x Fire Gem
Nebiros		1x Poison Fang		2x Poison Fang		
Anacondaur	1x Petrify Grenade	2x Petrify Grenade


Note: because you need to steal a bit; I put down the items to steal as well.
Plus the easiest and safest way to do it.

Needless to say. Put Tidus and Initiative character in the frontline. Take
Rikku out.

- 1x Malboro:
Use PD's whenever he kills one of your characters. Throw two Shadow Gems and
two Fire Gems to kill him.

- 2x Coeurl:
Throw a Sleeping Powder and a Poison Fang. Don't bother Stealing, Mana
Springs are not exactly the items you are looking for, now are you? When one
is dead: kill the other one by either Poisontouch or FCS. A Poison Fang when
you feel like you have enough of them.

- 1x Coeurl + 2x Mech Scouter
Steal from one of the Mechs. Both the Coeurl and the other Mech have a turn.
As long as you keep on throwing PD's, you are quite set. Rikku's next turn,
steal from the Mech. Now, kill the Coeurl with FCS (25% chance) or Poison him
(also 25% chance) with Poisontouch.

- 2x Chimera Brain
Throw a Petrify Grenade. You can't be bothered to try to do it the hard way.

- 2x Nebiros + 1x Skoll + 1x Mech Scouter
Throw Sleeping / Dream Powder. The next turn Rikku gets: steal from the Mech.
Both the Nebiros' has fallen and the Skoll might still be alive. Steal as
many Dream Powders as you can and throw a Grenade when he has woken up.

- 1x Skoll + 1x Flame Flan + 1x Mech Scouter
Throw Sleeping / Dream Powder. The next turn Rikku gets: steal from the Mech.
Steal as many Dream Powders from the Skoll as you can. As soon as it wakes
up; kill him with a Grenade. Now, steal as many Fire Gems as you can. When
the Flan Wakes up: Silence him and kill him with TKO, 2nd Stonetouch or FCS.

- 2x Anacondaur
Throw Sleeping / Dream Powder. Throw Poison Fang on both of them. It's quite
a waste of items, but Sonic Tail is guaranteed Game Over. Steal a lot of 
Petrify Grenades from them and see how they die :)

- 1x Nebiros + 1x Shred + 1x Flame Flan
Throw Sleeping / Dream Powder. The Shred is slow and thus will wake up late.
Steal as many Fire Gems from the Flan as you can. When you have enough; don't
swing around with your Death/Stonetouch weapons, cause it wakes him up! First,
Silence it! Then swing around with them. Silence is not cured by physical
attacking, while Sleep is. Remember?

Time to give the wake up call for the Shred. You awake? Good. You dead? Good.

- 1x Ogre + 2x Skoll
Throw a Sleeping / Dream Powder. Steal as many Dream Powders from the Skolls
as you can. Kill them with a Grenade when you have enough. Kill the Ogre with
Stone/Deathtouch (both 25% chance of succeeding).

]]Not mentioned above, but try to steal some Poison Fangs as well. The Nebiros
has too less HP to survive a Sleeping Powder, so you have to keep it in

]]Stealing Poison Fangs:

I suggest the 1x Nebiros + 1x Shred + 1x Flame Flan encounter. Switch Tidus
for your Silencestrike character and disable the Flan. Let Wakka use Dark
Attck with the TKO to either kill or Blind the Shred. Everyone survives a
single attack from the Nebiros, but it's fast, make sure to keep your HP up.
Slowly TKO/FCS the Flan (steal some Fire Gems, why not) and do the same with
the Shred. You got rid of the Flan and the Shred? Good. Steal as many Poison
Fangs as you need from the Nebiros. Cast double Blizzard to kill it.

Make sure not to forget Rin's riding shop which you encounter it. It comes up
as soon as you take the slope to the large area of the Calm Lands.

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Saviour Bangle for Lulu. It has
[Stoneproof][Silenceproof] and it will be her armor for BFA.

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Curative Targe for Rikku. It is very 
useful when stealing Poison Fangs from Nebirosses. Yunalesca is even a bigger
pain without it.

Go to the Chocobo Lady first, if you go to the Monster Arena first, you have
to wander all the way back to her. Talk to her, win the first race, go to
Remiem Temple and obtain the Cloudy Mirror (you'll need it anyway, so why not
get it now). I suggest to obtain the 30x Wings to Discovery as well, cause
you can sell them for huge gillies. 

Mount your Chocobo and go to the Monster Arena, buy Auron's Beastmaster and
Wakka's Catcher. Stock up on 99x Holy Water as well.

Your question? We aren't going to capture fiends, are we? 
My answer: Yes, we ARE going to capture fiends. For several reasons:

1) The Monster Arena grants you with the following prices:
	-60x Farplane Wind for capturing in the Calm Lands. Used for Random
	-60x Shining Gem for capturing in Macalania. Used for upcoming bosses
	-40x Silver Hourglass for capturing in the Sunken Cave. Used for some
	 random Encounters and later capturing.
2) For stealing purposes. Face one enemy at a time and steal like insane
   without risking a Game Over
	-As much Poison Fangs, Fire Gems and Petrify Grenades without having
	 to find annoying risky encounters
	-A lot of Candle Of Lifes from Don Tonberry as soon as he is unlocked.
	 You need those to kill a Dark Flan or Malboros (without wasting a lot
	 of more useful items)
	-Some Farplane Shadows from Espada to take out annoying enemies. The
	 advantage of Farplane Shadows above Petrify Grenades is that you can
	 safely kill one annoying enemy and steal from the other(s).
3) For equipment drop purposes.
	-To obtain SOS Haste for Rikku and AT LEAST one other character from
	 a Bashura.

Enough reasons? Guess so.

Your question:Isn't capturing hard when you aren't allowed to use customising?
My answer: A little, sometimes you need some luck, but it's mostly just item
	   and time consuming.

Let's capture the fiends in the Calm Lands.

Don't equip Wakka's Catcher. Leave the TKO on. DO equip Auron's Beastmaster. 


This'll take more than several hours. You only need ONE of each, but it's very
hard. Make sure to ALWAYS have Tidus in the party. Initiative character IN the
party and Rikku (and preferably WAKKA) OUT.

I suggest to capture just outside the Agency. Save after every succesful

You might run out of SLEEPING POWDERS. Dream Powders are superior to Sleeping
Powders and will be used for encounters in Mnt. Gagazet and later, but
Sleeping Powders are good for capturing Skolls, cause they often don't survive
a Dream Powder. Don't whine when you don't have Sleeping Powders anymore.

- 2x Nebiros + 1x Skoll + 1x Mech Scouter (CAPTURING SKOLL)

Throw Sleeping Powder. Steal from the Mech Scouter as soon as Rikku has a
turn. Throw PD's when necessary. Attack with Auron.

- 1x Skoll + 1x Flame Flan + 1x Mech Scouter (CAPTURING SKOLL AND FLAME FLAN)

Throw Sleeping Powder. Steal from the Mech Scouter as soon as Rikku has a turn
and attack with Auron. SKOLL CAPTURED. The Flan is asleep now. Why not capture
it as well? Steal some Fire Gems and Silence it when it wakes up. Attack with
a Poisontouch weapon to Poison it. It'll lose 375HP now every turn. Reduce his
HP with Lancet (~80) and Water/Thunder (~115) until he only has 80HP left.
Enough for Auron to capture it with one hit. Be careful that he doesn't die
from Poison.

- 1x Malboro

This one is VERY TOUGH! You might be able to capture it before Bad Breath.
He uses Bad Breath after being targeted for SEVEN TIMES. You should remember
that Fire attacks (Fire Gems DO COUNT) are counted as TWO times in one!

First things first:throw a Chocobo Feather on Auron and equip the Beastmaster.
Revive characters targeted by his normal attack. It's nothing to worry about,
cause you didn't forget to restock on 99 PD's now did you? *wink*. Throw a
Shadow Gem (17,001 left). Throw another (8501 left). Throw a Fire Gem (~4000
left). A next Fire Gem will kill him now. That's not what we want. Make sure
that Auron always Defends (he survives Malboro's attack then). The counter is
now on FOUR (Shadow Gem + Shadow Gem + Fire Gem). Heal him with a Hi-Potion
(~5000 left). The counter is now on FIVE. Make sure to have SOMEONE with a
Sensor weapon equiped, so that you can check his HP left. Wait until Malboro
has had his turn! After that: Throw the final Fire Gem (~500 left). The
counter is now on SEVEN. Switch in Lulu and cast Fire (~150 left). Auron, due
to Haste has two turns now. It should be enough to kill and capture him
before his next BB-turn.

If you mess up and do things wrong: Bad Breath is mostly Game Over.


Not as hard as you think. Throw a Dream Powder and you are set. Throw a Poison
Fang on both of them and they have ~3000HP left and they'll suffer ~1500 from
Poison every turn. Check their HP with Sensor and make sure they don't die
from Poison. Use Lu's Fire or Water (~230), Ice and Lightning (~115) or Lancet
(~80) to reduce their HP. Throw Potions when they are about to almost die from
Poison. Play with this and you'll learn soon enough when to DECREASE or
INCREASE HP of the fiends. When one of them has only ~280 left: kill and
capture them with Auron's Beastmaster.

- 1x Coeurl + 2x Mech Scouter (CAPTURING COEURL)

Unless you are desperate for a Coeurl, don't try to capture it. Due to the
annoying Mechs around. You want to do it anyway? Ok.

Steal from one of the Mechs and keep on throwing PD's until Rikku can steal
from the other Mech. Now, throw a Dream Powder and a Poison Fang on the Coeurl
and the capture strategy is the same as the previous one. It's more dangerous
than you think.

- 2x Chimera Brain (CAPTURING ONE)
Ouch. Ouch and more ouch. Unless you hit a Pre-Emptive strike, I suggest not
to capture him. This might be the hardest capture in the Calm Lands.

Switch Tidus for Wakka and try to Petrify one of them. If he doesn't succeed
and you didn't have a Pre-Emptive strike. Be ready for a Game Over. Switch in
Auron and Rikku or Tidus (the one with Stonetouch) and try to Petrify one of
the Brains again.

The still-standing-one has a turn. If it's Aqua Breath, revive as soon as
possible. If it is one his other attacks: hope it doesn't target Rikku. Rikku
on turn: Throw a Smoke Bomb and a Silence Grenade (~8300). Now, you only
should watch out for Aqua Breath and Megiddo Flame. His attacks are
predictable, keep your eye on his attack patern (Thundara-Attack-Aqua Breath-
Meggido Flame). Learn it and remember it. When Aqua Breath is coming, try to
switch in characters with Water Ward or SOS Nultide. When Megiddo Flame is
coming; keep your PD's ready or try to switch in either Tidus or Wakka with
SOS Nulblaze. Next turn Rikku has, throw a Poison Fang (~6300). The Brain
loses 980HP every turn now. Keep on surviving until he has lost Poison damage
for 6 rounds. He now has ~420 left. Throw a Grenade and capture him with
Auron. If you don't have time to capture it then (due to fallen party members)
throw an Antidote on the Brain to make sure he doesn't die from Poison.
Because this guy is predictable; it's not that hard to survive his attacks.
Remember that both Silence and Darkness are worn of after seven turns.

Captured? Give yourself a Pepsi and some candy to celebrate.

SAVE NOW! You just captured a hella hard fiend.


Not as hard as you think. Throw a Sleeping / Dream Powder and you are set.
Throw a Poison Fang on both of them and they have now ~3100HP or ~2800HP left
(depends on Sleeping or Dream Powder) and they suffer 1450 from Poison every
turn. That's good. Let them lose 1450 one more time and check their HP. It
depends on how much HP they have left to throw a Potion / cast Cure or use
Lancet / Lu's spells. It's up to you. Keep your calculator handy :)

- 1x Nebiros + 1x Shred + 1x Flame Flan (CAPTURING NEBIROS)

THIS is your chance to capture a Nebiros. The little bird is FAR more annoying
than you think. Silence the Flame Flan and cast Dark Attack on the Shred with
the TKO equiped. Kill the Flan and the Shred and cure damage from the Nebiros.

When both the Shred and the Flan are gone; focus your eyes on the Nebiros.
Cast Blizzard with Lulu (~350) first and then Fire/Water/Thunder (~120).Still,
heal after his attacks (he is quite fast). Kimahri uses Lancet and you now
have a Nebiros with ~40HP left. Switch in Wakka and switch to the Catcher. 
Also, have Auron with his Beastmaster equiped. Any Poison Ward armor for each
of them is useful. Use the third character to heal Auron and Wakka. Auron and
Wakka himself keep on trying to connect to the Nebiros. Don't feel bad if it
takes a lot of turns.

1x Ogre + 2x Skoll (CAPTURING ALL)

This is a nice encounter. Throw Sleeping Powder and you are set. Capture both
of the Skolls with Auron. Throw a Poison Fang on the Ogre (~6400). He loses
2350HP every turn. Although not very useful, steal some Stamina Springs from
him while he is busy dying. Increase / Decrease his HP when he is about to
die and capture him with Auron.

Go back to the Monster Arena and claim your price. 60x Farplane Wind. Accept
the free fight with Chimerageist and die like a frog.

Now that you are here, you can decide to Steal items now, but most monsters
in Gagazet drop the same item, but in a higher amount. And what's the funny
thing? Gagazet is just around the corner! Steal 25 Fire Gems from a Flame
Flan for the upcoming boss.

Take your Chocobo and exit the Calm Lands. Make your party: Sonic Tidus,
Wakka (Rematch) and Lulu (Evasion)

<<<HP: 64,000>>>>>>>>>
This boss is very easy. He can only kill one party member at a time, and, to
make it even more easy: he is not immune to Darkness.

Switch Tidus for Rikku and throw a Smoke Bomb. Now, he'll mostly miss his
regular attack, but Haymaker can't be prevented. Revive fallen party member
with PD's. This has priority to everything. 

Now, just throw Fire Gems until he dies. Reblind him with a Smoke Bomb when
Darkness has faded. Steal 12 Lunar Curtains (you steal 4 at a time), cause
this is one of the best sources. You'll waste a valuable 22 Fire Gems killing
him, but there's no other way around.

When he decides to cast Mighty Guard; use Lu's Fire to Dispel Nulblaze. Fire
Gems ignore Shell, luckily.

When he decides to cast Slowga, use Chocobo Feather immediately! He casts
Slowga very rarely.

Kelk: "Yuna, you suck. Oh, you want to beat Sin. Yuna, you rock!"
Biran: "Kimahri, you suck. Oh, you can use Lancet AND NOTHING ELSE! Kimahri,
you rock!"

Those guys make a lot of sense.

Watch the scenes, kill Biran and Yenke (hey, I'm not putting a strategy for
those guys) and capture one Grenade, one Bashura and one Bandersnatch. Throw
Petrify Grenades on other parties than the one listed below (or kill them 
another way, or capture, whatever you want)

- 2x Grat + 1x Bashura:
Tidus->Rikku. Dream Powder. Throw a Poison Fang on the Bashura and make it
suffer enough from Poison to capture it. Decrease or increase its HP to get
the Poison damage as close to zero as possible. For the Grats, either Grenade
them to capture level or Petrify them.

- 2x Grenade + 1x Imp:
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Smoke Bomb and a Grenade, this kills the Imp and leaves
the Grenades harmless for now. Throw a Poison Fang on one of them and increase
and decrease its HP to capture level. The annoying thing about Grenades is
that you can't easily decrease its HP because of the swell (three swells is
Self-Destruct). You can, however, increase its HP with Potions or use Grenades
to do damage without making them swell. Anyway, capture one, and use Petrify
Grenade on the other (or capture it as well, Reblind in case of that). TKO
and FCS don't work, if you were wondering.

- 1x Bandersnatch + 1x Nidhogg + 1x Mech Leader (CAPTURING BOTH):
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Dream Powder to put both the Bandersnatch and the 
Nidhogg under. Steal from the Leader. Now, throw two Grenades and capture the
Bandersnatch with Auron's Beastmaster. You can steal up to 6 Dream Powders in
the meantime. Then, slowly decrease the Nidhogg's HP and capture it when he
has less than 90 HP left.

Done? Good, go back to...

Take your Chocobo and go back to the Arena.

