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FAQ by mcnulty

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/27/2004


for the Sony PlayStation aka PSone



This guide Copyright 2004 David McNulty.  Any thoughts or questions about
this guide? Contact me at mcnulty69@hotmail.com

Version 1.00 - All done
Last Updated Feb 27, 2004

Table of Contents

I.    Introduction
II.   Version History
III.  Hints and Weapon Guide
IV.   Track Guide
V.    Music Reviews
VI.   Cheats
VII.  Stuff and Credits

I.    Introduction

Hello and welcome to my first ever attempt at a walkthrough.  Be gentle. My 
names David McNulty and I hail from the UK. Wipeout was the first ever
game I purchased for the Playstation and it blew me away! Stunning graphics
and a genuine soundtrack that you wouldn't be embarassed getting caught
listening to. 

When I checked out the guides for Wipeout on the great, nay, ledgendary 
Gamesfaq website I was suprised to find only one walkthrough devoted to the
game.  So I've decided to chip in and create one myself.  For the record,
this guide will always be open to updates so feel free to e-mail.

As we all know, various sequels were created after this game and lo, a 
franchise was created.  Apart from Wipeout 2097, they never really took off.
It's difficult to capture the lightning in a bottle again and after Wipeout
Fusion, perhaps it's time to rest the name for a while.  At least until PS3.

II.    Version History

V0.33 (2/22/04): Guide started
V1.00 (2/27/04): Guide completed.

III.   Hints and Weapon Guide

NOTE: The Author assumes the reader has access to the manual that came with 
the game.  Therefore I am not going to repeat verbatim what you can simply 
read in the manual (unless there is a huge demand)

Handling Tips

* In many ways you aren't really racing the other pilots (no one would accuse 
Wipeout of having the best driver A.I. in the world) but the actual tracks.
Therefore it is crucial that you know every corner and twist.  The game is 
incredibly unforgiving and one touch of a wall reduces your speed to zero.

* When using the faster craft it is essential that you use the Air Brakes.
You'll be okay with the Feisar, but everything else requires this new 
skill.  Although there is an obvious reluctance to slow your craft down, 
the quickest way to win a race isn't keeping your pedal to the metal and
careful use of the Air Brakes is the only way to do it.

* It doesn't mention it in the manual, but you can raise and lower your 
ships nose.  This can give you a useful advantage as your speed increases
slightly if you go down a hill with your nose lowered, though do be 
careful as you start to slow when the track levels out.  I've found as 
well that when you've jumped and in the air, pulling back so your nose 
rises gives you more control in the air.  Again, be careful or you can 
miss the track and end up flying into the unknown.

* The starts can give you a real advantage.  If you keep your accelerator 
down the whole time, your ship will stall.  You need to feather it as 
you would an F1 car, about 2 thirds of the power bar and you get a 
boost.  it's a tricky skill to learn and just as you aren't assured
a win if you do it successfully, your race insn't over if you fluff it.

* Simple stuff but learn where the speed boosts are and the colour of
the weapons so you'll know if it's worth trying to run over it.

* Be careful not to fire a missile if the ship in front is midair going
over a jump.  What usually happens is that it stalls and you ram right 
into the back of it, then the pair of you plummet into the unknown.

* Listen out for the Weapons Announcer.  Since there's no rear view, 
it's impossible to tell how close your opponent is behind you.  If 
you hear 'missile' and you haven't ran over one, then it's a fair bet
the dude behind you has just picked up one.  Good time for a boost or 
change your lane, but it can be hard to dodge.

* Look out for when you crash into other ships.  Rather oddly, instead
of slowing down the pair of you speed up! This can be used to your 
advantage if you can pull it off.  8 times out of ten though it 
usually ends up with a crash into the wall.

* Remember on each track you get 3 lives.  If you're in the top 3 you 
go through automatically.  However, it's worth pausing the game and 
restarting if you're in 3rd or even 2nd place.  There will always be 
tracks you are stronger at than others.  It's important to win these 
as you can settle for 3rd on your weaker ones.  Of course, you may 
end up not qualifing if you've lost your 3rd life but that's the 
gamble and an excellent strategy side to the game that was lost in 
future incarnations.

