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Game Script by Agent0042

Updated: 12/04/10

~~~ Final Fantasy II: Origins Script ~~~

Transcribed by Agent0042

Note: This script is based on the "Origins" version of Final Fantasy II,
released for the original Playstation. If you're used to the GBA version,
sorry, but it's "Gus" and "Mindu" here, not "Guy" and "Minwu." Oh,
and one other thing, this is about the original Final Fantasy II, and
not about IV. IV was originally released in the United States under the
name II, but now goes by its correct name.

Note about the format:

Final Fantasy II makes heavy use of a system called Keywords.
Using "Ask" with certain characters will reveal key bits of info
or advance the plot. This is depicted as follows:

Ask - Character - Keyword

== Final Fantasy II ==

In a distant land... The peace enjoyed by the people came to a crashing
end. The emperor of Palamecia summoned fiends from another
dimension... And the empire launched its campaign for world conquest.
In response, a rebel force arose in the kingdom of Fynn. In the ensuing
clash between rebel and empire, Castle Fynn was taken. The rebels
were forced to retreat to the remote town of Altair. Amidst the chaos,
four youths also fled the occupied Fynn. They were childhood friends,
now orphaned and homeless... And they suddenly found themselves
running for their lives.

Imperial Soldier: "You've come a long way from Fynn, but you've nowhere left
to run!"

(A group of imperial soldiers surrounds the party on both sides.)

Maria: "Firion!"
Gus: "No escape!"
Imperial Soldier: "By imperial order, all who defy us shall be put to death."
"You've brought this upon yourselves. You peasants never learn, do you?"

(Battle with Black Knight x 4. No matter what actions the party takes, defeat
is swift and inevitable.)


(Scene change. In a small room, a white mage named Mindu is shown
reviving Firion.)

Hilda: "Will he survive, Mindu?"
Mindu: "Yes, Your Highness, he should regain consciousness in no time. I
feel strong energy from him."
Hilda: "That is good. On the retreat of Fynn, I found him and the other two
lying in their own blood..."
Mindu: (nods) "We should leave him for now. This magic sigil will strengthen
his life force."
Hilda: "Thank you, MIndu. That is wonderful." "Well, let's join the others.
They must be waiting for us." "Once the empire completes the Dreadnought
in Bafsk, it may well launch all-out war. We must move quickly!"

(They exit the room and Firion wakes up.)

Firion: "Wh-Where am I?" ! "Where is everyone else?" "Leon!" "Maria!" "Gus!"

(He exits the room and quickly finds the others in the adjacent hallway.)

Firion: !
Maria: ! "Firion! I"m so glad you're alive! I thought I'd..." *sob*
Firion: "Maria!" "Gus!" "Where is Leon?"
Gus: "Fynn princess saved us." "But Leon not here."
Firion: "I see..." "I'm sure he's fine."

(They join together as a group and enter Hilda's council chambers.)

Hilda: "I see you have regained your strength."
Firion: "Your Highness, please allow us to join the rebel forces!"
Hilda: "Nonsense. You would only waste your lives in the war." "You must
go home at once."
Maria: "But, Your Highness, we no longer have homes. And our parents,
Hilda: ! "Oh... I am very sorry for your losses." "You are welcome to stay
in Altair. You need only know our secret code to live here."

(The player gains control of the party at this point and can move them about
freely. Firion is in the lead by default.)

*Mindu: "I see your destiny. It is intertwined with mine." "You must go to
Fynn. It will lead to your desired path."

*Hilda: "The password is Wild Rose. Don't forget."

Ask - Hilda - Wild Rose

Hilda: "The Wild Rose is Fynn's crest, strong and beautiful as she once was."
"But now... Oh, what will become of Fynn?" "I hear captives are being
gathered in Fynn. Speaking of which, Maria's brother has been reported
missing." "Perhaps he is being held in Fynn. Monsters prowl the city now, so
even approaching it is dangerous."

Ask - Mindu - Wild Rose

Mindu: "So you've been using the password, have you?" "Continue doing so.
It can unseal the lips of many who would not otherwise offer the time of day."

- Altair Strategy Room -

Rebel Soldier: "To the east of here is the port town of Paloom. But you can't
cross the lake without a canoe."

Soldiers at Door: "This is where the rebel army's strategies are made."

Wizard: "You wish to go to Fynn?" "Oh no, you shouldn't! The place is
crawling with the monsters the emperor brought." "You'd be lucky to make
it to the village of Gatrea up north!"

- Altair Rebel Headquarters -

Rebel Soldier: "This is the rebels' hideout and its headquarters."

Man: "Prince Gordon of Kas'ion Kingdom is here in Altair. But he seems to
have lost all of his confidence."

Girl: "Princess Hilda fled Fynn when it was sacked by the imperial army,
and so she came to Altair." "She has taken command of the rebel army in
place of the injured King."

- King's Room -

Rebel Soldiers: "This is the King's room. Majesty took an injury on the way
from Fynn in his escape."

King: "I was hit in the back by an arrow." "I have given my daughter, Hilda,
the command of the army."

- Altair Village -

Pavel: "I'm Pavel, the thief of all thieves. I've been making tons by stealing
from the empire's vault!"

Ask - Pavel - Wild Rose

Pavel: "I don't steal from the Rebels. I'm from Fynn too, but the emperor's
dogs took my house and I haven't been back there since."

Man by Fountain: "This is the town of Altair." "The imperial army hasn't
arrived here yet, but we cannot hope for that to last forever."

Boy by Flower Patch: "Tobul the smith in the armor shop can work
wonders with his tools." "But it looks like he's not doing so well these

Man at Northeast: "Pavel's a thief, but he's no baddie. He only steals
from those with the empire."

Gordon: "I am Gordon. I was a prince of Kas'ion. But now, I am nothing
more than a coward." "I left my brother Scott to die on the battlefield."

Ask - Gordon - Wild Rose

Gordon: "I see... So you're volunteering, then?" "I was so afraid Hilda
would reject me that I stayed here, wasting away..."

- Altair Weapons Shop -

Tobul: "Ooh, I'm only a worthless old geezer..."

Ask - Tobul - Wild Rose

Tobul: "I'm no shaking bones and skin! I'm Tobul, the master smith
for the rebel force!"

- Gatrea -

Boy: "This is the village of Gatrea. Fynn is across the lake, see?"

Old Man: "The gates of Castle Fynn have been locked by the
imperial army occupying it. We can't go in there." "The town has
changed, too. Now you'll only see imperial soldiers and monsters

Man: "There is a pub on the outskirts of Fynn. When the empire
invaded, the barkeep didn't make it out in time." "Now he has to
serve imperial soldiers all day long."

Woman by Armor Shop: "The imperial army hasn't come as far as
Altair and Gatrea here, but once the construction of the Dreadnought
is finished..."

- Fynn Village -

Soldier: "Rebels! Meet your fate!"

(Talking with any soldier in the city will result in this message
followed by a battle with a Captain in which defeat is likely swift
and inevitable. Should your party by some chance be strong enough
to win, the soldier will nevertheless remain.)

- Fynn Pub -

Master: "Hey, you, don't come past the counter." "I tell ya', the
imperial soldiers got no courtesy whatsoever..."

Ask - Master - Wild Rose

Master: "There's a secret door in this wall. Inside the room is an
injured soldier that I've been taking care of." "He's in your charge
now." (He departs.)

- Fynn Pub - Secret Room -

Knight: "If you intend to sell me to the emperor... kill me. You're
not taking me alive."

Ask - Knight - Wild Rose

Knight: ! "Ah, you're rebels, aren't you?" "I am Scott, prince of
Firion: !!! "You're Prince Scott? We heard you were killed in
Scott: "Yes, I am. But my strength is fading." "I've a favor to ask.
Deliver a message to my brother, Gordon." "Tell him that he has all
the makings of a great leader. He should believe in himself."
"And tell the king of Fynn that Count Borgen serves the empire
now. That traitor is behind Fynn's downfall!" "And to Hilda..."
"My love will be with her always." "No, do not tell her that. I am a
dying man." "She should find another love."
Maria: "Your highness, do you know a man named Leon? He is my
Scott: "I am sorry, but... I don't." (He gets up out of bed.) "Please,
take this Ring. It should prove useful." "Oh, how tired I am..."
"Please let me rest now." (He collapses and exclamation marks
appear over the heads of the party. He vanishes.)

Obtained Ring

- Altair Village -

Item - Gordon - Ring

Gordon: "Th-That ring belonged to Scott! So he said I should
regain my... Thank you, brave ones."

- Altair Strategy Room -

Item - Hilda - Ring

Hilda: ! "That Ring..." "It's Scott's, isn't it? Is he alive?"
Firion: "We met the Prince in Fynn. But after he gave us this
Ring, his strength gave out, and..."
Hilda: "So he gave it to you before he died." "Did he... say
Firion: "No, Your Highness. Nothing." "Your Highness, please
keep this Ring."
Hilda: "No, it should remain with you. It belongs with someone
of valor." "So you managed to infiltrate Fynn and return safely.
I underestimated you." "Perhaps you can help us. We need
someone to find Myhril, the enchanted metal."

Ask - Hilda - Mythril

Hilda: "At the battle of Fynn, the empire's equipment far
outclassed ours. We stood no chance against it." "Their
forces were armed with weapons and armor made of
Mythril." "They must have found a Mythril mine somewhere."
"I ordered a man in Salamand named Josef to investigate
this possibility, but he has yet to report back." "Please go to
Salamand with Mindu and look into the matter."

Mindu: "It is good to see you safely back from Fynn." "I
wish to fight alongside you. I offer my canoe as well."

Mindu joined the party!
Obtained Canoe.

- Alair Strategy Room -

Hilda: "The empire suffered considerable losses in the
last great battle in Fynn." "To make up for them, the
imperials are now building the Dreadnought in Bafsk."

Ask - Hilda - Mythril

Hilda: "Please find that Mythril as soon as possible!"

