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Move List and Guide by DAC

Version: 2 | Updated: 03/02/2001

Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore for PlayStation2 FAQ
Author: DAC
Contact me at:  E-mail: CatgirlsRule@otakumail.com
                IRC: espernet user DAC
Version: 2
Date: Mar 1, 2001
Copyrights: DOA2: HARDCORE and Dead or Alive copyright Tecmo Inc.
            "PlayStation" and the "PS" family logo are registered trademarks of
              Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
            This FAQ is copyrighted by me, DAC. This FAQ and all previous versions are
              not to be found anywhere other than at the places listed below. If you
              want to use part of this FAQ in your own FAQ, please notify me, tell me
              where it can be found, and be sure to give me credit for any of my
              information. If you want to post this FAQ on your site, contact me and
              tell me where your site is so that I can okay it.
Available at:  my computer (Duh! ;p )

~~ Version 1 ~~
Initial version

Jan 26, 01: I was looking a GameFAQs for any cool things in this game that I missed
and I noticed one stategy guide that reguired registration at IGN and 3 FAQs. That's
when I decided to put my Legend of Mana FAQ on hold and write one for this awesome
game. So that makes this is my first FAQ and my LoM FAQ will hopefully come soon
after. Please tell me what you do and don't like and I will try to keep it in mind
in any future FAQs and strategy guides I write.

Feb 14, 01: Sorry it took so long to write this. I blame two things: school and my
laziness. I blame school more, but it's your choice which you blame more.

~~ Version 2 ~~
Now includes complete list of Bayman's moves
Updated sections X and XI

Feb 22, 01: I checked on Feb 15th and DoA2:H was the top PS2 FAQ page. And I must say
that I'm disappointed with my e-mails. I only got just more than a dozen, over half
from people who said I was wrong on a rumor that is false, 4 from places wanting
permission to post my FAQ(this FAQ might appear on more sites in the future) and only
2 or 3 others. Come on! I want people to send things in(see section XII)! What I'm
really sick of is that many people think that codes and moves are the same in the
Arcade, Dreamcast, and PlayStation2 versions (PSXCodez is a great example)! They're
not! Most codes that work on one won't work on the others! And new moves were
introduced in the PS2 version!
BTW... You! Yes, you! The drooling one! Go away! You bother me. Get some therapy.

Mar 1, 01: I would have sent this in to be posted on Feb 22, but some things happened
and I haven't been able to get online until today. I've recieved a few more e-mails and
decided to send this FAQ to a few other sites as well. I haven't played the game in a
few weeks, so I haven't updated my Against [Character] strategies (I'm borrowing
Monster Rancher2 right now. Free tip: use Dead or Alive PSX game CD to get a "Kasumi"
monster). Hopefully I'll have played by next version.

Table of Contents
I. Prologue
II. Controls
II. Starting the Game
IV. Basic Operations
V. Modes
VI. Option Settings
VII. Basic Battle Know-how
VIII. Characters
IX. Straight from Tecmo!
X. Tips, Tricks, and Strategies
XI. Rumors
XII. Send In!
XIII. Thanks

I. Prologue (Instuctions page 2)
~Disaster of Tengu at the end of the century~
A great leader was killed at the end of the 20th century. His name was Fame Douglas,
and he was renowned as the sponsor of the legendary world battle championship "Dead or
Alive." Since his death -- and in the absence of his charisma and leadership -- the
world has become chaotic. Amid this chaos, it is announced that "DOA2: HARDCORE
Championship" will be held. However, Douglas' passing has taken with it the purpose
and significance of the tournament. Even worse, the promoter of "DOA2: HARDCORE
Championship," who is fond of conflicts and jealous of the strong, is resonsible for
Douglas' death. The new promoter is more than just a corrupt mastermind, but a man of
pure evil. His involvement in the tournamenthas brought a sense of terror to the
world, resulting in the infamous Tengu Disaster that occured at the end of the 20th
century. The climax of the disaster is about to begin with a roaring battle.

II. Controls (Instructions page 5)
Menu Controls
Analog mode switch: enables/disables analog mode
Analog sticks: not used
L3/R3: not used
Directional buttons: move cursor
Select: not used
Start: start game, same as X button
X button: execute menu commands
O button: select character
Triangle button: cancel menu
Square button: not used
L1/L2/R1/R2: change screens, displays, etc.

Default Battle Controls
Analog mode switch: enables/disables analog mode
Analog sticks: free move
L3/R3: not used
Directional buttons: move character
Select: not used
Start: pause, unpause
X button: (F+P) throw and evade throw
O button: (K) kick
Triangle button: (P) punch
Square button: (F) free (holds, guarding, free steps(Square+Dpad), etc.)
L1/L2: free steps(L1/L2+Dpad)
R1/R2: (F+P+K) tag (Tag Battle only), used for taunts (all modes)

note: I recommend setting the X, O, Triangle, Square, L1, L2, R1, and R2 as you want.
  Just make sure you have F, P, K, F+P+K(if Tag Battle), and F+P set.

III. Starting the Game (Instructions page 6)
A. Mode Select
    Press the Start button on the Title screen to display the Mode Select screen. Use
    the direction buttons to select a mode and press the start button or the "X"
B. Character Select
    Use the left and right arrows on the direction buttons to select charaters. The
    character's costume can be selected using the Up arrow on the directional buttons
    when the cursor is on a character in the top row, or the Down arrow key when the
    cursor is on a character in the bottom row. After making your character and
    costume selection, press the "X" button. Press the triangle button to return to
    the Mode Select screen.
C. Rules
 1. Criteria for winning battles
    In battle, the conditions specified below are required for a set victory and the
    player that wins the predetermined number of sets wins the battle.
    KO: Opponents health falls to 0.
    Time Up: Your health is greater than your opponent's at Time Up
 2. Draws and sudden deaths
    A draw occurs when both parties have the same amount of health remaining at time
    up, or in the event of a double KO. In the event of a draw, both parties earn
    points for that set. If both parties reach the number of sets required for a
    victory at the same time, a sudden-death match is held. If there is no clear
    winner even after a sudden-death combat, the defending champion is declared the
 3. Continue
    Press the Start button within the allotted time following the Game Over message
    to issue another challenge.
D. Battle screen
    Time: Time up occurs when this counter reaches 0. The player with the most
    remaining on his or her life gauge wins
    located at the top of the screen in the middle
    Life Gauge: A player loses if his or her gauge drops to 0.
    each player has a life gauge located at the top of the screen on either side.
    (in Tag Battle mode, the one in front is for the current character.)
    a small picture of the current character is located directly below their life
    gauge, at the far sides of the screen.
    the character's name appears directly below their life gauge and to the side of
    their picture.
    Set Count: Displays the number of sets required for victory. One light will
    illuminate for each set victory. The battle is won when all lights are lit.
    located directly below the character's life gauge and to the side of the time.
    Victory Icons: Victory icons appear when a battle has been won (2P battles only).
    If you win several battles in succession, the number of icons will increase and
    the shape of the icons will change at one, five, and ten continuous victories.
    Different characters have different types of victory icons.
    located at the bottom of the screen on the side of the current "champion"
    About the menu during game pause: Pressing the Start button during a game pauses
    the game. A menu screen will be displayed.
    Exit: Exit closes the menu and returns to the game.
    Reset: Reset ends the Battle mode and returns to the Title screen
    note: those are the only two pause menu commands in all modes of play. different
      modes have different other menu commands.

IV. Basic Operations (instructions page 10)
This section explains the basic operations applicable to all characters.

all commands are listed assuming the opponent is on the right and you're facing them
unless otherwise noted
u, d, l, or r: tap up, down, left, or right
U, D, L, or R: hold up, down, left, or right
ul, ur, dl, or dr: tap up-left, up-right, down-left, or down-right
UL, UR, DL, or DR: hold up-left, up-right, down-left, or down-right
P: punch button
K: kick button
F: free button
^: pause

A. Character Movements
    r r: Forward dash
    r R: Run
    l l: Backward dash
    dr dr: Crouching dash
B. Free Steps
    U+F: Background movement
    d D+F: Forground movement
    By using the directional button and F button together, you can execute free steps
    that allow characters to move freely. After entering free-step mode by entering
    one of the commands, then holding down the F button while operating directional
    button, you can move freely. If you release the F button or stop using the
    directional button, the game status will return to normal. The same operation may
    be carried using the left analog stick/right analog stick on the DUALSHOCK analog
    controller or using the directional button while holding down the L1/L2 buttons.
    note: i usually use the analog sticks for free-step. the choice is yours
C. Strikes
    P: Punch
    K: Kick
    Each character has its own strike moves. Combining them with the use of the
    directional button, you can execute various attacks.
    Types of Attacks
      High attack: Hits standing opponents
      Middle attack: Hits both crouching and stacnding opponents
      Low attack: Hits both crouching and standing opponents
      Super High attack: Hits standing opponents, no guarding
    Critical Combos
      When your opponent staggers, you have an opportunity for a series of attacks.
      String your strikes together in the right combination to cause maximum damage.
D. Guarding
    L+F: High and middle guard
    D D+F: Low guard
    Attacks can be made high, in the middle, or low. To guard against high and middle
    attacks, use left on the directional button. To guard against low attacks, use
    down. It is also possible to guard using the F button. You can guard against high
    attacks by crouching and low attacks by jumping.
E. Throws
    F+P: Ordinary throw
    d+F+P: Low throw
    When too close to your opponent, you can use the F + P buttons to throw him or
    her. Different characters have their own special throws. Use the directional
    button in combination with the F + P buttons to execute more powerful throws.
F. Evade Throw
    F+P: Evading Ordinary throws
    (Well timed) F+P: Evading a string of throws
    Ordinary throws can be evaded by pressing the F + P buttons the instant you're
    thrown. Some characters will throw again soon after the first throw. Well-timed
    use of the F + P buttons will enable you to evade that throw.
G. Hold
    (Against a high attack) ul+F: High hold
    (Against a middle attack) l+F: High hold
    (Against a low attack) dl+F: Low hold
    By the properly timing entry of your command against the strikes of your opponent,
    you can fend off his or her attacks and launch a counterattack. Be aware, however,
    that the method of entering the Hold command differs depending on the type of
    Critical Hold
      When you receive a hit as a counter, you may be forced into "critical status,"
      during which time you'll be unable to guard yourself or attack. Critical Hold
      will relieve you from critical status, providing a chance to recover from an
      unwanted situation.
H. Down Attacks
    u+P+K: Down attack
    d+P or d+k: Follow-up attack
    When a character goes down, you can execute a follow-up attack. Use the P or K
    button for the follow-up attack, depending on the character.
    Down attack causes the opponent a bigger damage, but it also give the opponent a
    bigger chance to attack while you are trying to use the attack.
I. Getting Up
 1. Press P button several times in succession:
    Get up quickly at your present location
 2. UP + Press F button several times in succession:
    Side roll at back of screen
 3. DOWN + F button several times in succession:
    Side roll at front of screen
 4. Press the K button several times in succession while getting up:
    Middle kick while getting up
 5. Press DOWN + K button several times in succession while getting up:
    Low kick attack while getting up
    Use the directional button to get up after being knocked down. Some characters
    also have special attacks that can be used while getting up