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Time to get our Haste Targe (picture Rikku in
permanent Haste, isn't that sexy?) This is done against a Bashura. You can'
also get it from Ogre, but the chance Ogre drops it, is lower (8.3% vs 3.7%). 

Save in the Arena, put Sonic Tidus in, take Rikku out.

//BASHURA FIGHT: Tidus->Rikku, Petrify Grenade.
I mostly do 6-7 battles and then reset. When you have it, dance.

From now on, Rikku will mostly have 1HP. Let her die!!!

---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Get a second Haste armour. Preferable for Yuna
without HP+10% or for Wakka WITH 10% (this makes their total HP odd, so they
are revived in yellow HP, immediately activating Haste). The battle is the
same. However, with SOS Haste Rikku, you don't need Sonic Tidus in the front-
line. Just Initiative will make sure Rikku has the first turn to throw the
Petrify Grenade.

I do suggest to get Wakka's Fast Break, it's much easier to capture Qactuars
with it.

Steal the following items:

20[25]x Poison Fang from Nebiros
30[40]x Fire Gem from Grenade
5[8]x Ice Gem from Chimera Brain
20[30]x Petrify Grenade from Anacondaur
10[15]x Dream Powder from Bandersnatch

These are, of course the totals. If you did frequent stealing while capturing;
it won't take longer than an hour.

A second Deathtouch weapon from Coeurl or a third Stonetouch weapon from 
Anacondaur is optional, but recommended.

That's that. Let's capture!!! Backtrack to the Macalania Woods. The fiends
here are your first victims.

It's your choice what to do first. I went to the woods first, cause those
are somewhat harder. With SOS Haste Rikku and a Silencestrike character,
things are a lot easier.


Have Sonic Tidus, Auron and your Initiative character in the party. I'll put
down the enemies again, so you don't have to Scroll back everytime.

Try to have Rikku at 1HP all the time, so she has Haste.

Blue Element, 1500HP, Agility: 9.
Chimera, 5250HP, Agility: 9.
Iguion, 370HP, Agility: 19.
Murussu, 580HP, Agility: 7.
Xiphos, 2700HP, Agility: 17.
Wasp, 360HP, Agility: 18.

- 1x Chimera
Switch Tidus for Rikku. If she is in Haste, things are a lot easier.It doesn't
really matter. Throw Poison Fang. He now has about 3230HP left. He'll lose 525
every turn. Once he has had his first turn: you'll know his attack patern.
Silence him just in case and wait until he suffered enough from Poison to
capture him. Do some additional attacking with Auron if you want to. Still,
Aqua Breath is not to be underestimated.

- 1x Xiphos
Immune to both Poison and Sleep. Stupid spider-thing. I always like to Slow
(Stunning Steel) and Blind him. Darkness only works 50% of the times when
using Dark Attack. If you keen on wasting items; be my guest. Power Break will
make things easier as well. 

- 1x Xiphos + 2x Wasp (CAPTURING WASPS)
You'll find Xiphos' enough on their own, so don't try to capture him here. It
is too dangerous with the fast Poison-Wasps around. TKO/FCS the Xiphos and
use one spell (NOT BLIZZARD) to weaken the Wasps. Do one Lancet and they are
easy victims for Wakka's Catcher. Make sure to cure characters hit by them.

- 1x Iguion + 1x Murussu + 1x Blue Element (CAPTURING ALL)
Remember how hard this was? Look how EASY it is now. Switch Tidus for Rikku
and throw a Grenade. She will have another turn. Switch her for Catcher Wakka
and capture the Iguion. Silence the Blue Element and attack the Murussu with
Kimahri. The Blue Element has about 1100 left and the Murussu about 50. You
can capture the Murussu with Auron. One fiend left: a Silenced Blue Element.
Steal some Fish Scales and lower his HP with Thunder. Capture it with Auron
when he has about 80HP left.

- 1x Iguion + 1x Murussu + 1x Wasp (CAPTURING ALL)
Tidus->Rikku, throw a Grenade, switch for Wakka and capture the Iguion. The
Wasp attacks now. Ignore his attack. Switch in Kimahri and attack the
Murussu. Capture him with Auron. One thing left: a single Wasp. One spell
with Lulu, Lancet and capture him with Wakka.

- 1x Wasp + 2x Blue Element (CAPTURING BLUE ELEMENTS)
This might still be dangerous. I suggest to either use a Silence Grenade here.
I know you won't have much left, but you will have MUCH more after you 
visited the Sunken Cave. You can't rely on your Silencestrike characters, the
Blue Elements are simply to powerful. The Silence Grenade kills the Wasp and
leave two harmless Blue Elements. Steal a lot of Fish Scales and reduce their
HP with Thunder, Lancet or Auron attack. Capture with Auron when they have
about 80HP left.

Now, wasn't that A LOT EASIER than your first visit? It's all because of
Silencestrike and the Haste Targe. Only two pieces of equipment makes it so
much easier.

Save your game and let Rikku die in a random encounter. Taker her out, of


I know you will remember the fiends here.Arctic Wind and Sleeping Powder hunt,
huh? Anyway, for those who don't remember:

Evil Eye, 310HP, Agility: 15
Ice Flan, 1350HP, Agility: 9
Mafdet, 710HP, Agility: 9
Snow Wolf, 400HP, Agility: 20

I don't have to tell you who has to be in the party and who hasn't, now do I?
Try to wear some Confusion protection.

I suggest to capture the fiends in the Crevasse area; the area just before
you fought Wendigo. All fiends appear here more frequent. You also don't have
to encounter a double Sand Wolf party.

- 1x Mafdet + 1x Snow Wolf + 1x Ice Flan (CAPTURING ALL)
Throw a Grenade. Switch Rikku back for Wakka and capture the Snow Wolf. Next
turn: Silence the Ice Flan. The Mafdet does a lot of damage so try to kill him
as soon as possible. Mostly, one attack of Kimahri is enough for Auron to
capture him in one hit. Although it's not guaranteed. The Ice Flan is still
Silenced. Steal some Arctic Winds from him and use Fire (~350), Lancet (~90)
and Auron attack (~80) to reduce his HP. You can use Poisontouch as well.
Capture when he has about 90HP left.

- 1x Evil Eye + 1x Snow Wolf + 1x Ice Flan (CAPTURING SNOW WOLF AND ICE FLAN)
Throw a Grenade with Rikku. The Evil Eye falls and Wakka captures the Snow
Wolf. Silence the Flan, steal some Arctic Winds and reduce his HP with Fire, 
Lancet and Auron's attack.

- 1x Mafdet + 2x Evil Eye (CAPTURING EVIL EYE x2)
Throw either an Electro Marble or an Antarctic Wind on the Mafdet. This is
the safest way to kill him, if you don't want to waste items: try to kill him
with either TKO/FCS or another instant kill weapon. The Eyes are left. They
are annoying and have too less HP to survive a Grenade. You can choose to set
them on Fire with Lulu. This'll do about 110 damage. Do this twice and Wakka
can capture them. Try to switch in party members with Confuse Ward protection,
Wakka has it for sure and you might have a lucky drop from other Eyeballs or
Malboros. So... Double Fire + Wakka Catcher is a capture. It might take some

Your next goal.

Tidus:	Sonic Steel	Yellow Shield
Wakka:	Catcher		Danger Armguard
Yuna: 	Rod of Wisdom	Soft Ring
Lulu:	FCS		---
Auron:	Beastmaster	Serum Armguard
Kimahri:Hunter Spear	Red Armlet
Rikku:	---		Haste Targe

Make sure to switch each of these weapons for both Silencestrike and
Initiative. They have priority.

Aerouge (Imp), 200HP, Agility: 11. Weak to Water.
Buer (Eyeball), 230HP, Agility: 12. Weak to Water.
Gold Element (Element), 1200HP, Agility: 7. Weak to Water.
Kusariqqu (Dragon), 445HP, Agility: 7. Weak to Water.
Larva (Larva), 1498HP, Agility: 10. Weak to Water.
Melusine (Lizard), 265HP, Agility: 17. Weak to Ice.
Iron Giant(Iron Giant), 3600HP, Agility: 7.

- 1x Buer + 1x Kusariqqu + 1x Gold Element (CAPTURING ALL)
Start with First Strike, switch in Kimahri, and use Lancet on the Buer.
Attack with Wakka, Buer is captured. Next switch in Rikku, and throw a Grenade,
use Lancet against the Kusariqqu and capture with Auron. The Element is up
there. Use your Silencestrike character. Attack with Auron, use Lancet, and
Water. Attack with Auron or Wakka, when it has less the 90 HP.

- 1x Gold Element + 1x Larva (CAPTURING BOTH)
A Silence Grenade would be your best bet. You can safely steal a lot of Lunar
Curtains and Electro Marbles in the meantime. You can do it without, but it
will make things more complicated. Abuse your Silencestrike character and
resilence the fiends as soon as their Silence has worn off (3 turns).

- 1x Melusine + 1x Kusariqqu + 1x Aerouge (CAPTURING KUSARIQQU)
Throw a Grenade to isolate the Kusariqqu. It's harder to capture him than you
think, cause he still has a devestating Lightning Breath. Switch in Tidus with
his Lightningproof shield and attack the Kusariqqu once. He now can be
captured with one hit from Auron's Beastmaster. Whatever his attack is,
switch Auron in and capture.

- 1x Gold Element + 1x Melusine + 1x Buer (CAPTURING BUER AND MELUSINE)
You can try to FCS the Gold Element, but I suggest to throw two Fish Scales
in a row, this is much safer. Both the Melusine and the Buer have too less HP
to survive a Grenade. Take Rikku out after the Fish Scales and bring in Wakka:
Dark Attack the Melusine. The Buer has a turn. Esuna the one who is Confused.
Cast Blizzard on the Melusine and capture him with Wakka. One captured, one to
go. Cast Water on the Buer and follow it up by a Lancet. You can now capture
the Buer with the Catcher. You can also try to capture him with Auron if he
has a lucky hit.

- 1x Gold Element + 1x Buer + 1x Aerouge (CAPTURING AEROUGE AND BUER)
Throw two Fish Scales on the Gold Element (or try to FCS it). Switch back
Tidus with hit Lightningproof shield. Some additional SOS Nulshock characters
are no luxery. The Buer and the Aerouge both have an attack. If they aim their
attacks wrong; you can be in trouble. If you are; remember that Rikku can be
switched in and can throw a Grenade to instantly win the battle. I assume it
all went the good way. Cast Water on the Aerouge and Wakka can capture him.
Remember that he sometimes misses. As soon as the the Aerouge is captured;
Cast Water on the Buer and follow it up by a Lancet. You can now capture the
Buer with the Catcher. You can also try to capture him with Auron if he has a
lucky hit.

- 1x Larva + 2x Aerouge (CAPTURING ALL)
Switch in Wakka and get him in critical HP by letting the Aerouges or the
Larva target him. He is now immune to all their attacks. Throw in a Water on
one of the Aerouges if you want to and capture them both with Wakka. Because
of the boring Thundara-scenes and Wakka missing sometimes; it might take some
time. As soon as the Aerouges are down; Silence the Larva, steal as many
Lunar Curtains as you want and capture him with the Beastmaster.

- 1x/2x Qactuar
This is HELL!!! Really, believe me. The stupid things have only 500HP, but
they have lots of Defense, Agility and the irritating habit of running away
when at low HP. Switch in Rikku and throw a Fish Scale / Electro Marble on
one of the Qactuars when there are two. Switch her OUT! Let the Qactuar have
his first turn and hope he doesn't do anything bad. Throw a Grenade with
Rikku, heal him with a Potion and throw another Grenade. Rikku has time for
that due to SOS Haste. Grenade-Potion-Grenade might kill him, but it is the
best way to reduce his HP. Switch in Wakka with the Catcher and hope to
capture him. If not; Auron might have a chance as well. If he fails too: the
Qactuar will run away.
If you repeatedly fail; Haste Wakka with a Chocobo Feather.

- 1x Iron Giant
Quite easy. Throw a Smoke Bomb (~2900) on him and he won't do any harm anymore
until his fourth turn. Try to capture him before that. Power Break him with
Auron just in case and use the Stunning Steel to Slow him down as well. Attack
with Poisontouch characters until he is Poisoned. He'll lose 900HP every turn,
leaving him with about 200HP after his third turn. Attack him with Beastmaster
and Catcher until he is down. You can also throw a Dream Powder the first turn
if you want. This makes sure he doesn't use Reaper.

Abuse Silencestrike character or, for very safe measures, a Silence Grenade.
Attack as you will until Auron has captured them both. Grenade for some
additonal damage.

- 1x Iron Giant + 2x Buer (CAPTURING IRON GIANT)
You can't be bothered playing around with the Buers. Isolate the Giant by
throwing a Grenade. See Iron Giant capture strategy.

- 1x Gold Element + 1x Buer + 1x Melusine (CAPTURING GOLD ELEMENT)
If you miss a Gold Element, hunt them now. Throw a Grenade to isolate him and
abuse your Silencestrike characters. Grenades and Water to do some additional
damage. Steal Electro Marbles as you will.

Captured on of each? Good.

Let's go back to the Calm Lands and claim our prices:
99x Chocobo Wing and 60x Shining Gem. You want to take on Espada and Cactuar
King? Be my guest. I'll give you a cookie if you win. Especially with the

No time to waste, the Sunken Cave is our next objective. The 40x Silver
Hourglass is a price which is needed for later capturing.

Take your Chocobo and go to the Calm Lands agency.
---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy a HP+10% Bracer from Naida (sexy Blitzball
goddess). It's vital to survive Magic Urns in the...


Stealing and capturing together? Why not...


Dark Element, 1,800HP, Agility: 11
Quite easy actually. They almost always use Reflect on themselves on the first
turn. Silence them with your Silencestrike character and they are sitting

Defender, 12,000HP, Agility: 11
Always appears alone and can only kill one character at a time. Throw two
Shadow Gems and two Fire Gems to kill him. There is no other easier way. Throw
a Smoke Bomb if you want to.

Epaaj, 8,700HP, Agility: 28
Dangerous! They are fast and quite strong. Blind them immediately. Use Shadow
Gems or Fire Gems to reduce his HP.

Ghost, 9,999HP. Agility: 14
Silly thing. Silence Grenade and he is harmless. Throw Gems of the element he
is weak against or Shadow Gem if he doesn't have elemental weaknesses.

Imp, 880HP, Agility: 24
Thundaga hurts quite bad, but nothing a Dreak Powder cannot handle. You will
most likely always miss him with physical attacks.

Magic Urn, 999,999HP, Agility: 0
Make sure Auron is in the party. Cast Shell on him and equip his HP+10%
Bracer. Hit the Eyes until the Magic Urn self-destructs. Now there is a chance
of 1/32 that it's a Game Over, let's take those odds.

Nidhogg, 2,000HP, Agility: 10
Not to be underestimated. All his attacks mean instead KO. Put him to sleep

Thorn, 4,080HP, Agility: 8
These are nice fungus fiends. Throw one Dream Powder and steal about 20
Silence Grenades. Their Fira isn't particularly strong as well.

Tonberry, 13,500HP, Agility: 14
Chef's Knife hurts bad, but he is never going to use it. Like a lot other
fiends, Tonberry falls easily for Sleep. Shadow Gems or Elemental Gems to
decrease his HP.

Valaha, 8,700HP, Agility: 23
Fast and strong. Sleep to the rescue again. You can go for Blindness as well,
since Flame Ball does pitiful damage.

Yowie, 9,00HP, Agility: 29
Agility alert! Throw a Smoke Bomb if you want to capture or a Dream Powder if
you just want to kill them. Don't play around with them, since they'll kill
you in no time. They also have Petrifying ability, as you might know.

Keep the same weapons and items and keep Rikku at 1HP.


Save now and then, the fiends are easier than in the Calm Lands, but you
should not take risks.

- 1x Tonberry:
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Dream Powder. He now has ~12,500HP left. Throw Shadow
Gems and/or Elemental Gems to decrease his HP. Lulu and Kimahri can help as
well. When he has ~230HP left, let Auron make the capture.

- 1x Ghost:
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Silence Grenade, you can't rely on your Silencestrike
character here, since Ghost has 95% resistance to Silence. Use Elemental Gems
of the element he's weak against or Shadow Gems. When he has less than ~90HP
left, let Auron make the capture.

