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Guide and Walkthrough by A I e x

Version: Final | Updated: 07/15/2007

                     ___________ __               __   
                     \_   _____/|__| ____ _____  |  |  
                      |    __)  |  |/    \\__  \ |  |  
                      |     \   |  |   |  \/ __ \|  |__
                      \___  /   |__|___|  (____  /____/
                          \/            \/     \/      
            ___________              __                        
            \_   _____/____    _____/  |______    _________ __ 
             |    __) \__  \  /    \   __\__  \  /  ___<   |  |
             |     \   / __ \|   |  \  |  / __ \_\___ \ \___  |
             \___  /  (____  /___|  /__| (____  /____  >/ ____|
                 \/        \/     \/          \/     \/ \/     
                                 ____  ___
                                 \   \/  /
                                  \     / 
                                  /     \ 
                                 /___/\  \
|                   Author: A I e x                                          |
|                   Began: January 19th, 2005                                |
|                   Completed: January 27th, 2005                            |

|                              Table of Contents                             |

** In order to navigate this guide I have implemented a Ctrl+f system, which 
means you press ctrl+f in your browser or word processer to bring up the 
search menu, then enter the letters in brackets on the right of the section 
that you're looking for.

1. Before You Start....................................................(00100)
     i - Introduction..................................................(00101)
     ii - Characters...................................................(00102)
2. Full Walkthrough....................................................(00000)
     i - Zanarkand.....................................................(00001)
     ii - Ruins........................................................(00002)
     iii - Besaid......................................................(00003)
     iv - Besaid Cloister..............................................(00004)
     v - Besaid........................................................(00005)
     vi - S.S. Liki....................................................(00006)
     vii - Kilika......................................................(00007)
     viii - Kilika Woods...............................................(00008)
     ix - Kilika Cloister..............................................(00009)
     x - S.S. Winno....................................................(0000A)
     xi - Luca.........................................................(0000B)
     xii - Mi'ihen Highroad............................................(0000C)
     xiii - Mushroom Rock..............................................(0000D)
     xiv - Djose Temple................................................(0000E)
     xv - Djose Cloister...............................................(0000F)
     xvi - Moonflow....................................................(0000G)
     xvii - Guadosalam.................................................(0000H)
     xviii - Thunder Plains............................................(0000I)
     xix - Macalania...................................................(0000J)
     xx - Macalania Temple.............................................(0000K)
     xxi - Macalania Cloister..........................................(0000L)
     xxii - Macalania..................................................(0000M)
     xxiii - Sanubia Desert............................................(0000N)
     xxiv - Home.......................................................(0000O)
     xxv - Airship.....................................................(0000P)
     xxvi - Bevelle....................................................(0000Q)
     xxvii - Bevelle Cloister..........................................(0000R)
     xxix - Via Purifico...............................................(0000S)
     xxx - Calm Lands..................................................(0000T)
     xxxi - Mt. Gagazet................................................(0000U)
     xxxii - Zanarkand.................................................(0000V)
     xxxiii - Zanarkand Cloister.......................................(0000W)
     xxxiv - Sin.......................................................(0000X)
3. Sidequests..........................................................(00010)
     i - Cavern of Stolen Fayth........................................(00010)
     ii - Zanarkand Cloister...........................................(00010)
     iii - Baaj Temple.................................................(00010)
     iv - Remiem Temple................................................(00010)
     v - Airship Treasures.............................................(00010)
     vi - Omega Ruins..................................................(00010)
     vii - Auron's Spheres.............................................(00010)
     viii - Final Weapons..............................................(00010)
     ix - Everything Else..............................................(00010)
4. Plot Summary........................................................(00090)
     i - Zanarkand.....................................................(00091)
     ii - Ruins........................................................(00092)
     iii - Besaid......................................................(00093)
     iv - Besaid Cloister..............................................(00094)
     v - Besaid........................................................(00095)
     vi - S.S. Liki....................................................(00096)
     vii - Kilika......................................................(00097)
     viii - Kilika Woods...............................................(00098)
     ix - Kilika Cloister..............................................(00099)
     x - S.S. Winno....................................................(0009A)
     xi - Luca.........................................................(0009B)
     xii - Mi'ihen Highroad............................................(0009C)
     xiii - Mushroom Rock..............................................(0009D)
     xiv - Djose Temple................................................(0009E)
     xv - Djose Cloister...............................................(0009F)
     xvi - Moonflow....................................................(0009G)
     xvii - Guadosalam.................................................(0009H)
     xviii - Thunder Plains............................................(0009I)
     xix - Macalania...................................................(0009J)
     xx - Macalania Temple.............................................(0009K)
     xxi - Macalania Cloister..........................................(0009L)
     xxii - Macalania..................................................(0009M)
     xxiii - Sanubia Desert............................................(0009N)
     xxiv - Home.......................................................(0009O)
     xxv - Airship.....................................................(0009P)
     xxvi - Bevelle....................................................(0009Q)
     xxvii - Bevelle Cloister..........................................(0009R)
     xxix - Via Purifico...............................................(0009S)
     xxx - Calm Lands..................................................(0009T)
     xxxi - Mt. Gagazet................................................(0009U)
     xxxii - Zanarkand.................................................(0009V)
     xxxiii - Zanarkand Cloister.......................................(0009W)
     xxxiv - Sin.......................................................(0009X)
5. Version History.....................................................(10000)
6. Legal...............................................................(10001)
7. Credits.............................................................(10002)

|                              Before you Start                      (00100) |

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                       Introduction                      |
       (00101)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Note: This is an introduction to the guide, not the game.  If you're looking 
for an introduction to the game, try the instruction manual ^_^

I've decided to include an introduction to this guide, and while it is not 
exactly my normal policy I feel it is an important addition here.  I'd like to 
introduce you to this guide and basically outline what I'm trying to do here.  
As you may know Final Fantasy X is undeniably one of the most popular RPGs 
ever made and with that title follows a huge amount of documentation and 
writing about it as well.  Four years after the release of the game my 
descision to write for it may not sound like the most appropriate descision to 
some I felt I could contribute something and find a way to work it so that 
there would at least be reason to warrant another guide.

Basically the outline of this guide is as follows, there is a full and 
complete walkthrough for the entire game.  This walkthrough is absolutely 
spoiler free and complete down to every last detail from what I know of the 
game after playing it upwards of 4-5 times over the past few years.  Beyond 
the walkthrough is a section detailing the majority of the sidequests this 
game has to offer, now the word "majority" will lead me to my other point.
I have no intention of covering every detail of this game beyond what anyone 
could possibly want, that's not to say I've left out anything important, what 
that IS to say is that you won't find the HP cost value for the Besaid Aurochs 
left wing Blitzball player's second venom attack in this guide.  It's far 
beyond the scope of what I'm trying to do.  In fact I've completely dropped 
all huge lists of items and their descriptions, the kind of stuff you could 
find by looking at any other guide.  That's what I avoided.

Finally I'd like to explain what I've added, as you may know this certainly 
isn't my first guide and I've received over 1100 emails since I first began 
writing.  One type of email I have received on a number of occassions are 
emails from people who tell me they've started playing a particular RPG again 
after a long period of time, and wondering if I could explain the story to 
them because they have forgotten.  Of course this is only one of a million 
reasons why it could come in useful but I decided that in such a cinematic 
RPG, I would include an entire plot summary which rivals the size of the 
walkthrough itself.  This summary is a completely separate entity from
the walkthrough itself, so while the guide remains spoiler-free, the plot 
summary is of course spoiler-rific.  Hopefully I haven't scared anyone off, or 
given the impression that any section of this guide may be lacking, when it is 
not.  I just thought it would be nice for people to understand the true 
purpose of this guide before emailing me telling me I forget this section or 
that section.  I believe I've covered all the bases, please enjoy the guide!

And the game for that matter.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        Characters                       |
       (00102)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

I may have put this under the "Before you start" header but if you are 
looking to avoid all possible spoilers in absolutely all forms, even the most 
insignificant, I'm sure you're aware to avoid any "Character" sections.

Tidus - Tidus is the main character of the story.  Tidus is an avid player of 
a sport known as Blitzball and he is the start player of his hometown 
Zanarkand Abes.  Everyone wants a piece of him.  There's a big game tonight 
calld the Jecht Memorial Cup.  When the game begins an event occurs that 
shapes Tidus' world forever and sends him on a journey surpassing time itself.

Wakka - Wakka too is a huge fan of Blitzball and is the captain of the Besaid 
Aurochs.  He hasn't exactly been very successful at Blitzball in the past, but 
that's all going to change at the upcoming tournament.  He meets Tidus early 
in the game and the two of them form a powerful bond of friendship quickly.

Lulu - Lulu lives in Besaid village, the same that Wakka comes from.  She is 
clad in long dark robes and at least one hundred different belts.  A friend of 
Wakka's and guardian of another, Lulu uses her powerful magic to protect the 
ones closest to her.  Despite her cold attitude, she's a very caring person.

Yuna - Yuna too is from the village of Besaid, she has had to live in the 
shadow of her famous father but has decided to follow in his footsteps.  She 
will take on a pivotal role in the quest and quite possibly be the only one 
who can save the world with a special power she possesses.

Auron - Auron is a very mysterious person indeed, he shows up early and is 
willing to lend Tidus a helping hand though his motives are very unclear.  One 
thing is for sure though, without Auron's help Tidus' fate would have surely 
been sealed before his journey even began...

Kimahri - A large hulking lionesque humanoid and member of the legendary Ronso 
tribe.  Known for their physical prowess and quiet manner they like to act 
first and talk later, but most Ronso are actually quite calm and wise.

Rikku - Rikku is an Al Bhed, another of the numerous races found around the 
world.  Though she is much more humanesque than the Ronso tribe, their is a 
subtle difference about her that makes her stand out.  She is very quirky and 
extroverted and always seems willing to extend a helping hand.

|                              Full Walkthrough                      (00000) |

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                         Zanarkand                       |
       (00001)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  As the game begins you'll be introduced to 
|                              |  your characters through a number of  opening 
| None......................./ |  scenes.  When you have control head down and 
|                              |  speak with all the people waiting for you, 
o------------------------------o  especially the children.  You'll be able to 
                                  name your character whose default name is 
Tidus and will be referred to as such throughout the rest of the guide.  Talk 
tot he girls beside them as well.  After talking to them there's a short 
scene.  With control once again make your way down the path as the announcer 
speaks in the background.  Just continue through the next area for a cutscene.

Follow the scene youi notice your have a little minimap in the upper left 
corner of your screen, use this in order to be able to tell the difference 
between South and West etc when the camera isn't in a static position.  Now 
run South to meet up with someone and trigger another event.  Now you will 
find yourself in a battle, only two options are currently available, Attack 
and Item.  Forget the Item command for now and select attack, your target 
makes no difference.  With Auron the same idea applies, however he has access 
to the Power Break skill.  These enemies are far too easy to make it useful to 
just stick with normal attacks.  When you proceed further Auron gives you an 
important piece of advice, which is to ignore the ones that don't matter.  
Even though you can target the enemies behind you they are unimportant since 
you can simply eliminate the ones blocking your path instead.

| Boss: Sinspawn Ammes         |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| When the battle begins Auron automatically  |
| HP: 2400      | AP: N/A      | has his Overdrive meter fully charged.  An  |
|---------------+--------------| Overdrive is an extra powerful attack that  |
| MP: 400       | Gil: N/A     | builds up over the course of battle from    |
|---------------o--------------o various conditions.  It is akin to the      |
|                                limit breaks, or trance states of previous  |
| Final Fantasy games.  You are not even given a choice, you must use this   |
| attack with Auron.  Press left on the battle menu to find the Overdrive    |
| menu.  His Overdrives are under the Bushido category, and the only one he  |
| has available at the monet is the Dragon Fang which targets all enemies.   |
| When you use this he will jump up and a button combinations will appear    |
| on screen along with a four second timer, you must input this button       |
| combination to perform Auron's attack.  Four seconds is plenty of time,    |
| even if you make a mistake but don't feel bad if you mess it up the first  |
| few times.  Now you can start attacking the boss normally, as you attack   |
| it you will slowly destroy the little light pods, use this as an indicator |
| of how much health the boss has left.  It will continually cast the Demi   |
| spell which is Gravity based, Gravity deals damage equal to a percentage   |
| of your remaining health, in this case 25%.  Even though it may seem       |
| powerful, you will keep taking less and less damage and your HP gets lower |
| and lower so you won't have to worry about it actually killing you.  After |
| a second cast of the Demi spell Tidus has access to his Overdrive, Spiral  |
| Cut.  Instead of a button combination it works off of your ability to hit  |
| a special target within the time limit.  You have as many tries as you     |
| within that amount of time.  Now that the Overdrives are out of the way    |
| just keep using normal attacks until the boss finally falls.  Auron's      |
| Power Break skill still has little use, but you can use it if you wish.    |
|                                                                            |

After the battle follow Auron up the road.  Beyond the pods on your right you 
will notice a glowing sphere, if you examine this with the X button you can 
not only save your game, but also recover full HP & MP automatically.  
Continue toward Auron to trigger a scene and another fight.  You're surrounded 
by enemies, and each time you kill one another reappears.  Spend the beginning 
of this battle eliminating any of the enemies with flickering wings, this 
means that they are charging an attack for the next turn.  Soon enough after 
you've taken out a few of them Auron will suggest you target the Tanker on the 
right side.  Spend the rest of the fight ignoring the little enemies and 
attack the Tanker about four or five times to knock it down and begin another 
lengthy scene.  As you're suspended in the air, hold the circle button to 
descend down.  Swim down and to the Southwest until another event occurs.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                           Ruins                         |
       (00002)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Now you'll have to navigate around this area 
|                              |  in the water.  Swim Northwest to the upper 
| Potion................._____ |  left corner, the stone structure has a set 
| Potion................._____ |  of stairs you can climb up.  Sitting on the 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  ground is an Al Bhed Compilation Sphere, 
| Ether.................._____ |  what this is, is an object that allows you 
| Withered Bouquet......._____ |  to transfer data from an old save file to 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  this game.  Basically one group of people 
| Flint.................._____ |  you will encounter speaks an entirely 
| Potion................._____ |  different language designed for this game, 
| Potion................._____ |  nothing too complicated just based on 
| Potion................._____ |  replacing letters with other ones.  
| Al Bhed Primer I......._____ |  Basically you can find a number of items 
|                              |  called Primers which allow you to decipher 
o------------------------------o  one letter of their aplhabet, and 
                                  there are twenty six of these in total.  You 
can load all of the ones you found on your last file using this sphere to help 
understand what they are saying, though it is by no means a requirement to 
understand the story.  After examining the sphere head South and open the 
chest to find two 'Potion.'  Return to the water and make your way toward the 
red arrow at the top via the path to the North.  Follow it to the next area.

On your left is a save sphere, using it now would be a good idea.  When you 
come to a fork take the left (West) path to reach a chest containing 'Hi-
Potion.'  Go back to the fork and walk North for a scene.  Try to swim North 
but you will be interrupted by a fight with some normal enemies.  Just stick 
with the Attack command, it is sufficient to take them all out.

| Boss: Geosgaeno              |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| As you can plainly see by the boss' HP      |
| HP: 32,267    | AP: N/A      | total you aren't expected to come out of    |
|---------------+--------------| this fight victorious.  The fight only      |
| MP: 128       | Gil: N/A     | actually consists of three rounds.  Similar |
|---------------o--------------o to the first boss his attacks will seem to  |
|                                hurt at first until you realize that each   |
| one is actually set to only hit you from 50% of your current HP, so you    |
| cannot actually be killed in this battle.  With this in mind don't waste   |
| any of your items trying to stay alive. On the third turn the battle ends. |
|                                                                            |

With that out of the way make your way North over the rubble and into the 
door.  Check the Southwest corner of the room for a save point.  You'll notice 
that it is marked with a white square on your minimap, this is true of all 
save points.  Green squares always mark exits.  Head North and go through the 
open door.  Directly below you in this hall is a chest containing 'Ether.'  At 
the top of the stairs where the screen focuses on the East wall, examine the 
vase to receive 'Withered Bouquet.'  The exit above you, at the end of the 
walkway is a chest with 'Hi-Potion' inside.  Backtrack to the save point in 
the central room and walk into the room directly next to it.  Under the 
waterfall is an overturned desk, when standing near it the option to examine 
appears at the lower right of the screen, press X to pick up the 'Flint.'  
Leave the room, save your game, and examine the fire pit in the middle.

| Boss: Klikk                  |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| This is the first boss fight where there's  |
| HP: 1500      | AP: 5        | actually a risk of death, but fortunately   |
|---------------+--------------| a simple risk doesn't necessarily mean it's |
| MP: 5         | Gil: 50      | going to be very likely.  Select the Attack |
|---------------o--------------o command each turn until the creature knocks |
|                                you down to below about 200 hit points,     |
| you may want to use a Potion or Hi-Potion to keep yourself alive.  Once a  |
| few turns have passed the battle is interrupted and another character will |
| join the fray.  For the first turn she only has one option so choose to    |
| use one of her Grenades on the boss.  Tidus can continue to attack from    |
| this point however keep using the Steal command every turn with ???? until |
| you are able to steal a Grenade from the boss.  If it's still alive at     |
| this point just go nuts with normal attacks for both of them.  If you find |
| yourself in danger don't hesitate to use more Grenades, and if either      |
| character is felled in battle, use the Phoenix Down item to revive them    |
|                                                                            |

During the scene scene following the battle you're not meant to understand 
what they are saying, they're speaking the alternate language I mentioned 
briefly earlier.  It's not hard to get the idea though just from the visuals.  
After the scene speak with the girl just below you to get a tutorial of the 
Sphere Grid.  The Sphere Grid is the basic level up system in this game, 
rather than having your stats increased automatically without your control, 
each time you level up your gain the ability to move a little further on the 
Sphere Grid.  When you move to another panel it may be an attack power 
upgrade, defense upgrade or even a new ability.  Each character moves around 
the Sphere Grid but start at different locations to make them unique.  Listen 
well to the tutorial, it will seriously benefit you.  You can use the Sphere 
Grid yourself after the tutorial.  Moving to one sphere means you can activate 
the one you're on, as well as the ones following and preceding it.  Select the 
move option and move up one, this will give you the chance to use one of your 
Ability Spheres to learn the Cheer ability.  If for whatever reason you wish 
to view the tutorial again, speak to the man on the right and choose "Yeah."

Speak to the upper left guy and he'll give you three 'Potion.'  At the 
Northeast corner of this deck examine the object on the ground to receive the 
'Al Bhed Primer Vol, I.'  At the Northwest side use the sphere to save your 
game.  Talk to the English speaking girl and you'll soon find yourself in the 
water.  Press the circle button to dive down and follow the chain toward the 
ruins.  This is the first area of the game where you will encounter random 
battles, these occur with just simple small fry.  Approach the ruins and 
examine the panel to open the door.  There's nothing of value to find in this 
first area so just swim East to trigger a battle against some normal enemies.  
Watch the scene after the fight and swim back only to be ambushed!

| Boss: Tros                   |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| A giant squid monster attacks Tidus and the |
| HP: 2200      | AP: 8        | girl here!  When fighting this battle you   |
|---------------+--------------| should focus mostly on using normal attacks |
| MP: 10        | Gil: 100     | for Tidus and Grenades for the girl.  If    |
|---------------o--------------o she starts running low then you can just    |
|                                steal more from the boss.  After it has     |
| taken a certain amount of damage it will go and hide out of reach.  This   |
| is when your first trigger commands become available.  Trigger Commands    |
| are special battle specific commands that appear at certain times and let  |
| you perform alternate actions.  In this case since the boss is out of      |
| range you have the option of pushing left to reach the menu where your     |
| Overdrive usually appears, now there is another option called Stand By.    |
| Choosing this will forfeit your turn but also allow you to gain 50 HP      |
| which is helpful because his next attack will hit both your characters for |
| over 150 each.  Keep fighting him until once again he goes to hide, this   |
| time a second Trigger Command appears whcih lets you use a Pincer Attack   |
| to box him in.  Now the boss can no longer hide and you are free to spend  |
| the rest of the battle attacking, stealing, and using grenades.            |
|                                                                            |

Go speak to the girl where the red arrow is located on your minimap and then 
watch the scene.  Swim down to the Southeast portion of your map to continue 
the event.  When the girl is done talking you can save, and then speak with 
her again.  After the scene you automatically get a chance to save.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                          Besaid                         |
       (00003)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  You'll wake up once again in a whole new 
|                              |  area.  When you start swimming don't 
| Moon Crest............._____ |  approach the people on the beach, instead 
| Antidote..............._____ |  swim East where you'll find a treasure chest 
| Antidote..............._____ |  on a small area of beach.  Inside the chest 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  is the 'Moon Crest.'  Don't expect to find 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  any use for this item for a very long time!  
| Antidote..............._____ |  Now head back to the beach and speak to 
| Antidote..............._____ |  everyone.  When it's over you can run to the 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  far West side and find a treasure chest with 
| 400 Gil................_____ |  two 'Antidote.'  When you're ready approach 
| Potion................._____ |  the North path to speak with Wakka again.  
| Potion................._____ |  Use the save point on the lower right and 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  run down the path after him.  Follow Wakka 
| Al Bhed Primer II......_____ |  to the East and you'll end up in the water.
|                              |  
o------------------------------o  Swim to the South, remember that's South 
                                  according to your minimap, and open the 
chest to receive 'Phoenix Down.'  Stay along the South wall as you make your 
way East, soon after this one there's another chest with 'Hi-Potion' inside.  
Continue downstream, in the middle of your path when it curves Northeast is a 
chest containing two 'Antidote,' you can't miss it.  Now swim North and watch 
the scene.  Follow the path West toward the red destination marker and you'll 
be interrupted by someone. Now make your way toward Besaid Village.

After the scene you can wander around the village at your own pace.  Directly 
left of where you start is a chest containing 'Phoenix Down.'  Take a look at 
your minimap, you can see that just above you and to the West is a small 
little peninsula-like outstretch, follow it to find three chests containing 
'400 Gil,' two 'Potion,' and 'Hi-Potion.'  Speak to everyone in the village to 
learn some things about Spira then run North into the temple at the top.

Approach the statues here to speak with the head of the temple.  This is all 
you need to do here, return to the main area of the village.  Wakka's place is 
the one just below the upper-right tent.  Agree that it's a good time to take 
a rest and watch the flashback scene.  When you awaken, head across the path 
into the Northwest tent.  This is the Crusader's lodge, you can talk to the 
people here and check out the sphere terminal for all sorts of tutorials on 
the game.  Just beside the entrance is a book sitting on the ground, this is 
the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, II.'  Leave the tent and return to the North temple.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                 Besaid Cloister of Trials               |
       (00004)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  First things first, examine the Glyph on the 
|                              |  North wall.  This opens up a path to your 
| Rod of Wisdom.........._____ |  left.  Examine the wall at the bottom to get 
|                              |  a quick tutorial on the different Spheres.  
o------------------------------o  The first are Glyph Spheres whcih open the 
                                  way to the "Chamber of the Fayth."  The 
second are Destruction Spheres which open the way to hidden treasure.  The 
third are Besaid Spheres which are also necessary.  After the tutorial you 
receive a Glyph Sphere.  Descend the stairs and insert the sphere into the 
door at the bottom.  Once the door opens you can examine it and take the 
sphere out again.  Follow the hallway and when it changes direction, check the 
left wall and insert the Glpyh Sphere.  Inside you will find a Destruction 
Sphere, but there's nothing you can do with it at the moment so just leave it.

Around the next corner you will see a pedestal on your left and a glowing 
symbol on the wall opposite it on your right.  Examine the glowing symbol to 
reveal a path to a Besaid Sphere.  Pick it up and put it into the pedestal on 
the left.  Now go back and pick up that Destruction Sphere and place it where 
the Besaid Sphere used to be.  This will break open a secret room at the end 
of the hall which contains a chest.  In the chest you will find 'Rod of 
Wisdom.'  Return to the pedestal again and push it straight into the room 
until it sinks into the floor.  To push it simply hold the analog stick in the 
direction you want to push.  When you push it far enough a scene occurs.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                          Besaid                         |
       (00005)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Walk over and talk to the girl by the fire, 
|                              |  and then to Wakka after you're done.  During 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  the night there's a dream sequence where all 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  you have to do is run to the left, a lengthy 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  scene follows.  In the morning save your 
| Ether.................._____ |  game and leave the tent.  You'll receive 
| Seeker's Ring.........._____ |  your primary sowrd here, the Brotherhood.  
| 400 Gil................_____ |  It's equipped automatically so don't worry 
| Remedy................._____ |  about that.  Before you leave you can check 
|                              |  out the item shop in town and maybe make a 
o------------------------------o  few purchases before you leave the village.

During    your   first   battle   you   will  o- Besaid (Item) --------------o
automatically  get a rather  simple tutorial  |                              |
on how to fight.  Tidus is good at attacking  | Potion................50 Gil |
smaller  agile  enemies,  and Wakka  is more  | Phoenix Down.........100 Gil |
proficient  at  fighting  airborne  enemies.  | Antidote..............50 Gil |
During the next  fight you face  off against  |                              |
a physically resistance enemy, you know it's  o------------------------------o
resistant  because of the  thumping sound it 
makes when you attack.  Magic elements are now explained to you, there are 
four basic elements, Fire, Ice, Lightning and Water.  Fire and Ice oppose, and 
Lightning and Water oppose.  Since the fiend you are facing is of the Water 
element that means you should exploit its weakness to Lightning.  Select 
Thunder from Lulu's list of Black Magic and use it.  Now run East for a scene.

Just above you is a save point, make use of it.  Follow the directional 
indicator to the Northwest.  As you go along the path you will be ambushed.

| Boss: Kimahri                |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Tidus should have the ability Cheer at this |
| HP: 750       | AP: 3        | point since it only takes one levels up to  |
|---------------+--------------| get, so start the battle by using this      |
| MP: 10        | Gil: 100     | skill.  Now just stick with normal attacks  |
|---------------o--------------o for awhile until your HP reaches critical   |
|                                levels.  Use a Hi-Potion if necessary.      |
|                                                                            |

Keep following the linear path to the end.  During the next fight you are 
introduced to the concept of switching party members during battle.  It's 
quite simple, one person can be replaced for another at any given time.  On 
whoever's turn it is can switch by pressing the L1 button and choosing who you 
want to switch with.  For this particular case select Yuna and select the 
Summon command.  Aeons replace the entire party when summoned and fight just 
as if they were a party member, except quite a bit stronger.  They even have 
their own overdrives as well.  Valefor is equipped with all sorts of magic and 
skills, but normal attacks will suffice just fine for this enemy.  If you 
happen to have your Overdrive built up enough you can use it the same way you 
would for any other character.  Following this fight is one more tutorial on 
Wakka's skills.  He has a skill called Dark Attack which is just like a normal 
attack but expends some MP at the benefit of inflicting the Darkness status on 
an enemy which makes it much harder for them to hit you.

When you arrive on the docks talk to absolutely everyone you see, more than 
once even.  The woman at the bottom gives you three 'Phoenix Down,' and the 
man beside her gives 'Ether.'  The old man at the bottom of the ramp offers 
'Seeker's Ring' and the young man above him gives '400 Gil.'  Lastly the 
little boy will hand you a 'Remedy.'  Now step onto the boat for a scene.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        S.S. Liki                        |
       (00006)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Start by making your way into the cabin of 
|                              |  the ship.  You'll meet a man who identifies 
| Al Bhed Primer III ...._____ |  himself as O'aka the XXIII.  He requests 
|                              |  some money from you, this guy will be a big 
o------------------------------o  help later in the game so lending him money 
                                  at this point is a good idea.  In fact 
lending him all the money you have is perfectly fine.  Enter the room left of 
O'aka and kick the suitcase for a total of twenty potions, then head into the 
room South of O'aaka with the Chocobo to find 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, III.'  
Return to the deck of the ship and approach Yuna to hear a conversation.