V. Modes (Instructions page 15)
There are eleven different game modes. Two players can play Versus mode or during a
surprise attack. When two or more people play, additional controllers are required.
A. Story Mode
    This mode allows you to follow a story involving the character you hace selected,
    and to attempt to complete the story. Battle in a tournament against the computer
    - if you knock out all of the enemies, the game will clear and you will be on your
    way toward completing it. If another player intrudes during play, you must engage
    in battle with him or her. If you are using 1P Controller, your opponent can press
    the Start button on the 2P Controller, and if you are using the 2P Controller, he
    or she can press the Start button on the 1P Controller, to launch a surprise
    *At Game Over, the screen will switch to the Continue screen. Press the Start
     button while on this screen to resume play from Game Over. There is no limit to
     the number of times the game can be continued.
B. Time Attack Mode
    This mode involves fighting in a race against the computer, in which you'll
    compete for the time remaining until Game Clear. Conduct a tournament of eight
    bouts; when Game Clear is displayed, the Result screen will appear. If your total
    time is in the top ten at Game Clear in Time Attack mode, you can record your
    name.(See Name Entry below)
C. Versus Mode
    This is a special mode for two-player battles. After each bout, the display
    returns to the Character Select screen and fighting continues until players exit
    the mode. By using Options to change settings such as health and the number of
    sets, you can engage in combat under a variety of conditions.
D. Tag Battle Mode
    This mode allows you to form a tag team of two characters and conduct a 2-on-2
    tag battle. Single players can fight five tournaments against the computer, or
    engage in battles of up to four players simultaneously.
     Suprise attack combat OK
     Tag Battle mode uses the Danger Setup Stage only
     You can combine tag teams in any way you choose, but you cannot select the same
     character twice for a tag team
 1. Play Modes
    Tag Battle mode consists of five Play modes. Select a Play mode from among those
    displayed on screen, in accordance with the number of players
    P1 vs COM    One player
      The player uses two characters to battle the computer. (One player)
    P1 P2 vs COM    Collaboration of two players
      Two players form a tag team to battle the computer. (Two players)
    P1 vs P2    Two-player battle
      Each player uses two characters to battle. (Two players)
    P1 P3 vs P2    (Two against one)
      Two players form a tag team to battle a third player. The player who uses
      Controller 2 will use two characters by him or herself. (Three players)
    P1 P3 vs P2 P4 (Two against two)
      Four players split into two tag teams to battle. (Four players)
    Four-Player Simultaneous Play
    Four players can enjoy tag-battles simultaneously. The combination of team
    members is the key to victory in four-player simultaneous play.
    *The number of potential players depends on the number of Controllers connected
     to the controller ports
 2. Rules
    Knock out both opponents to win. Use Options to adjust the number of sets.
 3. Tag Change
    F+P+K: Tag Change
    Press F + P + K during a bout to switch a character in battle with a tag partner.
    Characters not engaged in combat will gradually recover their health. When a
    character has already been knocked out, he or she cannot be used again
    Tag Combos
    When your opponent is floating or in critical status, you can perform a quick tag
    change. Practice this skill, and you team will function as a powerful unit.
 4. Tag Combo
    (Move toward enemy) r r+F+P+K: Tag Combo
    (Move toward enemy)   l+F+P+K: Tag Combo
    In Tag Battle mode only, two characters can execute tag combos together. These
    may be initiated by either character. The moves available depend on the character
    combination. However, tag combos cannot be employed, when one character has
    already been knocked out.
    *Some character combinations have their ownspecial tag combos.
E. Survival Mode
    This mode is for one player, and involves fighting against the computer until all
    your health is used up. Points are accumulated in accordance with the clear time
    and various items that appear during the game, and the goal is to have the highest
    total score at Game Over. In this mode, your heatlh is partially at the end of
    each round. The key to earning points is to minimize damage while fighting, and
    to take advantage of any chances for points that come your way. If and when a
    Survival mode battle ends and your score is within the top ten, you can record
    your name. (See Name Entry below)
    *Surprise-attack combat OK
    *You cannot Continue in this mode.
    *The game will finish at Time up or in the event of a Draw.
 1. Items
    Different health recovery item is assigned to each character.
    Items appear when you knock out an enemy or launch a follow-up attack on an
    opponent who is down. Obtain items to restore health and accumulate points. There
    are several types of items, each with their own effect. Items disappear after a
    fixed period of time.
    note: I listed all the items below, under Collection
 2. Danger Reach
    If you set off a danger explosion during the game, in addition to earning 3,000
    points, you will enter bonus time known as Danger Reach. During Danger Reach, you
    can increase your score significantly, such as by earning double the normal
    points for items or earning extra points for strikes and throws. Set off another
    danger explosion while you are in Danger Reach to continue Danger Reach Status.
    Your ability to maintain Danger Reach will be a major factor in achieving high
    *There are many other ways to earn points, such as time bonuses and appeal bonuses.
F. Team Battle Mode
    Players make up teams consisting of several characters and battle in taems. This
    mode can be between players or against the computer.
    *Numbers of team member is selectable from 1 to 5.
    *Matchs are in tournament format.
G. Sparring Mode
    This mode allows you to learn the basic systems and techniques of the game, and
    to practice moves freely. Use it for training for real battles by practicing
    holds and developing original mid-air combos.
    *There are no KO's. You can continue training until you exit the mode.
    *Press the Start button on the practice screen for the "Menu" that allows you to
     change settings such as the behavior patterns of the COM. Use the directional
     button to move the cursor and to select and change settings
 1. Sparring Mode Menu
    COM 1ST ACTION: This menu allows player to set the movement of COM (Computer).
    COM 2ND ACTION: This menu allows player to set the movement of COM's
    COUNTER: This menu provides on/off of "Counter Hit" indication.
    MOVE LIST: changes to a menu of current character's moves
    RESET POSITION: This menu allows player to reset characters at their initial
    CHARACTER SELECT: This menu allows player to return to the "Character Select"
    GO TO TITLE: This menu allows player to quit the "Sparring Mode" and return to
    the title screen
    EXIT: This allows player to exit from the Menu screen
    note: instuctions forgot to mention MOVE LIST, so I added it in
H. Watch Mode
    This mode allows the user to watch a computer-operated battle, which will
    continue until the mode is turned off.
    *Physical strengh and battle time are unlimited. However, the specified options
     will not be reflected in this mode.
    *When you want to change the characters, pause the game by pressing the Start
     button and choose CHARACTER SELECT.
    *Select RESET to exit this mode
I. UPS mode
    UPS (User Profile System) mode allows the user to save and view the players'
    battle records and various other records using the memory card. In the UPS mode,
    an "Individual ID" will be issued to each new file created and it will allow the
    user to save battle records with each opponent player.
    New File
      Creates a new file
      Enter a ring name after a file is created.
      Allows the user to view the battle record and other player records that have
      been saved in the UPS file.
      Allows the user to edit the ring name.
    note1: once a UPS file is created, the player is automatically asked if he or she
      wants to use the file after the player has selected his or her character. the
      UPS file automatically saves after battles if it is used.
    note2: i know of no one that has been able to have more than one UPS file on the
      same memory card.
J. Battle Rec. Mode
    This mode allows the user to save replays made during the game onto the memory
    card, and then to view them at any time. In addition to normal replay, player
    can also make reverse-replay, pause, and change the viewing angle.
    note1: Controls for watching the replays are as follows:
      O: Fast-forward
      Triangle: Pause
      Square: Rewind
      R1/R2: Change camera (game, roaming, follow "1P", follow "2P")
      L1/L2: Zoom(not possible during game cam mode)
    note2: beware! replay saves can use up more than 1000K of space (1/8th of memory
      card space). i reccomend either saving none, saving very few, or having several
      memory cards for this purpose alone.
K. Option Mode
    This mode allows a player to change game settings to suit his or her preferences.
    (See Option Settings below)
  Name Entry
    If your score ranks in the top ten in the Time Attack or Survival modes, you can
    record your name. Use the directional Pad on the Name Entry screen to select
    letters and enter your name. Move the cursor to END on the screen and press the
    "X" button to record your entry.
    *You can view the rankings inside the REDORDS menu in Options.
    note: choosing END without entering any letters inputs the name NINJA
L. Collection (not included in instructions)
    Collection mode shows all the items you have collected in Suvival Mode. It is
    unlocked by collecting any item in Survival mode. Unfortunately, because my
    DOA2:H files got deleted, page 2 of Collection mode won't be included until a
    future version. But I think it's just the special items of each character, so
    you're not missing out on much in this version.

    Item Name                   Collector             Health Restored          Points
    Ice Lolly                   Zack                  25%                      20,000
    Soft Ice Cream              Zack                  50%                      30,000
    Ice Cream (Double)          Zack                  Full                     50,000
    Egg                         Tina                  25%                      20,000
    Chick                       Tina                  50%                      30,000
    Chicken                     Tina                  Full                     50,000
    French Fries                Jann Lee              25%                      20,000
    Shake                       Jann Lee              50%                      30,000
    Hamburger                   Jann Lee              Full                     50,000
    Shuriken                    Ein                   25%                      20,000
    Kunai                       Ein                   50%                      30,000
    Katana                      Ein                   Full                     50,000
    Sushi (Kappa Maki)          Ryu Hayabusa          25%                      20,000
    Sushi (Tamago)              Ryu Hayabusa          50%                      30,000
    Sushi (Toro)                Ryu Hayabusa          Full                     50,000
    Strawberry                  Kasumi                25%                      20,000
    Rice Ball                   Kasumi                50%                      30,000
    Cherry Blossom              Kasumi                Full                     50,000
    Mahjong Tile (Red)          Gen Fu                25%                      20,000
    Mahjong Tile (Green)        Gen Fu                50%                      30,000
    Mahjong Tile (White)        Gen Fu                Full                     50,000
    Tropical Juice 1            Helena                25%                      20,000
    Tropical Juice 2            Helena                50%                      30,000
    Tropical Juice 3            Helena                Full                     50,000
    Knife                       Leon                  25%                      20,000
    Gun                         Leon                  50%                      30,000
    Tank                        Leon                  Full                     50,000
    Meat                        Bass                  25%                      20,000
    Mixed Juice                 Bass                  50%                      30,000
    The Stars And Stripes       Bass                  Full                     50,000
    Cupcake                     Lei Fang              25%                      20,000
    Chocolate Cake              Lei Fang              50%                      30,000
    Shortcake                   Lei Fang              Full                     50,000
    Pudding                     Ayane                 25%                      20,000
    Ribbon                      Ayane                 50%                      30,000
    Ring                        Ayane                 Full                     50,000
    Tree                        Tengu                 25%                      20,000
    Mountain                    Tengu                 50%                      30,000
    Mt. Fuji                    Tengu                 Full                     50,000
    Bayman's Knife              Bayman                25%                      20,000
    Bayman's Gun                Bayman                50%                      30,000
    Bayman's Tank               Bayman                Full                     50,000
    Lipstick                    Anybody               None                      5,000
    Carrot                      Anybody               None                     10,000
    Moneybag                    Anybody               None                     20,000
    Melon                       Anybody               None                     30,000
    False Suezo                 Anybody               None                       1(?)
    Suezo                       Anybody               Full                      10(?)
    Star*                       Anybody               None                      5,000
    Medal**                     Anybody               None                    Unknown