- 3x Yowie:
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Smoke Bomb (Sleeping Powder is safer, but you might have
ran out) and capture them one by one with Wakka's Catcher. You need two hits
for each Yowie. You can throw a Grenade for instant kill if things get
dangerous, somehow.

- 3x Thorn:
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Dream Powder and it's STEALING TIME!!! You will have
loads of Silence Grenades before you know it. Use Grenades or other items to
decrease their HP. When at ~270; let Auron capture them all.

- 1x Valaha + 1x Epaaj (CAPTURING BOTH):
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Smoke Bomb and Dream Powder. Their HP is equal, so just
throw a Shadow Gem (~3,400 left) and some Grenades. Switch in Sensor from time
to time. They can't hurt you now. Make Auron do the capture.

- 1x Nidhogg + 2x Dark Element (CAPTURING ALL):
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Dream Powder to put the Nidhogg under. You have no other
choice. Throw a Silence Grenade after this immediately. This leaves both of
the Dark Elements with a few HP left, so Auron can capture them immediately.
The Nidhogg has about 1000 left. Use Grenades or Lu's spells to decrease it to
less than 90 for Auron to make the capture. Try to Steal some Gold Hourglasses
from him.

- 1x Imp + 1x Epaaj + 1x Mech Hunter (CAPTURING IMP):
Your chance for an Imp.
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Silence Grenade and Steal from the Gunner. Let the Epaaj
do something. Revive Rikku when she is killed and take the Epaaj out with a
a Farplane Shadow (you can also try to capture him as well, in this case, you
should heal the Imp and throw a Smoke Bomb). Cast Water on him and hope Wakka
captures him before Silence has worn off.

You can get Yojimbo if you want, but I wouldn't suggest it. Get back to the
Monster Arena and claim your 40x Silver Hourglass price.

Get a Sleep Ward armor for Auron from Malboro. Use a Candle of Life to kill
him and wait until he drops it. It might take several tries, but you need it
bad for Sanctuary Keeper.

Stealing time again. Complete the following list:

99 Grenades
30 Dream Powders -- Bandersnatch
40 Poison Fangs -- Nebiros
30 Petrify Grenades -- Anacondaur
20 Farplane Shadows -- Espada
60 Farplane Winds -- Initial
40 Silver Hourglass -- Initial
20 Candle of Lifes -- Don Tonberry
60 Shining Gems -- Initial
60 Elemental Gems -- Flame Flan, Imp or Chimera Brain
30 Fish Scales -- Blue Element
30 Arctic Winds -- Chimera / Ice Flan
30 Light Curtains -- Iron Giant
30 Lunar Curtains -- Larva
20 Chocobo Feathers -- Qactuar
1 Stamina Tablet -- Initial (if not; Magic Urn is your only rely)

Time to climb...

It's not necessary to capture fiends here. I suggest to throw Petrify Grenades
on every encounter you have. There are no enemies immune to Petrification,
so there's no direct need to make things hard for yourself. Plus, Capturing
is easier if you have Rikku's Sonar and 99x Poison Fang later.

For those who want to capture anyway; here's the Fiend info and enemy party


Bandersnatch, 1,800HP, 32 Agility.
The last Wolf specie. Very fast, but falls easily for Sleep. Just like the
rest of his Wolf family.

Bashura, 17,000HP, 16 Agility.
A big HP jerk, but again; falls easily for both Sleep and Poison. Quite
easy actually.

Grat, 4,000HP, 12 Agility.
Can cast Confusion with Seed Burst, but is not Immune to Sleep. His low HP
allows our speedy beauty to toast him with Grenades.

Grenade, 7,500HP, 17 Agility.
Not that hard. He starts in his physical attack mode and he'll never leave
that mode. A Smoke Bomb makes sure he rarely connects (the guys even survive
an attack of him). Poison to decrease his HP.

The rest of the enemies are enemies you know from the Cavern of the Stolen


Again, Rikku should always be at 1HP. I suggest to equip the Rematch for Wakka
to have more chances surviving.

- 1x Mech Leader + 2x Mech Defender:
Tidus->Rikku; Steal from the Leader and from one Defender. The next turn Rikku
has, steal from the last one.

- 2x Grat + 1x Grenade (CAPTURING ALL):
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Dream Powder to put the Grats under. Follow it up with
a Smoke Bomb to put the Grenade under Darkness. Throw a Poison Fang on the
Grenade and capture it when he has suffered enough damage from Poison
(Grenades, Blizzard, Lancet to play with him, remember it). Then, throw
Grenades on the Grats and you will capture them all before they wake up.
They are capturable when they have less than 150HP left.

- 2x Grat + 1x Bashura (CAPTURING ALL):
Tidus->Rikku. Dream Powder. Throw a Poison Fang on the Bashura and make it
suffer enough from Poison to capture them. Grenade the Grats to low HP and
capture them as well.

- 2x Grenade + 1x Imp (CAPTURING ALL):
I suggest to just kill the Imp here, but it's possible to capture them all
with some luck.

Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Smoke Bomb to disable the Grenades for now. Cast Water
on the Imp to make sure Wakka can capture it in one hit. Remember to switch
to the Catcher. If it takes too much time and the Imp irritates your party
with Thundaga; kill him with a Grenade. If Wakka is lucky and captures him; 
switch to the Grenades. Reblind them when their Darkness has worn of and use
Poison in the meantime to decrease their HP.

- 1x Bandersnatch + 1x Nidhogg + 1x Mech Leader (CAPTURING BOTH):
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Dream Powder to put both the Bandersnatch and the 
Nidhogg under. Steal from the Leader. Now, throw two Grenades and capture the
Bandersnatch with Auron's Beastmaster. You can steal up to 6 Dream Powders in
the meantime. Then, slowly decrease the Nidhogg's HP and capture him when he
has less than 90 HP left.

Find Wantz. 

-----VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Blessed Ring. It has Zombieward for
Yuna and is very important against Yunalesca.

-----VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Buy the Survivor. It has Alchemy for Rikku
and is very useful with Flux, Yunalesca and Greater Sphere.

-----VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Buy the Blessed Bracer. It has Zombieward for
Auron and is very important against Yunalesca.

I also suggest to buy the Booster Cactuar. You have plenty of money and it can
be quite useful with capturing. Lulu can do up to 500 damage with a spell now.
Quite helpful.

Buy the Haste Targe if you didn't have it already.

Save and prepare for a boss. I don't think he is quite hard. Others disagree
with me. Experience it yourself. 

Equip the Blessed Bracer for Auron, the Blessed Ring for Yuna and the
Survivor for Rikku.

Make sure Rikku has 1HP before the battle. Battle formation is preset (Tidus,
Auron and Kimahri, it can't be better).

<<<HP: 70,000>>>>>>>>>>>
As you already know, Flux has very powerful attacks. You will have to face
them all. At least that's my strategy, and it has always worked for me.

The key is to never have Rikku in the battle when Seymour uses an attack.
Auron is the one who must survive EVERYTHING and Rikku must do the additional

First things first, switch in Rikku and throw a Poison Fang on Seymour. Rikku
has another turn, throw Chocobo Feather on Auron. Switch her out for Yuna and

If Lance of Atrophy lands on Auron and inflicts Zombie, you can consider this
fight lost. If not: Good. Lance of Atrophy either kills Kimahri, inflicts
damage on Yuna, inflicts damage and Zombie on Yuna or inflicts damage on
Auron. Neither of the outcomes are very bad. Morti will cast Full-Life (and
possibly KO'ing Yuna).

Switch Rikku back in and throw a Silence Grenade on Seymour and a Stamina
Tablet on Auron. Switch her back out. Auron heals himself or revives Kimahri.
A new Lance of Atrophy comes. Hope again that it doesn't Zombie Auron. This
is the second of three times you must be a bit lucky.

Seymour will skip his next turn and Morti will use Cross Cleave. Auron MUST
surive this. Switch Rikku in and use a Mega Phoenix. Switch her out for Auron
again. Again, the odds must be in your favour so that Flux doesn't use Lance
of Atrophy on Auron. Switch the living character for Rikku and heal Auron with
a Hi Potion. Switch her out again. Auron Defends. After Lance of Atrophy,
switch in Rikku and throw a Shining Gem. Swithc her out. Next move: Cross
Cleave. Seymour will do nothing, cause he is Silenced. Auron, due to Haste,
can throw an X-Potion on himself and can be switched out for Rikku again.
Throw Mega Phoenix and start throwing Shining Gems. Make sure to switch Auron
in before Seymour's turn. The cycle repeats itself.

Eventually, Silence will wear of. Resilence him immediately or Dispel will
make your life very hard. Mostly; you will have time to heal Auron (or Cure
Zombie) but the turn order must be in your favour. It mostly was in my games.
Poison and some Shining Gems does the work.

Soon enough you will see Morti flashing and the words `Mortiorchis:
Auto-Attack mode' will appear. Due to Silence, Seymour can and will do nothing
and Morti will skip a turn to prepare Total Annihilation. Now it gets tricky;
switch in Rikku, throw Lunar Curtain on Auron.  Switch Rikku for Auron and
start throwing Shining Gems like crazy. Even when Morti's first turn comes,
you can still be throwing, cause he will skip his turn. The turn before TA
comes; switch Auron back in and pray.

The chances are about 75-25 that Auron survives, due to Double HP, Shell and
the HP+10% bonus. If he survives, you've won. Check his HP with a Sensor
Weapon, switch Rikku back in and throw the final Shining Gems. You will have 
him down before the next TA. Steal some Elixirs if she has spare turns.

You either found this fight hard or easy. It doesn't matter anyway, you've
won! Darkstrike for either of your characters is slightly useful, but not

Take some deep breaths while watching the cutscenes with Tidus and Bahamut's
Fayth. Save.

Enter Gagazet's cave. New area, new chances... Yay!


Ahriman, 2,800HP, Agility: 24
His target-all attack means instant Game Over. Sleep him immediately

Behemoth, 23,000HP, Agility: 23
An easy Behemoth specie. He is not immune for Sleep. Need to say more? If you
leave him standing, his attacks are instant kills for all your characters. He
luckily does not have a full-party attack.

Dark Flan, 12,800HP, Agility: 11
Slow and easy. A Candle of Life is the best way to kill him. Zombietouch and
Phoenix Down is also a kill. Furthermore, he has no bad full party attacks.
Silence him if you want.

Grendel, 9,500HP, Agility: 31
Deadly fast. He luckily uses his first turn for Charging for Flame Ball which
does quite pitiful damage. As usual, Put him to Sleep.

Mandragora, 31,000HP, Agility: 13 Agility.
Earthquake in instant Game Over. Again, not immune to Sleep. Gotta love Dream
Powders, heh? 

Leave capturing for later. You don't want to do that know. It will be much
easier with Zombiestrike and Poisonstrike.


The items you need for Stealing:

Item:			Fiend:			Number:	Rare/Common:
Star Curtain		Dark Flan		10[20]	1x Common/2x Rare


I guess I don't have to say it (and I won't anymore in the future); keep Rikku
at 1HP and out of the party.

- 1x Behemoth:
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Dream Powder and a Poison Fang. Wait until it dies. 
Steal Ethers in the meantime. You can go for the capture if you want to.

Zombietouch + Phoenix Down also works.

- 1x Dark Flan:
Tidus->Rikku. Steal a lot of Star Curtains. Revive those hit by Flare or
Drain. Throw Silence Grenade or use Silencestrike (20% chance). If he gets
annoying; throw a Candle of Life and he is gone the first turn he gets.

Zombietouch + Phoenix Down also works.

- 1x Mandragora
- 2x Bashura
- 1x Grendel + 1x Ahriman:
Tidus->Rikku. Petrify Grenade is the fastest way. You can also throw Dream
Powder and Poison Fangs if you want to capture them.

- 1x Bandersnatch + 1x Nidhogg + 1x Mech Leader:
See Mount Gagazet snow area.

------VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Get Zombietouch from Behemoth. It won't
take very long before he drops it. Zombie + Phoenix Down is the fastest way
to kill high HP fiends without wasting valuable items. Use this method always
when you don't want to capture it and when the fiend is not immune to Zombie.

------VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Grab the Pep Talk for Wakka in the cave. It
is unlocked after you completed the first trial. It has SOS NulBlaze, SOS'
NulFrost and SOS NulShock for Wakka. Very useful for Sin and Omnis.

You need to complete two under-water trials before you can enter the end of
the cave. I don't put down a fiend-info or enemy party section.
For a 3x Splasher party; throw 2 Grenades to kill them.
For any other party; throw a Petrify Grenade.
"That's a lame way to kill someone". It is, but it is the safest way. Don't
play around with Dream Powders when some fiends are immune and you have a
weak party. For capturing, you'll be back later.

VERY IMPORTANT ITEM ALERT: Get in a fight with 2x Achelous and 2x Splasher.
Throw a Dream Powder to kill the Splashers and put the Achelouses to Sleep.
Now, you need a Healing Spring from them. It IS optional, but highly
recommended for Yunalesca. It's a rare steal and may take a while. I will
pretend you have it.

Save at the end of the cave and equip Auron's Alert Bracer. Sonic Tidus is in.
1HP Rikku is out. Put Auron in (and Yuna / Wakka if they have their specific
SOS Haste armors)

<<<HP: 40,000>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
This boss tries to be smart. Too bad for him; your party is smarter.

Tidus is switched for Rikku. Use Star Curtain and Silver Hourglass on Sanctie.
He now desperately tries to Haste himself and Hastes one of your characters
instead. He also uses Photon Wings and Auron (~80% chance) survives. If he is
confused, Game Over. Try again.

If not; the battle is yours. Auron revives the rest of the party. Optional; 
put Wakka in the party and attack Rikku to bring her to yellow HP. Time to
have some fun: throw Smoke Bomb and Poison Fang on Sanctie. The silly thing
tries to Haste himself and will speed up your characters again.

Start throwing Fire Gems (never waste Shining Gems on an easy boss). Revive a
character after Mana Breath. He'll never touch you with his physical attacks,
all his healing, support and Haste spells hopelessly bounce of to your party
and you slowly send him to the Farplane.

There is one big rule: as soon as he casts Reflect on a character: kill that
character with a Poison Fang IMMEDIATELY. If not; he'll Haste himself through
that character and the battle is lost!

The Fire Gems will finish him far before the next Photon Wings.


Watch some long cutscenes and travel to the road to the Ruins. The encounters
are the same as in the Gagazet Cave and therefor, I won't put new enemy party

As soon as you reach Zanarkand, there are new encounters. You want to get away
from them as soon as possible, cause the YKT and the YAT are deadly and very
item consuming. You need luck to pass this part of Zanarkand Dome.



Fallen Monk (rifle), 3,300HP, Agility: 27
He is Zombie, so using a Phoenix Down is instant kill. Try to steal some
Candle of Life if Rikku has a spare turn. His attack kills all girls

Fallen Monk (flamethrower), 3,300HP, Agility: 22
Zombie as well, but very deadly. His flamethrower attack is instant KO for
everyone. Kill him with a Phoenix Down.

Defender Z, 42,300HP, Agility: 16
Kills everyone in one hit. Throw a Smoke Bomb and a Candle of Life. Make good
use of Phoenix Downs if he kills someone. Doom kills him in 10 turns.

YKT-97, 6,200HP, Agility: 25
Smoke Bomb and he won't connect anymore. Kill him before he is the last enemy

YAT-97, 3,700HP, Agility: 12
Very slow but very deadly. His Wild Mortar attacks is instant loss. Use two
Shadow Gems and a Fire Gem to kill him. This all can be done before his first


- 1x YAT-97 + 2x Fallen Monk (rifle):
One of the easier battles. Tidus->Rikku. Throw two Phoenix Downs on the monks.
You get in close bussiness with the YAT. He'll kill one character at a time
but a Fire Gem is instant kill.

- 1x YKT-11 + 2x Fallen Monk (flamethrower):
Throw a Dream Powder to put the Monks under and a Smoke Bomb to put the YKT
under Darkness. Kill him with Fish Scales (or Bomb Corse / Dragon Scales).
Don't throw Fire Gems, cause it will target the Monks as well. If they die;
you are in serious trouble. 
As soon as the YKT is down; steal as many Candle of Lifes as you can and kill
the Monks with Phoenix Downs after this.