Head down and speak with Wakka.  Now that the crowd has dispersed you can go 
up and talk with Yuna so trigger a long event.  Following this event a battle 
occurs between you and some normal enemies.  If you don't like the party you 
are automatically assigned you can switch both Wakka and Lulu in.  Soon you'll 
realize you up against more than you thought.

| Boss: Sin                    |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| The best way to make this fight easier is   |
| HP: 2000      | AP: 10       | to start off by killing two of the three    |
|---------------+--------------| Sinspawn, and using the cheer ability.      |
| MP: 100       | Gil: 100     | When all three Sinspawn are killed, three   |
|---------------o--------------o new ones just appear.  This is a good way   |
|                                to get some extra AP but of course it's     |
| just going to make the battle harder.  Substitute Yuna and Kimahri for     |
| Lulu and Wakka.  Since Sin's Fin is off in the background it can only be   |
| hit by long range attacks, fortunately Wakka's attack and Lulu's magic     |
| fall into this category.  Use Tidus as a support character as you attack   |
| with Wakka and cast magic with Lulu.  Since Sin does not have any          |
| elemental weaknesses the magic you cast makes no real difference.  It will |
| continually move from side to side but this really has no effect on the    |
| fight itself.  Stick with a constant attack pattern to defeat the boss.    |
|                                                                            |

After the battle watch the scene and get ready for another fight right away.

| Boss: Sinspawn Echuilles     |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| You're at a severe disadvantage here so you |
| HP: 2000      | AP: 12       | will have to turn that into an advantage.   |
|---------------+--------------| To get the upper hand start the battle with |
| MP: 20        | Gil: 115     | cheer and use Potions to heal your party    |
|---------------o--------------o back to full health from any damage they    |
|                                took during the last boss fight.  Not only  |
| will you be fighting a large boss here, he also has four little Sinscales  |
| at his side who attack frequently and are always being replenished so that |
| trying to eliminate them yourself is a pointless endeavor.  The other way  |
| to take advantage of this boss is extremely effective and that is Wakka's  |
| Dark Attack skill, the boss is susceptible to this status ailment so that  |
| when he is hit by it he will rarely be able to damage you, only the little |
| Sinscales at his side will.  Use your attacks until al the damage you take |
| charges you enough to reach Overdrive, then let him have it.  No problem.  |
|                                                                            |

Following the battle watch the impressive cutscene and arrive at Kilika port.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                         Kilika                          |
       (00007)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  On the dock, use the save sphere to 
|                              |  replenish and save your game.  Walk up the 
| Al Bhed Primer IV......_____ |  dock and make a left at the fork, then watch 
| Ether.................._____ |  the scene.  In the morning save your game 
| Potion................._____ |  and leave the small hut.  After Datto tells 
| Potion................._____ |  you where to go, quickly go left and talk to 
| Potion................._____ |  the small girl in red sitting among the 
|                              |  debris, then follow Datto to the right.  
o------------------------------o  Enter the hut at the fork and pick up the 
                                  'Al Bhed Primer Vol, IV' off the counter.  
If you saved the child from the collapsing rubble you'll find a chest in here 
containing an 'Ether.' Leave and head right.
Before you  follow him  into the  jungle you  o- Kilika (Weapon) ------------o
can check out the shop just South of the bar  |                              |
and  to the  West, it's the old  lady beside  | Hunter's Sword.......250 Gil |
the treasure chest.  Return to  the hut West  | Rod of Wisdom........250 Gil |
of  the inn  and  get the chest  with  three  | Scout................250 Gil |
'Potion.'  How leave  and take the West path  | Cactuar Scope........375 Gil |
leading  North to  the forest behind Kilika.  | Hunter's Spear.......150 Gil |
                                              | Seeker's Shield......150 Gil |
o---------------------------------------------o Seeker's Ring........150 Gil |
|                                               Seeker's Armguard....150 Gil |
| Seeker's Bangle...................150 Gil     Seeker's Armlet......150 Gil |
|                                                                            |

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                      Kilika Woods                       |
       (00008)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Use the save sphere on your right then meet 
|                              |  up with the rest of your party.  After the 
| Mana Sphere............_____ |  scene run to the end of the East path and 
| Scout.................._____ |  open the chest to receive two 'Mana 
| Luck Sphere............_____ |  Sphere.'  Return to the entrance and head 
| Elixir................._____ |  West.  During your first battle there's 
|                              |  another tutorial involving Kimahri.  Kimahri 
o------------------------------o  is the "Blue Mage" of Final Fantasy X, his 
                                  Lancet ability can be used to learn 
abilities from certain enemies.  You are forced to use it here and learn the 
ability Seed Cannon from the Ragora.  Learning a new ability automatically 
brings Kimahri to Ovedrive mode, his Overdrive is the ability to cast enemy 
skills which he has learned.  Try using Seed Cannon after learning it.

Take a look at your minimap and follow the first skinny path you come to 
leading North, you will reach a chest containing 'Scout.'  Note that at any 
time is you need healing outside of battle you don't need to rely on using up 
all your items, Yuna is perfectly capable of casting her Cure spells from the 
menu even if she isn't in your party.  North of the chest you just opened is a 
4-way split.  Take the North branch and follow it until you are on the centre 
path again.  Run North and the path curves West, at the end is a chest 
containing 'Luck Sphere.'  This is a special sphere different from other ones, 
rather than activating a node it creates a node on an empty spot.  Try using 
it on the sphere grid to make a Luck +4 spot, but it will remain unactivated 
for now since you don't have the right spheres to get the bonus.  Head back to 
the main path and run South to encounter a large enemy in your way.

| Boss: Lord Ochu              |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| As it does seem like a recurring theme, it  |
| HP: 4649      | AP: 40       | is still a good idea to use the Cheer       |
|---------------+--------------| ability at the start of battle.  This boss  |
| MP: 40        | Gil: 420     | is quite powerful and has quite a lot of    |
|---------------o--------------o HP but you should be able to take it out as |
|                                long as you are well prepared.  You'll      |
| need a good supply of Antidote items which you probably picked up quite    |
| a few of near the start of the game.  If you're using Yuna in your party   |
| her Cure and Esuna will come in very handy.  Whatever you do the most      |
| important thing is to have Lulu in your party, Ochu has a weakness to fire |
| so her Fire magic should deal a hefty amount of damage.  Dedicate one of   |
| your other characters to healing and curing poison.  Wakka's skills are    |
| fairly useless so it comes down to physical attacks and Fire magic.  When  |
| Ochu decides to fall asleep you need to wake him up immediately otherwise  |
| he keeps gaining a massive amount of HP every turn.  When he wakes up he   |
| always automatically casts the powerful Earthquake spell, so be ready to   |
| set aside a couple characters that turn for helaing, and keep using Fire!  |
|                                                                            |

Walk South and speak to the man with the red hair to get an 'Elixir.'  Further 
South it's not too far out of the way to save your game again.  Return to 
where the two men are standing on the bridge in the middle and take the path 
East just above them.  Follow this path to the end, and go up the stairs to 
the next screen.  Watch the scene then use the save point and ascend.

| Boss: Sinspawn Geneaux       |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| When the fight starts out the boss is just  |
| HP: 3000      | AP: 48       | a big rock blob that you really can't       |
|---------------+--------------| hurt.  If you try to cast magic on it, the  |
| MP: 30        | Gil: 300     | tentacles will absorb it.  This means that  |
|---------------o--------------o you must kill the tentacles first.  Have    |
|                                Tidus and whoever you are using attack the  |
| tentacles physically.  They only have 450 HP so it shouldn't take long     |
| before both of them are taken out.  The boss has a weakness to fire magic  |
| and is vulnerable without his tentacles, so pull Lulu in and begin casting |
| her magic.  After a couple turns of this the true boss will expose itself, |
| now it can attack more powerfully but it is no longer resistant to your    |
| physical attacks.  Similar to Ochu it uses poison attacks on your party    |
| so hopefully you've got some leftover Antidotes.  From this point it       |
| shouldn't be too hard to deal the rest of the needed damage, the only      |
| difficult thing may be withstanding some of his more powerful attacks      |
| like the tentacles attack that hits your entire party.                     |
|                                                                            |

Climb the stairs to the Northwest for a scene, then onward to the temple.  
Approch it and once again there's another scene.  Head into the temple, save 
your game then talk to Wakka and pray with him.  Following this event proceed 
North to the Cloister of Trials.  Wait around for the elevator and Descend.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                 Kilika Cloister of Trials               |
       (00009)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Approach the cloister and enter through the 
|                              |  door.  Examine the burning pedestal and pick 
| Red Armlet............._____ |  up the Kilika Sphere from it.  Put the 
|                              |  sphere into the spherical indentation to the 
o------------------------------o  right of the door.  Remove it again to put 
                                  out the flames.  Enter the next room and put 
the Kilika Sphere in the slot on the North wall.  Take your Kilika Sphere out 
and put it into the slot on the East wall, then examine the glyph on the North 
wall to open up a doorway.  Go into the next room and take the Kilika Sphere 
out of it's position on the wall East of the fork.  Return to the previous 
room and put the Kilika Sphere into the slot on the West wall.  Now remove the 
Glyph Sphere from the pedestal, return to the North room and put it into the 
East slot where you found the second Kilika Sphere.  Return once again to the 
previous room and put on of the two Kilika Spheres into the pedestal.

Push the pedestal up into the North room and onto the glowing floor panel just 
above the door to the East.  On the West side of this room there is a set of 
stairs leading down, descend and take the Kilika Sphere out of the wall on the 
East side.  Backtrack to the South room and insert the Kilika Sphere into the 
wall on the left side.  Back in the upper room again don't go down the stairs, 
go East into the small room your opened awhile ago and take the Destruction 
Sphere.  Go down the stairs and put it where the Kilika Sphere was just 
recently and the wall explodes revealing a chest containing 'Red Armlet.'  
Head back and pick up one of your Kilika Spheres again and insert it into the 
door panel found as far North as you can go.  Remove it again and proceed for 
a scene.  Speak to All three of your party members and try to leave.  

After meeting up with Yuna again exit the temple and speak to the people 
outside.  Navigate through the woods again and return to Kilika.  Meet up with 
your party at the end of the dock and you can embark once again.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        S.S. Winno                       |
       (0000A)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Leave the room to the East.  O'aka is here 
|                              |  again, you can lend him some more of your 
| Al Bhed Primer V......._____ |  money.  Take the stairs up to the main deck 
|                              |  and enter the door directly beside you at 
o------------------------------o  the top of the stairs.  Sitting on the floor 
                                  is the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, V.'  Run in the 
direction opposite the door and watch the scene.  Head back to the cabin and 
listen to the conversation between Wakka and Lulu.  Now go part toward the 
front of the ship and a scene occurs as you approach the Blitzball.  It will 
tell you how to attempt the shot, basically as the objects appear in the 
corners of the screen you have to press the directional pad and the X button 
in that direction.  When it happens for real it's just phrases that are going 
to appear and not button commands, so be ready and don't let it catch you off 
guard.  After this comes another scene, and then a chance to save your game.  

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                           Luca                          |
       (0000B)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Watch the spectacular cutscene when you 
|                              |  arrive.  Use the save point marked as the 
| Al Bhed Primer VI......_____ |  white icon on your map then head Northeast 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  to the next area and watch the scene.  After 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  this scene too you can save your game.  
| 600 Gil................_____ |  There's a huge tutorial available for 
| Tidal Spear............_____ |  playing Blitzball but you don't really need 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  to know very much for this point in the 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  game.  Leave the room and talk to the Al 
| Magic Sphere..........._____ |  Bhed people standing outside.  Out in the 
| HP Sphere.............._____ |  open area there is a save point to the South 
| Al Bhed Primer VII....._____ |  beside the shop, however at this moment the 
| 1000 Gil..............._____ |  shop is not open.  Descend the stairs to the 
|                              |  Northwest into the other locker room area.  
o------------------------------o  Sitting on the ground behind the guy in 
                                  green is the 'Al Bhed Primer, Vol VI.'  At 
the end of the hall is a chest containing two 'Hi-Potion.'  Leave the locker 
area and make your way West down the curved path, ignore destination marker. 
You'll find O'aka here.  Go North to get the
chest along  the side  with  '600 Gil,'  and  o- Luca (Item) ----------------o
Northwest of that is one with 'Tidal Spear.'  |                              |
in the next  area to the  Northeast opposite  | Potion................50 Gil |
the  ramp  up  to   the  ship  is  a   chest  | Phoenix Down.........100 Gil |
containing  two 'Phoenix Down.'  Keep moving  | Antidote..............50 Gil |
along to reach the docking port three screen  |                              |
East  of  this  one.   There's all  sorts of  o- Luca (Weapon) --------------o
boxes piled around  and no  visible treasure  |                              |
chests, however  if you look at your minimap  | Warrior's Sword......150 Gil |
you will  see there  is  a secret  thin path  | Enchanted Rod........150 Gil |
from  the  Northeast corner.   This leads to  | Power Ball...........150 Gil |
two hidden chests  containing 'Magic Sphere'  | Magical Mog..........150 Gil |
and 'HP Sphere.'  Follow the path around and  | Halberd..............225 Gil |
you'll  find   yourself   back   where   you  | Metal Shield.........250 Gil |
started.  Save and head South.                | Metal Ring...........250 Gil |
                                              | Metal Armguard.......250 Gil |
Now make  your  way East for  a quick scene,  | Metal Bangle.........250 Gil |
then talk to the woman on  the right to pick  | Metal Armlet.........250 Gil |
up some new weapons and items.  Down the red  |                              |
carpet  to the  North is the bar,  go inside  o------------------------------o
and watch  the  event.  Once  everything has 
wrapped up make your way West back to the docks.  Save your game and take the 
West path to reach dock 4.  Soon enough you'll encounter a battle against some 
normal Machina enemies.  Have Lulu cast her Thunder spell whenever she gets 
her turns, it's far more effective than your normal attacks.  Keep following 
the path around to the next dock, and then the one after that.  You have to 
fight three of the same Machina battles in a row here, just use Lulu to make 
them a cakewalk then watch the scene.  Save your game and head East.

| Boss: Oblitzerator           |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| There are two ways to beat this boss, the   |
| HP: 6000      | AP: 36       | easy way and the hard way.  The hard way    |
|---------------+--------------| is to fight and fight until eventually you  |
| MP: 10        | Gil: 580     | deal the necessary 6000 damage and kill it  |
|---------------o--------------o which is a perfectly feasible method though |
|                                a much much easier one is available.  You   |
| will notice that at the beginning of the battle a special Trigger Command  |
| is available to Tidus.  If you use it he tries to operate the nearby crane |
| but Lulu says it must be out of power.  Fortunately being a Black Mage she |
| has the ability to create power out of thin air, more specifically with    |
| her Thunder spell.  When you cast this spell on the crane, not the boss,   |
| it kind of shakes a little and seems to react.  With three casts of the    |
| spell the crane is in full operation again.  Have Tidus select his crane   |
| Trigger Command and when you use it, the crane will lift the boss up and   |
| break it in half, dealing 5500 damage, possibly a bit less if you have     |
| already attacked.  From there it should only take a single Thnder spell    |
| to put an end to the boss.  During the battle when the boss is attacking   |
| you, have Kimahri just attack normally and Tidus act support when he isn't |
| using the crane, healing the party, using Cheer and casting Haste on Lulu. |
|                                                                            |

After the scene return to the locker room.  Talk to Wakka to begin the game.  
The odds are stacked rediculously against you, and it's extremely hard to win.  
If you have Tidus' Jecht Shot on him then it's possible to take the victory 
but considering what happens after the game it really doesn't make much 
difference.  Finish the Blitzball and wand witness the following events.

You'll be thrown automatically into an underwater battle against some normal 
enemies.  Just fight you way through with normal attacks.  Using Tidus to cast 
Haste will speed things up a bit.  By the time this is over you will have 
killed about twenty-five of them.  Following this you'll get to fight a battle 
with Auron.  His sword is powerful enough to piece the enemy's strong armour 
plating, so there's no special considerations you need to worry about.  What 
you do need to worry about however is the next fight, the large bird doesn't 
have too much HP but it counterattacks every single time it is hit, and that 
doesn't slow its normal attack which hits all your characters.  Take it out 
quickly and watch the scene.  You can save your game afterward.

After the long scene follow Auron all the way back to the central area of 
town.  On your way there go North at the T junction to reach the Sphere 
Theater.  You can find the 'Al Bhed Primer, Vol VII' on the floor in the main 
lobby area.  In town, ascend the Northeast stairs where the red directional 
marker leads you, there's a scene at the top.  When it's over before speaking 
to Yuna, run to the right and open the chest to receive '1000 Gil.'  Now speak 
with Yuna.  You're finally ready to proceed to your next destination.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                     Mi'ihen Highroad                    |
       (0000C)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  At this point in the game I switched out 
|                              |  Wakka for Auron making a party of Tidus, 
| Ice Brand.............._____ |  Lulu and Auron.  As previously mentioned 
| Echo Ring.............._____ |  Auron's attacked pierces enemy armour and 
| Remedy................._____ |  there are going to be a lot of armoured 
| 2000 Gil..............._____ |  enemies from this point on.  Use the Save 
| Ether.................._____ |  Sphere on your left.  You can now play 
| Eye Drop..............._____ |  Blitzball any time you want to.  Head North 
| Eye Drop..............._____ |  down the path.  Speak to the old man on the 
| Eye Drop..............._____ |  left beside the statue to learn a little bit 
| Lv. 1 Key Sphere......._____ |  of history.  During the first battle you 
| Al Bhed Primer VIII...._____ |  will automatically get a tutorial for 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  armoured enemies.  Note that in just about 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  every battle there are enemies tailored to 
| Heat Lance............._____ |  your character's specific abilities.  The 
| Al Bhed Primer IX......_____ |  floating eyeball enemies can be hit easily 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  with Wakka, the small wolf enemies will fall 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  to Tidus, the armoured enemies will fall to 
| Thunder Blade.........._____ |  Auron and the different elements die by 
| Scout.................._____ |  Lulu's opposite elemental magic.  Make your 
| Fortune Sphere........._____ |  way North and you'll be interrupted by the 
| Mars Crest............._____ |  historian.  When he finishes talking go West 
|                              |  and behind the broken structure is a chest 
o------------------------------o  containing 'Ice Brand.'  Proceed North to be 
                                  interrupted once again.You can go into the 
                                  little alcove on the East side.  Speak to  
                                  the woman in green and accept her challenge.

| Boss: Ifrit                  |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Belgemine summons Ifrit so that makes       |
| HP: 3500      | AP: 0        | Valefor your only option.  Hopefully you've |
|---------------+--------------| levelled up Yuna at least a bit before this |
| MP: 200       | Gil: 0       | fight.  One good idea is to get Valefor     |
|---------------o--------------o to Overdrive status before the fight so     |
|                                that you can use Energy Ray right off,      |
| which is an extremely powerful attack.  Alternate between using the        |
| Blizzard magic and Shield.  Use Shield on the second turn when Ifrit casts |
| Meteor Strike which he will do every other turn.  When you get to          |
| Overdrive status let loose an Energy Ray for over 1000 damage.  Combined   |
| with the Blizzard magic and a possible Overdrive from the start, you       |
| should be able to take Ifrit out before he manages to eliminate Valefor.   |
|                                                                            |

For  winning   the  battle  Belgemine  gives  o- Mi'ihen Highroad (Item) ----o
you  an  'Echo Ring.'   Go back  to the main  |                              |
path  and  head  North  to  the  next  area.  | Potion................50 Gil |
You'll  pass by a Chocobo  here, go North up  | Phoenix Down.........100 Gil |
past the bird to  find  a  chest  containing  | Antidote..............50 Gil |
'Remedy.'  head West  and talk to the little  | Eye Drops.............50 Gil |
girl.  Run  East to the next screen.  Follow  | Echo Screen...........50 Gil |
the path North  ignoring the  little area to  | Grenade..............300 Gil |
the  West,  but  when  you come  to a  small  | Map...................50 Gil |
branch  East, take  it  and  open the  chest  |                              |
which is partially  hidden by the  pillar to  o- Mi'ihen Highroad (Weapon) --o
find '2000 Gil.'  Approach  the wagon to the  |                              |
North.  When it starts  moving talk  to the   | Warrior's Sword......150 Gil |
man  on   your  left and  he'll give  you an  | Enchanted Rod........150 Gil |
'Ether.'  Walk further  and speak to the two  | Power Ball...........150 Gil |
men in the small area to the right.  Further  | Magical Mog..........150 Gil |
still  is  another woman  in green  to speak  | Halberd..............225 Gil |
with.  Go North,  open the  chest containing  | Shimmering Blade.....225 Gil |
three 'Eye Drop' and then  proceed Northwest  | Pearl Shield.........250 Gil |
into the next area.  Approach the building.   | Pearl Ring...........250 Gil |
                                              | Pearl Armguard.......250 Gil |
This  is  one of the  many  Travel  Agencies  | Pearl Bangle.........250 Gil |
you'll find throughout  the game.  There's a  | Pearl Armlet.........250 Gil |
save point  and shop, as well  as an Al Bhed  | Pearl Bracer.........250 Gil |
Compilation  Sphere  in case you  missed the  |                              |
one earlier.  Save your game and leave, when  o------------------------------o
you do  a scene  occurs.  Save  again in the 
morning then take a couple steps.  Some guy will interrupt and give you a 
'Lv.1 Key Sphere.' Ket Spheres are special spheres you use on the Sphere Grid.  
You may have noticed that along the way you find some sphere icons with a Lv.1 
or Lv.2 symbol on them.  You can't get past these, but if you open them with 
the appropriate level Key Sphere, you can.  Trey and leave the travel agency 
to meet Rin, the owner of all these agencies.  He gives you the 'Al Bhed 
Primer Vol, VIII.'  Before you leave he will also give you two 'Mega-Potion.'  
Exit the agency and walk a few steps up to trigger a boss fight.

| Boss: Chocobo Eater          |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| There are two ways to fight this battle and |
| HP: 10,000    | AP: 90       | each one has its own potential advantage.   |
|---------------+--------------| Fortunately the one with the slightly       |
| MP: 5         | Gil: 970     | better reward is also the easier method.    |
|---------------o--------------o This boss can be killed in two ways, by     |
|                                either depleting its HP or by knocking it   |
| over the edge.  If you deplete its HP you get the experience and money,    |
| if you knock it over the edge you get two Lv.1 Key Spheres.  Considering   |
| how common those are the experience reward is probably a lot more useful.  |
| Star the battle by casting Haste on everyone in a priority order of Lulu,  |
| the Auron then Tidus, or something approximately like that depending on    |
| who you are using.  Lulu should use Focus and then cast Fire every single  |
| turn as it is the boss' weakness, she will be the major damage dealer in   |
| this fight.  The boss uses its huge arms to knock your party dangerously   |
| close to the edge, but as you damage the boss you can knock in on its back |
| and keep hitting until as it slides in the direction of the other cliff.   |
| It's pretty much a battle of attrition but what's likely going to happen   |
| is an equal amount of push from both sides resulting in the boss just      |
| eventually running out of HP.  If you really want the spheres, you can try |
| the other method of knocking the boss off the cliff.  Hit hard and fast.   |
|                                                                            |

Return to the travel agency and save your game.  Speak to the person standing 
just outside the door to get a Chocobo to ride.  If you really want to level 
up as you go you actually have the options of making the trek on foot.Whatever 
you choose head North toward the red destination marker.  In this screen 
there's not much to do but run down the path to the next area.  In the next 
area just beyond the bridge you will see a somewhat hard-to-see yellow object 
on the left side of the path, this is a Chocobo feather.  Examine it while 
riding the Chocobo and it will jump across to the other side and open the 
chest containing 'Heat Lance.'  Back on the path just past the feather the 'Al 
Bhed Primer Vol, IX' sits on the ground.  In the next area kick open the chest 
on your left to receive two 'Hi-Potion.'  You'll notice this area has two 
exits to the South, the one you came from and one leadings Southeast.  Take 
the Southeast exit while still riding the Chocobo.

To the South a bit you'll find another yellow Chocobo feather on the left side 
of the path.  Examine it and jump up to get the 'Thunder Blade.'  On your way 
down you also receive 'Scout.'  Proceed South to the next area.  There's a 
long path going South here too, keep an eye on your minimap as you go along, 
when you come to a Y shaped fork which is visible on the map, but not on the 
screen, go Northeast and examine the feather.  Kicking open the chest reveals 
a 'Fortune Sphere.'  Further South on the path you'll find O'aka and you can 
lend him some Gil, then at the very bottom is a chest containing 'Mars 
Crest.'  Return back to the Crusader's checkpoint.  Dona is standing here on 
the right side, approach her for a quick scene.  If you go any further you'll 
automatically dismount the Chocobo.  Head North and watch the quick scene.  
Speak to the guy on the left and you can donate money to their operation, 
10,000 Gil donation will get you a Moon Ring while 1000 Gil gets you an Ice 
Lance.  If you try and go North you can get the guy to explain Operation 
Mi'ihen to you.  Since you can't get through try heading South and you'll be 
interrupted by someone familiar.  Proceed North to Mushroom Rock Road.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                      Mushroom Rock                      |
       (0000D)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Walk forward and talk to the soldier running 
|                              |  by to get an 'Ether,' the other stationary 
| Ether.................._____ |  guard will offer a 'Hi-Potion.'  As you 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  continue someone will come down and tell you 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  where to go.  Head Northwest but stop and 
| 1000 Gil..............._____ |  pick up some items from O'aka first.  Save 
| Remedy................._____ |  your game and talk to the nearby person, 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  you'll receive 'Hi-Potion.'  Examine the 
| Serene Armlet.........._____ |  circular panel in the ground and you will be 
| Al Bhed Primer X......._____ |  brought up to the next level.  Follow the 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  path all the way around until you see a man 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  standing beside a treasure chest.  The man 
| Serene Bracer.........._____ |  will give you ten Potions, and the chest 
| Soft Ring.............._____ |  contains '1000 Gil.'  Make your way West 
| Variable Steel........._____ |  from the treasure chest, keep an eye on your 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  minimap if you are ever confused as you 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  what paths lead where.  As you head North on 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  the left side open the treasure chest to 
| Al Bhed Primer XI......_____ |  receive 'Remedy.'  Navigate the winding 
| Bright Bangle.........._____ |  pattern further and further North.  When you 
| Ether.................._____ |  go underneath a small overpass at the 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  Northwest side, a treasure chest can be 
|                              |  found underneath containing a 'Hi-Potion.'  
o------------------------------o  Continue onward and ride the panel up.

Speak to the man right in front of you at the top and he'll give you an 'X-
Potion.'  Start running Northeast but keep an eye on your minimap, you'll see 
a path leading to the West.  Take it and descend on the platform.  There's a 
chest here containing 'Serene Armlet.'  Return to the top and continue North.  
Look at your minimap again, this time you'll see a thin path leading Southwest 
in the shape of a very curvy fishing hook.  At the end of this path somewhat 
camouflaged on the ground is the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, X.'  Now you can go back 
and ride the North panel to the next area.  At the top you will find a save 
point, be sure to use it.  Speak to the soldier to get a 'Mega-Potion' then 
head South and listen to the conversation.  Ride the elevator up.

Start South and a scene will occur.  Make your way Northeast toward the 
command center and another scene.  East of here you will find another save 
point.  O'aka is nearby if you want to get some last minute items.  Speak to 
Gatta on your left and then head further into the area.  After the talking 
with everyone but before telling the guard you are ready, open the chest at 
the upper right, near Auron for a 'Mega-Potion.'  Another is hidden behind the 
nearby spear rack, it has 'Serene Bracer' inside.  Save your game then talk to 
the soldier at the lower right corner and tell him you're ready.  

| Boss: Sinspawn Gui           |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| By this point Lulu should definitely have   |
| HP: 12,000    | AP: 400      | the Fira spell, it will come in extremely   |
|---------------+--------------| handy during this battle.  There are four   |
| MP: 30        | Gil: 600     | parts to this boss, the arms, the body and  |
|---------------o--------------o the head.  The arms have 800 HP each,       |
|                                and the head has 4000 HP.  There are        |
| numerous ways to take care of the arms.  Lulu's Fire works well, even      |
| better is Auron's Dragon Fang Overdrive.  You can't premanently destroy    |
| the arms, they automatically respawn after a certain amount of time.       |
| While they are gone take advantage of this opportunity to attack the head  |
| and body.  The head will start doing something, moving suspiciously.       |
| During this time Lulu suggests she should cast magic on it.  Listen to     |
| her and cast magic on the head to stop it from charging it's powerful      |
| attack.  Have Auron use Power Break on the body to significantly reduce    |
| the amount of damage the boss deals.  Tidus should act as a support        |
| character, using items, using Haste and using Cheer.                       |
|                                                                            |

When the fight is over a big impressive cutscene occurs, and then...

| Boss: Sinspawn Gui           |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| This boss is quite a bit easier for a       |
| HP: 6000      | AP: 400      | number of reasons, first of all you've got  |
|---------------+--------------| Maester Seymour in you party who is set     |
| MP: 30        | Gil: 600     | up with some powerful magic.  Have him cast |
|---------------o--------------o Fira on the head to kill it in one hit,     |
|                                then have him take out the arms along with  |
| Auron's help.  Yuna should just stick to healing, don't bother summoning   |
| at all here.  The boss' total health is only half of what it was in the    |
| last battle so it really is set up for you to win.  This is the only       |
| point in the entire game where you can see Seymmour's Overdrive, perhaps   |
| you may want to charge that up as something to do during the battle.       |
|                                                                            |

Now watch the scene.  Around the middle of the North area you'll find someone 
to talk to.  Who lives and who dies may be different at this point.  There's 
another lengthy scene now.  Use the save point on your left and talk to 
everybody.  Head West and listen to what people have to say.  Further West is 
a chest containing 'Hi-Potion.'  Go and talk to Auron.  Up the Northeast path 
you'll find Shelinda, she heals your party for free.  Further Northeast gather 
all your members and start up the road.  Start walking North and speak to the 
first man you see walking as well.  He'll give you the 'Soft Ring.'  He gives 
you this because there is a certain enemy here called the Basilisk who can 
inflict the Petrify status on your party.  If you get into a battle with these 
enemies be sure to switch Kimahri into your party and use the Lancet ability 
on them.  Kimahri will learn Stone Breath.  Further up the path there is a man 
doing the prayer on your right, speak to him to receive 'Variable Steel.'  On 
your left is a chest containing two 'Phoenix Down.'  There is also a robed man 
walking around this area who gives you a 'Hi-Potion' when you speak to him.

