How do I beat the second braska's final aeon?

  1. I always get there and he'll kill me with his sword.

    User Info: catbear000

    catbear000 - 5 years ago
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    I would always summon anima and i would use pain and then he'll heal himself and then kill it with his sword then i used the three magus sisters and the healer would never heal mindy or herself

    User Info: catbear000

    catbear000 - 5 years ago

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  1. tl:dr answer =

    Customize your weapons with zombie hit/touch. BFA can be inflicted with it and it will cause his healing to hurt him instead.

    To survive his huge damage dealers summon an aeon and block. Don't attack just block and dismiss. Aeons can be resummoned to take mutiple hits for you. Remember it is possible to block with characters as well even though there is no command for it by simply pushing triangle.

    User Info: God_of_Magic

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  1. Posted information provides many ideas on the final "battle". For example, one can win without using Aeons and even by using only a single character. It really depends upon what your party's capabilities are and how you want to approach the battle.

    Here are a few sources of ideas that you might wish to consult.

    In the "Answered Questions" file check the answers to:

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    For one overview of how to approach this battle read (for example) #37 of the Storyline Boss section of the posted "Enemy Database" by SinirothX. Posted walkthroughs may have similar discussions.

    For some "neat" ideas on how to achieve victory, be sure and look at the final battle sections of the single character challenge FAQs posted. Two examples,

    Lulu Only Challenge - Section 6.22 explains how Lulu can do it herself

    Rikku Only Challenge - Check out the final set of equipment given just before the "Braska's Final Aeon" battle description as well as the battle description itself for useful ideas.

    If you think about what you find, it would seem possible that a winning strategy to match your particular situation will come to mind.

    User Info: AZorro007

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  2. Its pretty simple, especially if you have ultima weapon for tidus or auron and make sure they r powered up.
    But n case you dont have it then you could look at a boss faqs. There are about 3 of them but i reccomend using CB!'s guide.
    To defeat this boss i would make sure my characters have full healt the whole time because he can do moves that hurt all 3 of your people.
    Maybe your people arent strong enough to fight him so just go to the omega ruins and level up there. I leveled up a lot there by going through the WHOLE thing and back. Also if you arent that strong you should try to earn auto-life and fight earth eater. I gained up to 4 levels by fighting him. He hits about 20,000 and can hit all 3 of your players but if you have auto life on and dont heal your people your people wont die easily but they are still fighting with low health which(i think) gives you AP points.
    My last tip is too make sure you have break damage limit. this is because even if you only hit 20,000-50,000, then these people can defeat the aeon easily.

    Wakka-make sure he has break damge limit and attack reels because he will easily take out braskas final aeons second form.

    Tidus- If your wakka isnt that strong(like mine) then save tidus' blitz ace for the second form. He should hit 9999-15000 per hit and then 50000-99999 when he kicks the blitz ball.

    Auron- Banishing blade or tornado will work. They should bothhit about 50000 to 99999. Mine hits 99999 just like blitz ace. If this helps my auron's strength is 160 and my tidus is 140. It dosent have to be this high though.

    Since you can already beat his first form then save all the finsihers for his second form and that will make it really easy.

    Auron- Tornado or Banishing blade will work.

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  3. Also some other tips to beating this guy is too:

    Put your 3 top people in that have the strongest overdrive.

    set your peoples overdrive mode to comrade.

    make sure you have auto-life and put it on all your people(if you dont have auto life its A-O-K)

    Dont heal your people at all(TRUST ME ON THIS)

    Put auto-life on all your people(if you dont have auto-life use phenox downs or life to revive your people).

    Dont use full life.

    Also keep your peoples hp different.

    Keep one high at all times and 2 low at all times.

    Now everytime 1 person dies the other 2 will have over drives.

    Use overdrives and hit him.

    The battle will go by like clock work.

    User Info: lilwayneisbest

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  4. When BFA's overdrive gauge nears halfway, have Tidus use his trigger command to empty BFA's gauge. This can only be done twice in the entire two-part fight, so use it well.

    User Info: falconesque

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  5. To stop the healing, hit one of the pillars so it stops spinning. The big healing only happens when both are spinning insync. They do revive over time, and with more HP each time, so again use it well.

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  6. If you're having problems because of your character's Sphere Grid levels, go to the Omega Dungeon and level there until you max out both HP and MP, in which case you should also get a great status increase as well.

    If you have not yet done the Omega Dungeon, do it, because once you enter the structure that falls from inside Sin, you will not be allowed to come back anymore - basically, once you do so, you can only defeat all the bosses to finish the game. And there is no New Game+ after that, so do not really mind ignoring Braska's Final Aeon until you're finished Omega Dungeon (and eliminated both Ultima and Omega weapons) and obtained some Ultimate Weapons, as well as the Monster Arena if you wish.

    As for the Final Aeon itself, get every of your Aeons and characters into max Overdrive bar and summon them as soon as possible, one after another. Attack the enemy with them and once their health is low, toss the Overdrive on the boss. When using Anima, use his normal attack, since Pain deals normal damage + Death status, and this Boss is immune to Death. If you want, teach Anima Drain and Haste. When Anima is down, summon the Magus Sisters. If you're lucky, they will use their special attacks. Try getting Mindy to use Passado, as it usually hits 15 times dealing 9999 damage EACH attack. When all of your Aeons are killed, toss your characters' Overdrives.

    Break Damage, HP and MP Limits are NOT NEEDED to defeat the final bosses.

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