- 1x Defender Z
Easy and boring. Throw Smoke Bomb and Candle of Life. Steal loads of Lunar
Curtains and revive when necessary.

- 2x YKT-97 + 1x YAT-97
Ouch, ouch, ouch. This is bad. Really bad. This encounter is rare and you need
luck to win. Rikku can throw three items and it MUST kill the YKT's or else
the YAT will kill everyone in one go. Throw two Shadow Gems and a Fire Gem. If
this doesn't know both ot the YKT's; you've lost. If not, you get in close
combat with the YAT. Easily finished.

- 1x YKT-97 + 2x YAT-97
Ouch, ouch, ouch. This is bad. Really bad. This encounter is rare and you need
luck to win. Throw two Shadow Gems and one Fire Gem. Again, the chances are
about 50-50 that this will kill the YKT, but it just has to. Since again; the
YATs kill your entire party in one blow. A little bit unfair, but you have to
live with it.

- 2x Fallen Monk (rifle) + 1x Fallen Monk (flamethrower)
Easy as pie. Throw a Dream Powder and steal a big load of Candle of Lifes.
Kill them with Phoenix Downs when you're done.

You passed it? Yes, good! (you didn't escape "BY ACCIDENT", did you? ^_^)


Get Rikku and your other SOS Haste character at 1HP. This is easy if you 
encounter a Defender.


Alrighty, complete the trials and Save afterwards. Get ready for a boss. A
quite hard one.

<<<HP: 52,000>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
For some weird reason, all characters have the first turn. It's like a hidden
Pre-Emptive strike. That's why Tidus should not be wearing the Sonic Steel.

This boss asks for timing. You can only attack him when he can only kill one
character via his counter-attack. SOS Haste for either Yuna and Wakka is VERY
important, since they can revive two characters with two Phoenix Downs, while
an other character would have to throw a Mega Phoenix.

Transport behind him with all three characters and throw a Shining Gem with
Rikku. He'll counter and he will miss. He kills one character with Berserk
Tail now. If it is Rikku; revive her and wait until he DOES not kill her.

If it is not Rikku, make use of the Haste she has now and throw another 
Shining Gem. Since the character in front of him is already dead, he will not
kill him/her. The next turn Rikku has is used for a Phoenix Down. 

Try to repeat this as long as possible, but Rikku will die for sure. Revive
her immediately. She is revived in white HP, which is bad (if only her
starting HP was 359 instead of 360... sigh).

The next turn Rikku has; throw a Chocobo Wing. He uses Berserk Tail again and
hope it doesn't target Rikku. Transport two characters behind him and throw
a next Shining Gem.

He will counter and he will kill one character. After that, you will have one
of the following scenarios:
1) Rikku is alive. Throw two Phoenix Downs
2) SOS Haste Wakka or Yuna is alive. Throw two Phoenix Downs
3) Tidus is alive. Throw two Phoenix Downs

Then the cycle repeats itself. When Rikku has the following next turn; throw
another Chocobo Wing. 

When he decides on planting Glyph Mines; get your characters off as soon as
possible. This might lead to problems, but it'll mostly be okay.

If you make good use of the Chocobo Wings you have; you won't be in problems.
If only you make sure that you always have a Hasted character alone in the
field. You can try to use some less Chocobo Wings but it might result in
using a Mega Phoenix, which can also lead to problems, since they revive
Wakka/Yuna with full HP (no SOS Haste). I suggest to just use Chocobo Wings.


Spectral can drop several Elemental proof abilities on one armour. It's nice
to have, but don't refight the battle if you didn't receive it.

A next boss is already waiting. Watch the first cutscenes with Yunalesca and
get back to the Save Sphere. Equip the following weapons/armours:

Rikku - Haste Targe
Rikku - Survivor
Auron - Blessed Bracer
Yuna - Rod of Wisdom
Yuna - Blessed Ring
Tidus - Sonic Steel
Wakka - Lucid Armguard

Also, equip any Confuseward protection for Kimahri and Tidus if you have it.

Get ready for the longest and most beautful battle in the challenge. Allow me
to say that you cannot afford it to make a single mistake, cause you will die
for sure. You need more than 90 minutes of spare time before she is defeated.

The party is preset: Yuna, Auron and Tidus. Which isn't bad.

Well Yunalesca, now you will see what REAL tactics are:

<<<BOSS: YUNALESCA>>>>>>>>>
<<<FORM 1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<HP: 24,000>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Yunalesca doesn't do much damage, but she is fast and knows everything about
inflicting bad statuses on your party. If you mess up with it; they will
finish you for sure. Switch Tidus for Rikku.

In this form: Yunalesca alternates between 'punch', which hits for a rough 280
damage and dispels everything but Reflect, and Absorb; which drains half of
your MAX HP. 

For now, don't even think of inflicting damage. Now it's preparing time. You
need to have Kimahri, Wakka and Tidus with Haste, Protect, Shell and Double HP
for the third form. This is the only form where you can achieve that and even
then, it's hard.

First, you need three Stamina Tablets, which can be stolen from Yunalesca
herself. Throw a Star Curtain on Rikku and start stealing. Her Sleep counter
bounces off. Revive and heal when necessary. It won't take longer than 10

Now, do the following for the three guys. Prepare them one by one. Always
switch them for Auron, because Yuna is faster than Auron.

in and Defend. Rikku throws a Chocobo Feather on him. Yunalesca attacks and
the guy is switched out. Make sure to heal the guy when he was hit by Absorb.

Step 2) Repeat Step 1, but throw a Light Curtain on him now. Remember that
Absorb must be the attack she uses, since 'Punch' will Dispel the guy's
positive statuses.

Step 3) Repeat Step 1, but throw a Lunar Curtain on him now. Remember that
Absorb must be the attack she uses, since 'Punch' will Dispel the guy's
positive statuses.

Step 4) Switch the guy in and Switch Weapons/Defend so that the guy has his
next turn AFTER Rikku, but BEFORE Yunalesca. Rikku throws a Stamina Tablet on
the guy and the guy switches himself out BEFORE Yunalesca´s turn, since Absorb
will kill him (his max HP is doubled) and 'punch' will Dispel.

Step 5) Again; only when Yunalesca is about to use Absorb. Switch the guy in
and let him a throw a Hi-Potion on himself.Switch him out the next oppurtunity
he has.

Five steps done for Kimahri, Tidus and Wakka? Good. Get them at full HP and
switch them out again. Leave them alone for now.

Now, finally; you can attack Yunalesca. This form is easy. Put Auron back in,
so that your party is Rikku, Yuna and Auron. Rikku throws a Star Curtain on
herself again. Now, throw Fire Gems (or other elemental gems, whatever you 
prefer) and make sure Rikku stays healed so that she doesn't lose Reflect.
Her SOS Haste can give her has some additonal turns, but never rely on it,
since Yunalesca can kill her in one hit then. When Yunalesca is close to
dying; watch out, cause you don't want to kill her with this party. Get her as
close as possible to ~100HP. Force this by throwing other elemental items,
Poison Fangs, Dream Powders, Smoke Bombs or Grenades. When she is at ~100HP,
your next objective is the following:

Rikku throws a Poison Fang on herself (Heh? Yes). You don't want Reflect on
Rikku in the next forms, because if Regen lands on Yunalesca, your chances of
winning are extremely slim. Revive her again and the next turn she has, switch
to the Curative Targe. Heal her.

Last check, you now have a/an:
-Rikku, 360HP, Survivor and Curative Targe equiped.
-Auron, 1133HP, Blessed Bracer equiped.
-Yuna, 475HP, Blessed Ring and Rod of Wisdom equiped
-Wakka, 1236HP, Lucid Armguard equiped. Under Protect, Haste, Shell.
-Tidus, 1040HP. Under Protect, Haste, Shell.
-Kimahri, 1288HP. Under Protect, Haste, Shell.

Done? Good. Use a Chocobo Feather on Rikku before Absorb. Heal the character
hit by it with a Hi-Potion (NOT RIKKU). Throw a Chocobo Wing and switch Yuna
out for Tidus--Defend. Auron for Wakka--Defend. Rikku for Kimahri. Attack. A
good 40 minutes later, Kimahri will do the last numbers of damage to
transform her into...

<<<FORM 2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<HP: 48,000>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hellbiter will do minimal damage to the guys and, more important, it will turn
them into Zombies. Crucial for the third form. Switch them out and get back to
the Yuna, Auron, Rikku party. This form isn't particularly hard, it's just
time-consuming. Yunalesca is more than twice as fast as Rikku and this is
what things make hard. Yuna and Auron go on healing duty, cause every
Hellbiter is 260 damage. Put Yuna and Auron under Haste and Protect as soon as
you can. It won't be that hard, but it's crucial to finish this form. Rikku
will heal her own Zombie after every Hellbiter, but Auron and Yuna only have
a 50% chance of preventing it. Throw a quick Holy Water on them if they are
affected. With Auron and Yuna in Haste and Protect, they receive minimal
damage and have time enough to heal themselves and Rikku. It's attacking time.

Rikku throws Shining Gems, but only when one of the others has a turn between
Rikku and Yunalesca. This is vital, since Yunalesca's counter-attack and
Hellbiter do around the same damage (~260) and Rikku cannot survive it if they
land both on her.

The worst thing is if Yunalesca's counter-attack goes critical on Rikku. This
will kill her in one blow. Revive her again as soon as possible. A dead Rikku
is bad.

When Yunalesca is close to dying; watch out, cause you don't want to kill
her with this party. Get her as close as possible to ~100HP. Force this by
throwing elemental items, Poison Fangs, Dream Powders, Smoke Bombs or
Grenades. When she is at ~100HP, you must switch the Wakka, Tidus and Kimahri
party in again. Defend with Wakka and Tidus and Kimahri attacks her.

<<<FORM 3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<HP: 60,000>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
This form is hell. One step in the wrong direction means your oblivion. You
have to plan things out perfectly for victory. 

Where a critical counter-attack in the second form was only a burden, it's now
a guaranteed Game Over if it happens at the wrong time.

Mega Death will miss on the guys. And luckily, she has an attack patern in
this form: Mega Death, Hellbiter / Curaga / Regen, Hellbiter / Curaga / Regen,
Mind Blast (600 damage to all + Confusion, Curse or Sleep), Hellbiter /
Curaga / Regen, Mega Death, repeat. 

Put Rikku, Yuna and Auron in again. Rikku throws a Healing Spring on herself.
It mostly takes away the need to heal her for 10 turns, which gives some air.
You have two parties in this form. Rikku, Yuna, Auron (RYA from now on) to
take Hellbiter and Wakka, Tidus, Kimahri (WTK from now on) to take Mind Blast
and Mega Death.

Switch in RYA and throw a Shining Gem with Rikku. Yunalesca counters and Yuna
or Auron heal her. 

Hope that Holy Waters aren't needed. Heal as fast as possible and only throw
another Shining Gem if there is time enough to heal Rikku before Yunalesca's
turn (Regen might take care of it as well). If you cannot heal her: don't
even think of throwing another Gem, cause you will be Game Over.

Hope that Holy Waters aren't needed. Heal as fast as possible and switch to
TWK. Try to manipulate the CTB-bar so that Wakka (or one of the two others if
they have Confuse Ward) has the first turn after Mind Blast. It's not always

This does about 360 damage to the guys. Confusion is a straight killer! It's
highly unlikely that two characters are Confused, but it's not serious
trouble. Throw a Remedy on the guy that is Confused and has the next turn and
throw Holy Waters on the other guys. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Yunalesca zombifies them again (there is a small chance she uses Regen or
Curaga, you've lost if she does). 

The guys survive. Repeat.

This way; you can only throw one or two Shining Gems every round. You can play
more dangerous if you want to, but I would not suggest it. Thanks to Regen,
Rikku sometimes has time enough to throw two Shining Gems. The worst case is
if Yunalesca's counter goes critical on Rikku before you have to switch in
TWK, in which case you have to leave her dead for a while.

The guys will get low on HP eventually. You sometimes can do a "Zombie-Healing
-round" between Mind Blast and Hellbiter (Triple Holy Water and Triple
Hi-Potion) to heal them to full HP before they get Zombified again. It depends
on the how many ticks you have between Yunalesca's turns. When you see that
one of the guys has another turn after throwing a Holy Water, just throw a
Hi-Potion after it.

Eventually, after about 10 Shining Gems, she will fall. FINALLY!!!

This battle was one of three chances where you can get Auron's Zombiestrike
weapon. You need this weapon for BFA. If you have it, your name is either 
Yunas Secret Child or you are just lucky.

If not, you can get it from Sin's fins or Don Tonberry. 

-----VERY IMPORTANT ITEM ALERT: Don't forget Tidus' Sun Crest. If you're
playing PAL/Int version, Tidus has no access to Evade & Counter if you forget
it now!

Finally, you are free to go where you want to go. I'd say to go to the
Highbridge first. You have to go to it anyway, so why not do it now?

After this, I suggest to buy/find the following weapons and armours. Some of
them are optional, but they made my capture-quest much easier:

Capture weapons for Tidus and Kimahri.

Sleeper (Sleepstrike) for Wakka. Very useful in random encounters.

Lucid Shield (Confuse Ward, Berserk Ward) for Tidus.
Lucid Targe (Berserk Ward, Confuse Ward) for Rikku.
Both of them needed for Great Malboro in the Omega Ruins.

Yellow Shield (Lightningproof, SOS Protect) for Tidus.
Yellow Armlet (Lightningproof, SOS Protect) for Kimahri.
Yellow Armguard (Lightningproof, SOS Protect) for Wakka.

AIRSHIP X-34 and Y-57: 
Sonar (Poisonstrike, Initiative) for Rikku. Very helpful with Sand Worm and

AIRSHIP X-41 and Y-57: 
Phantom Bangle (Ice Eater, Fire Eater, Water Eater) for Lulu. Mandatory for
Omnis and Sin.

AIRSHIP X-31 and Y-75: 
Dragoon Lance (Evade & Counter, Magic Counter) for Kimahri. This makes
capturing in the Omega Ruins and Inside Sin a lot easier.

Victorious (Fireproof, Lightningproof, Iceproof) for Rikku. For Omnis and Sin.

Mirage Rod (Alchemy, Magic Booster) for Yuna.
Mirage Lance (Alchemy, Magic Booster) for Kimahri.
No way you'll beat Greater Sphere or BFA without it.

First Goal (Initative) for Wakka
Very useful Inside Sin and Omega Ruins

Next Objective:
Capture 1 of each fiend on the Djose Highroad. It won't be that hard with SOS
Haste, Sonic Steel and Initiative. Rikku's Sonar combined with Wakka's Sleeper
will make some monster completely harmless. The monster arena trainer grants
your hard work with 99 Petrify Grenades... WOW!

Next Objective:
Obtain SOS Haste for everyone. It's optional for some characters, but it
proved extremely useful to me with my capture quest in some early areas. I
think I don't even have to say it, but I will anyway: do this by throwing
Petrify Grenades on Bashura. If it doesn't give you one in about 5 battles,

I'll presume EVERYONE has a SOS Haste armour.

Next Objective:
Capture 5 of each fiend in Besaid, Kilika, Mi'ihen, Mushroom Rock and Djose.
It won't be that hard with SOS Haste, Sonic Steel and Initiative. Rikku's
Sonar combined with Wakka's Sleeper will make some monster completely
harmless. Don't be afraid to use Poison Fangs; you will receive 99 either way.

Claim your prices from the Monster Arena trainer.
-99 Stamina Tonic. Stamina Tablets will never be used now.
-99 Poison Fang. Wow!
-99 Soul Spring. Completely useless.
-99 Candle of Life. Good.
-99 Door to Tomorrows. Sell for good gil...

Next Objective:
Capture 5 of each fiend in Thunder Plains and Macalania. You've already
captured one of each, so why not capture 5? Strategies are stated earlier.

You now have captured enough to grab Auron´s Masamune. Do it immediately.
Re-check a FAQ if you forgot how to get it. It has First Strike. Oh Yeah.

Next Objective:
Capture 5 of each fiend in Bikanel. I'll suggest to keep every character with
1HP who have SOS Haste armors. Equip the Sleeper for Wakka and the Booster
Cactuar for Lulu. Equip the Masamune for Auron and leave him in the party.