On the right side of path, near the chest hidden behind the rock pillar is the 
'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XI.'  Keep an eye on your minimap as you run North, 
you'll see a little indentation in the wall on your left.  Inside that is a 
hidden chest containing 'Bright Bangle.'  Just beyond this there's a man 
standing around in a brown hood who gives you an 'Ether.'  If there people are 
in different positions don't blame me, it may vary as they are walking around 
a lot.  Just talk to everyone you see.  Beyond this is another soldier who 
talks to you and gives you a 'Mega-Potion.'  Watch the scene when you get to 
the fork.  Head East and talk to Auron before approaching the temple.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                      Djose Temple                       |
       (0000E)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Cross over the bridge and talk to the 
|                              |  captain of the Chocobo Knights.  Approach 
| Ability Sphere........._____ |  the temple and talk to Yuna.  Before going 
| Ability Sphere........._____ |  into the temple head to the Northeast and 
| Ability Sphere........._____ |  open the chest to get four 'Ability 
| Ability Sphere........._____ |  Sphere.'  Run to the West side past the 
| 4000 Gil..............._____ |  Chocobo Knights and open the chest for '4000 
| Ether.................._____ |  Gil.'  There's a shop on the right side of 
| Remedy................._____ |  this area, inside the small hut.  You can 
|                              |  find a tutorial sphere in here as well, and 
o------------------------------o  rest for free.  Leave this place and enter 
                                  the temple, watch the scene inside.  Before 
going into the Cloister of Trials open the chest to the left of the stairs to
get 'Ether,' and to the  right of the stairs    
inside  the room  to  receive 'Remedy.'  Now  o- Djose Temple (Weapon) ------o  
you  are ready  to head  inside  the  temple  |                              |
Cloister of  Trials.  Before  going into the  | Fencing Saber........550 Gil |
trials  Isaaru  interrupts you just  one more | Rune Rod.............550 Gil |
time.  Tell the man you are prepared.         | Hyper Ball...........550 Gil |
                                              | Rune Mog.............550 Gil |
o- Djose Temple (Item) -----------------------o Halberd..............825 Gil |
|                                             | Shimmering Blade.....825 Gil |
| Potion.............................50 Gil   | Metal Shield.........550 Gil |
| Phoenix Down......................100 Gil   | Metal Ring...........550 Gil |
| Antidote...........................50 Gil   | Metal Armguard.......550 Gil |
| Eye Drops..........................50 Gil   | Metal Bangle.........550 Gil |
| Echo Screen........................50 Gil   | Metal Armlet.........550 Gil |
| Soft...............................50 Gil   | Metal Bracer.........550 Gil |
|                                             |                              |

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                  Djose Cloister of Trials               |
       (0000F)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Grab the Djose Sphere on your left and the 
|                              |  Djose Sphere on your right and set them into 
| Magic Sphere..........._____ |  the door.  When both spheres are in place 
| Switch Hitter.........._____ |  the door opens.  In the next room you will 
| Halberd................_____ |  see two sphere on the left and right 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  diagonal walls.  Take them out and put them 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  both into the two slots on the Eastern side.
|                              |  Now that the thing in the ceiling starts to 
o------------------------------o  glow push the pedestal underneath it.  This 
                                  will charge the sphere that is in the 
pedestal.  Remove the Djose sphere from the pedestal and place it in the slot 
on the right diagonal wall.  Return to the East side and take the two Djose 
Spheres out of the wall and put them both in the pedestal.  Run to the West 
side of the room and step on the shiny floor panel to reset the pedestal.

Push it directly North into the next room and it will float on the 
electricity.  You can now jump across to the other side and push the pedestal 
there to activate the central eye of the symbol in the middle.  Step on the 
shiny panel again to get your pedestal back.  Remove your charged up sphere 
from the wall on the right and put it into the wall on the left.  This will 
activate the head portion of the symbols.  To activate the arms you need to 
remove both Djose Spheres from the pedestal and put them into the East and 
West slots of the first room of the trials.  Step onto the symbol and head up.

There are five pedestals in the room to the North, examine all of them to turn 
on all five electrical currents.  Ride the elevator back down to the lower 
floor and examine the glowing white panel on the Western side, the one on the 
wall and not the floor.  Touch it to open the path to the Destruction Sphere.  
Ride the elevator back up and place the Destruction Sphere into the pedestal 
you just created.  This breaks the wall revealing a treasure chest with 'Magic 
Sphere' inside.  Ascend the West stairs and watch the scene.  Try to leave the 
chamber to progress the game.  

In the morning go back into the temple and speak to the woman beside the bed.  
Watch the scene when Yuna wakes up and leave the temple.  Save your game at 
the Save Sphere on your right then enter the small hut.  There is now a 
treasure chest behind the counter area containing 'Switch Hitter.'  Leave the 
temple area to the South.  On the bridge speak with the first person you pass 
on the upper side and he'll give you a 'Halberd.'  The monk walking along the 
path will give you two 'Hi-Potion' and the soldier in blue with the face mask 
standing stationary offers ten Potions.  Head South and watch the scene.  
Gather your party and set off across the Moonflow to the Northwest!

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                         Moonflow                        |
       (0000G)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Head forward and talk to Shelinda.  
|                              |  there's a small hidden path leading to a 
| Lv.1 Key Sphere........_____ |  chest containing three 'Lv.1 Key Sphere.'  
| Lv.1 Key Sphere........_____ |  Proceed further and talk to the two Ronso.  
| Lv.1 Key Sphere........_____ |  Afterwards open the chest at the upper right 
| X-Potion..............._____ |  for an 'X-Potion.'  Further down the path 
| Lv.1 Key Sphere........_____ |  check your map again, in the little 
| Lv.1 Key Sphere........_____ |  indentation on your right is a chest 
| Lv.1 Key Sphere........_____ |  containing another three 'Lv.1 Key Sphere.'  
| Summoner's Soul........_____ |  Head North and speak to Belgemine, this is 
| Magic Def Sphere......._____ |  the second Aeon contest.  She'll heal all 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  your Aeons before the fight begins.  
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  
| 5000 Gil..............._____ |  When the battle is over you get two Dragon 
| Al Bhed Primer XII....._____ |  Scales if you win, and six Smoke Bombs if 
| Ether.................._____ |  you lose.  No matter what the outcome you 
| Antidote..............._____ |  also get the 'Summoner's Soul' which allows 
| Antidote..............._____ |  you to teach abilities to your Aeons.  Keep 
| Antidote..............._____ |  and eye on yourminimap and take the hidden 
| Antidote..............._____ |  path on your left just North of Belgemine to 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  find a chest with 'Magic Def Sphere.'  
|                              |  Continue North along the path and watch 
o------------------------------o  the scene.  Now head West to the docking 
                                  station and watch another scene.

| Boss: Ixion                  |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Start the battle with a Grand Summon        |
| HP: 6500      | AP: 0        | Overdrive if you have it.  This battle is   |
|---------------+--------------| best fought with Ifrit.  Ixion is fast and  |
| MP: 450       | Gil: 0       | will cast Haste part way through.  With     |
|---------------o--------------o Haste in effect Ixion gets a number of      |
|                                turns in a row which can really hurt you    |
| a lot.  A special trick to know for this battle is to realize that Ifrit   |
| actually has a heal spell, since Fire is Ifrit's element, you can cast     |
| it on him to heal him.  Use this to your advantage while you build up your |
| Overdrive meter in preparation for Hellfire.  In the even that Ifrit is    |
| killed in the battle you are still allowed to summon Valefor to finish.    |
|                                                                            |

There's  a  chest  right  in  front  of  you  o- Moonflow (Item) ------------o
containing  two  'Phoenix Down.'  Head  West  |                              |
and speak to Auron, then continue  West past  | Potion...............100 Gil |
him.   You'll  meet  up   with  the  Chocobo  | Phoenix Down.........200 Gil |
Knights  here.   Inside  the  enclosed  area  | Antidote.............100 Gil |
beside Lulu  is  a  chest  containing  '5000  | Eye Drops............100 Gil |
Gil.'  Save your  game and  speak to  Wakka.  | Echo Screen..........100 Gil |
Go  back  to the  Eastern  Shoopuf  boarding  | Soft.................100 Gil |
area and talk to the little blue driver guy.  |                              |
Tell him you're ready and prepare to go.      o- Moonflow (Weapon) ----------o
                                              |                              |
o---------------------------------------------o                              |
|                                               Hunter's Sword......2250 Gil |
| Ice Ball.........................3750 Gil     Flametongue.........3750 Gil |
| Blurry Moon......................6150 Gil     Twin Lance..........8700 Gil |
|                                                                            |

| Boss: Extractor              |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| The only two characters you have for this   |
| HP: 4000      | AP: 660      | battle are Tidus and Wakka which makes it   |
|---------------+--------------| rather difficult.  Fortunately the boss'    |
| MP: 10        | Gil: 2240    | attacks are weak to compensate for this.    |
|---------------o--------------o Have Tidus cast Haste on himself and Wakka  |
|                                at the beginning of the battle then start   |
| using normal attacks.  The boss' normal attack Aqua Shooter is very weak   |
| and will really require no healing at all.  Its only other attack is       |
| stronger where it raises up and prepares to let loose some depth charges.  |
| It is possible to prevent this attack however by dealing a good amount     |
| of damage to the boss and forcing it to come back down.  It has an         |
| elemental weakness like most Machina to Lightning, so if you have any      |
| weapons with Lightningstrike that's a good idea, also if Wakka gets his    |
| Overdrive try to aim for the Lightning Reels.  It should go down quickly.  |
|                                                                            |

Watch the scene after the battle then save your game when you dock.  Head West 
and you'll find O'aka standing around, you can purchase some things from him 
if you need to.  Up the nearby incline sitting on the ground at the top is the 
'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XII.'  To the West again you will find a chest containing 
'Ether.'  Continue along the path until you find someone laying on the ground 
and watch the event.  In the next battle you'll find a chest and another 
tutorial.  When you find treasure chests in battle Rikku can open them with 
her Steal command.  Her Overdrive is the ability to mix items and produce 
special effects.  Head North a bit, when the path curves Northeast there is a 
chest on your right containing four 'Antidote.'  Continue along the path to 
the next screen.  Near the top of the path just before entering Guadosalam you 
will find a chest on your left with 'Mega-Potion' inside.  Continue North.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                       Guadosalam                        |
       (0000H)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  When you first enter you find out about your 
|                              |  destination and get a tutorial about 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  customizing equipment.  Go down into the 
| Al Bhed Primer XIII...._____ |  place on your right, this is the inn you can 
| 3000 Gil..............._____ |  save and heal up in here.  Also find 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  Shelinda sitting on one of the chairs.  
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  Leave this place and go up toward the large 
| Elixir................._____ |  red door but don't enter yet.  On the right 
| Lightning Marble x8...._____ |  hand side there's a chest containing 'Mega-
|                              |  Potion.'  Head West and go into the door.  
o------------------------------o  In this small house you can find the 'Al 
                                  Bhed Primer Vol, XIII' on the floor and a 
hidden chest at the back containing '3000 Gil.'  Now go into the large red 
door.  Up either set of stairs you will find 
a chest on  the walkway at the  top with two  o- Guadosalam (Item) ----------o
'Hi-Potion' inside.   Descend the stairs and  |                              |
head into the door for a scene.   Speak with  | Potion................75 Gil |
everyone in your party to continue the game.  | Phoenix Down.........150 Gil |
Now leave and meet up with your party.        | Antidote..............75 Gil |
                                              | Eye Drops.............75 Gil |
Head East and  go up the  ramp to the South,  | Echo Screen...........75 Gil |
in the  second door you  come to you'll find  | Soft..................75 Gil |
O'aka.   This  is also  the  normal  shop of  |                              |
Guadosalam.   Head West and then  South when  o- Guadosalam (Weapon)---------o
you  reach  the  edge of  Guadosalam.  There  |                              |
are two people talking  and blocking you way  | Baroque Sword.......1237 Gil |
but you can  pass by below the hooded Guado.  | Ductile Rod.........1237 Gil |
Beyond them is a chest  containing 'Elixir.'  | Switch Hitter.......1237 Gil |
Take  a few  steps back  and then  go up the  | Variable Mog........1237 Gil |
Northeast ramp toward the  Farplane.  On the  | Halberd.............2475 Gil |
next screen you  will see how the path has a  | Shimmering Blade....2475 Gil |
slight curve to the  left, kind of like an S  | Devastator..........1237 Gil |
shape.  Hidden behind the illuminated pillar  | Yellow Shield.......3487 Gil |
on your left right you you enter this screen  | Yellow Ring.........3487 Gil |
is   a  chest   containing  eight  'Lighting  | Yellow Armguard.....3487 Gil |
Marble.'  Proceed North to  the Farplane and  | Yellow Bangle.......3487 Gil |
speak to your  party.   Now go  inside for a  | Yellow Armlet.......3487 Gil |
scene.  Go  over and talk to  Wakka, then to  | Yellow Bracer.......3487 Gil |
Lulu, and finally  to Yuna.   Head back down  | Yellow Targe........3487 Gil |
to Seymour's place and  speak to Lulu.  Talk  |                              |
to everyone  and then  head toward the front  o------------------------------o
entrance of Guadosalam,  when you try and go   
down the ramp to the Northwest Shelinda will appear.  Talk to your party then 
when it's finally time to leave, the path descending Northwest from the 
entrance is no longer blocked.  Take it to reach the Thunder Plains.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                     Thunder Plains                      |
       (0000I)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  When moving around the Thunder Plains it is 
|                              |  possible to be struck by lightning if you 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  aren't close enough to the lightning towers.  
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  When you see the flash of lightning, press 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  the X button to dodge the upcoming bolt.  
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  Open the chest on your left and get the two 
| 5000 Gil..............._____ |  'Phoenix Down.'  Directly Northwest of the 
| Water Ball............._____ |  Save Sphere is a chest with two 'Hi-
| Al Bhed Primer XIV....._____ |  Potion,' save your game before going any 
| Yellow Shield.........._____ |  further.  Head North and stay along the West 
| X-Potion..............._____ |  wall.  North of the shining Cactuar statue 
| 2000 Gil..............._____ |  is a hidden chest along the wall containing 
|                              |  '5000 Gil.'  Make your way Northeast, in a 
o------------------------------o  small alcove that's rather easy to see on 
                                  your minimap you'll find a chest containing 
'Water Ball.'  Now continue North to the next screen.  After going into the 
Travel Agency, speak to Rikku and you'll meet Rin.  Select the top option to 
get 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XIV' then follow Yuna to the back room for a scene.

In the morning speak to Rikku.  When you're back upside examine the object on 
the ground just a few steps up the path to your right, it's the 'Yellow 
Shield.'  Take the South exit from this path to get back to the first area of 
the Thunder Plains.  You'll notice there are to exits leading North, take the 
one on the right, the Northeast one.  On the second map of the Thunder Plains 
check the right side almost immediately to find a chest with an 'X-Potion.'  
If you encounter the Iron Giant enemies in this area, they're a great way to 
build  experience.  Just use Auron's Power Break skill on them to make them 
manageable.  Head North and watch the scene near the enclosed area.  Northeast 
of here near the East wall is a chest containing '2000 Gil.'  Now head North 
and continue until you reach the Macalania Woods.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        Macalania                        |
       (0000J)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Head forward and talk to Auron then meet up 
|                              |  with your group again.  Save your game and 
| Sleepy Cait Sith......._____ |  then head North up the incline.  Hidden 
| 2000 Gil..............._____ |  behind the tree on the second corner is a 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  chest containing 'Sleepy Cait Sith.'  
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  Continue along the path and open the chest 
| Phoenix Down..........._____ |  at the bottom of the hill to get '2000 
| Remedy................._____ |  Gil.'  Proceed Northeast to the next screen.
| Al Bhed Primer XV......_____ |  If you happen to get into a fight with the 
| Jecht's Sphere........._____ |  Chimera enemy, switch Kimahri into your 
| Al Bhed Primer XVI....._____ |  party and have him use Lancet to learn the 
|                              |  Aqua Breath skill.  At the Northeast side of 
o------------------------------o  this area, just before going down the ramp, 
                                  is a chest beside the tree containing three 
'Phoenix Down.'  Down at the bottom you'll meet someone familiar, then go up 
the next ramp for a quick scene.  There is a minigame available here, the 
butterfly catching game.  Play if you wish, but when you're ready head East.

Up the next ramp hidden beside the tree is a chest with 'Remedy' inside.  
Contine along to the next screen.  Save your game and talk to O'aka.  Go into 
the weapon menu but don't buy anything, cancel out and he'll ask you if 
they're too expensive.  Say that they are to get a price drop.  The Southeast 
path doesn't lead anywhere but you can find the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XV' if 
you examine the ground.  Head North and watch the scene with Auron.  Now run 
Northeast and approach Auron and Yuna to trigger...

| Boss: Spherimorph            |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| This is definetely one of the easiest boss  |
| HP: 12,000    | AP: 3420     | fights in the game assuming you know how to |
|---------------+--------------| fight it.  The boss has no elemental        |
| MP: 100       | Gil: 4000    | weakness but rather varying weaknesses,     |
|---------------o--------------o meaning that it changes at certain points   |
|                                during the battle.  The boss always changes |
| its elemental weakness when it is hit with an element that it is weak to.  |
| To determine which element the boss is weak to is very simple, all you     |
| have to do is perform a physical attack and the boss will always counter   |
| with a weak magic spell of the element it's currently immune to.  So you   |
| just have to attack with the opposite.  Say you attack and the boss casts  |
| Water.  This means that the boss' element is Water and you need to cast    |
| Thunder.  Better yet the boss only has this along with a weak physical     |
| attack and both of them can be weakened further with Auron's Power Break   |
| and Magic Break.  Have Tidus cast Haste on both Lulu and Auron, they can   |
| take care fo the battle by themselves.  Tidus may as well just defend.     |
|                                                                            |

For winning the battle you receive 'Jecht's Sphere.'  There are spheres like 
this all over the place, the more you collect the more new Overdrives Auron 
will learn.  Leave this place and head Northeast to find a Travel Agency.  
Speak to Clasco and the Chocobo.  Go into the agency and talk to your party, 
then exit.  Pick up the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XVI' off the ground on your left.
Just for the record I always find that this area is quite a good place to do 
some leveling up.  Head West and watch the scene.

| Boss: Crawler                |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| The Crawler is a fairly hard boss, but the  |
| HP: 16,000    | AP: 4400     | difficulty really depends on how much you   |
|---------------+--------------| have been using Wakka.  This boss negates   |
| MP: 1         | Gil: 7000    | you ability to cast magic with its flying   |
|---------------o--------------o Negator probe and the only person who can   |
|                                hit it without magic is Wakka.  Have him    |
| join the battle and start attacking it every turn.  The rest of your team  |
| should support in any way they can.  Have Tidus use Cheer and Lulu use     |
| Reflex, Reflex will help a lot because one of the boss' attack is multi    |
| targetting and multi hitting.  When you destroy the Negator which only     |
| has 1000 HP, you can go crazy attacking the boss.  It will start to charge |
| an attack called Mana Beam which takes three turns to resolve, but if you  |
| hit hard enough you can interrupt it.  This causes a new Negator to come   |
| out however so you'll probably have to kill at least two of them before    |
| the fight is over.  Remember the exploit the boss' weakness with Thunder.  |
|                                                                            |

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                     Macalania Temple                    |
       (0000K)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Grab the chest that's just in front of you 
|                              |  containing 'Mega-Potion.'  Enter through the 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  opening.  Talk to the Al Bhed at the bottom 
| 400 Gil................_____ |  of the stairs to receive '400 Gil.'  Follow 
| Shell Targe............_____ |  the path and head inside the temple.  Speak 
| 5000 Gil..............._____ |  to Tromell to receive the 'Shell Targe.'  
| X-Potion..............._____ |  Walk forward and someone will run out of the 
| X-Potion..............._____ |  room.  Before going in check the West branch 
| Remedy................._____ |  for '5000 Gil' and the Southeast branch for 
| Remedy................._____ |  two 'X-Potion.'  Enter the room to the right 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  of the stairs and watch the scene.  Open the 
| Hi-Potion.............._____ |  chest for two 'Remedy' and then talk to the 
|                              |  nearest person to receive two 'Hi-Potion.'  
o------------------------------o  Return to the main chamber and be sure to 
                                  save before ascending continuing onward.

| Boss: Seymour                |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| When the battle begins there are two        |
| HP: 6000      | AP: 2000     | Trigger Commands available to you, one for  |
|---------------+--------------| Tidus and one for Yuna.  When Tidus usues   |
| MP: 100       | Gil: 5000    | this command (on Seymour not on the guards) |
|---------------o--------------o then his attack power increases, the same   |
|                                applies for Yuna except magic defense will  |
| increase.  You may find that the two guards are almost impossible to kill  |
| as they heal 1000 HP every single time they are hit, but there is a way    |
| to stop this.  Bring in Rikku and Steal from both of them, once you have   |
| the Hi-Potions they can no longer use Auto-Potion.  Eliminate them and     |
| before you bring attack Seymour, bring in Yuna.  Cast Haste on everyone    |
| and I also recommend using all four of those Nul spells Yuna has, the      |
| reason for this will become apparaent later.  If Seymour knocks a few of   |
| them off don't worry, just have your party basically protected from at     |
| least two.  Now when you attack Seymour, he'll summon his Aeon.            |
|                                                                            |

| Boss: Anima                  |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Immediately have Yuna summon her new Aeon   |
| HP: 18,000    | AP: 2500     | with the name ????.  This Aeon can pretty   |
|---------------+--------------| much fully heal with the Blizzara spell and |
| MP: 50        | Gil: 3000    | Anima's Pain attack will fill her Overdrive |
|---------------o--------------o bar by about one third with each attack.    |
|                                When you reach Overdrive use Diamond Dust   |
| and it will deal upwards of 6000 damage to him.  Heal yourself with Ice    |
| spells and repeat the process until either Anima or ???? dies.  If you     |
| have to fight Anima with your party watch out because first of all his     |
| Pain attack is an instant kill, and second when he reaches Overdrive he's  |
| going to deal 2000 damage to each member of your party.  Use you normal    |
| attacks and eliminate him as fast as possible.  The reason I told you to   |
| use all those Nul spells earlier is because once Anima is dead you'll have |
| to fight Seymour again, but now he's equipped with Multi-Magic meaning     |
| each turn he casts two powerful magic spells.  Your immunities should be   |
| enough to keep you alive long enoguh to deal the 6000 damage needed.       |
|                                                                            |

Watch the scene and save your game at the Save Sphere.  Try and leave by going 
West and you'll realize that you can't quite do that at the moment.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\               Macalania Cloister of Trials              |
       (0000L)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Run down the ramp and examine the central 
|                              |  pillar to get a Glyph Sphere.  Set it into 
| Luck Sphere............_____ |  the pedestal below it and push it to the 
|                              |  East.  It will slide along the ice 
o------------------------------o  automatically and destroy the block of ice.  
                                  Push the pedestal North now and it will 
uncover a hidden ramp.  Go down there and remove the Glyph Sphere from the 
pedestal and run as far West as you can.  Put the Glyph Sphere into the 
furthest West slot.  Head back up the ramp and check just below the path where 
you first came in to find a Macalania Sphere in the wall.  You need to put 
this into the pedestal that you pushed down the ramp.  Now slide that pedestal 
East to recreate part of your final path.  Only two more remain.

Go back up and get the Macalania Sphere from the recess on the East side.  
Back down the ramp again place it in the pillar on the West side.  Now run to 
the top of the ramp and take the sphere out, causing the ramp to disappear.  
Put this sphere into the middle pillar where you found the very first Glyph 
Sphere, this should complete the entire walkway.  Climb the ramp that you came 
in on to reach the top and step on the flashing panel.  Take the Macalania 
Sphere and then push the pedestal down the slide.  Put the Macalania Sphere 
into the recess just below the ramp to the entrance and then take the sphere 
out of the middle pillar and put it into the slot to create the ramp again.  

Step on the flashing panel at the lower left and take the Destruction Sphere 
out of the pedestal.  Run down the ramp and put the Destruction Sphere into 
the right slot on the West side.  This will break away the ice and reveal a 
chest containing 'Luck Sphere.'  Now you need to return the other pedestal to 
its position.  Take the Macalania Sphere out of the slot below the entrance 
ramp and put it into the far East recess.  Push the pedestal East, and then 
when it breaks the ice, push it North down the ramp.  Grab the Macalania 
Sphere from out of the East slot and put it into the pedestal on the lower 
level.  Push the pedestal East to create part of the walkway and then take the 
Macalania Sphere fro mthe top of the ramp and put it in the central pillar.  
This should complete the walkway, head up the ramp and leave the trials.  
Whatever you do, do NOT accidentally step on the flashing floor panel.  Leave 
the Cloister of Trials and watch the scene in the main hall.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        Macalania                        |
       (0000M)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Make any necessary purchases from O'aka and 
|                              |  then start running.  You'll be chased by a 
| Lv.1 Key Sphere........_____ |  number of enemies and every time one catches 
| Lv.2 Key Sphere........_____ |  up to you, you have to fight a battle.  You 
|                              |  should be able to get away with only 
o------------------------------o  fighting two of them if you're fast enough.  
                                  As you go South you'll see a small ice 
bridge crossing over to the West side, don't take it!  There is a very thin 
path that continues South on the East side.  At the end of this path open the 
chest to receive 'Lv.1 Key Sphere.'  Save your game and proceed South.

| Boss: Wendigo                |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| At the very beginning of the battle the     |
| HP: 18,000    | AP: 2000     | two Guado will cast Berserk and Haste on    |
|---------------+--------------| the boss.  You can usually get them before  |
| MP: 32        | Gil: 3000    | they're able to cast both, however when     |
|---------------o--------------o they die they automatically cast Protect    |
|                                and Shell on the boss, halving pretty much  |
| every attack you have.  This means there's two ways to fight this battle,  |
| either kill the Guado and take twice as long to fight the boss, or leave   |
| them and deal double damage, but have to deal with their magic attacks     |
| every turn.  It's up to you.  Either way the most important thing to do    |
| in this fight is to use Auron's Power Break, at least now you can survive  |
| more than a single attack from the boss.  Use your attacks and magic even  |
| if they are only half as powerful as they should be, each one should       |
| deal about 500 damage or so anyway, and with three characters presumably   |
| with Haste attacking per turn, the Wendigo will still fall quickly.        |
|                                                                            |

Save your game and talk to Rikku for a long scene.  Afterwards run up to where 
Kimahri is standing, beside him on the right is a chest you can't see 
containing 'Lv.2 Key Sphere.'  Run North and talk to Auron for a scene.  Make 
your way South for one final scene before the next area.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                      Sanubia Desert                     |
       (0000N)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Get out of the water and save your game.  At 
|                              |  the bottom left corner of the oasis is a 
| Remedy................._____ |  chest containing four 'Remedy.'  Head North 
| Remedy................._____ |  for a scripted battle against the Zu.  This 
| Remedy................._____ |  enemy is very powerful but if you cast Haste 
| Remedy................._____ |  on yourself and Slow on the bird you can get 
| Al Bhed Potion x8......_____ |  about six turns in a row each round, making 
| Ether.................._____ |  him quite manageable.  Lulu and Auron join 
| Ether.................._____ |  you either during or after the battle 
| Al Bhed Potion x8......_____ |  depending on whether you get really hurt or 
| Hi-Potion x4..........._____ |  not.  Take a few steps North to find Wakka 
| Hi-Potion x4..........._____ |  as well.  Under his tent you can find an Al 
| X-Potion..............._____ |  Bhed Primer in case you have missed any so 
| X-Potion..............._____ |  far.  Get the treasure chest beside it with 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  eight 'Al Bhed Potion.'  Rikku can use these 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  to heal 1000 HP to your entire party.  
| Al Bhed Potion x8......_____ |  Seapking of Rikku if you ever encounter some 
| Al Bhed Primer XVII...._____ |  Machina type enemies, her Steal command will 
| Lv.2 Key Sphere........_____ |  always kill them instantly unless they're a 
| 10,000 Gil............._____ |  boss.  Go past the tent and head Southwest 
| Elixir................._____ |  according to the minimap.
| Al Bhed Primer XVIII..._____ |  
| Hi-Potion x8..........._____ |  Walk to the Northeast and get Kimahri on 
| Mercury Crest.........._____ |  your team.  Now take the Northeast path and 
| Megalixir.............._____ |  follow this path until you meet up with 
| Megalixir.............._____ |  Rikku.  Open the chsts to find two 'Ether' 
| Megalixir.............._____ |  and another eight 'Al Bhed Potion.'  Save 
| Teleport Sphere........_____ |  your game and follow Rikku North.  Keep 
| Teleport Sphere........_____ |  talking to her as you progress.  Keep 
| X-Potion..............._____ |  following her and keep an eye on your 
| X-Potion..............._____ |  minimap as well.  You you reach a fork in 
|                              |  the path near a signpost, take the Southwest 
o------------------------------o  path, there is another compensatory Al Bhed 
                                  Primer on the sand dune that will appear if 
                                  you missed any.  Open the chest for four 
                                  'Hi-Potion,' now exit to the Northeast.

