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    FMV Skipping FAQ by AKwong

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/27/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The PlayStation "FMV Skip" FAQ
                   Written by Arlen Kwong (armorMODE@thekingoffighters.com.)
                   Version 1.1
    Last updated: 4/27/99 - Added Legal Information, updated Credits, info
    				on the Atlas Repair Kit, added information on
    				more modification techniques, added Legal 
    				Disclaimer, added Table of Contents.
    Wow. Yesterday, my PlayStation skipping really started to get on me. For 
    those of you not enlightened, the PlayStation skips when it has been on 
    for a very long time. The sound can also play very erraditcally. Or, it 
    can start skipping when someone does not place his/her PlayStation in a 
    adequate manner that reveals ventilation. The result is overheating that 
    will change the PlayStation's various parts (through heat formation) and 
    will change the performance of the system, sometimes very badly.
    Well, I have seen lots of FAQs on the net and decided that many of them 
    were either too hard to understand or too un-detailed. So, here's where 
    this FAQ comes in. I hope that this FAQ will help all of you that have 
    trouble with your PlayStation and horrible skipping. It contains some 
    that do not require internal modifications of your FAQ, and some that 
    do. Note that opening up your PlayStation will void your warranty - just 
    that you know. :)
    Remember, though, that no matter what you do, copied CDs will never work 
    as better as black-bottom CDs. Simply put, the originals reflect CDs 
    back to the PlayStation MUCH better than the others that are used to 
    BEFORE YOU START ANYTHING - please read the legal disclaimer contained 
    at the end of the document. That way, I won't get sued, and it will save 
    me a lot of trouble. :)
    // Table of contents //
    *Legal Information
    *PlayStations that skip the most
    *Solutions, Part 1: No modification required
    *Solutions, Part 2: Modification required
    *Unconfirmed information
    *Legal disclaimer
    // Legal information //
    This FAQ is protected by international copyright law. 
    Copyright 1999 Arlen Kwong.
    Duplicate and distribute FAQ as you wish, as long as the FAQ remains in 
    whole, and no modifications have been made to it. Commericial usage for 
    profit is strictly prohibited.
    For other uses, please contact me before going to town :)
    // PlayStations that skip the most //
    Remember, that, though your skipping may just be a "once-in-a-million" 
    thing, or it may be that your PlayStation just skipped a little bit, and 
    nothing is really wrong. However, if problems persist, this list may 
    help you....
    SCPH-100X will skip a LOT unless you took lots of care of them. This 
    means: unplugging the system after each usage, taking frequent breaks, 
    etc. I've had my PlayStation for about four years now, and it skipped 
    about three years after I got it. 
    SCPH-300X has better technology inside the PlayStation, but it still 
    isn't perfect. It will still skip eventually (which is common), but it 
    is still better than the SCPH-100X.
    SCPH-500X have very good technology. Their skipping is almost gone 
    completely, and their sound is still superb.  
    SCPH-700X have virtually no skipping, and is still excellent in terms of 
    sound working properly.
    // Solutions, Part 1: No modification required //
    Here are some very simple solutions that do not require internal 
    modifications. They are also very easy to do. Try these techniques 
    first, since they do not require anything messy. However, if you ARE the 
    technical savvy type, then by all means try the others.
    @@ Better Ventilate your PlayStation @@
    By flipping over your PlayStation, you can better ventilate it and make 
    it easier for your worn-system to read CDs. You should also do this so 
    that, even if it doesn't skip, your PlayStation probably won't skip for 
    a very long time, since you ventilate your PlayStation so well.
    @@ Unplug your PlayStation @@
    After playing with your PlayStation, always unplug it. Even though 
    you've shut off your PlayStation, having it plugged in still makes it 
    remain hot inside. Unplugging it after use will reduce heat inside 
    @@ Atlas Repair Kit @@
    My sources say that this kit is quote "BS." Apparently, it was stolen 
    from a high school student in Indonesia by someone in Michigan. I am not 
    sure if this information is true or not, but if anyone else knows 
    anything, or actually HAS a Atlas Repair Kit, please e-mail me.
    // Soultions, Part 2: Modification required //
    DISCLAIMER: These techniques WILL void your PlayStation warranty, if 
    any, and can potentially harm your PlayStation if not careful or 
    technically savvy. Therefore, DO NOT MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF. If you 
    really don't know what to do, send your PlayStation to Sony and they'll 
    fix it for about $70. This still applies even if your warranty is gone.
    I cannot be held liable for any damages caused, directly or indirectly, 
    by these techniques. These techniques can, but no limited to: a) 
    increased skipping, b) longer load times, or c) discs stop booting due 
    to ineffective modification of the F-Gain switch.
    @@ Modifying the F-Bias and F-Gain switches @@
    Ok! Enough of that legal information. This technique DEFINITELY 
    minimizes skipping, in conjunction with flipping your system upside 
    down. Before you continue:
    (1) Get a Phillips-head screwdriver
    (2) Get one of those extra-small flat-head screwdrivers
    Alright, first, unplug your system and wait for it to cool for 10-15 
    minutes. After that..
    (1) Flip your system over
    (2) Unscrew the five screws on the bottom of the PlayStation
    (3) Flip your system right-side up again
    (4) *GENTLY* life the casing on your PlayStation
    (5) Now, look at the part where you put the disc in. Now, make your eyes  
        go southwest until you see *very* small writing on the motherboard 
        that says "F-Bias" and "F-Gain." The arrow pointing should lead you
        to a certain screw.
    (6) By *slightly* adjusting it clockwise with your small flat-head, you 
        may produce better results. There are also three other similar 
        screws located on the motherboard. By all means, be *very* carefully
        when modifying the one that is closet to the F-Bias one. It can stop
        your CD from completely booting-up if you do change it too much (it
        happened to me).
    (7) When you're sastisfied and want to try it out, just re-assemble your
        PlayStation and try again. If not and it doesn't work, try again!
    @@ Getting a technical repair for the lenses @@
    Visit Omni31's page: http://i.am/omni31
    // Unconfirmed Information //
    * Are there any more modification techniques???!! I know of at least one 
    more technique seen on the web. Any help, people?
    * Anymore information regarding this FAQ would be really great!
    // Credits //
    <armorMODE@thekingoffighters.com.> .................. wrote FAQ
    <omni31@earthlink.com> .............. info on Atlas Repair Kit :)
    // Legal disclaimer //
    This FAQ is only for informal purposes only! For the record, I never 
    "intended" for you to do this. :)
    The only reason I wrote this FAQ, for the record, is to make this 
    information available to more people. However, that doesn't mean I 
    endorse piracy, endorse constant, no-brainer modifications on your 
    PlayStation, or anything like that.
    By using this FAQ, you are responsible, and only you are, responsible 
    for your actions.
    Sorry about this section .... lousy legal sections take up precious room 
    on my FAQ :) 

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