I'll put down enemy parties again:

- 1x Zu
Tidus->Rikku: throw a Smoke Bomb and Poison him with the Sonar. Switch the
next character for Auron and Power Break him to reduce Sonic Boom's damage.
Defend before Sonic Boom and use the Rod of Wisdom to check his HP. Reblind
him and heal Poison if necessary. Auron makes the capture.

This party is too fast for comfort. Better save than prevent. Switch Sonic
Tidus for Lulu and annihilate one Alcyone with a Fire. Switch in Wakka and
put the Sand Wolf to Sleep with the Sleeper. The other Alcyone has a turn,
throw Phoenix Downs when necessary and use the Sleeper to put the Alcyone to
Sleep as well. Use two Lancets to reduce the Alcyone's HP far enough for Auron
to capture him in one hit (don´t forget to switch weapons). Wait until the
Sand Wolf wakes up and put him to sleep again with Wakka. Auron captures him.

You can try to use a Grenade as well, but three fast monsters is always
dangerous.. Especially when you have a party with only 1HP.

- 1x Sand Worm
Poison him with Rikku and throw a Dream Powder. Steal + Use Shadow Gems (don't
save them, you will have 99 soon) to reduce his HP even further. Use Water/Ice
Gems, (Ant)Arctic Winds, Water/Ice or Lancet to make sure Auron can capture
him in one hit.

- 1x Sand Wolf + 1x Alcyone + 1x Mushussu (CAPTURING ALL)
Tidus->Rikku: throw a Grenade. Switch in Wakka for Auron, switch to the
Catcher and capture the Sand Wolf. He has another turn to switch to the
Sleeper and put the Mushussu to sleep. Alcyone does something, throw PD's when
necessary and switch in SOS Haste Auron. He switches to the Beastmaster.
Attack the Mushussu twice for the capture (DON'T LET HIM HAVE A TURN). Throw
PD's again until Wakka captures the Alcyone.

- 3x Sand Wolf + 1x [chest]
Tidus->Rikku: Don't play around here. Throw two Grenades.

- 1x Mushussu + 2x Alcyone (CAPTURING MUSHUSSU AND ON ALCYONE)
Tidus->Lulu: Cast Fire to kill one of the Alcyones. Switch in Wakka and put
the Mushussu to Sleep. Do the same with the Alcyone. Heal the Alcyone with
a Potion and throw a Grenade. Capture the Alcyone with one of the guys. Do
the same with the Mushussu, but don't allow him to have a turn.

-1x Cactuar:
Cactuars don't run away there, so there is no need to kill them fast. You can
see how to start the game in an other FAQ. I'll only mention how to capture
them. You luckily only need five.

Switch Rikku in and throw a Sleeping Powder/Smoke Bomb. This leaves him with
about 50HP. Enough HP for Auron to capture him in one hit. Try to leave Auron
in SOS Haste and just start using the attack command (Beastmaster equiped of
course). Throw PD's everytime he uses 10,000 Needles, but try to do it with
any character other than Auron. Use SOS Haste characters as much as possible,
cause he is VERY fast. Don't whine if it takes more than 15 minutes and 40
Phoenix Downs before Auron connects.

Next Objective:
Go to the Arena and claim your price. 99x Shadow Gem will be yours for sure, 
Which is one of the most valuable prices you can ever get.

I suggest to hunt for Shaman Armors now (Auto-Potion). Sand Worm drops it
rarely, but you need it for Greater Sphere and Sin's Fins. Get Rikku to 1HP.

Throw a Dream Powder and a Candle of Life. He'll die 5 turns after this.

It'll take several amount of tries to get the needed Auto-Potion armours. You
need the for Auron, Tidus, Wakka and Rikku. That's all ^_^

If you don't receive Rikku's Shaman Targe (experience......), then use Shadow
Gems, Ice Gems and other items to kill him. The chance for Rikku obtaining
equipment is higher if she kills him.

Next Objective:
Capture a Splasher in the underwater Area in Gagazet. It's not that hard at
all. Use Petrify Grenades on the other underwater parties and wait until you 
encounter a Splasher x3 party. Issolate one Splasher by throwing two elemental

Steal one Frag Grenade from it in the Arena. Since it's a rare steal; it might
take a while.

6.23 SIN
You're ready to take on Sin now.

Check your items/weapons for once. You MUST have 60x Supreme Gem, Auto-Potion
for Auron, Tidus and Wakka and the Masamune for Auron. You have it? Good!

Equip Sonic Steel and Masamune. Equip all the Shaman Armors. Sell all your
Potions and make sure to have 99 Hi Potions. Make your party Tidus, Auron and

<<<HP: 65,000>>>>>>>>
Sin rarely acts on his first turns so you have all the time in the world to
prepare. Throw a Chocobo Wing, Stamina Tonic, Al Bhed Potion and Light
Curtains on the guys, in order. Now, get close and personal with Sin and make
sure the guys always Defend. Throw Supreme Gems like crazy. If Sin decides to
counter with his `Punch´, the guys heal themselves. Sin might decide to use
several in a row, which delays the guys. Luckily, they cannot die because of
Defend, Protect and Auto-Potion. Revive Rikku when you have the chance and
keep on using Supreme Gems when she has a turn. The guys Defend in the
meantime. When Sin uses Negation on your party, Re-Haste the guys AS SOON AS
POSSIBLE with a Chocobo Wing. If not, you can see yourself in a 'Punch'-spree
in which Sin will kill your characters slowly. 

When Sin charges for Negation, he won't counter for one turn, so that's the
time in which you can throw a Supreme Gem for free (two if Rikku is in Haste).
Gravija is easily countered with Auto-Potion.

It'll take six Supreme Gems and one Shining Gem to kill him.

<<<HP: 65,000>>>>>>>>>
The strategy is exactly the same as the Left Fin. Only now, switch Tidus in
this form for Wakka. He has the same use in this battle as Tidus had in the
previous battle. You have to kill Sin while:
-Rikku is out of the party
-Rikku has the Haste Targe equiped
-Rikku is at yellow HP.
-Wakka is at yellow HP.
-Wakka has switched to the Pep Talk.

When Sin is about to die, throw the Frag Grenade to pierce his armour and 
Defense, hit her with Wakka and switch to the Haste Targe. Sin needs to be
at ~275HP to make sure Auron kills him in one hit. Throw 6 Supreme Gems and
about 3 Poison Fangs. 

You can use Smoke Bombs/Elemental items and Grenades to reduce his HP further.
Switch in Yuna's Rod of Wisdom to check his HP. Try to get Auron at as less HP
as possible.

As soon as he has less than 275HP, switch Rikku out. Switch Wakka for Sonic
Tidus and switch Auron in. Hit him once to kill him. 

Time to save? Again no...

<<<HP SIN: 36,000>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<HP GENAIS: 20,000>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
You need a little luck here with the damage from Supreme Gems. You should kill
Genais before his first turn. This is possible. Hit Genais with Auron. With
the Masamune and at low HP, he can do up to 500 damage. Switch Tidus for Rikku
and throw two Supreme Gems to kill him. If the damage of the Supreme Gems is
not enough, you need to take a Venom which can result in bad things. Try to
kill him as soon as possible before Trashing, which is instant Game Over.

When Genais is dead, you will get in close combat with Sin himself. Switch
Rikku's Haste Targe to the Victorious, switch in Wakka with the Pep Talk and
switch in Lulu with the Phantom Bangle. Sin only uses Gravija (proportional
damage) and elemental spells on all characters. So none of your character can
die all with one attack. So you can just throw Phoenix Downs if they die. Kill
this Sin with Fire Gems, since you still don't want to waste valuable items
for a boss who can't kill you.

Quite intense again, wasn't it? There is finally time to save.

In this fights, you can receive Stoneproof for characters who don't have it
yet (only Yuna and Lulu have it now) or Zombiestrike for Auron. You can be
very happy if they drop it (especially Zombiestrike), but I suggest not to
fight these fights again, since they can be quite dangerous. You can get
Stoneproof later from Demonolith and Zombiestrike from Don Tonberry. You can
consider yourself a lucky bastard if Auron has Zombiestrike now.

Next boss. He has monstrous HP, but he is not that hard.

Make your party Sonic Tidus, Masamune Auron and Wakka. Equip Wakka's Lucid
Armguard and Yuna's Soft Ring.

<<<HP: 140,000>>>>>>>>>>>>>
You need to destroy Sin and his 140,000HP before Giga Graviton. He also uses
a Petrifying or Confusion-inflicting counter-attack after being targeted for
6 times. I've never seen it, but it is said that he can also use a counter
attack which does 250% damage, but doesn't inflict status affects. I'm not
sure about that, though.

Switch Tidus for Rikku and throw a Chocobo Wing. Use Stamina Tonic and then
start to pummle Sin with Supreme Gems. Auron and Wakka throw a Hi-Potion on
themselves and Rikku throws exactly five Supreme Gems. Sin will be close now.
Switch Rikku for Yuna and attack Sin physically. He'll now counter with his
attack which'll kill Yuna for sure. If either Wakka or Auron is petrified or
Confused, cure this immediately (forget about healing Zombie). Switch Rikku
back in again and resume the Supreme Gem assault. Let the other character
(Wakka or Auron) revive Yuna and let him heal himself as well. After the 11th
Supreme Gem, switch Rikku out again for another character and attack

Again, Sin will perform his counter-attack and Yuna dies again. Don't bother
reviving her now, and also don't bother healing Petrification. You will
probably only have a few turns left, so switch in Rikku and throw 4 Supreme
Gems and a Shining Gem. This must be enough to kill him just before he Giga
Gravitons you.

Quite easy, heh? Save.


You can go inside Sin now, but first, capture 5 of each monster in the Calm
Lands and Gagazet. You can see earlier strategies of capturing in the Calm
Lands and Gagazet Trail.

Here are the Gagazet cave capture strategies. Always make sure Rikku has 1HP
and the Haste Targe equiped.


- 1x Dark Flan:
Tidus->Rikku. Throw Silence Grenade and use your Zombietouch (or Zombiestrike)
character to Zombify him. Start throwing Shadow Gems until he White Winds
himself. This makes him suffer from Zombie, but it also heals Zombie, so
Rezombie him immediately. This way, he can never heal himself, so you slowly
pummle down his HP. When he doesn't have much HP left, use Hi-Potions and
Potions to do the last digits of damage. White Wind still hurts him when he
is under Zombie.

Auron can do the capture when he has less than 50HP left.

- 1x Behemoth:
- 1x Mandragora:
- 2x Bashura
Tidus->Rikku. Attack with the Sonar and throw a Dream Powder. Decrease or
increase their HP until it is low enough for the capture.

- 1x Grendel + 1x Ahriman:
Tidus->Rikku. Throw a Dream Powder and two Poison Fangs. Play with their HP
until you can capture them all.

That was quite easy, wasn't it?

Now for something hard. Grab the Caladbolg and upgrade it to full power. Don't
cry, you'll need it for the Gagazet underwater captures, Inside Sin and Omega
Ruins. Don't wait. Go get it.

Got it? Good!


Quite dangerous here. Save often! Equip the following weapons and armors!

Tidus - Sonic Steel and Haste Shield
Wakka - Rematch and Fast Break
Rikku - Sonar and Haste Targe

ALWAYS switch to the Caladbolg the first turn Tidus gets and keep all of them
at 1HP.

Tidus Switches to the Taming Sword. Splasher can't survive a Smoke Bomb, so
just throw a Grenade to kill one of the Splashers. Wakka switches to the
Catcher. Rikku throws an elemental item on one of the other Splashers so that
there are only 2 left. Both Tidus and Wakka have another turn. Attack the SAME
Splasher with them to capture him! You now only have 1 more Splasher left.
Throw Phoenix Downs only when necessary (you want the characters to start the
next fight with 1HP again) and capture him with an attack of Tidus and Wakka.

- 1x Maelspike + 2x Achelous
The Maelspike is one of the most dangerous enemies to capture, because he is
immune to Sleep and has an instant Game Over attack in Mealstrom. 

Method one (CAPTURING MEALSPIKE): Throw a Supreme Gem and hope it does 9,999
damage. This will leave the Mealspike with only 1HP left and Tidus and Wakka
can capture him in one hit. It works good, but you will waste valuable Supreme
Gems by doing it.

Method two (CAPTURING ALL): Throw a Dream Powder and a Smoke Bomb. This will
put the Achelous' under Sleep and the Maelspike with ~8,250HP and under
Darkness. Throw a Stamina Tonic, two Al Bhed Potions and two Lunar Curtains on
Tidus and Wakka. Follow this up with a Chocobo Wing to put them under Haste
again. Both Tidus and Wakka can survive Maelstrom now. Throw, in order: 2
Shadow Gems (~2,015) and a Poison Fang (~15). Heal him with an Antidote or he
dies from Poison. It happened several times in my game that he uses Maelstrom
after this. Luckily, Tidus and Wakka can capture him in one attack now, switch
to the Taming Sword and the Catcher and capture him. Revive Rikku and capture
the Achelous´ using Sleep and Poison. 

It sounds easy, but it can go wrong very easily! You might kill him with the
Poison Fang or leave him with too much HP for Tidus and Wakka to capture.

- 2x Achelous + 1x 2-pack-Splasher + 1x 3-pack-Splasher (CAPTURING ACHELOUS')
Easy enough. Throw a Dream Powder to kill the Splashers and to put the
Achelous' under. Use Poisonstrike/Fang to capture them. Steal several Water
Gems in the meantime.

- 2x Maelspike + 1x 3-pack-Splasher
Two Mealspikes? Either try the hard way by throwing a Supreme Gem and try to
capture them both or throw a Petrify Grenade.

Good. Capturing done in Besaid, Kilika, Mi'ihen, Mushroomrock, Djose, Thunder
Plains, Macalania, Bikanel, Calm Lands and Gagazet. Only Inside Sin and Omega
Ruins to go.




Even more dangerous here. Buy 99 Al Bhed Potions from Rin and make sure to
have plenty of Petrify Grenades, Poison Fangs, Shadow Gems, Fire/Lightning
Gems and Dream Powders. Also make sure to have several first or second level
elemental items and 99 Grenades, 99 Hi Potions and 99 Phoenix Downs.

Also, Buy HP+10% armors from Rin for Wakka and Kimahri.

Use the following weapons/armors:

Weapon: Fully powered Masamune
Additional Weapons: Beastmaster
Armour: Shaman Bracer

Weapon: Sonic steel
Additional Weapons: Caladbolg and Taming Sword
Armour: Yellow Shield
Additonal: Shaman Shield

Weapon: First goal (Initiative)
Additional weapons: Rematch and Catcher
Armor: Yellow Armguard
Additional: Shaman Armguard

Weapon: Survivor
Armour: Haste Targe

Weapon: Rod of wisdom
Armour: Phantom Ring (Fire Eater, Lightning Eater, Water Eater) -- Pick up in
Inside Sin itself.
Additional: Soft Ring

Weapon: Dragoon Lance
Additional weapon: Taming Spear
Armor: Yellow armlet

Weapon: Fatal caith sith
Additional: Booster Cactuar
Armour: Phantom Bangle
Additional: Saviour Bangle (Stone- & Silenceproof)

Put Auron, Tidus and Wakka in the frontline. Leave Rikku out at 1HP.

-2x Exoray, 1x Ahriman:
Tidus->Rikku. Use Sleep + Poison combo for the capture.

-1x Adamantoise:
Easy but long. Swap in Rikku, throw Dream Powder and Poison Fang. Throw
another Dream Powder when he wakes up. He takes 2720 poison damage for each
turn, so when it's HP drops below that, remove the Poison and lower it with
Kimahri's Lancet and Lulu's Magic down to 40 then capture with Auron (or
Tidus if needed).

-3x Ahriman:
You'll probably have Captured these guys enough, so swap in Rikku and throw a
Petrify Grenade.

-2x Gemini:
Tidus->Rikku. Sleep + Poison combo. This time they take 7200 damage per turn.
So make sure you have enough turns for lowering the HP down to 200 when their
HP drops below 7200, don't forget to remove the poison. When HP is very low 
(like 200), capture with Auron, Tidus and Kimahri.

1x Wraith:
Checks its weakness first (with Yuna), swap in Rikku and throw Elemental Gems
of that weakness. If he hasn't use Shadow Gems and Poison Fangs instead (and
other items). Block it's attacks with Yuna, Lulu and Rikku. When HP lower than
100, Capture with Auron,Tidus and/or Kimahri).