Ask - Hilda - Dreadnought

Hilda: "The Dreadnought is [sic] massive heavily
armored Airship. The empire has enslaved the people
of Bafsk to construct it."

Ask - Hilda - Airship

Hilda: "A man named Cid once led Fynn's Order of the White
Knights." "He built and airship and eventually grew obsessed
with it." "He left Fynn and settled in Poft, where he now
ferries travelers for a fee." "I hear every gil he earns goes
straight back into the Airship to improve its performance."

Rebel Soldier: "Please bring Mythril to Altair!"

Wizard: "Going to Salamand, are you? Go to the eastern
port of Paloom to find a ship that will take you there."
"Youngsters like you would never make it on foot!"

Soldiers at Door: "Our weapons are no match for the
imperial army's." "If only we had Mythril!"

- Altair Rebel Headquarters -

Soldier: "The empire began the construction of their
Dreadnought in Bafsk, with the Bafsk townsmen as
their slaves."

Man: "With that Canoe, you should be able to cross the
lake on the east to reach Paloom."

Girl: "If you give Tobul the Mythril, he will forge you some
top-notch weapons and armor!"

- Altair King's Room -

Soldiers at Door: "His Majesty is very pleased with your
work. Keep it up!"

King: "Scott has died... I see..." "He had asked for Hilda's
hand in marriage, but he died before hearing her answer."
"In my eyes, he was most suited to my daughter. It is
indeed regrettable."

Ask - King - Wild Rose

King: "The proud crest of Fynn was trampled by the filthy
feet of the imperial soldiers!" "There must have been a
traitor." "It is simply unthinkable that our army could lose
to them!" "What? It was Borghen who betrayed us? Curses!"

Ask - King - Mythril

King: "Much Mythril was mined and used in ancient times."
"The cavern behind the Semitt Falls on the north was a known
mine. There are records of it."

Ask - King - Dreadnought

King: "Th-The empire is building what? No one has informed
me of any such thing... Didn't want to worry me, I suppose."

- Altair Village -

Ask - Gordon - Mythril

Gordon: "Scott wielded a Mythril sword, which was the
treasure of Kas'ion. It was truly a magnificent sword."

Ask - Gordon - Dreadnought

Gordon: "Yes, I have heard the rumors... Once it is finished,
it is sure to destroy everything in its path. But what can I do
to stop it?"

Man by Fountain: "I wonder when all of this killing will end
and peace [sic] returns to us all."'

Boy by Weapons Shop: "Mythril? Is that food? Gimme
some, too!"

Boy near White Magic Shop: "Take a ship ride from Paloom
to Poft. From there head north and you will reach Salamand."

- Altair Weapons Shop -

Ask - Tobul - Mythril

Tobul: [sic] "Only if we had Mythril to forge weapons and

- Paloom Village -

Pirate by Inn: "The empire hasn't attacked Paloom and Poft...

Pirate by Fountain: "If you take a boat from here, you'll reach

Pirate above Inn: "Hey, sugar! Why don't you join me for a
Maria: "Eww! Get away from me!"

Pirate by House: "I hear Bafsk and Salamand have been taken
by the empire."

Pirate above Weapons Shop: "This is Paloom, a little port town,
as you can see."

Girl below Armor Shop: "Paloom is a town of freedom. Why
don't you live with me, handsome?"

Man at Entrance: "Hey, are you looking for a ride? Only 32 gil
to Poft!"

- Yes

"Deal! Okay, I'll see you at my ship docked outside this town."

- Poft Village -

Girl at Entrance: "This is the port of Poft. To the north is
Salamand, and to the east is Bafsk."

Man by Pub: "Hey, are you looking for a ride? Only 32 gil
to Paloom!"

- No

Pirate by Item Shop: "Have you seen the airship?" "That
belongs to a guy named Cid, and he's the only one who
can control that thing."

Pirate in Field: "Cid? You'll find him in the pub here. He'll let
you ride on the Airship if you pay him."

Pirate by Forest: "The town of Bafsk is to our east, but it's
been occupied by the imperial army." "They're building
something horribly big."

- Poft Pub -

(The various pub-goers say the same thing as the Pirate
by Forest.)

Cid: "Hey, wanna ride my Airship? You pay the fee and I'll
take you anywhere."

Ask - Cid - Dreadnought

Cid: "Hey, what's so great about that mess of a machine?
Nothing can beat my beauty!"

Ask - Cid - Airship

Cid: "If you wanna ride the Airship, give your gil to the guy
behind me."

Cid's buddy: "You want to ride the only airship in the world?"
"We'll take you anywhere in a flash! Of course, that requires
some you-know-what."

- No

- Bafsk Village -

Villagers and Soldiers: "......"

Dark Knight: "No dawdling here! Away!"

(There is a man here who is a Rebel spy. Talking to
him or asking about either Wild Rose or Dreadnought
will result in the following...)

Man: "Fool! Don't speak to me now, the Dark Knight is
here! Don't get both of us killed!"

- Salamand Village -

Man at Entrance: "The men of Salamand have been enslaved
to work in the cavern behind the Semitt Falls." "Please help us!"

Man by Inn: "Beyond the mountains south of Salamand is the
Semitt Falls. The empire has been mining Mythril in the cave

Woman by Josef's House: "I love Josef, but I am afraid I will
only be in his way if I am at his side."

- Josef's House -

Josef: "Yes?'

Ask - Josef - Wild Rose

Josef: "Princess Hilda sent you here? A group of half-pints
like you? I find that hard to believe."

Ask - Josef - Dreadnought

Josef: "I know what it is, it's that monster of an Airship."

Ask - Josef - Airship

Josef: "I know who's the Airship expert, but I'm not telling
you now."

Ask - Josef - Mythril

Josef: "M-Mythril? Well, um... I haven't found any yet. I've
got clues, though..." "Before I go further, I need you to prove
yourselves." "The people of Salamand have been put to work
in the cavern behind Semitt Falls. If you want to earn my trust,
save them."

- Semitt Falls B3 -

Slaves: "Please help me!"

Molly: "Waaa!"

Pavel: "You're Firion, right? We met in Altair. Say, maybe you
could help me out." "This girl here is Molly, Josef's daughter."
"Borghen took her and threatened to kill her unless Josef did
as he said." "Why am I here, you ask?" "Well, I learned this
place bore Mythril ore, so I came to get some for myself."
"But they caught me, and here I am." "Hey, do me a favor and
distract the guards. I'll get Molly and the others outta here!"
"See ya later!" (He and the others leave.)

- Semitt Falls B5 -

Sergeant: "You will not leave here alive with the Mythril!"

(The party defeats the soldiers and acquires the Mythril.)

- Salamand Village -

Various Villagers: "Hurry, take the Mythril to the princess in

Husband by Inn: "Thank you so much for saving me."

Wives by Inn: "My husband has returned at last! Thank you
so much!"

Boy at Northwest: "You will need the Snowcraft to travel on
the snowfields. I hear Josef keeps one in the cave behind
Semitt Falls." "There should be a blue rock on the cave's
first level. Check the walls nearby."

- Josef's House -

Molly: "Thank you... for saving me."

Josef: "Thank you so much for saving my daughter! Borghen
threatened me into lying, so I just couldn't tell you the truth."
"If there is anything I can do to help you, just let me know."

Item - Josef - Mythril

Josef: "You must hurry and take it back to Princess Hilda.
She is waiting for you!"

Ask - Josef - Dreadnought

Josef: "Since the Dark Knight came as the commander, the
Dreadnought's construction has sped up. It will be finished
in no time."

Ask - Josef - Airship

Josef: "No one on earth knows more about Airships than Cid."

- Altair Strategy Room -

Item - Hilda - Mythril

Hilda: "Is that Mythril?" "Wonderful! Please go to the weapon
shop and give it to Tobul." "This is marvelous! Now we can
fight the empire on more equal ground."

- Altair Weapons Shop -

Item - Tobul - Mythril

Tobul: "Well, now! Is that Mythril in your hands?" "Good job,
laddie. Now I can forge swords, knives, spears and shields...
all better than ever!" "Buy my weapons and armor at the shops.
Ooh, this is exciting!"

Tobul: "I'm busy, don't you see? Shoo! Shoo!"

- Altair Village -

Gordon: "You... You brought back Mythril? What courage!"
"And what's this? A maiden warrior as well? Most impressive!"

Ask - Gordon - Dreadnought

Gordon: "Now you are off to destroy the Dreadnought as well?
Oh, if I only had half the strength you had..."

Man at Northeast: "Thanks to the Mythril you've brought back,
Tobul has been able to forge wonderful weapons and armor
for the rebel forces."

Boy by Weapons Shop: "Is Altair going to be taken over by the

Boy by Fountain: "The construction of the Dreadnought is taking
place in Bafsk."

- Altair Rebel Headquarters -

Girl: "I hear Bafsk has a new commander now, named Borghen."

Wizard: "Brave warriors, please destroy the Dreadnought before
it is completed."

Boy by Wizard: "I'm gonna become a rebel and fight against
the empire!"

Soldier: "I've heard the princess of Fynn has formed a rebel
force against the empire." "That is why I am here--- to fight the

Boy by Soldier: "Blow up the Dreadnought!"

Soldier at North Stairway: "Bafsk is under the control of the Dark
Knight. Its townsmen have been hypnotized."

- Altair King's Room -

Soldiers at Door: "The king is greatly reassured by your
wonderful work."

- Altair Strategy Room -

Soldiers at Door: "Please destroy the Dreadnought!"

Wizard: "Ooooh, I see it! Something enormous and horrible
will be shooting across the sky!"

Soldier: "Once the Dreadnought is finished, the empire will
surely come to take over Altair and Poft."

Hilda: "I hear the Dark Knight leading the Dreadnought's
construction is quite an extraordinary man." "Fortunately for
us, he was called back to Palamecia. Perhaps they are
scrambling after the loss of the Mythril." "This is our chance
to infiltrate the Dreadnought and destroy it."

