How do I beat (Braskas final aeon)?

  1. Can some one please tell me some cheat coded or an easy way to beat Braskas final aeon

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    shawn_11 - 9 years ago

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  1. I collected some monsters in a certain set and went to the arena (check the FAQs for which ones). The guy gave me 99 ingredients for Trio of 9999 (unfortunately I cant remember the item names either). Enter battle with Rikku at full Overdrive and mix it. Every you attack will do 9999 damage ( that goes for healing too). I still suggest having some high HP though.

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  1. Well, If you already have Magus sisters and/or Anima the game is relatively easy. Another thing that does help is if you paid close attention to lulu's she goes past a small section that gives doublecast and in kimahri's general starting area on the sphere grid there is ultima. Also Yuna's ultimate weapon is generally easy to acquire and master. Yuna's ultimate weapon has One MP cost.

    The easiest way of doing it would probably get all these thing I have stated on yuna and you should be completely fine. Anima, Magus Sisters, Ultima, Doublecast, Yuna's Ultima Weapon.

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  2. Welllllllllllll, I pumped Yuna, Auron and Tidus up by compleating their sections of the sphere grid. Also Yuna had her maxed out legendary wepon equiped, and Tidus did too. Auron however did not, he has a wepon that has one mp cost, zombie strike and strenth piuse 5 , also hp pluse 5. Auron had one mp because he had hastega from Tidus' sphere grid. Yuna also had Anima, Yojimbo and Mangus Sisters, pluse the spells Holy, Ultima, and Flare, pluse double cast. Bring it all the way dow to 70,000 hp in it,s second form, then use Yuna's over drive on Anima to finsh him off.

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  3. In addition to having powerful characters and Aeons, there is a gimmick that you can use.
    Tidus has a Trigger Command, Talk, that he can use. When Tidus Talks to Braska's Final Aeon, you get a message that says, "Tidus's words seem to affect Jecht." (first use) or "Jecht seems moved (or torn, can't remember which)." (second use), followed by "Jecht's power decreases.", and Jecht's Overdrive gauge will be greatly reduced or even emptied completely. However, it only works twice, so save it for when Braska's Final Aeon's Overdrive Gauge is full (which is announced by a message that says, "Jecht Overdrive!"), and preferably for the second stage of the fight, when its attacks hit your entire party and its Overdrives become more powerful. The Talk Trigger Command should keep Braska's Final Aeon from using its Overdrives until you defeat it.

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  4. Firstly, ignore the two Yu Pagodas. If you destroy them, they'll just return, and I seem to remember that destroying one meant that the other one got kinda nasty and started using attacks which inflicted various status effects on you. Besides, they're HP increases everytime you defeat them anyway. I'd make sure to cast Haste, Protect and Regen on all your characters (Hastega can speed that up as well) and make sure to keep it up. Save Tidus' Talk Trigger Command until the second stage of the battle (when Braska's Final Aeon draws a sword and begins to inflict more damage). I'd also advise getting Rikku's Overdrive gauge up prior to the fight. Hyper Vitalty will help a lot if your HP isn't high. If you haven't got the items for that though, Mega Vitality can do just as well. While you can use Breaks on Braska's Final Aeon, the Pagoda's will lift them, so I'd ignore using Breaks. Holy can be quite useful (Yuna and Rikku being suitable to cast that). Or, if Lulu has learned Doublecast, you can combine it with Ultima or Flare to deal a nice amount of damage. I, personally, have found that I prefer to use items to heal in this fight. Generally, Yuna is better suited to using Holy, so I use a third character for that (Wakka quite often - Attack Reels can deal a lot of damage, so I personally use him to heal while building his Overdrive gauge up). Anyway, your opponent will eventually draw a sword, meaning he'll deal more damage to you, and can unleash the Ultimate Jecht Shot, which I've found can deal about 5,000 damage. Just keep up Haste, Protect and Regen. If you've got Auto-Life that can also help (especially with something like 1 MP Cost).

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  5. Keep going into random battles. Get enough SP to move around the grid and fill up as much nodes as you can. If you don't have enough items to unlock the nodes than specialize with 3 of your most favorable of comfortable characters. I use Wakka, Rikku, Auron for long distance, speed, and strenght.
    There's nothing else about it with RPG's. Just train your characters and you will suffice.

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  6. Your best bet is Trio of 9999, one of Rikku's Mixes. It makes all the actions of your current active party worth 9999 (both healing and attacking). Combine this with multihitting attacks(I.e. Slice and Dice, Fury, elemental gems) and Aeon Overdrives, and it should be easy. Here are the combinations for Trio of 9999 (from the secrets/sidequests FAQ):

    Amulet + Blessed Gem
    Amulet + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Amulet + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Amulet + Shining Gem

    Dark Matter + Arctic Wind
    Dark Matter + Bomb Core
    Dark Matter + Dragon Scale
    Dark Matter + Farplane Shadow
    Dark Matter + Farplane Wind
    Dark Matter + Lightning Marble
    Dark Matter + Mana Tablet
    Dark Matter + Mana Tonic
    Dark Matter + Pendulum
    Dark Matter + Stamina Tablet
    Dark Matter + Stamina Tonic
    Dark Matter + Twin Stars