1x Behemoth King:
Your worst nightmare...
Swap in Rikku and start with a Chocobo Wing. Switch Weapon with Tidus to
Caladbolg. Swap in Kimahri. First start blocking BK's attacks with Tidus,
Wakka and Kimahri. Switch Auron and Rikku in (and out), cast Haste on Auron,
follow with a Stamina Tablet, Light Curtain and Star Curtain. Then keep Auron
in the party in Defending Position. Do the same things with Wakka and Kimahri.
This might take a long time, but it's mandatory to survive the attacks BK uses
after Mighty Guard. Have Wakka and Kimahri switch their armour to HP+10%, once
they have also this condition like Auron, keep them also in the party in
Defending position. All three can survive all attacks from BK. Continue with
switching Rikku in (and out) and throw Shadow Gems, don't forget to heal the
damage on your blockers if they received damaged and keep them in defending
position. Lower BK's HP down to 23,000, not lower. After a last attack from
BK, swap in Rikku and throw two Shadow Gems, switch to the capture weapons for
Tidus, Kimahri and Wakka. Also make sure Auron won't counter. Lower BK's HP
to 6,300. BK will cast Mighty guard. Throw a Purifying Salt with Rikku, then
block again with Auron, Wakka and Kimahri in defending position. BK now has
~4,800HP left.

BK will now use these attacks: 
Tail: Switch in Rikku, throw Al Bhed Potion, switch back for the swapped out
character and have him heal himself and go back in Defending position with
Wakka, Kimahri and Auron.

Heave: Switch in Rikku, heal, swap her back and block again with same

BK castes Flare: This is your cue, it will bounce back dealing him about
4,700 damage and also slow BK down. If you have the PAL/Int version; you can
just attack with Auron and the rest until captured.

If you are the owner of the US version; Keep Auron defending and have Kimahri,
Wakka and/or Tidus attack until captured. Auron will survive Meteor, due to 
Double HP, Protect and Defend.

6.25 OMNIS

You don't really have to capture the monsters in the Sea of Sorrow, but since
you are not allowed to Escape, you might want to capture them as well.

It's not that Omnis deserves a paragraph for himself, but I didn't want to put
him in the capture-section ^_^

Make sure to prepare well for him. You need a little luck with this fight.
Equip the following weapons armors:

Tidus - Sonic Steel
Wakka - Pep Talk
Lulu - Booster Cactuar and Phantom Bangle
Yuna - Phantom Ring
Rikku - Victorious
Auron - Masamune and Haste Bracer

Make sure Auron and Wakka die in a random encounter and make him enter this
fight with 1HP! This is mandatory to win.

Make your party Lulu, Wakka and Tidus.

<<<HP: 80,000>>>>>>>>>>>>
Omnis uses two attacks (well, he has more, but you're only going to see two).
Quad Firaga which will never do any damage and Dispel, which won't work. He
also has Ultima, but this is a guaranteed Game Over so he is not allowed to
use this.

Seymour uses Dispel-Ultima comba after being targeted for 5 times, so plan
your attacks very carefully!

Tidus is switched to Rikku. Throw a Chocobo Wing. Seymour uses Quad Firaga,
but thanks to the Pep Talk, the Victorious and the Phantom Bangle, it will do
0 or <immune> damage. Start blasting Omnis with Supreme Gems and HOPE most of
them will do 9,999 damage. It is quite vital that some of them DO 9,999. After
the 4th Supreme Gem: STOP! Hit Rikku twice with Wakka, so that she receives
yellow HP. Switch to the Haste Targe (you don't want Seymour to Dispel Rikku's
Haste, now do you?) and switch her out for Yuna. In the meantime; DON'T touch
Seymour or you'll die. Bring Rikku in the party to Haste Yuna and take her out
again. Make sure Seymour doesn't kill her with Firaga (she has no Victorious
equiped anymore, remember?)

Wait for Seymour to use Quad Firaga. NOW is your chance. You have a Haste
Yuna, a Haste Lulu and some thing called Wakka in your party. Switch Yuna out
for Rikku immediately and start throwing Supreme Gems. Lulu cast Blizzard like
crazy (~200) and Auron is switched for Wakka and slices away with his sword 
(~575). Lulu's and Auron's attacks are only used to outdo the damage which is
lost when the Supreme Gems didn't do 9,999.

Take Dispel. It does nothing. Continue the assault and only HOPE that you will
kill him before Ultima. 8 x ~9,999 + 3 x ~200 + 3x ~575 SHOULD be enough to
finish him, but it's not guaranteed. I've seen Supreme Gems doing 9,200 damage
in which you know it's hard to win.

Only one real boss to go... Don't overestimate yourself. The chances of
defeating BFA now are exactly 0% ^_^




Pre-Omega one: steal about 20 Healing Waters from Adamontoise in the Arena.
You might have done that already, but I will say it anyway.

Pre-Omega two: steal 3 Frag Grenades from Splasher. It's a rare Steal, but you
need it for Black Elements. Their incredible Defense stat don't even allow
Auron to do double digit damage.

Also, don't forget to buy 99 Al Bhed Potions from Rin and make sure to have
plenty of Petrify Grenades, Poison Fangs, Shadow Gems, Fire/Lightning Gems,
Candle of Lifes and Dream Powders. Also make sure to have several first or
second level elemental items. 99 Grenades, 99 Hi Potions and 99 Phoenix Downs
should also be in your survival-kit.

This is probably the place where you will end up hours and hours capturing.
Save VERY often and always fight a couple of metres from the Save Sphere.

Restock on items if you are running low. God bless the Monster Arena.

use this weapon/armor setup:

Weapon: Fully powered Masamune
Additional Weapons: Beastmaster
Armour: Shaman Bracer

Weapon: Sonic steel
Additional Weapons: Caladbolg and Taming Sword
Armour: Lucid shield (Confuse ward, Berserk ward)
Additional Armour: Yellow Shield (Lightningproof)

Weapon: First goal (Initiative)
Additional weapons: Rematch and Catcher
Armour: Lucid armguard (Berserk Ward, Confuse Ward)
Additional Armours: Yellow Armgaurd (Lightningproof, SOS Protect)

Weapon: Survivor
Armour: Haste Targe

Weapon: Rod of wisdom
Armour: Phantom Ring (Fire Eater, Lightning Eater, Water Eater) -- Pick up in
Inside Sin itself.
Additional: Soft Ring

Weapon: Dragoon Lance
Additional weapon: Taming Spear
Armour: Lucid shield (Confuse Ward, Berserk Ward)
Additional: Yellow armlet (Lightningproof (SOS Protect)

Weapon: Fatal caith sith
Additional: Booster Cactuar
Armour: Phantom Bangle
Additional: Saviour Bangle (Stone- & Silenceproof)

Put Auron, Tidus and Wakka in the frontline. Leave Rikku out at 1HP.

1x Zaurus + Treasure chest:
Rule one: never steal from the treasure chest (the Mimic is not worth it in
this challenge). Switch in Rikku and throw dream powder. Write down the damage
you deal on Zaurus so you know when to attack with Auron. Lower it's HP down
to 150 then capture with Auron. This is also an ideal battle for getting Rikku
in critical HP.

2x Zaurus + 1x Floating Death
The same: throw Dream Powder, but also use a Gold or Silver hourglass so they
don't wake up too fast. Use Shadow Gems and other items to reduce their HP. 
Also write down the damage you deal. Lower their HP down to 150 then capture.
Use Lulu's magic if their HP is lower then 500.

3x Purobos:
Break out Zombietouch/Strike and let Rikku switch her armor to the Victorious.
Bring them in Zombie status (with a -touch weapon, you only have two chances
before they can't be captured before Self-Destruct) and then heal them with
Lulu's Fire Magic. Have Rikku throw two Healing Waters and then they have 2HP
left ready to be captured. Quite easy.

2x Master Coeurl + Floating Death
Again, the same: Dream Powder and Silver or Gold Hourglass, lower their HP
down to ~150 (using Shadow Gems, elemental items and Poison Fangs). Then

2x Machea (18,000): Use a Smoke Bomb and also a Silver or Gold Hourglass (to
make it the battle safe because the Darkness won't make them miss all their
attacks). For the rest same strategy, write down the damage (use a Shadow Gem
if you forget their current HP), lower their HP to 150 then capture.

2x Defender Z:
Throw a Smoke Bomb with Rikku, followed with two Candles of Life. Then block
their attacks (nine times) with Tidus, Kimahri and Wakka with Evade & Counter.
Make sure all three get a turn after their attacks, so when they do both
Haymaker, swap in Rikku, revive one, swap Rikku out and revive the other.

1x Master Tonberry:
Easy, easy, easy. Throw Dream Powder, lower its HP (Shadow Gems and other
items) down to 150 then capture.

1x Varuna:
Difficult? No! Varuna has these moves: he castes mostly Aga spells. He also
castes Silence on Yuna or Lulu, Slow on Auron or Pharao's Curse on Tidus,
Kimahri or Wakka. I don't know about Rikku. He also likes to Haste himself
and once he is in Haste he also casts Death, Flare and Demi. He also can cast
Dispel, so only keep Rikku in Reflect. His most dangerous move is Emblem of
the Faith, but it is predictable, he first uses Mana Focus. Auron with Double
HP and Shell will survive it. He starts with casting Haste. Switch in Rikku
and throw Purifying Salt (keep throwing Purifying Salts every time he recasts
Haste). Then have Rikku throw Star Curtain on herself. Next swap in Yuna and
Lulu, block its spells with the Girls. Between his turns, swap Auron in (and
out) and give him the positive statuses to prepare him for Emblem of the
Faith (Double HP + Heal and Shell). If he does Mana Focus, swap Rikku out for
Auron and block, afterwards swap Rikku back in and throw two Phoenix Downs.

Other than that, lower its HP with Shadow Gems and other items, down to 1,200.
Remember the Reflect status on Rikku! If he castes an -Aga spell on Rikku,
swap in your Catcher characters and attack until Captured, if he casts Haste
or something else that doesn't damage him, throw a Purifying Salt with Rikku,

2x Halma + 1x Spirit OR 2x Black Element + 1x Spirit:
A toughie, but not impossible to catch all of them at once. Swap in Rikku and
cast Shell on Wakka, switch Aurons weapon to his Beastmaster (that way Auron
gets another turn before Spirit). Then have Rikku swap her armour to
Victorious, then throw a Dream Powder (with Halmas) or a Silence Grenade (with
Black Elements). Weather he counters with Poison Mist or not, swap in Yuna for
Auron and revive Rikku (if needed). If you get the chance, swap in Lulu for
Wakka. Block Spirit's magic with the girls. Swap Auron and/or Wakka in (and
out) and heal the damage first and then continue with casting Haste on both
and Shell on Wakka. The plan is this: swap in Auron and Wakka, make sure they 
get an additional turn before Spirit, then have Rikku throw an item, swap Yuna
and Lulu back in revive Rikku if needed. Heal the damage and Poison from Wakka
and Auron and repeat the process with the following items:

Dream powder or Silence grenade if the status wears off.
Gold or silver hourglass to slow down the Halmas or Black Elements.
Star Curtain on Spirit (too prevent him from healing himself with Thundaga).
Shadow gem to find the fiends' current HP especially Spirit's. 

Continue with Poison Fang or Soul Springs. Depending on its current HP. 

Important: if Spirit's HP goes very low, stop using Lulu to block its magic
and use Tidus with the Yellow Shield. When Spirit's HP is about 400, use a
Fish Scale, Antarctic wind or Bomb Fragment (it is halved so it will deal
about 300 damage). Once Spirit´s HP is lower than 150 capture with Auron.
Then you're left with the Halmas or Black Elements. 

Throw a Frag Grenade on the Black Elementals because they have incredible high
Defence, it will be hard to capture otherwise. Lower their HP with Shadow
(to found out how much HP they exactly have), then other items until it's
low enough to capture them.

1x Great Malboro:
Swap in Rikku, throw Chocobo Wing (that way Auron has Haste. Switch Auron´s
weapon to Beastmaster so he's ready to capture. Take Bad Breath. Chances are
slim (but not impossible) that any of the guys are Confused. Heal Rikku as
soon as possible and switch Tidus back in, switch weapon to Caladbolg, have
Rikku throw a Lunar Curtain first on Tidus and Wakka, then swap in Kimahri.
Defend or do weapon switch to speed up your characters next turn so it's
close after GM's turn. Block all GM's attack with these three (Wakka, Tidus,
Kimahri). Also, switch in Rikku, throw Shadow Gem (or other items if he hasn't
much HP left) then switch her back out. GM uses only two attacks in this fase.
Spit one target (Evade & Counter will prevent the damage) or Bad Breath.
With Lucid Shields the chance for confusion is 30 %. After GM's atacks, swap
in Rikku, throw a Remedy (if needed), then the cured character throws a Remedy
on the next and so on. Rikku gets more turns before GM's, so first cast Shell
on Tidus, Wakka and Kimahri then continue with Fire Gems until GM's HP drops
below 30,000. GM's gets two additional attacks: all party spitting attack
(Shell will reduce the damage so your party will survive) and Chow Attack on
one character (always K.O). After a Spitting attack, switch in Rikku, heal
with an Al Bhed Potion, switch in the switched character for Rikku and have
him heal himself with a Hi-potion. After a chow attack, revive the character
and recast Shell with Rikku (if more then one character suffered a Chow
attack). Rikku will get additional turns, so continue with Shadow Gems and
other items like Bomb Core, Fire Gems or Electro Marble when HP about 700,
Stamina Spring when HP about 600-500, use Fire Magic with Lulu when HP
about 500 or thunder when HP about 390. When lower than 250, capture with

2x Demonolith: 
Switch in Rikku and throw a Smoke Bomb. Then switch in Yuna and switch her 
armour to Stoneproof. Next swap in Yuna and switch her armour also to
Stoneproof. You might have a third character with Stoneproof, switch in that
character as well. Block Demonolith's attacks with these two/three. Their
attacks rarely connect and Breath won't be used until Rikku goes on damaging
duty. Swap Rikku in and out with Haste Targe equiped and throw Shadow Gems to
lower their HP. Continue with a Silence Grenade and other items like Poison
Fangs or Elemental gems until it's lower than 200, then attack with Auron,
Kimahri and/or Tidus until captured.

When in trouble,remember that Evade & Counter + Stoneproof = Demonolith-proof.
If you have trouble capturing because they are with two, fight him Inside Sin
(the area after Omnis) on his own.

Praise be to Yevon when you captured 5 of each.

There is only one enemy left to capture:

1x Barbatos:
Switch in Rikku, throw Chocobo Wing, have Auron perform two weapon switches
then Defend. That way Auron has a turn right after Barbatos. Have Rikku throw
a Lunar Curtain on Auron. Swap Wakka out for Kimahri and swap Rikku out for
Tidus (switch his weapon to Caladbolg). Hope that Barbatos first attacks
isn't Body splash. If so, swap in Rikku, throw Mega-Phoenix, swap Auron back
in, heal himself and keep defending. Next steps are double HP for Kimahri and
Wakka plus Haste, Shell and Protect. This might take a while. Once you have
Auron, Wakka and Kimahri in this status, you're save. Block Barbatos attacks
with these three. There's also no need to Defend so have Auron attack with
Zombiestrike (if you have it). Otherwise, swap Rikku in (and out) and throw
items (Shadow Gems, Elemental Gems and Poison Fangs), until lowered than 200.
Then break out you capture weapons and attack like crazy until captured.

Grab the last items from the Monster Arena trainer. 99 Dark Matters are part
of it. God bless the Dark Matters!!!

This is what you need:

-Stoneproof armor for EVERYONE except Auron.
-Auto-Phoenix armor for Auron (for Wakka or Tidus can be accepted as well, but
I highly recommend to obtain it for Auron.
-Zombiestrike for Auron.
-About 10 Blessed Gems
-About 20 Shining Gems

This is rarely dropped by Demonolith.

Switch in Rikku, throw a Candle of Life. Switch in Wakka/Tidus/Kimahri and
let them Defend with their Evade & Counter weapon. Demonolith will hopelessly
miss all his attacks and he will be dead after 10 turns.

This may take quite a long time. Basically because you need for every
character and the chances for him to drop Stoneproof are quite low. 