Ask - Hilda - Dreadnought

Hilda: "One of our comrades in Bafsk has found a way into
the Dreadnought. Please go and destroy it." "Even delaying
its completion would be an immense help." "You and Mindu
can do it. I have faith in you."

- Bafsk -

Townsperson: "You'll need a Pass to enter the Dreadnought."

Townsperson: "You're rebels, aren't you? Please destroy the

Townsperson: "There is a rebel spy disguised as an imperial
soldier. Go to him!"

Townsperson: "We're enslaved to work here. But I don't remember
anything about it when the Dark Knight was commanding us."

Borghen: "Come on, you lazy good-for-nothings! Move it!"
"Mooooove it!" "Finish its construction as quickly as your
pathetic selves can! You're going to advance my position in the
imperial army."

Soldier: "We need the Dark Knight!"

Soldier: "Come on! Move it! I swear, everyone refuses to work
under General Borghen!"

Soldier: "General Borghen must be firm with them!"

Spy: "Ever since General Borghen came as the Dark Knight's
replacement, it's been easy for us here." "But he sure seems like an
idiot--- oops, you never heard that."

Ask - Spy - Wild Rose

Spy: "Ah, comrades! I wasn't able to move around when the Dark Knight
was commanding this operation." "Borghen is only a pig-headed fool.
He doesn't care about anything but himself."

Ask - Spy - Dreadnought

Spy: "You must be here to destroy the Dreadnought. I'm a spy for the
rebel forces, an ally of yours." "You'll find the entrance to the sewers
ahead. It should lead you to the Dreadnought." "Well, enough talk.
Don't want to rouse suspicion. Good luck." (He leaves.)

- Bafsk Cave -

Dark Knight: "The Dreadnought is complete." "You fools thought I'd
return to Palamecia before my duty was done?" "Give up. You stand no
chance against the emperor." "I will leave you to think it over. Farewell
for now." (He exits.)

Borghen: "Take that!" (chuckles maniacally)

(A cutscene outside shows the launch of the Dreadnought.
The party heads to a room inside the cave and opens a
treasure chest.)

Obtained Pass from the treasure chest.

- Bafsk -

Townsperson: "The world is coming to an end!"

Townsperson: "The Dreadnought is now finished! And so is our world!"

Townsperson: "Go back to Altair. Maybe the princess can figure out
how to destroy the Dreadnought."

Townsperson: "The Dreadnought headed towards Poft."

Townsperson: "Ask Cid what the Dreadnought's weakness is."

- Poft -

Girl: "The Dreadnought came and... it opened fire, killing everyone!"

- Poft Pub -

Ask - Cid - Dreadnought

Cid: "You only need to blow up the engine of the Dreadnought to blow
it to smithereens!"

Ask - Cid - Airship

Cid: "The Airship runs on Sunfire, as does the Dreadnought."

Ask - Cid - Sunfire

Cid: "The Sunfire can't be controlled easily. You get too much flame and
it might just blow up in your face!"

- Paloom -

Pirate by Item Shop: "Ow! I'm telling you, I'm not gonna make it."

Pirate near Weapons Shop: "My sweet daughter. She... she died!"

Pirate above Weapons Shop: "The Dreadnought attacked us!"

- Altair Rebel Base -

Girl: "Maybe Cid knows the Dreadnought's weakpoint." "After all, he did
build the Airship! I'm sure he has all the answers to your machinery

Boy: "All the people outside the town were killed!"

Woman: "The Dreadnought attacked us here. But our headquarters
somehow survived."

Man: "We must stop the Dreadnought to stop the destruction."

Wizard: "Dear lord, I ask thee to save the king's life."

Boy: "Waaaa! That was so scary!"

Rebel Soldier: "The Dreadnought finally came to Altair, but fortunately
our hideout suffered no damage." "We gathered all the townsfolk to
take shelter here."

Wandering Rebel Soldier: "We will hold up here until you return."

- Altair Strategy Room -

Soldiers at Door: "How can we go against that monstrous Dreadnought?"

Wizard: "I knew it! Everything was just too much for you lads to handle."

Wandering Soldier: "The Dreadnought has been finally finished..."

Hilda: "Many people were hurt in the Dreadnought's attack. Father is
heartbroken and his condition has worsened." "He thinks himself near
Maria: "Mindu... is there anything we can do?"
Mindu: (shakes his head) "All living creatures must die. It cannot be
helped." "But my duty is to save those who are suffering." "Go on,
continue your journey. I will remain here and take care of the injured
ones." "Firion. The Dreadnought must be destroyed. We cannot endure
this much longer."

Mindu left the party.

- Altair King's Room -

Soldiers at Door: "The king's condition is worsening."

Mindu: "It is his spirit that is most hurt, not his body." "This is not
something a physician can cure."

Ask - Mindu - Dreadnought

Mindu: "The Dreadnought and the Airship both operate on the same
mechanical principles."

Ask - Mindu - Airship

Mindu: "Cid gave up everything he had for the Airship... His knighthood,
honors, family and all."

Ask - Mindu - Sunfire

Mindu: "Every three years, a ritual of fire is held." "The Sunfire is
transferred to Egil's Torch so its altar can be purified."

King: "Many good men died in the Dreadnought's attack. I sometimes
wonder if we should surrender to the empire."

Ask - King - Airship

King: "The Cid I knew was a kind, righteous man, but that all changed
after he became involved with the Airship."

Ask - King - Sunfire

King: "Scott sealed the gates of Castle Kas'ion to protect the Sunfire,
in case his army was defeated." "You will need the Goddess's Bell to
lift the doors again."

Ask - King - Goddess's Bell

King: "Only the Kas'ion clan know the bell's whereabouts."

Ask - Mindu - Goddess's Bell

Mindu: "Gordon should know where the bell is... But we do not know
where he has disappeared to." "Someone who has been close to Scott
and Gordon may know where it is." Princess Hilda, perhaps?"

- Altair Strategy Room -

Hilda: "Thanks to Mindu, Father seems to be in much better condition
these days."

Ask - Hilda - Sunfire

Hilda: "Sunfire is Kas'ion's symbol. Its light illuminates the castle's
ground floor even today." "I have heard stories about the flame from
Scott and Gordon." "For instance, no ordinary torch can carry it."
Firion: "Perhaps the Sunfire can destroy the empire's Dreadnought."
Hilda: "Perhaps it can!" "Please go to Kas'ion at once. Cid should
provide you with transportation." "But... I wonder how the magical
flame can be brought back?"

Ask - Hilda - Goddess's Bell

Hilda: "Yes, Scott and Gordon have mentioned that before." "Kas'ion's
doors only respond to the voice of a family member or to the sound
of a magical bell." "The bell is supposedly hidden deep within a cave
in the snowlands. You do not intend to go there, I hope." "Oh, if
Gordon were only here, you wouldn't have to risk your lives like this!"
"I wonder where he has gone..." "Well, regret is pointless now. I can
only pray for your safe return." "Josef knows the snowfields as he
does his own garden. He may have some good advice to offer."

- Salamand - Josef's House -

Ask - Josef - Goddess's Bell

Josef: "You will not make it to the ice cavern without my snowcraft."
"I hid the snowcraft inside the mines." "On the first level, a blue rock
marks the entry to a secret room to the right. It's in there." "Well,
let's go!"

Josef joined the party!

Molly: "Daddy, please come back soon!"

- Semitt Falls -

When Josef pressed in a small rock, a hidden passageway

Josef: "The snowcraft is hidden in the back of this room."

Obtained Snowcraft from the treasure chest.

- Snow Cavern B5 -

Giant Beaver: "Grr, rar, Grrragh?"
Gus: "I understand animal words." "I speak with him."

Ask - Giant Beaver - Goddess's Bell

Gus: "Opening in right wall. Monster protecting bell. Bell
inside wall."

(If you speak with any of the other Giant Beavers...)
Giant Beaver: "Grrargh! Rrrargh!"

(The party proceeds...)

It is the guardian of the Goddess's Bell, Adamantoise!

(Battle with Adamantoise)

Something is embedded in the wall. It is the Goddess's

Obtained Goddess's Bell.

(An opening appears that leads the party back to Snow
Cavern B1. At the stairway to the exit...)

Borghen: "Damn you! You've ruined me!" "The emperor
will not tolerate failure. I can't go back now." "Well, if I'm
going down, you're coming with me!" (laughs maniacally)

(Battle with Borghen. Being little more than a joke boss,
he is dispatched with haste. Following the battle, he falls
and the party sidesteps him and begins to exit the cave.
But a little ways down, Borghen gets back up...)

Borghen: "So you got me, but I'm not going alone. Take my
final gift..." "It's going to be a hell of a ride!" (laughs
maniacally) "Ha ha! See you down there!"

(He falls and disappears. A boulder appears and begins
rolling towards the party.)

Josef: "No, it's coming too fast!" (He holds it back and
shouts to the rest of the group.) "Now, go! Run!"
Gus: "You coming with us. We want you come."
Josef: "Just... go... I can't hold up...too much longer!"
(Firion approaches, but Josef tells him to stop.) "Go! Now!"
(The rest of the party heads towards the exit.) "It's up to you
now... Molly, I'm always with you!" (The boulder slides down
and crushes him.)
Firion: "Josef!" (Josef disappears and the party heads on its way.)

- Salamand -

Wandering Wife: "Oh, we miss Josef so..."

Husband: "Josef died for that bell... Please don't waste his life.
Go take it to Kas'ion as soon as possible."

Wife: "Josef died?"

Man at Northwest: "The forest south of Kas'ion is known to be
a territory of this weird bird, Chocobo."

- Josef's House -

Girl in Josef's House: "Oh, Josef... I will take care of Molly in his place."
"I am sure he will pleased to know that in heaven..."

Molly: "Daddy isn't gonna come back, is he?"

- Altair Strategy Room -

Hilda: "So Josef gave his life for that bell..." "We cannot let Josef die
in vain. Please take that bell to Castle Kas'ion at once."

