Recommendations for awesome Blitzball team?

  1. Which players n where do i find them?

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Accepted Answer

  1. It honestly depends on what you're looking for your team to be able to do, and at what level your using them. I always think endgame when planning my team, so my opinions are based on their level 99 stats. Any lacking that my team has prior to endgame only makes blitzball more fun, because to be honest, even with the worst players, as long as you have at least a basic understanding of the game, its more than easy.

    Speed team: Not exactly the best OVERALL team, but when you can run circles around every other team, what else do you need? I have 4 natural shooters so I can score goals, Nav and Brother can be solid enough on defense, and with Nimrook in goal, I will always win. ^_^
    Tidus (not exactly fast, but you get him for free, so why not?)
    Wakka (not fast either, but if you don't hire him, no other team will, and I personally feel bad if he is left at level 3 for the entire game ^_^)
    Datto (decent shoot and third highest speed endgame)
    Brother (decent stats overall, AMAZING stats prior to mid-levels, and tied for highest speed endgame)
    Nedus (decent shoot and tied for highest speed endgame. Sidenote: he starts at speed 30, so you may not want to get him til later)
    Nav Guado (decent stats overall, particularly passing, and fourth highest speed endgame. also starts slower than most)
    Nimrook (gotta have the best goalie, speed is not an issue)

    Overall Best Team:
    I can't name any specific team, but I will give you a list of my top choices for endgame in every stat, and you can go from there.
    Sidenote: Techs are very important endgame!

    Forward: SH and EN most important
    Keepa - 99 SH(doesnt have much else going for him tho)
    Larbeight - 96 SH(highest EN as well endgame, and solid AT stat make him top shooter for most people endgame)
    Linna - 92 SH(highest PA endgame, and very good AT and BL stats endgame, but her very poor EN (27!!!) endgame makes most people overlook her)
    Vilucha - 91 SH(good EN as well)
    Honorable Mentions:
    Tidus - 78 SH(good EN, and free)
    Wakka - 80 SH(good EN, 1 gil per game, and sentimental reasons ^_^)
    Nedus - 74 SH(99 SP!!!)
    Isken - 81 SH(99 EN!!!
    Most people that I know use Larbeight, Vilucha, and/or Isken endgame, but pretty much any character with 75+ SH is effective.

    Goalie: CA most important
    Nimrook - 67 (best, anybody who tells you otherwise is lying)
    Wedge - 62 (honorable mention for being 2nd best)

    Midfield: All stats important, PA most
    Vuroja - 99 PA (best PA, and most of his other stats are above average, he is the best OVERALL midfielder
    Honorable Mentions:
    Linna - 99 PA (best offensive midfielder)
    Kiyuri - 90 PA (best defensive midfielder)

    Defense: AT and BL most important, PA somewhat as well
    Ropp - 73 AT (best) and 53 BL (solid) combined with 96 PA make him the most sought after defender
    Irga - 67 AT (2nd) and 55 BL (solid) with 79 PA (solid) and 79 EN (nice bonus)
    Kulukan - 64 AT(3rd) and 64 BL (great) combined with 96 PA make her 2nd most sought after for most people
    Nav Guado - 54 AT (decent) and 82 BL (best) with 84 SP (great bonus)
    Honorable Mentions:
    Anyone with above 50 AT, BL, and PA will all make solid defenders

    I could go on and on, but I'm tired. Message me if you want more info, or want to share strategies! ^_^

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Other Answers

  1. Okay, for the blitzball team actually each person have his or her own recommendation, so its up to you. What you should take a note is that the Ronzos have a great amount of HP but lack of speed, Guados have a great speed but lack of HP (well, not that lack I think).
    I,m not really a big fan of blitzball, but in order to get the jupiter sigil you must play, anyway I had this experience when I played so many times but the jupiter sigil didn't appear as one of the prizes, the reason why is maybe because I didn't recruit Wakka, because when I did in another replay of the game, I got the sigil successfully. The pattern is Attack reels-tournament, Status reels-league, Aurochs reels-tournament,jupiter sigil-league,always like that. But this is still just my theory, I don't know does it have any effect to obtain the sigil or not, so does with the other aurochs member,so far I always keep all the aurochs player plus wakka,so that leave only one more spot, I choose Brother.

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  2. just to let you know you dont need wakka to get the jupiter sigil but some times it takes a long time to be a prize and as far as a know nimrook is the best goal keeper but thats all i know hope it helps some XD

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  3. i reccomend , Tidus, Wakka, Ropp, Wedge, Zalitz and then Nimrook

    Person as midfield, gets amazing xp, tidus gets amazing at lvl 10 +, my tidus is lvl 17 atm and can easily score a goal from half way.

    Tidus: Get him automattically

    Wakka: (He leaves, then when you can get on airship press Square on him in the main room then recruit him.

    Ropp:I found him in mi'ihen highroad agency where you beat the chocoboeater.

    Zalitz: In luca, dock 4 or 5.

    Wedge: Get Wedge in luca as early as possible

    Nimrook: nimrook is in the airship, in the corridor.

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