    *must unlock Bayman before it appears
    **appears at 50 wins

M. CG Gallery (not included in instructions)
    The CG Gallery is a collection of images made by Tecmo. It contains 3 pages of 12
    images each. Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to unlock it. It is
    unlocked by playing Story Mode 20 times, Time Attack, Versus, or Survival modes
    10 times, Tag Battle mode 7 times, or Team Battle mode 5 times. (I play tested
    all this myself after unlocking it the first time.) Not only that, but you can
    combine playing different modes, like Tag Battle mode 4 times and Team mode 2
    times, to unlock it. From that I have concluded that the game awards you points
    each time you play a mode. Story mode is worth 1 point, Time Attack, Versus, and
    Survival modes are worth 2 points each, Tag Battle mode is worth 3 points, and
    Team Battle mode is worth 4 points. (Much to my surprise, when looking at Prima's
    strategy guide, I discovered it says the same thing, just all the numbers are
    multiplied by 10.)
    Triangle: Back to mode select
    D-pad: Highlight image/Move picture(when veiwing)
    X: View image/Return to images(when viewing)
    O: Remove/Add image to slideshow list
    L1/L2: Zoom(when veiwing)
    Start: Start slideshow

VI. Option Settings (Instructions page 22)
Players can select OPTION MODE from the Mode Select screen to reconfigure the game to
suit their preferences.
A. Game Settings
    These settings control the difficulty of the game and rules. Settings can be
    adjusred for each mode
    CPU DIFFICULTY:                                      [EASY/NORMAL/HARD/VERY HARD]
    Configures the strength (difficulty) of COM
    CPU MATCH POINT:                                                      [1/2/3/4/5]
    Sets the number of sets required for victory against COM
    VS MATCH POINT:                                                       [1/2/3/4/5]
    Sets the number of sets required for victory against other players
    Sets the stamina level of COM
    Sets the stamina of VS matches
    ROUND TIME:                                             [30/40/50/60/99/NO-LIMIT]
    Sets the time allotted for a single round
    VS STAGE SELECTOR:                                                [OFF/1/2/3/4/5]
    Used to turn the Stage Select screen on/off
    QUICK SELECTOR:                                                          [ON/OFF]
    Sets the simple character select screen on and off
    Selects the displayed language of the game
    SPOKEN LANGUAGE:                                               [ENGLISH/JAPANESE]
    Selects the language in which the characters speak
    GAME SUBTITLES:                                                          [ON/OFF]
    Turns game subtitles (Opening threat/End fight comment(?)) on/off
    MOVIE SUBTITLES:                                                         [ON/OFF]
    Turns movie subtitles (Story mode only; during cinematic scenes(?)) on/off
    AGE:                                                                      [12-99]
    Sets your age. Does NOTHING!! (See rumors section)
    Restores default settings
    Returns to Option Mode screen
    *The items that can be configured differ by mode
B. Audio Setting
    Settings for game sound
    SPEAKER:                                                            [STEREO/MONO]
    Switches between stereo and mono sound
    Sets the volume of the background music during the game
    Sets the volume of SE (Sound Effects) during the game
    Sets the volume of character voices
    Sound test of BGM during the game
C. Controller Settings
    Used to customize Controllers. Functions can be assigned freely for each button
    VIBRATION:                                                               [ON/OFF]
    Used to turn vibration on/off
    COMMAND TYPE:                                              [PlayStation 2/ARCADE]
    Sets the way of the whole operation between "PlayStation 2" mode or "Arcade" mode
    Switch the setting with left or right directional button holding down the button
    you want to change the setting of.
D. Records
    Displays the various rankings and player data stored in the memory card
    Displays the top ten clear times for Time Attack mode
    Displays the top ten in terms of point/number of opponents beaten in Survival
    Displays rankings for each character used in each mode
    Displays battle data such as win/loss status and win ratios for each character
E. Memory Card
    Used to save/load data such as settings and match records
    Saves data on the memory card
    Loads saved data from the memory card. Use the Start button to load; all other
    button functions will be cancelled
    AUTO SAVE:                                                               [ON/OFF]
    *85KB in the memory card is required to save
    *Do not switch off the main unit unless the Title screen is displayed
     Do not remove/insert memory card when Autosave is "ON." Otherwise, data being
     saved may be damaged
    *Do not switch off the main unit or remove/insert memory card extension units, or
     Controllers during saving.
F. Exit
    Exits the Option screen and returns to the Title screen
note: I had to correct some things and add in some not included in the instructions

VII. Basic Battle Know-how (Instructions page 25)
The techniques and tips below will help you win DOA2:HARDCORE battles
A. Defensive Postion
    When you are about to be knocked to the ground, press the P, K, or F button to
    adopt a defensive postion and avoid going down.
    *The defensive postion cannot be used against some types of attacks.
B. Counters
    Use the same type of attack as you opponent - strike or throw - to execute a
    counterattack. A counter causes more damage to you opponent than a normal attack.
    In addition, when a strike is used to counter a throw or a throw is used to
    counter a hold, an even more powerful high counterattack is launched, doing
    massive damage to your opponent.
C. Attacks and Defense by the Wall
    With some strike moves, if you strike near the wall you can send your opponent
    toward the wall. Proper use of this move, such as putting some distance between
    yourself and your opponent or forcing him or her toward the well, will help turn
    the fight in your favor. Some throws change if used near the wall
    *Escaping from the Wall
    If you are knocked against the wall, you will lean on the wall in a weakened
    state for a fixed period of time. In such an event, hold the directional button
    on UP or DOWN as you stand up. This will enable you to stand up while pivoting
    against the wall.
D. Off the Edge
    Stages such as "The Great Opera" and "The Dragon Hills" feature multiple levels.
    You can send your opponent off the edge br striking or throwing him or her at the
    edges of these stages, or by the wall. Be aware that falling to the lower levels
    of these stages will result in damage. The key to winning is using free steps to
    position yourself in accordance with the layout of the Stage.
    *When you send an opponent off the edge, you character will jump down after him
     or her, but you will not receive any damage.
    *The tiered structure will differ depending on the stage. You cannot fall off the
     edge in some places.
    *Not all attacks allow you to send your opponent off the edge.

VIII. Characters
This section covers the characters names, who they are (taken from game. quote about
them found in instructions), how to get all their costumes, and a complete moves list
(taken from game and instructions). I hope to include opening threats, end fight
comments, Story Mode scripts, and move damage in a future version. I definately will
include a description of all the costumes in a future version.

Costumes most be unlocked in order! Also, if a costume is unlocked by UPS, the next
  costume(s) can only be unlocked by UPS.
for all characters excet Bayman and Tengu(with exception of With UPS, all are listed
in Prima's stategy guide.):
C3: defeat Story mode
C3: play any mode 5+ times with UPS on
C4: play any mode 10+ times with UPS on
C4(C5 Kasumi): defeat Story mode(default or harder settings and no continues)
C4 Kasumi and Lei Fang: defeat Story mode 3 times
C4(C5 Kasumi and Lei Fang): defeat Story mode 5 times
last costume: get character's special item in Survival mode(includes Bayman)
               8 Costumes          7 Costumes          6 Costumes          5 Costumes
Costume        UPS/no UPS          UPS/no UPS          UPS/no UPS          UPS/no UPS
C5               23/25               27/30               45/50               45/50
C6               45/50               68/75               90/100            ----------
C7               90/100             135/150            ------------------------------
C8              180/200            --------------------------------------------------
halve the number of times without UPS to get the number of UPS (vs) wins needed.

Commands of tag team attacks:
  l+F+P+K     throws your opponent to your partner, who attacks
  r r+F+P+K   either performs a tag team combo, or same as above
  d dr r+F+P+K(only if character has 2 tag team attacks with partner): same as above

Tag Teams
Here is a chart of how many tag team combos each pair has. On the left is the current
character and the top is the partner.
|                       |  K |  G |  T |  Z |  J |  A |  R |  H |  B |    |  L |    |
|                       |  a |  e |  i |  a |  a |  y |  y |  e |  a | L. |  e |  E |
|                       |  s |  n |  n |  c |  n |  a |  u |  l |  s | or |  i |  i |
|                       |  . |  F |  a |  k |  n |  . |  H |  . |  s | B. |  F |  n |
|  Kasumi               |  X |  0 |  0 |  0 |  0 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  0 |  0 |  0 |  1 |
|  Gen Fu               |  1 |  X |  1 |  1 |  0 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  0 |  1 |  1 |  0 |
|  Tina                 |  1 |  0 |  X |  1 |  0 |  0 |  1 |  0 |  2 |  1 |  1 |  0 |
|  Zack                 |  0 |  0 |  1 |  X |  0 |  0 |  0 |  0 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  0 |
|  Jann Lee             |  0 |  1 |  0 |  0 |  X |  0 |  1 |  0 |  0 |  1 |  1 |  2 |
|  Ayane                |  1 |  0 |  0 |  0 |  1 |  X |  1 |  0 |  0 |  0 |  0 |  1 |
|  Ryu Hayabusa         |  1 |  1 |  1 |  0 |  1 |  1 |  X |  0 |  1 |  1 |  0 |  1 |
|  Helena               |  1 |  1 |  0 |  0 |  0 |  0 |  1 |  X |  0 |  0 |  1 |  0 |
|  Bass                 |  0 |  1 |  2 |  2 |  1 |  1 |  0 |  0 |  X |  1 |  0 |  0 |
|  Leon or Bayman       |  0 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  0 |  0 |  1 |  0 |  2 |  1 |  0 |  0 |
|  Lei Fang             |  0 |  0 |  1 |  0 |  2 |  0 |  0 |  1 |  0 |  0 |  X |  1 |
|  Ein                  |  1 |  0 |  0 |  0 |  1 |  1 |  1 |  0 |  1 |  0 |  0 |  X |
Leon and Bayman are interchangeable. They also have a tag team combo together, hence
the "1" instead of an "X". Also note, Tengu has no tag team combos with anyone.

note: special conditions for moves are in ()s after the move's name. symbols are
listed here
  |    next to wall
  _    crouching opponent
  !    back to opponent
  $    behind opponent
  `    getting up

~ The Kunoichi of Destiny ~
Home: Japan
Fighting Style: Ninjutsu
(note: one of her end fight comments calls it "Mujen-tenshin style")
Age: N/A   (I don't understand that)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 106 lbs.
Occupation: Ninja
Special Item: Cherry
Costumes: 8
C4: defeat Story mode(default or harder settings)
C6: earn 2 million+ points in Survival mode(default or harder settings)
C7: 50+ wins in Survival mode(default or harder settings)

