• 99 lives and full Health

    Withe the game paused, hold in the following order L2, R1, L1, R2 and release in the order L1, L2, R2, R1. Then press and release Circle. Then hold in the following order Left, Circle, Square, Triangle and release in the order Left, Triangle, Square, Circle. Your lives should increase to 99 and health to full.

    Contributed By: UltraMega Weapon.

    54    31

  • 99 Lives and Full Health (PAL Version)

    Pause the game, then press and hold L2, R1, L1 and R2 in that order. Then release them in the order L1, L2, R2, R1. Then press and release triangle, then press and hold right, circle, square, x in that order, then release in the order right, x, square, circle. The game will unpause and you'll have 99 lives and full health.

    Contributed By: AllNightRocker.

    37    28

  • Hidden Rayman Animation

    View Hidden Rayman Animation (European Version):Hold R1+R2 at the PlayStation logo. The animation will play before the copyright screen appears.
    View Hidden Rayman Animation (Japanese Version):Hold R1+R2 at the "Presents" screen. The animation will play in place of the Rayman logo.
    View Hidden Rayman Animation (North American Version):Hold R1+R2 at the "Presents" screen, and then press start. The animation will play in place of the Rayman logo.

    Contributed By: freakunique and RibShark.

    7    20

  • Misc. Codes

    Picture in PictureWhile paused hold R2 and press Circle, Circle, Left, Circle, Circle
    Ten Continues (only works if you have three continues or less)At the game over screen press Start to continue. While Rayman is doing cartwheels press Up, Down, Right, Left

    Contributed By: Lagunathemoron.

    6    13


  • 99 Lives and End Game


    Bongo HillsB0D4?HL29X
    Eraser PlainsDW44?1!CN7
    Gong HeightsB04DG13L9K
    Moskito's NestL044Z9LNHM
    Mr Sax's HullabalooB0D4?R33HP
    Mr Stone's Peaks49DN?1!!WF
    Pink Plant WoodsL8W8Z9LW9M
    Swamp of ForgetfullnessL04JPHLW9M

    Contributed By: Carter12 and A_Trusty_Child.

    10    39

  • All Electoon passwords (PAL)

    These only work with the PAL version of the game.

    Band Land completeG6X4?XP!9Z
    Blue Mountains complete87XL?XP!WF
    Picture City completeJCTD?RF54F
    The Caves Of Skops complete (access to final level)S2?2D19!4Q
    The Dream Forest completeQ6MTZC6NHM

    Contributed By: JoshKall.

    12    12

  • Complete Passwords (PAL Version)

    Enter the following at the password screen:

    Band Land, Allegro Presto!GNSZ36N9X
    Blue Mountain, The Hard RocksZ?WOZ3QTFP
    Blue Mountain, Twilight GulchPJNJF!Q29P
    Candy ChateauFJSJ!C62OP
    Picture City, Pencil PentathalonZ8N8P36D6P
    Picture City, Space Mama's CraterZ8WOZ5QNOZ
    The Cave of Skops, Crystal PalaceVPN8P!646Z
    The Cave of Skops, Eat at Joe'sP1NO7!6NSZ
    The Cave of Skops, Mr Skops' StalactitesFGN83562SZ

    Contributed By: Skinnypetestreet.

    11    9

  • Misc. Passwords

    Enter the following at the password screen:

    99 LivesXNB9FM!Z2?
    Access to Skops?2MC9J!GTB
    Access to Space MamaT64H5M!?BB
    All abilities and levels.FJSJ!CS20P
    All but FinalSD3BKFOOMN
    End of game942KV3W9XD
    Finished CavesSM!KV7WSXD
    Finished ImageSX2!ZP58MD
    Finished MountainsJK!ZZC8MD
    Finished MusicJ5VLFP58VB
    Freed all Electoons and 99 lives492KV3W9XD
    Start at Mr. Skop's StalactitesNW?WD15!4Q
    15    18

  • NTSC Passwords

    After the Title Screen, select "Use Password", then "Enter Password". Next enter either of the following passwords.

    All cages, all abilities at last levelSD3BKFOOMN
    Band Land completedJ5VLFP58VB
    Blue Mountains completedJ5K!ZZC8MD
    Cave of Skops completedSM!KV7WSXD
    Picture City completedSX2!ZP58MD

    Contributed By: Toady_12.

    4    2

Easter Eggs

  • Rayman Sound Track

    To listen to all the music in Rayman, use a CD Player or the built-in player from your PS1 to listen to any music in the game.

    Contributed By: CW Boi 209.

    5    8


  • Deal Double Damage While Punching

    For reasons unknown, if you punch enemies while in mid-air, the punches are twice as strong as normal.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

    7    0

  • No Text at Pause Screen

    While paused, hold R1+R2 to make the text disappear.

    Contributed By: Carter12.

    7    2

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