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PS1 Slim won't read discs?

  1. My old PS1 Slim won't read any discs I put in it. The disc just spins for a bit, then I get the red screen of death with the words "Please insert PlayStation format disc." It does this with both PS1 games and music discs. (The ones I used were Castlevania Symphony of the night and Crash Bandicoot 2, if that helps.)

    I tried cleaning the laser, cleaning the discs I used with windex (and putting them in my PS3 to make sure they weren't screwed up.), and just blasting the thing with heavy amounts of pressurized air. Nothing worked.

    Anyone know what's wrong?
    Zer0scope - 5 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. The spindle hub is used to hold the game disc firmly to the spindle assembly. If the spindle hub breaks, the game disc will slip as it spins and the laser will not be able to properly read the game disc. The spindle hub can be replaced, but exchanging the entire Optical Drive will be a much easier fix.
    Wwe3000 - 4 years ago - report
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