Team guides

Although you can pick either of the 2 drivers in each team, they are 
exactly the same skill wise. It's just what you prefer visually.


The slowest ship of the 4 and easily the best starter ship.  It's slow
speed means you don't really need to use the Air Brakes.  Perfect for
Wipeout virgins. And Paul Jackson is the British Pilot!

AG Systems

Slightly quicker than the Feisar and you need to use the Air Brakes now.  I
find it slightly sensitive and it really requires a gentle touch.


Very similar to the AG systems, but the handling is better.  Probably the 
best all rounder once you have some experience under your belt.  Also Arial
Tetsuo is the twin sister Japanese babe of Arian who pilots the Quirex team!
I don't really think Arian targets you in a race, but sometimes she does 
seem harder to pass than others.


The Ferrari of Wipeout.  Air Brakes are a must and it handles like an oil
tanker.  Once you master it though it's the best ship of the 4 and you won't
go back.  As mentioned, Arian is the twin sister Japanese babe of Arial!

Weapon Guide

I'm not going to discuss the 2 player weapons since a) I've never played it
in 2 player mode and b) I doubt you have either.  Frankly, the chances of 
having 2 wipeouts, 2 psones, 2 tv's and a connecting cable were rare in 
1995 and even more so now in 2004.  

Also note that unlike the sequels, you can't discard a weapon you pick up.
This can be frustrating as sometimes you don't want a shield. Just remember
that if you activate a weapon on a straight you should be okay. NEVER do it
on a curve or in a tunnel - chances are you'll get distracted and fly into 
a wall.  Happened to all of us.


Not really a weapon but handy all the same.  Unsuprisingly, you are protected 
from weapons for a short amount of time.  You can still be slowed down though
and visually it's quite distracting.

Turbo Boost

Yet again a non-offensive weapon.  This can be very handy.  As you'd expect 
it gives you a speed boost over a short distance.  The tempation is to use
this straight after a crash.  Don't, as you'll likely just bang into a 
curve straight away.  Wait until you're on the straight and fire it up.
Oh, and unless you've very confident i'd advise against using it in a tunnel.


Handy if you're in the lead, this drops mines out the back of your ship.
I seem to remember reading that the game gives you more of these if you're
leading and shields if you're at the back, but I can't confirm this. Try 
and save these for when a ship is right on your tail as there's little point
laying them when you're out alone.

Shock Waves

A great weapon that looks like a fizzing rocket.  If you connect the ship 
will stall and stutter.  It can be hard to actually hit the enemy though
and sometimes I'd thought I'd caught a ship only for zilch to happen.  A
miss or a bug in the game? You decide.


The simplest weapon and second best in the game.  Their downside is that they
only fire in a straight line.  So, only use them on a long straight where 
theres time for them to catch the ship in front or if you're right on their 


And this is the number one best weapon in the game.  Same as the rockets, but
you get a diamond targeting lock-on system that means you can't miss.  It's
not infallible however and your missile isn't clever enough to turn a sharp 
corner, so use it when you're quite close.  I sometimes save these for near
the end of a race in case I mess up and need a get out of jail card (doesn't
always work out by the way).

IV.  Track Guide

======Track I: Altima VII=======

General Description

Set in the hills of Canada, this is easily one of the most beautiful tracks.
Stars in the night sky, rolling green hills and a large mountain.  It's 
not so nice in Rapier mode as the sky is replaced by a dull grey wintry 
morning.  Boo, I say!


As this is the first track of the game, it's quite simple.  Wide roads, not 
too many brutal corners and plenty of straights.  There's only 2 danger 
zones: 1) The large half loop that rises up into the sky.  Make sure you 
approach it on the right line, to the left (nice echo effect in there btw).
2) The entry to the tunnel is small, but doable.  The exit is a bitch 
though.  You either overshoot your turn, and crash or jerk to the left to 
quickly and crash.  Very tricky indeed.

