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Guide and Walkthrough by TRasuli

Updated: 06/07/2001


a. introductiom
b. game's walkthrough
   disk 1&2
c. explaining the puzzles


Hello everyone. I finally managed to finish D2 and coz many of my friends start asking
me questions every now and then i wrote this walkthrough. I hope it would help anyone
who is stuck in the game. I am Iranian and my English is not good. Sometimes I didn't
know the right word for things you pick up during the game and I have mentioned them.
Please feel free to email me and tell me my mistakes. I know there are a lot of them
and I'll be very happy to correct them. If you have any suggestion or question you can
email me at:
This is my first walkthrough and I'll be happy to know my mistakes. If there's a part
that is not clear or is wrong please tell me.
Please inform me if you want to use this walkthrough anywhere and I garantee I will give


    Carfax house:
  Go one step forward. Turn right and go forward. Check the tree on your left and take the 
oil container. Continue your way to right till you reach a thick tree. Remove the branches
and take the first piece of stone. There are 4 of them to collect and are used to release
a lock system. Now turn back and go towards the door stairs. Go upstairs. Use the key which
you already have in your inventory on the door lock. Now go inside. Once inside, go up the
stairs and to the door on your left. Inside the first room turn right and go forward. Check
desk drawer and take compass, code key, red notebook and a candle. Return. Proceed to the
red chest behind you. Open the chest and take the telescope and candle holder. Return. Go
to the table behind you which has many drawres. Check the empty cases on the table and open
the first one. Take the coin, the music notes and matches. Return. Check the picture above 
table. Wait for Johnatan to explain something and turn the picture. Take the piece of paper.
Return. Go towards the other door of the room which is locked now. On the left side of the
door there is a table. Proceed to the table. Use candle holder on the table. In your inventory
use matches on candle. Now use candle on the candle holder. Take the small key hanging on 
the wall. Use this key to open locked door. In the second room, go to dead man and check his
body. Turn the mark and take the key. Suddenly a bat like monster breaks in and you will be
given a time limit. Quickly go to your inventory and use the bullets with your gun and take
the gun. Turn back and shoot the lock of the door behind you. Go into the next room. Go once
forward. Turn back and push the small table at the left side of the door. Turn back and go 
to the fireplace. Take the chair in front of fireplace and place it under the window on your
right. Check fireplace, take second piece of stone and the crowbar. Return. Go to the
chair and climb it. Break the window by your crowbar. Come down and go to the two mirrors
beside the door. Take the right one and put it on the floor in the middle of room. Now
you can remove the table blocking the door. Once the monster is destroyed take the other 
mirror with you. Go back to the first room. Place the mirror again on the floor in the 
middle of room. The other monster should be destroyed too. Go out. There should be another
one on your right and two standing on the frist floor. Quickly turn left and go forward as
far as you can. Now jump on the giant crystal lamp. After you're back on floor, go to other 
door in the hall. Break wood pieces with crowbar and enter the basement. Go forward
once and turn right. Go to the small crates. Move the crates once and check the floor. Take
chaincutter. Return. Move the crate again. Check the wall and take the third piece of stone.
Come all the way back into yard. Go into the pool. Check the wall behind you and take
the forth piece of stone. Go up and towards the panel beside the pool. Check the top of
panel. Use chaincutter with chain. Use oil with right joint of its door. Now open the door.
First use the piece of paper you got from the picture on the middle of the panel. Then use
oil on the paper. Now set the stones and the triangles according to the paper. When the lock
is released return, check the hanlde. Turn it. It should open the other door in the basement
Go to basement and enter the door.

  Inside the sewers, turn left and go forward as far as you can. Then climb the ladder and
go out of the sewers. You're now in front of Dr. Sewards sanaterium. Knock on the door. When
you're inside you see three doors. In front of you the left door goes to Seward's office and
right one goes to sewers. The door on your left goes to basement. Get into Seward's office
and talk about the dragon ring and Styx. Return. Go out of office. Now go to the door that
leads to sewers and use your key on its lock to open it.
  You're now in the main sewers. The tunnel on your right reaches a locked door for now and 
tunnel in front of you is blocked. So go in to the other tunnel. Go forward once. Look
at your right and take the rope. Continue you way till you reach a device with red lamp on
it. Turn right again and take a valve on the floor. Go forward and you will reach a ladder
which is on the other side. Use rope with valve. Take it and use it on the ladder. Go to
the other side and examine the tool box. Take wrench. Come all the way back to the device
with red lamp. In front of the device there is a fixed valve on a pipe on other wall. Examine.
Use wrench on it. Take the valve. Go to the ladder. In your way passing the ladder, stop
in the middle of ladder and look right. Use valve with the hole and wrench to fix it. Now
turn the valve. Go towards the tool box. Take ladder. Use it at right side of the edge. Go 
down. Take ladder. Go to the other side. Use ladder on the wall on your right. Go up. Use 
your gun on door above your head and exit the sewers.

