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Tina Guide by ATadeo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/10/2001

                                   T I N A
                      Tina Character Guide Version 1.0
                Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore for Sony Playstation 2
                            North American Version
                                By: "A" Tadeo
                          Created: November 10, 2001
                            Date last Updated: n/a
                     Mail me at: aaron20@edsamail.com.ph
           Homepage: http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/pixel/1792/


This FAQ is created for personal use only. You must not use it for anything 
that gains profit. Specifically Magazines, Game Guides, Commercial Web Sites. 
You’re also not allowed to rip off part/s of this FAQ and put it on your own 
FAQ. Anyone doing this is guilty of "plagiarism", the act of stealing and 
passing off of ideas and words of another as one’s own without crediting the 

You also cannot use this FAQ as a guide for you to make your own FAQ, you 
must do everything there is to do in the game yourself or have others give 
info about your game and give them proper credit. You can copy the layout 

You can put this FAQ on your non-commercial or non-profit web site provided 
that not a single character has been edited or removed and you MUST have 
permission from me in order to do so. You can also, print a copy of the 
entire FAQ or a part of it, provided you only use it for personal purposes. 
Remember "You don’t have to steal, just ask. " - B.O.F.III


Once more, hello again! =). Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore is such a great game 
with ultra-flashy graphics and intense gameplay. Compared to the previous 
versions of Dead or Alive 2 (US/JAP Dreamcast and JAP PS2), this one includes 
new characters and new costumes. Seeing that I made a guide for its ancestor, 
Dead or Alive for the Playstation, I decided to create characters guides for 
DOA2: Hardcore. I’ll be concentrating on the ladies first and then I’ll 
create guides for the men. After all, DOA is famous for its gorgeous and sexy 
women. =)

                     I.     Updates/Revisions
                     II.    Guide Info
                     III.   Profile/Story
                     III.   Ayane’s Special Moves and Combos
                     IV.    Throws/Holds
                     V.     Tag Battle Tips
                     VI.    Survival Tips
                     VII.   Individual Character Guide
                            a. Kasumi
                            b. Tina
                            c. Lei Fang
                            d. Ayane
                            e. Helena
                            f. Hayabusa
                            g. Jann Lee
                            h. Zack
                            i. Gen-Fu
                            j. Bass
                            k. Ein
                            l. Leon
                            m. Tengu
                     VIII.  Costumes
                     IX.    FAQs
                     X.     Gameplay Tips
                     XI.    Credits


Author Notes:
Move List has been completed. Strategies will come in on the next update.

No Updates as for now.

                                 GUIDE INFO
For this guide, I’ll be using these to represent the different movements or 
positions for the moves.

u  = Up                   BT = Your back turned (back faced from opponent)
uf = Up and Forward       OC = Opponent is Crouching
f  = Forward              P  = Punch
df = Down and Forward     K  = Kick 
d  = Down                 F  = Free Button
db = Down and Backward    OD = Opponent is Down
b  = Backward             WR = While Rising
ub = Up and Backward      HD = Hold down button preceding this symbol
W  = Execute next button after .5 seconds
NW = Next to Wall
BE = Backs turned against each other
CB1= You’re crouching with your back facing opponent
CB2= Opponent is crouching and his/her back is facing you
OB = Opponent’s back is facing you

Now, I’ll try to explain the difference between uf+P,P and uf,P,P. In the 
first one, uf and Punch should be pushed at the same time then press another 
punch. For the second one, push uf first then press Punch, and then Punch 


Country:          USA
Fighting Style:   Pro-Wrestling
Age:              22
Height:           5’9"
Weight:           115 lbs.
Vital Statistics: 37" 24" 35"
Job:              Pro-Wrestler


Tina is one of the best pro-wrestlers around. She also has one of the best 
bodies in DOA. Tina has gone wayward from his father’s dream of what she should 
be. Her father’s dream is for her to grow to be a lady. And yet, she went the 
other way and exposed herself by fashion modeling and wrestling. But at the end, 
she and her father will finally tie their severed family knot.

Tina is also known to be the type of Zack who desperately tries to get Tina’s 
attention. She doesn’t care though. =)


                          SPECIAL MOVES AND COMBOS

For the description of the moves (as well as the other sections of this guide 
that has a description column in it), I just invented some of the names 
(applicable to those that I’ve discovered). 

