How to do jump back to Main Paht?

  1. In River Ganges, after going from Main Path to Shortcut & back, how do you make the jump back to the Main Path? I've lined up as close to left edge of platform as possible, Lara's neck is just touching the corner & when I run forward, I jump immediately Right but I can't make the distance to flat part of ledge ahead/right. It's not a Running Jump, it's a Run & Jump, where you don't jump back & you choose when to jump. I've got a blister on my thumb after umpteen tries & I still slide off the slope before the bank. How to I go straight along the wall & veer in to the Main Path area at Right? I've just done the Shortcut Route after jumping across from Main Path & I don't want to lose the Items I picked up. Couldn't take Quad Bike with me because it wouldn't jump. It just goes down the slope into the water. Help! I need details of this jump.

    User Info: jarragum

    jarragum - 4 years ago
  2. I'm talking about what the game doesn't intend you to do. You either take one way or the other. However, there is a way to jump without the jeep to a tree across the river then to the bank on the other side. You can then go on foot and get all the goodies you missed by not going that way. The trouble is, as hard as it is to get across the river to the missed area, it's even harder to get back to where you started from. As I said, when you get to a ledge on the side you came from, you still have to jump around a wall to get to the main bank on that side. Does anyone have a consistent way to do this, not hit or miss?

    User Info: jarragum

    jarragum - 3 years ago

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