Tenshu                                  ur+K
Hiru                                    u+K
Getsurin                                ul+K
Futen                                   u+P
Hiten                                   l+P
Rengou                                  P P K K K
Renjin                                  P P K dr+K
Renji                                   P P K d+K
Osen                                    P P P P
Gessai                                  P P ul+K
Rishu                                   P P r+P K K
Kyoshu                                  P P r+P K d+K
Tenshu                                  P P r+P r+K
Genraku                                 P P r+P d+K
Engetsu                                 P P r+K K
Getsuro                                 P P r+K K
T. Rengou                               P K K K
T. Renjin                               P K dr+K
T. Renji                                P K d+K
S. Rishu                                r+P K K
S. Kyosh                                r+P K d+K
S. Tensyu                               r+P r+K
S. Genraku                              r+P d+K
K. Osen                                 dr+P P
K. Ogen                                 dr+P d+K
Goukyaku                                K K K
Jinkyaku                                K dr+K
Jikyaku                                 K d+K
Muei                                    f f+P d+K
Geshu                                   r+K K
Roshu                                   r+K d+K
Roga                                    r r+K
Sen                                     P+K
Shitten                                 F+K ^ K
Shitsuro                                F+K ^ d+K
Fukasen                                 d+F+K
Senka                                   dr+F+P
Mugen                                   dr dr+P
Nagi                                    l+F+K
Busen                                   dr dr+K
Hakuro                                  l+K K
Tenbu                                   ur+P K
Riren(!)                                K K
Getsuei(!)                              u+K
Kiren(`)                                K r+K
Kogetsu(`)                              F+K
Kahen                                   F+P
Kegon                                   r+F+P
Youshi(|)                               r+F+P
Tenryu2                                 l+F+P
Adachi(|)                               l+F+P
Oboro                                   dr dr+F+P
Hien                                    u+F+P ^ l+F+P
Ibara Otoshi                            r r+F+P ^ d+F+P
Rogai                                   d dl l+F+P
Hakkato($)                              F+P
Urahien($)                              u+F+P
Hishu($)                                r+F+P
Himatsu(_)                              d+F+P
Enshu(_)                                dl+F+P
Kyoka(high punch)                       ul+F
Kakinomi(high kick)                     ul+F
Shiraha(middle punch)                   l+F
Shigure(middle kick)                    l+F
Momiji(low punch)                       dl+F
Soken(low kick)                         dl+F
Maiyoromo(jumping punch)                l+F
Madoi(high and middle)                  l ur+F
Mayoi(low)                              l dr+F
Takanotsume                             u+P+K
Kawara                                  d+P
Appeal: Sakura Matoi                    l r l+F+P+K
Uragake                                 ul+P
Tenbu                                   ur+P
Oborofutae(Ryu Hayabusa)
Oboro2(when partner throws opponent to Kasumi)

Gen Fu
~ The Legendary Goken ~
Home: China
Fighting Style: Xinyl Liuhe Quan
Age: 65
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 172 lbs.
Occupation: Bookstore Owner
Special Item: Mahjong Counter
Costumes: 7
C5: earn 1 million+ points in Survival mode(default or harder settings)
C6: 48+ wins in Survival mode(default or harder settings)

Tosho                                   u+P
Rensui                                  P P P
Tanhou                                  dr+P P
Kahou                                   ur+P
Banchu                                  r+P P P
Banhou                                  r+P P P+K
Osokuha                                 l+P P
Sosuiha                                 l+P r+P^P+K
Tonyo                                   DR+P
Tanpa                                   r r+P
Koson                                   dr dr+P
Senshippo                               d dr r+P P
Koboku                                  P+K
Yosoku                                  r l+P
Ugyu                                    dl r+P
Soha                                    r+P+K
Yoshi-Saiken                            d+P+K ^ l r+P
Toha                                    l+P+K
Rokugo-Riho-Sui                         dl+P+K
Yokei                                   dr+P+K
Hakujya-Honsui                          dl+P
Senryu-Ha                               dr+K P ^ l r+P
Keitai                                  R+K K
Chisun                                  dl+K r+P
Hansen                                  u+K
Senpu                                   ur+K d+K
Tenshin                                 ul+K
Sokutan                                 r+K
Sohi                                    F+K
Zensotai                                d+F+K
Juji                                    F+P
Shin-i                                  l+F+P
Ryuyo(|)                                l+F+P
Shutai                                  r+F+P
Koukei                                  r r+F+P ^ r+F+P
Kokaisan                                d dl l+F+P
Umpei                                   d dr r+F+P ^ F+P
Tora($)                                 F+P
Sokujin($)                              r+F+P
Batetsu(_)                              d+F+P
Ribyo(_)                                dl+F+P
Juji($_)                                d+F+P
Taizan(high punch)                      ul+F
Ten Ha(high kick)                       ul+F
Ryukei(low kick)                        l+F
Ryucho(middle kick)                     l+F
Tensan(low punch)                       dl+F
Daiso(low kick)                         dl+F
Honshin(jumping punch)                  l+F
Saishu/Roshu(high and middle)           l ur+F
Kasyu/Koga(low)                         l dr+F
Rakushin                                u+P+K
Jitosho                                 d+P
Appeal: Hanraku                         l r l+F+P+K
Appeal(only C2 with hat):               d d+F+P+K
Senpo                                   d dr r+P
Sokuten                                 ul+P
Yougeki(Kasumi or Ayane)
Nichigetsu(when partner throws opponent to Gen Fu)

~ Women's Wrestling Superstar ~
Home: USA
Fighting Style: Pro-Wrestling
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Occupation: Pro-Wrestler
Special Item: Roast Chicken
Costumes: 7
C5: earn 1.5 million+ points on Survival mode(default or harder settings)
C6: defeat Time Attack mode in under 4:15(default settings)

Jab High Kick                           P K
Machine Gun Middle                      P P K
Machine Gun Elbow Knee                  P P P K
Knuckle Arrow                           ul+P
Blazing Chop                            u+P
Back Elbow                              ur+P K
Double Hammer                           l+P
Low Spin Knuckle                        dl+P
Infinity Combo                          r+P P P
Ultimate Combo                          r+P P K
Spin Knuckle Combo                      r+P P d+P
Low Drop Combo                          r+P P d+K
Combo Drop Kick                         r r+P P K
Tina Special                            r r+P+K
Vertical Hammer                         DR+P P
Dolphin Upper                           dr dr+P
Rolling Upper                           d dr r+P
Ankle Spin Kick                         K K
Double Middle Kick                      dr+K K
Step Kick                               ur+K
Back Brain Kick                         ul+K
Drop Kick                               u+K
Front Step Kick                         r r+K
Knee Hammer                             r+K P
Double Ai Kick                          D+K K K
Crush Knee                              dr dr+K
Dancing Doll Kick                       F+K
Shoulder Tackle                         l r+P
Short Range Lariat                      P+K
Elbow Suicide                           r+P+K
Rolling Sobat                           l+K
Front Roll Kick                         r+F+K
Low Drop Kick                           d+F+K
Moonsault Press                         l+P+K
Turn Sobat(!)                           F+K
Moonsault Attack(!)                     P+K
Death Valley Bomb                       F+P
Texas Driver                            r+F+P ^ d+F+P
Burst Cyclone(|)                        r+F+P
Frankensteiner                          l+F+P
Hammer Through ~ J.O.S.                 r r+F+P ^ F+P
Burst J.O.S.(|)                         r r+F+P
Giant Swing                             l r+F+P ^ l dl d dr r+F+P
Sky Twister Press                       r l+F+P ^ d+F+P ^ d u+F+P
J.O.S.                                  d dl l+F+P ^ l r+F+P ^ d u+F+P
Fisherman's Buster                      l dl d dr r+F+P
J.O. Cyclone                            D r l+F+P
Double Break($)                         F+P ^ d+F+P
Throwing German Suplex($)               r+F+P
Burst Suplex(|$)                        f+F+P
Dragon Suplex($)                        r l+F+P ^ r l+F+P
Trance Four Leg Lock(_)                 d+F+P ^ d d+F+P
Tiger Driver(_)                         dl+F+P ^ d+F+P
Japanese Ocean Bomb(_)                  dr dr+F+P
Neck Crusher($_)                        d+F+P
Locking Hammer(high punch)              ul+F
Spring Leg Lock(high kick)              ul+F
Arm Whip(middle punch)                  l+F
4 Leg Lock(middle kick)                 l+F ^ d d+F
Pull-in Triangle Lock(low punch)        dl+F
Leg Split(low kick)                     dl+F
Air Whip(jumping puch)                  l+F
Hip Drop                                u+P+K
Elbow Drop                              d+P
Appeal: Come on!                        l r l+F+P+K
Appeal: Guts pose                       d d+F+P+K
Front Roll                              d+P+K
Double Armstrong Buster(Bass)
Dual Bomber(Bass)
Flying Cyclone(Zack)
Arm Whip(when partner throws opponent to Tina)

~ Funky Muay Thai Dude ~
Home: USA
Fighting Style: Thai-Style Boxing
Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 172 lbs.
Occupation: DJ
Special Item: Parfait
Costumes: 6
C5: Earn 1 million+ points in Survival mode(default or harder settings)

Hell Needle                             u+P
Tee Sork Bon                            dl+P
Rising Heel Kick                        u+K
Double Impact                           d dr r+P P
Spinning Heel Kick                      d dr r+P K
Double Sork                             r+P P
Inferno Rush                            r+P K K K K
Tea Sork Laan                           r r+P
Half Spin Sork Rab                      l+K P
Half Spin Heal Kick                     l+K K
Gatling Knee                            r+K K
Heat Sunrise                            ul+K
Tumbling Heel                           l l+K K
Sway Blow                               ul+P
Boost Rush                              P K K K K
Mobius Rush                             P P P K
Mad Beast                               P P K K K K
Mad Hound                               P P D+K K K K
Vulcan Knee Kick                        P P r+K
Genocide Rush                           P P r+P K
Devil's Rush                            P P r+P P
Fake Spinning Middle                    P P l+K
Heaven Smash                            DR+P P P
Slam Knuckle                            l+P
Mephisto Rush                           K K K K
Demon Rush                              dr+K K K K K
Belial Rush                             D+K K K K K
Tricky Beast                            d+K P K K K K
Tricky Hound                            d+K P D+K K K K
Zack Tornado                            d+F+K
Spinning Middle Kick                    F+K
Twister Upper                           dr+P+K
Cow Roy                                 r r+K
Flying Knee Kick                        r+P+K
Devil's Elbow                           dr dr+P r+P
Vertical Axe                            P+K
Airwalk                                 r r+P+K
Overhead Kick                           dr dr+K K
Turn Bazooka                            l r+P
Spinning Heel(`)                        F+K ^ K
Turn Sork Rab(!)                        l+P
Turn Spinning Heel Kick                 l+K
Wild Throw                              F+P
Stunner                                 l+F+P
Gokko Tee Cow                           r l+F+P
Nightmare Stand(|)                      r l+F+P
Hand Rush                               dr dr+F+P
Splash Dunk                             d dr r+F+P
Fly Boarding(|)                         d dr r+F+P
Neck Hunting($)                         F+P
Violence Beat($)                        l+F+P
Beast Fang(_)                           d+F+P
Heart Breaker(_)                        dl+F+P
Reverse Beast Fang($_)                  d+F+P
Octopus Blow(high punch)                ul+F
Slash Elbow(high kick)                  ul+F
Cross Bazooka(middle punch)             l+F
Heel Edge(middle kick)                  l+F
Funky Elbow(low punch)                  dl+F
Dust Stamp(low kick)                    dl+F
Air Dunk(jumping punch)                 l+F
Stepping Wave                           u+P+K ^ l r+P+K
Wild Heel                               d+K
Appeal: Wave                            l r l+F+P+K
Appeal: "Nandeyanen(Why is that?)!"     d d+F+P+K
Fake Roll                               d dr r+F
Mad Shaking(Leon or Bayman)
Funky Elbow(when partner throws opponent to Zack)