Note: Juggle means to attack you opponent continuously while he/she is still 
in the air. This is nice to look at and very damaging. Combos are a series of 
moves that damage the opponent successively, making him/her unable to 
retaliate quickly.

Motion                 |  Description
P,K                    |  Jab High Kick
P,P,K                  |  Machine Gun Middle
P,P,P,K                |  Machine Gun Elbow Knee
ub+P                   |  Knuckle Arrow
u+P                    |  Blazing Chop
uf+P,K                 |  Back Elbow Knee
b+P                    |  Double Hammer
db+P                   |  Low Spin Knuckle
f+P,P,P                |  Infinity Combo
f+P,P,K                |  Ultimate Combo
f+P,P,d+P              |  Spin Knuckle Combo
f+P,P,d+K              |  Low Drop Combo
f,f+P,P,K              |  Combo Drop Kick
f,f+P+K                |  Tina Special
(HD)df,P,P             |  Vertical Hammer
df,df+P                |  Dolphin Upper
d,df,f+P               |  Rolling Elbow 
K,K                    |  Ankle Spin Kick
df+K,K                 |  Double Middle Kick
uf+K                   |  Step Kick
ub+K                   |  Back Brain Kick
u+K                    |  Drop Kick
f,f+K                  |  Front Step Kick
f+K,P                  |  Knee Hammer
(HD)d,K,K,K            |  Double Ai Kick
df,df+K                |  Crush Knee
F+K                    |  Dancing Doll Kick
b,db,d,df,f+P          |  Shoulder Tackle
P+K                    |  Short Range Lariat
f+P+K                  |  Elbow Suicide
b+K                    |  Rolling Sobat
f+F+K                  |  Front Roll Kick
d+F+K                  |  Low Drop Kick
b+P+K                  |  Moonsault Press
(BT)F+K                |  Turn Sobat
(BT)P+K                |  Moonsault Attack

u+P+K                  |  Hip Drop
d+P                    |  Elbow Drop

b,f,b+F+P+K            |  Appeal: Come on!
d,d+F+P+K              |  Appeal: Guts Pose
d+P+K                  |  Front Roll

f,f+F+P+K              |  Double Armstrong Buster (Paired with Bass)
d,df,f+F+P+K           |  Dual Bomber (Paired with Bass)
f,f+F+P+K              |  Flying Cyclone (Paired with Zack)
f,f+F+P+K              |  Arm Whip (Paired with anyone except Zack and Bass)

uf+K,uf+K,uf+K         |  Triple High Kick Combo
uf+K,any combo         |  You can basically do custom combos after this move
up+P,P,uf+P            |  High Elbow Combo
uf+P,P,P,K             |  High Elbow to PPK Combo
uf+P,P,P               |  High Elbow to punch combo
uf+P,P,uf+K,K          |  Custom High Combo
b+K,K                  |  Dual Kick Combo
uf+P,f,f+P,P,d+K       |  Ultra Combo
uf+P,f,f+P,P           |  Punch Combo


To be able to pull off the throws and holds, you must be right beside and as 
close as possible to your opponents. Remember that, you cannot use the throws 
without the (OC) if the opponent is crouching and vice versa.

Motion                 | Description
F+P                    | Death Valley Bomb
f+F+P,d+F+P            | Texas Driver (Throw Combo)
f+F+P                  | Burst Cyclone (Throw Combo)
b+F+P                  | Frankensteiner
f,f+F+P,F+P            | Hammer Through - J.O.S. (Throw Combo)
f,f+F+P                | Burst J.O.S. (Throw Combo)
f,b,db,d,df,f+F+P,     | Giant Swing (Throw Combo)
     b,db,d,df,f+H+P   | 
b,f,df,d,db,b+F+P,     | Sky Twister Press (Throw Combo)
  d+F+P,               | 
  b,db,d,df,f,uf,u+F+P |
d,db,b+F+P,            | J.O.S. (Throw Combo)
  f,b,db,d,df,f+F+P,   |
  b,db,d,df,f,uf,f+F+P | 
b,db,d,df,f+F+P        | Fisherman’s Buster
(HD)d,b,f,df,d,db,b+   | J.O. Cyclone
  F+P                  |
(OB)F+P,d+F+P          | Double Break (Throw Combo)
(OB)f+F+P              | Throwing German Suplex
(NW)(OB)f+F+P          | Burst Suplex
(OB)b,f,df,d,db,b+F+P, | Dragon Suplex (Throw Combo)
  b,f,df,d,db,b+F+p    |
ub+F                   | Locking Hammer/Spring Leg Lock (counters high)
b+F                    | Arm Whip (counters middle P)
b+F,d,d+F              | 4 Leg Lock (counters middle K)
db+F                   | Pull-in Triangle Lock/Leg Split (counters low)

