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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/28/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      ###::'###: ##.....:: ##.... ##:::'## ##::: ##::::::::::'##.... ##: ##.....::
      ####'####: ##::::::: ##:::: ##::'##:. ##:: ##:::::::::: ##:::: ##: ##:::::::
      ## ### ##: ######::: ##:::: ##:'##:::. ##: ##:::::::::: ##:::: ##: ######:::
      ##. #: ##: ##...:::: ##:::: ##: #########: ##:::::::::: ##:::: ##: ##...::::
      ##:.:: ##: ##::::::: ##:::: ##: ##.... ##: ##:::::::::: ##:::: ##: ##:::::::
      ##:::: ##: ########: ########:: ##:::: ##: ########::::. #######:: ##:::::::
                 '##::::'##::'#######::'##::: ##::'#######::'########::
                  ##:::: ##:'##.... ##: ###:: ##:'##.... ##: ##.... ##:
                  ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ####: ##: ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##:
                  #########: ##:::: ##: ## ## ##: ##:::: ##: ########::
                  ##.... ##: ##:::: ##: ##. ####: ##:::: ##: ##.. ##:::
                  ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ##:. ###: ##:::: ##: ##::. ##::
                  ##:::: ##:. #######:: ##::. ##:. #######:: ##:::. ##:
             _    _           _                                          _
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                        SURRENDER? COLLABORATE??...OR RESIST?
    PS 2000
    Version:        1.0     released on the 28th of March 2009
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    |       Options                                                  |   G0210   |
    |       Evaluation                                               |   G0220   |
    |       Weapons                                                  |   G0230   |
    |       Characters                                               |   G0240   |
    |       Vehicles                                                 |   G0250   |
    |       Hints                                                    |   G0260   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    |       Mission One: Occupied!                                   |   G0310   |
    |        Midnight Rendez-Vous                                    |   G0311   |
    |        Amongst the Dead                                        |   G0312   |
    |        Without a Trace                                         |   G0313   |
    |        Tread Carefully                                         |   G0314   |
    |       Mission Two: Hunting the Desert Fox                      |   G0320   |
    |        Casablanca                                              |   G0321   |
    |        Lighting the Torch                                      |   G0322   |
    |        Burning Sands                                           |   G0323   |
    |        Ally in the Desert                                      |   G0324   |
    |       Mission Three: Undercover in Crete                       |   G0330   |
    |        Getting the Story                                       |   G0331   |
    |        What Lies at Knossos                                    |   G0332   |
    |        Labyrinth                                               |   G0333   |
    |       Mission Four: Wewelsburg: Dark Camelot                   |   G0340   |
    |        Ascent to the Castle                                    |   G0341   |
    |        Dark Valhalla                                           |   G0342   |
    |        A Vicious Cycle                                         |   G0343   |
    |       Mission Five: Last Rites at Mount Cassino                |   G0350   |
    |        Roundabout                                              |   G0351   |
    |        Prisoners of War                                        |   G0352   |
    |        Mayhem in the Monestary                                 |   G0353   |
    |       Mission Six: A Mittelwerk Saboteur                       |   G0360   |
    |        Plans for Destruction                                   |   G0361   |
    |        Sabotage!                                               |   G0362   |
    |        Sidecar Shootout                                        |   G0363   |
    |       Mission Seven: Liberation!                               |   G0370   |
    |        Final Uprising                                          |   G0371   |
    |        Street by Street                                        |   G0372   |
    |        Operation Marketplace                                   |   G0373   |
    |        The End of the Line                                     |   G0374   |
    |       From the files of the OSRD                               |   G0380   |
    |        Where Beagles Dare                                      |   G0381   |
    |        Rotten to the Corps                                     |   G0382   |
    |        I, PANZERKNACKER!                                       |   G0383   |
    | 04.) Secrets & Cheats                                          |   G0400   |
    | 05.) Multiplayer                                               |   G0500   |
    | XX.) FAQ                                                       |   GXX00   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'Medal of Honor: Underground' for the PlayStation, developed by
    Dreamworks Interactive and published by Electronic Arts in 2000.
    "Germans invaded your country. Your leaders surrendered, and some are now
     collaborating with the enemy. Join the resistance and battle the Reich from
     Paris to North Africa. The fight against tyranny is in your hands."
    Although MoHU is a sequel to the original Medal of Honor game, it does not
    directly continue the story of the first game. It is also not exactly a prequel
    either as called in some sources, as it starts earlier than the previous game
    but moves through WWII on its own pace, eventually ending up later than were
    MoH stopped in the last mission. In other words, this is a totally unrelated
    story than you have played before.
    Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    Read the manual first, and only then you should rely on this information for
    expanded descriptions.
    OPTIONS                                                              G0210
    This includes all the features you can access from the base sans the
    multiplayer feature which has its own section.