If Auron already has a Zombiestrike weapon: you can also throw 4 Dark Matters.
This is a faster way of killing him, but make sure you have at least 10 Dark
Matters left for BFA.

A chance of 1 in 14 if you defeat Greater Sphere. No, I'm not out of my mind.
You ARE going to fight and defeat Greater Sphere. It will take about 2 hours,
because he needs to be killed with Doom. The only thing you need to do is
survive before he is killed.

Your overall frontline should be these:
Rikku (Survivor, Shaman Targe)
Yuna (Mirage Rod, ---)
Tidus (Sonic Steel (immediately switched to Lifesaver), ---)

For now, keep Auron in the party with the Masamune equiped. You should switch
him out for Rikku immediately.

Make sure to have these items: 
-99 Potions
-99 Hi Potions
-99 Phoenix Downs
-99 Al Bhed Potions
-about 80 Light Curtains
-about 60 Chocobo Wings/Chocobo Feathers
-close to 99 Mega Phoenixes

SOS Haste armors will prove to be in your DISADVANTAGE here. Why? Because
there will be circumstances when you are planning to get a character with
yellow HP to full HP and Haste. You cannot Haste him/her before healing,
because the character already has Haste. It are only a few ticks, but that's
enough to screw you over

Save before the fight!

<<<HP: 1,500,000>>>>>>>>>>
Switch Tidus´ weapon to the Lifesaver. Switch Auron for Rikku and throw a
Candle of life. Greater Sphere uses two attacks:
"Bash" - will kill one character for sure
Hydraulic Press (HyP)- knocks off 93.75% of all characters' max HP.

HyP is easily healed with an Al Bhed Potion. Remember that characters under
Protect can survive two HyPs in a row without need to heal. Use this to your

No complete strategy this time. It won't help that much. Just 5 Golden Tips:

-Haste? Yes. You don't want GS to have 2 turns in a row. I mostly keep two
characters Hasted for the first 200 turns. After turn 55; I keep them all
three Hasted for insurance.
-Rikku heals herself after HyP. Throw Al Bhed Potion to heal the rest or a
Potion/Hi-Potion when you are out of Al Bhed Potions or just don't feel like
healing all characters.
-Always make sure that at least ONE character other than Rikku is in Haste. If
he "Bashes" Rikku and Tidus and Yuna both don't have Haste, the fight is 
almost guaranteed lost.
-Try to keep Rikku under Protect. This way; she can survive two HyPs in a row
and she won't throw an unneeded Potion after the first. Not to mention she 
has more time then to keep Yuna and/or Tidus under Haste.
-Instead of healing Tidus/Yuna, you can also Defend with them. This makes sure
they survive the next HyP and you don't have to waste a Potion.

Why am I whining that much about using (Al Bhed/Hi)-Potions? Well, it's
because you only have 99 of each. You really don't want to waste all your
Hi-Potions and Potions when he is almost down. That would ruin the fight,
since chances of winning are almost lost then!

When out of Phoenix Downs, use Mega Phoenixes.

After 99 Potions, ~60 Hi Potions, ~60 Al Bhed Potions, 99 Phoenix Downs, ~40
Mega Phoenixes and ~60 Chocobo Wings/Feathers, you've won.

If you received a One MP Cost weapon (I received three in three fights), reset
the game and try again.

If you received an Auto-Phoenix armor for Lulu or Rikku: reset the game and
try again.

This challenge sucks, doesn't it? ^_^

If you received an Auto-Phoenix armor for Yuna or Kimahri: keep it and use it
in the next GS fight (replace Kimahri for Tidus then).

If you received an Auto-Phoenix armor for Tidus or Wakka: keep it. You might
be able to kill BFA with it.

If you received Auto-Phoenix for Auron: DANCE!!! God loves you!


Don Tonberry drops this and he isn't that dangerous. Make sure to have 99
Phoenix Downs.

Make your party: 
Auron - Masamune, Phoenix Bracer
Tidus - Sonic Steel (switched for Wakka with Fast Break).
Rikku - Haste Targe.

<<<HP: 480,000>>>>>>>>>>
It takes ~39 Dark Matters to kill him. Start blasting him with Dark Matters
immediately. Auron takes care of reviving. Hit Rikku once with Wakka to bring
her to critical HP (Auron still does reviving).

When Don Ton is close; just continue the assault. Revive Auron immediately
when he is killed and attack Rikku with Wakka after being revived. This fight
doesn't take as long as GS and is much easier.
If Auron doesn't receive Zombiestrike: reset and try again.

(This challenge really sucks, doesn't it? Hey, don't touch that Customise menu
for God's sake!)

Get into a fight with a Barbatos in the arena. With SOS Haste Rikku switched
for Tidus; you have three chances. It is a rare steal. 10 Blessed Gems is the
least. 15 is recommended.

Get into a fight with a Black Element in the arena. It might be a rare steal,
but you steal 4 at a time. 20 is the total amount. You might have a few left
from the bosses.

You got all this? Congratulations. 

6.27: BFA
Finally, you're here!!! Ready for the big boss! He HAS NOT BEEN DEFEATED YET!
You might be the first one!

Recheck equipment:

Tidus (weapon) - Sonic Steel, Lifesaver
Tidus (armor) 	- Soft Shield (maybe Phoenix Shield)

Yuna (weapon)	- Mirage Rod
Yuna (armor)	- Soft Ring

Wakka (weapon)	- Rematch
Wakka (armor)	- Soft Armguard (maybe Miracle Comeback)

Lulu (weapon)	- Doesn't matter
Lulu (armor)	- Saviour Bangle

Kimahri (weapon)- Mirage Lance
Kimahri (armor)	- Soft Armlet

Auron (weapon)	- Masamune, Zombiestrike weapon
Auron (armor)	- Phoenix Bracer

Rikku (weapon)	- Survivor
Rikku (armor)	- Soft Targe

Items: 99 Phoenix Downs, 99 Hi Potions, 99 Al Bhed Potions, 50 Lunar Curtains,
50 Light Curtains, 50 Healing Springs, 80 Chocobo Wings, 40 Stamina Tonics,
AT LEAST 10 Dark Matter, AT LEAST 10 Blessed Gems and 20 Shining Gems.

Party is preset: Auron, Yuna and Tidus. Luckily both First Strike characters
are in the frontline.

Let's talk about BFA now, since I don't want to correct any of Blitz_Ace470's
information (the only thing I corrected is to change to the Lifesaver, cause
Blitz_Ace470 doesn't have the Lifesaver in his game).

BFA has three attacks in his first form:

Normal attack: about 2,820 physical damage and Delay to one character(BAD!)
Jecht Beam: about 680 magical damage and Petrification to one chr(MORE BAD!!!)
OD: Triumphant Grasp: 4,500 special damage to one character(BAD!)

And he has three attacks in his second form:

Jecht Beam: same as above(MORE BAD!)
OD: Triumphant Grasp: 6,960 special damage to one character(BAD!)
Sword Swipe: 3,940 physical damage to all characters and Delay (WORSE!!!)
OD: Ultimate Jecht Shot: 5,500 special damage to ALL characters (GAME OVER!)

Obviously; he is not allowed to use his Overdrive UJS in the second form.

BFA is VERY fast (even faster than Yunalesca), he is VERY strong and both his
normal attack and his Sword Swipe attack add Delay. You need luck (real-life
luck) to beat him. I wish you very, very good luck!!!


He has fought BFA a lot of times and he still hasn't defeated him yet. This
is his strategy!!!

<<<FINAL BATTLE<<<<<<<<<<<
<<<BOSS: BFA (1st form)>>>
<<<HP: 60,000>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Switch Tidus' weapon to the Lifesaver. Switch Rikku for Auron, use a Chocobo
Wing. Switch Tidus out for Auron, Defend. Rikku uses a Silver Hourglass (NOT
Gold Hourglass). From now on, attack with Shining or Blessed Gems. When BFA
has about 3000 HP, get Auron under Double HP, Protect, Regen, Haste, Defend.
If BFA has full Overdrive, kill his first form now, but make sure that Rikku
is in Haste before doing so. You MUST go to the second phase with Rikku and
Tidus in Haste and Auron with the statuses mentioned above. BFA must also
have full Overdrive. Switch Auron out too. You could try to get Rikku in
Double HP, Shell and Regen, so that she survives two Jecht Beams; it's
probably not worth trying, since BFA LOVES to kill Rikku. 

<<<BOSS: BFA (2nd form)>>>
<<<HP: 120,000>>>>>>>>>>>>

BFA uses Triumphant Grasp; this must not hit Rikku. If it doesn't hit her,
have her throw Dark Matters. Switch Tidus in and use Talk.  Rikku continues
throwing Dark Matters, while Tidus uses Talk for the second and last time.
Now it gets bad. Rikku continues throwing Dark Matters, Tidus uses a Phoenix
Down on the dead character, but only if he can get another turn before BFA
attacks. Switch Auron in. If BFA uses Sword Swipe, Auron will survive,
but Rikku (and your other character if you revived him) will die. Auron
revives Rikku (and your other character, if he died now). If Jecht Beam
comes, it's not as bad. If it's used on Auron, you have to hope that BFA's
next turn is not the Sword Swipe or Jecht Beam on Rikku. Rikku throws Dark
Matters nonstop. If he uses Jecht Beam on his first turns after the second
Talk, and Rikku doesn't die, you win.

The use of the Zombiestrike weapon and the Alchemy Weapons are to damage BFA
with Mega-Potions when he is under Zombie. Try to use Auron attacking with
Power Break to have a 50% chance to put him in Zombie Status and a 50% chance
to Power Break him. The Alchemy characters can throw Mega Potions to damage
him for 4,000.

The chances are very slim to win.  Critical Jecht Beams on Auron, a Jecht
Beam on Auron in the second form. TG on Auron, Rikku killing sprees, Sword
Swipe sprees. They are all TOO bad...

If you did it: I congratulate you. You are the first one who has finished the


There are several items Rikku can use. I'll name the useful ones.


-GRENADE: ~350 damage on all opponents
Very useful to reduce HP of fiends. It can also inflict instant death on low
HP fiends. Most important is that these are the only items which you can buy
in a lot of shops.

-FRAG GRENADE: ~750 damage on all opponents and Armour Breaks them
Used for the Armour Break. You only need 4 (one for Sin's Right Fin and three
for Black Elements) and you can rare steal them from Splasher. You don't need
them except for after you have the airship.

on one opponent. ~900 damage on one opponent if weak to specific element.
Used a lot with some bosses and random encounters. Also used to reduce fiends'
HP when capturing. Can be stolen from most early Flans/Elements/Imps

 one opponent. ~1500 damage on one opponent if weak to specific element.
Used a lot in random encounters and some bosses. Also used to reduce fiends'
HP when capturing. Can be stolen from most midway Flans/Elements

-ICE GEM / FIRE GEM / LIGHTING GEM / WATER GEM: Five random strikes for ~600.
~900 damage if the specific fiend is weak to the specific element. Sources:
Fire Gem - Puroboros (3x common)
Lightning Gem - Vidatu (4x common).
Why only these? Cause this are the best sources after you've obtained the
airship. You will obtain a lot Gems while you're doing the pilgrimage, but
after you have the airship; these are the best sources.

-SMOKE BOMB: ~750 damage to all opponents, plus Darkness for 7 turns.
Very useful with monster capturing and during the regular pilgrimage when you
want to survive random encounters. Main Source: Zu (3x common)

-SLEEPING POWDER: ~750 damage to all opponents, plus Sleep for 7 turns.
Very useful with monster capturing and during the regular pilgrimage when you
want to survive random encounters. Main Source: Sand Wolf (2x common)

-SILENCE GRENADE: ~750 damage to all opponents, plus Silence for 7 turns.
Very useful with monster capturing and during the regular pilgrimage when you
want to survive random encounters. Main Source: Thorn (2x common)

-DREAM POWDER: ~1000 damage to all opponents, plus Sleep for 10 turns.
This is the UBER item. You can completely disable all opponents for 10 turns.
Assuming they are not immune to Sleep, of course. This will be the item you'll
use most when monster capturing. Main Source: Bandersnatch (2x common).
-POISON FANG: ~2000 damage to one opponent, plus Poison.
For some first bosses; you'll use these mostly for the high damage. Later,
it's one of the two ways to slowly decrease an enemy's HP by doing nothing
but healing and defending. Main Sources: Nebiros (1x common), 99x from'
capturing in Kilika, Hornet (4x common).

-PETRIFY GRENADE: Petrifies and shatters all opponents.
Used A LOT when surviving in the pilgrimage. It instantly kills, so there's no
way to use it to decrease fiends' HP. Main sources: Basilisk (1x common), 99x
for capturing in Djose, Jormungand (4x Common)

-FARPLANE SHADOW: Instantly kills one enemy. 80% chance.
Kill an annoying enemy. That's it. Main Source: Espada (4x Common)

-FARPLANE WIND: Kills all enemies. Strikes 4 times. 80% chance.
Kill all enemies. You will use Petrify Grenades more than Farplane Winds.
Farplane Winds have the irritating habit to just plain <miss>. Don't rely on
it too much. Source: 60x for capturing in the Calm Lands.

-SHADOW GEM: Halves all enemies current HP. Capped at 9999.
Lovely when monster capturing and for the Highbridge. Sources: Sand Worm (2x
Common). 99x for unlocking Abyss Worm.

-SILVER HOURGLASS: Casts Slow on all enemies
Useful with capturing and with Evrae. 40x Sunken Cave capturing is best

-GOLD HOURGLASS: Casts Slow on all enemies + 1000 damage on all enemies
Quite useful with capturing. 99x when unlocking Tanket is the only needed

-SOUL SPRING: ~1500 damage to one opponent (absorbed):
A nice way to reduce fiends' HP. Disadvantage is that it brings Rikku out of
her SOS Haste status. Sources: Bashura (1x Common), 99x for capturing on
the Mi'ihen Highroad.

-CANDLE OF LIFE: Doom status on one enemy.
A good way to kill a high-HP fiend. Mandatory to kill a Dark Flan when you
just arrived in Mount Gagazet or Defender Z in the Zanarkand Ruins. Main
Source: Don Tonberry (x2). 

-SHINING GEM: ~6,000 damage on one enemy.
Mostly not used in random encounters. Only with bosses. Not easy to obtain.
Source: 60x from capturing in Macalania, Dark Element (4x Rare).

-SUPREME GEM: ~9,999 damage to all enemies.
These are extremely powerful, but limited. Used for later bosses and for the
capture of the annoying Spirit. ONLY source: 60x for unlocking Greater Sphere.

-BLESSED GEM: ~8,000 damage to one enemy.
Only used for BFA. Sources: Barbatos (1x rare), Coeurlregina (1x rare).

-DARK MATTER: ~12,500 damage to all enemies.
It'll be wise (and fun) to capture 5 of each monster. The monster arena
Trainer grants you with 99x of this heavenly item. Used to kill BFA and Don 


-LIGHT CURTAIN: Protect on one character.
Used with bosses and hard-to-capture monsters. Sources: Iron Giant (1x Common)
99x for unlocking Juggernaut, Tanket (4x Common).

-LUNAR CURTAIN: Shell on one character.
Used with bosses and hard-to-capture monsters. Sources: Larva (1x Common)
99x for unlocking Abaddon.

-STAR CURTAIN: Reflect on one character.
Used with some bosses and with some monster capturing. It would have been very
useful in the early parts of the game, but too bad; not possible. Sources: 
Dark Flan (1x Common), 99x from unlocking Nega Elemental.

-HEALING SPRING: Regen on one character.
Only used with Yunalesca and some monster capturing. Again, not available
until late in the game. Sources: Achelous (1x Rare), 99x for unlocking Sleep

-CHOCOBO FEATHER: Haste on one character.
Used with a lot of bosses. Sources: Qactuar (1x Common), 99x for unlocking 

-CHOCOBO WING: Haste on all characters.
A lovely item. Used with... A LOT... Source: 99x for capturing in the Thunder
Plains, Cactuar King (2x Common).

-AL BHED POTION: Heals 1000HP to all characters. Cures Poison, Silence,
Mostly used for the 1000HP healing. You'll get a lot of them after you visited
Bikanel. Buyable from Rin after you've obtained the Airship.

