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  1. How long would it take to get my hp to 99999 for three of my main characters? (Just a rough estimate) All of their hp is around 25000. Their stats are all pretty similar. Strength: 255 Defense: 255 Magic: 160 Agility: 240 Evasion: 240 Luck: 120. I have all the monsters in the monster arena unlocked and I know the HP sphere comes from the Ironclad, but would having my HP that high make defeating nemesis easier/quicker? I have their celestial weapons too. Also is it worth it? And my three characters are Tidus, Yuna, and Auron.

    User Info: Kid_popnrockz

    Kid_popnrockz - 10 years ago
  2. Setzer87 =) try 15k healing? fail lol

    User Info: ffx_for_life

    ffx_for_life - 10 years ago

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  1. Considering that doing so would take so long, and also that it is possible to defeat Nemesis with the same 3 characters at considerably lower levels, I'd say you'll be fine.

    When I fought Nemesis I had Yuna with about 30k HP and Auron and Tidus with 9999. I'm not saying that the battle was by any means breezy, but when looking back, 99k's really not all that worth the time and effort. Your friends in the Nemesis battle are Yuna's Auto-Life ability, and characters with armor that enables Auto-Phoenix. The goal's really just to make sure that everyone stays alive while it's attacking and to use the times in between to cut away some of its HP. With your strength and defense stats filled out nearly all the way, your battle should be somewhat easier.

    User Info: PSXGirl

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  1. Maxing HP to that degree would take dedication and (possibly) many dozens of hours, if not months. It does mean reworking the sphere grid and figuring out how not to counter the other stats you've maxed. How best to do so is entirely up to you.

    No, it won't help with that boss. So no, not worth the effort if that's the only goal.

    User Info: falconesque

    falconesque - 10 years ago 1   0
  2. Short answer: quite a while

    Explanation: you're scr3wed

    True definition: You'll have to fight and bribe a lot of cash for hp sphere's to add to your sphere grids to improve the max hp of your characters. I am unsure as I have only completed the game with 9999 hp's no elite weapons and no optional bosses defeated but I have also done it with a no sphere grid save (just not using it) all bosses done, monster arena complete (hehe rikku can hit 99k with her celestial weapon without sphere grid... be wise though...

    I wish you good luck... it shall take u a long time, to be honest, u dont need more than 4k hp on characters to complete the game and all bosses... my rikku still has 370hp X-D and can survive nemesis duo with tidus's buffs.

    User Info: ffx_for_life

    ffx_for_life - 10 years ago 1   1
  3. I would say that 99,999 Health Points is nice, but if you have better gear to replace it then that's the greater idea! My armor for my characters are: Auto Phoenix, Auto Haste, Auto Protect, Auto Regen. I use Auto Regen for some characters, But I would recommend NOT using it for Auron, for as most know his Celestial Weapon "musamune" Adds more Damage when his Health Points are in Lower or Critical Condition. But if you have 255 Strength on him, It wont be that great of a difference..

    User Info: KeenlyUber1

    KeenlyUber1 - 10 years ago 1   1
  4. Unless you are looking for a "perfect" save, you should not max out HP, Luck, or Magic stats. And anyway, to achieve 99,999HP you would need to destroy several spheres on the grid and fill them with +300HP spheres, which would weaken your other stats. It would take forever and it would be pointless. I defeated all Arena creations, Dark Aeons, and Penance with a 9,999HP party.

    If you have armor with Auto-Protect and Def+20, no monster IN THE WHOLE GAME can do more than 9999 damage to all of your characters at once, meaning your party cannot be KO'd by a single attack.

    User Info: lordgodalming

    lordgodalming - 10 years ago 1   1
  5. 99k HP is not that good, I would go for 255 of luck. You can't heal more than 9999hp at a time, and sometimes the enemies will hit you for more than 25k hp each time. I would go for a character with auto fenix, and auto haste.
    Another cool trick you can get wakka as one of you "main" characters and do the attack reel.

    User Info: Setzer87

    Setzer87 - 10 years ago 1   2
  6. Just about every node on my sphere grid is hp and i have armor that boosts hp too and ive come close bout70,000hp but i had about 500+ hours on it too so ether cheat or have 500+ hrs

    User Info: Excalibur222

    Excalibur222 - 10 years ago 1   3
  7. that is a task that will take a really long time and involve having the celestial weapons.

    My answer is that once you can master the celestial weapons you can unlock the break hp limit for your accessories. After that you will actually stand a chance in the monster arena where you can get the necessary items to customize it into your accessories. Good Luck with it is all i can say.

    User Info: gamernomar11

    gamernomar11 - 10 years ago 0   2
  8. Well take my advice cause I beat the game 30 times, go to the Omega Ruins, and kill The REAL Omega, then you should get enough points to get max HP, if you don't then go battle alot of Fiends.

    User Info: Choco7Cloud

    Choco7Cloud - 10 years ago 1   4

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