More Spheres?

  1. Is there an easier way to obtain stat activating spheres other than battling? I did the Don Tonberry AP trick and after the battle, I was only able to boost my stats for one character because I ran out of spheres. I need more spheres, but battling for them takes forever. Is there some way to get like 99 power spheres at once? D_Spear - 13 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. First, buy the correct type of Distiller (Power, Speed, Magic, etc.), then go fight Kottos (recommended, since I find him easier) or Fafnir in the Monster Arena. During the battle, use the distiller on the monster, then win the battle. Instead of the normal drops, you'll get 40 of the desired type of sphere for an Overkill (20 otherwise). If you get really unlucky you'll only get 1 (or 2) from the battle, which means that you would've gotten a Dark Matter instead. You can keep doing this until you have enough spheres.

    The only type of red sphere you can't do this for is Fortune Spheres, since they don't have Distillers. For these you must fight Earth Eater, which unfortunately only drops 2 Fortune Spheres for an Overkill, which obviously takes a long time if you're trying to raise Luck.
    bover_87 (FAQ Author) - 13 years ago - report 0   0
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