    This option only works for starting a new game. There are three levels of
    difficulty. They do not affect the number of enemies but the amount of damage
    they can take and dish out as well as the ammo and health drops (as far as I
    know). The aiming is also slightly harder with each step up.
    EASY: Start each level with full health. It will fill up from the last one no
    matter how much/little you completed it. Enemies are easier.
    MEDIUM: Start each level with at least 50% health. If you have less than that
    at the end of the last level then you will get a small boost. If you have more
    than 50% it carries over.
    HARD: Health carries over from level to level. You do not get any boost from
    the previous mission, thus you should aim to finish it in a good health status.
    Config:   The controls can be changed, here is the default:
    X:     Shoot, Throw (hold for throwing farther)
    []:    Reload, Action Button
    O:     Change Weapon
    /_\:   Jump
    L1:    Strafe Left
    R1:    Strafe Right
    L2:    Crawl, Duck
    R2:    Aim
    Start: Pause/Unpause, Mission Objectives, Quit
    Fast Aim: Makes the analog sticks faster to aim with, but for some this might
              be too fast and harder to control.
    Zoom Aim: When aiming your weapon, the game will zoom slightly allowing for a
              better view.
    Invert Y-Axis: Invert the analog stick's movement.
    Cross Hairs: A crosshair for aiming even when not using the button to aim. It
    	  helps to show where your gun is currently pointing at, often useful
    	  when you do not have time to aim.
    Vibration: Select to have this on or off.
    Various changes depending on your TV hardware or preferences.
    Sound Effects, Background volumes, Stereo/Mono, or turn the music off
    Mission Log
    This lets you see your completed missions, and replay them as well. It can be
    used to raise your evaluation to reach an excellent status.
    Personal Records
    This is an overall evaluation of your performance, including all the levels.
    It is not used for unlocking anything and just keeps track of your stats.
    These are rewards you achieve by playing the game and scoring an excellent
    evaluation. For more info, see the secrets section.
    New Game
    This restarts the game from the beginning, without any records.
    Load Game
    Load a saved game to continue.
    Save Game
    Save your current game.
    Shows a credit roll of the staff who worked on this game.
    For any mission you have completed, you will automatically unlock this video.
    These are the videos you also see at the start and end of a mission.
    Making Of
    When you complete a mission you can view pictures of the levels including the
    enemies and a 3D map.
    EVALUATION                                                           G0220
    At the end of each level you receive the evaluation of the your performance in
    the following areas.
    Total Enemies Neutralized
    This often miscalculates while you are in a mission. I have found that often
    you kill somebody and it simply stays the same number as before. I assume this
    is a bug in the game.
    Overall Rating
    Average.......Complete Level
    Good..........Kill >95% of Enemies
    Excellent.....Kill >95% of Enemies & Finish with >75% Health
    Receiving an Excellent rating on a level will unlock a multiplayer extra, and
    receiving it on all but one level in a mission rewards you with a memorabilia
    as well as unlocks a new mode.
    This is simply a calculation of how often you shoot and how many of those
    shots have hit the target. Hitting a barrel or otherwise explosive object does
    not count as a hit. Using the shotgun will screw up this statistic as it will
    count five shots for each one you take, as the ammo works like that.
    Gunnery Evaluation
    These are just some names I have received when playing, there may be some
    more I have yet to encounter or they are in the wrong category as listed
    Head:      Head Waiter, Decongester, Mad Hatter
    Arms:      A-wrist-ocrat, Kablooey Armstrong, Disarmer, Armpitter
    Torso:     Abdomonizer, Jacques o' Lantern, Napoleon Blownaparte
    Legs:      Sir Limps-A-Lot
    Groin:     Palm Frites
    WEAPONS                                                              G0230
    Walther P38
    Clip:       8
    Max Ammo:  50
    The starting weapon in the game and rather poor to get real damage done, but
    still good enough against the earlier enemies and headshots still only take
    one shot.
    HiStandard Silenced Pistol
    Clip:       8
    Max Ammo:  50
    Using the silencer will prevent this gun from alerting nearby enemies. It is
    otherwise nearly identical to the Walther P38.
    Colt .45 (Multiplayer-Only)
    Clip:       8
    Max Ammo:  50
    This multiplayer-only pistol is fast to fire and fast to reload too. Its only
    downside is that is just a pistol.
    Sten SMG
    Clip:      32
    Max Ammo: 300
    The first machine gun you will use, and it is rather average but does the
    trick. Accuracy is low and the clip is large enough to take out enemies in
    groups, which is all right unless the hide and you need good shots that hit
    the target.
    StG 44 (Sturmgewehr 44 Assault Rifle)
    Clip:       32
    Max Ammo:  300
    This is a historic weapon you need to find dropped from the Germans before
    having access. Its accuracy is much better than the SMG and faster too, with
    the same ammo clip.
