Review by Bryan Fury

Reviewed: 05/01/02 | Updated: 05/01/02

Overlooked classic.

Tiny Tank is a fun game with plenty of action as well as humor. Though seemingly overlooked and ignored, it is a classic game that is highly recommended to all gamers, and will prove to be a very enjoyable title.

Story 10/10
Tiny Tank has an excellent story which involves a robot army created by the human race in the distant future to fight in their own wars, but due to unforeseen problems in planning, the robots have overthrown the humans, who now hide underneath the Earth. As Tiny Tank, the first robot created by mankind, you must stop the robot army led by the evil Mutank and halt his plans of eliminating the planet's oxygen. Several radio broadcasts overheard during the game help contribute to the story, which has a great sense of humor, and is very funny at times.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics do a great job of presenting the game, showcasing the war-ravaged remains of Earth, and never suffers from slowdown. There are many huge bosses in the game, and tons of different enemies you'll encounter.

Sound 10/10
The sound effects are very realistic, and help add to the atmosphere of the game. Sound effects such as the cannon of Tiny as well as an exploding vessel are captured in the game.

Music 9/10
The game has a large variety of songs, and has some excellent music, though some songs aren't very memorable.

Voices 10/10
I'm sure we've all had our share of bad voice actors in video games, but surprisingly, the voice acting in this game is not only better then horrible, it's great. The voice of Tiny Tank perfectly captures his rebellious and humorous attitude, while Mutank's sounds very civilized and yet can easily become psychotic.

Controls 8/10
The controls should not prove to be much of a problem at times and is pretty easy to use, while being complex enough with maneuvers like strafing to add strategy.

Challenge 6/10
Though fun, there do come times when the difficulty can prove rather difficult. The limited number of lives can make it rather difficult for gamers who aren't exactly pros, and some missions, particularly one that requires you to go glacier-hopping, can be a bit frustrating.

Gameplay 10/10
In Tiny Tank, you go through various missions, each with unique objectives. The game gives you a few lives, which you can increase as you play through the game, and due to the ability to save between missions, you aren't required to play this in one sitting. The missions themselves are very clever and action-packed, offering a large supply of various weapons you can gain, and lots of things to destroy.

Replay 7/10
Though there isn't anything to gain after you beat the game, you can try out new codes to use when playing through the game again, as well as ones that let you watch the game's hilarious cinema scenes.

Overall 10/10
In general, a very fun game, to be blunt. It's fast-paced, it's entertaining, it's a classic. If you own a playstation, go out and try it, you'll more then likely want to buy it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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