Jann Lee
~ Passionate Fighter ~
Home: China
Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Occupation: Bouncer
Special Item: Dragon
Costumes: 6
C5: Earn 1 million+ points in Survival mode(Default or harder settings)

Knuckle Upper                           ur+P
Back Hook                               u+P
High Sinnee Kick                        ul+K
Read High Kick                          u+K
Nikikyaku                               ur+K K
Sekkan Chop                             l+P
Sway Jab                                ul+P
Jab High Kick                           P K
Sonic Spin Kick                         P r+P K
Sonic Low Spin Kick                     P r+P d+K
Sonic Upper                             P d+P P
Combo Low Spin Kick                     P D+P K
Dragon Rush                             P P P K
Dragon Cannon                           P P P r+P
Dragon Slicer                           P P P d+K
Combo Knuckle Upper                     P P R+P
Combo High Kick                         P P K
Body Upper                              r+P P
Body Low Spin Kick                      r+P d+K
Flash Spin Kick                         r r+P K
Flash Low Spin Kick                     r r+P d+K
Low Dragon Hammer                       dl+P
Dragon Hammer                           l r+P
Sinnee High Kick                        F+K K
Double Hook Kick                        l+K K
Thrust Spike Kick                       d+K K
Thrust Spin Kick                        D+K K
Side Master Kick                        dr+K K
Dragon Strike                           dr+K r+P
Side Back Kick                          dr+K l+K
Snap Spin Kick                          r+K K
Snap Spike Kick                         r+K l r+K
Dragon Low Kick                         dl+K
Low Spin Kick                           d+F+K
Dragon Blow                             d dr r+P
Dragon Elbow                            P+K
Dragon Knuckle                          D l r+P
Dragon Kick                             d dr r+K
Dragon Spike                            l r+K
Flash Turn                              l l+P
High Spin Kick                          K K
Dragon Flare                            r r+K
Dragon Step High                        r+F+K
Blind Elbow(!)                          P+K
Blind Knuckle(!)                        dl+P
Hell Drive                              F+P
Dragon Gunner                           r+F+P
Shoulder Throw                          l+F+P
The Way of the Dragon                   d dl l+F+P
The Fall of the Dragon(|)               d dl l+F+P
Bull Docking Head Lock                  d dr r+F+P ^ l l+F+P
Dragon Rave($)                          F+P
Sekkan Punch($)                         d dr r+F+P
Front Face Lock(_)                      d+F+P
Side Buster(_)                          dl+F+P
Punish Punch($_)                        d+F+P
Godless Short Knee(high punch)          ul+F
Trace Gunner(high kick)                 ul+F
Double Blind(middle punch)              l+F
Leg Sweep(middle kick)                  l+F
Deep the Dragon(low punch)              dl+F
Dragon Twist(low kick)                  dl+F
Dragon's Roar(jumping punch)            l+F
Stomping                                u+P+K
Enter the Dragon                        u+F+P+K
Low Snap Kick                           d+K
Appeal: Shout                           l r l+F+P+K
Double Dragon(Lei Fang)
Deep the Dragon(when partner throws opponent to Jann Lee

~ Kunoichi with Murderous Intent ~
Home: Japan
Fighting Style: Ninjutsu
(note: one of her end fight comments calls it "Mugen-tenshin Hajinmon")
Age: N/A   (I don't understand that)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 104 lbs.
Occupation: Ninja
Special Item: Tiara
Costumes: 8
C5: Earn 1.5 million+ points in Survival mode(default or harder settings)
C6: 50+ wins in Survival mode(default or harder settings)
C7: defeat Time Attack mode in under 4:15(default settings)

Sosho                                   P P P
Renten                                  P P K K
Koei                                    P P r+P P
Hajin                                   P K
Koeiga                                  r+P P
Soha                                    r r+P r+K
Fuzan                                   dr+P l+P
Jirai                                   dr dr+P D+K
Rijin                                   l+P K
Hishu                                   l+P ^ K
Riji                                    l+P d+K
R. Hien                                 l+P ^ d+K
F. Sosho                                ur+P P P
F. Renten                               ur+P K K
Sajin                                   DL+P K
Renkyaku                                K K
Ryuso                                   r+K K
Roso                                    r+K d+K
Soten                                   u+K
Ryubi                                   ur+K
Shugetsu                                ul+K
Fujin                                   l+K
Retten                                  F+K
Rekku                                   dr+F+K
Roso                                    d+F+K
E. Hajin                                P+K P P
E. Fujin                                P+K P K
Hajinsai                                P+K P ul+K
Hajin                                   P+K P d+K
Genmu                                   d dr r+K
Fujinsai                                d dr r+F+K
Sho                                     l+F+K
Genwaku(`)                              F+K
R. Sosho(!)                             P P P
R. Eiko(!)                              P P l+P P P
R. Fujinsai(!)                          P P l+P P K
R. Eikosai(!)                           P P l+P P ul+K
R. Eikogeri(!)                          P P l+P P d+K
R. Rijin(!)                             P P r+P K
R. Hishu(!)                             P P r+P ^ K
R. Riji(!)                              P P r+P d+K
Rahien(!)                               P P r+P ^ d+K
Rasajin(!)                              P P DL+P K
Fusai(!)                                u+K
Shugetsu(!)                             ul+K
Z. Rajin(!)                             l+P P P
Z. Fujinsai(!)                          l+P P K
Z. Hajinsai(!)                          l+P P ul+K
Z. Hajingeri(!)                         l+P P d+K
J. Sajin(!)                             DL+P K
Embusho(!)                              ul+P
Enshusen(!)                             d+F+K
Kokuso(!)                               F+K
Momiji                                  F+P
H. Embu                                 r+F+P
Hikari(|)                               r+F+P
Kirimadoi                               l+F+P
Tosenka                                 l r+F+P
Baisenka(|)                             l r+F+P
Tsurara                                 r r+F+P ^ u+F+P
K. Gengi                                d dr r+F+P
K. Ranmu                                d dl l+F+P
Namigatana(!)                           F+P
Yamigarasu(!)                           r+F+P
Ryusa($)                                F+P
Tsubaki($)                              r+F+P
Urayami(!$)                             r+F+P
Setsuna(_)                              d+F+P
Kamiyo(_)                               dl+F+P
Syusui(!_)                              d+F+P
Muso($_)                                d+F+P
Tenbujin($_)                            dl+F+P
Kamiyoi(high punch)                     ul+F
Hyorio(high kick)                       ul+F
Ayase(middle punch)                     l+F
Fubujin(middle kick)                    l+F
Kogarashi(low punch)                    dl+F
Futenro(low kick)                       dl+F
Shunrai(jumping punch)                  l+F
Hyomu                                   u+P+K
Kawara                                  d+P
Appeal: "No kidding"                    l r l+F+P+K
Appeal: "Silly"                         d d+F+P+K
Haijin                                  u+P
Kazenmai                                ul+P
Furo(!)                                 r r
Renpu 1(!)                              r R ^ R
Oroshi(!)                               dl
Shimo(!)                                DL
Oroshiryu(!)                            dl L
S. Oroshi(!)                            dl DL
M. Tensho(Ein)
Ayase 2(when partner throws opponent to Ayane)

Ryu Hayabusa
~ Solitary Super Ninja ~
Home: Japan
Fighting Style: Ninjutsu
Age: 23
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 154 lbs.
Occupation: Curio Shop Owner
Special Item: Green Tea
Costumes: 6
C5: Earn 1 million+ points in Survival mode(default or harder settings)

Rengeki                                 P P P
Kusen                                   P P l+P r+P
Mekki                                   P P l+P K
Renki                                   P P K K K
Jinpuren                                P P d+K
Hatou                                   P K K
Hatotsu                                 r+P K K
Raishin                                 r r+P
Tentotsu                                u+P
Kushin                                  l+P r+P
Hayou                                   l+P K
Eiuchi                                  ul+P
Jisen                                   DL+P K
Garyu                                   d dr r+P
Jaki                                    K P
Dansya                                  K K
Nichirin                                ur+K
Hagen                                   u+K K
Tenrin                                  ul+K
Onibishi(when standing from crouch)     K
Rijiso                                  dr+K d+K
Jisuberi                                r r+K
Jinpugeki                               dl+K D+K
Jinpurengeki                            dl+K dl+K D+K
Riei                                    r l+K
Korin                                   l+K
Maikiri                                 d dr r+K
Shoryu                                  D l+K
Soku                                    P+K
Gao                                     l+P+K
Rekku                                   dr+P+K ^ K
Kikoku                                  F+K ^ K K
Jisho                                   l+F+K
Jinkyaku                                d+F+K
Zamma                                   dr+F+K
Rakushin(!)                             u+K
Kouten Geri(during handstand)           P
Kouten Geri(during handstand)           d+K
Senba(during handstand)                 K K
Teppo(during handstand)                 P+K
Muso(during handstand)                  F+K
Juji                                    F+P
Kubikiri                                r+F+P
Shoro(|)                                r+F+P
Yama                                    l+F+P
Hayabusa                                r r+F+P
Genei                                   l r+F+P
Rakujinsho                              d dl l+F+P
Izuna                                   l dl d dr r+F+P ^ d dr r ur r+F+P ^
                                         l ul u ur r dr d+F+P
Uranage($)                              F+P
Kandachi($)                             l+F+P
Rakuryu($)                              r r+F+P
Kirimomi(during handstand)              F+P
Kabuto(during handstand)                l+F+P
Zanshu(_)                               d+F+P
Hane(_)                                 dl+F+P
Takitsubo($_)                           d+F+P
Sen Izuna(high punch)                   ul+F ^ d dl l ul u+F ^ r ur u ul l dl d+F
Kagedoro(high kick)                     ul+F
Rekko(middle punch)                     l+F ^ d dl l ul u+F ^ r ur u ul l dl d+F
Shugeki(middle kick)                    l+F
Yoko(low punch)                         dl+F ^ d dl l ul u+F ^ r ur u ul l dl d+F
Koken(low kick)                         dl+F
Gasai(jumping punch)                    l+F
Naraku                                  u+P+K
Koga                                    d+P
Appeal: Nin                             l r l+F+P+K
Appeal: Rin                             r l r+F+P+K
Appeal: Rei                             d d+F+P+K
Tenchi                                  d+P+K
Koten(during handstand)                 d
Urakaze                                 ur+P
Korobi(during handstand)                l l
Asuka(| backwards jump)                 r
Sen Izuna(when partner throws opponent to Ryu Hayabusa)
       ^ d dl l ul u+F+P ^ r ur u ul l dl d+F+P

~ The Prima donna of Revenge ~
Home: France
Fighting Style: Pi Qua Quan
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 108 lbs.
Occupation: Opera Singer
Special Item: Rocket
Costumes: 7
C5: earn 2 million+ points in Survival mode(default or harder settings)
C6: defeat Time Attack mode in under 4:15(default settings)

