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Reviewed: 06/01/15

Tediouser and tediouser!

There are a few rules to keep in mind while playing a Rugrats game. The first is that it will either be average or terrible - no ifs, ands, or buts. The second is that even if it's average instead of terrible, you'll still feel like you're wasting precious time of your life playing it. The third is that you'll feel like you're spending more time playing the game than the developers did testing it. I thought about all these rules, and a few more, too, when I played Rugrats: Totally Angelica - or, as I nicknamed it, Rugrats: Totally Tedious.

The plot of the game is an excuse of one - Angelica's Cynthia fashion show playset broke due to her own error (she refuses to acknowledge it; she blames the mailman), so she comes up with her own fashion show, starring herself. Simple enough, right? Well, not quite. Since Angelica seems to have a strange psychological disorder combining narcissism with self-loathing, she conjures up an imagi- er, sorry, I meant "maginary" mall in which she has to impress harsh "celebrity" judges (in reality, the babies themselves) in order to win the mall's fashion show. If she gets enough points in the show, she'll move on to the next floor. Do that enough times, and you win.

Now, I know what you're thinking: eh, what's so bad about that? Surely, it can't be so awful. And, really, it isn't. It's not the greatest game in the history of the entire universe, but I've played much, much worse. This game has two major, fun-ruining problems: banal grinding and lousy mini games.

Yes, this is another one of those mini game games, and a rather laborious one. Now, most mini game games are mediocre at best, horrible at worst; but this is one of the crappier ones for a very simple reason: the scores are far too high for the relatively easy mini games. You see, to progress to the next level you need to rack up a certain amount of points in the show; to get high scores in the show you need as many clothing items as you can; to get all the clothing items you need to play the same three mini games, over and over and over again. Add in the fact that every floor of the mall has a game with slippery controls on it, and an otherwise enjoyable title becomes a chore to "play" very fast. This is perhaps the most repetitive console game I've ever played, and believe me, that's really saying something.

The game's not all doom and dreary - I try to find the good spots in every game I play, and, surprisingly, this one has a few. Angelica's outfits are pretty cute, and some of the mini games are OK. (Not great by any means, but not painful to the brain.)

All in all, R:TA is a bland little game with not much going for it. Hell, I bet if it weren't for the use of the Rugrats license, nobody would've bought this game at all. I'd do my usual end-of-review pros and cons, but this game is so unremarkable, I don't think it deserves it. To (deliberately) misquote Angelica: "You dumb programmers!"

Rating: 5

Product Release: Rugrats: Totally Angelica (US, 04/13/01)

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