1. User Info: andrew746

    andrew746 - 12 years ago
  2. What is it that o'aka gives you when you give him 10000+ gil ?

    User Info: Blitz_Freak

    Blitz_Freak - 12 years ago

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  1. You have 4 chances to donate money to O'aka, and the only thing that matters is the sum you've donated over all 4 chances. For example, if you donate 0 gil, 0 gil, 0 gil, and 10001 gil at the 4 chances, it's the same as donating 2500, 2500, 2500, 2501.

    The prizes for donating money are (from Split's walkthrough):
    0 - 100 gil -> all items/weapons will get 100% increase in prices
    101 - 1000 gil -> all items/weapons will get 50% increase in prices
    1001 - 10000 -> all items/weapons will get 20% increase in prices
    10001+ -> items/weapons will get 30% discount on all prices
    So either donate a total of 10001 or don't donate at all.

    The four places to encounter O'aka are:
    S.S. Liki
    S.S. Winno
    Mi'ihen Oldroad

    User Info: acero47

    acero47 - 12 years ago 27   10


  1. If you donate money he will lower prices later in the game. I advise you to give 1001 gil too, because of the shop before Operation Mi'ihen. There's a bunch of good stuff you can buy there, most importantly Wakka's TKO.

    User Info: DMCM

    DMCM - 12 years ago 10   5
  2. No. The weapons and armour themself do NOT change based on the donations. Only the prices of them change.

    User Info: na-mi-da

    na-mi-da - 12 years ago 8   4
  3. Well, I find it easier to pay him the 1001+ gil as soon as I can. The reason being is that at certain places, such as Operation Mi'ihen HQ and Mt. Gagazet, there are no stores to be seen other than O'aka. It's because of his discount prices he gives for medical items I might need to restock on in those areas that helps out a lot.

    However, the weapons and armor he sells can also be linked directly to how much money to give him. The more, the more rare and possibly even cheaper than others may realize. O'aka is a great asset in many places where you might like to purchase weapons/armor before you might actually need it. I have thought up a list where his discount prices will actually pay off:

    Operation Mi'ihen HQ
    And last but not least, Mt. Gagazet (Only it's his brother, Wantz who "wantz" your money.)

    Talking with Wantz at Mt. Gagazet (and maybe buying a few items) will allow you to purchase 4-empty slot weapons and armor for 100,000 gil at the entrance to Macalania Woods leading to the Thunder Plains.

    So, it's all up to you whether or not you want to pay him the donations. Good Luck!

    User Info: bonedragon17

    bonedragon17 - 12 years ago 8   5
  4. I didn't think it would apply to the weapons but I was only counting the items for those who likes to use items more than magic for their characters. Either way, that is good to know. ^__^

    User Info: bonedragon17

    bonedragon17 - 12 years ago 3   5
  5. He will lower his prices. I recommend donating 1001, but 101 is good too.

    User Info: barreltheif

    barreltheif - 12 years ago 5   10
  6. This is easy if you dont give money he will highen his prices if you give him 10001 gil he will give you a 30% discount on all

    User Info: shadow_571

    shadow_571 - 12 years ago 3   10
  7. If you give him 10000+ gil the first time he ask you for cash, he'll give you something nice.

    User Info: Mygas

    Mygas - 12 years ago 5   21
  8. Don't pay him at all it's just a trick.

    User Info: KingBehemoth

    KingBehemoth - 12 years ago 8   27

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