    Door to Tomorrow + Blessed Gem
    Door to Tomorrow + Door to Tomorrow
    Door to Tomorrow + Gambler's Spirit
    Door to Tomorrow + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Door to Tomorrow + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Door to Tomorrow + Shining Gem
    Door to Tomorrow + Underdog's Secret
    Door to Tomorrow + Wings to Discovery
    Door to Tomorrow + Winning Formula

    Gambler's Spirit + Blessed Gem
    Gambler's Spirit + Blessed Gem
    Gambler's Spirit + Gambler's Spirit
    Gambler's Spirit + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Gambler's Spirit + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Gambler's Spirit + Shining Gem

    Master Sphere + Blessed Gem
    Master Sphere + Shining Gem
    Master Sphere + Supreme Gem

    Pendulum + Blessed Gem
    Pendulum + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Pendulum + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Pendulum + Shining Gem
    Pendulum + Supreme Gem

    Underdog's Secret + Blessed Gem
    Underdog's Secret + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Underdog's Secret + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Underdog's Secret + Shining Gem

    Warp Sphere + Blessed Gem
    Warp Sphere + Shining Gem

    Wings to Discovery + Blessed Gem
    Wings to Discovery + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Wings to Discovery + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Wings to Discovery + Shining Gem
    Wings to Discovery + Wings to Discovery

    Winning Formula + Blessed Gem
    Winning Formula + Level 3 Key Sphere
    Winning Formula + Level 4 Key Sphere
    Winning Formula + Shining Gem

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  7. I know this is a weird answer, and everyone elses is a lot better then mine, but just call yojimbo and make him us zanmato on bfa. It is an expensive, unreliable, and unethecal(not really) way to win, but it`s worth trying.(I know this question`s dead, but i like answering old questions with bad answers.)

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  8. Anima + Magus Sisters makes this pretty easy. Also, an Overdrive from Bahamut will do a lot of damage. The line-up you use will vary, but Make sure you have Yuna as a healer, and someone (most likely Auron or Tidus) to do some heavy damage. If you have Quick Hit and either Anima or Magus Sisters, this fight is very easy.

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  9. Well, each time I play this game, I always make a pit stop to the Omega Ruins, and catch one of those Veruna monsters, and then going to refight it at the Arena over and over, with double/triple AP gain weapons, giving me about 3-4 S.Lvls per fight. So by the time I enter Sin for the first time, most of my characters have about +20k HP, and eithermax or near max stats, so I usually whack Braska's Final Aeon once or twice and it's fight over. I don't have any stradegy for beating him.

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  10. That's so easy !

    Just get anima to do the job !

    To get anima you must complete all the temple treasures and remember


    That counts too :)

    with anima you got no problem . . .

    If you think that's not enough you can also go to Remiem to get Magus Sisters

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  11. ok..first thing u do make sure that Yuna learns DoubleCast from Lulu's Magic is ur best hope as my Yuna and Lulu keep on using DoubleCast Ultima on Braska's Final Aeon.Then juz use atleast 2 overdrives on Braska's Final Aeon...Now after Braska's Final Aeon is badly damaged,he will use his HUGE SWORD...don't ask Yuna summon Anima...ask Anima use Boost on herself..let Braska's Final Aeon hit u until u overdrive but it is recommended that Anima have full overdrive before u fight Braska's Final Aeon...hehe...just use Oblivion atleast two times on Braska's Final Aeon that deals atleast 76k each overdrive..Anima should have been killed by Braska's Final Aeon just hit Braska's Final Aeon a couple of times with Tidus,Auron, or Wakka...or just use Magic on Braska's Final Aeon with Lulu or Yuna..then done...Braska's Final Aeon have been slayed!!

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  12. I recommend you zombie strike him, so that the pagodas hurt him. Use Tidus' "Talk" command when his overdrive is almost full. Pump up your characters in the sphere grid, with doublecast, ultima, and equip one MP Cost + Magic Booster weapons, so you can doublecast boosted ultimas for only 4 mp.

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  13. Can be simple can be hard but without aeons just do a normal strategy hastega on everyone keep you health high and just focus on doing damage to jecht (braskas final aeon) regen and haste is my fav in the last fight. protect can help here to but dont use shell cause when u heal it heals less.

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  14. What i did is i got stamina tablets from (idk) wich multiplies ur health power by 2 making u pretty much indestructeble if u have over 4000 life points but make sure u have protect on them and braskas final aeon is a kitten

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  15. I actually beat it really easily using Amima because I didn't have the magus sisters yet.
    You have to get all the tresures from the temples in order to get Anima though. And if you want the magus sisters, you also have to get amia. So i encourage you to get anima first.
    Just get Yuna's and Anima's overdrive ready before the battle and all you have to do is use both of their overdrives... and Ta Da!
    You beat Braska's Final Aeon.

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  16. Rikku's mix ablility to make trio of 9999 is the easiest way to slaughter this boss in like 10 - 15 turns

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