  Here is the map of cemetery, later we will need to use it (when you come out of the sewers
you're facing the cemetery gate):

                    |X                                              |   
                    |                                               |   
                    |       _L_____________             __X_________|   
                    |      |               |           |            |   
                    |      |               |           |            |   
                    |      |               |           |            |   
                    |      |               |           |            |   
                    |      |               |           |            |   
                    |      |               |           |            |   
                    |      |_______________|           \T___________|   
                    |                                               |   
                    []                                              |   
           Cemetery []                            O                 |   
              Gate  []                                              |   
                    []                                              |   
                    |       ________________            ____________|   
                    |      |                |          |            |   
                    |      |                |          |            |   
                    |      |                |          |D           |   
                    |      |                |          |            |   
                    |C     |                |          |            |   
                    |      |                |          |            |   
                    |      |__X_____________|          |____________|   
                    |                                               |   
                    |                                               |   
                    |                                               |   
                   O = where you come out of sewers
                   T = mysterious tomb
                   D = door
                   X = three head statues (second time)                
                   L = ladder
                   C = Hopkins' letter (second time)
  First go to "L" mark on the map where the ladder is (Go forward then turn right). Check
the ladder and use your key on the lock then take ladder. Go to D mark on the map and use 
ladder on the door. Go up. Examine the bag. Take cross and stick. Climb down. A vampire
should appear. Use cross on him. Then turn right and go towards the stairs into the cemetery
and the grave which he fell in. Use stick with him then check his body. Take watch and notes.
Go up the ladder angain. Use compass. At north-west direction (NW) check and use watch. Then
use telescope. Come down and go to the mysterious tomb. Check the statue on the right. Push
it's eyes. Now try to go inside the tomb.

  Go in and to Seward's office. First go behind his desk. Check the left drawers. Take his 
stethoscope (thanx to J.A who told me the correct word). Return. Go towards the fireplace. 
Examine the picture. Put it aside. Examine each four dials one by one. When you check a dial
first use stethoscope on the flat surface at left and bottom side of screen, then change the
numbers. The right number is recognized by the special "clunk" sound it makes. Set the 4 digits
correctly following this method and you should be able to open the safe. First examine Hopkins'
file and take the key. Then examine the bag. Take bottle, the green notebook, picture and
the tube. Return. Take the dragon ring and return. Turn 180 degrees so that fireplace is behind
you. You should see three chairs. Check the left side on the ground of the left chair to get
Mina's ring. Now go out. Go to basement door. Go down the stairs. Go towards the desk. Check
the surface. Take the sweetmeat. Use matches with it in your inventory then use box of matches
on the table to get a fly. Return. Go towards the stairs leading to cells. The middle cell 
belongs to Hopkins. Go to the end of the cells row and enter the brown door. Use cross on
the vampire. Use the cross on his head again. Examine his body and take the key. Go to the
table in the middle of basement where you got the fly and check the drawer. Use the key on
drawer. Take syringe. Come back to the vampire. Use syringe on his arm. Turn around. Check
the desk in room and open it. First use the bottle on the container then the syringe. Now
use the bottle on the desk under the exit of the container. Click twice when the pointer
changes into "+" under the container. Wait till the temprature reaches 35 click "-" and
wait. Now take the bottle of potion and go out. Go to Hopkins' cell. Use key on the door lock. 
Inside room, use the bottle on your gun in the inventory. Now talk to Hopkins. Give him box
of matches with fly in it. Then talk to him. He will give you his glasses in exchange for 
the dragon ring. After that, go upstairs in Seward's office and answer the phone. Then come
back down and go to the room where you beat the vampire. He's not there but there is a trapdoor
on the ground. Go down.