Kasui                                   r r+P
R. Kasui                                P P P
R. Kosen                                P P K
R. Sen                                  P P d+K
Hekiro                                  P P L+P P
Gasho                                   P K K K
Teishitsu                               u+P
Kyuho                                   ul+P
Dokuritsu                               dr+P P
Tenshin                                 l+P P P
T. Kasui                                ur+P P
T. Koren                                ur+P K
T. Sen                                  ur+P d+K
R. Hoto                                 l l+P P d+P
Shimogiri                               r+P P
Soho                                    dl+P
Soheki                                  P+K ^ P+K
Rekkai                                  K K K
S. Kasen                                r+K d+K
S. Ryoin                                r+K P
Rigo                                    l+K K
Miyoshu                                 u+K
Toku                                    ul+K
Hoken                                   r r+K P P
Senten                                  dl+K P
S. Ushiro                               d+K K
Niki                                    ur+K
Bokuho                                  D+F+K
Toda                                    DR+P P
Uryo                                    d dr r+P
Rinpeki                                 l+P+K
Zenpeki                                 d dl l+P
Dakai                                   r+P+K
R. Kasessho(!)                          P P P P
R. Tenshin(!)                           P P l+P P P
K. Kasen(!)                             r+K d+K
K. Ryoin(!)                             r+K P
T. Dosho(!)                             r+P
Seisyu(!)                               P+K
Gosotai(!)                              r r+K
Hanba                                   P P P
Sen Niki                                P P K
Kyoda                                   r+P P P
Renken                                  r+P P K
H. Shinkasen                            l+P K d+K
H. Shinryoin                            l+P K P
Banchu                                  DR+K D+K
K. Gasui                                r r+P
K. Tokyaku                              K
K. Kikyaku                              r+K
Zensotai                                D+F+K
Sotakusho                               P+K
1, 2, 3                                 F+P
Senpeki                                 l+F+P
Tenyoryo(|)                             l+F+P
Shohen                                  r r+F+P
Yoto                                    d dr r+F+P
Tenbu($)                                F+P
Shousen(_)                              d+F+P
Fukanbu(_)                              dl+F+P
Z. Kaou($_)                             d+F+P
Denpi(high punch)                       ul+F
G. Ryugeki(| high punch)                ul+F
Fukenro(high kick)                      ul+F
Tenban(middle punch)                    l+F
Ishitsu(middle kick)                    l+F
Hekizan(low punch)                      dl+F
Koran(low kick)                         dl+F
Nawan(jumping punch)                    l+F
Rouho                                   u+P+K
Goben                                   d+K
Bokuho                                  d+P+K
Forward(during Bokuho)                  r
Back(during Bokuho)                     l
Stand(during Bokuho)                    u
Turn(during Bokuho)                     ul
Dash Forward(during Bokuho)             r r
Dash Back(during Bokuho)                l l
Teishitsu(during Bokuho)                d d
Turn Dash(!)                            r r
Appeal: Token                           l r l+F+P+K
Sokanbu(Gen Fu)
Tenshinban(when partner throws opponent to Helena)

Bass Armstrong
~ Unhappy Father Pro-wrestler ~
Home: USA
Fighting Style: Pro-Wrestling
Age: 46
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 346 lbs.
Occupation: Pro-Wrestler
Special Item: Championship Belt
Costumes: 5

Combo Gong                              P P P
Combo Hammer                            P P d+P
Combo High Kick                         P P K
Combo Kick Crash                        P K K
Wild Swing                              r+P P
Hell Stab                               P+K
Elbow Rush                              ur+P P
Stun Gun Chop                           l+P P ^ P+K
Power Gong                              dl+P P
Knee Hammer                             r+K P
Jumping High Kick                       u+K
Smash Gong                              r r+P
Bear Scissors                           dr+P+K P
Kick Rush                               dr+K K
One Hand Hammer                         u+P
Buffalo Crush                           dr dr+P
Drop Kick                               d dr r+K
Flying Cross Chop                       r r+P+K
Kenka Kick                              r r+K
Hell Scissors                           ul+P P
Rolling Axe                             l r+P
Bass Lariat                             r+P+K
Front Roll Kick                         r+F+K
Leg Break                               dl+K
Low Drop Kick                           d+F+K
Muscle Elbow                            l+P+K
Axe Bomber                              d+P+K ^ P+K
Trass Kick(!)                           l+K
Round Muscle Elbow(!)                   P+K
Get Up Low Drop Kick(`)                 D+F+K
Falcon Arrow                            F+P
One Legged Head Butt                    dr+F+P
Wild Bull Head Butt(|)                  dr+F+P
Water Mill Drop                         l+F+P
Bear Press(|)                           l+F+P
Bass Tornado                            r+F+P
Flying Body Scissors                    u+F+P
Dynamite Lariat                         l r+F+P
Atomic Hammer Crash(|)                  l r+F+P
Oklahoma Stampede                       r r+F+P ^ r+F+P
Manhattan Driver                        d dl l+F+P ^ d+F+P ^ d u+F+P
Super Freak                             l dl d dr r+F+P
T.F.B.B.                                D r l+F+P
T.F.B.C.(|)                             D r l+F+P
Escape Back(!)                          F+P
Dangerous Back Drop($)                  F+P
Locomotion Back Drop(|$)                F+P
Argentina Back Breaker($)               l+F+P
Reverse Power Bomb($)                   l r+F+P
Face Crasher($)                         r r+F+P ^ r+F+P
Grizzly Launcher($)                     l dl d dr r+F+P ^ d d+F+P
Grizzly Crash(|$)                       l dl d dr r+F+P ^ d d+F+P
Bass Bomb(_)                            d+F+P
Spiral Bomb(_)                          dl+F+P
Double Arm DDT(_)                       dr dr+F+P
Calf Branding($_)                       d+F+P
Half Lock Suplex(high punch)            ul+F
Rolling Sentoon(high kick)              ul+F
Shoulder Through(middle punch)          l+F
Blast Through(| middle punch)           l+F
Jurassic Trailer(middle kick)           l+F ^ l l+F
Guillotine Drop(low punch)              dl+F
Giant Hammer Throw(low kick)            dl+F
Iron Hammer Press(jumping punch)        l+F
Double Knee Drop                        u+P+K
Stomping                                d+K
Appeal: I LOVE TINA                     l r l+F+P+K
Appeal: Show Time                       d d+F+P+K
Docking Driver(Tina)
Lock-on Sky Twister Press(Tina)
Ally Oop(Zack)
Two Platoon DDT(Ayane)
Oklahoma Stampede(when partner throws opponent to Bass)
       ^ r+F+P

~ The Warrior ~
Home: Italy
Fighting Style: Russian Martial Arts
Age: 42
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 282 lbs.
Occupation: Mercenary
Special Item: Missle
Costumes: 5

Palm Arrow                              ul+P
Tomahawk Elbow                          ur+P
Smash Upper                             u+P P
Trass Kick(when standing from crouch)   K
Rising Tomahawk                         ur+K
Jabbering Kick                          u+K
Body Sobat                              F+K
Blust Trass                             l+P K
Blast Drive Knee                        l+P r+K
Knee Lift                               r+K
Smash                                   DR+P
Heel Hammer                             l+K
Head Butt                               P+K
Arm Grenade                             r+P+K
Flame Knuckle                           r r+P
Shoulder Tackle                         l r+P
Reverse Double Hammer                   l+P+K P
Leg Spike                               dl+K
Solid Crush                             r+P P P
Crush Leg Spike                         r+P P d+K
Stomach Break                           r+P K
Rush Sobat                              P r+P K
Rush Leg Spike                          P r+P d+K
Jab High Kick                           P K
Storm Hook                              P P P
Storm Blast Knuckle                     P P l+P
Storm Sobat                             P P K
Storm Upper                             P P dl+P
Trap Heel Hammer                        K K
Trap Reverse Hammer                     K P P
Giant Upper                             d dl l+P
Side Scimitar                           r r+K
Scimitar Lock Heel                      r r+K K
Turn Low Jabbering                      d+F+K
Smash Upper(!)                          P P P
Victor Knee Cross Lock                  F+P
Neck Hanging Tree                       l+F+P
Neck Hanging Blow(|)                    l+F+P
Arm Lock                                r+F+P
Fire Storm Knee(|)                      r+F+P
Reverse Shrimp Lock                     l r+F+P ^ r l+F+P ^ d+F+P
STF                                     dr dr+F+P ^ d d+F+P
DDT                                     d dl l+F+P ^ r l+F+P ^ d+F+P
Windmill Back Breaker                   l dl d dr r+F+P
Desert Bridge(|)                        l dl d dr r+F+P
Jumping Arm Reverse Cross Lock($)       F+P
Hell Hazard Lock($)                     r+F+P
Swing Sleeper($)                        l r+F+P ^ r l+F+P
Swing Breath Fall(|$)                   l r+F+P ^ r l+F+P
Crazy Crash(_)                          d+F+P ^ d+F+P ^ d d+F+P
Reverse Arm Lock(_)                     dl+F+P ^ d+F+P
Ground Submission(opponent on ground)   d+F+P
Head Hunting Cross Lock(high punch)     ul+F
Reverse Achilles Hell Lock(high kick)   ul+F
Death Trap(middle punch)                l+F
Snake Bites(| middle punch)             l+F
Jumping Knee Cross Lock(middle kick)    l+F
Grabbing Cross Lock(low punch)          dl+F
Cobra Death Lock(low kick)              dl+F
Catching Arm Lock(jumping punch)        l+F
Heel Hold(jumping kick)                 l+F
Knee Drop                               u+P+K
Stomping                                d+K
Appeal: GO TO HELL                      l r l+F+P+K
Heavy Sand(Zack)
Guillotine Napalm(Bass)
Death Trap(when partner throws opponent to Leon)

Lei Fang
~ T'ai Chi Quan Genius ~
Home: China
Fighting Style: T'ai Chi Quan
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Occupation: College Student
Special Item: Decoration Cake
Costumes: 8
C5: earn 1 million+ points in Survival mode(default or harder settings)
C6: complete Tag Battle mode using Lei Fang C5 and Jann Lee C5
C7: defeat Time Attack mode in under 4:15(default settings)

