Where do you get lv. 4 key spheres?

  1. I'm about 2 get ultima but to get this spell and other abilities i need a few more lv. 4 key spheres, can i get some help?

    User Info: Sabith07

    Sabith07 - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To identify sources of items in general, see the posted "Item Database" by KFDAC.

    The source of interest may depend upon where you are in the game.

    Pre Yunalesca Level 4 Key spheres are available.

    The "best" source is to bribe the Chimera Brain fiend in the Calm Lands. The bribe guideline is to expect two for about 198,000 Gil. A strategy is to [Save] before attempting the bribe. Then offer less than 198, 000 (say 120,000) Gil. If the bribe is accepted and you like the result, [Save]. If the bribe is not accepted, increment the bribe by, say, 10 Gil until the bribe is accepted. If you like the result, [Save], if not reset and try again. Trial and error to get good results is needed.

    You should have found one in a treasure chest at Home and can find one in a treasure chest on the Mt. Gagazet trail.

    In Zanarkand, Spectral Keeper will drop one (ordinary kill) or two (overkill) when defeated.

    Post Yunalesca a few more sources are available.

    In Omega Ruins.

    One for playing the "chest opening" minigame and successfully opening the first chest and another for opening seven.
    Defeat the Omega Weapon "final" boss and get three (ordinary kill) or six (overkill).

    Inside Sin

    One (ordinary kill) or two (overkill) for defeating Seymour Flux.
    One from a treasure chest found by completing a monster elimination mini game.

    And, finally, if you capture 10 of each fiend for the Monster Arena and defeat all of the Monster Arena creations, you will unlock Nemesis and be able to steal Level 4 Key spheres from that fiend.

    Frankly, I vote for bribing Chimera Brain. That fiend will be found "behind" the travel agency kiosk between the agency building and the large thorn that appears there.

    User Info: AZorro007

    AZorro007 (Expert) - 11 years ago 28   10

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  1. Kirkinout wrote in another question this:

    Level 4 Key Spheres are dropped by Spectral Keeper (Zanarkand Ruins, Land Worm (Inside Sin).
    You can also Bribe Chimera Brain (Calm Lands, 196,000 gil for 2). They can be found in a chest in Gagazet: Mountain Trail, and a chest in Inside Sin: City of Dying Dreams.
    You also have a chance at getting them in Omega Ruins in the random chests.

    it's also an easy steal from nemesis (in the battle arena) the problem is you have to unlock nemesis first.... you don't have to survive the battle though and still get to keep the sphere

    User Info: TiggerArmy

    TiggerArmy - 11 years ago 15   10

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