How do I get past level one?

  1. Where is the remote in the first level?

    User Info: Deo13

    Deo13 - 12 years ago


  1. You probably missed because it blends into the background. Just keep going along as normal looking for those pits filled with spikes that look like huge nails. Most of these pits will have a skull platform that will take you across. The 1st remote is just beyond the first pit to have 2 skull platforms moving across it.

    User Info: Tropicon

    Tropicon - 12 years ago 1   0
  2. After going across the spike pits the remote should be located on a stand next to a wall with spikes to the right and a collapsable wall below.

    User Info: most_games_r_ok

    most_games_r_ok - 12 years ago 1   0

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