  You're now again in the main sewer. This was one of the blocked ways you'd seen before.
Now take the other tunnel that was blocked. Go through till you reach somewhere with smoke
in air. Use glasses. Follow the footprints. Go forward and you'll reach a bridge with a
panel. Check it and pull the lever. The vampire should be back now. First use glasses on 
him then take you gun and shoot his heart. Go to the other way now till you reach a door 
with a panel beside. Check the panel. open it. Use your code-key on the slot. Remember the
number that is shown. Must be something like "2--134". Take the code-key again ang go to
your inventory. Use the key that is pulled out of its body on the red notebook. Take the
end of the key and put it on the mark that is like a circle with a cross under it (the shape
is drawn on the panel, beside the slot). Use glasses now. Write down the 6 numbers that are
in the holes of the key. Then match the two numbers you've got to get the pass code. Like:
        First Number:          2    -    -    1    3    4
        Second Number:         5    1    0    3    8    2 
  Now write down 4 digits of the second number with the order of the first number.
  1 = 3
  2 = 5
  3 = 8
  4 = 2
  So the code is "3582".
  Enter this code on the body of the code-key in your inventory. Put the key back into its
body and use it again on the slot. It opens the door. Take the code key again. Enter door.

    Dracula's hidout:
  Go towards the other door and exit. You're now inside Dracula's hidout. Go down the stairs
and to the camera. Check the camera and use the coin on the slot. After the organ has 
finished its music go to it. Check the organ and use the music notes on it. After that
you'll wake up in a bed. First check under the bed and take your gun and go out. Use glasses
with vampire then shoot its heart. Go forward two times and you see Dr. Seward. Turn left 
go forward then go upstair and check the panel. Open it and pull the level. Check the statue
on your right and take the sword. Use sword on the Dracula robot. Again use sword on the rope
Once you're up go forward take grapple and handle. Turn back. Go up the ladder. Check
the panel behind you. Use the handle with the slot and turn it. Go right and use the sword
on the ropes so that you can go up into the air shaft. Go forward and use the sword on the
fan. Go forward and turn left. Go to door with a key on it. Take the key and return. Go
straight to the other end of the shaft. Use the key and open the door. Use grapple on robot
Come down. Examine its chest. Take the U shape metal. Return. Check it's hand. Push the wrist
then turn the hand. Again push the wrist and take the key. Return. Go to the elevator. Check
the panel and insert the key. You're now back in the main hall. Go to Seward. Then go to the
organ and use glasses. Push the button. Exit.

    Carfax house:
  Go forward into the boat. After you got off, proceed to the door with panel. Check the panel
and do the same proccess as you did for the previous door to get the code. It must be "8462"
Then go to the door. Proceed to the other door. Before you exit this room turn around and 
take three boxes which have a piece of white cloth on them. Now exit through the door. In
the hall use three boxes at your left under the stairs. Check the boxes and take axe, hammer
and scissors. Go upstairs into the room. Take the candle from candle holder where at the 
begining of the game you have put. Destroy the other desk with hammer and take the remainings
go to next room and cut the curtain of window by scissors and take the curtain. Go back to 
basement and destroy the coffin with axe too and take the remainings. Go to three boxes and
use the curtain with top box, the desk remaining with right box and coffin remainings with
left one. Return. Now lit the candle with box of matches in your inventory and use it on
three boxes. Now Turn around and go straight. Check the hole in the wall. Take the key. Use
it on the door lock. Go out. Come down the stairs and turn the valve. Go into water. Go 
down the water and push the boxes. Turn the valve. There's a tunnel in the wall at your
right which is higher than other two tunnels. You can come up to the surface anytime to 
get air. Quickly go into that tunnel. Now turn left and go to the ladder. Go up.

  Go into basement and room which you beat vampire before. There's a locked double-door
here. Use the key on the lock and open the door. Examine the device. Read the paper. Now
set the U shape part in the top. Examine it. Click on "-" two times. Return. Now set the
syringe shape part. Examine that too. Set the number to 4. Return. place the other two parts
and examine them. Set the amper to 7. Return. Take the top part which is like a star and
use your U shape metal in it's place. Close the door. Take the handle and the device. Return
Go down into the sewers through the trap door. You see that rats have blocked your way. Go
to your inventory. Use the handle with the radio. Check the radio. Press the left button
where there is a switch with two buttons. Click on the rats once. Go and check the radio
in you inventory again. The left screen should be showing number 7. Set the right screen
number to 7 too and press the right buttom. Click on the rats and they should go. Continue
your way and go forward into the front tunnel where you followed the footprints first. Go
till you reach the bridge and the panel. Check the panel and use the key on the slot then
pull the other lever. Go to the other tunnel till you reach the end. Take wood pieces on 
the ground and use them on the ladder. Go to the other side and go up.

