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Tina Guide by Mr.NeoSandman

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 03/13/2002

         _                                                   _
      D |*|            Mr.NeoSandman's Tina faq             |*| D
      O |*|              for Dead or Alive 2                |*| O
EROCDRAH|*|                   HARDCORE                      |*|HARDCORE
      2 |*|              for PS2 version:2.6                |*| 2
        |*|         email:mr_neosandman@hotmail.com         |*|
        |*|                      web site                   |*|
        |*| www.geocities.com/mr_neosandman/homepage.html   |*|
        |-|                                                 |-|


I finnaly got around to trying DOA3 on X-box, I was sorely disappointed
At stuff like the control pad, and how the control scheme was changed.
At least that was enough to spark my interest in this one again, so here I 
With another up-date for you. I also tried to change the text a bit because 
Tought some of it sounded pretty corny, I tried to change that mostly and I
Did a monster up-date in pretty much every part, now all I need is to finish
The tag combos and moves analysis section and I am done with it.

Okay, I will warn you about holds a lot, but it's no reason not to use the
moves described in here, there is always a risk of getting held or hit,
but you can do it too, and there are ways of getting pass those,some
moves can't be held anyway, so don't freak if I mention a move that as a 
good chance of getting held. The only way you will get held like that is if 
you're opponent would play flawlessly and that will never happen. Don't let 
hold discourage you, it's a fun play mechanic and you should learn to use 
I might also get repetitive with my warnings but I have to do this
with some stuff, I have to repeat so you'll remember some of the more
important things, pay attention just to make sure, even if it seems lame
to repeat myself so much.

And finally, I did not get e-mailed for this, but I get asked a lot at
school and stuff, "Why do you always play with girl characters? Only sissies
do that." Like I would be gay if I used male characters (no offence to 
I don't always use girls, just when I like them or if I feel like it, and
I am not obsessed about the women in this game. I can play a mean game with
Jann Lee, Bass and Ein, Girls aren't just for girls and there is no reason
why you should get laughed at when you use one. (Little anecdote,they
usually shut up when they see me play with Ayane or Tina, even if I lose.
My brother used to get laughed at when he used Peach in Mario Cart 64,
after a small tournament he made with is friends, nobody ever said
anything about it ever again.) I just wanted to clear this up


This faq is maintained and copyrighted by me, Mr.NeoSandman, period.
All the other stuff outside of that is copyrighted by their owners.
You can pretty much do what you want with this file as long as it agrees
with the disclaimer, that means: don't post it anywhere without my
permission, using it to make cash, publish it in anything without permission
and doing illegal stuff. If you want to contribute something, e-mail me at 
the address mentioned above, or ask for me on the gamefaqs message 
DOA2:Hardcore board, tough I don't go there much anymore.I will give you 
full credit. I don't mind you printing it out tough, it's  kinda hard to 
play and read this on a computer screen at the same time, but don't sell it 
or anything. You can print it out and give it to a friend who has no other 
way of getting this, I understand. And if you see this anywhere other than 
game faqs or DOA online (it's not there yet but I will submit soon.), 
Neoseeker.com and
doa2.n3.net (is it there yet?), please e-mail me to let me know, and
stay tuned to Judge Judy, laughs guaranteed.

Anyway, Tina is not my favourite character, but it's close (After Ayane, 
Jann Lee and Brad Wong in DOA3). I like her style of wrestling a lot, it 
doesn't have those useless moves that pro wrestling has on TV. And she's 
actually pretty fast
for a wrestler.

She's Bass's daughter. He raised her to be a wrestler, which she was doing
since high school, but she has other plans, she wants to be a model.
Sure enough Bass is angry about it and tries to change her mind and
succeeded this time. She joins the DOA tournament again to help boost her
popularity to get herself into modeling. After she manages that, you can
imagine how Bass is pissed, if you can't, watch Tina's ending (man, he's
real steamed). I may be skipping ahead a bit, but, in DOA3, she manages
to get a successful career in modeling, but since she's not satisfied,
she wants to make her big break in acting, imagine how Bass is mad after
finding out about that. There's a few funny cut-scenes, and Baa's ending is
real funny in DOA3.

Vital statistics for DOA2

Birthday: December 6
Height:5 foot 9 inches (almost as tall as me)
Weight:114 pounds
Bust,Waist,Hips:35-22-35 centimetres (I think)
Nationality: American (she comes from Texas or Arizona I think)
Fighting style: Pro Wrestling (not the fake stuff like on TV)
Job: Wrestler, model
likes: outdoor sports
Debut in the series: Dead or Alive in the Arcades

Here's what they look like and how to get them:
*note* you don't have to play as often to get a costume with the second
way if you have UPS on for some reason. Also. the score is based on my
personal tastes, you might like one more than I do.

costume 1:Black and silver wrestler outfit with cowboy boots.
[available at the starts]
score: 5/10 [not bad, but I find it pretty boring, I barely use it.]

costume 2:Jeans,leather jacket, orange top and high black boots (2nd fav)
[available at the start]
score: 9/10 [looks real cool, I love the way the jacket flows]

costume 3:Leather cat out fit with purple tights
[1:finish story mode]
[2:Play as Tina five times]
score: 7/10 [O_O Cool!]

costume 4:Shredded grey outfit, pink undies, stocking and high heels
[1:finish story mode on default setting and don't use continues]
[2:play as Tina 10 times with UPS on]
score: 6/10 [a bit weird, I'd like it more if the colors where better]

costume 5:Blue training outfit, white weighted gloves and leg pads (my fav)
[1:earn 1 500 000 points in survival on default setting
[2:Play as Tina 30 times]
score: 10/10 [looks just plain cool on Tina. I like the lighting effects.]

costume 6:Blue vest and tight black shorts, pink undies on shorts (kinky)
[1:finish time attack in 4 minutes 15 seconds on default settings]
[2:play as Tina 75 times]
score: 4/10 [my least favorite, looks too weird]

costume 7:Red sarong with black straps, feather circle on shoulder and boot
[1:take the "roast chicken" item in survival mode]
[2:Play as Tina 150 times]
score: 8/10 [It's pretty good, there's a nice amount of details]

[Table of contents]

--character description
--vital statistics for DOA2
--costume description and info
2.move list
--normal moves
--jump attacks
--special moves
--tag moves
--custom combos
--tag combos

---basic (beginner)
----jabs and kicks
----plain sequences
----plain moves
----basic throws
----basic defensive stuff
----short combos
----memorizing the move-list
----getting up
----down moves and you*next up-date*

----guard cancelling
----combo throws
----intermediate tagging
----intermediate holds
----combo creating tips
----different range of attacks
----poking*next up-date*
----catch throws*next up-date*

----long combos
----forcing opponent to attack*next up-date*
----mixing things up
----final word on beginner, intermediate and advanced strategy

--move analysis
--against character tips


2.move list2

Why a move list when you can get it from the games practice mode?
Because I have stuff in here like the exact damage (for most moves)
That the moves does and where it hits, and other stuff.

p: punch (triangle)  k: kick (circle)
t: throw (X) f: free (square)
ta: well... tag (R1,L1) (I took the "g" out for space reasons)
f: forward b: backward u: up d: down
qcf: press down and roll to forward
qcb: press down and roll to back
qrbf: press back and roll to forward
qrfb: press forward and roll to back

--special conversion
* before move sequence: can do a down move (d+p or u+p+k) right after
+ press the buttons linked by this at the same time
(tc) after throw name: throw combo (duh)
(nw) next to wall
(ob) move done in the opponents back
(lt) low throw
(ta) taunt(listed as appeal in game a booklet)
(dm) down move (when opponent is down)
(jg) juggle
(bow) between opponent and wall
(dj) if you press throw during a jump, you're character will execute
the throw upon landing.

If a move in a sequence is in capital letters, it means you have to hold the 
key a while for it to work.

--after move name:
H: hits high M: hits mid L: hits low J: jump attack
(listed in the order of the attack sequence)
Example: ppk - machine gun middle - HHM
(the 2 punches hit high and the kick hits mid)

dam: total damage the move does
+:after the damage:move does more damage than that, a hit or two is not
accounted for. (not listed on the screen in practice, mainly down moves)

at the end of the line:
C: cause critical status
J: can juggle after the move(listed as super-high in the booklet)

Anyway, if you ain't lost yet, let's get it on

*Important note *:If an attack height is listed as a jump attack and can 
be held (but the characters while just sway), the height after the J is the
height of the move.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Normal move sequence (can be done from normal standing position)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
sequence---move name------------move height--damage--effect

