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Get Out Of The Stands And Into The Action
90 Minutes Of Pure Adrenaline

More Excitement And Emotion
Stunningly detailed faces animate to bring life and emotion to every player.

The Stadium Comes Alive
Deeper sideline detail-including linesmen, TV cameras, and irate coaches-bring the pitch to life.

Easy-To-Executre Skill Moves
Powered-up kicks and wicked flicks give an edge to the skilled FIFA gamer.

On The Field Like Never Before
Deafening chants, piercing whistles, and bone-crunching challenges immerse you in pulsating on-pitch action.

The Biggest Sport On Earth
Coming at you with 16 leagues, featuring every team and all the best players.

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#206 lowest rated PS2 sports game (#1099 on PS2, #22530 overall)


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#120 easiest PS2 sports game (#563 on PS2, #13935 overall)


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