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  • 255 of Any Weapon for Cecil

    First, equip any type of arrows to Cecil's right hand and any type of bow to his left hand. You must also have the weapon called "Avenger". Then, enter a battle. View Cecil's equipment by pressing up on the Item's list. Then, select the arrows and put it in an empty slot. Select the bow and also put it in an empty slot. Then, select the slot in Cecil's left hand and put the Avenger in it. Let Cecil finish off the enemies. Then, open up the menu and select equip. You will notice an odd symbol on Cecil's right hand. De-equip the Avenger. Now, select Cecil's right hand and put in the weapon you want to multiply by 255. Then, de-equip the weapon. In your items list, you should have Cecil's weapon with a weird symbol next to it. That symbol symbolizes 255.

    Contributed By: jt_the_azn.

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  • Equip a stolen weapon in any character

    Here is a glitch that I discovered in my PS game. Have Edge use his "Steal" command in a enemy that have a weapon or a shield. Then let the character you want to equip with the new weapon in waiting for command mode (blinking with a menu). The character must be in this mode in the exact moment that Edge steals the enemy. When Edge steals the enemy, go to the "Item" command, and the weapon will be displayed in white, meaning it can be equipped. With that glitch I have Rydia equipped with a Mithryl Shield(Tortoise), and a FireSpr(Flameman), and I have Cecil equipped with a Gaia Hammer(Staleman).

    Contributed By: Dooner_Seraph.

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  • Item Duplication

    You will only only be able to dupicate items that can be held in the Left Hand or Right Hand. A great way to get loads of Excaliburs to throw. Go into battle and select an empty slot in your item list. Keep pressing UP until you get to the equipment list for the Left and Right Hand. Select the item that you want to duplicate, then escape from the battle by holding L+R. Open up the menu and go to the character equipment. Re-equip your item. You will notice it has a 2 next to it. De-Equip it and then Re-equip it, to split it in half.

    Contributed By: f1madman.

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  • Skip Sealed Cave

    In any version of FFIV, you can skip the entire Sealed Cave sequence and get the crystal early. As soon as Rydia rejoins your party and you have full control over your characters (out of battle), cast warp. You will be in a crystal chamber with a crystal on the pedestal. Take it! Now, all you have to do is enter the Sealed Cave to trigger the next part of the story. Of course, this means that if you do still want to level and loot, you're going to be doing it short a party member..

    Contributed By: femiwhat.

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Final Fantasy V Cheats


  • Beat Ex-Death without fighting the final form

    Using the !Mix command from the Chemist Job class, you can create an item called the "Kiss of Blessing" by combining a Maiden's Kiss and a Holy Water. This item inflicts unblockable Berserk, Haste, and Image. Here's the catch; not even bosses can block this. If you use this on Ex-Death's first form, then proceed to kill him, he will die without being engulfed by the void and just fade away like a normal boss. After a few seconds of nothing, the ending will suddenly start playing without ever fighting Neo Ex-Death. (Please note: I have not tested this on anything other then the PS1 Anthology collection.)

    Contributed By: Zer0scope.

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  • Unlimited Weapons (and GP)

    This glitch allows you to steal 255 of a weapon from an enemy in one shot... The only downside is it must be a weapon that can be thrown with !Throw command.

    All right, you'll need a Ninja and a Thief in your party.
    You'll also need to find an enemy who has a weapon worth stealing. Once you've found such an enemy, you must rid your inventory of that weapon, so the glitch will work properly. Finally, go to the Item menu and leave the first slot empty (just switch the top item with a blank slot).

    Now go Equip, and Remove the thief's weapon. Time for battle!

    As the battle begins, your Thief will get the first move. Choose Item, choose his weapon (in the first slot), and then equip it in his right hand. When the Ninja's turn comes up, choose Throw, and 'throw' the blank first slot, where the Thief's weapon was.
    Oddly, the game will let you throw this blank slot (sometimes it says M5), but it does 0 damage. No worries... On the Thief's next turn, steal from the enemy so you get the weapon you've been wanting. Now on the Ninja's next turn, Throw this newly-acquired weapon (it will be in the first slot) at the enemy.
    Now kill the enemy with any method, if the throw didn't already kill him.

    Next time you check your item inventory, you'll see 55 of the weapon you stole. In reality, you now have 255 of the weapon, which you can sell for GP, or keep to save time on that perfect save.

    I've found that sometimes in using this glitch to get MythrilSword from the Ice Soldier, I end up with 99 instead of [2]55 of the weapon. I don't know the reason for this, but MythrilSword can be sold for about 450 GP apiece, which is profitable.

    I realize this all sounds confusing, but follow the instructions and it will work. I'm playing the PSX version of Anthology, so I don't know if it'll work on the original. Cheers

    Contributed By: MagicSam.

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  • Instant kill vs stone type enemies

    There is a way to insta-kill any statue/stone type enemy. All you have to do is use a soft on them. This can be exploited mercilessly in the basement of Val Castle to farm massive amounts of job points and money against the rock statues that spawn there. Makes for a speedy job mastery.
    Remedy also works, but is a much more costly option and is not recommended. When successful, the enemy will turn into a spirit and just fly away.

    Contributed By: Jputt85.

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