                               TAG BATTLE TIPS

Since Tina has a longer range and oftentimes a more successful throw/hold 
attempt, performing the tag attacks will be much easier with her whoever her 
partner is. But when fighting comes in, she is rather slow and she will most 
likely need the help of her partner. Don’t let Tina stay long, rely on your 
partner when you plan to attack. Remember that Tina is excellent at throwing so 
use her to your advantage.

                                SURVIVAL TIPS

Tina is a hard character to use at a Survival Game. She is slow in terms of her 
attacks. Her best bet would her powerful and effective throws. Don’t get too 
hasty and don’t rush to beat the current opponent. Plan your moves well so that 
Tina won’t get damaged easily and you’ll have life to spare on the next 
opponent. Try your best to throw your opponents into oblivion. 

                         INDIVIDUAL CHARCATER GUIDE

These are my observations for the different characters while I’m playing as 
Ayane. I’ll be included some strategies that I’ve seen that is most preferred 
against a particular character. If you have some very helpful strategies, you 
may tell me about it.
















These are just some brief descriptions of Tina’s Costumes. These are also 
those that I’ve discovered and I’ll add more when I find some.

#1: 2-piece Bikini with Black Leather Vest
    - acquired automatically
#2: Leather Jacket, Red Shirt and Jeans
    - acquired automatically
#3: Black Cat Costume
    - Finish Tina in Story Mode
#4: Ripped Overalls
    - Finish Tina in Story Mode without continuing
#5: Dead or Alive 1 Costume (Blue)
     - Use Tina 50 times
#6: Tights and Tank Top
     - Use Tina 100 times
$7: Very Revealing, Body Hugging Swimsuit w/ Pantyhose
     - Use Tina 200 times

                     FAQs - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

1. Where can I find this FAQ?

   This FAQ will be updated and posted mainly at http://WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM and 
at vgstrategies.about.com/gamewinners.com. Both sites are the 2 BEST FAQ 
sites I’ve ever seen. Their webmasters are really very responsible and are 
dedicated to their web site.

2. How often do you update the FAQ?

I’ll continue to update this guide until it becomes complete in time. If 
there are MAJOR corrections, this guide will be updated.

3. How many costumes does Tina have in this game?

So far, there are 7 revealed costumes for Tina.

4. Is Bass, Tina’s father?



                             GAMEPLAY TIPS

1. Try to master the Hold Button. Countering an opponent is always a key to 
winning the battle. Remember that Holding off opponent’s moves can be done in 
High, Mid, or Lower sections.

2. Master also the throws. These give off a very big amount of damage to the 

3. If a punch or a kick of an enemy can’t reach you, try to counter it with a 
punch or kick of your own. 

4. Master Tina’s uf+K and uf+P. These 2 are very good combo openers and 
mastering them will give you an advantage.


- Thanks to Tecmo for bringing yet another visually stunning game with 
excellent gameplay for the best gaming console (PS2)! The girls are very 
cute! Even cuter than the first one.

- Thanks to the readers of this FAQ. This won’t be called such without anyone 
using it. Thanks very much!

- Thanks to my Sis for waiting patiently for me while I’m typing and playing 
the PS2.  

- And last but absolutely not the least, thanks to GameFAQs where you can 
view and download this FAQ. CjayC deserves all the credits given to him. 

                         Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore(tm)
                   is a registered trademark of Tecmo (tm)

               Playstation 2, Playstation and its accessories
        are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment, inc.

                           The Tina Character Guide
                          (c)Copyright November 2001
                                 "A"  Tadeo

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