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FAQ by PKarsanow

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/27/03

                        "Play with the Teletubbies"
                         for the Sony Playstation
                            FAQ v1.00 5/28/03
                            by Peter Karsanow

What's new in this version:

New in v1.00 (28 May 2003)
   initial release for NTSC/UC version

0. Introduction
This is an FAQ for the Sony Playstation (PSX) young children's activity "Play 
with the Teletubbies", released in 2000 by the BBC, Knowledge Adventure, 
Ragdoll and Asylum Entertainment. The FAQ author is Peter Karsanow, 
This document Copyright (c) 2003 Peter Karsanow. Some contents of this FAQ 
heavily paraphrase the original manual.
The latest version of this file can be found on:
as the file teletubbies.txt

1. What's this FAQ about?
"Play with the Teletubbies" ("Play" from now on) is a release that's meant 
for young children, age 2 and up. If the kids like the show on TV, they'll 
like the games/activities in this release. For lack of a better word, I'll 
call this disc a game, although there are really very few game elements. A 
description of the sequence of play, and my review of the graphics and sound 
is further on.

2. Why does it need an FAQ?
Answer 1: Somebody requested one at GameFAQs, so here it is.
Answer 2: It's quite possible that one of the 2 reviews there was written 
without access to a manual while playing, so that many of the activities 
weren't obviously accessible. Given that this game could easily be "grown out 
of" and show up used, usually without a manual, a FAQ that recaps the 
important controls is a good substitute.

3. How do you play it?
First, set up the Playstation and the game disc for the little mons..., I 
mean darling angels. There will be a number of short logo movies for each of 
the companies involved as the game loads, so you can't walk away just yet. 
The first hurdle is a non-animated start screen, where you will just have to 
press the Start button.

Next, after a bit of introduction video, choose a Teletubbie. The button you 
need to press (Triangle, Circle, X, or Square) is shown above the Teletubbie's 
head. The choice affects which "favorite thing" the Teletubbie has [Po, the 
red one, has a scooter. Laa-Laa, the yellow one, has a ball. Dipsy, the green 
one, has a hat. Tinky-Winky, the purple one, has a purse.] and what they say 
as they walk around. You can change the chosen Teletubbie later using the 
Start button.

Once you have chosen a Teletubbie, the controls are:
direction control pad -
   /\ (up) moves the chosen Teletubbie towards the back of the screen
   \/ (down) moves chosen Teletubbie towards front of screen and eventually 
      into the "Superdome" where they live
   > (left) or < (right) moves chosen Teletubbie to that side
Start button - exit an activity, skip a video or other non-interactive 
   sequence, pause the game - usually brings up a menu on screen
Select button - no function unless game paused with Start button, will then 
   exit the activity or the game
Triangle, Circle, X, Square buttons - press any of these to start an 
   activity at a highlighted object, repeat an activity when the 
   Teletubbie says "Again! Again!", exit from (at the door) or avoid 
   entering the Superdome. The only time the exact button pressed makes a 
   difference is during the Control Panel activity or choosing a Teletubbie.
L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons: Only used during the Control Panel activity to 
   change certain lights and sounds.
If you have an analog controller, the left stick can be used just like 
   the directional buttons.

4. What activities are there?
While walking around outside, your Teletubbie can get close to other 
Teletubbies, rabbits, flowers and lots of different objects. Press one of the 
Triangle, Circle, X, or Square buttons to interact with them and possibly 
start an activity. You won't start an activity when your Teletubbie is alone, 
or next to another Teletubbie. But anything else that lights up will do so.

Outside Activities:
Special Tree - plays a hide-and-seek game
your Teletubbie's favorite thing - Teletubbie will interact with their 
   favorite thing
Blue Grass - start following objects related to the "windmill" videos around, 
   get a rhyme when you catch up
Special Plant - move to the drum and play it with the buttons to make things 
   appear; the drum moves after 4 hits
Special Cloud - 4 clouds can be moved to produce music
Toy Train - control train speed with directional buttons; press Triangle, 
   Circle, X, or Square buttons to get special effects. Leave it alone for a 
   while and the game will stop the train for you, or press Start.
Windmill - shows a random "tuning in" video, one of the 11 movies, and the 
   corresponding "again, again!" video.
Walk your Teletubbie too close to the front of the screen, and you'll end up 
in the Superdome, their house, where there are other activities as well.

Inside Activities:
Table - begin chasing Noo-Noo around; hold down Triangle, Circle, X, or 
   Square buttons to go faster
Toaster (big rectangular box next to wall) - after 4 pieces, Noo-Noo snorts 
   them all
Custard Machine (pink and blue counter next to wall) - press Triangle, Circle, 
   X, or Square buttons to move faster
Control Panel (central pillar) - press Triangle, Circle, X, Square, L1, L2, 
   R1, or R2 buttons to get different lights or sounds. Leave it alone for a 
   while and it will exit, or press Start. Match all the colors for a small 
Door - walks the Teletubbie back outside

5. How can I watch the game's movies again, again!
Get a copy of one of the utility programs that lets you convert the .STR files 
on the game disc into something you can watch or even convert into a more 
conventional (.AVI, .MOV, etc.) form. I know of several for the PC; I 
personally prefer PSMPLAY but it's your decision. The movies on the disc are 
in the FMV_NTSC folder. The 11 "windmill" movies that the tykes will want to 
see "again, again!" are all 320 by 240 in size, and 2 to 2-1/2 minutes long 
each. The logo movies from the start of the game, and all the other 
miscellaneous video sequences, are also in this folder.

6. How does this compare to watching the TV show?
The sounds and music appear to be taken directly from the show, as well as the 
"windmill" and "baby sun" video sequences. The only minus is the blockiness of 
the Teletubby and object models, but this is on the Playstation, and the kids 
won't complain. Consider it like an interactive episode of the show, but you 
may have to rescue your kid if they get stuck in something they don't want to 
do anymore. Usually, pressing the Start button will give you the options you 
need to fix the problem. Pick this up used (or relatively cheap at Costco if 
they still have it in stock) for toddlers only if they're familiar with the 

7. What if my question wasn't answered already?
Then send it to me using my email address below, and I'll answer you, and 
maybe revise the FAQ if necessary.

Author is Peter Karsanow (karsanow[AT)dellepro{DOT)com).
The latest version of this file can be found at:
This document Copyright (c) 2003 Peter Karsanow.

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