======Track II: Karbonis V=======

General Description

More hills, and it looks like we're in a forest.  Except this time it's 
Japan.  Bright blue sky and some semi authentic Japanese buildings in the 
background.  It's in Rapier mode, with a sun just set behind the mountains 
and a dusky sky that the course really comes to life.  Statues are lit from 
below and it all becomes very atmospheric


The shortest course in the game and the twistiest.  There's not too many 
tricky parts really.  The tunnel is nice and wide and the gaps in the 
road shouldn't pose a problem at a decent speed.  Watch out for the first 
left after the tunnel.  The speed turbos can fly you right into a wall.
No, the main problem is Air Brakes.  It's very easy to over use them as 
you pilot your way through this snake like course.  You can find yourself
in 3rd place and never hit a wall simply through lack of speed.

======Track III: Terramax========

General Description

We're in Germany in what looks like a converted shipping yards.  Nice clear
sky and green grass, but lot's of water.  The course looks much better in
Rapier with the starry sky and lit up buildings.


The first really tricky course.  The entrance of the tunnel is a nightmare.
Speed boosts are located right as you turn in as well as inside.  The 
tunnel is wide enough to give you some room to work in.  The gap as you 
leave the tunnel is VERY wide.  If you don't get your speed up you can 
miss the road and crash into the water below.

======Track IV: Horodera=========

General Description

Mother Russia is our next port of call and it hasn't fared well.  Polluted
skys, old decaying buildings and a generally grubby feel to the course 
makes for a grimy experience.  Best of luck to any fans who attended the
race getting out alive.  Not really any change in Rapier mode but the sky
looks SLIGHTLY brighter.  Just.


A very long course this, and the first to feature a split! Yes, you can
decide whether to go left or right.  For me, the left is always the one.
It sets you up better for the next corner.  Watch out for overuse of 
Air Brakes, similar to course 2.  It's easy to overcompensate for the 
twists.  The main 2 danger zones are 1) Jumping the gap can be tricky.
Do NOT use a turbo boost or you'll overshoot it! 2) The entrance before
the 2nd Tunnel can easily catch you out due to the turbo boosts.  Watch 
out for it.

======Track V: Aridos IV=========

General Description
USA! USA! Western territory with loomimg sandstone cliffs and sandy deserts 
in the background.  Beautiful skys in Venom & Rapier modes.


More splits and the difficulty is upped again.  First, the splits.  Take 
left, then the right.  Don't take a left, then another left or right 
twice.  It messes up your line and you lose speed or crash.  The tunnel
is very long and windy, but it's wide so just avoid the speed boosts.
After the final split there's a REALLY sharp left turn so look out.
Also, this is the one track you need a boost at the start, otherwise 
you're playing catch up from the off.

======Track VI: SILVERSTREAM=====

General Description

You know, I swear this track is carved into an Iceberg, but it's Greenland
apparently.  Snow and ice, with sharp blue walls surrounding you and a 
clear sky above.  In Rapier you get to see the Northern Lights and see
various colours blend into one another.  Probably the most beautiful 
track.  Wrap up for this race.


Rock. Hard.  This is EASILY the hardest track in any incarnation of 
Wipeout and has made grown men cry.  Fact.  Christ, trying to give advice
for this one is almost redundant as you simply have to learn the track.
But i'll try.  I take the first left split.  It messes up your exit, but
is slightly quicker.  Watch out for the insanely sharp left turn followed
by an equally crazy right.  Take the right split as this sets you up for 
the following left split.  The tunnel is okay but the left and right 
turns next are torture.  Avoid the speed boosts!  That's almost the end
of the lap, but watch out for the double speed boost just as you're 
turning for the straight.  General advice?  Avoid Speed boosts like the
plague until you know the track.  And Air Brakes.  Air Brakes are nice.
Good luck Pilot.

======Track VII: FIRESTAR========

NOTE: This track is unavailable until you complete the game on Venom and 
Rapier class.  It is available through a cheat however.

General Description

So, a SECRET track and surely it must be the UK since we haven't featured
yet.  Surely...but no.  It is, in fact, Mars rather suprisingly.  Red dust
and red rocks with eternity reaching out into space above.  Dunno how you
get home after this race.  And if it's a secret how are the fans going to 
know about it? Questions, questions...  