  You're now inside the cemetery once again. Try to go through the tomb door. You have to 
destroy the head statues first. All you have to do is like what you did to the rats. First
get to a head statue. Charge the radio. Set the left button and get the statue's wave. Set 
the outgoing wave on the number you get from the statue and press the right button. Use it 
on the head. The location of the three head statues is shown on the map of the cemetery. 
Remember to look for the statues up the walls. They're very small and finding them requires
preciseness. No use sign appears when you move the pointer on them. The only way to recognize
the statues is when you have the radio at hand (pointer shape has changed and radio is shown
at the right and bottom side of screen) and move the pointer on the statues, radio lamps 
turn on, they will only turn on when you move the pointer on the head statues. 
When you're done with the statues and destroyed them go to where is marked on the map "C". 
Check the wall. Open the secret hole and take Hopkins' note with 4 codes on it and the dragon 
ring (no matter if you don't get these items, they automatically will be added to you inventory
when you go to second disk). Now go to the tomb and enter it. Examine the lock and set the 
numbers like:
                               9         2
                               7         8
  and go inside the grave.


    Transilvania, Mine:
  Go forward and down the stairs. Go to the door and check its lock. Enter:
                               9         4                                        
                               6         2
  Go forward till you reach the end of the tunnel. Check the box on your right
on the ground and take the shovel and crowbar. Return. Go back and go downstairs. You
see some stone blocks in the middle of here. Go up the stones and take tools. Come down
and go towards the table. Check the drawer. Use tools on drawer. Take wire. Use tools
on the small lock in the back the drawer. Pull drawer again and take small key. Return.
Go to the boxes beside the table. Check the box. Use small key on lock and take dynamite.
Return. go to the other side of the room. Check the stone block on the ground. Use crowbar
it and pull the wire to get detonator. Return. Go back to where you have taken the shovel
and crowbar. Check the big statue's mouth. Use dynamite on it then use wire on dynamite.
Come back to the end of wire and use detonator on it. Push detonator and go forward 
two times. Look at you left on the ground. Take the diamond. Go forward till you reach
the dungeon. 

  Turn right. Check the statue face on the wall on your right. Put diamond on its other eye.
Go forward 10 times till you reach a place where the bars are broken. Get into prison.
Turn left and go forward. Check the skeleton on the ground. Remove it and use shovel
on ground. Take bone. Retune. Go forward once and again examine the skeleton on the
ground remove it and use shovel. Take the note and skull. Get out of prison thourgh
the way you came in. Go forward 4 times and turn into the tunnel on your left. Go to 
the right door. Check the drawer. Take medal. Return. Take bow gun and candle on the
table. Go up the table and take bows from shelf. Get out of the room. Turn 180 degrees
and check the ground in front of the door. The "use" sign would appear somewhere on the
ground. Now go to your inventory and use matches on candle, medal on bone. Then take
skull and use it on the ground. Then use bone with medal on it on skull. Now use candle
on ground behind the skull. Go forward till you reach the stairs that go down. First 
you have to take care of that monster above you head. Use the bows on your bow gun 
then use bottle on bow gun in your inventory and shoot the monster. Then go down the 
stairs. go forward till you reach a corpse. Examine the corpse head. Open the the mask 
and take Radoo (as they say in the game but i don't know the right spelling) stone.
Go forward.

  Go up. Go forward 3 times and turn right. Go forward two times till you reach wall. Check
the tombstone on your left and take the hand with cross. Turn 180 degree and go forward.
Check the candles on ground on your right. Use shovel and take the picture piece. Return
to where you came out from the grave at first. Check the digged grave and use the picture
piece on the picture. Return. Go towards the grave you came out from. Turn 180 degree so
that you see the tree beside the cemetery gate. Move the pointer around the tree in the
air and the "use" sign should appear now. Use glasses on it. Then use the hand with cross
on the light. Now go inside the chamber. Get out from the other side.