Head straight North of where you start, under the second rock is a chest with 
four 'Hi-Potion.'  Make your way Southwest and check behind the long rock that 
is visible on your minimap for two 'X-Potion.'  Run Northwest and grab the 
chest that's tucked in the corner beside the fence to receive two 'Mega-
Potion.'  Head East until you reach a Save Sphere, then save your game.  
Beside the Save Sphere are eight 'Al Bhed Potion' in a chest.  Head West along 
the path and find the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XVII' sitting on the ground just 
above you in the enclosure.  South of that in the broken structure are two 
chests containing 'Lv.2 Key Sphere' and '10,000 Gil.'  In the Southwest corner 
is a chest with 'Elixir' inside.  Return to the Save Sphere and go North where 
you'll find the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XVIII' lying on the ground beside the 
sign.  Now continue North to reach the next area of the desert.

Run North until you come to a fork, ignore the East and West paths.  As you 
keep going North you'll notice a very thin path on your left leading to a 
small open area.  Head toward this and get the chest containing eight 'Hi-
Potion' before going through.  At the bottom of the whirlpool to the West is 
the 'Mercury Crest' inside the chest, but you still need the rest to become 
the best.  Head Northeast to find another treasure chest near a whirlpool but 
it sinks down and you have to fight a Sangragora to get it.  They aren't 
particularaly hard except that they can confuse your party members and absorb 
the attacks from Tidus' Brotherhood sword.  Inside the chest are three 
'Megalixir' and Northeast of this is another containing two 'Teleport 
Sphere.'  Run West and open the treasure chest tucked in the corner to receive 
two 'X-Potion' then loop around to the North and exit the area.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                           Home                          |
       (0000O)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Along the West wall you can find the 'Al 
|                              |  Bhed Primer Vol, XIX.'  Enter the North door 
| Al Bhed Primer XIX....._____ |  into Home.  Approach your party and you'll 
| Al Bhed Potion x4......_____ |  autoamtically be thrust into a battle.  
| Al Bhed Potion x6......_____ |  Follow your friends into the door to the 
| Elixir................._____ |  East.  Another battle occurs here.  After 
| Friend Sphere.........._____ |  this battle there's a chest right behind you 
| Al Bhed Primer XX......_____ |  containing four 'Al Bhed Potion.'  Climb the 
| Al Bhed Primer XXI....._____ |  South stairs and enter the room on the left 
| Special Sphere........._____ |  to trigger a battle.  After the battle 
| Skill Sphere..........._____ |  examine the lower chest and you can choose 
| Lv.2 Key Sphere........_____ |  whichever item you want.  On the top row 
| Lv.4 Key Sphere........_____ |  from left to right you have Bomb, Elixir, 
|                              |  Hi-Potion.  Middle row is Mega-Potion, Soft 
o------------------------------o  and Chimera.  Bottom is Potion, Remedy and 
                                  Evil Eye.  The top middle option is by far 
the best, select it to receive 'Elixir.'  The other chest answers are: Bottom 
Centre, Middle Right and Middle Centre.  It contains 'Friend Sphere.'  

Take the North branch at the fork to find a chest containing six 'Al Bhed 
Potion.'  Make a right at the fork and pick up the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XXI' 
at the end of the path then go through the door on the right to trigger a 
battle.  After the battle examine the chest, there is a code you must crack 
written in Al Bhed.  Each line contains two munbers and the operator is in 
between written in Al Bhed.  Each operator from top to bottom is as follows, 
plus, minus, times, plus.  Evaluate each expression and the top to bottom 
numbers give you the left to right code.  Inside you'll find a special Sphere.  
Now examine the other chest to the right.  The questions are as follows:

"Are you Al Bhed?"  Choose "Yes," the third option.  "Name the son of the Al 
Bhed leader."  The anser is the fourth option, Brother.  "On what island to 
the Al Bhed live?"  The anser is the second option, Bikanel Island.  "What is 
Al Bhed in Al Bhed?"  The answer of course is the first option, "Al Bhed."  
Inside the chest is a 'Skill Sphere.'  Return to the fork and head West, save 
your game and proceed through the Southwest door.  Approach your party to 
trigger a scene.  You'll be thrown into a fight.  Descend the steps and talk 
to your party, then go down the stairs and get the chest at the bottom 
containing 'Lv.2 Key Sphere.'  Hidden to the left of the stairs is another 
chest with a 'Lv.4 Key Sphere' inside.  Now go through the door for a scene.
Leave the Summoner's Sanctum through the Southeast door and step on the ship!

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                          Airship                        |
       (0000P)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Save your game and talk to Cid.  Head South 
|                              |  and speak to Isaaru then go into the door on 
| Al Bhed Potion x4......_____ |  the left back to the bridge and watch the 
|                              |  scene.  Go South of Isaaru and speak with 
o------------------------------o  Rin, you can make some purchases if you 
                                  wish.  In the next room to the South there's 
a door on the left.  Enter the room and find Dona on the ground, speak to her.
Regardless  of what  you  say return  to the 
bridge and speak to Brother at the controls.  o- Airship (Item) -------------o
Talk to Rikku  and then  Auron.  Try  to run  |                              |
South  and  suddenly  you'll be  in a bit of  | Potion................55 Gil |
trouble.  Start making your way as far South  | Hi-Potion............550 Gil |
as possible until you  come to a Save Sphere  | Phoenix Down.........110 Gil |
and some  stairs.  Ascend  them  and talk to  | Antidote..............55 Gil |
the  Al Bhed  on the  right to  receive four  | Eye Drops.............55 Gil |
'Al Bhed Potion.'   Head  North for  a quick  | Echo Screen...........55 Gil |
scene.  Make any purchases  you need to from  | Soft..................55 Gil |
Rin before going  up the elevator, make sure  | Power Distiller......110 Gil |
you're fully prepared.                        | Mana Distiller.......110 Gil |
                                              | Speed Distiller......110 Gil |
o- Airship (Weapon) --------------------------o Ability Distiller....110 Gil |
|                                             | Grenade..............330 Gil |
| Baroque Sword.....................907 Gil   | Map...................55 Gil |
| Ductil Rod........................907 Gil   |                              |
| Switch Hitter.....................907 Gil   o------------------------------o
| Variable Mog......................907 Gil                                  |
| Halberd..........................1815 Gil     Shimmering Blade....1815 Gil |
| Devastator........................907 Gil     Seeker's Shield.....1732 Gil |
| Seeker's Ring....................1732 Gil     Seeker's Armguard...1732 Gil |
| Seeker's Bangle..................1732 Gil     Seeker's Armlet.....1732 Gil |
| Seeker's Bracer..................1732 Gil     Seeker's Targe......1732 Gil |
|                                                                            |

| Boss: Evrae                  |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| There's some really good tricks to fighting |
| HP: 32,000    | AP: 5400     | this boss, and it's extremely difficult to  |
|---------------+--------------| beat without them.  Basically you should    |
| MP: 500       | Gil: 2600    | tackle this fight in a specific way in      |
|---------------o--------------o order to optimize your chances of winning,  |
|                                because this is most definitely the hardest |
| boss you've fought so far.  When the battle begins have Tidus give the     |
| Trigger Command to move away from Evrae.  Now at this distance you're      |
| going to want to cast all your supportive magic like Haste, and use all    |
| your supportive skills like Cheer, Reflex and Focus.  While you're doing   |
| this each time Cid's turn comes up on the turn icon bar, the airship will  |
| fire a whole bunch of Guided Missles at the boss dealing quite a bit of    |
| damage.  A total of three of these can be used.  Evrae's long range attack |
| is fairly weak which is why it's good to be far away, but keep in mind     |
| your attacks are limited too.  When you believe that you are prepared give |
| Cid the command to move back in.  Now the first thing you want to do is    |
| use Auron's Power Break, this will save your life more than a few times.   |
| Don't be afraid to use some of those Mega-Potions you've been amassing up  |
| until this point.  Evrae halves all elemental damage so your most powerful |
| hits will be the non-elemental physicals which usually fall on Auron who   |
| can deal upwards of 2000 damage per turn with his attack.  At this rate    |
| you'll be fine, you just have to watch out for Evrae's most powerful       |
| attack, Poison Breath!  This deals over 1000 damage to your entire party   |
| and poisons you, and if you hadn't noticed the poison in this game really  |
| hurts, so use an Antidote on everyone and then heal with a Mega-Potion     |
| since you've probably wasted enough turns already.  If Tidus has his       |
| Brotherhood then you can keep track of Evrae's HP as it slowly drains.     |
|                                                                            |

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                          Bevelle                        |
       (0000Q)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Right away when you run forward you'll be 
|                              |  thrust into a battle.  Take out the guy in 
| None......................./ |  the middle first as he is wielding a 
|                              |  flamethrower.  Keep moving ahead and 
o------------------------------o  fighting your way through.  Keep in mind 
                                  that the large YKY-63 Machina enemies aren't 
actually weak to Thunder, but Fire and Water instead.  They also have the 
ability to use Thrust Kick which knocks a character out of the battle.  Run up 
the path fighting as you go until you reach the top, then watch the scene.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                 Bevelle Cloister of Trials              |
       (0000R)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Examine the terminal and ride the twirling 
|                              |  staircase to the bottom.  Listen to what 
| Al Bhed Primer XXII...._____ |  everyone has to say, meet up with your party 
| HP Sphere.............._____ |  in the next room and pick up the 'Al Bhed 
| Knight Lance..........._____ |  Primer Vol, XXII' off the ground, it's 
|                              |  somewhat camouflaged.  Save your game and 
o------------------------------o  then proceed into the Cloister of Trials.  
                                  Head forward and examine the pedestal to be 
placed on a moving magical platform.  Now you'll have to read this before you 
go any further because you need to respond actively and you won't be able to 
look down at this while making split second descisions.  At the very first 
junction you'll see a glowing arrow in the ground that is moving.  Wait until 
it is pointing right and your platform is touching it then press the X button 
to turn.  If you miss it don't worry just ride to the end and it will loop.  
Head all the way to the end of the right path and take the Bevelle Sphere out 
of the slot and put it into the pedestal.  Now ride the pedestal back up.

When you get back to the first junction you'll automatically make a right, at 
the very next panel you come to make another right.  Take one of the Bevelle 
Spheres out of the pedestal and put it into the slot on the wall.  Push the 
pedestal back onto the track and loop to the beginning again.  At the middle 
panel make a left this time.  Remove the Bevelle Sphere from the wall and put 
it into your pedestal then push the pedestal back and loop to the beginning.  
Make a right turn at the very first junction and you'll be stopped on a moving 
arrow which gives you as much time as you want to choose a direction.  Take 
the left path at the arrow.

Ride down the path and ignore the first and second branches, at the third one 
right before you fall off the edge make a right.  Take one of the Bevelle 
Spheres out of the pedestal and place it into the slot on the wall.  Oush the 
pedestal back onto the path and loop back to the beginning.  Make a right at 
the second branch this time, not counting the one you start on.  Take the 
Glyph Sphere from the recess on the wall and place it into the pedestal.  Now 
that you have this make a right turn at the last junction again.  You can run 
across the magic path to the Glyph on the other side, take the Glyph Sphere 
out of the pedestal and place it into the slot on the Glyph.  Take the 
Destruction Sphere now.  You have to put it into the slot where you found the 
Glyph Sphere, so this means making a right turn again at the second junction.  

After placing the Destruction Sphere you now need to return to get the Bevelle 
Sphere from the slot after making a right turn at the third junction.  Put it 
in your pedestal and loop to the beginning again.  It's finally time to make a 
right turn at the first junction.  Not the one you start on that doesn't move, 
but the first of the three in a row.  When you disembark just push the 
pedestal across and continue.  Take one of the Bevelle Spheres out of the 
pedestal and climb the stairs.  At the top and get the chest containing 'HP 
Sphere.'  Step on the flashing floor panel to warp your pedestal to the top, 
then push the pedestal to the left and it will lead you across to a chest 
containing 'Knight Lance.'  Now you can leave this place to the East.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                       Via Purifico                      |
       (0000S)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  As Yuna, head forward and save your game.  
|                              |  You need to gather up your party so take the 
| White Magic Sphere....._____ |  East branch and follow it until you reach a 
| Elixir................._____ |  fork.  Go left (North) at the fork to find 
| Black Magic Sphere....._____ |  Kimahri.  Open the chest on the left side of 
| Lucid Ring............._____ |  this room to receive 'Mega-Potion.'  
| Skill Sphere..........._____ |  Continue North up the path and it will lead 
| Rematch................_____ |  you around to an open area where you will 
| Avenger................_____ |  find Auron.  Heal yourself at the sphere and 
|                              |  then head West.  Turn left (South) at the 
o------------------------------o  fork and go all the way down until you reach 
                                  an open are, down the short hallway to the 
East meet up with Lulu.  Now that you've gathered everyone in this place 
create a party with your best three of the four characters and then open the 
chest behind her to receive 'White Magic Sphere.'  Now make your way to the 
Southwest corner and open the chest containing 'Elixir,' then examine the 
broken glyph sitting in the pile of rubble.

Run North and then make a right (East) at the fork.  Now you'll be back at the 
beginning again, except with your entire party in tact.  Head North past the 
panel in the ground and go down the East hall to find a chest containing 
'Black Magic Sphere.'  Now step onto the glyph to move the warp panel.  Head 
West, then North, then West.  You'll come to a fork you've been to before 
except now there is a warp panel there with a moving arrow.  Wait until the 
arrow is facing West in the direction of the gate then step onto it.  Get the 
two chests containing 'Lucis Ring' and 'Skill Sphere.'  Now take this warp 
panel and ride it back to the East.  At the fork take the East path and 
backtrack to the Save Sphere.  Save your game and head North from the save 
point until you meet up with someone familiar, then watch the scene.

| Boss: Grothia                |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Summon Bahamut for this battle and start    |
| HP: 8000      | AP: 0        | using Blizzga each turn.  This should       |
|---------------+--------------| weaken him substantially if not kill him.   |
| MP: 600       | Gil: 0       | Grothia's Hellfire will do some massive     |
|---------------o--------------o damage to Bahamut but there's little to     |
|                                no chance of him being actually killed.     |
| Since Bahamut cannot heal himself you may want to dismiss him early and    |
| finish off Grothia with Valefor or something, especially if Bahamut        |
| achieves Overdrive, don't waste it on Ifrit if you've already hurt him.    |
|                                                                            |

| Boss: Pterya                 |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Assuming you reached Overdrive for Bahamut  |
| HP: 12,000    | AP: 0        | last battle, summon him again right here    |
|---------------+--------------| and use it.  Even if he's going to be       |
| MP: 1000      | Gil: 0       | killed right after using it, it's still a   |
|---------------o--------------o good way to start the battle.  Once         |
|                                Bahamut is out of the picture opt to summon |
| Ixion.  Fortunately Ixion has the ability to heal itself.  Use Aerospark   |
| each turn, even though Thundara is slightly more powerful you'll want to   |
| save your MP for when you are healing yourself.  Once the Overdrive meter  |
| hits max let loose a Thor's Hammer attack.  This should inflict some very  |
| massive damage probably enough to kill Pterya if Bahamut already attacked. |
|                                                                            |

| Boss: Spathi                 |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Your Aeon of choice for the final battle    |
| HP: 20,000    | AP: 6000     | is going to be Shiva.  I opted to get Yuna  |
|---------------+--------------| to Overdrive before coming into this battle |
| MP: 1500      | Gil: 0       | so that Shiva could use Diamond Dust right  |
|---------------o--------------o off the bat, this attack should deal over   |
|                                8000 damage to Spathi meaning it won't be   |
| long if you keep it up.  Spathi counts down to its Overdrive each turn,    |
| always keep an eye on the counter so that you can use Shield the turn      |
| right before it casts Mega Flare.  Sometimes Bahamut will get two turns    |
| in a row so just to be on the safe side you might want to use Shield at    |
| countdown two, rather than one.  If it does so happen that Shiva gets      |
| defeated, you'll have to move on to Ifrit and Valefor in hopes that they   |
| will be able to deplete Spathi's remaining HP.  Good luck with this one,   |
| if you can't win then load your game and get Yuna to Overdrive in battle,  |
| then summon Shiva, Bahamut and Ixion and get all three of them to their    |
| Overdrives before returning, it really shouldn't take long with boost.     |
|                                                                            |

Watch the scene after the fight.  Now you will be in control of Tidus, equip 
your party and make sure everyone is prepared.  Swim along the find another 
Save Sphere almost immediately, this is a pretty good indication of...

| Boss: Evrae Altana           |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| You've got some Trigger Commands available  |
| HP: 16,384    | AP: 5800     | and you can move along underwater while     |
|---------------+--------------| fighting this boss and everything gets      |
| MP: 200       | Gil: 3000    | big and complicated and you probably aren't |
|---------------o--------------o using characters you like and the risk of   |
|                                death is quite high and nothing is going    |
| you way.  If this sounds familiar to you then you're in luck because       |
| despite all these complications, there's a special secret that I'm going   |
| to tell you, tow X-Potions, two Phoenix Downs whatever... and it's over.   |
|                                                                            |

Assuming you killed Evrae right off the bat without going through any of the 
gates, you can still access the Save Sphere to the South before going any 
further.  Head North, just beyond the first gate is a chest at the bottom 
containing 'Rematch.'  Around the corner you'll find another chest with the 
'Avenger' inside.  Now follow the aqueduct to the exit for a scene.  Be sure 
to save your game at this point and then run down to the end of the path.

| Boss: Seymour Natus          |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Have Tidus use his Trigger Command to talk  |
| HP: 36,000    | AP: 6300     | to Seymour and increase his strength.  This |
|---------------+--------------| boss is either going to be REALLY easy or   |
| MP: 200       | Gil: 3500    | REALLY hard depending on one thing, whether |
|---------------o--------------o you have the reflect spell or not.  Almost  |
|                                all attacks Seymour uses are magic based    |
| and the same applies to his little Mortibody.  If you cast Reflect on all  |
| three of your characters you will be next to invincible.  Cast Reflect     |
| on Seymour as well to keep him from curing himself and you could win this  |
| fight at level one.  Even if you haven't used Yuna at all during the game, |
| with the huge amount of experience enemies give in this area you can       |
| easily learn the reflect spell in less than fifteen to twenty minutes of   |
| levelling up.  When battling Seymour do not attack him or you risk counter |
| from his extremely powerful Flare spell which cannot be reflected.  The    |
| way this battle is fought is by attacking the Mortibody.  It only has 4000 |
| HP, and when you kill it the Mortibody will automatically refill its HP    |
| by draining it away from Seymour, so as you see this is how you can damage |
| Seymour without risking a counterattack.  In the event you get to an       |
| Overdrive there's nothing wrong with using it on Seymour as long as you're |
| willing to heal and revive after.  Auron's Shooting Star was easily able   |
| to hit Seymour for 9999 damage, and that's quite a bit faster than just    |
| draining the Mortibody the whole time.  Use your own discretion.           |
|                                                                            |

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        Calm Lands                       |
       (0000T)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Head South and watch the lengthy scene.  In 
|                              |  the morning when it's over go back North to 
| Lucid Ring............._____ |  the campground and get the chest on the left 
| Jecht's Sphere........._____ |  side containing 'Lucid Ring.'  Go down to 
| 5000 Gil..............._____ |  the 4-way split and head two screens to the 
| 10,000 Gil............._____ |  West to find a 'Jecht's Sphere.'  Head back 
| Lv.2 Key Sphere........_____ |  Northeast and continue East.  Beyond the 
| Al Bhed Primer XXIII..._____ |  Save Sphere is the Calm Lands, a huge wide 
| Rusty Sword............_____ |  open area with many things to do and places 
|                              |  to explore.  Speak to the guy on the giant 
o------------------------------o  moving fan machine to pick up some new items 
                                  and expensive weapons, then run all the way 
to the Southeast corner of the huge open area, not along the raised path you 
came from, but the Southeast corner just above that.  There are two chests 
containing '5000 Gil' and '10,000 Gil.'  Run Northwest toward the central 
area, there's a scene that occurs when you arrive.  Once you're done go around 
behind it to find a chest containing 'Lv.2 Key Sphere.'  Run as far West as 
you can, at the tip of the cliff on the West edge you can find the 'Al Bhed 
Primer Vol, XXIII.'  If you talk to the person just North of here you can get  
                                              a Chocobo to ride, however you 
o- Rin's (Item) ---------------------------o  must train it first.
|                                          |              
| Potion............................50 Gil |  o- Calm Lands (Item) ----------o
| Hi-Potion........................500 Gil |  |                              |
| Phoenix Down.....................100 Gil |  | Potion................50 Gil |
| Antidote..........................50 Gil |  | Hi-Potion............500 Gil |
| Eye Drops.........................50 Gil |  | Phoenix Down.........100 Gil |
| Echo Screen.......................50 Gil |  | Holy Water...........300 Gil |
| Soft..............................50 Gil |  | Antidote..............50 Gil |
| Power Distiller..................100 Gil |  | Eye Drops.............50 Gil |
| Mana Distiller...................100 Gil |  | Echo Screen...........50 Gil |
| Speed Distiller..................100 Gil |  | Soft..................50 Gil |
| Ability Distiller................100 Gil |  | Power Distiller......100 Gil |
|                                          |  | Mana Distiller.......100 Gil |
o- Rin's (Weapon) -------------------------o  | Speed Distiller......100 Gil |
|                                          |  | Ability Distiller....100 Gil |
| Malleable Staff...............38,625 Gil |  | Map..................300 Gil |
| Shapeshifter....................6250 Gil |  | Grenade...............50 Gil |
| Buckler.......................25,050 Gil |  |                              |
| White Armguard................15,750 Gil |  o- Calm Lands (Weapon) --------o
| Savior Bangle...................6825 Gil |  |                              |
| Wizard Bracer.................76,250 Gil |  | Baroque Sword.......7575 Gil |
| Curative Targe................10,050 Gil |  | Ductile Rod.........7575 Gil |
|                                          |  | Switch Hitter.......7575 Gil |
o------------------------------------------o  | Variable Mog........7575 Gil |
                                              | Halberd...........15,150 Gil |
o- Arena (Weapon) -------------------------o  | Shimmering Blade..15,150 Gil |
|                                          |  | Devastator..........7575 Gil |
| Taming Sword....................9075 Gil |  | Seeker's Shield.....1575 Gil |
| Herding Staff...................9075 Gil |  | Seeker's Ring.......1575 Gil |
| Catcher.........................9075 Gil |  | Seeker's Armguard...1575 Gil |
| Trapper Mog.....................9075 Gil |  | Seeker's Bangle.....1575 Gil |
| Taming Spear....................9075 Gil |  | Seeker's Armlet.....1575 Gil |
| Beastmaster.....................9075 Gil |  | Seeker's Bracer.....1575 Gil |
| Iron Grip.......................9075 Gil |  | Seeker's Targe......1575 Gil |
|                                          |  |                              |
o------------------------------------------o  o------------------------------o

Basically the idea is that the Chocobo will run straight ahead but turn 
randomly because it has not yet been trained.  Press left and right on the D-
pad to aim it forward again as it turns, the quicker you are able to do this 
the faster you will get to the finish line.  Do this in under 12.8 seconds and 
the Chocobo will become ride-able.  Talk to the person again to ride a 
Chocobo.  Head straight East and approach the green square on your minimap, 
this is the battle arena.  You can buy special "Catching" weapons here and 
start collecting omnsters for the battle arena.  It's a very long but very 
rewarding process.  If you return to the entrance of the Calm Lands on a 
Chocobo and head East you can find a Chocobo Feather which will lead you to 
the entrance of an optional area.  You can explore if you wish but you also 
may want to leave it until later in the game.  When you're done make your way 
Northeast to the next area beyond the Calm Lands.  Be sure to save your game 
before heading across the bridge for a scene and an encounter with...

| Boss: Defender X             |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| To be honest the easiest and simplest way   |
| HP: 64,000    | AP: 6600     | to fight this battle is to just buy a lot   |
|---------------+--------------| of Phoenix Downs before coming here because |
| MP: 1         | Gil: 3500    | healing constantly in this fight just isn't |
|---------------o--------------o worth it.  It makes no difference whether   |
|                                you have 1 HP or 3000 HP most of the time,  |
| in fact it wouldn't be dangerous at all to fight the battle with each      |
| party member at one HP.  The fact is all his attacks are super powerful,   |
| his normal attack hits for 2000 and his Haymaker hits for 3500, but the    |
| catch is that they only hit one character so you'll have no problem just   |
| reviving them.  If you casst Hastega at the start of the fight you'll      |
| still have lots of attacking turns left before you have to revive again.   |
| You can attack as much as you like, you'll notice the boss has a counter   |
| attack called Blast Punch but it only hits you for 50% of your HP, so if   |
| you had 2 HP it would only deal 1 damage.  As your characters die you'll   |
| have to recast or just cast Hastega.  Use Water elemental spells and       |
| attacks, to make Tidus' attack powerful just hit the boss with Auron's     |
| Armor Break skill, Power Break unfortunately has no effect on the boss.    |
| When he gets low on HP he will cast Mighty Guard which halves all your     |
| damage, but by that point there shouldn't be much left of him to survive.  |
| Considering how little HP matters in this fight it would be conceivable to |
| defeat him at almost any level assuming you had enough Phoenix Downs.      |
|                                                                            |

Now head North, there are two paths here.  Before going any further across the 
bridge head down into the valley.  As you go past the save point there's a 
quick scene and cave.  This dungeon is optional, I recommend leaving it for 
now and coming back later.  The main thing you want to do is run all the way 
to the East.  Opposite the man practicing his swordsmanship between two rock 
pillars is the 'Rusty Sword.'  This will come in handy later.  Run back along 
the path and return to the top.  Head North across the bridge to Mt. Gagazet.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        Mt. Gagazet                      |
       (0000U)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Run up the path and watch the scene at the 
|                              |  top.  Save your game and talk to your party 
| 20,000 Gil............._____ |  before continuing any further.  Head North 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  when you're ready.  After the fight head 
| Braska's Sphere........_____ |  North to the next area.  Stick to the right 
| HP Sphere.............._____ |  side of the path and go up the small ramp 
| Lv.4 Key Sphere........_____ |  onto the raised stone section.  At the 
| Lv.1 Key Sphere........_____ |  Southeast corner is a chest containing 
| Fortune Sphere........._____ |  '20,000 Gil.'  Move over to the West hand 
| Return Sphere.........._____ |  side for another scene.  Now check the upper 
| Recovery Ring.........._____ |  left corner hidden behind some rocks in the 
| Pep Talk..............._____ |  small area visible on your minimap is a 
|                              |  chest with two 'Mega-Potion.'  Now head
o------------------------------o  North up into the mountains.

| Boss: Biron & Yenke          |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Before the fight, if you haven't been using |
| HP: Variable  | AP: 9000     | Kimahri it may be a good idea to run around |
|---------------+--------------| and level up a bit first.  Five minutes of  |
| MP: 200       | Gil: 3000    | levelling will probably make this fight     |
|---------------o--------------o easy as pie.  Equip the Knight Lance you    |
|                                got from the temple at Bevelle, and the Red |
| Armlet you got from the temple at Kilika.  At the start of the fight don't |
| even bother attacking them, you can use Lancet over and over again to      |
| learn virtually every Ronso Rage in the game.  Use it on both the enemies  |
| to collect them all.  Once that's done start using your normal attack and  |
| Thrust Kick Overdrive.  When Biron gets low on HP he'll cast Mighty Guard, |
| immediately after this happens use Lancet on him to learn that spell too.  |
| Their HP is pitiful and normal attacks should be more than enough.         |
|                                                                            |

The path is pretty linear for awhile, when you come to a fork and the path 
turns in an upside down V shape, take a look at your minimap.  You'll see a 
very thin path going off to the Northwest, run to the end of it to find 
'Braska's Sphere.'  Auron will learn the Overdrive Banishing Blade unless 
you've missed some spheres up to this point.  You can always go back and get 
them though.  Now head South, the path is quite straightforward.  Examine the 
stone object for a quick scene and then if you look on your map you'll see 
that to the West is an odd hook shaped path, follow it around to reach a chest 
containing 'Defending Bracer.'  Now go down the Northeast path and stop to 
talk to the merchant.  Make sure you buy the expensive Booster Cactuar for 
Lulu, the Magic Booster ability will literally almsot double her magic damage.  
Just past him at the bottom you'll see a small loop if you look at your 
minimap, turn East instead of West and it will lead you down to two chests 
with 'HP Sphere' and 'Lv.4 Key Sphere.'  Continue West and examine the 
gravestone at the top.  Further along you'll reach a Save Sphere.  Make your 
way Southwest to the next area and watch the scene.

| Boss: Seymour Flux           |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| This is the boss you never hoped you would  |
| HP: 70,000    | AP: 10,000   | have to face, he is arguably the hardest    |
|---------------+--------------| boss in the game.  With adequate setups on  |
| MP: 512       | Gil: 6000    | your characters however you should be able  |
|---------------o--------------o to beat him so listen close.  First of all  |
|                                there are four characters you'll want to    |
| be using for this fight, Tidus, Yuna, Lulu and Auron.  Make sure Lulu      |
| knows Bio and all Her -daga spells, make sure Yuna knows Dispel, Protect   |
| and Shell.  Make sure Tidus knows Hastega, which he better by this point   |
| in the game.  Before the fight you should get all four of those characters |
| (with the exception of Lulu) to their Overdrives.  Also summon Bahamut,    |
| Shiva, Ifrit and Ixion and get them to their Overdrives too.  The last     |
| preparation to make isn't a necessity, but protection from the Zombie      |
| status will also make your life much easier, as will a hefty supply of     |
| Holy Water, but as long as you have a lot of Phoenix Downs or Life magic   |
| you won't have to have it.  Begin the battle and immediately have Tidus    |
| use Hastega, Auron use his Overdrive Shooting Star and Lulu cast Bio on    |
| Seymour.  Bio will be probably the biggest source of damage you use for    |
| this boss and it's so simple, be absolutely sure you use this!  Now switch |
| Lulu for Yuna and have Yuna summon (not Grand Summon) one of those four    |
| Aeons every turn.  Each of the Aeon's Overdrives should deal 9999 to both  |
| Seymour and his Mortiorchis.  The Mortiorchis will drain Seymour and your  |
| attack will have dealt 13,999 damage.  Have Auron use his powerful normal  |
| attack for awhile, soon enough Seymour will inevitably cast Protect on     |
| himself and Reflect soon after that.  Keep this pattern going for awhile,  |
| also casting Protect on yourself may be a good idea to help you survive    |
| the Cross Cleave, other a Mega Phoenix may be the best answer.  Once       |
| Seymour has taken a certain amount of damage he will start to charge the   |
| Mortiorchis to do an ultimate power attack in a couple turns, keep an eye  |
| on the turn bar to see when it is coming.  It will always come the turn    |
| after the big orange flash around the boss and Seymour will not act during |
| this time except to maybe cast Flare.  If you use Dispel on Seymour around |
| now sometimes he ends up casting Flare on himself, expecting to Reflect is |
| back at you and failing, that helps.  The most important thing to do while |
| the Mortiorchis is charging is to cast Shell on your entire party.  This   |
| is the only thing that will keep you alive through the devastating attack. |
| When it ends do nuts, use your Grand Summon and bring Shiva into the fight |
| because Diamond Dust virtually always does 9999 damage and that should     |
| leave you perfectly capable of finishing it off.  In the immortal words of |
| Super Smash TV: "Good luck, you'll need it."                               |
|                                                                            |

Wath the scene and follow the path to the next area.  There's a dream sequence 
here, all you need to do is go into the door, you don't have many other 
options.  After the scene is over head North and enter the cave.  Make your 
way to the Save Sphere, then head Northwest.  You'll reach some water at the 
end, take Tidus, Wakka and Rikku.  Swim straight to the end, you'll find a 
spinning object.  You have to time you shot so that it makes it in between 
both the outer and inner shell.  You'll notice the outer shell is comprised of 
three greenish coloured panels, with two brownish things on the sides.  Note 
the position of the white light you're aiming for when you see the light in 
between the middle and last green panel, throw the ball and it should go 
between both the outer and inner shell.  Turn around and get the chest just 
above you that appears, it contains a 'Lv.1 Key Sphere.'  