Hilda: "The Goddess's Bell will allow you to enter Castle Kas'ion.
You must depart at once." "We will meet you there on Cid's airship."

- Poft Pub -

Cid's buddy: "You want to ride the only airship in the world?" "We'll
take you anywhere in a flash! Of course, that requires some

- Yes

Where to?

Bafsk 100
Salamand 200
Semit Falls 300
- Kas'ion 400

"Alright, we got a deal. Now we'll prepare for takeoff, so come
to the airfield outside this town."

- Castle Kas'ion 1F -

The door is locked.

Item - Door - Goddess's Bell

The bell rang beautifully and the door opened.

- Castle Kas'ion 2F -

Gordon: "I thought I was the only one who could retrieve the
Sunfire, so I came back here." "I came looking for Egil's Torch,
but I couldn't get past the monsters dwelling here." "I couldn't
just leave empty-handed, so I've been standing here, stuck."
Maria: "But you know this castle quite well, don't you?"
Gordon: (shakes his head) "This castle is full of secrets that
even I don't fully comprehend." "I cannot guide you, but will you
take me with you?" (The party nods.)

Gordon joined the party!

- Castle Kas'ion 4F -

It is the guardian of Egil's Torch, Shrieker!

(The party defeats Shrieker and gets what they came for.)

Obtained Egil's Torch from the treasure chest.

- Castle Kas'ion 1F -

(The party examines the Sunfire.)

The Sunfire is burning.

Item - Sunfire - Egil's Torch

(Firion collects the Sunfire.)

The sunfire was moved to Egil's Torch!

(The party exits Castle Kas'ion and the Dreadnought is
shown chasing the Airship. It extends a claw and seizes
it. The party is left to make their way on their own back
to Altair. They can either walk, or catch a chocobo...)

- Chocobo Forest -

(The party discovers a waiting chocobo, which isn't very
difficult to capture.)

You've caught a Chocobo!

(The party makes their way back. When they finally
dismount from the chocobo, it flies back to the Chocobo

- Poft -

Girl: "This is horrible! Princess Hilda has been captured
by the emperor while on the Airship. Please go to Altair
at once!"

- Paloom -

Pirate by Item Shop: "So, Princess Hilda's been caught by
the imperial soldiers."

Pirate by House: "Looks like they're going to win the whole
game. Maybe now's the time to join the imperial army!"

Pirate above Weapons Shop: "I hear Princess Hilda's been captured
by the empire, along with Cid's Airship."

- Altair Rebel Base -

Girl: "If the Dreadnought comes again... it will be the end of us."

Boy: "Please help Princess Hilda!"

Woman: "Please destroy the Dreadnought with that Sunfire, so it can
never come back!"

Man: "I could not stop her from boarding the Airship... And now the
empire captured her!"

Man: "Wait! Isn't that the Sunfire of Kas'ion?"

Wizard: "I hear the empire has a supply station, far north of Fynn.
Maybe the Dreadnought is there now."

Boy: "Waaa! Princess Hilda!"

Wandering Soldier: "The princess took Cid's Airship to meet you at
Castle Kas'ion."

Soldier: "The princess is captured inside the Dreadnought. Please go
rescue her!"

- Altair Strategy Room -

Soldiers at Door: "Princess Hilda was captured by the Dreadnought!"

Wandering Soldier: "Our scout reported that the Dreadnought headed
towards north of Fynn."

Wizard: "Princess Hilda was caught. I wonder how you're going to pull
off this one."

- Altair King's Room -

Soldiers at Door: "Please save the princess."

Mindu: "The princess went to fetch you from Kas'ion personally so
she could thank you for all your help."

Ask - Mindu -  Dreadnought

Mindu: "Even the Dreadnought will need to land and replenish its

King: "Please save my daughter."

- Dreadnought 1F -

Soldier: "Halt! Who goes there?"

(If you ask the Soldier about Wild Rose...)

Soldier: "Rebels! Meet your fate!" (Battle with Captain)

(Otherwise, if you show him the Pass you found...)

Item - Soldier - Pass

Soldier: "Excuse me, sirs! Please go ahead."

(He moves out of the way. If you talk to him again...)

Soldier: "Oh, time for the next watch. If you will excuse me,
sirs..." (He exits the Dreadnought.)

(If you talk with any other soldiers on the vessel, you just end
up getting into another battle. The party proceeds to a lower
level and finds Hilda and Cid inside a prison cell.)

- Dreadnought 2F -

The iron bars were forced open!

Hilda: "Oh, it is so good to see you! I'm afraid they captured us
when we came for you..." "Well, let's go! Hurry!"

Cid: "I'll take the princess to the Airship. Look for the engine and
toss the Sunfire into it!" "This biggie will blow up then, so I'll have
my baby ready for takeoff!"

(He and Hilda leave. If the party returns to the place where they
entered, there is now a new soldier blocking the way.)

- Dreadnought 1F -

Soldier: "Hey, no bumming around here! The Princess of Fynn

(The party makes their way through the Dreadnought and
eventually reaches the engine room.)

- Dreadnought 5F -

It seems to be the Dreadnought's engine.

Item - Engine -  Sunfire

The Sunfire was thrown into the engine!

Dark Knight: "Don't think you've won just yet!"
Maria: "What? Brother, could it be you?"
Firion: "We've got no time for that now!" "Let's catch Cid's

(They race out of the Dreadnought and it explodes, completely
destroyed. Cid's Airship transports them back to Altair.)

- Altair Rebel Base -

Several NPCs: "The princess was brought back to safety, but now
the king..."

Several NPCs: "His Majesty's condition has worsened!"

Wizard: "You've destroyed the Dreadnought?" "Good job, lads! I
knew you could do it!"

- Hilda's Room -

Hilda smiles.

- Altair King's Room -

King: "Gordon, Mindu, Firion..." "I wish to leave you my final words."
"Gordon, you have grown so much in a short time." "I would like you
to take command of my army. And please, watch over Hilda."
Gordon: "With my life, Your Majesty!"
King: "Mindu, I believe the time has come to unseal the Ultima
Mindu: "Yes, Your Majesty. I shall depart immediately."
King: "Firion, go to Deist." 'Deist's Dragoons were decimated, but
there must be some survivors." "We will need the help of both the
Wind Drakes and the Dragoons." "Together, you can restore peace
to our people." "Be strong and keep your faith." "Please...take care
of Hilda..." (He collapses.)
Soldier: "Your Majesty!" (The King disappears.)
Gordon: "This is a terrible loss, but we must go on." "Now let's go.
We have duties to fulfill!" (He and Mindu exit. The party follows.)

- Altair Rebel Base -

Numerous NPCs: "His Majesty has passed away... how are we to
overcome this sorrow?"

Wizard: "Deist, eh? It's an island nation bloody far out in the eastern
sea." "Take a ship from Paloom and go straight south."

- Altair King's Room -

Gordon: "When the emperor invaded Deist, people only thought it
only [sic] a minor skirmish." "But his aim was to exterminate the

Ask - Gordon - Dragoons

Gordon: "I hear even the youngest of Dragoons can communicate with
his Wind Drake. But I wonder, can humans really speak to dragons?"

Ask - Gordon - Wind Drake

Gordon: "You may find a Wind Drake in Deist. If you do, it will surely
become a great asset." "Go to Paloom and look for a boat that will
take you to Deist."

- Altair Rebel Base -

Boys: "Someday, I'm gonna fly in the sky on a wind drake's back!"

Woman and Girl: "The king has passed away..."

- Bafsk -

Man: "You've done it!"

Man: "I heard you destroyed the Dreadnought! Miraculous!"

Man: "Hey, good going."

Man: "Without their Dreadnought, they're nothing!"

- Paloom -

Pirates: "You wanna go to Deist? Not on my ship! Go find someone else
who's crazy enough to take you there."

Leila: "You're lookin' for a vessel to Deist? Well, lucky you!" "My ship's
about to set sail for that very destination. Care to come along?"
Maria: "Umm. There's something about this woman..." "I don't know if
we should do this."
Firion: "Hey, but it's for free! Miss, we'd like to take up your offer. Please
take us to Deist!"
Leila: "Now you're talkin'. I'll be waitin' for you outside the town, okay?"

- Leila's Ship -

Leila: "All right, give up all your belongings. Be lucky I'm sparin' your
"What? You wanna fight against all of us? Bloody fools!"

(Battle with Pirate X 8. They are easily dispatched, each having only
minimal HP.)

Leila: "All right, you got us now. Do what you want." "Well, what're you
waitin' for? Don't you want to kill us for what we did?" "What? You want us
to join your fight against the empire? With rogues like us?" "All right, fellas,
to your posts! Buddy, we'll go anywhere in this world with you!"

Leila joined the party!

(The party gains control of Leila's Ship and makes their way to Deist.)

- Castle Deist 1F -

Child: "Go back! Don't come near!"

(The party approaches the child, a small boy, a second time and talks to him.)

Child: "I... I'm gonna tell Mommy!”

- Castle Deist 2F -

Child: “Oh, I thought you were the stupid imperial soldiers! I’m glad you

Ask - Child - Dragoon

Child: “When I get older, I’m gonna become a Dragoon like Daddy!”

Ask - Child - Wind Drake

Child: “The Wind Drake is inside this room. But Mommy says it’s dying...”
“Tell me it’s not!”

Mom: “It seems my son is being a nuisance. Please pardon him.” “My husband
was a Dragoon, but he was killed by the imperials. Only my son and I survived.”
“In the room behind us is the last Wind Drake. It has been trying to speak to
us, but I cannot understand it.” “Every Dragoon carries a special Pendant. I’ve
heard one was lost in the cavern north of here, only a couple of levels down.”
“With that pendant, we could speak with the Wind Drake. Would you mind
looking for it?”