-df+p------[mid uppercut]-----------M-------20 dam.
-d+p-------[low jab]----------------L-------5 dam.
-d+k-------[turning side kick]------M-------28 dam.---bt
-pk--------[jab high kick]----------HH------40 dam.---C
-ppk-------[machine gun middle]-----HHM-----48 dam.---C
*-pppk-----[machine gun elbow knee]-HHHM----60 dam.---J
-ub+p------[knuckle arrow]----------M-------25 dam.---C
-u+p-------[blazing chop]-----------M-------28 dam.
*-uf+pk----[back elbow knee]--------HM------37 dam.---C-J
-b+p-------[double hammer]----------M-------25 dam.
-db+p------[low spin knuckle]-------L-------18 dam.
-f+ppp-----[infinity combo]---------MMM-----68 dam.
-f+ppk-----[ultimate combo]---------MMJ-----63 dam.
-f+pp,d+p--[spin knuckle combo]-----MML-----56 dam.
-f+pp.d+k--[low drop combo]---------MML-----60 dam.
-ff+ppk----[combo drop kick]--------MMJ-----76 dam.
-ff,p+k----[Tina special]-----------JM------50 dam.
-Df+pp-----[vertical hammer]--------MM------47 dam.
-*df,df+p--[dolphin upper]----------M-------25 dam.
-qcf+p-----[rolling elbow]----------M-------30 dam.
-*kk-------[ankle spin kick]--------HH------45 dam.---C
-df+kk-----[double middle kick]-----MM------50 dam.---C
-uf+k------[step kick]--------------H-------26 dam.---C
-ub+k------[back brain kick]--------JH------45 dam.
-u+k-------[drop kick]--------------JM------40 dam.
-*ff+k-----[front step kick]--------M-------30 dam.
-f+kp------[knee hammer]------------MM------42 dam.
-db+k------[leg cut]----------------L-------28 dam.---C
-D+kkk-----[triple ali kicks]-------LLL-----28 dam.---C---bt
-df,df+k---[crash knee]-------------M-------25 dam.---C
-*F+k------[dancing doll kick]------H-------32 dam.
-*bf+p-----[shoulder tackle]--------M-------40 dam.
-p+k-------[short range lariat]-----H-------34 dam.
-f, p+k----[elbow suicide]----------JM------35 dam.
-b+k-------[rolling sobat]----------M (bt)--24 dam.---C
-f+fr+k----[front roll kick]--------M-------30 dam.
-d+fr+k----[low drop kick]----------L-------25 dam.
-b,p+k-----[moonsault press]--------unholdable-35 dam.
-d,p+k,p---[front roll elbow]-------M-------30 dam.
-(bt) f+k--[turn sobat]-------------H-------30 dam.
-(bt) p+k--[moonsault back]---------unholdable-35 dam.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
jump attacks (misused and negliged stuff)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Moves you can do when you jump, there are two kinds, moves that are done
when you jump and move that are done when you land, remember, to do moves
when you land, press it right before you're character hits the ground, back-
jumping attacks will do a landing attack no matter what you do.


-vertical jumps-

-p--------------[jab]------------15 dam.
-k----------[low whip kick]------30 dam.

-forward jumps-

-p--------------[jab]------------15 dam.
-k-----------[drop kick]---------35 dam.

-landing attacks- (imput upon landing)

-p----------hammer punch-------25 dam.
-k----------knee bash----------30 dam.
-t---------[frankensteiner]---------48 dam.--dj
-t---------[throwing German suplex]-60 dam.--bo-dj
-d+t,dd+t--[trance four leg lock]-65 dam.-lt--tc-dj
-dt--------[neck crusher]--------70 dam.-lt-bo--dj

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Throws (My faaaaavorite part.. hehehe)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
sequence---move name----------------damage---notes

-t---------[death valley bomb]------45 dam.
-ft,dt-----[Texas driver]-----------50 dam.--tc
-ft--------[burst cyclone]----------70 dam.--nw
-b+t-------[frankensteiner]---------48 dam.--dj
-ff+t,t----[hammer through J.O.S.]--58 dam.--tc
-ff+t------[burst J.O.S.]-----------70 dam.--bow
-bf+t,qcbf+t------[giant swing]-----80 dam.--tc
-fb+t,d+t,du+t----[sky twister press]--105 dam.--tc
-qcb+t,bf+t.du+t--[J.O.S.]----------105 dam.--tc
-qcbf+t-----------[fisherman buster]---68 dam.
-Dfb+t------------[J.O.S. cyclone]--80 dam.--practice, hard to do at first
-t,d+t------------[double break]----70 dam.--bo-tc
-ft---------------[throwing German suplex]-60 dam.--bo--dj
-ft---------------[burst suplex]-------70 dam.--bo--bow
-fb+t,fb+t--------[dragon suplex]------70 dam.--bo
-d+t,dd+t-------- [trance four leg lock]-65 dam.-lt--tc--dj
-db+t,d+t---------[tiger driver]-------65 dam.--lt--tc
-df,df+t----------[Japanese ocean bomb]-70 dam.-lt
-dt---------------[neck crusher]--------70 dam.-lt-bo--dj

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Holds (learn to use this, or die. fun fun fun)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
sequence---move name----------------damage---what it holds-note

-ub+fr-----[locking hammer]---------93 dam.--High punch
-ub+fr-----[spin leg lock]----------77 dam.--high kick
-b+fr------[arm whip]---------------62 dam.--mid punch
-b+fr------[figure 4 leg lock]------80 dam.--mid kick------tc
-db+fr-----[triangle lock]----------77 dam.--low punch
-db+fr-----[leg split]--------------77 dam.--low kick
-b+fr------[air whip]---------------62 dam.--jumping punch

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Special moves (useful to funny stuff)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
sequence--move name---------note

-u,p+k----[hip drop]--------dm
-d+p------[elbow drop]------dm
-fbf+tag--["come on"]-------ta
-dd+tag---["let's go"]------ta
-d,p+k----[front roll]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tag Moves (more fun than shooting monkeys in a barrel)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*note* These moves tag from Tina

sequence--move name------------------partner--------damage--note

-ff+ta-----[double Armstrong buster]--Bass-----------70 dam.
-qcf+ta----[dual bomber]--------------Bass-----------80 dam.
-ff+ta-----[dual suplex]--------------Bass-----------80 dam.--bo
-ff+ta-----[flying cyclone]-----------Zack-----------70 dam.
-ff+ta-----[Lock-on hip drop]---------Lei-Fang-------70 dam.
-ff+ta-----[giant swing izuna]--------Hayabusa-------70 dam.
-ff+ta-----[double sobat]-------------Leon/Bayman----70 dam.
-ff+ta-----[hien J.O.S]---------------Kasumi---------70 dam.

*note* And these are moves that are done from the partner to Tina

-ff+ta-----[docking driver]------------Bass-----------70 dam.
-qcf+ta----[lock-on sky twister press]-Bass-----------80 dam.
-ff+ta-----[bottle opener]-------------Hayabusa-------70 dam.
-ff+ta-----[flat twister]--------------Leon/Bayman----70 dam.
-ff+ta-----[lock-on drop kick]---------Zack-----------50 dam.
-ff+ta-----[double face squash]--------Lei-Fang-------70 dam.
-ff+ta,d+t-[tagging double break]------Gen-Fu---------80 dam.
-b+ta------[arm whip]------------------anyone---------62 dam.


I hope you know what combos are. What? You don't? *Sigh* Okay, I'll
explain. combos are combination of attacks. They can be long or short.
A lot of people I know argue that a real combo cannot be stopped, other
say it doesn't matter (like me). But unstoppable combos do exist in this
game. You just have to juggle the opponent. What's a juggle? It's a combo
that hits the opponent while they are in mid air. Anyway, combos are risky
simply because of holds and critical holds. Don't worry too much, they don't 
always work. Be really careful, I could explain how to possibly avoid holds 
or to make better use of combos, but not here. I will explain it in my 
strategy section.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Juggles (as mentioned above)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
These are moves that juggle well, that's pretty much it. There are some
moves that knock the opponents high enough to juggle again, but Tina
doesn't seem to have any, I will get back on that.

*note *:These are all moves in which you can pull off a down-move (u+p+k, 
d+p) right after the opponent is hit, its easy but if the opponent gets up 
fast, it might not work 100%

pk   u+p   b+p   f+ppk   k   db+k   bf+p   ppk   uf+k   f+ppp

f+pp,d+k   f+kp   f+k   p+k

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
custom combos (you know... combos... think, Killer Instinct on SNES)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Please note that some of them are a bit risky to use in battles and most
don't register as combos (you get 2 hit, then 5 hit for a 7 hit combo
for example). Just keep that in mind, most of them are easy and fun tough.
Most don't register as whole combos on purpose, the damage you cause 
As your number of hits increase, I'll make a chart of this for the next

I took the liberty of naming my combos, see the credit section for some
music bands who inspired me for some of the names.

If the combos don't work (Like a move doesn't do the right thing, pushes the
opponent too far and you can't continue), check the list to make sure
you're doing it right, make sure you imput it correctly, and change the
timing for some moves, if it doesn't work, e-mail me to let me know
and I will check it out, I might have made a mistake but I am sure
I wrote the combos properly and everything worked fine when I
Made them. I'm continually revising them and trying new ones so check here
Fro up-date to up-date, I will modify them if I see fit.

[sequence-----------move height--damage---combo name, by me-]

-ub+p,ff+k-----------HM--------44 dam.---[leg shoot]
-uf+k,u+k------------HJ--------46 dam.---[rhinoplasty]
-b+k,p+k-------------MJ--------59 dam.---[sweet pain]
-uf+p,fr+k,uf+k,db+p-HH(jg)----60 dam.---[thumb twister]
-ff+t,fb+t,fb+t------(tc)------70 dam.---[flash dragon suplex]
-ppp,ff,p+k----------HHHJ------73 dam.---[tina special 2]
-ppp,fr+k,u+p--------HHHH(jg)--81 dam.---[dancing hammer]
-pppk,ppk,d+p--------HHHM(jg)--85 dam+---[7 ring shatter]
-pppk,f+kp-----------HHHM(jg)--87 dam.---[aerial hammer]
-pk,b+t--------------HHT-------88 dam.---[apple shampoo]
-ppp,ub+p,ub+k-------HHHHJ-----115 dam.--[midnight queen]
-pppk,b+k,p+k--------HHHH(jg)--119 dam.--[wasted years]
-pk,fb+t,d+t,du+t----HH(tc)----145 dam.--[sky twister+]
-b+k,ppk,bf+t,qcbf+t-MHHH(tc)--163 dam.--[razor's edge]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
tag combos (taggerific fun. period)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The list is getting steadily bigger, thanks to my hard work I guess,
*yawn*, I need some sleep... (I seriously do)