Backtrack to the Save Sphere and heal up.  Head Northeast and make a left at 
the fork.  Follow this path and swim to the end of the waterway to find 
another puzzle.  It's not even a puzzle, you just need to have Rikku look at 
the green and press X, Tidus look at the blue and press X, then Wakka look at 
the red and press X.  Open the chest underneath the lights to receive 'Fortune 
Sphere' then head back to the Save Sphere.  Go Northeast, then make a right at 
the fork.  Open the two chests containing 'Return Sphere' and 'Recovery Ring' 
then head back to the Save Sphere.  Proceed Northwest and go up the little 
short path on your right to find a chest with 'Pep Talk.'  Take the stairs 
Northeast of the Save Sphere and make a left turn at the fork.  Just beyond 
this is another fork at the top of the hill, instead of going down toward the 
water take the path on the left.  Save at the top then continue onward.

| Boss: Sanctuary Keeper       |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| The Sanctuary Keeper is a much more relaxed |
| HP: 40,000    | AP: 11,000   | boss than your previous fight however an    |
|---------------+--------------| unprepared approach to this fight is pretty |
| MP: 256       | Gil: 6500    | much a guaranteed failure.  The thing is    |
|---------------o--------------o this boss is completely predictable in      |
|                                virtually every way.  First of all it       |
| starts with an attack called Photon Wings which hits your entire party     |
| for about 1000 damage and inflicts many bad status ailments, this is by    |
| far the boss' worst attack.  Afterwards come an approximate 3000 damage    |
| attack that only targets one characters, then a Curaga, another Curaga,    |
| maybe a physical attack or two and the cycle begins anew.  The most        |
| important thing you can do in this battle is cast Reflect on the boss,     |
| this will make it so he is unable to heal himself, and in fact heals you!  |
| Not to mention this wastes two turns.  Lulu is almost useless for this     |
| fight so replace her with Yuna who can cast Protect, Reflect and Dispel as |
| well as Grand Summon Bahamut for over 11,000 damage in one hit.  One thing |
| to note is the importance of NOT casting Reflect on any of your characters |
| because when the boss gets below 20,000 HP it becomes smart enough to      |
| start bouncing Curaga off you onto itself.  In fact the Curaga casts will  |
| be replaced by the boss casting Reflect on YOU, so you need to Dispel      |
| your character before the boss' next turn.  Use all your Overdrives at the |
| start because the boss will inflict the Curse status preventing you from   |
| using them.  Hastega works great, Summon Aeons and use their Overdrives,   |
| have Auron use Power Break and Armor Break and always stay in control.     |
|                                                                            |

Head up the path for a scene, then examine the sphere on the ground.  Now head 
up into Zanarkand, and watch as the rest of the events unfold...

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                         Zanarkand                       |
       (0000V)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Watch the scene at the campfire, then save 
|                              |  your game and follow your party.  Head 
| Fortune Sphere........._____ |  Northwest toward the red destination marker.  
| Spiritual Targe........_____ |  On this next path around the left bend is a 
| 10,000 Gil............._____ |  chest containing 'Forturne Sphere.'  
| Friend Sphere.........._____ |  Continue to the next area for a scene.  As 
| Lv.3 Key Sphere........_____ |  you run forward with your party you'll 
| Luck Sphere............_____ |  notice an odd looking bump on your minimap.  
|                              |  Inside the chest located on the little 
o------------------------------o  circular area is a 'Spiritual Targe.'  In 
                                  the next section use the save point.

Watch the scene and head down the slope.  Just after you start to pass 
underneath a platform, keep an eye on your minimap when you come out the other 
side.  You'll notce that you can do almost a 180 degree turn to your right and 
go up the path you just run under.  At the top is a chest with '10,000 Gil.'  
Go back down and follow the walkway to another Save Sphere.  There's a scene 
at the next fork, take the East branch and open the chest to receive 'Friend 
Sphere.'  To the West when you cross over what seems like a stone section of 
open window arches, and the spirits of Braska's party run by you, there's a 
somewhat hard to see path leads Southwest on the other side of that small 
bridge.  As always it's easier to see if you look at your minimap.  At the 
bottom is a chest with a 'Lv.3 Key Sphere.'  Head North deeper into the dome.
There's a chest on the right side of the hall containing 'Luck Sphere.'  
Follow the path up toward Braska's party and save your game before proceeding.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                Zanarkand Cloister of Trials             |
       (0000W)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  As you walk forward an image appears on 
|                              |  screen.  There are a number of white dots 
| Sun Crest.............._____ |  scattered over the floor, when you step on 
|                              |  them shapes start to appear.   The panels 
o------------------------------o  you should step on are as follows: From the 
                                  green square that activates the puzzle go up 
one.  From the bottom right corner go up one.  From the bottom right corner go 
up five.  From the bottom right corner go left one and up three.  From the top 
left corner go right one and down two.  These are the five you need to 
activate.  Now six pedestals will pop out.  Now you need to push each pedestal 
in and solve a puzzle, the position of the diagrams below correspond to the 
position of the pedestal puzzles, so the Southeast pedestal puzzle's answer is 
found by look at the Southeast (or bottom right) diagram.  

           Upper Left Pedestal                  Upper Right Pedestal
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|x|
    |_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    |x|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|x|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|x|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|x|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|x|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|

           Lower Left Pedestal                  Lower Right Pedestal
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|x|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|x|
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |x|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|               |_|_|x|_|
    |x|_|_|_|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|    |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|x|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|

Once you've completed all four of the puzzles take the Kilika Sphere from the 
left of the screen in the large room and place it into the left pedestal into 
the first room, then go back and get the Besaid Sphere and place it into the 
pedestal on the right side of the room.  Save your game and head North.

| Boss: Spectral Keeper        |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| This boss should prove to be quite a        |
| HP: 52,000    | AP: 12,000   | challenge so be prepared.  The battle takes |
|---------------+--------------| on six platforms, you can move between the  |
| MP: 500       | Gil: 7000    | platforms using Trigger Commands, the       |
|---------------o--------------o reasons for this will become apparent soon. |
|                                The boss only has three attacks, Berserk    |
| Tail, Glyph Mine and a counterattack.  Berserk Tail will inflict the       |
| Berserk status which really isn't so bad since it increases your physical  |
| attack power, and you'll be doing mostly physical attacks anyway.  His     |
| counterattack is interesting, it hits three of the six panels but only     |
| the three directly in front of him.  This means that if you move all you   |
| characters behind him and attack he will just counterattack and miss, but  |
| when the boss uses Berserk Tail he changes direction so there's no perfect |
| spot.  The other reason there is no perfect spot is that the Glyph Mine    |
| attack traps two of the panels and they will explode soon killing anyone   |
| instantly who stands on it.  Check to see when they will explode by always |
| keeping an eye on the turn counter and moving your characters off the      |
| flashing panels.  Have your party on every other panel for most of the     |
| battle, this means that no matter what direction he faces he can only kill |
| one member of your party and you are free to attack as much as you want.   |
| Let that person stay dead and revive them only once the boss changes his   |
| direction again.  Mega-Potions work great to recover, as do Mega Phoenix.  |
|                                                                            |

Descend down the elevator after the battle and save.  Watch the scene in the 
next room and head through the glowing green door.  Watch the scene her and 
then you may want to go back and save again.  When you're ready head North.

| Boss: Yunalesca              |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| During this fight you will have to contend  |
| HP: 24,000    | AP: 14,000   | with a number of different status ailments, |
|---------------+--------------| and the more you have protection from the   |
| MP: 500       | Gil: 9000    | better.  Every time you attack Yunalesca    |
|---------------o--------------o counters with Blind, every time you cast    |
|                                magic Yunalesca counters with Silence so    |
| basically you can't use the same attack two turns in a row.  Have a number |
| of Eye Drops, Echo Screens and Remedies on hand to keep up with her.  With |
| only 24,000 HP, even with all Blind characters it shouldn't take too much  |
| effort to defeat her.  Once you do however, in comes the second form...    |
|                                                                            |

| Boss: Yunalesca              |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| This version of the boss starts off the     |
| HP: 48,000    | AP: 14,000   | fight with an attack called Hellbiter.      |
|---------------+--------------| This version of the boss will use this to   |
| MP: 500       | Gil: 9000    | keep your party in the Zombie status for    |
|---------------o--------------o entire fight.  If you do happen to cure the |
|                                Zombie status on someone, make sure you     |
| don't for more than one person otherwise she'll just use it again right    |
| away.  The boss use use spells like Regen and Cura to damage your Zombie   |
| party, but if you manage to keep one person in normal status they have an  |
| equal chance of being targeted by these healing spells as well, which is   |
| nice.  Yunalesca isn't particularly strong against anything so most of     |
| your attacks should do a good amount of damage.  The most important thing  |
| to remember is to keep at least at least a couple people in the Zombie     |
| status when you strike the finishing blow or else...                       |
|                                                                            |

| Boss: Yunalesca              |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| The final form likes to start the battle    |
| HP: 60,000    | AP: 14,000   | with a spell called Mega Death, this means  |
|---------------+--------------| instant guaranteed death to anyone who is   |
| MP: 500       | Gil: 9000    | NOT in the Zombie status, which is why      |
|---------------o--------------o defeating her last form while a Zombie is   |
|                                so important.  This battle can get very     |
| difficult, and you have to go through the whole scene and other two fights |
| if you lose.  So don't die at this fight.  Obviously this is easier said   |
| than done.  The most dangerous attack in this fight is the Mind Blast,     |
| when your party is confused nothing good ever happens.  Luckily this       |
| attack very rarely if ever confuses all three and the Hellbiter will set   |
| their minds straight again.  Attack Yunalesca with everything you have,    |
| Overdrives magic and more.  Bahamut's Overdrive will break the 9999 damage |
| barrier and inflict some serious pain as well.  Always make sure at least  |
| one if not all of your party remains zombified because Mega Death is       |
| pretty unpredictable.  When someone dies use a Phoenix Down and then an    |
| Elixir or X-Potion quickly so that they go into Zombie status at full      |
| health, keeping them alive longer.  Play this fight defensively often you  |
| have to go many turns without attacking at all, just to stay alive.        |
|                                                                            |

Following the fight and the scene pick up the 'Sun Crest' from the treasure 
chest at the top of the stairs to the North.  Head South and exit this area 
for another scene, talk to Auron in the next room.  Leave the temple and exit 
the dome entirely.  Soon enough you'll be back on the airship.  Leave the 
bridge and find Yuna and Kimahri upstairs.  Head back to the bridge and talk 
to everyone.  Speak to Cid and now you can go anywhere you want, the final 
area, sidequests, minigames you name it.  Go nuts.  The next section will of 
course outline everything to do wit hthe final area of the game but that 
should stop you from checking out everything else there is to do, and there's 
tons.  Check out the sidequests section for more detailed information.  Before 
going to the final area return to the Highbridge and watch a long scene.  Now 
you are ready to proceed to the final area, talk to Cid and select "Sin."

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                            Sin                          |
       (0000X)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Watch the scene and then run all the way to 
|                              |  the top of the ship.  Ride the elevator up 
| Phantom Ring..........._____ |  and make sure you're prepared for battle.
| Special Sphere........._____ |  
| Elixir................._____ |  o------------------------------------------o
| Wizard Lance..........._____ |  | Boss: Left Fin                           |
| Lv.3 Key Sphere........_____ |  |---------------------o--------------------|
| Lv.4 Key Sphere........_____ |  | HP: 65,000          | AP: 16,000         |
| Four-on-One............_____ |  |---------------------+--------------------|
| Defending Bracer......._____ |  | MP: 999             | Gil: 10,000        |
| Megalixir.............._____ |  o---------------------o--------------------o
| 20,000 Gil............._____ |  | Boss: Right Fin                          |
| HP Sphere.............._____ |  |---------------------o--------------------|
| Defense Sphere........._____ |  | HP: 65,000          | AP: 17,000         |
| Laevatein.............._____ |  |---------------------+--------------------|
|                              |  | MP: 999             | Gil: 10,000        |
|                                                                            |
| Well I'm sure you can assume that if you've completed most of the          |
| sidequests that you can tear this boss (and subsequent bosses)  a new blow |
| hole on your own, however if you are coming here right after the previous  |
| area then you might find it rather difficult.  I recommend being at least  |
| as far as the end of the Sphere Grid for each character's section that     |
| you're using, meaning as far as they can get before they end up            |
| overlapping into someone else's section but even this is not required.  If |
| you are underlevelled though you'll probably find that relying on Aeons    |
| to do most of your direty work will be quite a useful strategy.  Have Yuna |
| also cast support magic on everyone, when the battle starts you'll be at   |
| a fairly safe distance giving you the opportunity to set yourself up.      |
| When you are ready, use the Trigger Command to go closer.  The first thing |
| you should do is have Auron use his Armor Break on the boss, now Tidus     |
| can use Quick Hit if you have it, while under the influence of Haste to    |
| log some serious damage quickly.  The boss may at some point negate your   |
| bonuses so just cast them again, Hastega being by far the most important.  |
| The fin's primary attack is just a 1000 damage hit to each member of your  |
| party, os if you have Protect status on, or lots of Mega-Potions in your   |
| inventory then you'll have the upper hand.  This applies to both fins.     |
|                                                                            |

Another scene here and of course, another battle...

| Boss: Sin                    |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Neither of these bosses have as much HP as  |
| HP: 36,000    | AP: 18,000   | either of the fins, even combined it's not  |
|---------------+--------------| as much as one of them.  The Sinspawn is    |
| MP: 999       | Gil: 10,000  | weak and shouldn't take more than a couple  |
|---------------o--------------o of turns, even if you are afraid of what    |
| Boss: Sinspawn Genias        | it can do the thing is weak against a       |
|---------------o--------------| number of status ailments.  Assuming Lulu   |
| HP: 20,000    | AP: 1800     | has Doublecast have her use it with two     |
|---------------+--------------| Firagas, or Flare which would be even       |
| MP: 200       | Gil: 10,000  | better if you have it.  Once the Sinspawn   |
|------------------------------o is defeated then Sin itself still remains,  |
|                                its HP is low though so be ready to hit     |
| hard and fast.  Have Auron use Armor Break and then just stick to normal   |
| attacks, or the Quick Hit skill.  For Lulu or Yuna have them Doublecast    |
| or summon respectively.  If you're summoning you should have already got   |
| your Aeons to Overdrive before this battle begun, a combination of all     |
| these things should be far more than needed to knock out a measly          |
| 36,000 HP.  This is stil la warm up for what's to come...                  |
|                                                                            |

Back on the airship again save your game and run up to the top of the ship 
where Yuna is standing.  Speak to her then watch the scene.  You'll appear 
near the bridge once again, return to the top of the ship and get ready.

| Boss: Overdrive Sin          |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Here's where it starts to get hard.  Before |
| HP: 140,000   | AP: 20,000   | this battle you should go and get yourself  |
|---------------+--------------| about 60 remedies and use them to customize |
| MP: 999       | Gil: 12,000  | the Auto-Med ability onto all your armours. |
|---------------o--------------o The boss has an attack which hits your      |
|                                entire party and inflicts a number of       |
| abnormal status ailments.  Basically this fight is timed, Sin has an       |
| Overdrive meter and when it hits full it means goodbye to your party, so   |
| speed along with power will be a key element for this fight.  Overdrive    |
| Sin starts off quite far away so the only way you are going to hit it is   |
| with magic, have Lulu Doublecast her most powerful magic while you use     |
| this opportunity to start casting support magic on your party.  You should |
| also start summoning Aeons which can also hit the boss from far away.      |
| When Sin gets a turn it will move closer but still not attack, it is still |
| too far away to attack so continue to use the same strategy you've been    |
| using thus far.  When it finally moves in again you can start pounding it  |
| with your most powerful characters.  Have Auron use Armor Break so that    |
| Tidus' damage will skyrocket and use whoever are you most powerful         |
| physical fighters to hit him.  This is the point where Sin will start      |
| attacking, but if you've got Auto-Med then you won't have to worry about   |
| most of those ailments, just about hitting as hard and fast as possible.   |
|                                                                            |

Watch the scene and you'll find yourself in a new area.  You can save here 
fine without worrying, you aren't stuck here forever you can go back.  Now the 
next area is rather difficult, I'll outline two paths below, one for people 
who want to pick up all the trreasure chests and one for people who just want 
to get to the end.  It's rather confusing so listen close.  If you don't want 
any of the treasure skip the next (two) paragraphs.

Start by heading North from the entrance.  Just pas thte "less than sign" 
shaped turn you'll come to a fork, these things may be difficult to 
distinguish because your map isn't filled out, but at this fork one path leads 
Northeast and the other leads West.  Take the path leading West and then go 
North when you come to the glowing symbol.  Head as far North as you possibly 
can, past the glowing symbol and then make a left turn to the West.  Follow 
this path until you come to a fork at a glowing symbol, there are now two 
paths leading away, one North and one South.  Take the South path.  When you 
come to the next glowing symbol head West, you'll know you've come the right 
way if this leads you to a chest containing 'Phantom Ring.'  Return to the 
glowing symbol and make your way South to reach another chest and a waterfall.  
Open the chest to receive 'Special Sphere' but don't go down the waterfall, 
instead head back in the direction you came from.  When you reach the glowing 
symbol go North and you should find yourself once again at a fork you've been 
to before, you'll recognize it because if you check the minimap the East path 
has been uncovered but you haven't gone North yet, so head North.

Make a left turn at the next symbol and open the treasure chest to receive 
'Elixir.'  Now start heading East and the path will curve around until you are 
moving South.  At the next symbol continue to the South to find a chest and a 
waterfall, open the chest to receive 'Wizard Lance' but ignore the waterfall.  
Go back up to the fork at the glowing symbol and take the East branch.  Almost 
immediately you will find yourself at another fork.  Follow the South path and 
check the treasure chest for a 'Lv.3 Key Sphere.'  Proceed North and follow 
the linear path until you come to a save point in front of a ramp.  The 
following paragraph will detail how to get here from the start please skip it.

Head North until you reach a glowing symbol on the ground, then go West to a 
waterfall and North from there.  When you can no longer go North make a left 
turn and follow the path to another glowing symbol.  Run North to the next 
symbol, then head East.  This path will curve around to the South, turn East 
at the glowing symbol and then North at the next one.  Follow this path until 
the end to reach a Save Sphere in front of a ramp.

| Boss: Seymour Omnis          |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Seymour Omnis relies very heavily on his    |
| HP: 80,000    | AP: 24,000   | elemental magic spells, they aren't that    |
|---------------+--------------| powerful but he casts each one of them      |
| MP: 999       | Gil: 12,000  | four times per turn which can get rather    |
|---------------o--------------o painful.  If you cast Reflect it may be     |
|                                effective but he will only use Dispel to    |
| negate it, so trying using Yuna's Nul spells like you did on previous      |
| battles with Seymour to stop the majority of the damage he can deal.  With |
| his major offensive out of the way, constantly reinforced by Yuna every    |
| turn you are free to attack as much as you want.  Similar to the           |
| Spherimorph he has a shifting weakness, but it is easy to determine by     |
| whatever spells he casts, just have Lulu Doublecast the opposite on the    |
| next turn.  Auron should use Armor Break so that he or Tidus or both can   |
| inflict the most damage, and Yuna's Aeons work well once you are fully     |
| protected from his attacks.  A much easier battle than Overdrive Sin.      |
|                                                                            |

Leave this area and save your game.  Now head up the ramp and into the next 
area.  Just ahead of you on the right is a glyph.  Before this door will open 
you must defeat a total of ten fiends, then another ten for the next door and 
lastly fifteen for the final one.  Beyond it is a chest with a 'Lv.4 Key 
Sphere,' a little anti-climactic.  Follow the path until you reach a small 
platform connection two areas, stand on it to be carried up to a chest 
containing 'Four-on-One.'  Go back down and head up, there is another panel 
just above you but it won't take you anywhere, instead examine the wall to 
push it over and create a path to a chest containing 'Defending Bracer.'  Head 
North and move around the sloping pit area.  Examine the glyph on the West 
side to reveal a chest with 'Megalixir' inside.  Return to the previous area 
and head down into the centre pit area.  There's a chest containing '20,000 
Gil' and a panel that will bring you up to an 'HP Sphere' and a 'Defense 
Sphere.'  Ride the panel down from beside the chest.

Now make your way Northeast.  Follow the path around until you reach an open 
area.  When you approach the wide open area you will notice the camera 
changes, which this occurs head South, there are two paths leading around 
behind a section of wall.  At the back of this section is a secret slide that 
will send you all the way down to a treasure chest at the end.  Open it to 
receive 'Laevatein.'  Examine the wall and start climbing using the X button 
as you go.  In the next area you find the game's final Save Sphere, at this 
point you are still free to board your airship and go about your merry way, 
but once you proceed North then there is no turning back.

Head forward and go into the large tower.  There are all sorts of crystal 
icicles popping up here, if one of them happens to hit you, you'll be thrust 
into a battle with a super powerful enemy.  For whatever reason you need to 
collect a total of ten of the little sphere things that appear randomly around 
here.  The camera is horrific and you basically must run in the direction it's 
pointing otherwise you're just going to run into an icicle.  Sometimes while 
you're running forward and there's nothing there you character will trip over 
his own shoelaces like an idiot, or at least that's what it looks like, as if 
some icicle was there when it actually wasn't.  Collect ten of these items and 
you will be transported to the location of the final boss.

| Boss: Braska's Final Aeon    |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| There are a few things to note at the       |
| HP: 65,000    | AP: N/A      | start of this fight, first of all the two   |
|---------------+--------------| objects beside him are going to heal him    |
| MP: N/A       | Gil: N/A     | for 15000 HP every turn and charge his      |
|---------------o--------------o Overdrive meter, so you might want to take  |
|                                them out.  A powerful party targeting       |
| attack like the Black Magic Ultima or an Aeon Overdrive will obviously     |
| work nicely, but save your best Aeon Overdrives for now.  You also have    |
| the Trigger Command to talk and lower the boss' Overdrive bar.  Cast       |
| Hastega on your party and beging to lay waste.  Protect is an important    |
| spell to have here as well, many of the boss' attacks rely on brute        |
| physical brawn.  65,000 damage isn't too much of a step but it's not over, |
| once you've hurt him enough he'll reach into his chest for a second form.  |
|                                                                            |

| Boss: Braska's Final Aeon    |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Here you've got a very dangerous boss, you  |
| HP: 120,000   | AP: N/A      | will need a number of preparations, first   |
|---------------+--------------| of all the more Overdrives you enter this   |
| MP: N/A       | Gil: N/A     | battle with the better, it goes without     |
|---------------o--------------o saying that the further along you are on    |
|                                the Sphere Grid the better your chances of  |
| survival are going to be.  Have lots of Mega-Potion, Mega Phoenix,         |
| Megalixir and Softs.  Softs are very important, either that or the Esuna   |
| spell.  The most dangerous thing the boss can do is turn you to stone, if  |
| you have no protection and this occurs on the very next turn you must      |
| put everything else on hold to return to the character to normal, the      |
| boss has the ability to shatter any petrified characters removing them     |
| from the battle completely and decreasing your chances of winning by a     |
| hell of a lot.  His attacks are powerful, and that's all you really need   |
| to know.  This is the boss of the game and all those items in your         |
| inventory aren't going to have much use while you're sitting on your       |
| backside eating nachos and watching the ending, so use them all you want.  |
| Every last Megalixir will come in handy, just skip the foreplay.  Yuna     |
| should Grand Summon Bahamut, or Anima, or whatever you best Aeon is.  This |
| Aeon should already be at Overdrive as well so that you can double up and  |
| really cause some pain.  Lulu needs to Doublecast Flare or your next most  |
| powerful spell, Tidus should be in charge of making sure everyone is under |
| the influence of Hastega, and Quick Hit the boss wherever possible.  Yuna  |
| should keep the party Protected and use other powerful white magic like    |
| Holy and Auto-Life if you've got it.  Basically throw everything you have  |
| at the boss, and before you know, the game has come to a close... almost.  |
|                                                                            |

The game is designed so you will not lose, just fight your way through the 
remaining battles and get ready to witness the end of your journey.

You beat the game.  Good job!  

Now sit back and enjoy the ending.


|                                 Sidequests                         (00010) |

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                Cavern of the Stolen Fayth               |
       (00011)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Talk to Cid and head to the Calm Lands.  Get 
|                              |  a Chocobo from the person just South of 
| Megalixir.............._____ |  where you appear and ride to the Northeast 
| Lv.2 Key Sphere........_____ |  exit.  Go across the bridge and down into 
| Fortune Sphere........._____ |  the valley, then save your game and enter 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  the cave to the West.  Follow the path 
| Mega-Potion............_____ |  wherever it goes until you come to a fork 
| Al Bhed Primer XXV....._____ |  just around the curve.  Take the right 
| X-Potion..............._____ |  (East) path.  Open the chest to receive 
| X-Potion..............._____ |  'Megalixir' then go back to the fork and 
| MP Sphere.............._____ |  head North.  There's a quick scene in 
| Flexible Arm..........._____ |  this room.  At the 4-way split head East and 
|                              |  get the chest containing a 'Lv.2 Key 
o------------------------------o  Sphere.'  Return to the fork and head West.
At the next 4-way split take the North branch.  At the end of this branch is a 
treasure chest containing 'Fortune Sphere.'  Return to the fork and take the 
West path.  One final 4-way split lies here before the end.  Go North to get 
two 'Mega-Potion' from the chest, West to find the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XXV' 
and East to reach the Save Sphere.  Enter the chamber beyond the hall.

| Boss: Yojimbo                |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Yojimbo is an extremely easy fight almost   |
| HP: 35,000    | AP: N/A      | matter what point in the game you come to   |
|---------------+--------------| this place.  His dog attacks you for some   |
| MP: N/A       | Gil: N/A     | minimal amounts of damage and Yojimbo       |
|---------------o--------------o himself will attack rarely, but only for    |
|                                slightly more damage than his pet.  You     |
| may encounter some problems if you allow his Overdrive bar to fill up      |
| however even just using normal attacks the whole fight it should barely    |
| reach half way. Just use attacks and Overdrives to take Yojimbo down easy. |
|                                                                            |

Step onto the panel and face to the East.  Press X and you will be teleported 
to a small room with two chests, one contains two 'X-Potion' and the other an 
'MP Sphere.'  To the West there is a single treasure chest with a 'Flexible 
Arm' inside.  Step back onto the panel and use it to warp yourself to the 
North.  Watch the scene here.  When you are asked what you want, select "To 
defeat the most powerful enemies."  Now he will give an asking price for his 
services.  If you pay him what he asks he will join you, if you offer half or 
less than what he asks he will turn you away, if you offer in thr middle he 
will bargain.  Just offer a little tiny bit more than half of what he asks, 
and increment that offer by one Gil the next time.  Whatever he asks at this 
point is probably as low as he will go, and usually stick around just over 
200,000 Gil.  Once Yojimbo is in your party, go back and step onto the warp 
panel.  Face South and press X to warp back to the entrance of the cave.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\               Zanarkand Cloister of Trials              |
       (00012)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Return to Zanarkand and run toward the dome 
|                              |  and into the temple.  There's a quick scene 
| Magistral Rod.........._____ |  before you enter then all the panels are 
|                              |  active again.  Step on the lower left, 
o------------------------------o  middle and upper right panels to activate 
                                  three white squares in the first room.  Head 
to the next room and step on the following panels:  From the upper right 
corner, go left two and down four.  From the upper right corner go left one 
and down eight.  From the upper left corner go right six and down four.  
Lastly from the bottom left corner go right two and up six.  Return to the 
first chamber and pick up the Destruction Sphere.  Return to the large room 
and set it into the slot to the right of the main screen where the Besaid 
Sphere was before.  In the opening is a treasure chest with 'Magistral Rod.'