Ask - Mom - Wind Drake or Dragoons

Mom: “The Dragoons fought gallantly, but the battle turned against them when
the emperor poisoned the Wind Drakes’ drinking water.” “All the drakes died
one by one, and the Dragoons, without their drakes, lost their edge in battle.”

- Castle Deist 2F - Wind Drake’s Room -

Wind Drake: “Grrr... Rrgh...”

(The party travels the cavern mentioned by the mom and finds what they’re
looking for in a small nook a couple levels down.)

- Deist Cavern B2 -

A Dragon’s corpse lies on the ground. Something shines beside it. It is a
Dragoon’s Pendant!

Obtained Pendant.

(The party returns to the Castle.)

- Castle Deist 2F -

Mom: “The cavern is said to have a spawning ground of the Wind Drakes
called the Sacred Spring.”

- Castle Deist 2F -  Dragon’s Room -

Firion: “Come with us. Let’s fight together!”
Wind Drake: (growls) “The poison has already affected my entire body...
I am dying.”

Ask - Wind Drake - Dragoons

Wind Drake: “Immediately before the battle against the empire began, a
Dragoon by the name of Gareth departed in search of the ultimate spell.”

Ask - Wind Drake - Wind Drake

Wind Drake: (growls and an egg appears) “Kind sirs, please hear my
final wish.” “Take this egg to the cave north of this castle and place it in
the spring there.” "This is the last Dragon Egg. Unless someone takes
it to the Sacred Spring, it will with and die."

Obtained Dragon Egg!

Wind Drake: "Please... take that egg... to the spring...!"

(The Wind Drake growls and falls over. The party travels to the lowest
level of the cavern.)

- Deist Cavern B5 -

Chimera stands before the spring!

(Battle with Chimera)

This is the Sacred Spring.

Item - Sacred Spring - Egg

The Dragon Egg gently sank to the spring's bottom.

- Castle Deist 2F -

Child: *sob* "The Wind Drake died!"

Mom: "The last Wind Drake...died. But we still have the egg that
you have taken to the spring." "Once it has hatched, it will surely
fight for the rebel army. I thank you in place of the mother drake..."
"Oh, I wish this did not have to happen!"

- Altair Rebel Base -

Girl: "The princess is acting quite strange." "She only laughs at
whatever I say to her!"

Boy: "Psst! Hey, do you know what I saw? The princess was eating
a rat!"

Woman: "Oh, the poor Wind Drake!"

Man: "Prince Gordon has grown into a strong and able leader thanks to
your travels together."

Man: "Princess has locked herself inside her bedroom and wouldn't see
anyone. Anyone!"

Wizard: "The nightmare of having the imperial army raiding us keeps me
up all night! I can't sleep anymore!"

Boy: "Please go talk to Princess Hilda! Nobody knows what's wrong with

Wandering Soldier: "Miss Leila, the rebel force welcomes you and your

Soldier: "Hey, have you heard? Princess Hilda's acting real weird."

- Altair Strategy Room -

Soldiers at Door: "Heavens! The last of the Dragoons has died?"

Wandering Soldier: "Princess has been in a bizarre mood lately... I wonder
what has happened to her?"

Wizard: "Welcome back. It is good to have you back safely."

Gordon: "Hilda has been acting strangely since her return." "Will you speak
to her and see what may be the cause?" "I... I don't know what I can do."

- Altair King's Room -

Soldiers at Door: "Since the king's passing, Gordon has been commanding
the rebel force. Brilliantly, too!"

- Hilda's Room -

Hilda: "Firion, I'd like to speak with you...alone."
Maria: "We will be waiting for you outside."
(Maria, Gus and Leila exit the room. Hilda goes over to her bed. The screen
goes red and a seductive theme begins playing.)

Hilda: "Why are you standing there? Come to me..."
Firion: "P-Princess? But I shouldn't..."
Hilda: "Now, now. Don't keep a lady waiting."
Firion: "I-I mustn't...but..." (He heads over to Hilda's bed.)
Hilda: "Ha! Fool! Die, Firion!"

(The monster that had been impersonating Hilda reveals its true form,
a snakelike creature.)

Firion: "Blasted monster! Where's the real Princess Hilda!?"
Leila: "Not so fast!"

(She and the others reenter the room. Battle with Lamia Queen.)

Firion: "Thank you so much, Leila."
Leila: "Hey, stay sharp. Women can do scary things sometimes!"
Gus: "Where real princess?"
Soldier: "Excuse my intrusion, sirs! But there will be a tournament
held in Palamecia and its trophy is said to be Princess Hilda!"
Gordon: "I am going with you. We must save Hilda!"
Leila: "Gordon, I know how you feel. We'll take care of this place, so
go and do your princey thing."

Gordon joined the party!

(Leila and the soldier exit the room.)

- Altair Strategy Room -

Soldiers at Door: "I hear the emperor will be at the arena for the
tournament. This may be our chance!"

Wandering Soldier: "I knew something was wrong with the princess, but...
We were fooled to believe a monster acting as her!"

Wizard: "So you're headed for the enemy stronghold... Be careful." "I
threw all sorts comments at you [sic], but that's because I care for
you kids!"

- Altair King's Room -

Soldiers at Door: "I can't believe that she was not the real princess!"

- Altair Rebel Base -

Girl: "The arena is in Palamecia."

Boy: "Oh Princess! I hope she has not been harmed in this horrible

Woman: "Even the Dragoons were no match to the imperial army..."

Man: "Where is Palamecia, you ask? It's a long way south from Kas'ion."
"Be careful when crossing the desert of Palamecia. I hear the monsters
dwelling there are feared for their deadliness."

Man: "Mindu hasn't returned from Mysidia yet."

Wizard: "There is apparently a prison in the understructure of the
arena. The princess may be kept there."

Boy: "Our princess, a trophy to be given away? That's awful!"

Wandering Soldier: "Prince Gordon, we pray for your safe return."

Soldier: "Please rescue the princess!"

Leila: "Don't worry about this place. We'll manage in your absence

- Paloom -

Pirate by Item Shop: "Going to the arena? Well, you'd better be careful."
"The arena is at the eastern corner of the Palamecia Desert." "You'll find
it on the south of Kas'ion."

Pirate by House: "We're cheering for you!"

Pirate above Weapon Shop: "How's Leila doin'?"

- Poft -

Girl: "A tournament? It must be a trap! Don't go!"

- Coliseum 1F -

(The party enters the Coliseum and is trapped between two gates.)

Emperor: "Let's begin the battle! The winner will be rewarded with the
beautiful Hilda of Fynn!"

(Battle with Behemoth)

Emperor: "Excellent! Now you shall have your reward!"

Now's your chance to get the emperor!

Emperor: "You've put on a wonderful show, Firion." "You thought I
didn't know who you are?"

(He disappears and soldiers surround the party.)

Dark Knight: "Fools... Take them down to their cells."

(The party is trapped in Coliseum B2.)

An iron grill bars the way.

(A man shows up and breaks the party out.)

? ?

*Pow!* *Bam!* *Crackle!*

Pavel: "So there's my thanks for saving me from the mines! You'd
better get moving!"

- Coliseum B1 -

Firion: "Princess! We will get you out of here!"

(The party unbolts the gate that was barring the way to Hilda.)

Gordon: "Hilda! Are you all right?"
Hilda: "G-Gordon... you came for me...?"
Firion: "Gordon! We'll get the guards' attention, so take the princess
and go!"
Gordon: (nods) "All right. Be careful!"

(He and Hilda leave. The party makes its way, sans Gordon, back
to Altair.)

- Poft -

Girl: "You saved our princess! You're our heroes!"

- Paloom -

Pirate by Item Shop: "The rebel force began its battle to rewin Castle
Fynn from the hands of the empire."

Pirate by House: "You saved the princess from that arena? Way to

Pirate above Weapons Shop: "The rebel force has risen!"

- Altair -

Soldier at Entrance: "Our rebel force has risen at last. First we must
rewin Castle Fynn." "Princess Hilda, Prince Gordon... They should all
be at the camp outside the castle." "Please go join them at once. We
need your help!"

- Camp -

Soldier: "We've broken our way through the castle entrance. The
enemies are in disarray, so now is our chance!"

Soldier: "Let's recapture our Castle Fynn!"

Gordon: "Go and infiltrate Castle Fynn to destroy its commander." "It
is best if you go by yourselves, judging from your past success."

Hilda: "Firion! Maria! Gus! I owe you my life." "I heard you destroyed
the Dreadnought, too. I cannot thank you enough."

Ask - Hilda - Wild Rose

Hilda: "Don't worry, I'm the real Hilda."

- Castle Fynn 1F -

Leila: "I'm ready to kick some royal butts! Take me with you!"

Leila joined the party!

- Castle Fynn 4F -

Gottos: "Rebels! How did they...?"

(Battle with Gottos.)

Defeated the enemy's commander!

(The scene changes and Hilda and Gordon are now sitting in
the thrones.)

Hilda: "It is good to be back. I am only sitting here today because
everyone came together as a team." "My most heartfelt thanks to
you all." "But one thing disturbs me. Mindu left for Mysidia and we
have not heard back from him." "Will you please to go to Mysidia to
look into the matter?"

Ask - Hilda - Wind Drake

Hilda: "You should be able to call the Wind Drake from this Mirror
Hall, but it seems the egg hasn't hatched yet."

Ask - Hilda - Dragoons

Hilda: "We do not have the brave Dragoons to help us in battle,
but I have you with me."

Ask - Hilda - Mysidia

Hilda: "Mysidia is a land of mages. Without their help, we stand
little chance against the emperor." "I hear a mighty spell is sealed
within the tower of Mysidia. Two masks hold the key to unbinding it."
"One Mask is white, and the other is black."

Ask - Hilda - Mask

Hilda: "Go down to the castle's base level to find the White Mask.
I will tell you the magical spell to open the door, so listen carefully."
"...Ekmet Teloez..."