[-Basic tag-combos-]

characters-sequence----------attack height-damage---name

-Tina_Bass-ppp,ta,uf+pp---------HHH,HH---73 dam.---[the basics of tagging]
-Tina_Bass-k,ta,pp,ta,u+p+K-----H,HH,dm--42+dam.---[the essence of tagging]
-Tina_Bass-k,ta,pk,ta,b+k,p+k---HH,(jg)--61+dam.---[the meaning of tagging]
-Tina_Bass-kk,ta,u+p+k----------HH,(dm)--45 dam.---[fun with tagging]

-Tina_Ryu-pk,ta,pp,b+p,ta,ff+ta---HHHHHT-129 dam.--[ancient ship of doom]

-Ayane-Tina--df+P,b+p,ta,f+pp,d+k---LMMML---78 dam.---[rock n'roll]
-Ayane_Tina--u+k,ta,uf+pk,ta,qcf+k-HHM-----70 dam.----[too many puppies]
-Ayane_Tina-p+k,pp,ta,D+kkk,ta,f+pp,ta,ub+k-HHHLLLMM-176 dam.
                                                     [heaven can't wait]

-Bayman_Tina-ff+p,ta,bf+p-----------HH------44 dam.----[flame tackle]

-Jann-Lee_Tina-b+p,ta,ppk,ta,f+t,qcf+k-MHHMTJ-106 dam.-[return of dragon]
-Jann-Lee_Tina-b+kk,ta,df+kk,ta,b+p,ta,dfdf+k,ta,ppp,f+p---192 dam.
                MHMMMMHHHH------------[the game of death]
-Jann-Lee_Tina-uf+k,ta,kk,ta,u+ta-----JHH-53+dam.---[tao of Jeet Kune Do]

-Ryu_Tina-pp,d+k,ta,ff+ppk-------HHLMMJ------82 dam.---[war pigs]

[-juggle tag combos-]

-Tina_Ayane-df,df+p,ta,p+k,p,ub+k--M(jg)-----59 dam.---[spinning tengu]
-Tina_Ayane-uf+pk,ta,kk,ta,u+p+k---HM(jg)----61 dam.---[Jungle beat]
-Tina_Ayane-fr+k,ta,ppk,ta,b+p+k--H(jg)-----90 dam.---[thunderstruck]

-Tina_Bass-pppk,ta,ppp-------------HHHH(jg)--88 dam.---[cheezy high combo]
-Tina_Bass-uf+pk,ta,f+pp-----------HM(jg)----75 dam.---[thunder shoot]
-Tina_Bass-fr+k,ta,b+pp,p+k--------H(jg)-----76 dam.---[aerial blender]
-Tina_Bass-uf+pk,ta,b+pp,ta,ub+k--HM(jg)----69 dam.---[air sickness]

-Tina_Bayman-uf+pk,ta,f+ppp--------HM(jg)----67 dam.---[Back solid crash]
-Tina_Bayman-pppk,ta,p+k,pk--------HHHM(jg)--98 dam.---[side edge elbow 
-Tina_Bayman-Fr+k,ta,kk,tag--------H(jg)-----59 dam.---[Dancing hell hammer]
-Tina_bayman-uf+k,ta,pk,ta,f+pp,ta,d+t-HHH(jg))----------94 dam.

-Tina_Helena-uf+pk,ta,pp,b+pp------HM(jg)----68 dam.---[Cold gin]
-Tina_Helena-Fr+k,ta,b+kk----------H(jg)-----55 dam.---[nightmare]
-Tina_Helena-pppk,ta,ppk-----------HHHM(jg)--87 dam.---[The Jack]
                                    HMMH(jg)--119 dam.--[stupify]
-Tina_Helena-pk,ta,ub+k,pp,b+pp----HHH(jg)---90 dam.---[Sin city]

-Tina_Jann-Lee-pppk,ta,ppp,f+p-----HHHM(jg)-107 dam.---[never enough]
-Tina_Jann-Lee-uf+pk,ta,f+k,bf+k---HM(jg)----65 dam.---[dragon catapult]
-Tina_Jann-Lee-uf+k,ta,pp,f+p,ta,uf+k,ta,ppp,f+p-HHH(jg)-79 dam.
                                                        [fists of fury]
-Tina_Jann-Lee-pk,ta,df+k,b+k------HHM(jg)---63 dam.---[the green hornet]

-Tina_Lei-Fang-uf+pk,ta,+p+k,ppkkk-HM(jg)----85 dam.---[perfect crime]
-Tina_Lei-Fang-fr+k,ta,pkk---------H(jg)-----62 dam.---[power slave]

-Tina_Ryu-uf+pk,ta,ppkkk,ta,b+p+k-HM(jg)----72 dam.---[sword of darkness]
-Tina_Ryu-fr+k,ta,u+k--------------H(jg)-----60 dam.---[fade to black]
-Tina_Ryu-pppk,ta,Db+k(qcf+k),p+k-HHHM(jg)-90 dam.-[sabbath bloody sabbath]

-Bayman_Tina-b+pk,ta,ff+ppk--------HH(jg)----72 dam.---[blast drop kick]
-Bayman_Tina-b+p,f+k,p,ta,ff+ppk---HMH(jg)---70 dam.---[stinger drop kick]

-Jann-Lee_Tina-uf+kk,ta,f+ppk,ta,p+k-J(jg)--78 dam.---[Chinese connection]

-Helena_Tina-uf+k,ta,f+kp----------M(jg)-----52 dam.---[cheap thrill]
-Helena_Tina-b+kk,ta,bf+p----------HM(jg)----55 dam.---[blast off]
-Helena_Tina-ub+k,ta,f+ppp---------H(jg)-----64 dam.---[Money talks]
-Helena_Tina-bokuho,p+k,ta,ff+ppk--M(jg)-----59 dam.---[Hells bells]
                             HHHHMLHMMHH(jg)-166 dam.---[Crazy train]

-Lei-Fang_Tina-uf+kk,ta,ub+k-------J(jg)-----57 dam.---[air scyth]
-Lei-Fang_Tina-uf+kk,ta,b+k,p+k----J(tg)-----80 dam.---[sandman crusher]

-Ryu_Tina-b+pk,ta,uf+pk,ta,pp,b+p,ta,f+ppp-127 dam.--[high speed dirt]


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Beginner section (a good place to start)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[Normal moves]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

Nothing much really, just be careful of holds.

[jabs and kicks]
Okay, so Tina ain't the fastest character (not the slowest either), jabs and 
fast kicks are still important and should play a part in your game.
Why you ask? Because they are fast and... because they are fast.
A fast little jab can out-run a long slow kick easily and stop it in it's
track, period. They don't do much damage but it can set up your throws
easily, hit your opponent once and stop. period. Watch your opponent hold
in tin air unsuccessfully, period. Grab. period. Let's recapitulate.
Punch, stop, watch, grab, period. Just be warned, this gets predictable.
Mix it up a little.

[plain sequences (ppp)]
Okay, ppp, kk, pppk. Pretty simple, right? It is, it's also very important.
These little dinky sequences is the backbone of any fighting game. Sure,
they mainly hit at the same point (high, mid). Easy to hold? Yes. Useless?
NOT! Like I said, it's the backbone of any fighting game. You don't have
to hit. Simply pull this off when the opponent charges at you. A computer
opponent will get stuck in the attack, a human opponent will stop so you
can guard cancel (more on that later) or set-up something else (moonsault
for instance). Good to use for basic defensive strategies, bad against
hold-crazy opponents. Use sparingly, they do a good amount of damage
but don't rely on them too much.

[Plain moves (p+k)]
Simple moves that can do a lot of damage and be a good source of annoyance.
Those are the, hum , pelvis of  any fighting games. (can you say, hadoken?)
Tina as a lot of good moves like that, my favorites being p+k, ff,p+k,
f,p+k and b,p+k. Those moves are easy to pull off, do good damage, are easy
to hit with and have a decent amount of speed. You should definitely use
these more than you use combos. Just don't get predictable with these and
you will be fine. Learn to use these. They're a must. Not just those I
listed here, most of them actually. To master these means mastering the art
of tagging, read more on it below.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[basic throws]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

[plain throws]
There is a good reason why you should learn throws like f+t or b+t,
because of their ease of use. You see an opponent stopping for some reason?
THROW! You want to finish a combo in style? THROW! these little throws are
hard to break if you don't have elite timing or you don't see them coming.
They do a fair amount of damage too and are a bit less risky than big throws
you need half a second to imput and the opponent has a few chances to break
it. Learn and live.Most of her little throws are pretty hard to break and
you almost have to expect them when you get caught. Some of them CAN'T be
broke, the only one I'm pretty sure now in Frankensteiner, I will have
to verify this.

[throw range]
Here's a useful hint, you don't have to be right next to the opponent to do
a throw, you know when you try a throw and your too far, and youre character
just lashes is arms out aimlessly? That's the distance, as long as you're
characters arm connects with the opponent, the throw will succeed. It's
usually about one or two characters length away from you're character, but
it varies from character to character, try it out to find out. In my
opinion, Helena as one of the longest throw range, but Tina as THE throw
with the longest range, the Giant-swing. I will explain in the move section.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[short combos]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_


What do I have to warn you about? Oh yeah, HOLDS! If you fight a high
level computer, you will get held. That's why short combos are safer than
long ones, unless you juggle, that's a good idea too. Do a five, six hit
combo and if your opponent holds too slow or is juggled, you will have
nothing to worry about, always be VERY careful when you do combos.
NEVER do a move over and over or combos that hit at the same place
Unless your opponent doesn't know how to hold or as a severed thumb
And can't use the free button.

[imputing tips]
Mash buttons, the most basic way of doing it, but sometimes, that won't
do for certain combos that require more than one button. Learn the timing
you have to press the buttons and "slide" your fingers on the buttons if you
have to imput something fast, not as much a life saver as in Tekken Tag 
(move timing are usually trickier) but it helps. Simple? Hey, this is basic.
If you have to imput  move fast, never EVER get frantic, if you only mash
Buttons and don't realize what your doing... never mind.