This is a bit of an anti-climax after Silverstream.  It's not a bad track,
but it's quite tameable.  As always I prefer the left hand split.  By now,
you'll probably know the drill.  Avoid the boosts before the sharp turns 
(especially the one just before the end) and restrained use of Air Brakes.
There are also a helluva lot of weapon pick-ups so make use of them.

And if you've just beat this track on Championship mode, congratulations!
You've just beat Wipeout!  Now shave those laps on Time Trial.

V.    Music Reviews

Yes, it's that portion of the guide where I don my NME review hat and ponder 
over the tunes that accompany this great game:

CoLD SToRAGE: Cairodrome

A catchy opening tune that is upbeat and has a nice vocal sample running 
through it.  Good start - 8/10

CoLD SToRAGE: Cardinal Dancer

No, this isn't my cup of tea.  Very jungley sounding and sounds like a car 
alarm is going of in the background. Quite disappointing - 3/10
CoLD SToRAGE: Cold Comfort

Reminds me of early Prodigy which is always good.  A bit rough round the 
edges but it works for me - 7/10


Not sure of this one.  It's good and dark, but never really catches
fire. Feels like with a bit of fine tuning it could have taken 
off - 6/10

CoLD SToRAGE: Messij Received

Yeah, this is more like it.  The vocal samples are back and the chorus 
kicks ass.  Terrible name though - 9/10

CoLD SToRAGE: Operatique

A real change of pace this.  Sounds like poor techno but it picks up slightly
halfway through - 5/10

CoLD SToRAGE: Tentative

Nice build up on this tune.  Spooky sounding and a few strange samples make 
this one stand out, though it's not a fave - 6/10

CoLD SToRAGE: Trancevaal

Catchy, but it doesn't grab me.  Some nice vocal touches but a disappointing 
last tune from this band - 5/10

Leftfield: Afro-Ride

And now we have the 'big' names. Some people say this tune is too slowpaced 
for this game, but they're wrong.  Fantastic build-up and a real hook with 
the chorus.  As good as you'd expect - 10/10

Chemical Brothers: Chemical Beats

Quite a good tune, but I maybe expect a little more from the Bros.  It's 
enjoyable but sounds rather similar to Cold Storage actually - 7/10

Orbital: P.E.T.R.O.L. (WipEout mix)

A very dark tune with a slow burn until it reaches the 3rd minute. It's 
okay but a bit of a let down - 6/10

VI.    Cheats

If after all the above advice and tips you STILL can't beat the game (or if 
you simply can't be arsed) then you can of course cheat!  Though it should 
be noted that your satisfaction level will be seriously reduced.  Anyway, 
there's only 2 cheats in the game.

To access Rapier class:

Highlight "One Player".
Hold L2,R2,L,Start and Select. Then press X

To access Firestar (Track 7):
Highlight "One Player"
Hold L1,R1,Right,Start,Square and Circle. Then Press X

VII.    Stuff


To CJayC for hosting this guide and also for his ICO walkthrough which served 
as a basic template for this walkthrough.

Psygnosis for creating this game and Sony for giving it a platform to exist 

I don't know who originally released the cheats since they've been around for
9 years, but mine were from Official Playstation Magazine.

Anybody who took the time to read this or e-mailed me.  Much obliged.

Anna Ghislaine Williams Wipeout music guide which inspired me to review the 

PAYCO because he's the only other dude who wrote a guide for this game.

Contacting Me:

If you have any corrections or additions for this guide, drop me a line at 
mcnulty69@hotmail.com or check out my homepage at:
http://davey354.tripod.com/waystation.html (especially if you're into 
Buffy reviews)
Oh yeah, if anyone likes this guide and is good at making  ASCII art 
logos I would be much obliged.  My efforts were atrocious. I will of 
course give you credit.

Copyright Notice and The End:

This document is Copyright 2004 David McNulty. It may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal use.  This guide 
was written while listening to SCISSOR SISTERS, FRANZ FERDINAND and
Yes my friends, this is the end.  Thank you for reading and if I get 
any positive feedback I'll think about doing another one of these.
Stay Frosty.

End of Document

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