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                       Baaj Temple                       |
       (00013)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  First things first make sure you are 
|                              |  adequately happy with the strength of Tidus, 
| Megalixir.............._____ |  Wakka and Rikku.  Now on your ship head out 
| Mega Phoenix..........._____ |  of the bridge and speak to Rin, buy 99 Softs 
| Mega Phoenix..........._____ |  and then make sure Tidus, Wakka and Rikku 
| Mega Phoenix..........._____ |  have customizable armour.  Customize the 
| Mega Phoenix..........._____ |  Stone Ward ability onto all of their armours 
|                              |  because you'll need it.  Now go talk to Cid.  
o------------------------------o  Select the "Search" option and you'll have 
                                  free movement of a cursor on the world map.  
You can see o nthe left side X and Y coordinates.  Position your cursor at 
approximately (12,57) which is of course (X,Y).  It doesn't have to be exact 
but when you press X you will find the Baaj Temple.  Select it from your list.

This place should look familiar, it's where you started the game.  Run North 
to the end of the path and jump off into the water.  Start swimming Northeast 
for a scene and to trigger a battle with a very familiar face...

| Boss: Geosgaeno              |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| I assume you took my advice and put Stone   |
| HP: 32,767    | AP: N/A      | Ward on all your equipment because you're   |
|---------------+--------------| going to need it.  Rikku and Wakka's        |
| MP: 128       | Gil: N/A     | Overdrives are useful here but not much     |
|---------------o--------------o else, though the fight is extremely easy if |
|                                you meet one condition.  You have to have   |
| learned Tidus' Quick Hit skill, and by this point in the game you most     |
| likely have it already.  At the start of the fight caste Haste on Tidus,   |
| not Hastega unless your other characters are really good at attacking.     |
| Use Quick Hit every single turn while under the influence of Haste and     |
| you can likely attack up to five or six times in a row.  The really        |
| annoying part is when the boss decides to suck Tidus into his stomach      |
| giving him all the helpful spells Tidus had on him like Haste and such.    |
| At this point you'll really need to speed up your attacks, have your       |
| other characters ready with Ethers and Elixirs since Quick Hit can drain   |
| you MP very quickly and finish him off with an Overdrive or something.     |
|                                                                            |

Swim underwater toward the green dot on your map and go through the door.  
Climb up the rock and head through the double doors.  At the lower right hand 
corner of this statue room is a chest containing 'Megalixir.'  At the lower 
left hand corner is one containing four 'Mega Phoenix.'  Examine the six 
statues then enter the Chamber of the Fayth to the North.  Watch the scene 
here to get the Anima Aeon for Yuna, the one Seymour always used.

Note: In order to unlock all of the statue seals you must have received the 
treasure using the Destruction Sphere from each Cloister of Trials.  This 
include the Zanarkand one which is outlined in the section above this one.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                       Remiem Temple                     |
       (00014)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Head to the Calm Lands and net yourself a 
|                              |  Chocobo.  Run to the Southwest area and head 
| Al Bhed Primer XXIV...._____ |  up the entrance path to the East.  At the 
| Cloudy Mirror.........._____ |  East edge you will find a Chocobo Feather on 
| Aeon's Soul............_____ |  the ground, examine it while riding a 
| Flower Scepter........._____ |  Chocobo to jump down.  Now take the path 
| Blossom Crown.........._____ |  East to the Remiem Temple.  Go across the 
|                              |  huge bridge and save your game in front of 
o------------------------------o  the temple.  Now run down the West path and 
                                  examine the sphere.  Pick up the 'Al Bhed 
Primer Vol, XXIV' just above it then run to the other side.  There is a 
Chocobo standing here, examine it and prepare to ride.  Now you need to race 
down to the very bottom, it's not that hard at all and just a matter of 
practice, though there's no reason you can't do it on your first try.  Check 
out some of the treasure chests to get a bump down to lower paths on your way, 
and basically just run in smaller and smaller circles until you reach the 
bottom.  For winning you get the 'Cloudy Mirror' as your prize.  

Return to the Save Sphere and save your game, then head into the temple.  
Belgemine is here, she challenges you to a battle and will fight all her Aeons 
one by one.  For winning the first battle you receive 'Aeon's Soul' which 
allows you to increase your Aeon's attributes.  Make sure you have everyone 
Aeon you can get up to this point including both Yojimbo and Anima.  For 
defeating all of Begemine's Aeon's you receive the 'Flower Scepter.'  This is 
one of the two items you will need to get the most powerful Aeon in the game.  
The other is the 'Blossom Crown.'  To get this you need to visit the battle 
arena owner in the Calm Lands and buy some of his capture weapons.  Take these 
and capture every single enemy in the Mt. Gagazet area including all the ones 
found in the cave at the top.  Once you do this the arena owner gives you the 
Blossom Crown.  Return to the Remiem Temple and use these two special items 
and open the way to the most power Aeon(s), the Magus Sisters.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                     Airship Treasures                   |
       (00015)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Enter the password GODHAND into the input 
|                              |  screen.  Now select Mushroom Rock from your 
| Godhand................_____ |  list of destinations.  Head North and you 
| Victorious............._____ |  will find a chest containing 'Godhand,' 
| Murasame..............._____ |  Rikku's ultimate weapon.  Return to the 
| Ascalon................_____ |  airship and enter the password VICTORIOUS.  
| Phantom Bangle........._____ |  Now you can select the Besaid Ruins 1 from 
| Dragoon Lance.........._____ |  the list.  Run around the object and open 
| Sonar.................._____ |  the chest to receive the 'Victorious.'  
|                              |  Return to the airship and put in the final 
o------------------------------o  password, MURASAME.  Now go to the Besaid 
                                  Ruins 2.  Open the chest here to receive 
Auron's 'Murasame' and that's it for passwords, but there's more.

This time select the search option on your airship.  Examine the area that is 
around (X,Y) coordinates (13,42) approximately.  This will unlock the Sanubia 
Sands.  Head there now and open the treasure chest to receive 'Ascalon.'  
Search for the area at around (40,58) to open up the Battle Site.  Here you 
will find the 'Phantom Bangle' in a chest.  Still not done yet.  The next 
place to check is (31,73) to find Besaid Falls.  You start right in front of a 
chest with 'Dragoon Lance' inside.  The final treasure is located at about 
(34,58), it's the Mi'ihen Ruins.  Go there and get the 'Sonar' from a chest 
that is virtually invisible, just check the left side a lot.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        Omega Ruins                      |
       (00016)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Speak to Cid on the bridge of your Airship 
|                              |  and select the search option.  Point your 
| Al Bhed Primer XXVI...._____ |  cursor to approximately (X,Y) coordinates 
| Friend Sphere.........._____ |  (70,39) on that little patch of ice to 
|                              |  discover the Omega Ruins.  This is the 
o------------------------------o  hardest dungeon in the game so don't tackle 
                                  it until you think you are fully prepared.  
As long as you do feel prepared however, choose your list and head to the 
Omega Ruins.  There's a save point right behind you, get used to it because 
you'll likely be using it a lot.  Go forward to the fork and head own the East 
path, at the end you will find two chests with random items (or non-random, if 
you'd like a much more in-depth view of this nothing, check out the Omega 
Ruins FAQ by thgink999 at GameFAQs.)  Anyway do whatever you need to do and 
return to the entrance, then take the West path.  There are three chests at 
the end.  Follow the path Northeast from these chests.  Make a left at the 
next fork to find three more chests, then return to the fork and head right.  
At this point I'd like to take a minute to note that if you're having trouble 
on the Malboro type enemies here who use Bad Breath every time you get into a 
fight, I recommend buying 60 Remedies and customizing the Auto Med ability 
onto the armour of each of your party members.

Down the slope is a more open area with four chests in a circular pattern.  
Just above them is the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XXVI.'  Run Northwest and down the 
slope to the West to find a glyph at the bottom, touch it to make it glow.  
Now head back up and go South to where the four chests were, continue South 
and at the top of the ramp on your left you will see a glyph in a stone panel, 
you may have noticed it on your way by before.  Now that the other glyph is 
active you can touch this one to fork a path leading South to a single treasre 
chest.  Now return to the area with four chests.  Take the Northeast path and 
step onto the platform which will bring you up.  Further down the hall is...

| Boss: Ultima Weapon          |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| It's difficult to give strategies for this  |
| HP: 75,000    | AP: 40,000   | boss simply because people came to this     |
|---------------+--------------| area at dramatically different levels.      |
| MP: 1         | Gil: 20,000  | Personally I levelled up at the entrance    |
|---------------o--------------o for a little over an hour and ended up      |
|                                completely annihilating this boss.  The     |
| trick was equipping the Ascalon on Tidus for double AP, and then once      |
| he completed his area of the Sphere Grid which didn't take long at all,    |
| I used a Teleport Sphere to send him over to the end of Auron's section.   |
| Near the end of Auron's section are so many Strength +4 Spheres that       |
| combined with the ones he had Tidus was delaing 9999 damage per hit in no  |
| time.  Giving him Haste and using the Quick Hit skill on Ultima Weapon     |
| was enough to take out half the boss' HP before anyone else even got a     |
| turn.  Ultima Weapon has some pretty powerful attacks, but since you're    |
| approaching the two hardest bosses in the game you can feel free to use    |
| those Mega-Potion, Mega Phoenix, and Megalixir items you've hopefully been |
| stocking.  Lulu's Flare being Doublecasted is also a quick route to        |
| victory as well, just make sure you save some items for the upcoming       |
| Two things you may want to do, the first is steal from the boss to get     |
| some Door to Tomorrow items, and the second is bribe the boss.  Bribing    |
| Ultima weapon is the easiest way to take on this fight, it costs a steep   |
| 1,400,000 Gil but nets you 99 Pendulums.  Well worth it.                   |
|                                                                            |

Step onto the warp panel to be brought to a new area.  In this area there will 
be a scripted fight each time you step onto a new platform.  Run down two of 
them to the West and open the chest to receive 'Friend Sphere.'  Now go back 
to the entrance and take the Northeast path.  Follow it all the way down to 
the very end, prepare before taking the upward slope to the coloured smoke.

| Boss: Omega Weapon           |                                             |
|---------------o--------------| Omega Weapon may not be the hardest boss if |
| HP: 99,999    | AP: 50,000   | you take into account all those original    |
|---------------+--------------| creations at the battle arena, but he's by  |
| MP: 1         | Gil: 30,000  | no means a pushover.  I'll tell you now     |
|---------------o--------------o that after that same hour - hour and a half |
|                                of leveling Omega Weapon was really no more |
| difficult than Ultima.  In fact Omega Weapon reacts very similarly to      |
| Ultima, most of his attacks do about the same amount of damage plus 1000,  |
| and he's just got Ultima's HP plus 30,000 or so, and that might sound like |
| a huge difference, but if you have the ability to deal 9999 with Flare,    |
| Overdrives or even just normal attacks it's only three turns right?  Maybe |
| you're even got the ultimate weapons which can break the 9999 barrier, but |
| then you don't even need a strategy that's for sure.  For the lower        |
| leveled you may want to resort to Aeons here, pump up their stats with the |
| Aeon's Soul customization and come into battle with their Overdrives set   |
| and Yuna ready for a Grand Summon.  Tidus' Slice and Dice is a great way   |
| to have him deal more than 9999 in a single turn, but the easiest setup    |
| still remains to caste Hastega and use Quick Hit with both Tidus and       |
| Auron.  If Auron doesn't have quick hit give it to him by using one of the |
| Skill Spheres.  Go nuts with your items, if you party gets hit with a      |
| particularly devastating attack, don't hesitate to use Megalixirs and      |
| other crazy stuff like that.  This is Omega Weapon, he must be defeated!   |
| One final note, be sure to take the time to swap Kimahri into your party,  |
| by using Lancet he can learn his final Ronso Rage, Nova.                   |
|                                                                            |

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                      Auron's Spheres                    |
       (00017)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

| Name            | Location                                                 |
| Jecht's Sphere  | Automatically obtained after defeating Spherimorph       |
| Jecht's Sphere  | Beside the Temple of Besaid                              |
| Jecht's Sphere  | On the main bridge of the S.S. Liki                      |
| Jecht's Sphere  | Outside the Aurochs changeroom                           |
| Jecht's Sphere  | Southeast of the Mi-ihen Mushroom Rock checkpoint        |
| Jecht's Sphere  | Close to save point, beside tent in Moonflow area        |
| Jecht's Sphere  | Eastern side of the Southern Thunder Plains map          |
| Jecht's Sphere  | Down East path from Macalania Woods entrance             |
| Auron's Sphere  | South of huge elevator on Mushroom Rock Road             |
| Braska's Sphere | Down the thin Northwest path on Mt. Gagazet              |

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                       Final Weapons                     |
       (00018)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  There's a bit of a precursor to getting the 
|                              |  final weapons, rather than just going around 
| Celestial Mirror......._____ |  and picking them up you have to do some 
| Caladbolg.............._____ |  separate tasks first because even once you 
| Sun Crest.............._____ |  do get the ultimate weapons, they aren't 
| Sun Sigil.............._____ |  exactly "ultimate" until you power them up.  
| World Champion........._____ |  To power them up you will need an item 
| Jupiter Crest.........._____ |  called the Celestial Mirror.  Even before 
| Jupiter Sigil.........._____ |  you get the Celestial Mirror you will need 
| Onion Knight..........._____ |  to have the Cloudy Mirror, getting that is 
| Venus Crest............_____ |  easy and is outlined in the section for 
| Venus Sigil............_____ |  Remiem Temple above.  With the Cloudy Mirror 
| Nirvana................_____ |  in hand make your way to the Macalania 
| Moon Crest............._____ |  Woods.  Head to the Save Sphere near the 
| Moon Sigil............._____ |  lake, the path leading Southeast out of this 
| Masamune..............._____ |  area will take you to a magic walkway back 
| Mars Crest............._____ |  to the entrance.  When you approach the main 
| Mars Sigil............._____ |  path up into the trees you will see a woman 
| Spirit Lance..........._____ |  and child standing there.  Speak to both of 
| Saturn Crest..........._____ |  them to learn the husband/father has gone 
| Saturn Sigil..........._____ |  missing.  Head two maps to the East and then 
| Godhand................_____ |  go North at the 4-way split.  Speak to the 
| Mercury Crest.........._____ |  man in yellow on the right and he'll say 
| Mercury Sigil.........._____ |  he's supposed to meet his family.  Tell him 
|                              |  they're waiting.  Now return to the family 
o------------------------------o  only to find the boy is lost.  Head up the 
                                  sparkling magic path and go North at the 
fork.  Speak to the little boy here.  When you are prompted to use the Cloudy 
Mirror, do it and you obtain the 'Celestial Mirror.'  Now you're all set.

Every time you get an ultimate weapon it will always have one sole ability, 
the No AP ability making it impossible for you go obtain AP.  These weapons 
are useless until powered up.  To power up each weapon you must first obtain 
the weapon, and then the Crest and Sigil that go with it.  You may already 
have a number of crests in your inventory that you picked up during the game, 
the Sigils are far harder to obtain however.  Once you have the weapon, crest 
and sigil for a particular character, return here to power up the weapon.

Tidus (Weapon) - To get Tidus' ultimate weapon you must first do the Chocobo 
Training sidequest with in the Calm Lands.  When you reach the fourth race you 
must beat the trainer in order to continue.  Once this task is complete ride a 
Chocobo to the Northwest area of the Calm Lands, you can probably see where to 
go on your minimap, it's right up at the top.  There's an area being guarded 
but you will be allowed to pass, at the bottom of the slope is Tidu's ultimate 
weapon the 'Caladbolg.'  Now to get the Sun Crest and the Sun Sigil.

Tidus (Crest/Sigil) - If you have following the walkthrough you will already 
have the 'Sun Crest' but if not, it can be found in a treasure chest on the 
platform where you fought Yunalesca down in the depths of the Zanarkand 
Temple.  The 'Sun Sigil' is a completely different story.  Now you don't just 
have to beat the Chocobo Trainer at the fourth level in the Calm Lands, you 
have to land a total time of 0.00.  This may sound impossible but you quickly 
realize that it is not when you take into consideration how much each balloon 
lowers your total time.  If you collect enough balloons and avoid enough of 
the birds you will end up with a total time of 0.00.  Now this is by no means 
easy, in fact it is extremely hard, but remember despite the thrown 
controllers and inevitable curse words, others have done it and you can too.

Wakka (Weapon) - To get Wakka's ultimate weapon the World Champion, you need 
to start playing Blitzball.  I believe that you must play (and win) a total of 
five games of Blitzball before you can fufill the conditions for this weapon.  
Once you have the five victories under your belt return to the bar in Luca 
where Yuna was kidnapped during the main game and speak to the bartender.  If 
all goes as planned you will receive Wakka's weapon, the 'World Champion.'  

Wakka (Crest/Sigil) - The crest is quite easy to find, go back to Luca and 
return to the Aurochs locker room.  You can find the 'Jupiter Crest' on the 
right hand side.  The first prerequisite for getting the sigil is having all 
of Wakka's Overdrives unlocked, so this means you have to start playing 
Blitzball tournaments until you get them all.  Once all Wakka's Overdrives are 
under your belt the 'Jupitier Sigil' will randomly become a tournament prize.

Lulu (Weapon) - This isn't much of a pain to get, after completing the Baaj 
Temple sidequest return to the central area of water where you fought 
Geosgaeno and check underwater for the chest and open it with the Celestial 
Mirror.  The exact location of it is hidden (keep pressing X while combing the 
ground) and it's located if you want an exact location according to your 
minimap at the South-South-West side.  The chest contains the 'Onion Knight.'  

Lulu (Crest/Sigil) - In its simplicity you will find the cursed diffuculty of 
obtaining this sigil.  The idea sounds easy enough, but in practice it will 
test your sanity.  You have to head to the Thunder Plains and dodge 200 (two 
hundred!) lightning bolts in a row.  You will find your eyes going red quickly 
after just a few minutes of this, take regular breaks.  You are free to pause 
the game but you are not free to exit the area or save the game, this must be 
done entirely in one run.  It certainly helps you have a piece of equipment 
with the No Encounters ability on but it still remains extremely difficult.  
It's also difficult thinking you dodged 200 when you were actually just off by 
a couple, so always aim to overestimate.  If you do manage to complete this 
arduous task the 'Venus Sigil' can be found in a chest by the travel agency.

Yuna (Weapon) - You may have noticed that the first time you spoke to the man 
in the Calm Lands he was quite adamant about you capturing all nine of the 
Calm Lands fiends, well do so and he gives you Yuna's weapon, the 'Nirvana.'

Yuna (Crest/Sigil) - Again if you followed the guide, this is already in your 
inventory.  It can be found within the first half hour of the game, hidden in 
a small beach area on the East side of the beach in Besaid.  You needto swim 
through the water to reach the chest which contains 'Moon Crest.'  To get the 
sigil simply defeat all of Begemine's Aeons at the Remiem Temple up to and 
including the Magus Sisters to receive the 'Moon Sigil.'

Auron (Weapon) - First of all you need to have the Rusty Sword in your 
inventory before you can do anything.  If you used the walkthrough check your 
inventory because you probably already have it, if not then simply head to the 
Northeast area of the Calm Lands with the bridges where you fought the 
Defender X.  Run down into the valley and head down the East path, you will 
find the Rusty Sword in the ground between two rock pillars.  Now head to the 
entrance of Mushroom Rock Road.  Go Northeast at the first fork, the first 
time you came here you were unable to take this path.  If you go North at the 
next chance there's a panel to ride to the top, examine the statue of Lord 
Mi'ihen and use the Rusty Sword.  Now examine the glyph to get the 'Masamune.'

Auron (Crest/Sigil) - Head to the entrance of Mushroom Rock Road but go back a 
bit so that you're at the checkpoint between it and the Mi'ihen Highroad.  
Take the Southeast path and follow it all the way to the very end to find a 
chest with the 'Mars Crest' inside.  The sigil is obtained by capturing ten 
different enemies in ten different areas and returning to the arena owner at 
the Calm Lands.  He will reward you with the 'Mars Sigil.'

Kimahri (Weapon) - Kimahri's best weapon is obtained by praying to the green 
glowing Qactuar stones in the Thunder Plains.  Wait until they glow green and 
then press the square button in front of them.  Do this for three different 
stones and then return to the Southern section.  There is a broken tower on 
the right, examine it with square to get Kimahri's 'Spirit Lance.'  

Kimahri (Crest/Sigil) - The crest is located inside a treasure chest between 
the pillars near where you fought Seymour at the top of Mt. Gagazet.  It's 
just past the third pillar on your left side, in the chest is the 'Saturn 
Crest.'  Now you may remember from awhile ago that there is a stupid little 
minigame in Macalania Woods where you have to catch all the blue butterflies.  
Well in order to get the sigil you must successfully complete both of the 
butterfly catching games.  After completing the second open the chest while 
still in the area to obtain Kimahri's 'Saturn Sigil.'

Rikku (Weapon) - Quite simple, just go onto the airship and select the 
"Input" option from the command list.  Put in the password GODHAND in all 
capitols to unlock a secret area of Mushroom Rock Road with the 'Godhand.'

Rikku (Crest/Sigil) - You may have this already, it was the chest at the 
bottom of the Western whirlsand in Sanubia Desert in the area where all the 
whirlsands are.  The chest contains 'Mercury Crest.'  To get the 'Mercury 
Sigil' you must do the Cactuar Village sidequest (see sidequests section.)

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                      Everything Else                    |
       (00019)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

As you may be already be aware, the fun and exploration of Final Fantasy X 
doesn't end where this sidequest section does.  If you haven't already touched 
on them yourself there are still numerous places of interest including the 
Chocobo Training in the Calm Lands, the Battle Arena in the Calm Lands, the 
Butterfly Cather in Macalania Woods, the Cactuar Village on Bikanel Island and 
the (admittedly detestable) entire sport of Blitzball.  Unfortunately these 
extras are beyond the scope of this guide whose intent was only to provide a 
sound walkthrough and plot summary, but I highly recommend heading over to the 
Final Fanasy X section of www.GameFAQs.com where every last detail of this 
game can be explored through the countless specialized "In-Depth" FAQs for 
each of the individual quests.  You'll probably learn much more than just the 
few examples I cited here, and I have no problem referring readers elsewhere 
because when it comes to all this stuff, you won't find a better source.

|                                Plot Summary                        (00090) |

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                         Zanarkand                       |
       (00091)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

The game begins with a young man by the name of Tidus.  Tidus is an aspiring 
Blitzball player and has already achieved a good measure of fame as can be 
seen from everyone who wants his autograph from the start.  Tonight is a big 
game for him, and judging by the crowd it's a big game for everyone.  It's the 
Jecht Memorial Cup, ten years after his disappearance.  Jecht was quite 
possibly the best Blitzball player who ever lived, but he mysteriously 
vanished ten years ago.  Tidus is the son of Jecht, living in his shadow and 
hoping to someday live up to the expectations everyone has for him because of 
his father.  From the announcer's conversation of the loudspeaker we can see 
that Jecht was not just an entertainment figure, but he represented much more 
to some people and that's why the memorial cup is still being held.

Soon enough the game begins.  Blitzball is a game played entirely underwater, 
the players are trained rigorously to hold their breath for long periods of 
time in order to play the sport.  There is a triangular net on each of of the 
hydro-sphere where the ball is shot to try and get past the goalkeeper to 
score points.  Similar to soccer except with a lot more hand contact and of 
course... underwater.  Briefly we see an ominous man in red standing calmly as 
a tidal wave approaches, Tidus lines up a backflip kick shot suddenly he spies 
something in the background.  Before he can make heads or tails of it 
explosions are going off and panic ensues quickly.  His grip on a stone 
structure quickly fails and he falls to the ground below, presumably saved by 
the cushioning of the water.

Waking up Tidus meets this ominous figure who he recognizes as someone named 
Auron, however their relationship is not clear at this point.  Auron says that 
he was waiting for Tidus and they quickly head on their way.  Suddenly in the 
sky a large entity appears, Auron identifies it as Sin.  It dispatches a 
smaller pods which lets loose even more pods and the large metropolis which 
already lies in ruins is overrun by monsters.  Tidus and Auron make their way 
past these monsters, Tidus equipped with a new sword given to him my Auron.  
Soon enough they find their path blocked by a large offspring of the monster 
known as Sinspawn.  Defeating it leads to an attack by an uncountable number 
of the little creatures.  That's when Auron gets the idea to knock over a 
building onto them, crazy.  As Tidus tries to keep escaping he finds himself 
once again hanging on for dear life.  Auron looks up and speaks as if he is 
able to communicate with the monster, and ten grabs Tidus saying only "This is 
your story" before being sucked into the void.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                           Ruins                         |
       (00092)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Tidus wakes up in limbo, swimming through the air he descends down to see a 
young boy who seems rather familiar.  When he truly wakes up he finds himself 
afrift among some broken ruins, however they are not the ruins of his town.  
He makes his way toward the structure to the North but is ambushed by a large 
aquatic monster known as the Geosgaeno.  The temple itself is freezing, Tidus 
quickly gathers the materials for a fire only to find he is not alone in the 
temple.  Before he knows it Tidus is fighting for his life against a monster 
who might just get the upper hand.  That's when the wall caves and a number of 
oddly dressed people burst into the room.  Without saying a word, a mysterious 
girl dressed in a body suit joins Tidus and with her help the monster is 
quickly defeated.  The celebration won't last long, the people who helped 
Tidus quickly decide to capture him, but their motive is unknown because they 
speak an entirely different language.

Tidus wakes up on a mid-sized ocean vessel with the same people who kidnapped 
him.  He realizes the girl who he fought with speaks fluent English, and he is 
able to communicate with her help.  Basically she tells him that in order to 
remain aboard (or alive) he's going to have to work.  She tells Tidus that 
there's some underwater ruins and she wants his help to salvage them.  His 
days as a Blitzball player make him the perfect candidate for the underwater 
expidition.  So he and the girl head down and find some kind of activation 
panel in the ruins, but when they leave they realize they're not alone and 
have to fend off an attack from a giant squid monster.

Back on the ship Tidus is disappointed as he is left out to sit alone on the 
deck.  Just when hunger sets in the girl reappears to help him out, she sayd 
her name is Rikku and she is one of the Al Bhed.  When Tidus says he comes 
from Zanarkand she is a more than a little shocked.  Zanarkand was indeed 
destroyed by Sin, but it happened over 1000 years ago.  When Tidus is trying 
to wrestle with his denail of this fact Rikku tries to explain that often 
neuroticism is a result of Sins toxins and Tidus may be siffering from a loss 
of memory.  This idea of course seems rediculous to him but he keeps quiet.  
Since he mentioned he was the star player of the Zanarkand Abes, she says that 
Luca is a town renowned for its Blitzball players and promises to take him 
there.  Her one condition is that he not reveal that he is from Zanarkand as 
some group called Yevon identifies it as a holy place.  Before Tidus has a 
chance to absorb everything he's heard suddenly there is a disturbance in the 
water and a huge creature is lurking around.  The Al Bhed cry out that Sin is 
attacking and before anyone can act Tidus is thrown from the boat.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                          Besaid                         |
       (00093)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Tidus wakes up once again, but this time floating in the water near the 
beaches of what appears to be an island paradise.  It's long long before he's 
knocked to his senses by a Blitzball.  Showing off his superior kicking 
ability he is able to impress everyone nearby, who turn out to be a practicing 
Blitzball team called the Besaid Aurochs.  Tidus meets a man named Wakka who 
introduces himself as the captain of the team, and is extremely impressed by 
Tidus' manoeuvre.  As they decide to return to the nearby village Tidus asks 
for confirmation that Zanarkand really was destroyed 1000 years ago and Wakka 
gives it to him.  He says that Sin appeared as punishment for letting things 
get out of hand, that people 1000 years ago lived their lives while the 
machines called "Machina" did all the work.  Sin put an end to that, but Wakka 
feels angry that they must suffer because of the mistakes of the past.  He 
accepts however that Sin is their punishment.  Tidus realizes that he and 
Rikku couldn't both know the same thing... unless it was true.