[branching combos]
Okay, we all know about short combos like f+ppp that the third punch can
be switched to stuff like d+k, right? Well, it's a great idea to do that.
If your opponent expect a high move and block or holds high, he will take
the low attack and get knocked of balance. Great idea to memorize these
and put them to use. Branching combos are more unpredictable. Some of the
moves are faster, cancel to other moves that cause knockdowns, you get it
now. Anyway, the versatility is the key with these.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[memorizing move-lists]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

The best way I can tell you is keep doing them over and over, you'll
eventually memorize them, but that may take a while. So, go into sparring
and pick a few moves, learn them, practise them and incorporate them in
your strategy, when you have done that, go into sparring and learn a few
more moves, incorporate them in your strategy without forgetting the older
ones. Or, print a move list and read it Like, when you take a bath or
something (you do wash do you?). That will help, then say "Okay, next
time I play I will try this or that." and then try it. It sounds simple
but it works. If your are crazy about learning the moves, record
yourself on a tape when you read the move list outloud and listen to it
whenever you can, congratulation! You just gained the status of DOA nut!
RUN! The men in white coats are coming to take you away.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[basic defensive stuff]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

Simple. Press the free button. You won't get hit...
if the attacks ain't low. This is kinda the tricky part about this. Learn
to anticipate low attacks and block! Or just plain jump over them. Easy!
At least low moves don't always cause much damage and your safe from high 
attacks and throws on the ground.

These include your basic back-steps to sidesteps, just learn to time these
to get away or out of your opponents attacks. Simple. Easy. Effective.
Be careful with the sidesteps, some moves "track" you (follow you) and
might still hit, back stepping is safer in my opinion. Just have a block
ready in case the opponents move tracks you.

[basic hold practise]
I SAID BASIC! This is a technique to get used to the timing. Go in
sparring mode and select 1st action, blow and any attacks, then
practise holding them. Once you get used to the timing, practice
using the combo the combo funstion, interrupt them and hold them.
Then do it against weak computer opponents. This should get you started.
DON'T hold frantically, your not thinking when you do this, it won't help
You get better.

Duck over high attacks. Easy and useful. Duck and hit low when you get
attacked high. This is simple to use and as served me well over the
years playing fighting games. Just be ready to block low attacks or break a 
low throw. With Tina, there is a lot of good stuff to do with this, you can 
low attacks like triple Ali kicks, do little back-steps, if you can time
it right, you can even do a giant swing! But, my favorite use for this is
holding down to do and db to block, when you have a chance, roll your
thumb from down to back and press throw to do the first part of the
J.O.S throw combo. With this trick, you can cause a lot of damage.
Use your imagination, you can do a lot more stuff than people think using 
Try out stuff and see what you can come up with.

[defensive tagging]
Tag to dodge attacks, tag to recharge your other fighter's energy. tag to
confuse your opponents. The usefulness of it is almost endless.
Use this to tag safely, hit the opponent and tag when "critical" flashes
on the screen, it's the only time you can do this when you didn't recover
completely from an attack you did, and your characters will tag immediately
instead of cart-wheeling of screen. Also, try this to dodge short moves
like Jann Lee's Dragon Blow.

This is also pretty useful. Even if the characters in this game don't
jump as high as games like Street Fighter, this should not be cast aside.
Jumping starts a bit slower than back-steps but get's you away farther.
You can also pull of a useful tough limited amount of moves, from
jabs to heavy kicks to landing attacks, even landing throws. But, because 
all the characters have jumping punches hold, be careful. I can think of 
only Lei-Fang, Bayman and Leon that as a jumping kick hold, so try to kick 
more often. Be careful of long-range attacks when you jump if you're close, 
you might get hit. I like to pull stuff like Tina special when I am jumping 
backwards, think about it. A thing you should know, jabs are faster than 
kicks but they can get held
by any character and don't cause a knockdown and as much damage.

"Why the hell did you write such a strategy section? I am not a beginner!"
you might ask. Well, I might sound stupid, but a lot of people don't realize
half of the stuff written here. Just because you can finish a game of Street
-Fighter or Mortal Kombat on the hardest setting after twenty tries, that
doesn't make you an expert, I fought a lot of people that all I had to do
to make them hold, is to hit them high once or twice, then, they start to
hold mid like 5 times in a row because they can't do high or low holds, and
them I throw comboed them, because they couldn't break throws. Sure, it may
sound stupid, but you shouldn't try to do all the advanced stuff when you
can't even do the basic. You can't expect to be able to barely pull off
a kick flip on a skate board, then think you can do a 900 degrees spin or
a kick flip back flip. Just like you can't just learn the rules of Magic:
the gathering (trading card game), and think you can beat everyone with
a pre-constructed world champion deck of cards you just bought and don't
even understand the card combos. You have to learn the basics before trying 
to learn the hard parts. But surprisingly enough, some people do act like 
that, so there, I may sound like I am bragging but I'm not, we are all 
beginners at some point, if you think this faq is lame, why are you reading 
it? You don't need my help then, stop reading it. I wrote this faq to help 
people, not show off. There, now that that's cleared up, on with the faq.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
intermediate strategy (time to step it up a notch)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Okay, this section covers more advanced tactics and tricks that aren't
really meant for beginners, but are a good place to continue when you get
the basics of the game play down.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[guard cancelling]-__-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

I don't know where the name came from, but this technique means to stop
an attack or a combo you are performing, wait a split second for the follow
ups to clear (press pp and wait half a second and press kk again to do the
ankl spin kick instead of a machine gun middle.) and do some thing else, 
usually, I do a grab after this, which is good, but it's also meant to 
Stop a combo, wait a bit for the opponent to hold and start another one
for example is a good application of this technique. You can also stop a
move and retreat, duck , jump, back-step and stuff to avoid a counter.
Very useful, learn this. I forget some of the stuff  Anyway, this is useful
for creating you're own combos. These are some basic applications of the
thecnique. When youre close, use throws and when the opponent is retreating
from youre attacks, use long range attacks, ducks... you know what I mean.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[combo throws]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

the main reason you want to do this is because of the damage it causes, the
reason you don't want to do this is because it is easier to break and a bit
harder to imput. Tina does have some short ones (f+t,d+t) that are easy to
do and the only one in the game that is nearly impossible to break, the
hammer through J.O.S. Sure, it's also tricky for you to time, but it takes
the timing of a god to break after the initial throw. Anyway, this is of
topic, I will explore the details in the move analysis section.
Practise doing them fast enough so you're opponent won't have a lot of time
to break them, this requires good timing and the memorization of the throws.
Do the wrong one and you will lose valuable time, but practise is the
key, practise makes perfect. In my opinion, the easiest throw to pull of
fast is the J.O.S. Most important of all, try them to see when "combo throw" 
apepears on-screen, and practice pulling them of as fast as you can, since 
your opponent can only break them when "combo throw" is on screen.

Speaking of combo-throws, you can start them early. Like, when you do
sky-twister press, you can press the down part of the last hit before
"combo throw" flashes on the screen, understood? This is sorta the secret
to pulling complicated combo throws fast and not getting them broke, I have
been know to pull the J.o.S, Giant swing and sky-twister press very fast
like this.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[intermediate tagging]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

By this I mean tagging combos, they are just as risky, hard and fun as
regular combos but are cooler, faster, require two characters and have
the potential to do a lot of damage since your not limited to only one set 
of moves. Practise the timing gap between switch to get the timing to
attack right. And remember, you can only tag real fast like this when the 
opponent has been hit or is in critical status. Other than that, treat these 
as you would regular combos. I listed a few combos that branch from Tina to 
Bass, they are pretty basic, but are good and are a good place to start. The 
juggles are good but be careful about the standard ones, since they hit high 
a lot. This is also a good base for making your own combos. Good luck, but 
you won't really need it.


I mention this in intermediate because it's fun to do, but some people use
this all wrong. They do it when the opponent is ready to attack, when they
are right in front of the opponent and for no good reason.
The purpose of taunting is to get your opponent crancked up at you and 
right away or (I usually do this) to make fun of them after a combo or
knocking them on the ground, or to just plain annoy, but it as to be done
properly to be safe, if you really have to use it, here's a few pointers.

-never, ever do this when your opponent is ready to attack, or you will
regret it unless your playing a bad players or newbies.
-don't do this for no good reason when you should be setting an attack.
You will lose precious time to get ready.
-do use it when your opponent is down on the floor tasting the mat, they
won't be able to get you unless you're right next to them where you are in
kicking range. Otherwise, you should be safe.
-do use it when you're far from the opponent and he's waiting for you
to come. Tina's "come on" is good for that. If that don't work, charge 'em.
-do use it after you won a fight, it's pretty annoying.
-I like to do this with Tina when I am far enough so I can't get hit
but close enough to do the Tina special, I do the "come on" taunt
then immediately do the special, Tina yells "LET'S GO!" and the opponent
get's Tina's butt-cheeks right in the face. Okay, this is an example
meaning: do use them to confuse and break the opponents concentration.
-don't use it against the computer, it's useless and pointless, but it
is fun, I made this a bad habit of mine.

Whew, now that was a lot just for taunts...