    Dracula's castle:
  Go forward three times. Enter the open door. Go downstairs. Go talk to old woman. In
your inventory check the piece of paper and turn it to see the other side. Now talk to
old woman about the paper. Then use Radoo stone on her. Now come back into the yard.
Go forward and up the stairs. Check the door handle. Use glasses on handle. Now use
the ring old woman gave you on the lock. Go inside. Go to the end of corridor and take
grapple. Come back out. Move the pointer on the other wall of the castel, the edge of the
second floor, till the "use" sign appears. In your inventory use grapple with bow gun.
Take bow gun and shoot the other edge of castle. Go forward on rope to other side. Go into
the room. Go forward once and look at you left on the wall between two libraries. Check
the wall and open the door. Press the shapes with following order:

                                           *       *
                                           *       1
                                           *       4

   Now take the cross shape key. Come out of the room through the door you entered.
Go forward on rope again. In the middle of your way above the red circle, jump down
on the ground. Go forward then examine the grave at your left. Use crowbar to open it.
Take the medallion. Turn 180 degree and move the pointer on the ground in the between
the graves till the "use" sign appears. Use glasses. In your inventory use medallion
on the cross shape key and use it on the ground. Turn back and go forward once. Now go 
towards the door. You should be again on the second floor. Enter the other door again. 
This time go straight to the desk at the far end of room. Open it. Take the chess peper.
Return. Turn 180 degree and go forward once. Examine lock on the door on your left. Use
glasses on the mouth of statue. Now use cross shaped key on the mouth. Enter door. 
Examine the desk. Use chess paper on the chessboard. Press the buttons with this order:
               F    B    H    E    A    C    G    D
Now take the chess paper again. Come out of room. Turn right. Go forward. Go down the
stairs. Walk on the chess tiles according to the following map:

               |     |     |     |  7  |     |     |     |     |
               |     |     |  6  |     |     |  3  |     |     |
               |     |     |     |  5  |  4  |     |  2  |     |
               |     |     |     |     |     |     |  1  |     |
        S  T  A  I  R  S  ---->

  First use telescope on the door you can see at the other side. Then use glasses then
use the ring that old woman gave you. Go forward. Again use glasses on door then use
cross shape key. Enter door. First push the button on you right. Then go forward and
pull level on the left wall. Come back and go towards the cable car. Pull level at your
right. Enter cable car. Pull the level and then push red button.

  Get out of cable car. Go in again. Take the ladder. Use it on the front wall. Go up.
Open the door above your head. Go out. Go up to the ceiling. Go forward and look above
you at right. Open the door and get out. This is the map of rooftops: 

                      |        S T A I R S  
                      |    H  |  
            / --------         ---------\   
           /                             \  
          /                               \
          |                               |
          |           ----------          | 
  |-------           |          |         |
  |     ___          |  GIANT   |         |
  |    | * |         |  STATUE  |         |
  |     ---          |          |         |
  |-------           |          |         |
          |           ----------          |
          |                S              |
          |                               /
           \                             / 
            \                           /  
             \--------          -------/
                      |        |
                      |   O    |
                      |        |
                     O = where you come out 

  First quickly go where is marked "H" on the map. There is a statue head on the
ground. Use your crowbar to move it. Go forward three times and enter the room at
your left. Take the bucket. Come back and go up the stairs. On you way on the stairs
there is a wooden column. Take it. Go to where is marked with "*" on map. There is 
a hole in roof. Use wooden column on the hole. Go to that side. Examine the cannon
wheel. Move it and take the cannon ball. Return. Go into the hole. Examine the stones
on the ground and take flag and wood pieces. Get out of the hole and take the wooden
column again with you. Go to where is marked with "S" on map and check the snow on
the ground. Use bucket with snow. Now come back to where you take the bucket. Check 
the cannon. First use the bucket full of snow with right slot, then the cannon ball
with middle slot and flag with left slot. Now return. In your inventory use matches
on wood pieces and then use fired wood pieces on cannon. Now come out and turn left.
Go forward. Use your wooden column on broken bridge. Turn 180 degree and go forward
two times. Take another wooden column on your right. Come back to the bridge and go
forward. Then use second wooden column on broken bridge. Go forward. Take the first
column on your back again and use it on the way in front and pass the bridge. First
go to left room and examine the corpse. Take the key and card key. Come out of room
and use the key on the other door. Enter.