As Tidus and Wakka approach the village, Wakka explains about his past.  How 
he became a Blitzball player at age thirteen and retured ten years later, 
never winning a single game.  There's a special tournament coming up and he's 
come out of returement to train for it.  Wakka convinces Tidus to play for 
him, reasoning that someone might recognize him at the tournament.  Wakka 
alludes to losing the last tournament because something was on his mind, but 
Tidus brushes this off as a joke.  He'll learn later what the true reason was.

Arriving at the village the extent of Tidus' "memory loss" becomes apparent to 
Wakka when he realizes Tidus can't even remember the sacred prayer.  He 
teaches it to Tidus who learns fast, because unknown to Wakka the prayer was 
actually the Blitzball sign for victory back where Tidus came from.  With this 
prayer in mind Tidus ventures alone to the village temple where he learns 
about the high summoners.  Tidus makes the mistake of asking what a high 
summoner is, but blames his mistake on Sin's toxin quickly before he causes 
any suspicion.  The temple head explains that high summoners are practitioners 
of the sacred art, and sworn to protect the people of Yevon.  They call forth 
the great power of beings known as Aeons.  Tidus decides to return to Wakka's 
place and get some well needed rest.

During the night he has a dream, or a flashback.  He is standing in a city 
with what appears to be his mother.  They have just been informed that someone 
is missing, this is Tidus' father Jecht.  This is where we first become aware 
that despite following in his footsteps Tidus harbored a deep hatred for his 
father.  The reasons for this are still unknown as Tidus awakens.  Making his 
way to the temple he learns that the apprentice summoner is taking quite a 
long time to complete the trials of the temple.  Without any respect for the 
rules of the temple, he proclaims that he doesn't care about their practices 
and is going to find out if the summoner's party is alright and with that he 
enters the Cloister of Trials.

Before he enters he learns that Wakka too is a guardian.  Beyond there is the 
Chamber of the Fayth where the guardians of the summoner are waiting.  The 
summoner finally emerges to his surprise, back in the main part of the temple 
he mentions that he thought all summoners were old fogies, and this summoner 
is just a young woman.  Outside Tidus finds himself witness to the summoner's 
demonstration where she shows the power that she has acquired by calling a 
large being from the sky called Valefor.  Tidus is amazed when he sees this.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                 Besaid Cloister of Trials               |
       (00094)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

That night after a quick pep talk with the Besaid Aurochs, Tidus goes over to 
introduce himself to the summoner despite warnings of the villagers, they 
don't trust him because he went against the temple and ran into the trials.  
She introduces herself as Yuna, and seems to already be familiar with him.  
Yuna mentions that they will be taking the same boat, and that perhaps he can 
tell her more about his Zanarkand.  It seems she knows quite a lot about him.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                          Besaid                         |
       (00095)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

During his sleep Tidus falls into a dream where he and Yuna are standing on 
the dock.  She tells him she would like to go with him to Zanarkand, but then 
Rikku appears and says that he was going to bring her!  In the middle of all 
this suddenly Tidus is interrupted by his father Jecht, still in the dream.  
Jecht is demeaning him, telling him he couldn't catch a ball let alone a 
woman.  He screams "I hate you!" loud enough to wake himself up.  As he walks 
toward the front of the tent Tidus spies Lulu and Wakka outside talking.  They 
mention that he (meaning Tidus) bears resemblance to someone named Chappu.  
Lulu is angry that Wakka brought Tidus to the village and along on the trip.  
When Wakka returns Tidus asks about Chappu and learns that he is in fact 
Wakka's younger brother who was killed while fighting Sin alongside the 
crusaders.  This is the reason he was distracted during the final Blitzball 
game as both events occurred in close proximity.  He says that he became a 
guardian to help get revenge for his brother, but he finds himself 
concentrating more on Blitzball, which will change after this final game.

In the morning everyone gathers together and leaves the village.  As they 
approach the top of the hill Yuna looks back at the village.  Tidus is 
impatient but Wakka mentions they must give her time to look down upon the 
village, Tidus seems very confused by this.  Before leaving though, Wakka 
wishes to pray to the holy statue.  This statue is supposed to grant a safe 
journey to those who pray, however he mentions that Chappu failed to pray 
before going to fight Sin as he was afraid of missing his boat.  They make 
their way to the beach and a long goodbye with all the villagers ensues as 
Yuna steps onto the boat and waves as they sail into the distance.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        S.S. Liki                        |
       (00096)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

As the boat sails across the sea Tidus spends most of his time bounding around 
making an idiot of himself.  He wants to talk to Yuna but so many people are 
gathered around her that he never gets the chance.  He overhears two people 
talking about how she has noble blood, that she's the daughter of someone 
called High Summoner Braska.  Wakka confirms this saying that Braska was the 
summoner who defeated Sin ten years ago and brought something called the Calm, 
a time when Sin does not exist and everyone lives in peace.

When Yuna finally finds herself alone Tidus approachers her and they begin to 
talk.  Yuna teels him that she believes him about being a Blitzball player 
from Zanarkand, because another man told her all about the great wonderous 
Blitzball dome in Zanarkand, that man was named Jecht.  Tidus is perplexed but 
exaplains it must be a different person because his father died out at sea ten 
years ago, which is when Yuna tells him ten years ago was when Jecht appeared.  
Suddenly before anything sinks in the boat is attacked by Sin!  The crewman on 
board fire harpoons at it to distract it from attacking their home village of 
Kilika.  A great battle bings and Tidus is knocked overboard, Wakka chases 
after him and saves him from the water but unfortunately Sin cannot be stoped 
and proceed to wipe out the entire port of Kilika with a tidal wave.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                         Kilika                          |
       (00097)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

When they arrive Yuna steps off the boat and offers her help to the survivors.  
She says she is willing to "send" the dead to the relief of the villagers who 
were worried that the dead would become fiends.  Lulu explains that those who 
die have grief over their death and this grief eventually leads to anger and 
evy over the living.  This anger manifests itself and they become fiends, 
however if a summoner performs the ritual the spirits are sent to a place 
called the Farplane to rest in peace.  The next day Tidus meets up with Wakka 
to learn what they're going to do next.  When Wakka mentions Blitzball Tidus 
asks if that's really an appropriate subject after such a tragic event, but 
Wakka says that now more than ever Blitzball is important.  It serves 
entertain and bring happiness to all the people who live on, to serve as a 
distraction from Sin.  He also mentions that a high summoner named Ohalland 
was a Blitzball player and trained in the Kilika Temple.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                      Kilika Woods                       |
       (00098)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

The group makes their way to the temple.  In the forest Yuna expresses her 
interest in having Tidus become a full fledged guardian.  The keep the idea on 
hold for now until their business is finished in the temple.  When they come 
to a large set of stairs Wakka takes the time to ask if there are any fiends 
in Zanarkand indicating that he may finally believe Tidus.  He explains that 
maybe Sin doesn't really kill people but instead take them through time.  Lulu 
tells him that despite his theory there is nothing he can do, his little 
brother Chappu is gone.  As they approach the temple they are attacked by a 
large Sinspawn.  Defeating it gives Tidus his first real taste of what it's 
like to be a real guardian.  Wakka makes a comment that he really has a talent 
for fighting and that's when he first starts to seriously consider the idea of 
becoming a guardian.  When Tidus asks Lulu what Sinspawn really are, she 
explains to him that they come from Sin's body and if they aren't destoryed, 
eventually Sin will return to collect them.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                 Kilika Cloister of Trials               |
       (00099)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

In front of the temple they have their first encounter with the members of the 
Luca Goers.  The Luca Goers are the star Blitzball team of the famous city, 
and they take every opportunity to undermine Wakka and his team.  Inside the 
temple they meet up with another summoner named Dona, she has a cold tone of 
voice and a very unpleasant attitude.  She tells Yuna that it's quality over 
quantity and that she has far too many guardians, even her father Lord Braska 
only needed two.  Yuna explains that she only has as many guardians as people 
she can trust, and she trusts them all with her life.  The group decides to 
enter the Cloister of trials so that Yuna can pray at the bottom, but since 
Tidus is not officially a guardian he must remain outside.  Dona and her 
guardian Barthello have other plans however and force Tidus into the trial.

Tidus explains to Wakka and Lulu what happened, but they are still concerned 
that Yuna is the one who would suffer the consequences.  When Tidus asks what 
goes on beyond the door where Yuna is, Lulu explains that inside is where the 
Fayth are gathered.  The Fayth have given their lives to battle Sin and Yevon 
took their souls so that they could become the Aeons that Yuna collects to 
assist in her battle against Sin.  In the background a hymn can be heard, 
Tidus recognizes the tune as something from his childhood and realizes that 
there must be more of a connection between his world and Spira than he 
originally thought.  When leaving the temple he realizes he hasn't begun to 
forget Zanarkand at all, on the contrary, he is thinking about it more and 
more and the memories are very powerful ones.  They leave and embark for Luca.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        S.S. Winno                       |
       (0009A)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

On the ship Tidus meets up with the Luca Goers again who haven't stopped their 
constant insults for the Aurochs.  When Yuna tells them that Tidus was the 
star player for the Zanarkand Abes they laugh even harder.  Tidus tries to 
blame it on Sin's toxin but quickly realizes he just can't anymore.  Tidus 
overhears a conversation between Wakka and Lulu trying to determine what will 
happen if Tidus doesn't find anyone in Luca.  Lulu knows that Yuna wants him 
to become a guardian and blames Wakka for this.  When Tidus walks away he 
finds a lone Blitzball on the ground and has a flashback of his father.  Tidus 
was young and trying to practice Blitzball, and not doing a very good job.  
Jecht comes over and shows off his incredible Jecht Shot saying not to feel 
bad because no one can do it, because he's the best.

This memory haunts Tidus even to this day.  Tidus manages to perform the Jecht 
shot successfully and give himself a huge boost of confidence.  When Wakka 
asks what he just did Tidus tells him it doesn't have a name and that anyone 
can do it.  Yuna however recognizes it as the "Sublimely Magnificent Jecht 
Shot Mark III" and tells him he used to show it off all the time.  When asked 
what he would do if he finds his father, Tidus only replies that he would 
smack him for everything that he and his mother went through.  He thinks to 
himself that Jecht never liked to watch Blitzball and there was little chance 
of finding him in Luca, but he still had the feeling something bad was coming.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                           Luca                          |
       (0009B)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Arriving at Luca the loudspeaker comes on and starts to introduce the teams.  
The Luca Goers get a warm welcomes while the Besaid Aurochs are barely 
welcomed at all.  Tidus decides to get the tema some attention but screaming 
taunts at the Luca Goers though a conveniently places megaphone.  They 
announce that Maester Mika has arrived.  Maester is the leader of Spira and is 
here celebrating his 50th year as Maester.  When he gets off the boat someone 
is with him, this man is introduced as Maester Seymour who has been ordained 
to be Maester of Yevon.  He is of another people, the Guado and is son of 
Jyscal Guado, a very respected man.  He promises to improve relations with the 
Guado as his father did.  He gives Yuna an odd stare and walks away.

Wakka returns to tell everyone that the Aurochs have been seeded and only have 
to win two games to take the cup, their first match is against the Al Bhed 
Psyches.  As they are preparing for the game Yuna informs Tidus that someone 
recently saw Auron who she says was one of her two father's guardians.  Tidus 
doesn't even consider it could be someone different from the Auron he knew and 
runs off to find him.  On the way he truly starts to realize how famous Yuna 
is when he sees how much attention she gets.  He tries to get her attention by 
whistling and instructs her to learn it herself, because that would be a good 
way to get his attention is she ever had to.

When they arrive at the bar Auron is not there, however two large members of 
the Ronso tribe (Kikahri's race) are.  They are Biron and Yenke, they taunt 
Kimahri saying that he has forgotten them, forgotten the people who taught him 
when he knew after the "Horn-Molt."  They say he is small and weak, too small 
to even see their faces.  Kimahri tries to fight them but runs off along with 
Tidus when he soon realizes that Yuna has been kidnapped.

Lulu explains that Yuna was kidnapped by the Al Bhed in an attempt to get the 
Aurochs to throw the game.  Being only Blitzball players they determine Yuna 
is in little danger and run off to save her.  Along the way they encounter 
many of the salvaged Al Bhed Machina.  When they destroy the largest one and 
save Yuna, Tidus says he was saved by Al Bhed when he first came to Spira and 
hoped this was the same ship but it wasn't.  Yuna asks if there was a man 
named Cid on board, Cid is her mother's brother and he became distant when her 
mother married, but she was told to seek him out if she was ever in trouble.  
Tidus realizes that Yuna is indeed part Al Bhed, but Lulu says not to tell 
Wakka because he harbors deep resentment for the Al Bhed.  She gives a signal 
to Wakka via magic who then goes on the offensive and manages to win the 
Blitzball game against the Al Bhed Psyches 3-2.  

Lulu is cynical about Wakka's performance saying Chappu could have done 
better, but Tidus interrupts saying that no one will replace Chappu.  When 
they return Wakka is rather unsympathetic, asking how Yuna could let herself 
be kidnapped by some Al Bhed.  Wakka is in no condition to play so he decides 
that he will be the one to warm the bench while Tidus takes his place in the 
match against the Goers.  As he leaves he reads an inscription written on the 
wall: "My best memories are here - Wakka, captain of the Aurochs."

The Blitzball game begins.  The victor is conditional based on how well you 
play, but midway through the second round the crown begins cheering for Wakka 
who then comes on the replace Tidus for the last minutes of the game.  The 
instant it's over however things are not well and suddenly fiends start 
attacking the stadium.  Tidus and Wakka fight their way through the aquatic 
enemies in the Blitzball Sphere, then Auron appears and starts to battle 
enemies as well.  He meet up with Tidus and Wakka who recognizes him as one of 
the two guardians of high summoner Braska.  They fight together but cannot do 
much against the onslaught of enemies.  Then Maester Seymour begins a 
summoner's chant and an enormous chained monster appears from the ground.  
This monster slaughters every last fiend that is attacking the stadium.

The time has finally comefor Wakka to leave the Aurochs and become a full time 
guardian.  Elsewhere in town Tidus is yelling at Auron, blaming him for 
everythign that has happened.  Auron explains that he had been waiting to 
bring Tidus to Spira, doing so because Jecht told him to long ago.  When Tidus 
asks if Jecht is still alive, Auron mentions that he should have felt Jecht's 
presance numerous times by now, because Jecht is Sin.  Tidus obviously refuses 
to believe this, but Auron tells him he will discover more as long as he goes 
with him.  Tidus realizes he doesn't have a choice and joins Auron to return 
and ask Yuna if they can become official guardians.

Yuna agrees happily to let them both come along.  She spends some time alone 
with Tidus at the upper end of the city.  She shows him she has learned to 
whistle quite well, but finds Tidus in a rather bad mood.  The people of Spira 
look up to summoners and their guardians she says, so they must try and smile 
even if they're feeling said.  She tells Tidus to practice smiling and 
laughing, he does it in such a pathetic way that he just comes off looking 
like an idiot.  Done in Luca they make plans for the trip to Djose.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                     Mi'ihen Highroad                    |
       (0009C)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

The party approaches a statue of a great man standing with arms high.  The old 
man standing next to it explains that this is Lord Mi'ihen who founded the 
Crusaders.  When Yevon accused him of Rebellion he walked down Mi'ihen 
Highroad to confront them and won.  Yevon labelled them Crusaders from that 
day forward.  This man explains that his name is Maechen and he is a scholar 
on a quest for knowledge.  Soon after you meet Lucil, captain of the Chocbo 
knights on duty to protect the highroad.  They warn Tidus and his party about 
a large fiend up ahead which feeds on Chocobos.  Tidus suggests that they try 
and defeat it, Auron laughs saying that's just like what Jecht always used to 
say, "It's the right thing to do" and it always led them to trouble.

Yuna meets another summoner who introduces herself as Belgemine.  She is a 
summoner as well and knows of Yuna because of her father.  As a test she 
offers to challenge Yuna to a battle of Aeons.  After the fight Belgemine 
explains that despite Yuna's comment, she cannot defeat Sin, or more 
appropriately "was" not able to.  A nearby girl asks Yuna is she is going to 
bring the Calm.  Tidus asks what the Calm is and Lulu explains it is a time 
without Sin after it has been defeated but before it is reborn.  When Tidus 
suggests that maybe it's not worth it just for a short time, but Yuna is quick 
to interrupt that it is!  That a time when people can sleep safely is worth 
anything no matter how short it is.  Tidus remembers this well.

Along the road they meet an acolyte named Shelinda, she is deeply concerned 
that the operation against Sin is using Machina which is against the teachings 
of Yevon.  Auron seems quick to dismiss her concerns as baseless.  As the 
group approaches a travel agency rest stop, Wakka refuses to enter because it 
is run by the Al Bhed.  He explains they're bad people and they kidnapped 
Yuna.  Auron asks Wakka where her guardians were when this happened and then 
wanders toward the structure.  That night Tidus and Yuna sit outside during 
the subset, Tidus notes it is a very different sunset from the one he say in 
Kilika, far more peaceful.  Yuna says she wishes she could stay somewhere like 
here all the time and Tidus tells her she can once Sin is defeated.  But Yuna 
says that Sin will never go away, not until they atone for their sins of the 
past.  Tidus asks if the sins of the past were really so bad and Yuna is no 
longer sure.  When he asks how she will defeat Sin, something so big, she 
explains that the point of all summoner's journeys is to get the Final 
Summoning which resides in the Fayth at Zanarkand.

After resting they are surprised to find a huge fiend outside the agency 
called a Chocobo Eater.  After defeating it the group at the agency are very 
grateful and offer a free Chocobo ride as a token of appreciation.  The group 
rides ahead to the checkpoint where they meet the other summoner Dona again 
who seems to be frustrated that they can't get past.  One of the Crusaders 
offers to explain what they're doing.  It's called Operation Mi'ihen and their 
plan is to bring all the Sinspawn to this area and thereby lure Sin where it 
can be attacked.  Because of this operation the group cannot get though to the 
Temple of Djose and are forced to turn back.  Before they leave Seymour 
appears.  He is there to observe the operation but makes a condition that 
Yuna's group must be let through and he will take full responsibility.  Wakka 
doesn't understand how Seymour, a Maester of Yevon can possibly support the 
sacreligious use of Machina.  Seymour explains that will it may be against the 
teachings, as a person and not a Maester he sees that their intentions are 
good and will support them like that.  Wakka still asks why he supports the 
use of Machina, but Seymour's response is simply "Pretend you didn'tsee it."  
When Wakka is outraged by this he says "Well then pretend I didn't say that."  
Tidus thinks to himself that from when he first saw Seymour, he never liked 
him very much...

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                      Mushroom Rock                      |
       (0009D)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

One of the soldiers comes down the path and informes Yuna that Maester Seymour 
is wanting to see her at the command center.  The party ventures across the 
Mushroom Rock area to get there.  At the end they find Luzzu and Gatta, Gatta 
is complaining that he joined the Crusaders to fight Sin but he is being 
forced to stand watch.  Still Luzzu will not let him fight.  Luzzu says 
there's something he must say before going off the fight Sin, that he is the 
one who convinced Wakka's brother Chappu to join the Crusaders.  Wakka punches 
Luzzu in the face out of anger.  He exclaims that he remembered Chappu saying 
that after they won the Blitzball cup together he was going to propose to 
Lulu.  Luzzu says there was another thing Chappu used to say.  "Being with 
your girl is good, but keeping Sin far away from her is better."  Lulu says 
that she knew this already, Luzzu had told her.  She hit him just like Wakka 
did supposedly.  When Luzzu goes Wakka tells him not to get killed, he's still 
got to smack him many more times.

On the front area Wakka is angry when he sees all the Machina.  Lulu teels 
Tidus that when Chappu joined the Crusaders, he left the sword that Wakka gave 
him in Besaid and fought with an Al Bhed Machina weapon.  Wakka denies this is 
the basis for his anger, saying the Machina are wrong and are forbidden by 
Yevon for a reason.  They approach the command center and are greeted by 
Gatta, Auron explains that he must first prove that he can follow orders 
before anyone will give him the dangerous jobs.  The party meets a man who 
introduces himself as Wen Kinoc, one of the four Maesters of Yevon in charge 
of the Warrior Monks and in command of the Crusaders.  He recognizes Auron and 
asks where he's been for the last ten years.  Auron express distaste at seeing 
this man as a Maester, but Kinoc tells him that a lot has happened in ten 
years.  When he asks Auron if he has seen Zanarkand yet, Auron just ignores 
him and walks away.  Yuna gets the feeling they don't belong.

Just before the operation begins, Tidus remembers what Auron told him, about 
Sin being his father Jecht.  Before the operation begins one of the Sinspawn 
breaks free and attacks them.  After the Sinspawn is subdued Sin appears and 
the beach forces commence an attack.  Their guns seem useless as they barely 
graze Sin, then the ground forces on Chocobos attack.  While this is 
happeneing Sin charges a huge shield of energy which bursts in the direction 
of the beach.  All the ground troops are literally disintegrated 
instantaneously.  There's barely anything left.  Few people survive but 
fortunately Tidus' party was at a safe distance.  The Sinspawn they defeated 
wasn't quite dead and Auron and Yuna team up with Maester Seymour to kill it.

A final attempt to destroy Sin by a large electricity cannon by the Al Bhed 
just led to more deaths.  As Sin escapes Tidus without thinking jumps in the 
water and begins to chase after him.  He later thinks he didn't know why he 
started chasing Sin, like a thief in a market.  Yuna tries to summon one of 
her Aeons but is stopped by Seymour telling her she's far too weak to make any 
difference.  Nothing can be done.  Tidus has a dream sequence where he sees 
people moving about, the little purple hooded boy who appeared in the crown at 
the very beginning of the game appears there bu says nothing.  He transforms 
into a Blitzball and the dream is over.  Tidus goes from a dream to a 
flashback where he remembers a time when people lost respect for his father.  
Tidus was telling his father that everyone said he was no good any more, he 
never practiced because he drank all the time.  Jecht laughs and says he can 
quit whenever he wants, but why do today what you can do tomorrow?  This of 
course makes young Tidus start to cry.

Yuna does her dance and performs the sending on all the spirits of those 
killed in Operation Mi'ihen.  Auron tells Tidus that many stories ended today, 
but his still goes on.  Auron finds Wen Kinoc and asks if he's satisfied now 
that all who oppose Yevon are dead.  Seymour tells Yuna that no matter what 
she must remain strong and keep smiling, for she must be the strength of many 
people.  He mentions two people by the names ot Yunalasca and Lord Zaon and 
how he can be to her what Lord Zaon was to Yunalesca, her pillar of strength.

When Tidus speaks with Auron again, he is told that the reason Sin came today 
was to see him.  That Jecht wanted to show Tidus that he is capable of all 
this, and Auron even goes so far to suggest that Jecht wants Tidus to kill 
him.  When Tidus leaves he finally hears Kimahri speak, saying that Yuna is 
trying to be strong so they must all remain strong too.  They make their way 
to the Temple of Djose.  Tidus asks if they can skip ahead to the final 
summoning but Yuna explains that she must pray to the Fayth at all the temples 
in order to prepare herself for the final summoning.  When they all leave 
Auron warns Tidus not to tell Yuna about Sin and Jecht, because he knows Yuna 
would believe him, and they don't want her to have any additional stress.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                      Djose Temple                       |
       (0009E)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

The party finds the Chocobo Knights near the temple who say they lost most of 
their ground troops and all but one Chocobo in Operation Mi'ihen.  The captain 
says it must be their punishment for turning their backs on Yevon.  When they 
arrive at the temple they see it has become activate with electricity, 
supposedly this only happens when someone is addressing the Fayth so there 
must be someone inside.  Tidus assumes it is Dona, but when they get inside 
they meet a new summoner who says his name is Isaaru.  Isaaru has heard much 
about high summoner Braska and in fact that is why he became a summoner 
himself.  Her offers Yuna the challenge of a race to defeat Sin and she 
accepts.  Before entering the trial he returns and speaks to Tidus alone.  
Supposedly many summoners have been going missing, he was told this by his 
guardian and brother Maroda.  He tells Tidus to be extra careful.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                  Djose Cloister of Trials               |
       (0009F)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Down in the Chamber of the Fayth Dona arrives while Yuna is praying.  Her 
guardian Barthello approaches Auron but Dona tells her to stay away from that 
riff-raff.  Barthello realizes it is the legendary Sir Auron and asks to shake 
his hand.  The rest of the party condemn Dona for not knowing the legendary 
guardian of Braska, Sir Auron.  When Yuna comes out Dona remains in contempt 
and tells her that everything she has is because of her father.  Yuna denies 
this but Dona remains unphased as she enters the chamber herself.

In the morning Tidus wakes Yuna who is infinitely apologetic as she didn't 
mean to sleep so long.  She rushed out apologizing to everyone who tell her 
it's okay, they joke about how her hair is messedup, even Sir Auron and all 
start laughing.  As they walk off you can hear Tidus say that looking back on 
this event, he realized he was the only one truly laughing...

As they leave the Temple they meet the Chocobo Knights one more time who say 
they are heading across the Moonflow to find more Chocobos for their group.  
The Moonflow is also's the party's next destination and so they head off.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                         Moonflow                        |
       (0009G)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

The group meets up with Shelinda who says that after looking at Operation 
Mi'ihen, she now knows that only the faithful to Yevon will be able to defeat 
Sin.  Further up Biron and Yenke wait again, they taunt Kimahri for awhile 
then when he asks if they are only there to insult him, they warn Kimahri that 
many summoners are disappearing and his may be next so to be careful.  As they 
continue to travel the path they finally arrive at the Moonflow.  Small 
creates known as Pyreflies float about the lake and supposedly make it very 
beautiful at night.  Tidus pipes and exclaims that this is where they should 
all come back to after they defeat Sin, but he seems to be the only one 
excited about it.  Wakka tells him to hurry up or they'll mis the Shoopuf.

When they arrive at the boarding station Tidus sees a Shoopuf for himself, a 
Shoopuf is a huhge mammoth creature with a long spiraling nose, kind of like 
an elephant trunk but curled up.  Auron tells Tidus that the first time Jecht 
ever saw one he struck it with his sword because he was drunk, and after that 
day he never drank again.  The same Shoopuf still works at this station.  
Before leaving Tidus has en ancounter with the Chocobo Knights who are 
outraged that they can't bring their Chocobo on the Shoopuf but decide to find 
another way across.  Every gets ready and rides the Shoopuf across the water.

As they cross Wakka tells Tidus to look over the edge.  Under the water is a 
huge Machina City that looks like it's been down there for many years.  Wakka 
explains that the city was built on bridges over the water, just to prove they 
could do it, and then it crashed into the water and sank.  It serves as a good 
lesson about the evils of Machina.  They tell about the war 1000 years ago 
where people kept building more and more Machina to destroy each other.  The 
war wasn't going to end, but then Sin cameand now Sin is their punishment for 
that.  Suddenly an Al Bhed jumps aboard and grabs Yuna and pulls her 
underwater.  Tidus and Wakka jump in to save her and must battle a huge 
Machina device with Yuna trapped inside.  THey manage to save her and bring 
her back abord.  Lulu suggests that perhaps it is the Al Bhed behind all the 
summoner disappearances.

On the other side the groups gets off and departs on their way.  Tidus goes 
off alone and finds a girl washed up on the beach.  He realizes that it is 
RIkku who saved him when he first got to Spira, she yells at him for attacking 
her because she was in that huge Machina they just fought.  Before Tidus can 
ask why she was helping kidnap Yuna, Wakka appears.  Tidus almost accidentally 
blurts out that she is an Al Bhed in front of Wakka but stops himself.  Rikku 
has a private chat with Yuna and Lulu and then asks to become one of Yuna's 
guardians.  Auron tells her to look at him and then he looks in her eyes, they 
have an odd swirl to them.  He says that he though so, and Rikku joins up.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                       Guadosalam                        |
       (0009H)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

They soon arrive at Guadosalam where they meet a man by the name of Tromell 
Guado.  He works directly for Lord Seymour and is in charge of bringing the 
group to him.  Inside Seymour's place is a huge feast and everyone is waiting 
for Seymour to arrive.  Lulu begins to explain to Tidus that there is no 
temple in Guadosalam and that most people just pass thorugh.  He asks her why 
she is telling him this before he even asked, maybe she believes him about 
Zanarkand and that he knows nothing of this world.  She says there are many 
things she does not understand, and his Zanarkand is one of them.

Tromell explains that Lord Seymour is the child of a human and a Guado and 
will bind the races together.  Then he appears and gathers up the party.  He 
shows them a sphere hologram of Zanarkand as it looked 1000 years ago, and 
shows them Lady Yunalesca who was the first person to ever defeat Sin.  But 
she did not do it alone, she made an unbreakable bond of love.  With that 
Seymour whispers something in Yuna's ear and walks away.

Back in the main room Yuna tells everyone that Seymour asked her to marry him.  
Auron tells Seymour that this is no small matter but Seymour explains that he 
did so as a Maester, and Yuna has a responsibility to bring joy to the people 
of Spira, and as the wife of a Maester she can do just that.  He says she does 
not have to answer right away and so they begin to leave.  As they do Seymour 
asks Auron what he's still going here.  He is then quick to apologize and say 
that the Guado are just keen to the scent of the Farplane...