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[intermediate holds]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

I don't have much to say here, but, after you learned how to use them,
(you can use the tips in beginner strategies),start using them.
the safest way is block an opponents combo and when you know what's
coming next, whip one out. Or, when the move is predictable enough
(Bass's running clothes line for example), just plain do it, this is
the essence of holds in my opinion.
But, for the love of god, don't do like so many players I have fought do:
hold mid over and over when your opponent is not attacking, human's will
grab you, the comp will... I don't know. The reason is, it's useless and
it appears lame and you really open yourself to attacks. If you see someone
do this, throw them and teach them a lesson in pain.
Why am I so insistent on being careful with holds? See above, this
is just an example of what may happen with un-proper hold usage.
A good skill to know, combining locks with holds.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[combo creating tips]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

Okay, first of all let me clear something up. The combos written in this
faq are not all the combos I know, I have many variations of those combos
but I only added the most powerful, useful, or my overall favorite combos
of mine. I have a philosophy that not all can be taught by a teacher
and some things are better self-taught. I could explain how to imput
pre-made combos that I wrote here and you could use those, but you probably
won't try to make some of you're own, I suggest that you do try and find
signature combos of you're, small ones to deadly ones (think heaven can't
wait, I have many more like that, not only for Tina) to tag combos.
Here's a few pointers:

-Don't limit yourself to moves that marks all the hits you scored, not
all combos need to fit together perfectly or come out lighting fast, if
their effective, that's plenty for a start.

-Try everything, you never know when you might use a seemingly useless
move and find it's great in a combo. I made many of mine like that.

-Use critical status moves. These stun the opponent and gives you a chance
to juggle them with moves you normally couldn't, and are the best way to
make "true" combos.

-Juggles are you're friends. It might be hard to keep you're opponent
in the air sometimes but he can't do anything while he's stuck in mid
air. Plus, they don't have to be a mile long to be effective.

-Don't be afraid of holds. I don't mean to charge like they don't exist,
but a combo that hits high three or four times is not useless. You're
opponent might press the wrong button or assume you are going to make
a mid move and hold mid and other stuff like that. Just don't try to
make one that hits high ten times in a row, that's lame and dangerous,
but if it floats you're boat, I can't stop you.

-Don't get frustrated. Not all combos work the way they're supposed to 100%
of the time. If you can't find one, calm yourself and if you're really
steamed, take a break, it's unhealthy to get mad at a game.

-Have fun, that's what games are for after all.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
advanced strategy (also known as Tina mastery for dummies)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[long combos]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

[memorizing tips]
Well, the easiest way is to use them over and over, mix them up in your
playing style and keep using them. Make your own combos, for some
reason, it seems people have less trouble remembering them when they
make those themselves, try that maybe...

[imputing tips]
The first thing is memorizing them, the second thing is learning the timing,
the third thing is to learn how to pull them fast, the last thing is to
learn where and when to use them. Just don't do the same combo over and over
or something stupid like that unless it works. Practice them, pull them as 
fast as you can, learn to pull them without screwing up.

Anecdote: Read my "Game of Death" combo below, first time I pulled it on 
Lightning, he was all like "HEY! WHOA! WATH'S THAT! HOW! STOP IT!", and he
Was mashing buttons as fast as he could to get out of it, he took every last
Darn hit and went out cold. The one thing I LOVE about big combos, the 
And the faq that they might just scare the Bejesus out of the other, leaving 
them open.

Anyway, memorizing them is important because it's not a good idea to start
a combo and forget how to do it in the middle of it. Don't learn to many
combos that are similar, if you want to pull one of in particular, don't
get mixed up in another one, even if that might not be a bad idea.

One last thing, try to stay away from combos that hit at the same height to
much, I just hope I don't have to explain why. WHAT? WHY? Does holds ring a
bell? I've been repeating it from the top to bottom of this faq and you
still don't get it?


[standard hold practise]
An effective way, go in battle against the AI on the hardest level and do
nothing but holds (and break the occasional throw). After you learned to
do that, go against the AI and move around while doing nothing but holds.
And at last, go against the AI and fight your best and try to do holds
as good as you can. The most effective way in my opinion is go against
a good player and do the same thing as mentioned above, if that "good
player" does almost nothing else than throws, forget this, and beat them
hard and say : cough cough "scrub" cough "scrub" cough, and let's hope
they get the idea.

Anecdote: Before Lightning had moved, there where these two guys that liked
To come over, once I had brought my game and they wanted to play... 
pathetic, all they did was mash the throw button, okay it was the first time 
they played but they kept doing it even tough I tried to show em hw to do I 
properly (Well Eric stopped and he was getting better with normal attacks, 
could even pull out a hold or two properly), all I did was break the throws 
and counter with my own.
You know where this is coming to. Just don't mash throw.

[avoiding them]
The most simple way to avoid getting held I think is, don't stand there
mashing buttons, use you're attacks wisely. If you just mash buttons, even
if you're doing combos or whatever, just try to play against a skilled
player like me, you'll regret it. Button mashers usually don't try to
do anything else than, huh, mashing buttons, so, their defence is on the
light side. You will get blocked and countered, interrupted or held, and
you will lose. period.

Anyway, back to the subject. Poking, now there's an almost sure fire way
to avoid holds. Use quick and short attacks, wait, do it again, jump
and doge around, knock the opponent away with a power move, do a taunt,
you get the idea... Attack with quick, strong moves, don't let yourself get 
caught by telegraphing a move, best way I know to beat hold crazy opponents.

And for the last time, I think, use those low moves and throws, you think
it's really that hard to beat an opponent that only hits high and mid?
You don't even need to hold, just block and counter. But if you try that and 
the other cheeses in a low kick once in a while, you get the idea.

Anyway, I exaggerate about holds a bit, you won't get held every time the
opponent tries to hold you, and it ain't the end of the world if you do get
held, you won't die in one shot. I mean, try to play like your opponent will 
hold you every time, you might play against people who don't, negligee this 
and the meet someone who does. Play like that but don't be afraid to take 

One last thing, don't just avoid holds, use them to, they aren't cheap,
their fun and are a big part of the game. When you learn to use everything
properly, fights can look so slick, and that seemingly useless replay mode
becomes real fun to use.

[mixing things up (staying unpredictable)]

This is just like it sounds, keep using different moves and tactics,
change your strategy, never use the same things over and over.
If you learn to switch from offensive to defensive, and you can manage
to stay in that stance, you are getting the hang of it. That's why I
suggest learning a lot of combos and the move list, applicating  all the
you know and keep practising to improve.

Staying unpredictable and keeping the pressure on is a good strategy
and one of the keys of successfully playing the game, or any other
game now that I think of it. It keeps you're opponent on the defensive
and guessing what you're about to do, then they don't think of offence
and it's easy to set-up traps or pin them against a wall and keep them

Staying unpredictable is the key to staying on the offensive, learn to
use that to your advantage. Learn and kick ass, and stay alive.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-__[final words on these strategies]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

[It's all in the mind]
Never get nervous, mad, pissed, scared or whatever for any reason, it's
not like it's actually you that's fighting in the game. It's useless
to get mad over a game. Don't start arguments over a stupid game or
use it to settle arguments, that's useless. Once you get it in your head 
that you are going to lose, your dead.

[no need to play flawlessly]
You know, you're bound to make a few mistakes and you're opponent to, don't
get frustrated over spilled milk. You don't have to score a perfect match
every time you play, I don't. I don't see any reason why you should play
flawlessly or get yourself pissed because you can't, why? Read my next

[Have fun!]
That's what games are for, that's why I play them and that's one of the
reason why I wrote this faq. It's made to have fun, that's why it's called
a "game" you know. There's nothing like an afternoon of playing against
friends and having a blast. It's all in good fun, this game as almost
endless replay value, is there anything else I need to tell you about
this? I assume I don't.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
move analysis (helpful hints for all the moves)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-move name---sequence-Height--damage
-strategy, use-
-rating (on a mark of 10)-

-blazing chop- -u+p- -M- -28 dam.-
Yeah, this thing juggles, but it throws the opponent on the ground, and
that's the point. Use this to finish a juggle or combo, it's faster and more
powerful than double hammer. It's a good stand-alone move, but I find it
more useful this way. The reason it's not a great ground move is simple,
it recovers slow, doesn't cause a critical status and can't branch to
anything fast enough. Plus, it doesn't cause a critical stun or a knockdown.
-5/10- [I would rank it higher if it was more useful on the ground.]

-low drop combo- -f+pp,d+k- -MMJ- -76 dam.-
A mid combo toped off with a low knock down move. Very nice. Just
don't abuse the low kick enough to get predictable and you will be fine.
-7/10- [Good move that can be replaced by other stuff to keep it fresh]

-Tina special- -ff+p+k- -J- -50 dam.-
I love this! I as great range, can't be held except by the rare few who
have jump kick holds, cause a good knockdown and has a good damage mark.
This is a solid move whit only one apparent draw back, it's slow
execution time. Just don't pop this right in front of the opponent.
This move rivals Jann-Lee's flying dragon kick and you sure can abuse it.
This thing tracks the enemy all around, it doesn't always work but usually,
I pull this of when the opponents circles around me, usully, Tina will
make a whole 180 degreed twist and smack the opponent. Cool.
-9/10- [This moves rocks, period.]