    Final sanctuary:
  Go forward into the elevator. Check the panel. Push the button. Check the panel
again and use card key on the slot then press the upper button. Now quickly get
out of the elevator. When the elevator goes up a path is revealed. Go forward.
Use bows on your bow gun in inventory and arm the bow gun. Shoot the up rope of
the stairs you see in front of you. Go forward and turn right. Go down the
stairs into the door. Enter. First turn left and go forward and take skull
on the ground. Return. Stand before the stairs. Look down, you can choose which
stair you want to go next. Go down following this order: First stair, third, sixth
seventh, ninth, tenth (1,3,6,7,9,10). If you do it right a sound is made. Then
you can go forward. Turn left and go forward. Check the hand. Try to take the
handle. Use skull on hand. Use crowbar on skull. Examine the skull. Take first
handle. Return. Go out of room from where you came. Go up the stairs. This time
choose the stairs which go up. Go up and into the door. You enter a room full of
lava. Pull the chain on your left and go forward. Pull chains with this order
(Number 1 is the chain on your rightm above the sphere shape panel and number 2 is
the chain on its right and so on): 1-5-2-4-6-3
If you pull them correctly another path appears leading to the second handle. Take
it. Get out of the room through the door you entered. Go down stairs. There's one
more way to go. So go down the other stairs into the third room. There are some
creatures in this room reminding very much of the Alien movies. Go forward two
times. Open the egg. Check it. Try to take the handle. Now turn 180 and go forward
once. Turn left. Don't go forward, instead move the pointer around the holes of
these creaures, on one of them the "use" sign appears. Use glasses. Then use potion
on your bow gun and shoot the hole where light comes out. Behind you there is 
another one. Again use glasses. First shoot the moving shield then take your gun
and shoot the hole. Now check it. In your inventory use bottle on syringe and use
syringe on the creatue. Now go take the third handle. Come out the room through 
the door you entered. Go up stairs and check panel in the middle. Open its door
and use your three handles on the slots. Now return and check down the panel where
there are four drawers. You can open three of them. Open and take the stones.
Return. Go to the stairs which goes up. Enter lava room. Go the sphere
shape panel. Examine the metal tube under the shpere. Open it and use the three
stones you have. After you put three stones return, check the sphere, turn
it and see the slots. You have to go take your three handles and bring them here
and put them in these slots. After you put three handles in thier places, turn
the sphere again and push button at the far left or right of sphere. Now check 
the metal tube, open it and grab the final sanctuary handle. Go to the previous
room's panel and put your new handle in it's place. Now go to one the three doors
you like and get out of that room from the other side. Go inside the elevator.
Use marriage ring with Mina's hand and then Radoo stone with slot on the ground
in front of Dracula.


 I added this section for those who don't want to read the whole document and
are stucked in a puzzle. I have just explained how the puzzle must be solved
not the final answer, but if you want the final answers you can refer to the
game's walkthrough.

collect all four stones, oil and piece of paper from behind the picture frame.
First put the paper in the middle of panel and pour oil on it. The order of how
the stones should be placed will appear. That's all! You will set the stones and 
triangles as the paper says. But I think there must be a connection between the
places where you get stones and how they must be placed. Maybe each of triangles 
show a certain hieght. You collect the stones at different hieghts...one from under-
ground (bottom), inside the pool (less bottom), yard (less above) and fireplace
(above). You can link any of these height to one of triangle marks. Anyway...

 2. IN THE CEMETERY FOR FINDING DRACULA'S HIDEOUT: When you kill the vampire and
take his note, you go back up the ladder. According to his notes you have to face
NorthWest and at 6 o'clock to see Dracula go to his hideout. So first use compass
and face NW, then use watch and after that use telescope to see Dracula.

 3. THE SAFE IN DR.SEWARD'S OFFICE: You must have taken the stethoscope. Examine
each dial and use stethoscope on the flat surface on left and bottom side of the
dial gear. After that you must change the numbers. The correct number will be 
recognized by a "cluk" sound it makes. Set every four dial on the correct number,
now you can open the safe.