Zensyo                                  ur+P
Shahi                                   u+P
Niki                                    ur+K K
Tenshin                                 ul+K
Soan                                    r r+P
Sofu                                    r l+P
Chisun                                  l r+P
Kinkei                                  P+K
Tessa                                   d d+K
Renchu                                  r+P K
Anshu                                   l l+P
Hoto                                    l+P P
Shanpo                                  dl+P P
Shaorin                                 d dr r+P
G. Niki                                 dr dr+P K K
G. Hai                                  dr dr+P P+K
Sokutan                                 r+K
Bunkyaku                                r r+K
Hikyaku                                 u+K
Sengu                                   l+K K d+K
Fujin                                   DL+K K
Tokyaku                                 dr+K P+K
Hoko                                    r+P+K
Honshin                                 ul+P
R. Shao                                 P P P
R. Kin                                  P P r+P K
R. Zen                                  P P l+P P
R. Renshu                               P P K K
R. Sengu                                P P K d+K
R. Tessa                                P P d+K
S. Soan                                 P DR+P P
S. Hai                                  P DR+P P+K
Tanben                                  P K K d+K
Renshu                                  K K
Shu/Sen                                 K d+K
Paika                                   l+P+K
Tozu                                    dl+P+K
Haiseki                                 d+P+K
Senpu                                   F+K
Sentsu(!)                               P+K
Toden                                   F+P
Noba                                    l+F+P
Kaishin(|)                              l+F+P
Token                                   dr+F+P
Heishin                                 l r+F+P
Yoho                                    r r+F+P
Assin(|)                                r r+F+P
Rentai                                  d dr r+F+P ^ l+F+P ^ r r+F+P
Kenpi                                   d dr r+F+P ^ l+F+P ^ l r+F+P
Rinei                                   d dl l+F+P
Haisui($)                               F+P
Shanpo($)                               r r+F+P
Chogo($)                                d dr r+F+P
Toitsu(_)                               d+F+P
Kindoku(_)                              dl+F+P
Teishu($_)                              d+F+P
Tensen(high punch)                      ul+F
Rotai(high kick)                        ul+F
Shingeki(middle punch)                  l+F
Shinhai(| middle punch)                 l+F
Kaiso(middle kick)                      l+F
Sohi(low punch)                         dl+F
Hotai(low kick)                         dl+F
Taishu(jumping punch)                   l+F
Senshin(jumping kick)                   l+F
Sairatsu/Hosei(high and middle)         l ur+F
Risei/Kasui(low attacks)                l dr+F
Rakuso                                  u+P+K
Shikyaku                                d+K
Appeal: Geishin                         l r l+F+P+K
Appeal: "No No!"                        d d+F+P+K
Appeal: "Got it!"                       r l r+F+P+K
Appeal: "No, No, No!"                   l l+F+P+K
Tengyo(Jann Lee)
Heishin(when partner throws opponent to Lei Fang)

~ The Iron Fist with a Lost Past ~
Home: Unidentified
Fighting Style: Karate
Age: 23
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Occupation: Karate Instructor
Special Item: Scrolls
Costumes: 5

Tsubauchi                               r+P
Azuma                                   l r+P
Morote                                  r+P+K
Fujin                                   d dr r+P
Kaida                                   u+P
Hyosai                                  ul+P
Burai                                   ur+P K
Renpujin                                P P P
Renken                                  P P r+P P
Musho                                   P P r+P K
Rakusho                                 P P r+P d+K
Tsukigeri                               P P K K
Suzuku                                  P P d+K K
Ryubi                                   P P D+K K
Tsukiren                                P K K
Kengyu                                  r r+P P
K. Yokogeri                             r r+P K
K. Suimen                               r r+P d+K
Tengai                                  l+P d+K P
Shien                                   l+P P P
Fumon                                   l+P P d+K
Mawashi                                 K K
Nobori(when standing from crouch)       K
Mae                                     l+K
Zansei                                  r r+K K K
Tenso                                   dr dr+K
Kakato                                  u+K
Fuun                                    l r+K
Shiku                                   d dr r+K
Hanegeri                                F+K K
Suimen                                  F+K d+K
Korin                                   l+F+K
Gyosho                                  P+K ^ l+P
Kishi                                   R+K K
Ressei                                  r+K K K
Tenro                                   r+K K r+K
Ginro                                   dl+K K
Jinmon                                  dl+K P
Raigyu                                  dl+K r+P P
Tenrai                                  dl+K r+P K
Kairai                                  dl+K r+P d+K
Hyoubi                                  D+K K
Shorin                                  ur+K K
Kofu                                    r+F+K
Maizuru                                 ul+K
Tenrin                                  dr+K K K
Suigetsu                                F+P
Ryukotsu                                l+F+P
Gankotsu(|)                             l+F+P
Kaei                                    dr dr+F+P
Rekka(|)                                dr dr+F+P
Futo                                    r+F+P
Guren                                   d dl l+F+P
Socho($)                                F+P
Seiryo($)                               l+F+P
Reigetsu(_)                             d+F+P
Mozu(_)                                 dl+F+P
Kakushu($_)                             d+F+P
Suirin($_)                              dl+F+P
Namioi(high punch)                      ul+F
Tenga(high kick)                        ul+F
Otoshiami(middle punch)                 l+F
Metsumon(middle kick)                   l+F
Ruten(low punch)                        dl+F
Kobo(low kick)                          dl+F
Suibo(jumping punch)                    l+F
Appeal: "Come on!"                      l r l+F+P+K
Appeal: "Easy!"                         d d+F+P+K
Kaei(when partner throws opponent to Ein)

unlock 1: defeat Story mode with all characters
unlock 2: defeat Story mode 30 times
unlock 3: play as any character(s) 100 times with UPS on(does it have to be on?)
Home: Russia
Fighting Style: Russian Martial Arts
Age: 31
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 231 lbs.
Occupation: Assassin
Special Item: Bayman's Missle
Costumes: 4
C3: play as Bayman 10 times (9 with UPS on)
C4: play as Bayman 30 times (27 with UPS on)

Fist Bomb                               ul+P
War Hammer                              ur+P
Smash Upper                             u+P P
Break Shot                              d dr r+K
Rising Tomahawk                         ur+K
Javelin Kick                            u+K
Sidewinder                              F+K
Rolling Sobat                           r+F+K
Charging Bolt                           dl+P P
Blast Trass                             l+P K
Blast Stinger                           l+P r+K P
Blast Low Javelin                       l+P d+K
Flame Stinger                           r+K P
Smash                                   DR+P
Bulk Uppercut                           d dr r+P
Heel Axe                                l+K
Side Edge Trass                         P+K P K
Side Edge Javelin                       P+K P d+K
Flame Knuckle                           r r+P
Cannonball Shot                         l r+P
Spike Shoulder                          dr dr+P
Fire Bullet                             l+P+K
Flame Hammer                            r+P+K
Spike Sobat                             dl+K K
Solid Crash                             r+P P P
Crash Leg Spike                         r+P P d+K
Stomach Break                           r+P K
Rush Sobat                              P r+P K
Rush Leg Spike                          P r+P d+K
Combo Heel Hammer                       P K K
Knuckle Shot                            P P P
Rush Tomahawk                           P P K
Storm Hammer                            P P l+P
Charging Tiger                          P P d+P P
Trap Heel Hammer                        K K
Trap Reverse Hammer                     K P P
Turn Blade                              d dl l+P
Sliding Kick                            r r+K
Double Spike                            D+K K
Smash Upper(!)                          P P P
Front Suplex                            F+P
Neck Hold Swing                         l+F+P
Jail Lock Knee                          dr dr+F+P
Shoulder Breaker                        r+F+P
Fire Storm Knee(|)                      r+F+P
Scorpion Death Lock                     l r+F+P ^ d d+F+P
Half Boston Crab                        l r+F+P ^ r l+F+P ^ d+F+P
Dangerous Driver                        d dl l+F+P ^ r l+F+P ^ d+F+P
Quebradora Congiro                      l dl d dr r+F+P
Catching Arm Bar($)                     F+P
Half Hazard Lock($)                     r+F+P
Swing Neck Hold($)                      l r+F+P ^ r l+F+P
Swing Breath Fall(|$)                   l r+F+P ^ r l+F+P
Crazy Crash(_)                          d+F+P ^ d+F+P ^ d d+F+P
Reverse Arm Lock(_)                     dl+F+P ^ d+F+P
Ground Submission(opponent on ground)   d+F+P
Head Hunting Cross Lock(high punch)     ul+F
Reverse Achilles Heel Lock(high kick)   ul+F
Death Trap(middle punch)                l+F
Snake Bites(| middle punch)             l+F
Catching Cross Hold(middle kick)        l+F
Rolling Cross Hold(low punch)           dl+F
Cobra Death Lock(low kick)              dl+F
Catching Arm Lock(jumping punch)        l+F
Heel Hold(jumping kick)                 l+F
Knee Drop                               u+P+K
Knee Press                              d+K
Appeal: "You'll regret this!"           l r l+F+P+K
Appeal: "Bingo!"                        d d+F+P+K
Tank Wheel(far)                         u+P+K
Tank Wheel(near)                        d+P+K
Heavy Sand(Zack)
Guillotine Napalm(Bass)
Death Trap(when partner throws opponent to Bayman)

To unlock Tengu, you must first unlock Bayman
unlock 1: collect 10 Stars in Survival Mode
unlock 2: play as any character(s) 200 times (454 times (with UPS on) if Bayman was
            unlocked by UPS)
Home: Unknown
Fighting Style: Tengu Do
Age: 1500
Height: 7 foot 1 inch
Weight: 500 lbs.
Occupation: Unknown   (I would say "none")
Special Item: Fan
Costumes: 2

Wakuren-Bo                              P P P
Karan-Bo                                P P l+P
Kama-Kagura                             P P d+K
Oni-Guma                                P P K d+K
Dakkoka                                 P K
Zenki                                   r r+P
Goki                                    l+P
Kijin-No-Tachi                          r+P P
Juzu-Kumade                             dl+P P P
Mizu-Uchi                               u+K
Tsuru-Guruna                            r+K
Iwa-Kezuri                              l+K
Tsuchi-Gumo                             d dr r+K d+K
Kome-Tsuki                              K K
Hiki-Mawari-Hami                        dr+K K K
Koboshi-Inago                           ul+K P
Yoroi-Uchi                              P+K
Nowaki                                  l+P+K ^ P (this is his whirlwind attack)
Madoi-Nowaki                            l+P+K ^ F
Hane-Ogama                              d+F+K K
Midare-Goma                             D+F+K K K
Ogama-No-Mai                            F+K
Mawari-Nami(!)                          u+K
Hiten-No-Justu(while jumping)           P+K
Yobi-Madoshi                            F+P
Tonbi-Dako                              r+F+P
Tengu-Tsubute(|)                        r+F+P ^ P
Jodo-Okari                              l dl d dr r+F+P
Tsuma-Dori($)                           F+P
Tatsumaki-Kake-Otoshi($)                r+F+P
Tsukami-Naga(_)                         d+F+P
Monomi-Yagura(_)                        dr dr+F+P
Kiri-Kaeshi($_)                         d+F+P
Tsuna-Uchi(high punch)                  ul+F
Shishi-Odoshi(high kick)                ul+F
Sato-Muso(middle punch)                 l+F
Ito-Guruma(middle kick)                 l+F
Tai-Otoshi(low punch)                   dl+F
Ara-Habaki(low kick)                    dl+F
Kui-Uchi                                u+P+K
Kazafuki-Garasu                         u+F+P+K
Shiko-Fumi                              d+K
Appeal: "Rat!"                          l r l+F+P+K
Appeal: "Energy!"                       d d+F+P+K
Tonbo-Gaeri                             ul+P
Karasu-Tobi                             ur+P P P
Tsuna-Uchi(when partner throws opponent to Tengu)

IX. Straight from Tecmo!
The following are tips & tricks taken directly from http://www.temcoinc.com and I have
typed it word for word(including spelling and grammer mistakes). All of these first
appeared at Tecmo's website, so anyone who doesn't give them credit for it is bad. :<

#1 How do you get the last item in collection mode: (Gold Medal)
   The Gold Medal will appear in Survival Mode after defeating 50 opponents
   For those who say "I can't defeat 50 guys !", here's a tip for you: When playing
    against the Computer in Survival mode, when your life gauge is down and about to
    be defeated, press the START button on Player 2 to make a character interfere
    your match against the computer and fight against you. Defeat that character
    (It'll be easy; just keep your opponent standing still and beat `em up !), then
    select "CPU MATCH". Your # of consecutive wins will stay as it was before the
    interference, and you'll be able to continue your challenge with your life gauge
    full ! Then keep doing this over and over and you'll get the Gold Medal, someday.