-rolling elbow- -qcf+p- -M- -30 dam.-
This move cause a knock down, as good range and is strong, a good move
to use when an opponent is getting back up, otherwise, be careful, since
it's slow and hits mid, it's easy to hold. This would be good if Tina
would have some kind of fake roll, then I would use this more. If the 
opponent knows that this holds mid, forget it. This thing basically 
telegraphs itself so... but if you want a good use for this, try to use it 
to catch opponents who are getting up from knockdowns.
-6/10- [solid move with some draw backs, not meant to be abused]

-back brain kick- -ub+k- -J- -45 dam.-
Another move that starts slow but has many use, good range and power.
Use this with good timing to stop a charge. The coolest use for this
is to end a juggle. An example for this is the "Heaven can't wait" tag
combo I wrote in here, You can also use this when you use Kasumi or
Ayane and hold a mid kick to pick the opponent when he drops. I still
haven't found a move with Tina that launches high enough to do this tough.
There is a bright side, if you miss, Tina will fall to the ground away from 
high attacks. Hey, this thing also jumps over low attacks and gives the 
opponent a nasty suprise.
-8/10- [a good slow move that looks cool, very useful]

-leg cut- -db+k- -L- -28 dam.-
Simple to use, pull this of after an enemy combo or during a block to
to catch the opponents of guard, except if they expect it or are good
at blocking low attacks. Just don't abuse.
-8/10- [one of the most useful low moves in the game]

-triple ali kicks- -LLL- -65 dam.-
A good move to squeeze in a combo or just to use alone, low and damaging
but since the knock down happens only at the second kick, there is a slight
chance to get held if the opponent is very fast, but the first kick causes
a stun long enough to get the second kick going, so it's nothing to worry
about too much. What I mean is that this hits a bt too fast for opponents to 
have time to critical hold.This move is also good to tag in a combo, even 
during a tag combo and you do a move to catch a rising opponent with the 
character, try it, you'll like it.
-7/10- [great and versatile low attack]

-dancing doll kick- -fr+k- -H- -32 dam.-
This is a great launcher. It doesn't launch high but it's fast and won't
knock then opponent to far so you can juggle them easily. Never
get predictable, that goes for any moves, just as it goes for this.
-7/10- [a versatile kick that everyone should learn how to use]

-shoulder tackle- -bf+p- -M- -40 dam.-
Another move that comes out slow, but it barely gives any sign that it's
coming out. It causes a knockdown and as good range. Just another straight
up and deadly move.
-7/10- [not as good as Lei-Fang's tackle but close]

-elbow suicide- -f+p+k- -J- -35 dam.-
Same thing as Tina special, but with a smaller knockdown and damage.
But... BUT! It comes out much faster, which do you like better? You make
the call... Oh yeah, the range is a bit smaller since Tina doesn't take a 
running start with this one. But it's not such a big difference.
-8/10- [It ranks lower than Tina special, but it's still a great move]

-moonsault press, moonsault back- -b+p+k, (bt)p+k- -J- -35 dam.-
Low damage, comes out slow, yadayadayada... BUT.. another move with great
range that causes a huge knock-down and his awesome to catch opponents
that are just picking themselves of the ground. Just don't use it next to
the opponent and you won't get punished. That means, DON'T USE IT TO
INTERUPT! You'll regret it. My favorite use for this is to jump over low 
attacks a BAM! Punish the opponent.
-9/10- [It would get a perfect rating if it did more damage]

-frankensteiner- -b+t- -Throw- -48 dam.-
This moves looks cool and shoves the opponent far enough so you can easily
avoid any get-up kicks coming you're way. It's safe to you use after a combo
or a move that doesn't cause a critical status. This pretty easy to time,
and I have never gotten this broken for some reason, so I think it's
unbreakable, I have never broken this either...
-8/10- [a good basic throw, hard (impossible!?) to break.]

-hammer through J.O.S.- -ff+t,t- -throw combo- -59 dam.-
The timing is hard, but it's a good throw on it's own. I put this
in here for two reasons, first, it's almost unbreakable. Second,
if you don't use the throw, you're opponents ends in back-turned and that
opens a lot of possibilities to you, giant-swing being my favorite.
-8/10- [a good trick move with a lot of possibilities]

-giant swing- -bf+t,qcbf+t- -throw combo- -80 dam.-
This, in my opinion, is the best throw in the game. It as awesome range,
awesome damage and awesome ease of use, just learn to start the swing fast
for it not to be broke. Plus, this sends the opponent a long way so
you should be out of danger. Plus, you can pull this out of nowhere
and after almost anything, even while getting back up from a knock-down!
I love to use this to duck high attacks, this is one of the best use
for an already versatile move. Oh, yeah, you can use this on the ground
if Tina is lying face down with her head towards the opponent, nasty if
the opponent doesn't expect this.
-10/10- [An awesome throw that as almost no equal]

-dragon suplex- -bf+t,bf+t,(bo)- -throw combo- -70 dam.-
This is my alternative to giant-swing when I'm right next to the
opponent and his back is turned, just because it's starts a bit faster than
giant-swing and it looks way cool.
-7/10- [a full nelson topped off with a suplex, not bad]

-tiger driver- -db+t, d+t,(lt)- -throw combo- -65 dam.-
This is the down throw I use, Japanese ocean bomb does more damage but
it takes more time to imput so you might get hit. This still does good
damage and is fast to imput, plus it looks cool. Plus, you can't break
this after the initial throw, but I haven't used it enough to make sure
if it's breakable at all... at least if you screw up and don't imput the
d+t, it does a 55 dam. body slam.
-8/10- [great low throw]

Okay, It's not completed yet, but I will add more until I have all the
moves, I just added my favorites this time around.


-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-[against character tips]-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

[stuff you should know before reading this]

If there is something I hate that people sometimes do in other faqs, (not
pointing to anyone in particular) it's when they make a useless section
about how to beat the other characters in the game.

Why do I say it's worthless? When all they do is point out the enemy
characters strong points and make yours look like youre at  a disadvantage,
and when they get repetitive, like when they say to use this against a
certain character, and they said it about every other characters.

Well, this might look a bit like this, but, I will explain the strong
points of the opponent and tell you how to even things out in another
way than "watch out for that." I will also tell you the advantages Tina
has over them, what move to watch out for (how to stop them) and other
stuff that may target a character specifically. And if you think this
is kinda short (I definitly don't, you didn't write this.), I will
up-date anyway.

*note* I listed them in the order they appear on the character select
screen but in this way: |/|/|.. you get it right? Okay, like Kasumi is
first, and them I move down to Hayabusa, then up to Gen-Fu, and down to
Helena, and so on. Well, if you still don't get the order, here,
*low pitched groaning Gen-Fu like voice:* LAZY BONES!


And, this stuff is not only for the computer, but, some of them strategies
are better for the computer.

[Kasumi] -The kunoichi of destiny-

- The Tenshu -
Okay, this is a very fast flip kick that causes a massive knock down and
a good amount of damage. To avoid, just block. But, be careful as this
comes out FAST and out of no where, and it can also be tacked at the end
of a few of her strings, so be careful a stay vigilant.

- speed -
Well, she is a ninja, so it's almost natural she should be fast, you don't
want to be totally on the offensive too much cause a high level Kasumi
player or computer will counter and hold you as much as they can. But you
don't want to totally stay on the offensive because, they can pretty much
do what they want with you then if you don't attack enough to keep them on
their toes. You should use you're best judgment on what to do here cause
some strategies might work for me and not work for you and vice-versa.
I sugest using puny, powerful little attacks here, like kk or p+k for
exaple, just be careful to time them right so you won't get pounded.

- low branching combos -

Ayane has a lot of back facing attacks, well Kasumi has a lot of low combos
with kicks that cause a fair amount of knock downs, keep a finger close to
that jump button and if you see the opponent start to crouch or use a combo,
stay on you're toes cause one might be coming, so you might want to try to
low throw the opponent or counter them with low attacks of you're own, Tina
doesn't have a lot, but most of what she has in that area is great. I
suggest triple ali kicks for this, since they might have planned to low
combo you or something, they probably won't expect a low attack and forget
to hold. That's a good chance for you to stop her. Don't worry, it's not so
hard, you will get the hang of it sooner or later. They usually don't
do much damage, but can cause severe knockdowns and launch you for a
juggle, which are painful when done correctly.

- ferocious kicks -

Kasumi's low kicks aren't her only dangerous kicks, most of them are, and
you should watch out for them as you would any other attacks. It's pretty
simple but her kicks are so good that this deserves a mention anyway.
Just keep youre finger on the free button, blocks are your friends here.

[Hayabusa] -solitary super ninja-

- those crazy kicks -

Hayabusa has a dizzying amount of cool, powerful kicks that you should
always be ready to counter. It doesn't mean the opponent will use them but a
lot of his attacks pale in comparison with this. The ones you should
really watch out for are the kikoku (fr+k,kk), the jinkyaku (d+fr+k)
and the zamma (df+f+k). The hand stand kicks might also pose a treat.
Just be ready to block if you see Hayabusa winding up or jumping  for a
kick, or you will get punished.

A least he doesn't have a those power-ups like in Ninja-Gaiden, things
would get real ugly.

- hand stand -

Whenever you see him get in a hand stand, do a knock down move to get
Hayabusa back on the ground. He doesn't have a lot of option from this
stance, but is tricky kicks and the two throws are pretty potent.
And to make thing worst, the attacks from this stance come out fast, but if
you stay low, you should nail him first. He's also very mobile like this
so he might get away if you put him on the defensive.

- confusing, lightning fast moves -

This is a case where it's preferable to be on the defensive side.
Hayabusa has many tricky attacks and you never know where he will strike
next. Block a lot and back-step and back-jump to, and attack when you
see an opening. but, if you're at a reasonable range or the opponent
waits for you to attack, use Tina's mid/long range move (Tina special,
moonsault, elbow suicide, etc...) and you might have a good chance
of doing damage. Don't forget to use you're own branching moves and
throws if you have the chance. And be careful of moves that don't hit
at the same place they do, those are kinda hard to defend against so
even as much as I like to use holds, I prefer to block more here.

- Ninja Gaiden -

He's still as agile now as he was back then. You watch out for the
moves that have blinding speed and his ferocious charges. Stay on the
defensive and attack when he slows down or if he leaves an opening, pre-
ferably a low one. Like I said, if he would have those power-ups from
Ninja-Gaiden like the flame wheel, flame shield, super sword and boomerang-
shuriken, things would be REALLY ugly.