The group decides to go and visit the Farplane which is right here in 
Guadosalam.  Before entering Tidus wonders to himself why everyone is okay 
with the idea of Yuna marrying Seymour, why is no one asking if she loves, or 
even likes him?  Arriving at the Farplane both Auron and Rikku opt to remain 
outside.  When they go in both Yuna and Wakka as viewing the images of people 
from their past.  Wakka talks to Chappu about how he quit Blitz to become a 
guardian, how he gave Tidus Chappu's sword.  The spirits on the Farplane just 
float there and do not respond, people who come there only come to see the 
images.  Lulu explains that seeing Chappu really makes her realize he is gone, 
saying that her time with Chappu were the happiest days of her life.

Yuna is over with her mother and father, Lord Braska.  Tidus approaches her 
and she tells him to try and call the image of Jecht.  When he doesn't appear 
Yuna says it is because he is stil lalive, but Tidus knowsn it is because he 
is Sin.  This calls up an image of his mother.  He wonders how she could be in 
the Farplane if she wasn't sent, but Yuna wonders maybe it's because she 
accepted death during her life.  Tidus looks back and remembers that maybe the 
reason he hated his father is because his mother never paid attention to him 
while Jecht was around, and she was so unhappy when he left.  As they leave 
the Farplane suddenly Lord Jyscal's spirit tries to escape too.  Everyone 
tells Yuna to quickly send his spirit back.  Yuna wonders how such a great man 
could have died without being sent, but they think he probably was sent and 
this incient is the result of dying an unclean death...

Yuna says she has come up with her answer and goes back to tell Lord Seymour, 
but Shelinda explains he already left for Macalania temple.  Perhaps he wasn't 
expecting an answer from her so soon.  The group decides it's time to leave 
Guadosalam and head toward Macalania through the Thunder Plains.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                     Thunder Plains                      |
       (0009I)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

As they leave for the Thunder Plains it becomes very apparent that Rikku has a 
fear of lightning.  They proceed anyway despite her contant begging to go 
back.  Along the way Tidus speaks with Shelinda.  She has heard that Yuna and 
Seymour are to be wed and says it is a wonderous occasion.  Tidus is quick to 
tell her that she heard wrong however.  Along the way the group decides to 
stay at the Travel Agency and rest.  Tidus tries to spy on Yuna because she's 
acting suspiciously but trips and falls into her room.  She says that the 
sphere Jyscal dropped was his will and asks that his son Seymour be taken care 
of.  On their way out of the Thunder Plains Yuna tells everyone that she has 
indeed decided to marry Seymour.  Auron asks to see the sphere but Yuna says 
she will not show it to him for now.  Tidus gets the feeling now that perhaps 
he doesn't really belong here, but the alternative, being alone in Spira is 
far worse than anythign he can imagine.  They continue on to Macalania Woods.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        Macalania                        |
       (0009J)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

When they arrive in Macalania Wood Auron and Tidus talk privately.  He says 
that Yuna truly wants it this way, she will marry Seymour in order to 
negotiate with him and she will do it alone, not ask for anyone's help.  Tidus 
thinks to himself that he is relieved she isn't marrying for love.  Along the 
path the group meets Barthello who says that he has lost Dona, Auron tells him 
to stop panicking and offers help, but he said he wasted enough of their time.  
As they approach the end of the woods Auron stops and says there's something 
Tidus must see.  Inside is a pool of the material that spheres are created 
from.  They find a sphere made ten years ago by Jecht during his travel with 
Braska and Auron.  On this sphere he talks to the two of them saying he is 
doing this for his wife and son, so he can have something to bring back to 
them.  In another scene on the sphere Jecht sits don't and addresses Tidus 
directly, saying that if he's watching this he too must be stuck in Spira.  He 
says not to be a crybaby, that you have to grow out of that in order to grow.  
When they leave the area Auron stops a moment to tell Tidus Jecht loved him.

Beyond the Travel Agency they meet up with Tromell Guado who will take Yuna to 
see Seymour.  The group is to wait however when they start off the Al Bhed 
suddenly attack with a giant Gatling Gun Machina weapon.  The party defeats it 
and after Rikku's brother calls to her, Wakka realizes she is actually an Al 
Bhed.  He tells her she comes from a group of people who defy Yevon and use 
Machina which brought Sin, but Rikku tells him to prove that was where Sin 
really came from.  She offers to explanation either, Tidus says she's no 
different from who she was before and Rikku is Rikku.  They take the Al Bhed 
Machina snowmobile devices and head off toward Macalania Temple.  Who Tidus 
takes the ride with differs from time to time.  Basically they discuss Rikku's 
origin, and Wakka's prejudice.  Basically agree to diisagree and continue

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                     Macalania Temple                    |
       (0009K)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

As they approach the temple they are told that Rikku is not allowed inside.  
Rikku explains that she is now a guardian of Yuna, not just an Al Bhed.  Auron 
says that she's a guardian and that's good enough which convinces them to 
allow her into the temple.  Just as they get inside someone comes yelling out 
of the room, saying something about a sphere in Yuna's belongings.  The group 
goes into the room and watches the sphere.  To their horror it is Lord Jyscal 
Guado's sphere telling whoever is watchign that his son has become corrupt and 
there is nothing left for him to do as he will soon die by Seymour's hand.  He 
explains that it is his fault Seymour became corrupt, that he could not 
protect him.  He says he will accept death as his punishment but he pleads for 
someone to stop his son, to stop Seymour.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\               Macalania Cloister of Trials              |
       (0009L)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

They quickly run to the Fayth room and Auron accuses Seymour of the murder of 
Jyscal.  Seymour asks Yuna why she was still going to marry him if she knew, 
but she says it was so she could stop him.  They gather together and Seymour 
tries to kill them all by summoning the huge Aeon Anima, the same one that 
saved everyone at the Blitzball tournament in Luca.  When he is defeated he 
lies on the ground.  Auron tells Yuna to send him but suddenly Jyscal bursts 
in and accuses them of being traitors, carrying Seymour off.  In the main 
chamber again Rikku says to check Jyscal's Sphere for proff but just then 
Tromell lifts it up and shatters it!  They have no choice but to escape.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        Macalania                        |
       (0009M)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

As they are trying to escape suddenly they are attacked by a large Wendigo!  
Upon defeating it the Wendigo smashes the ground and sends them to the bottom 
of the lake where the ruins of some kind of city remain.  Everyone survives 
and Yuna explains herself.  She wanted to confront Maester Seymour about what 
he did and convince him to turn himself in.  In retrosept she realizes what a 
bad idea it was.  She was even willing to marry him if he surrendered.

Yuna agrees that they must keep going but is concerned that they will not be 
allowed to by Yevon.  Auron explains that the Fayth dictate whether a summoner 
will proceed or not so they will go to every temple, defying Yevon if they 
must.  This of course upsets Wakka who says he will have no part of it.  Yuna 
says that they must atone by going to Bevelle and pleading their case to 
Maester Mika.  A hymn can be heard in the distance, this is the blessing of 
the temple.  Auron says Jecht used to sing the hymn all the time, as did Tidus 
back in Zanarkand.  Tidus asks how Auron got to Zanarkand and realizes it was 
through Sin.  He thinks that if Sin is defeated, he'll never get home.

All of a sudden the singing stops and Sin appears!  Things get cloudy and 
everything fades away.  Tidus knows that Sin too was listening to the hymn.  
He sees Blitzballs in a cloudy haze and starts speaking, he says that that 
world is no longer your world, because you are Sin now.  He sees himself too 
and laughs about how he's a bit older than the young boy in front of him.  
This is the first time when he really truly realizes and believe that his 
father has become Sin.  And Tidus knows that he wants it to end.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                      Sanubia Desert                     |
       (0009N)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Tidus wakes up floating in a desert oasis unaware fo where he is.  He climbs 
out and sort of talks aloud, saying I forgive you for this, just be good for 
awhile, referring to Sin.  He meets up with Auron and Lulu soon, and then 
Wakka almost immedately after who is very discouraged at losing Yuna who they 
still have not found.  They meet Kimahri as well who is wandering aimlessly 
ashamed of losing Yuna.  When they meet up with Rikku she says that she may 
know where Yuna is.  Rikku says she recognizes this area as Bikanel Island and 
that there is a place the Al Bhed call Home near here and they probably 
rescued Yuna, Wakka is quick to interrupt and correct her, saying they 
kidnapped Yuna.  Rikku makes everyone agree they if she brings them to the Al 
Bhed home they won't tell anyone.  A long time ago Yevon did something bad to 
them.  Wakka said they probably deserved it whatever it was and agrees not to 
tell anyone the location of the home.  They continue their trek through the 
desert and finally pop out in front of home to see it burning in flames...

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                           Home                          |
       (0009O)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Rikku races down to see what's going on, an Al Bhed is knocked to the ground.  
His name is Keyakku, he tells Rikku that it is the Guado attacking here to get 
the summoner.  He then dies in front of her eyes.  An Al Bhed man appears 
saying don't just stand there, Rikku identifies this man as the leader of the 
Al Bhed, and her father, Cid.  When they get inside Rikku explains to Wakka 
that the Al Bhed used to have a home, but Sin destoryed their entire island.  
Her father Cid gathered the Al Bhed together and they built a new home, now it 
is under attack.  When asked what the Summoner's Sanctum is, Rikku explains 
that it is a place they put the summoners to keep them safe.  Wakka says he 
understands but Tidus doesn't, he says that if the guardians do their job then 
the summoner will always be safe.  Right?  he asks... no one answers.

They enter the Summoner's Sanctum and find Dona and Isaaru but not Yuna.  The 
little brother of Isaaru asks Tidus what it means to sacrifice because that's 
what the Al Bhed said the summoners were doing.  When Tidus tries to 
understand what's going on Rikku starts yelling that they must stop the 
summoner's journey from ending because the end of the journey is when the 
summoner calls the Final Aeon, and regardless of whether Sin is defeated or 
not the Final Aeon will kill the summoner.  Tidus gets extremely angry, asking 
why no one told him after everything he said to Yuna, all the things they were 
going to do after Sin was defeated.  He looks back at the time in Luca when 
Yuna said that summoners are Spira's ray of hope and that she always practices 

They leave the sanctum and get onto the airship.  Tidus argues with Cid and 
demands he tell him where Yuna is.  Cid won't saying that these people are all 
the same and don't care whether the summoner lives or dies.  Tidus swears that 
he will not let her die, and Cid says he better mean that or he'll make him 
regret it.  Cid doesn't know where Yuna is but offers the Airship to help look 
for her.  They take off and as they're flying away, Cid gives the order to 
destroy the Al Bhed home with about three hundred billion missles.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                          Airship                        |
       (0009P)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

When sked whether he'll stop Yuna's pilgrimage Cid responds that he will of 
course, that he's not going to let his little niece go off and be killed.  
Auron says that that's fine, Cid IS the captain so he decides what happens.  
Tidus leaves the bridge and finds Dona sitting on the floor.  She asks him 
what he would think is she told him she was giving up her pilgrimage.  He 
responds to her and she decides that in the end, she won't be, and Yuna still 
has a rival.  When Tidus returns to the bridge he learns that they've located 
Yuna, she's in Bevelle and about to be wed to Seymour.  Rikku asks how Seymour 
could possibly be alive but Auron responds that he isn't, he's just as dead as 
Jyscal.  Yuna must be down there with the intent of sending Seymour once they 
are married.  Suddenly the ship is attacked by the inside, there were some 
Guado stowaways.  When they fight their way through to the top of the ship 
they spy the guardian wymn Evrae out the window, Bevelle's first line of 
defense.  With the help of Cid's airship, the group defeats the guardian.  
They arrive at Bevelle where Kinoc orders the tropps to fire on the airship, 
the airship launches grappling wires and the party surfs down from the sky.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                          Bevelle                        |
       (0009Q)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Landing in Bevelle the group fights their way up to Maester Seymour where 
their efforts are in vain as Kinoc holds them at gunpoint.  Yuna and Seymour 
are married in front of their eyes, as soon as this happens Seymour gives the 
order to kill Tidus and the group.  Before this happens though Yuna runs to 
the ledge and threatens to jump if their aren't let free.  She tells them to 
run and not to worry as she falls off and plummets toward the ground below.  
As she falls a bright light appears and Valefor drops out of the sky to save 
her.  The party runs off and enters the temple of Bevelle where they know it 
is the one place that Yuna will go, to pray to the Fayth.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                 Bevelle Cloister of Trials              |
       (0009R)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

As they enter the cloister they are surrounded by different Machina.  Wakka 
asks what Machina are doing in a holy place like this, Rikku suggests that 
they're probably useful but that's not what Wakka meant.  Reaching the bottom 
they find even more Machina.  Auron says it looks like Yevon doesn't even 
follow their own teachings... Wakka says that they've always been treated like 
dirt.  They make their way through the trials to the bottom.  Unwilling to 
wait Tidus enlists in Kimahri's help to pull open the door.  Inside Yuna is 
praying to the Fayth, Auron explains that the Fayth are human souls unable to 
rest, imprisoned by Yevon.  When they leave the chamber Kinoc is waiting.

Yuna is put on trial for being a traitor.  They says she inflicted harm on 
Maester Seymour and conspired with the Al Bhed.  She explains to Maester Kelk 
Ronso that Seymour killed his father.  This surprises the Maester but it seems 
he is the only one of the four who is surprised.  Yuna pleads to Maester Mika 
to send Seymour, however he says that if they were to send Seymour they would 
have to send him too, for their were both already dead.  They explain that 
Spira is best ruled in death, that death rules Spira.  Yuna asks then is the 
summoner's pilgrimage is for nothing but they disagree, saying it gives hope 
to the people of Spira.  Their sentence is to be thrown in the Via Purifico.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                       Via Purifico                      |
       (0009S)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Yuna wanders around in the dungeon and finds Kimahri, Auron and Lulu.  
Together they look for an escape route only to be confronted by Isaaru.  He 
was ordered by Yevon to kill the trator Yuna and though he is apologetic he 
says it must be done.  When she defeats him instead he tells her the exit is 
near, and they leave him there in shame.  The other group including Tidus, 
Wakka and Rikku must swim through an underwater canal and battle the undead 
spirit of the guardian wymn Evrae.  When they manage to escape they are 
reunited only to be confronted again by Seymour.

Maester Kimoc is dead, killed by Seymour.  Seymour explains that the man he a 
hunger for power and though he had it, he spent his days scheming for ways to 
stop those who wanted his position.  He was a very paranoid man.  Seymour 
tells Yuna to go with him to Zanarkand, there his will become Sin and destroy 
all of Spira, for there is no suffering and worry in death.  Kimahri holds him 
back alone and tells everyone to run, Auron forces them to obey.  As they get 
away Tidus tells Yuna that they are guardians so they have to follow her 
whever she chooses to go, and if that's back to help Kimahri then so be it.  
The group return and battles Seymour to an eventual victory.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        Calm Lands                       |
       (0009T)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Tidus goes to meet with Yuna by the lake in Macalania Forest, he apologizes 
for everything he did and everything he said about all the things they could 
to after defeating Sin, inclduing go to Zanarkand.  He explains he had no idea 
what was going to happen to her, and how sorry he is.  He tells her she should 
quit her pilgrimage, then they could go do anything they want.  They could 
visit Zanarkand and everyone could come.  She thinks to herself maybe she will 
quit the pilgrimage.  Rikku would certainly agree, Lulu and Wakka would hold 
out very long.  But Sir Auron would surely contest.  Yuna begins crying saying 
it's something she just can't do, she must see the pilgrimage through to the 
end.  Tidus embraces Yuna for an underwater makeout scene and so on.

Another of Jecht's Spheres is found.  Contained in the sphere is the events 
that preceeded Jecht joining Braska as a guardian.  Braska approaches him in 
jail asking if he'd be willing to accompany him on a dangerous journey, he 
heard that Jecht was from Zanarkand and that's where they're going.  Jecht 
says yes of course, anything to get out of jail and they head off despite 
Auron's disageement saying they shouldn't bring such a drunkard with them.  
Braska replies that he, wed to an Al Bhed and a fallen summoner, who would 
expect them to succeed?  What delightful irony if they actually did...

They arrive at the Calm Lands where Lulu explains that beyond this point the 
path ends and there are no towns or villages.  Many summoners lose their way 
in this area and their pilgrimage ends.  Tidus explains that he will find some 
way so that Yuna will sirvive defeating Sin and vows to do so before it's too 
late.  In the central area of the Calm Lands they meet up with Father Zuke who 
tells them they are officially wanted criminals in the eyes of Yevon, accused 
of killing Maester Kinoc.  Just beyond the Calm Lands they are ambushed by 
some Guado who were ordered to bring them to Seymour dead or alive.  They 
defeat the Guado's giant rock golem and head toward the mountains.  Yuna 
stands for a moment and looks back at the Calm Lands, Tidus finally realizes 
she has been doing this to say goodbye to the places she knew she'd never get 
to see again.  Yuna finishes and they begin to climb Mt. Gagazet.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                        Mt. Gagazet                      |
       (0009U)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

When they arrive at the base of the mountain they are confronted by Maester 
Kelk Ronso who informs them that traitors are not to set foot on the mountain.  
Yuna explains that she has no regrets, she did what she did for the people of 
Spira, and that Spira is the true reason she still aims to defeat Sin despite 
people losing faith in her.  Kelk says she has the will of tempered steel and 
allows her group access to the mountain.  Biron and Yenke appear saying 
summoner may pass, guardians may pass but Kimahri may not pass!  Biron 
defeated Kimahri many years ago but Kimahri did not admit defeat so Biron took 
his horn and Kimahri left Mt. Gagazet in shame.  Kimahri says he will prove 
his strength alone and goes on to beat Biron and Yenke who acknowledge his 
strength.  They says that someday a large statue will be made for the summoner 
Yuna, and if no one else will make it, the Ronso will make it with big proud 
horn on Yuna's head.  She says she would love that and they continue.

As they start up the mountain they are interrupted by the Ronso once more who 
gather together and start singing the Hymn of the Fayth before saying goodbye 
to the summoner.  Along the snowy ice path they find one of Braska's Spheres.  
Inside it is a recording Braska made for Yuna saying that he chose his path 
and that someday Yuna must choose hers.  He doesn't know what that path is but 
whatever she chooses she has his full support.  At the top of the mountain 
Rikku asks Tidus if he has figured out a plan to save Yuna yet but he hasn't.  
Rikku looks up and suddenly Seymour is standing there.  Tidus tells her to run 
and get Auron and the whole group appears to challenge him.  Seymour says that 
he will soon become Sin with the help of Yuna and save Tidus' father in the 
process, he should be happy.  They battle Seymour and come out victories once 
again.  After the battle Tidus tells Yuna that Sin really is Jecht...

Further on the find a huge wall of frozen bodies, these are all Fayth and 
someone is drawing energy from all of them.  THen all of a sudden everything 
goes hazy for Tidus and he collapses.  He is back in Zanarkand and the yound 
hooded boy from the very beginning is there.  This boy is one of the Fayth, 
Tidus asks if he is dreaming but the boy explains that Tidus himself is the 
dream.  Long ago there was a war between Bevelle and Zanarkand but Zanarkand's 
Summoners were no match for Bevelle's Machina.  The survivors of Zanarkand 
become the Fayth and their memories are what keep Zanarkand alive, including 
the people, including Tidus.  Tidus is a dream of the Fayth.  The boy explains 
that the Fayth have been dreaming for a long time and are tired, perhaps Tidus 
will be the dream that ends the dreaming of the Fayth...

He wakes up and shugs it off, saying to everyone that he is okay.  They 
navigate through a cave and come out on top where the Sanctuary Kepper is 
waiting for them.  They dispatch the monster and realize they are just around 
the corner from Zanarkand.  Despite Rikku's request to rest the group 
continues on.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                Zanarkand Cloister of Trials             |
       (0009W)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

They arrive at Zanarkand finally, a city dead for 1000 years and the end of 
Yuna's journey.  As they approach the city something falls out of Yuna's 
possessions, it is a sphere.  Tidus picks up the sphere and begins to watch.  
The sphere details Yuna's feelings about everyone in the group.  She tells 
Auron that she really appreciated everything, that he was the one who told 
Kimahri to bring her from Bevelle to Besaid.  It was an honour having him as a 
guardian and her final way of saying thanks will be to defeat Sin.  She then 
tells Kimahri she remembers when they first met and she was seven years old.  
She remembers how everyone was celebrating after her father had defeated Sin, 
but during this time of celebration whe came to realize her father wasn't 
coming back.  Then Kimahri appeared saying he was taking her to a safer place, 
obviously he had not spoken much with children before.  Ever since they first 
met that day she had liked his broken horn...

To Wakka and Lulu she says you were both like a big brother and big sister... 
no, you were a big brother and big sister.  They had never wanted Yuna to 
become a summoner but she did it anyway, and she's sorry.  Finally she speaks 
to Tidus saying that even though they haven't known each other long, she 
finally knows what "it" feels like and it's a much more wonderful feeling than 
she had ever imagined.  Thank you for everything...

They begin their trek through Zanarkand and start seeing the spirits of old 
summoners.  One of them is Lady Yocun, the dome is filled with pyreflies so 
that people's thoughts remain here forever.  Next they see a vision of a young 
boy crying as his mother says that the time has come for her to become a 
Fayth, the yound boy is in fact Seymour.  Even images of Braska's party start 
appearing, while Jecht and Auron try and convince him to stop his journey so 
close to the end, but Braska tells them that if he doesn't do it, do they 
expect someone else to go through the same ordeal?  Inside the deepest part of 
Zanarkand they come to the Chamber of the Fayth but nothing remains.  The 
Fayth is Lord Zaon and it is an empty shell.  Yunalesca however will grant the 
final summoning.  She explains that Yuna must choose one of her guardians to 
become the final summoning, long ago Yunalesca chose her husband Lord Zaon and 
now yuna must choose someone she shares a close bond with, and once she calls 
this final Aeon, then her life will end...

They see a vision of Braska's party again.  Jecht tells Braska to choose him 
to become the final Aeon.  He had always wanted to make the runt back in 
Zanarkand into a start Blitzball player but he realizes that he won't be able 
to go back.  Maybe if he becomes the Final Summoning, his life will have 
meaning because he isn't getting any younger.  But Auron argues they must 
stop, Sin will come back and their deaths will be meaningless!  The real Auron 
sees himself from long ago pleading with them and swings his sword as if angry 
at his own weakness.  Yunalesca explains that every Aeon which defeats Sin, 
becomes Sin.  Wakka says that they can stop Sin by atoning for their crimes 
but Yunalesca asks if such a thing is even possible?  Lulu yells out, saying 
this principle is what has been keeping hope alive in Spira for so long.  That 
Yevon's teachings give hope.  Yunalesca says that even knowing this Yuna's 
father Braska gave his life but Yuna disagrees, she says that her father 
wanted to make sorrow go away, not hide it or cover it with lies.

Yunalesca then says it is better to die in hope than live in despair.  Even if 
Sin is defeated, Yu Yevon will only create it anew.  She and offers to give 
the group the liberation they need.  They resist her and manage to kill 
Yunalesca.  Tidus says there must still be someother way and they set out to 
find an alternate method.  On the way down Auron talks to Tidus privately, 
saying that he too is an unsent.  He was killed when attacking Yunalesca out 
of anger for the death of his comerades.  He crawled down Mt. Gagazet and told 
Kimahri to find Yuna, only to die on that very spot.  Now he wanders Spira as 
an unsent.  Tidus asks why he is here protecting him and Auron shows Tidus his 
memories of Jecht telling Auron to look after his kid once he become the final 
Aeon, that Auron would find some way back to Zanarkand, he knew it.

They arrive on the airship again and Yuna looks Cid in the eyes in a moment of 
recognition and emotion.  Yuna says now she realizes that she knows nothing 
outside of the teachings of Yevon.  When Tidus arrives on the bridge everyone 
is eager to tell of their plan, Lulu blurts out that the key to their victory 
is the Hymn of the Fayth.  Jecht always loved this song and they will use it 
to slow him down while they make their move, Maester Mika knows much and he is 
the one they should contact first.  So they make their way back to Bevelle.

When the group arrives in Bevelle they are stopped by two guards saying they 
have been banded as traitors.  Just when they are about to fight Sehlinda 
appears and stops them, in this time of crisis she has been promoted to 
captain, as there are few remaining followers of Yevon.  She tells the guards 
that the rumour of their being traitors was just a lie spread by the Al Bhed.  
Shelinda explains that Yuna has become Maester Mika's only hope and she will 
give them an audience.  Mika appears and asks if they have obtained the Final 
Aeon, but Yuna explains that the Final Aeon is gone.  That there must be some 
other way, but Mika disagrees saying there is no other way.  Yu Yevon's spirit 
of death will consume, Yu Yevon is the one who sets the dead clad in armour to 
become Sin.  Suddenly Mika disappears as if he had been sent, when Shelinda 
comes back to ask where Maester Mika is Auron says he has yet to arrive...

The purple hooded Fayth boy appears and says to meet down in the Chamber of 
the Fayth.  There he asks what their plan is and Tidus explains it is to use 
the Hymn of the Fayth, and then to defeat Yu Yevon.  The boy agrees this plan 
may work, Yu Yevon was once a summoner but now he lives inside Sin, neither 
good nor evil.  He is responsible for transforming the Final Aeon into Sin 
once again.  He says that Yuna must promise to summon them when the time 
comes, for magic and swords will not be enough.  He says that once Yu Yevon is 
gone, they will stop dreaming.  Tidus says he understands, they have been 
dreaming for such a long time.  Before they go Yuna sks Tidus if he's been 
hiding something, he says no but she calls him a poor liar.

|__ inal Fantasy X /---------------------------------------------------------o
|  -------o--------\                            Sin                          |
       (0009X)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Cid begins playing the Hymn of the Fayth and everyone listens.  Borther calls 
out that Sin is directly in front of them.  Cid explains that they'll take 
care of ripping Sin a new blow hole, and they have to do is jump.  Tidus tells 
Yuna she doesn't need her goodbye sphere anymore and throws it off the 
airship.  Sin uses a huge burst of energy to create giant rifts in the planet, 
sending tidal waves from all directions.  They battle against Sin's fins and 
with the help of a giant electricity cannon built into the airship, cut Sin's 
fins off and let them fall down to the water below.  After the second shot the 
cannon is broken and Cid calls them back to make another plan, but they decide 
to jump down anyway.  They fight Sin's core along with one of its Sinspawn and 
send it hurling into the ground.  Tidus says this isn't enough though, they 
may have weakened it but they still must defeat the man inside of Sin.  Yuna 
is curious why the Fayth is helping them, if they summon an Aeon Yu Yevon will 
jump into it, but he will be weak and they can defeat him.  She asks what he's 
doing in there, something to do with the dreams of the Fayth.  She asks Tidus 
if he's going to disappear, but Rikku interrupts and Sin moves again.

Sin opens up and reveals a vortex, inside is a whole other world.  Seymour 
awaits in here, he has been absorbed by Sin and plans to learn to control it 
with all the time in the world.  Seymour is defeated and Yuna sends him.  
Everyone moves forward through the void.  A giant tower smashes into the 
ground and everyone enters, there they find an odd looking world where the 
stars are visible all around, like the broken ruins of a Blitzball stadium.  
There stands Jecht with his back turned.  They talk idly for awhile, about how 
Tidus has grown.  Tidus tells Jecht that he hates him, and Jecht says that he 
knows.  Jecht says they have to finish it, he will soon become Sin completely.  
A glowing light appears and Jecht falls backward into a burning inferno.

The party fights and defeats Jecht's ultimate powerful forms.  Jecht lays down 
and Tidus holds him as he dies, saying "I hate you" once again just to 
reinforce it, but Jecht tells him to save it for later.  An odd glowing black 
orb has emerged from the monster's body and is floating around.  Jecht yells 
to Yuna to call the Aeons, and the small purple hooden Fayth boy calls out as 
well.  They are brought to a floating platform somewhere off in a void where 
Yuna must begin to call her Aeons.  They fight all of Yuna's Aeons and don't 
allow Yu Yevon to join with any of them.  Afterwards Tidus announces that this 
will be the last battle, because after they defeated Yu Yevon Tidus says he 
will disappear.  "I know it's selfish" he says, "but this is my story!"

With that the party battles Yu Yevon and defeats it.  Slowly it's existence 
fades away and we found ourselves back on Besaid Isle where it all started.  
Everyone celebrates the defeat of Sin, and inside the temples the Fayth are 
slowly beginning to fade away.  Back in Zanarkand Yuna begins the sending 
procedure and Auron slowly fades away.  As Yuna dances Sin falls from the sky 
and a great explosion ripples across the sky.  Just as the Fayth did, the 
Aeons too begin to disappear.  As all the Fayth across the land fade away, 
Tidus too says that he has to go.  He ways that he's sorry to Yuna, that he 
couldn't show her his Zanarkand.  Yuna says she loves him and he leaps fro 
mthe airship, totally high fiving Jecht as he falls.

Next we see Yuna standing at the end of the dock in Luca.  Lulu summons her to 
the Blitzball arena where she begins to address everyone.  She says that 
everyone has lost something dear, but Sin is finally dead.  Now it is possible 
to make new homes and new dreams.  Never forget the people they have lost, or 
the dreams that have faded... following the credits we see Tidus underwater, 
he begins to swim upward toward the screen and in a flash, it fades out...

                                   ~ fin ~

Note: If for some reason you happen to look up at this line while reading the 
credits or something I figured I should put a warning that everything above 
this line contains major plot spoilers, please turn away.

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