#2 Different winning poses
   After defeating your opponent and before viewing the winning pose, press either
    the Square, Triangle or Circle button, then the player can select his/her winning
    pose depending on which button the player presses.

#3 Different camera angles during the winning pose
   To change camera angle-- Use the Directional pad while pressing the Triangle
   Zoom in -- Press the Square button while pressing the Triangle button.
   Zoom out -- Press the Circle button while pressing the Triangle button.

#4 Replay mode control
   Press down both Square and Circle buttons prior to viewing the Replay mode. This
    allows the player to replay backwards by pressing the Triangle button.

#5 Extra Tag Mode
   By pressing the START button to select Tag Mode, the Computer's Tag team and their
    costumes will be randomly selected automatically.

#6 On the "Stage Select" screen, by pressing the Square button to select the
    following stages, the player will be able to start at the lower bottom half of
    these stages
   The White Storm
   The Demon's Church
   The Crimson
   The Burai Zenin
   The Dragon Hills

#7 Changing Hair Styles
   Kasumi Hair Style #1: Press O when selecting her as a character.(C7 & C8 Costumes
    do not work)
   Kasumi Hair Style #2: Press X when selecting her as a character.
   Helena Hair Style: #1 Only works with C3 costume, press O when selecting her.

#8 Ayane Fatality (Well Almost)
   When fighting Kasumi on the Snow level try to knock her out with a Punch or Kick
    that will make her fly away from you and you will get the fatality sequence.

#9 Zack Gets The Groove On and Steaming with Love.
   1) Costume #5 Taunt someone and his eyes and chest will steam up
   2) Special Taunt: When a opponent is knocked down, press Up + Punch-Kick, followed
       by Left-Right Punch+Kick

#10 Chaning Time of Day
    You can change the Time of Day by pressing the O button when selecting a stage.
    Stages: Aerial Garden and Iron Hell.

X. Tips, Tricks, and Strategies
Here are some tips, tricks, and strategies of DoA2:H. Hopefully next version will
have some sent in by people and the "Against..." strategies will be complete (Sorry
that it's not done! ^_^; )

Don't just use one attack method(strike, throw, counter, or hold). The computer will
  catch on to this and counter it. On the same note, don't repeatedly attack the same
  height or use the same combos(same reason). Instead, mix-up the attack types,
  heights, and combos. This will make it harder for the computer to counter as long
  as you don't attack in a pattern.

If you are going for points in Survival Mode, use down attacks to make more items
  appear. Also, be sure to activate Danger Reach as much as possible. In addition to
  the points for activating it and every time you hit your opponent, it multiplies
  the points for bonuses. Try to get it multiple times in a row, I've gotten 200,000
  points for a Hamburger and 6,000 just for hitting them that way. ;) Also, you might
  want to use taunts(appeals). I always use one between "Ready..." and "Fight!"
note: you can cheat by ejecting the disc tray during a battle. When the battle is
  over, your opponent will lie on the ground and you can get items(points here!) by
  using down attacks on him or her. Only 5 items can be on screen at 1 time, so a 6th
  item will instantly cause the 1st to disappear.(disc eject found at IGN.com)

If you are going for wins in Survival Mode, only get items if they restore health and
  you need it. Use a down attack if your opponent is down and you really need health.

A quick way to unlock all costumes is to do a 5 vs 5 (both sides human) Team Battle
  (after you have unlocked the first 2 costumes (so each has 4) for each of the
  characters you can use at the start). If you are using UPS, you can use this for the
  first costumes, and I recommend putting characters with 8 and 7 costumes on the side
  using UPS. Be warned, even this takes a few hours. I never use this because I like
  to open things (costumes and CG Gallery in this game) the hard way.

Against Kasumi:
She is one of the toughest, if not THE toughest, character to play against, unless
  you're playing as Kasumi in Story Mode(her clone's a wimp!). She is the only
  character to have given me problems as the first opponent in Survival Mode(Hardest
  settings). She is constantly blocking, countering, and using holds against your
  attacks. And when she attacks, she uses many combos and repeatedly changes attack
  heights. A couple of simple solutions are to use a throw if she keeps blocking your
  strikes, and to stay out of reach when she attacks(easier said than done).
  Seriously, if she keeps blocking even if you randomly change attack heights, try to
  hit her with an attack that can't be blocked. If she's attacking, try to either
  counter or anticipate the heighth of her next attack and use a hold.

Against Gen Fu:
Been awhile since I've played against him, so I forgot. He's not that hard to beat,
  so no special strategy needed.

Against Tina:
Tina and her father Bass both like to use throws, but Tina uses more strikes. She
  also likes to front roll under high attacks and then attack. Not too hard to beat.

Against Zack:
Zack likes to hit hard and quick(notice how 9 of his moves has 4 or more kicks at the
  end?). Don't give him the chance. If you're using a quick character, use quick
  combos to beat him. If you're using a slow character, block and use holds until you
  get a good opening and then hit him hard. Zack also likes to use holds, so be

Against Jann Lee:
Jann Lee fights a lot like Zack except for three things: (1) he's slower in combos;
  (2) he likes to end his combos with hard hits that send you flying across the
  screen; and (3) he uses holds about 1/4 to 1/3 as often. Don't let him use combos
  and he won't be hard to beat.

Against Ayane:
Ayane loves multi-hit combos and to spin around during attacks. It is extremely hard
  to guess at what height her next attack will be when she's spinning, so I recommend
  ducking and hitting her when she starts spinning because most(all?) of her first
  hits when spinning connect at the high and middle zones. She will block if
  attacked, but she doesn't use holds that often.

Against Ryu Hayabusa:
Same as Gen Fu. Sorry! ^_^; Just try not to let him use throws, because his favorite
  is the Izuna, which is also his holds against punches. Also, he prefers to use
  holds over blocking.

Against Helena:
Helena prefers to hit fast and use a few combos. However, it is fairly easy to see
  where her hits will connect and block accordingly. If she goes into Bokuho stance,
  simply use a low attack. She doesn't block too often, and rarely uses holds.

Against Bass:
Bass and his daughter Tina both like to use throws, just Bass likes to use them
  more often than Tina. If he runs at you, be ready to use free steps, because he
  usually will lunge at you. Not too hard to beat.

Against Leon:
It's been awhile since I've played against him, but I remember (1) he's slow(use
  that to your advantage!); (2) doesn't block too often, but he uses holds about
  twice as often; and (3) I don't remember him attacking much(I think he prefers to
  use holds to do damage), but he's a hard hitter.

Against Lei Fang:
I've played as her much more resently than against her. All I remember is that Lei
  Fang likes to turn you around and then attack. Not too hard to beat.

Against Ein:
Ein's kinda like Kasumi, but easier. He doesn't block or counter as often, but he
  uses holds a bit more often. He doesn't hit as many times when using combos, but
  he likes to hit you across the screen. Probably fight him the same as you would

Against Bayman:
I've never played against Bayman, but he's probably the same as Leon.

Against Tengu:
I hate him. He blocks most of your attacks, and will use holds. I have never been
  able to block or use holds against his attacks even when I know what height it hits
  at and block accordingly. Also, when you're far away, he will use his whirlwind
  attack(unblockable) and will keep using it until either you lose or you get close
  to him. The best way to counter this is when you're lying down, wait until the
  attack is almost to where you are, hit the punch button repeatedly to get up in the
  same place, and then run at him and hit him(good attacks to use here include Jann
  Lee's Dragon Kick and Ayane's Genmu). Overall, I recommend playing defensively
  against Tengu.

Tag Teams(as far as tagging goes):
Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa: they're the easy ones, they don't tag much
Gen Fu and Helena: they tag slightly more often than Zack and Leon
Tina and Bass: they like to use tag team combos
Zack and Leon: they tag slightly more than Kasmui and Ryu Hayabusa
Jann Lee and Lei Fang: they tag like CRAZY!!
Ayane and Ein: they tag a lot, but they're not as bad as Jann Lee and Lei Fang

"When the computer is either Gen Fu or Helena, they almost always hit at medium-leveled
  height. That means as soon as you see them attack, you can almost always hit away and
  FREE to counter.  PS. I haven't tried this on hard mode yet" -- GOGETA1761@aol.com

Ryu Hayabusa 10-hit combo
u+P P P P U+K P P K K K -- Michaelg291@aol.com

XI. Rumors
This section includes all rumors I've found and those that have been given to me. If
known to be false, the reason will be listed.

Age Option... (all over internet)
The age option does NOTHING!!! Don't e-mail me saying I'm wrong because It's been

Real Demo... (all over internet)
US DreamCast Dead or Alive 2 only!

Extra Options (all over internet)
Press X and Triangle at the same time when the game is paused.
Doesn't work. Either it will unpause and you attack(triangle, X) or cancel itself
  out(X, triangle).

Extra Ending Credits (all over internet)
Defeat Story Mode with everybody on very hard to see the full credits.
I have't tried yet. Probably have to set it to very hard, 30 seconds, CPU largest
  life gauge, and also not use any continues.

Big Head Mode (several places)
Defeat Story mode as any of the girls, then press and hold up, triangle, square, X,
  and O and hit start.
It doesn't work. Maybe there's some other way to get big head mode...

Unlimited Lives (neoseeker.com)
From the main menu hold R2 and press Triangle+X. Start a new game, but save and exit.
  You can then load that game and find that you have unlimited lives.
Unlimited lives? In this game it's continues & you already have an infinite amount.
  Also, you can't "start a new gamne, but save and exit" and then "load that game".
  Sounds to me like it's for some other game. What idiot sent them this code? What
  idiot allowed it to be posted?

In the ads... (me! ^_^)
In the ads, it shows what might be a button sequence as well as DOA2. It shows a
  triangle pointing right, a circle, a triangle pointing up, and a "2". There are
  four possible codes from this: right, O, up or trianlge, L2 or R2. The thing is:
  if it is a code, when and where do you enter it? And what does it do? (Don't e-mail
  me saying it stands for DOA2 because I know that! But it might be a code as well...)

XII. Send In!
Of course I want you to send in questions, comments, tips, tricks, and strategies,
but here I will have a challenge(hopefully a new one in each version) and the top 10
scores of previous challenges.

Challenge 1:
In Survival Mode(default settings), how many points can you get without defeating
  your opponent? I don't know how much I've gotten, but (without the disc-eject trick)
  I've gotten over a quarter million from the first opponent.

XIII. Thanks
Thanks to Sony for making the PlayStation2, the best system to date!

Thanks to Tecmo for making Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore, the best and most realistic
  fighting game yet!

Thanks to GameFAQs for having the best site on the web for finding walkthroughs,
  FAQs, and Dex Drive saves

Thanks to Cheat Code Central for having tons of codes and cheats for games

Thanks to Neoseeker for having so many things that I'm still lost... ;p

Thanks to my friend "Cronospherian" for telling me I should start writing FAQs and
  for looking at this FAQ and telling me what looks good and what should be changed

Thanks to everyone that have sent something in for my FAQ

And thanks to you for reading this FAQ

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