[Gen-Fu] -The legendary Go ken-

- deadly short combos -

Respect you're elders, even if they won't give you any mercy. Gen-Fu as
a wide array of short combos that are mainly focused in his punches,
and that causes good knock-downs. Just be ready with the standard block,
but, they have ONE fatal done-fall...

- too many mid combos -

When you see a Gen-Fu opponent wind his arms up, block and if he does a
punch combo, do a mid hold or two, he doesn't have a great deal of branching
combos to mix you up and prevent you from doing this. But, some of them
are real fast or hit slower than you might think, or are easily delayed.

- powerful short p+k moves -

These things pack quite a punch, but like above, most of them hit high
or mid, when fighting Gen-Fu, always have a block or hold ready and you
have a good chance of stopping his attacks, unless you like flying around.

- weird slow attacks -

Like I said, these things are weird, and slow so the timing might fool you.
Watch for stuff like this and you probably won't have any trouble. Remember,
if it's slow, lay low, if it's fast, don't let it last. At least when he
throws, he uses the qcf+t and then catches you instead of juggling when
it would be the best of times to use those short combos.

[Helena] -the primadona of revenge-

- ferocious kicks -

These are her main weapon, they pack a punch (hu?) and are real fast.
You're best bet is to back step or jump over low ones and duck high one,
then counter. It's a better idea not to try to block or hold and wait for
an opening, her attacks are blinding and you never now where there coming
from so back step and attack low or use long kicks, if you manage to
counter her, you won't have to fear her wicked holds. At least a little
part of those kicks hit low, but, they are good, so...

- ferocious holds -

Helena's hold are easy to use and do a lot of damage, all the while knocking
or throwing you away and out of her reach so you can't counter so easily,
this is an opponent you really don't want to attack too much.  Short throws
are a good way of doing damage, just don't get predictable with you're
own attacks. If you miss you're throws, block or duck, it's better not
to attack right away...

- ferocious combos -

They are faster than Gen-Fu but less damaging and suffer from the same
down fall, most of them hit high or mid so they are pretty easy to hold.
There is one thing she does have better, more branching combos, but they
still hit high or mid a lot so... well, you know. At leat, the few
of them that hit low are weak, but causes stun or are fast, but still,
after the first hit, they get easy to hold.

- ferocious throws -

While Helena doesn't have a lot of them, they have an awesome throw range
and damage you so fast that they are really hard to break. At least she
doesn't have much and they don't do much damage. At least the comp don't
use them much, as for human players, it depends, when I use her, I use
her throws quite a lot.

And remember one thing, Helena can pull off throw from her bokuho and
back turned stances, so don't eliminate that possibility.

[Tina Armstrong] -Women wrestling super star-

- throws -

Okay, so if you read this faq, you surely know about her throws. I will warn
you, watch out for the J.O.S throw combo, Giant swing ,hammer through J.O.S
and Frankensteiner. I assume you know why. Anyway, that's one of the
reasons why it's not really a good idea to always block, a lot of her moves
can be cancelled right next to the opponent and then to use a throw, so also
be ready to break those throws.

- power moves -

You know, Tina special, triple ali kicks, back brain kick and dancing doll
kick for example, since you should know how to use them by know, you should
know how to stop them.

- her long powerful legs -

While she doesn't kick has fast has Helena, she kicks stronger and some
of her kick are more useful in combos. I personally consider her a better
kicker than a puncher and with good reasons. Watch for her kicks as much
as possible to avoid serious pain. Well, at least you can count on almost
any player using them if youre at mid distance, unless they're tricky.

[Bass Armstrong] -unhappy father wrestler-

- throws -

In my opinion, Bass's throw aren't as good as Tina's throw, but some of them
still pack a big punch. Bass does have a good number small throws Tina's
frankensteiner, ff+t,f+t being one of my favorites. Just be ready with a
throw break, they are still a bit slower than Tina's...

- drunk heavy punches -

You heard right, fast drunk heavy punches, they are faster than they seem.
Be careful, he as a wide array of punches that are more useful than his
throws. But, again, most of them are high and hit at the same place, so
they are easy enough to hold or block. They do have good range because he
swings them a lot, but because of that, they recover slow.

- that big feet of his -

Once AGAIN, high mid, hold block, yawn... but, some of them seem to come
out of nowhere, just be vigilant, you know the drill... the good thing
for you is that barely any of them hit low, and they're almost all bad
except for the drop kicks.

- those rabid growls -

He's really freaky with those. Anyway, I mean to say here that a computer
controlled Bass is not as hard as he seems to beat. A human controlled Bass
can be harder if used right. Here's a character who is more annoying than
Jann-Lee, I don't think Jann is but you would think I am if you would see
my impression of him.

Anyway, I think Tina and Bass are only real different like this, Tina as
better kicks and combo throws, Bass has better punches and short throws.
Pick your character wisely.

[Bayman] -the deadly assassin-

- heavy punches -

Bayman's punches are slow but bone crunching. Some of them are really
spectacular. Many of them don't hit where they seem to hit. Most of them
can cause critical status and juggles, really a bad idea to try and block
Too much, this could get dangerous. Uses Tina's kicks and long range
moves to gain the advantage and don't try to get to close, if you do, it's
fifty-fifty. Tina can punch as well as he does. but Bayman can throw as
well as Tina, just be careful.

- heavy kicks -

While not as dangerous a his punches, but most of them are quite vicious,
especially the qcf+k roundhouse, it has long range and great power, and it
causes a great knock down, if you plan on fighting him at a distance, be
ready for this. He also has vicious knee bashs and stuff at close
range, but will tend more to throw at close range.

- evil throws and holds -

Geez... I wonder I many bones he could break if all he did was hold during
to whole fight? Anyway, Bayman's throws and holds are pretty boring (except
qcbf+t, I love that one), but they hurt... bad. You should definitely try
to avoid getting held.

As for throws, he as combo throws that are as dangerous and easy to pull
of as Tina. If you ever start fighting at close range, keep a finger to
the throw button to break his, or do your own if you have the chance, hey,
Tina is a wrestler you know, why not take advantage of her throws, anyway,
remember, if you fight at a distance, giant swing and Tina special's are
you're friends.

- surprising speed -

When I heard that Leon was slow, and Bayman was almost an exact copy of
Leon (which is far from the truth), I thought he was slow too, then I tried
them out, turns out I was half right.

Bayman as a wide array of slow heavy moves, but a good amount of surpri-
singly fast ones, I am only mentioning this to let you know, but you won't
have to worry too much, most of them aren't that useful and you won't see
them often.

[Tengu] -the lord of evil-

- extremely slow, twisted and strong attacks -

Okay, I won't have much to say, most of his fast moves are small combos
that hit high or mid and are easily held, the only moves you absolutely have
to avoid are REALLY slow and you will see them coming a mile away.
Stay vigilant and you won't have any problems with those.

One move I really have to warn you about, since it seems not a lot
of people seem to know how to stop it. When Tengu starts tap dancing
on the floor, BLOCK! He will either send a gust of wind (the only
"projectile" in the game) that does great damage, or he will cancel it.
If you've been hit by it, block has you get up, he can start another one
just as it hits you, but if you're far, block and get closer when
he starts another one, if you're close, hit him to stop the recital.

- can almost fly -

Have you ever tried jumping around with him and using his moves? Is wings
aren't just for show, he is an excellent jumper, surely the best in the
game, the opponent probably won't take advantage of this much but
if you see one who jumps around a lot, do the same a move a lot while
using long range attacks and taunts. Be careful of those moves where he
flips around or dashs straight at you, it's nasty.

- expert at throws and holds -

Okay maybe not throws, but the high level computer is a holding machine.
Complex combos are not the best of things to use against him. Well he is
good at throwing to, if you fight against him, stay at mid range, just
try backing at long range and you might regret it.

- claming up -
that's what he does, the comp I mean. When you get too close, he starts
blocking and holding and throwing. So, duck and throw yourself, snd be
careful with you're own attacks.

- that ugly mug -

Only two costumes? They should have made one with a mask or something on his
head. Anyway, I don't see why people think he's such a strong opponent, sure
the computer can play somewhat dirty, but if you concentrate, he's not that
hard. Just remember the stuff above.

[Zack] -funky muai thai dude-

- extremely ferocious kicks -

With a huge downfall, those damn kick combos hit at the same place 90%,
so, what do you do? HOLD! Or block at least... just to make sure, they hit
the same place, but they hurt...

As for punch combos... what punch combos? Oh, those little punch combos
that also hit at the same place...

Listen, Zack is by no means a bad character, but those pre-programmed combos
are really strong and fast, but really easy to stop.

As for is other kicks, they rock, tumbling heel and over head kick are
awesome attacks and should not be underestimated. Play defensively,
he doesn't have any good throws I should mention, so get in close, most
of is long range kicks won't work well since they need a certain amount
of time to start, so you have time to counter with puny jabs.

As for fighting at long range, I think that Tina an Zack are equally
as good for that, but Zack's attacks are a bit more tricky to use.

- funky punches -

He doesn't have any good punch combos, but he sure as hell has some good
standard punch attack, watch for those, or pay, same for the kicks.

But, they are somewhat slower than the kicks, but, they work better at close
range, but they recover slow, so you have time to make him pay if you block
is punch attacks, and some of his kicks.

- insane with throws and holds -

Okay, he is insane with throws, but they aren't real powerful, and he
doesn't have a good range for his throws, so, don't stay right next to him,
or at least get ready to break them, they are also somewhat slow, so they
are also somewhat easy to break. The only throw I think that deserves
mention is fly  boarder, but you will only see it in a blue moon.

Now, holds, that's another story, he's real good at using them, but they
are not really powerful, so... don't freak if you get caught once or
twice, do freak if you get held a lot. If you spend most of you're time
countering him like I mentioned above, you shouldn't get held too much.