 4. PREPARING THE POTION IN SANATERIUM BASEMENT: According to the notes and the
recorded voices of Seward, you have to warm the solution 5 degrees more than 30.
It means you set the heat to 35 degrees and fix it. Wait till the potion is ready.

 5. CODE PANELS IN THE SEWERS: A very tricky and nice puzzle tough very simple. 
Write down the first number. It contains 4 digits. There's a sign on every panel.
When you use the key on red book, you have to match the signs too. Put the key end
on the right sign. Then use glasses. There are some holes in the key and through
these hole you can see some numbers. Write them down from left to right. Some holes
have two numbers in them. Choose the one which is closer the the end of hole. For
example if there are two numbers like this: _
 choose "2". When you have all six numbers put them together and now match the
first 4 digits with this new six digits. For example if they are:
 First number:           4   -   3   -   1   2
 Second number:          6   3   4   2   8   6
 Match them one by one. Cross the digits from second number that concern to "-" 
first. Here you cross "3" and "2". Then write the digit from second number which 
goes with "1" from the first number. It is "8". Then write the number wich goes
with "2" then "3" and at last with "4". In this example the final code becomes 
like:     8   6   4   6
 6. DR.SEWARD'S INVENTION: First examine the hidden chamber under the desk which
Dr. Seward's invention is. After you print the picture you see how the three
meters must be. But for installing the device there's order. First you set the 
U shape part in the top, the syringe shape part next, the other two parts at 
the bottom and set the meter numbers and positions like the ones in the picture.
at last you have to take the star shape thing from the top and put your fork shaped
metal in its place. Now you can close the door and take the radio with you.

 7. CEMETERY, ENTRANCE OF DRACULA'S HIDEOUT: The code is written in Hopkins' message.
If you want to know where it is, refer to the cemetery map.

 8. TRANSILVANIA, MINES, DOOR WHICH REQUIRES CODE: Examine the panel. It's a face
with an opened mouth. Under it's mouth there is a shape of a circle half white and
half black. Remember this sign. Examin your red notebook, use glasses and go to
the page with a picture of that face with opened mouth. There are some other black
and white circles around the picture all having a letter from A to G. Find the one
which you saw on the panel, see what letter it is named with, find the letter in
the left page's codes, write down the four digits that come after that letter in
the lines. Enter the numbers in the panel clock-wise starting from upper left one:
                              1       2
                              4       3

 9. THE LIBRARY PUZZLE AT DRACULA'S CASTLE: There is a desk in the same room that
has a secret place. You can open it with your bar. A paper comes out. When you
examine it you'll see the 8 shapes from the panel are drawn here. You have a 
paper in you inventory which has two hole in it. Take and use it on this map. Place
it everywhere. At some places one hole shows a number and the other shows a 
part of a shape, write down the shape and its number. You have to turn the paper
too. You will find four shapes with numbers only. Go to the panel and press the
shapes with order of their numbers. Number 1 first, then second then...

 10. CHESS BOARD PUZZLE: Place your chess paper under the board. There are 8
chess-men on the board. You must place all of them at the right place according
to your red notebook chess map. For example in book if in the first row king is
in the A position, you press the A button on the chessboard first. If in the
second row queen is on F position, you press F button second and so on...

 11. CHESS FLOOR: Walk on the chess floor according to the holes that are made
in your chess paper after you solve the chess board puzzle. 

 12. FINAL SENCTUARY, STAIRS ROOM: Please pay attention that you can go down
the stairs one by one, and also you can choose what stair you'll be going next.
Only you can pass the arc after you have walked on the correct stairs. There
are 10 stairs each with a certain sign. Go check the green notebook in your
inventory. In one of the pages you would see a picture with 6 signs around
it like a circle. Try to memorize these 6 signs and find them among the 10
sings of stairs. You have to walk on the stairs which have these 6 signs. 
I don't think there is any order, you just have to step on all of 6 stairs.
Do not step on any other stair, if you did so go back upstairs and start again.
When you step on these 6 stair a "cluk" sound is made that confirms you have done

 13. CHAIN PUZZLE: It's no puzzle. Just try to find the correct order of chains.
If you pull a correct chain one of the lava falls will stop and of you pull a 
wrong chain you have to start over again and all lava falls will be active again.

  Written by TAHA RASULI
     25th of May, 2001  
   Updated 7th of June 

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