-STAMINA TABLET: Doubles HP of one character.
Used with Flux, Yunalesca and some monster capturing. Sources: Moonflow chest
(~1/8 chance), Yunalesca (1x Common), 60x for unlocking One-Eye.

-STAMINA TONIC: Doubles HP of all characters.
Used with BFA and monster capturing. Source: 99x for capturing in Besaid.

The numbers here are accurate, but I only placed down the capturable fiends.
Those are the ones you will encounter most. It's wise to know exactly how
much damage they can and will do.

For obvious reasons, the attacks do not EXACTLY the amount of damage stated.
There is always the random attack variance added or substracted from it. 

Remember that Auron will suffer a little less damage from physical attacks,
because his Defense stats is higher than the others. Lulu will suffer a little
less damage from magic attacks, cause her Magic Defense stat is higher.

About the status add-on. [%%%]-touch does not mean that the fiends has an
exactly 50% chance of inflicting the status. Mostly. It's not more than 30%.
The same applies for the [%%%]-strike statuses. It's not 100%, but there is a
high chance it will inflict the status.

As for Magical attacks:
Shell will reduce the damage with 50%

As for Physical attacks:
Defend (Triangle) will reduce the damage with 50%
Protect (Light Curtain) will reduce the damage with 50%
Power Break (Auron's Skill) will reduce the damage with 50%
All fiends immune for Power Break have an asterisk (*) after their name.

A note on the symbols/words you will find:

Single star (*) = fiend is immune to Power Break
Double star (**) = you can look at the bottom of the specified area to see 
some additional information of when the fiend uses the attack and some more
information if needed. If there are no stars, the fiend can use that attack
whenever he wants, how tragic it might be.

REGAT = Regular attack
PHYS = Physical
FPHYS = Fire Physical (only applies for Bomb monsters)
NEMAG = Non Elemental Magical
GRAV = Gravity attack
LMAG = Lightning Magic
FMAG = Fire Magic
WMAG = Water Magic
IMAG = Ice Magic
SPEC = Special
All = targets all characters
One = targets one character

Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Regat (PHYS)		85		Sleep-, Silencetouch	One

Regat (PHYS)		50		Darktouch		One

Water (WMAG)		140					One
Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Regat (PHYS)		40		Poisontouch		One

Regat (PHYS)		105		Stone-, Silencetouch	One

Thunder (LMAG)		180					One

Seed Cannon (PHYS)	190					One

Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Fire (FMAG)		230					One
Regat (FPHYS)		230					One
Self-Destruct**		600					One

Regat (PHYS)		320					One
Gore (PHYS)		510					One

Regat (NEMAG)		185		Confusetouch		One

Regat (PHYS)		125		Stone-, Silencetouch	One

Regat (PHYS)		140		Sleep-, Silencetouch	One

Regat (PHYS)		220		Slowtouch		One

Regat (PHYS)		255		Slowtouch		One
Fire Breath (FMAG)	400					All

Blizzard (IMAG)		260					One

**Self Destruct is always 600 damage.
Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:

Fire (FMAG)		360					One
**Pollen (SPEC)		0		Sleepstrike		All

Thunder (LMAG)		280					One

Regat (PHYS)		290		Darktouch		One
Sonic Boom (PHYS)	150					All

Regat (PHYS)		360		Slowtouch		One
Ice Breath (IMAG)	350					All

Regat (PHYS)		200		Stone-, Silencetouch	One

Fire (FMAG)		290					One

Thunder (LMAG)		175					One

**POllen can only be used as a counter when the Funguar is attacked. 
Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Regat (PHYS)		110					One
Stone Gaze (SPEC)	0		Stonestrike		One

Regat (PHYS)		90		Poisontouch		One

Regat (PHYS)		330		Slowtouch		One

Regat (PHYS)		165		Sleep-, Silencetouch	One

Regat (PHYS)		330		Poisonstrike		One
**Ochu Dance(SPEC)	0		Dark-, Silence-, 	
					Confuse-, Slowtouch	All

Regat (PHYS)		90		Darktouch		One

Blizzard (IMAG)		210					One

**Ochu Dance is only used after the Ochu has lost a certain amount of HP.
You will either petrify him or put him asleep for a capture. If you do things
right, you'll never have to see Ochu Dance.
Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Thundara (LMAG)		370					One

Regat (NEMAG)		270		Confusetouch		One

Thunder (LMAG)		530					One

Regat (PHYS)		800					One
Reaper (PHYS)		680					All

Regat (PHYS)		1,000		Slowtouch		One
Lightning Breath (LMAG)	950					All

Thundara (LMAG)		500					One

Regat (PHYS)		260		Stone-, Silencetouch	One

Regat (PHYS)		230					One
1000 Needles (SPEC)	1,000					One

Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Regat (GRAV)		25% current HP				One
Meggido Flame (FMAG)	1,000					One
Aqua Breath (WMAG)	400					All
Thundara (LMAG)		580					One

Regat (NEMAG)		360		Confusetouch		One

Blizzara (MAG)		570					One

Regat (PHYS)		380		Stone-, Silencetouch	One

Regat (PHYS)		700		Slowtouch		One

Regat (PHYS)		480		Slowtouch		One

Watera (WMAG)		830					One

Regat (PHYS)		270		Sleep-, Silencetouch	One

Regat (PHYS)		260		Poisonstrike		One

Regat (PHYS)		170		Poisontouch		One

Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Regat (PHYS)		150		Darktouch		One

Regat (PHYS)		360					One
10000 Needles (SPEC)	10,000					One

Regat (PHYS)		1,400		Slowtouch		One
Fire Breath (FMAG)	1,450					All

Regat (PHYS)		390		Sleep-, Silencetouch	One

Regat (PHYS)		830					One
**Regurgitate (SPEC)	0		Dispel			One
**Earthquake (NEMAG)	1,050					All

Regat (PHYS)		1,500		Darktouch		One
Sonic Boom (PHYS)	1,220					All

**Regurgitate is only used after Sand Worm has swallowed a character.
**Earthquake is only used every 7th turn.
Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Regat (PHYS)		600					One
Stone Gaze (SPEC)	0		Stonestrike		One
Sonic Tail (NEMAG)	1,620					All

Regat (PHYS)		800					One
Meggido Flame (FMAG)	1,700					One
Aqua Breath (WMAG)	780					All
Thundara (LMAG)		1,100					One

Silence (SPEC)		0		Silencestrike		One
Thundara (LMAG)		800					One
Blizzara (IMAG)		800					One
**Drain (NEMAG)		630					One
**Blaster (SPEC)	0		Stonestrike		One

Firaga (FMAG)		1,100					One

Regat (PHYS)		1,050					One
**Bad Breath 		0		Dark-, Silence-,	All
					Slow-, Confuse-,
					Berserk-, Poisonstrike 

Regat (PHYS)		330		Poisontouch		One

Single Punch (PHYS)	800					One
Double Punch (PHYS)	980					One

Regat (PHYS)		1,280		Slowtouch		One

Regat (PHYS)		650		Sleep-, Silencetouch	One

**Drain is only used after Coeurl has lost 66% of its HP.
**Blaster is only used after Coeurl has lost 66% of its HP.
**Bad Breath is not used after you attack Malboro for 7 times. Attacking
him with Fire counts as 2.
Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Drain (NEMAG)		850					One
Bio (SPEC)		0		Poisonstrike		One
Fira (FMAG)		1,050					One
Blizzara (IMAG)		1,050					One
Thundara (LMAG)		1,050					One
Watera (WMAG)		1,050					One

Regat (PHYS)		720		Poisonstrike		One
**Blades (PHYS)		1,615

Doom (SPEC)		0		Doomstrike		One
Fira (FMAG)		1,210					One
Blizzara (IMAG)		1,210					One
Thundara (LMAG)		1,210					One
Watera (WMAG)		1,210					One

Thundaga (LMAG)		1,530					One

Regat (PHYS)		2,510		Slowtouch		One
Fire Breath (FMAG)	2,070					All

Fira (FMAG)		770					One
**Pollen (SPEC)		0		Dark-, Sleepstrike	All

Karma (SPEC)		**					One
Chef's Knife (PHYS)	2,540					One

Regat (PHYS)		1,490					One
Gore (PHYS)		2,330					One
Flame Ball (FMAG)	440					All

Regat (PHYS)		580		Stone-, Silencetouch	One

**Blades is used every eighth turn
**Pollen can only be used as a counter when the Thorn is attacked.
**Tonberry's Karma is a counterattack. It inflicts 10x damage of the number of
fiends the specific character has killed.
Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Regat (PHYS)		1,155					One
**Sonic Wave (NEMAG)	1,620					All

Regat (NEMAG)		760		Confusetouch		One
Ultrasonics (NEMAG)	1,160					All

Regat (PHYS)		1,060		Sleep-, Silencetouch	One

**Regat (PHYS)		1,260					One
**Regat II (PHYS)	1,850					One

Regat (PHYS)		2,460					One
Heave (PHYS)		4,310					One
Thundara (LMAG)		2,480					One

Demi (GRAV)		25% current HP				All
Bio (SPEC)		0		Poisonstrike		One
Flare (NEMAG)		3,085					One
Drain (NEMAG)		830					One

Seed Cannon (PHYS)	700					One
Seed Burst (PHYS)	395		Confusestrike		One

Fira (FMAG)		705					One
Regat (FPHYS)		570					One
**Self-Destruct		600					One

Regat (PHYS)		2,140					One
Gore (PHYS)		3,345					One
Flame Ball (FMAG)	500					All

Regat (PHYS)		1,990					One
Rush (PHYS)		2,985					One
**Mealstrom (NEMAG)	1,670					All

Regat (PHYS)		1,235		Poisonstrike		One
Earthquake (PHYS)	1,550					All
**Ochu Dance (SPEC)	0		Dark-, Silence-, 	
					Confuse-, Slowtouch	All

Regat (PHYS)		110;240;450	Poisontouch		One
Self-Destruct (PHYS)	215					One

**Sonic Wave is only used after you have attacked it for three times
**Regat and Regat II's damage will be higher if Bashura has used one or more 
'Physch Up's.
**Ochu Dance is only used after the Mandragaora has lost a certain amount of
HP. You will either petrify him or put him asleep for a capture. If you do
things right, you'll never have to see Ochu Dance.
**Self Destruct is always 600 damage.
**Their damages matters on what kind of Splasher you encounter. You can
encounter one-pack, two-pack or three-pack Splasher. Only two-packs and three
pack Splasher add Poison.
Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Regat (PHYS)		1,710					One
Fire Breath (FMAG)	1,615					All
Earthquake (NEMAG)	1,390					All

Regat (PHYS)		2,300					One
Body Splash (PHYS)	1,435					All
Mortar (NEMAG)		1,555					All

Regat (PHYS)		3,000					One
Heave (PHYS)		5,270					One
Tail Sweep (PHYS)	4,325					All
Thundara (LMAG)		2,035					One
Flare (NEMAG)		5,620					One
**Meteor (PHYS)		8,465					All

Regat (PHYS)		1,130		Zombie-, Cursestrike	One
**Pharao's Curse (SPEC) 0		Poison-, Silence-,	One
					Dark-, Cursestrike
Breath (SPEC)		0		Stonestrike		All

Firaga (FMAG)		1,410					One
**Pollen (SPEC)		0		Dark-, Silence-,	All
Regat (PHYS)		1,130					One
Leaping Swing (PHYS)	1,765					One
Reaper			900					All
**Double Reaper		2,250					All

Regat (PHYS)		1,450					One
Chow (PHYS)		2,900					One
**Multi spit (NEMAG)	730					All
Bad Breath (SPEC)	0		Dark-, Silence-,	All
					Slow-, Confuse-,
					Berserk-, Poisonstrike 

Doom (SPEC)		0		Doomstrike		One
Death (SPEC)		0		Deathstrike		One
Firaga (FMAG)		1,410					One
Blizzaga (IMAG)		1,410					One
Thundaga (LMAG)		1,410					One
Waterga (WMAG)		1,410					One

**Meteor is only used one Behemoth King dies. If you capture him in the US
version; he'll use it as well. In the PAL/INT version; you don't have to
suffer Meteor damage after a capture.
**Multi spit is only used when the Great Malboro has less then 50% of his HP
**Pharao's Curse is a counterattack.
**POllen can only be used as a counter when the Exoray is attacked.
**Double Reaper can only be used when both Geminis are present. They also skip
their one turn before.
Fiend name:		Damage:		Status add-ons:		All/One:
Berserk (SPEC)		0		Berserkstrike		One
Flare (NEMAG)		2,800					One

Regat (NEMAG)		1,030		Confusetouch		One
Ultrasonics (NEMAG)	1,570					All

Regat (PHYS)		3,000		Slowtouch		One

Regat (PHYS)		1,340		Poisonstrike		One
**Blades (PHYS)		3,090					One

Blizzaga (IMAG)		2,970					One
Thundaga (IMAG)		2,970					One
Drain (SMAG)		1,305					One
**Blaster (SPEC)	0		Deathstrike		One
**Confuse (SPEC)	0		Confusestrike		One

Karma (SPEC)		**					One
Chef's Knife (PHYS)	4,095					One

Firaga (FMAG)		2,970					One
Regat (FPHYS)		2,300					One
**Self-Destruct (FPHYS)	2,500					One

**Poison Mist (NEMAG)	920		Confusestrike, 
					Poisontouch		All
Fira (FMAG)		1,910					One
Blizzara (IMAG)		1,910					One
Thundara (LMAG)		1,910					One
Watera (WMAG)		1,910					One
**Thundaga		3,530					One

Emblem of Fate (NEMAG)	2,335					All
Dispel (SPEC)		0		Dispel			All
Pharaoh's Curse		0		Poison-, Silence-,	One
					Dark-, Cursestrike
Silence	(SPEC)		0		Silencestrike		One
Firaga (FMAG)		2,970					One
Blizzaga (IMAG)		2,970					One
Thundaga (LMAG)		2,970					One
Waterga (WMAG)		2,970					One
Slow (SPEC)		0		Slowstrike		One
Death (SPEC)		0		Deathstrike		One

Regat (PHYS)		1,745		Stone-, Silencetouch	One

**Blades is used every eighth turn.
**Blaster and Confuse are only used once the Master Coeurl has less than 33%
of his HP. 
**Master Tonberry's Karma is counterattack. It inflicts 100x damage of the
number of fiends the specific character has killed.
**Poison Mist is a counter-attack.
**Self Destruct is always 2,500 damage.
**Spirit's Thundaga is only used on himself when low on HP. Note that he also
can use Poison Mist as a counter-attack from his own Thundaga. Silly thing.

For making one of the best games ever existed.

This guy deserves a statue in this FAQ, but unfortunately that's not possible,
but he gave so much information that I don't even remember everything anymore.
-Mental support
-The BFA strategy
-The strategy of Auron tanking Poison Breath with Evrae, so there are no
Poison Fangs needed
-The strategy in the first Seymour battle to let Auron take all spells with
Shell so there's no need to survive with Nulspells and also removes the need
to throw a Poison Fang
-For notifying me that Lulu can get a Poisontouch weapon for the first Zu

Split Infinity
For his VERY helpful FAQ. I used it mostly for the enemy encounters.

For his VERY helpful UCG. It's where I got the Moonflow chests information

For inspiring me to write this guide, without him even knowing ^_^

For checking the guide for Grammar errors ^_^

For mentioning that there a Thunder Plains enemy party that I didn't know of.
Strategies are his.

The very first person to try the challenge.

Dark Locke, Blitz_Ace470, Steaver370, GangstaL, Survivor276, KADFC, Kazi1212,
Yunas Secret Child, Thundaka
For participating in discussions on the NSG Topics topic.

Yunas Secret Child
For a lot. Inside Sin and Omega Ruins' capturing strategies are his.

-For convincing me to grind for the money in Mushroom Rock to buy the Sentry,
instead of farming the Qactuar itself for it in the Thunder Plains.
-For telling me that Tidus' weapon must be changed to the Brotherhood in the
first Seymour battle, so that Anima receive much more damage.

For mentioning that you can buy the First Goal for Wakka, so you don't need
to grind for it.

I say it again: if you feel like you should be in this list or the list at
the start of the document. Please inform me about this!!!

Thanks for reading this document. Feel free to contact me about ideas,add-ons,
suggestions and corrections about this FAQ.



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