- funky moves -

Okay, he is funky, have you seen the whole stepping wave down attack?
Anyway, Zack may be a frustrating opponent, IF you attack head on, but
try going around his attacks and using his weak-spots like mentioned
above, it should make life easier.

[Leon] -the warrior-

- wicked juggles -

Okay, not much to say here, avoid getting juggled anyway you can, his
juggles are very short but damaging, there is no special strategy to
avoid this except, do anything you can.

- wicked launchers -

Actually, you should try to avoid getting launched, if he knocks you
in critical, you can't do anything other than holds, so hold high or low
and you should get lucky and hurt him with a hold instead of getting juggled
in the air like a bowling pin, also, be afraid of flame knuckle.

- evil throws and holds -

Well, some of his throws are different (notably the qcbd+t, I love this one
too, even if the throw is completly diffenrent.),  but most
remain the same, so, read this section in Bayman's strategy, it's
pretty much the same for both.

- that look in his eyes -

It's so cold... but what I want to tell you is that he doesn't combo
much, pretty much just juggle, and well to. But he also seems to like to
use some short and painful moves that you should watch out for. And like
Bayman, he's also good at holding and throwing.

[Jann Lee] -passionate fighter (Bruce Lee reincarnation)-

- Bruce Lee clone -

Ever see a Bruce Lee movie? Jann Lee fights almost exactly like him (no
wonder Lei Fang always loses), so, what does that mean? HE'S FAST AS HELL
So fight like this, stay aggressive or defensive, and, avoid these moves,
flying dragon kick, dragon elbow, dragon blow and dragon gunner.
Here's why in there respective order.

flying dragon kick, see below

dragon elbow, short range awesomely fast knock down powerful move, If you

dragon blow, a mid range high attack that as almost the same effect as

dragon elbow, if you get hit by ppp or df+k, GET READY!

dragon gunner, a catch throw that can easily be finished with a mean
flying dragon kick, elbow or flare.

- flying dragon kick -

OUCH! Ever get hit by this in real life? Take it from me IT HURTS! Even a
little guy like Drunken Maverick can do a lot of damage with this. Yes,
he knows Kung-Fu, and he's not bad at all.
Anyway, you can't block this, if the opponent charges you at full speed,
duck, get caught by dragon gunner? duck. That's all you can do except
do a high hold that will make you're character sway, and end up facing
Jann Lee's back, and in a advantageous position, but beware, he can do
dragon elbow like that.

- dragon everything -

He as countless dragon attacks, just block and attack an opening, it's not
always easy, but it works, choose the distance you want to attack, and do
it. Just be very careful, Jann Lee fights effectively at any range, but is
not a good defensive player. On the plus side, his throws and holds are
nothing to write home about, and you probably won't see much, even from
the computer, but, dragon gunner and the way of the dragon are pretty mean.

- those kiais -

I haven't got anything else to say about him except I wish people would
stop laughing at his kiais (his yells.. you know WATA!), they are part
of a lot of Chinese martial arts, how would you react if you would see
someone like him charging at you yelling bloody murder (actually, e-mail
me on that, I would like to know)?

[Lei fang] -tai'chi quan genius-

- slow? are you blind? -

A LOT of people think she's slow, well her heavy moves are (Heavy moves?
HELL YEAH!) but she has many dizzying combos and moves that are real fast.
listen, BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK! Or attack attack attack, just remember that
Lei fang is a dangerous holder, and in my opinion, the most balanced
in the game. She has no ugly apparent weakness, (I mean, she even has
killer throw combos that can be pulled blindingly fast.) Just improvise
to how the opponent acts, this is the best way I know to beat her,
Lei fangs are unpredictable and a real pain when used properly (hehehe...)

- tricky moves -

Yeah, she has them, and they are very confusing. The best way to avoid
them is to back step or jump back and use a long range attack. She can
fight ranged battles (her fr+k attack is wicked) but she won't do that
to often, unless she is controlled by a human and he favors those
kind of battles.

- cool combos and throws, and, holds  -

Yes half of them hit at the same place, but the other half doesn't. At
least she doesn't have much low attacks (she has some beauties tough).
That's a good occasion to practise interrupting combos, this is you're best

As far as throws go, Lei fang doesn't have as many as Tina, but they almost
all kick ass, but, they lag a tiny bit, letting you possibly break them.

But for holds, Lei fang stands has one of the best. They hurt bad, except
for her mid kick hold, that just leaves the opponent back turned. I know
a good follow up to this, but this is not to place to discuses this, I will
tell you if I make up my mind and make a Lei fang faq.

- taunts (hehehe) -

She is the character that has the most taunts in the game. And they are
funny. Knock the opponent flat on his ass and then "NOnononono", funny...
but you won't get that treatment from the computer.

Anyway, be careful of what I wrote above, Lei fang is almost as tough
as Jann Lee, so you will need all you're skills.

[Ayane] -kunoichi with murderous intents (my favorite character)

- painful kicks -

Some of them are bad rip-offs of Kasumi's kicks, most of them PACK HEAT!
Be afraid of genmu, it comes out of no where and can't be held. How do
you stop it? block, or mid hold (but you're character will just sway.)
And those blasted spin kicks are STRONG! If you see her spin wildly,
block, if she spins and then crouches, block low. Those spin kicks
don't hit mid, so it's a simple choice of down or up. Her other kicks
aren't as strong but they still are very dangerous.

- mind boggling throws -

She as nice throws, which by the way look damn cool! The comp don't use them
much (what a waste) but play me and you will eat some. They are a bit
easier to break than some other characters but some are almost impossible.
Be careful if you plan to fight close up.

- back turned? not a disadvantage -

The only difference is that she can't block or hold. If you see her
back turned, use a long range attack quick while you have a chance.
She can pretty much pull of the same moves she can when she is face forward
with a few exception (fr+k is way cool) and two devious grab, especially
b+t, if she starts to flip flop towards you, kick fast to hit her before
she lands on you.

- neat branching attack -

She has many of those, all I can say is improvise, then react to her.
If you can predict what she is going to do, hold.

[Ein (Hayate)] -the iron fist with a lost past-

- the punches THE PUNCHES! -

Ein as, possibly, the best punches in the game, unfortunately for him,
most of them hit high, some mid, barely any low. But, they are so fast
you almost need to predict them to stop them. If you get hit, send me
a post card when you reach Russia.

A thing you should watch for, I like to tap the throw button if I end up 
being back-turned to the opponent, this while make him pull off a Fujin 
punch, WATCH that, it ain't too hard to block right?

- those wicked karate kicks -

Anybody who as ever done karate knows what these are, they are some what
slow, but he has a wide array of vicious kicks that are fit for any
situation or range. At least, they all have a little something that gives
them away, like he turns a bit or rearranges his foot, if you can
memorize these, that'll help a lot.

- combos -

He has a ton of little combos that could knock you to hell and back, better
play defensively if you see him attacking repeatedly, you know, block and
counter, hold too, if you want to survive. Since a lot of them hit high
not all tough, ducking works just dandy, and so does the ducking J.O.S
trick I put in the ducking section.

- those ferocious everything -

Ein his very ferocious, he has cool throws and holds that don't do much
damage, but he has good throw range. If you can, fight long range. He
has some kicks for that, but they are more suited for mid combats, so
don't worry too much. It's better not to stay close because, even if
they aren't extremly damaging, even if they hurt, the comp and a lot
of players throw a lot with him, even on the lowest difficulty.

[end of this section, final word]

Okay, I listed the strong and weak points of the character, but they rarely
play flawlessly, so, please don't freak to much, these are just things you
need to watch out for, I know I said I hate repetitive stuff, and I repeat
block and hold a lot, but that's just because it's works well in most
situations. You can also find your own way to beat them with Tina, if
you have anything interesting, e-mail me and if I think it's good, I will
mention it in here and give you full credit.

And don't forget, this section is not done, I will up-date this too.


Okay, this is version 2.6, Im almost done with everything. All I need is to 
finish the move analysis section, the tag combos and a few strategy 
I'll get this done pretty quick.

Thanx to CjayC for hosting all my other faqs, He has one of the best sites
I ever seen. I salute you for you're patience, hard work and dedication.

Thanx to Bluts for taking to virus of my disc and over all helping me
with computers and being there when I need help (not with the game,
I play better than him, but he doesn't care, we just have fun.)
This faq might have taken a lot longer to make without him.
He calls himself commander vic-20 now

Thanx to KISS, Blink 182, Alien Ant farm, AC/DC, Primus, Gun's & Roses
and Iron Maiden for making such cool music and saving me the madness
of listening to either the boring sparring music or total silence
for hours, and for inspiring me for some of the combo names, YOU GUYS ROCK!

Thanx to Papa Roach, Disturbed, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourn,
Dead Kennedy's and Bruce Dickinson for the same   Stuff as above.

Thanx to Bruce Lee for inventing Jeet Kune Do, being such a cool guy,
Actor, phylosopher, writer and stuff, I borrowed the name from his
Movies (the american titles) for some combos with Jann-Lee, I also
Took the name from one of his book, and something else he worked on,
If you can't find out, here's an hint, he was the side kick on this
Show, but was more popular than the main character. The producer also
Made the old Batman series.

Thanx to Tecmo for this game, and the good old Ninja Gaiden serie,
I took the name from two of the games for some combos with Hayabusa,
Well he starred in them you know. Also, Crash and the Boys: Street
Challenge and River City Ransom where pretty good.

Thanx to Lightning123456 (Maverick got banned from Gamefaqs and changed his 
ID) for serving as a punching bag in games and permitting me to test my 
stuff on him, since he's better than the lame AI. Sometimes.

thanx to you for reading this.

Mr.NeoSandman,s Tina faq, copyright mr.neosandman.

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