Ask - Hilda - Ekmet Teloez

Hilda: "I am sorry, but I do not know where the door is."

Gordon: "Thanks to you all, we have regained Castle Fynn." "But,
Firion, Mindu has not returned." "Please go and search for him in

Ask - Gordon - Mysidia

Gordon: "The tower of Mysidia is said to have the Ultima Scroll, the
most powerful spell known to this world."

Ask - Gordon - Ekmet Teloez

Gordon: "Hilda knows everything about this castle, but if she
doesn't... Hmm..." "Yes, but of course!" "Pavel should know any
secrets of this castle. He boasts that he is the world's sneakiest

Ask - Gordon - Ultima Scroll

Gordon: "It would certainly be a potent weapon against the emperor!"

Ask - Hilda - Ultima Scroll

Hilda: "People say that aeons ago, the gate to the underworld opened
and a tide of infernal creatures swarmed this land." "Nothing could stop
them until the legendary spell was unleashed." "It banished the creatures
back to the underworld."

- Castle Fynn 3F -

Soldier at Left: "This is the great hall."

Soldier at Right: "Prince Gordon awaits you."

- Castle Fynn 2F -

Soldier at Left: "This is the second floor of Castle Fynn."

Soldier at Right: "Let's bring back peace together!"

- Castle Fynn 1F -

Soldier at Left of Stairway: "Princess Hilda and Prince Gordon await you
in the great hall."

Soldier at Right of Stairway: "What could have happened to Mindu? He
left for Mysidia but hasn't returned."

Wandering Soldier at Left: "There's a rumor that a secret on the tower of
Mysidia is kept underneath this castle."

Wandering Soldier at Right: "The town of Mysidia is said to have many
ancient tomes. I am sure they will be of great help to you."

Soldier at Lower Left: "You will find the Hall of the Mirror on top of these

Soldier at Left of Castle Entrance: "Hooray! Fynn's back in our hands!"

Soldier at Right of Castle Entrance: "Thank you so much. We can't
possibly thank you enough."

- Fynn -

Man: "Thank you to all [sic], we have been able to rewin Fynn."

Boy: "You're the ones who beat that big boss, right? Cool."

Girl: "Coming back to this town has been a dream to me."

Soldier: "At last, we regained Fynn. The Wild Rose Crest was brought
back to grace this land once again."

Man: "Thank you."

Man: "Hey, have you seen Pavel yet? He was ecstatic to be back home!"
"Maybe he had some treasure hidden there."

Soldier: "We have regained Fynn, but the war is far from ended. It will be
impossible to defeat the emperor by ourselves." "Are there any words
from Mindu yet? He hasn't returned from Mysidia."

Wizard: "Never thought I'd be able to come back to my dear old home.
You've done a great deal of good, young'uns."

- Fynn - Pavel's House -

Pavel: "Well, if it isn't Firion! How goes everything?"

Ask - Pavel - Ekmet Teloez

Pavel: "Where's the hidden door in Castle Fynn, you ask? 'Course I know!
What's inside?" "The White Mask? Well, I'm not interested in that piece
of royal trash. I'll tell you how to get there." "The hidden door is on the
upper right corner of the Grand Hall. But what are you going to use a mask

- Castle Fynn 4F -

(The party examines upper right corner of the room and receives a
message appears...)

Nothing was found.

Ask - Corner - Ekmet Teloez

"There is a hole in the wall... It is a secret door!"

- Castle Fynn B5 -

Obtained White Mask from the treasure chest.

(The party uses a teleporter just ahead to transport out of the room
and continues their quest, now heading for Mysidia...)

- Castle Fynn 4F -

Hilda: "Take the White Mask to Mysidia. The mages there are sure to
know its use."

Gordon: "The emperor has not been seen of late, but I am sure he is
readying another assault." "Please bring us the Ultima Scroll as soon
as possible."

(The party can travel to other towns before Mysidia for bits of optional

- Gatrea -

Wizard: "Castle Fynn has returned to our hands, at last. We thank you
for your bravery!"

- Paloom -

Pirate by Item Shop: "Mysidia is on the southern content [sic]... It's
 a far, far place."

Pirate by House: "You are heroes!"

Pirate above Weapons Shop:? "Fynn's been rewon?"

- Poft -

Girl: "There is a legend about a secret book that has all the world's
secrets written."

(The party continues with its business, onwards to Mysidia...)

- Mysidia -

Mage at Entrance: "This is Mysidia, the land of magic and mages."

Mage near Armor Shop: "It is true. The time for unsealing the tower is

Mage near Inn: "The ancient books kept in this town will give you answers."

Mage near Item Shop: "The tower's seal is protected by three guardians."

Mage at Bottom Right Corner (Left): "Mindu went to the tower a while ago.
You must hurry."

Mage at Bottom Right Corner (Right): "In the sublevel of Mysidia is a
statue of a goddess. It is the guardian of the Crystal Rod."

Mage at Bottom Left Corner (Higher): "You will unseal the tower? Then you
must collect the two masks and go to the cave north of this continent."
"You should find the Crystal Rod there."

Mage at Bottom Left Corner (Lower): "Do you have the Black Mask? It is
kept on a small island in the middle of the ocean."

- Mysidian Library -

(The party examines a bookshelf and receives a message.)

Dusty old tomes fill the bookshelves.

Ask - Mythril

"Easy to forge and strong in use. Responds to magical force and is
best suited for magical arm and weapons."

Ask - Airship

"The ever-advancing technology will eventually force the magicks to

Ask - Sunfire

"When the world knew no castles and boundaries, a star fell on what is
Kas'ion now." "A man took its flames and dedicated an altar to it."

Ask - Goddess's Bell

"There was a king who suffered from thieves stealing his treasures."
"His first key was broken on the first night, and the second on the
second night." "But the third key remained unbroken -- and so the
king hid the key, the Goddess's Bell, in the Snow Cavern."

Ask - Wind Drake

"Dragons trained to fly with Dragoons on their back." "Their compact
and powerful physique enabled them to carry four to five people at once."

Ask - Dragoons

"The island of Deist was home to the Wind Drakes." "A knight called
Haan spent thirty years befriending them, thus becoming the first of
the Dragoons."

Ask - Mysidia

"The mages knew very well of their great powers and feared it may cause
great destruction if they were entangled into a war." "They therefore
established a small hamlet in Mysidia to remain secluded from the

Ask - Mask

"Offer the White Mask to the goddess underground. If your heart is good,
the doppelganger will cease to move." "Place the Black Mask on the
doppelganger and it will vanish along with your evilness."

Ask - Ultima Scroll

"Pandaemonium is the palace of demon. When it appeared, the mages
conjured a mighty spell and banished it." "The mages then recorded the
spell onto a scroll and sealed it deep within a tower."

- Mysidia - Hidden Altar -

It is a statue of a goddess.

Item - Goddess Statue - White Mask

The White Mask was placed over the goddess's face.

(The party travels to the Tropical Island to retrieve the Black Mask.
Along the way, they can travel to the top floor and meet up with
some islanders who talk funny.)

Tropical Islander: "Oooooh. Looky your weird face. Why no Mask?"

Tropical Islander: "Oooooh, looky here. Where are you from?"

Tropical Islander: "Our treasure, the Black Mask, is at the deepest
spot here, you see. But no taking it!" "Don't think you can find it,
though. Hehehehehe!"

(The party proceeds to the basement level for the business they came

- Tropical Island B5 -

It is the guardian of the Black Mask, Gigan Rhino!

(Battle with Gigan Rhino)

Obtained Black Mask from the treasure chest.

(The party teleports out and continues their journey...)

- Mysidian Cave B1 -

The doppelganger is not moving. Firion's good heart is binding its

Item - Doppelganger - Black Mask

The Black Mask was placed over the doppelganger's face. It vanished
with the Black Mask.

- Mysidian Cave B5 -

Obtained Crystal Rod from the treasure chest.

(The party teleports out of the cave and travels to the Mysidian Tower.
Just before they reach it, a whirlpool appears and sucks in the ship.)

- Leviathan - Bowels -

Firion: "Where are we?" "Oh no, we've lost Leila!"

- Leviathan - Stomach -

Man: "You're inside the Leviathan, pal."

Man: "We were all swallowed by that monster of a snake!"

Man in Armor: "Halt! Show me proof of your identities!"

Ask - Man in Armor - Ultima Scroll

Man in Armor: "But why do you know that?"

Ask - Man in Armor - Mysidia

Man in Armor: "Yes, I have been to Mysidia."

Ask - Man in Armor - Dragoons

Man in Armor: "The Dragoons and the Wind Drakes were annihilated?"
"What rubbish! I am Dragoon myself!"

Ask - Newly IDed Dragoon - Wind Drake

Dragoon: "Wind Drake? Why ask?" "Who are you?"

Item - Dragoon - Crystal Rod

Dragoon: "I see, so you came to obtain the Ultima Scroll as well."
"Let's go together, first out of this monster of a creature." "The
ship is ahead, but a monster is blocking our way."

Gareth the Dragoon joined the party!

Man: "It swallowed me too!"

Girl: "It looks as if we can leave the Leviathan when it opens its
mouth. But there is a monster blocking our exit."

Pirate: "Can we ever leave this place? I'm not going to bury my
bones here!"

Wizard: "The Leviathan is the guardian of the Mysidian Tower. It
will swallow anything if it is carrying a Crystal Rod." "I have a
Crystal Rod, too. See?"

Woman: "Thanks to that grandpa's stupid Crystal Rod, we've all
been trapped here!"

Soldier: "No one can ever leave this place. I'm saying this because I've
been trapped inside for the past ten years."

Leviathan - Mouth

Barrel Worm stands before the ship!

(Battle with Barrel Worm. Following the battle, the party can immediately
enter the Mysidian Tower, or they can return to Deist and Castle Fynn
for a bit of optional dialogue...)

