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Reviewed: 10/25/01 | Updated: 10/25/01

Great Demo Disk

Every month the Official US Playstation Magazine releases a new magazine. Along with the magazine, a demo disk is released with each issue. In this review I will be reviewing the 23rd edition of the magazine, August of 1999.

Final Fantasy VIII

As an avid fan of Final Fantasy VII, I could not wait to see what was next for Square in the greatest series in video game history. Final Fantasy VIII promised to be an instant classic. As in FFVII, Final Fantasy VIII raised the bar in graphics for RPG's. A visual masterpiece when it comes to video games. On top of that, the controls are
flawless. If you have ever played any other Final Fantasy, then you will have no time adapting to this version. RPG demos can often be boring and have no real story line, making for a bad demo. This is an exception to the rule. Extremely entertaining in every aspect of the word. If you are a fan of RPG's and/or Final Fantasy's, then you will
love this demo.


Right after the release of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater came 3Xtreme. If it wants to contend with the outstanding sales of the instant classic, then it will have to make major changes from this demo. First off, the graphics have not been updated from its original version of the game, leaving it outdated by a long shot. Sloppy controls will not help but this struggling game any. Some demos are really fun to play and make you need to final version of the game. 3Xtreme, however, is not one of those demos.

Tiny Tank

Before playing this game I was already a bit skeptical of this game, just because I don't like these sorts of games. Anyway, when you first look at this game, you can tell that it is still in the demo disk form. The graphics have not been completely smoothed over, and are still a bit choppy. Controlling the little tank can be confusing at times but
once you get the hang of it, you will have the controls down in no time. Since I am not a fan of these types of game, Tiny Tank was not too entertaining for me, however, I would imagine that it is an entertaining game since I did not get completely bored with it in two minutes. Overall, it was I good demo, but I just do not enjoy the genre too much

Jade Cocoon

Rarely is it that there is two great RPG's on one demo disk, with one down in Final Fantasy VIII, will Jade Cocoon be able to stand up to the test? When first playing the game you will not be overwhelmed by the graphics of Jade Cocoon, but you will be impressed. Controlling your characters will be pretty easy if you are an RPG fan, and if not, then it will be a bit hard for a few minutes, but you will learn pretty quickly. Many role-playing game demos are either too challenging or too easy, Jade Cocoon seems to be delicately balanced in between the two, making for a great demo. As far as entertainment goes, you should be entertained for most of the demo. With another great demo, this disk is shaping up to be an extremely good demo disk.

Macross VF-2

Finding a flight sim game is not too hard, but finding a good flight sim game (That doesn't begin with Ace Combat) can be a difficult task. Macross VF-2 has the challenge of comparing itself to the great games, and separating itself from the bad ones. If Macross VF-2 was going to do this by great graphics, then sadly it has failed horribly. There is nothing great about them, yet they get the job done. controlling your plane can be a bit of a challenge seeing as how unstable the controls are. With two main aspects of the game being mediocre, Macross VF-2 was not very entertaining and only kept me for a couple of times around before I called it quits. Not a great demo, but not a bad one either.


There was a wave of classic games remade a few years back, everything from Pong to Asteroids to Frogger. Centipede was one of these games, all of which failed compared to their original counterparts. Graphically, it is a well made demo, there were rarely any major polygonal problems and the camera angle was never real bad. Controlling your centipede was quite easy, and it is an entertaining game, but for some reason, probably replay value I really could not stay into the game for very long. There is something about the demo, that deters you away from it, even though it is a great game.

You Don't Know Jack

An extremely popular board game and PC game, You Don't Know Jack was riding on a wave of popularity. Now there is even a TV show (Which by the way stars none other than Pee Wee Herman!?!?!?). Graphically You Don't Know Jack has submitted itself out of the competition. But with great controls and an entertaining game, it has sprung itself back into competition. Personally, I wish more games would focus on entertainment and not graphics. The only real problem that I have with YDKJ is the lack of a sufficient amount of questions. After a few times around, you will have all of them memorized. Yet, it is still an entertaining demo.

Ultimate 8-Ball

Minnesota Fats would be proud if he played this game.. well not really. When first playing Ultimate 8-Ball you will notice the lack of decent graphics, and lack of a background. Anyway, the controls are pretty easy to learn and get down, even though it will take a while for you to master them, which is the way controls should be. If you are a fan of Billiards or Pool, then you will most likely have fun playing Ultimate 8-Ball. Another good demo completes this great disk.

Final Fantasy VIII: 10/10
3Xtreme: 3/10
Tiny Tank: 7/10
Jade Cocoon: 9/10
Macross VF-2: 7/10
You Don't Know Jack: 8/10
Centipede: 7/10
Ultimate 8-Ball: 7/10

Overall: 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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