- Castle Deist -

Child: "Are you a Dragoon?"
Gareth: "Yes, I was a friend of your father's." "I am going to defeat the
emperor now. When I come back, will you let me be your father?"
Child: "Well, sure. But I hope you can beat that emperor! I'll be praying
for it!"

Mother: "Gareth!"
Gareth: "Elena! What happened to the others? What about Phillip?"
Elena: "They didn't make it..."
Gareth: "No... Courage, Elena." "I'll be back, I promise. Watch over your
son and be strong."

- Castle Fynn 4F -

Hilda: "Oh, my. You were swallowed by the Leviathan?" "Speaking of
vanishing, I wonder where Mindu is..."

Ask - Hilda - Dragoons

Hilda: "Are you... a dragoon?"
Gareth: "Princess Hilda, it is my honor to be in your presence. I am
Gareth Highwind, a dragoon." "When Deist was seized by the empire,
I left to retrieve the Ultima Scroll in Mysidia." "It was there I found Firion's

Gordon: "A Dragoon joined you? Magnificent!  The emperor will meet his
fate soon!"

Leila: "When that storm came and the ship broke off... I thought I lost you
all for good. Dear lord of the seas!"

(The party resumes its business, heading to the Mysidian Tower. Examine
it on the World Map with "X" and the Crystal Rod is used to open. The party
proceeds up three floors and then encounters a mage blocking the path...)

- Mysidian Tower 3F -

Mage: "You have done well. But you must defeat me to proceed!"

The mage began to grow!

(Battle with Fire Gigas. The scenario is repeated on 5F and 7F, first
with an Ice Gigas and then with a Thunder Gigas. The party continues
to the tenth floor.)

- Mysidian Tower 10F -

Mindu: "You've come at last!" "The magic seal on this door is strong. I
will give it all I have." "Stand back!"

(Mindu uses a powerful spell to break the seal, draining his life force in
the process.)

Maria: "Mindu!"
Mindu: "I...I have fulfilled my duty. The door... has opened." "Now...go...!"
Firion: Mindu!

(Mindu disappears and the party nods, then continues into the next room.
There they find a room with four silver crystals and a gold crystal in the
middle of all of them. The silver crystals each grant a +10 stat boost to
a random member of the party.)

The crystal responded.
"I shall give thee power."
Strength increased!

The crystal responded.
"I shall strengthen your spirit."
Spirit increased!

The crystal responded.
"I shall give thee intelligence."
Intelligence increased!

The crystal responded.
"I shall give thee speed."
Agility increased.

(The party proceeds to the golden crystal.)

The crystal responded.
"I shall give thee the forbidden spell."
Obtained Ultima Scroll!

(A warp point appears and the party teleports out. As they make their
way back to Fynn, they find that stronger monsters have populated
the World Map and that several villages have been destroyed utterly.
There is a Cyclone perched just above and to the right of Fynn on the
World Map. Before returning to Fynn, the party can travel back to
Mysidia for some optional dialogue...)

- Mysidia -

Mage at Entrance: "You've bravely unsealed the spell. Now go back to
Fynn. Your princess awaits you."

Wandering Mage near Armor Shop: "I see, Mindu has... fulfilled his
destiny. We can only pray for his spirit to rest in tranquility."

Mage near Inn: "The empire's Cyclone has attacked the northern
territory. You must return to Fynn at once!"

Mage by Water: "Well, now! You have gained some strength and skills,
haven't you?"

Mage at Lower Right Corner (Left): "The emperor's power surpassed our

Mage at Lower Right Corner (Right): "Go back to the castle. This is the
time to call forth the Wind Drake you have saved from death."

Mage at Lower Left Corner (Left): "You have Mysidia's power with you.
You can do it."

Mage at Lower Left Corner (Right): "The Jade Passage comes with the

- Fynn -

Boy: "Everybody's dead!"

Soldier: "The Cyclone stormed this town, destroying everything in its

- Fynn - Pavel's House -

Pavel: "Look, I gotta be honest. Your next target is a Cyclone. I don't
know how you can get that one."

- Castle Fynn 1F -

Soldier at Left of Entrance: "The emperor's Cyclone devastated towns
like Altair and Poft."

Soldier at Right of Entrance: "Fynn won't be able to hold up against
another Cyclone raid!"

Wandering Soldier at Right: "Is there not anything we can do to defeat
the emperor's magic power?"

Wandering Soldier at Left: "The emperor created that Cyclone with
his magic."

Soldier at Bottom Left Corner: "The mirror is on the third floor."

Soldier at Left of Stairway: "No, it's impossible to go inside the Cyclone!
It will shred you in pieces!"

Soldier at Right of Stairway: "The emperor is inside that Cyclone."

- Castle Fynn 4F -

Hilda: "The emperor has created a Cyclone and has already destroyed
Altair, Gatrea, Paloom and Poft... It is now coming to Fynn!"

Ask - Hilda - Wind Drake

Hilda: "Long ago, people used to reflect the light of Pendant on the
castle's mirror to call a Dragoon and his Wind Drake."

Ask - Hilda - Cyclone

Hilda: "The emperor himself must be controlling the Cyclone."

Gordon: "We made you retrieve the Ultima Scroll, but I am afraid the
Cyclone will swallow us all before we can use it.

Ask - Gordon - Cyclone

Gordon: "It will be impossible to permeate the wall of wind from the

- Fynn - Pavel's House -

Ask - Pavel - Cyclone

"Oh, please. Now you're going inside that thing? I tell you..." "Well,
maybe I can help you. I'll give you my treasure. Search the wall
next to the bed."

- Castle Fynn 3F (Hall of the Mirror) -

(The party examines the mirror.)

The mirror is polished to perfection.

Item - Mirror - Pendant

The mirror is absorbing the light emanating from the Pendant.

A reflection of a Wind Drake can be seen on the mirror. It is the
Wind Drake hatched from the Dragon's Egg! The Wind Drake is
flying towards Fynn.

(A cutscene shows the Wind Drake's flight to Fynn and the Wind
Drake arrives in the room.)

The Dragoon and the Wind Drake were brought together at last!

- Castle Fynn 4F -

Hilda: "Oh, a Wind Drake! It still seems quite young, but wonderful!"

Ask - Hilda - Wind Drake

Hilda: "Perhaps the Wind Drake can take you inside the Cyclone."

Ask - Hilda - Cyclone

Hilda: "I hope the drake's wings are strong enough to withhold the
enormous force of the Cyclone!"

Gordon: "The wind velocity in the center of the Cyclone is much
weaker, I hear."

(The party approaches the Cyclone from the World Map. Hit "X"
and the Wind Drake flies into the Cyclone. The party proceeds
to the top.)

- Cyclone 7F -

Emperor: "I am not wasting my time on the likes of you." "Men,
take them out."

(Battle with Royal Guard X 2)

Emperor: "Hmm, not bad. Then how about this?"

(Battle with Royal Guard X 4)

Emperor: "You surprise me. I suppose I have to silence you

(Battle with Emperor, Royal Guard X 2 and Wood Golem)

Emperor: "I... will... not... die!"'

Firion: "Let's go back to Fynn!"

- Castle Fynn 4F -

Hilda: "Thanks to your bravery, peace has finally returned." "Let
us celebrate."

(The party joins a lovely dance. It continues for a while and then a
rebel soldier enters the room.)

Soldier: "Y-Your Highness! Leon, the Dark Knight, has claimed...
himself as...the emperor!" (falls and disappears)
Hilda: "Oh, no... When is the suffering going to end? But what can
we do now? And who is Leon?"

(Scene change. Firion is shown entering the great hall and you can
talk with Hilda, Gordon and Leila.)

Hilda: "The Dark Knight is Leon... And he was your friend!"
Maria: "I'll try to persuade him somehow. He must be controlled by
the emperor's magic!"
Hilda: "The Dark Knight must be in Palamecia as the next emperor."

Ask - Hilda - Palamecia

Hilda: "Castle Palamecia is nestled among the mountains. You
cannot reach it on foot."

Gordon: "Leon is Maria's brother." "You're not going to fight him, are
Firion: "That is why we must go ourselves."
Gordon: "I expected that answer from you. Please be careful."

Ask - Gordon - Palamecia

Gordon: "It is an impregnable fortress. Pavel was boasting of his past
entry into it, but no one knows for sure."

Leila: "I heard the Dark Knight proclaimed himself the next emperor."

Ask - Leila - Palamecia

Leila: "Yeah, I've heard of Pavel's bluffin' about how he snuck in there.
You've heard it, too?"

- Castle Fynn 1F -

Soldier at Left of Stairway: "The imperial army is in disarray. Maybe this
is our change [sic] to defeat the Dark Knight."

Soldier at Right of Stairway: "You are the only ones who can enter Castle
Palamecia. Please defeat the Dark Knight and bring back peace to us all!"

Wandering Soldier at Left: "We must overthrow the Dark Knight and
Palamecian rule."

Wandering Soldier at Right: "If we defeat the Dark Knight, all the monsters
ravaging this world will vanish, too."

Soldier at Bottom Left Corner: "Pavel was bragging about sneaking in to

Soldier at Left of Entrance: "How can one enter Palamecia?"

Soldier at Right of Entrance: "Castle Palamecia is the imperial army's
stronghold, but all the mountains around it block our way."

- Fynn -

Boy: "Hey, when's it gonna be all safe and peaceful again?"

Soldier: "Is it true the Dark Knight claimed himself as the emperor?"

- Fynn - Pavel's House -

Pavel: "What? We finally defeated the emperor, and now we got this
Dark Knight to get to?"

Cid: "The Cyclone got me in Paloom... My old bones aren't acting as I
want them to." (He lies down on the bed.)
Gus: "Are you all right, Cid?"
Cid: "I'm in this pathetic state now, but my Airship's as scratchless as
she ever was." "Now, listen, I'll let you use her until I get better. Got that?"
"Take good care of her... Urgh..."
Firion: "Cid! No, don't-!"

(Cid disappears.)

Pavel: "That was his will, don't you see? Ever since he realized he was
dying, he's been meaning to give his Airship to you guys." "He really
loved his Airship, it meant everything to him. You've gotta understand
how he felt when he breathed his last words!"

Ask - Pavel - Palamecia

Pavel: "Glad you asked. You know how I did it? I glided onto the castle
roof with a kite!" "Hey, maybe you guys can take the Airship to get
there too!"

(The party travels to Palamecia and uses the Airship, dropping down to
the seventh floor of the castle. A hole in the ground drops them down to
the first floor, but they make their way back up, eventually reaching the
eighth floor.)

- Castle Palamecia 8F -

Leon: "I knew you'd come, Firion." "You think you can defeat me?"
Maria: "No, please stop this! Why do you have to cross your sword
against your friend?"
Leon: "Let me ask you one thing: What conquers the world?" "The
answer is power. I am the emperor now, and I will not let go of it!" "Now,
move out of my way!"

(A figure appears at the throne where Leon was previously.)

Emperor: "Leon, I'm surprised to see you on my throne." "I have returned
from hell with the ultimate power to conquer the world." "You? The
emperor? Ha! You do not know that you only deserve to work in the
shadows of the real emperor!"
Leon: "What can a ghost do now? The empire is mine!"

(Blue flames surround the party.)

Emperor: "You, pathetic fool. I'm not interested in the empire anymore."
"I shall kill all living souls and destroy this world!" "You will be joined
by the others soon."

(The blue flames move in closer.)

Gareth: "We must flee this place, now. Take my Wind Drake!"
Firion: "Gareth! What are you doing?"
Gareth: "Come, I will take you to where you belong."
Emperor: "You.. You worthless fool!"
Gareth: "Rrraaaagh!"
Maria: "Gareth!"

(The Wind Drake appears and ferries the party away A bright light
appears and seems to destroy Castle Palamecia, but then it rises
again. The party returns automatically to the great hall, the fourth
floor of Castle Fynn.)

- Castle Fynn 4F -

Hilda: "Firion, what happened?" "You! The Dark Knight!" "Tell me,
what happened?"
Firion: "The emperor... He has returned."
Maria: "And the dragoon... He sacrificed himself to save us." "Josef,
Mindu, Cid, and now Gareth... They're all dead. I can't take this
Leon: "But if we stop here, the emperor will bring more deaths."
Firion: "Leon... let's fight together." "Princess Hilda, please allow him
to join us."
Hilda: "I will leave the decision up to you."
Maria: "Leon, we'll go together!"
Leon: "Okay, Maria."

Hilda: "Long ago, demonic creatures flooded the world in what is now
known as the Tide of Doom." "It is said they entered through a place
called the Jade Passage."

Ask - Hilda - Jade Passage

Hilda: "There is an area of Mysidia known by that name."

Gordon: "The resurrected emperor brought Pandaemonium from the
underworld! The world is coming to an end!"

Ask - Gordon - Jade Passage

Gordon: "Kas'ion folklore told of a small lake in Mysidia. It was said to
be the portal to hell."

Leila: "That emperor sold his soul to the demons, that's just what he did."

Ask - Leila - Jade Passage

Leila: "You know that narrow channel on the east of Mysidia? That's where
the Jade Sea is."

- Castle Fynn 1F -

Secret Soldier: "We're all going to die! Waaaa!"

Soldier at Left of Stairway: "The emperor's spirit has returned from

Soldier at Right of Stairway: "This is horrible!"

Wandering Soldier at Left: "We must return the emperor's spirit back to

Wandering Soldier at Right: "Pandaemonium is a castle of mirage, so you
cannot enter it directly. I hear there is a spring leading the world of demons,

Soldier at Bottom Left Corner: "How horrible. The emperor came back to
this world in his spirit form!"

Soldier at Left of Entrance: "Pandaemonium, the floating palace of hell

Soldier at Right of Entrance: "Castle Palamecia collapsed, but the emperor
returned-- this time, bringing Pandaemonium with him." "He must be

- Fynn -

Boy: "What's gonna happen to the world?"

Soldier: "The emperor has come back from his death..."

- Fynn - Pavel's House -

Pavel: "Just don't waste your life, Firion promise me that, all right?"

(The party travels to Castle Deist for some optional dialogue and a
bonus item.)

- Castle Deist 2F -

Child: "We gotta get rid of that emperor's apparition! Hey, what
happened to the Dragoon you went with?" (Elena sobs.)

Mother: "Gareth is dead? But he promised me he'd return..."
"Still, he was a Dragoon. He must have been proud to die for his

Ask - Mother - Dragoons

Mother: "We will be leaving Deist. This is our home, but... it's too
full of painful memories." "Oh, I meant to give you this. Only the
greatest Dragoons could wield it. It's yours now."

Obtained Excalibur!

(She and her son exit. The party can also return to the house in
Mysidia, where the book there has info on the keywords Palamecia
and Jade Passage.)

Ask - Palamecia

"The Palamecian king then boasted: If you succeed to enter this
castle, you may have my daughter!" "Many suitors came but all
failed. Finally, a lad on a bag filled with hot--air landed on its roof
and floated away with the princess."

Ask - Jade Passage

"A passage to Pandaemonium, the palace of demons."

(The party travels to the Jade Passage, which they pass through
without any dialogue. There, they find a teleporter that transports
them into the final dungeon, Pandaemonium.)

- Pandaemonium 1F -

You have entered Pandaemonium!

- Pandaemonium 10F -

(The party speaks with the Emperor, who is waiting at the center
at the very top.)

Emperor: "So good to see you again. But this time, you are the
ones who will die."

(Battle with Emperor.)

Emperor: "B-But why... Why cannot [sic] I defeat...you...?" "Who...
are..." "y--you...?" "Rrrraaaaagh!"

Firion: (saluting) "Let's get out of here!"

(The others nod. Note - the above line is not specifically credited
to any of the characters, but since it's Firion who salutes and the
others who nod, it would seem that it's him who says it. The screen
fades to black, then fades back in at Castle Fynn 4F. The party
enters the room. Firion, Maria and Gus stand together, while Leon
goes and stands off to the side, nearby Pavel, Mollly and Leilia,
who have gathered there.)

- Castle Fynn 4F -

Hilda: "I am glad you returned."
Gordon: "You have done it. You are our heroes!)

(He and Hilda go and stand by their thrones and Pavel approaches
the party.)

Pavel: "You made it back! Amazing! I don't know whether you're brave or
just lucky. Well, take care." (He leaves.)

Leila: "Hey, I always knew you could pull that off. Drop by anytime you
see my ship, I'll be lookin' forward to seein' you again!" (She leaves.)

Molly: "You're our heroes! My father must be so proud of you, too." "I've
decided to work here in the castle, serving the princess. It is the least
I can do." (Josef's spirit appears and then flickers away.) "Josef!"

(Molly walks away and stands between Hilda and Gordon.)

Hilda: "We will dedicate our lives to restoring what has been destroyed."
"We hope to see you again... please take care!"

(She, Gordon and Molly leave.)

Gus: "Everything...ended."
Firion: "That's right!"
Maria: "We can all live together again, all four of us!"
Firion: (nods) "..."

(They all turn to face Leon.)

Maria: "Right, Leon?"

(Leon walks over to the group and they turn around to face each other.)

Leon: "We've been through too much. We can't return to the past."
(He turns away.)

Maria: "Wait, Leon! Why? Firion, please don't let him go!"
Firion: "What Leon said is true, Maria." "I can't stop him from going."

(Leon begins to walk away.)

Firion: "We shall meet again, Leon!"

(Leon leaves. The others begin to leave. As they do, they turn around
again and the ghosts of those who sacrificed their lives to aid them
appear: Scott, Josef, Mindu and Gareth. They flicker and then

Firion: "Now, let's go. This is going to be the real beginning!"

(Gus nods. They leave and the screen fades to black. The ending
sequence then plays. Scenes of the restored peace are played and
text appears in italics...)

The long war ended at last. The emperor and Pandaemonium... and the
monsters plaguing every corner of the world... They all vanished. Peace
has finally returned. The people will slowly heal the scars of war. The
memory of those dismal days will fade with time. But one memory will
remain clear and true: It was the ordinary youths with extraordinary minds
who saved the world.

Final Fantasy II

(Credits roll.)

The End

Save game completion data?
No (Default)
- Details

Details: Saving a completed game's data unlocks Normal Mode. It also
allows you to retain your collections when starting a new game.

- Bonus - Keywords -

(The following are the descriptions of the games many keywords
within the game's menu. These descriptions remain unaltered
throughout the game, regardless of the events that take place.)

Wild Rose: Crest of the kingdom of Fynn. Also used as a secret
code by the rebel army.

Mythril: A magical metal. Josef of Salamand is on a quest to
find it.

Dreadnought: Currently under construction in Bafsk. A
massive, heavily armed airship.

Airship: Constructed by Cid of Poft.

Sunfire: Symbol of Kas'ion. Its flame burns eternally on the
castle's ground floor.

Goddess's Bell: A key to opening Castle Kas'ion [sic] entryway.

Wind Drake: Flying dragons that serve as the Dragoon's partners
in combat.

Dragoons: Members of Deist's elite air brigade. They can understand
the Wind Drakes' language.

Mysidia: A land that exists far, far away on the southern continent.
Books with answers to the all the world's mysteries are stored there.

Mask: A key to unsealing the Tower. There are two masks that
function as keys.

Ekmet Teloez: A spell that opens a door leading underground.

Ultima Scroll: A scroll containing the mightiest spell, which will be
unsealed when the world suffers great calamity. Kept in the
Mysidian Tower.

Cyclone: Controlled by the emperor's magic force.

Palamecia: An empire ruled by a mysterious and powerful emperor.
Its base is Castle Palamecia, far to the south of Kas'ion.

Jade Passage: The passage the demonic creatures used in the last
Tide of Doom.

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