    MP40 SMG
    Clip:      32
    Max Ammo: 300
    The fastest machine gun off the regular three, and its accuracy is also the
    highest. If an enemy is hiding around corners you can almost snipe them with
    BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle)
    Clip:      20
    Max Ammo: 300
    Only available in one mission, and then you really need this uber-powerful
    fun. It dispenses bullets at a rapid pace and will kill anything you hit, but
    the small clip makes it a big risk if you fail at that. Reloading is rather
    slow but your choices for not using are not very good at that point.
    M1 Gardand
    This is a multi-player only weapon.
    Petrol Bomb
    Clip:       1
    Max Ammo:   9
    A petrol bomb (aka molotov cocktail) is risky to use as its explosion causes a
    wide range of fire. They are awkward to use; aiming is a little tricky, and
    their damage against vehicles is questionable. The upside is that they kill
    anything you hit, including yourself. I have seen these being thrown back at
    you if you get it right at the enemy from close range, but it happens rarely.
    Stielhandgranate (Stickhandgrenade AKA Potato Masher)
    Clip:       1
    Max Ammo:   9
    Much better than the petrol bomb, this grenade is thrown with good accuracy
    and will explode after a short time unless you hit the target directly. The
    AI is clever enough to kick it away, throw it back, or sometimes cover it with
    their body to avoid damage to others. One trick is to throw a grenade and cause
    some confusion among the enemies thus to have an easier time to kill them with
    another weapon or even another grenade.
    Clip:      1 
    Max Ammo:  4
    This is the biggest amount of damage you can cause. Just make sure you hit the
    target properly, as it is easy to fire against an object by mistake. The blast
    radius is huge to take out a large group of enemies. The downside is that you
    are slower when holding (somehow not when you are keeping it in your backpack
    or belt), and the reloading is the slowest in the game unless you use the
    reload trick. Ideal weapon against tanks and some large groups of enemies.
    Clip:      1 
    Max Ammo:  4
    This multi-player only pretty much is the same as the Panzerfaust.
    Gewehr 43 Sniper Rifle
    Clip:       5
    Max Ammo: 100
    This would be great weapon, and in the PC game you almost get away with only
    using this gun, but in the limited Playstation sight range you hardly ever have
    an enemy in your sight from far away without them noticing you. I have found
    only a handful of enemies that are simply placed to be killed by this gun, and
    if you try to use it against others they will be running around too fast for
    you follow with the scope. The upside is that it kills with one shot even when
    you fail to hit the head (sometimes you will need a second shot) and for a
    sniper rifle its reloading time is quite good. Still, disappointing.
    Clip:       8
    Max Ammo:  40
    The shotgun is superb for close range battles. It will kill enemies no matter
    where you hit them, providing enough bullets hit it. It fires several bullets
    at once which all count as a hit, thus you can actually cause a huge amount of
    headshots per level. If the enemy is slightly further away then it is still
    quite useful, but alternative weapons may better suitable. The shotgun is
    useless for long-range attacks. The small clip is compensated with the really
    fast reloading time, but the max ammo count makes this gun fast to be dry.
    'Big Joe' Crossbow
    Clip:       1
    Max Ammo:  20
    This is an experimental weapon which was apparently designed by the OSS for
    assassinations. One shot is enough to kill any enemy, including those pesky
    knights. The huge downside is that the reloading time is a killer when not
    using the reload trick, and if you miss then you are in for some damage. The
    second downside is that ammo is nearly impossible to find. The few levels you
    get to use this gun only has one stash of extra ammo as far as I know. This
    weapon is purely for fun or if you want to save on ammo, or if you really ran
    out of ammo for everything else and do not want to rely on swinging your
    weapons instead.
    This is your disguise, it is not a weapon, but can be indirectly used as one if
    you read the hints section.
    CHARACTERS                                                           G0240
    (note that this section contains spoilers!)
    Manon Baptiste
    Manon is a resistance fighter and the heroine of this game. You will play her
    in seven out of eight missions. She was also in the first game as a
    non-playable character and her story is described within the game thus I do
    not want to get into it much more.
    Jacques Baptiste
    Manon's brother and originally in the resistance before Manon joins. You have
    to meet him in the first mission and he is mentioned again a few more times.
    French Resistance:
    These allies are a couple of mission and will help you fight the Germans to
    liberate Paris. They are weak fighters and usually die quickly, but they make
    for good meat shields and distractions. There are also enough of these guys to
    make you not worry if they die.
    Jimmy Patterson
    He is the hero of the first game and you get to play him in the epilogue
    (eighth mission) as well. He is also the pilot in one of Manon's mission but
    you do not get to see or interact with him.
    Panzerknacker (Red)
    As you build this robot from parts you have collected, he will fight on your
    side. He is a very strong and durable fighter who will help you fight the evil
    Panzerknackers in the final mission. If you are careful to keep him alive you
    may just keep him to bring back to the OSS, but the game does not care if he
    dies or escapes along with you.
    Other agents
    There are a few more agents in the game, such as Sonntag, some who will turn
    out to be less useful than the rest, and the game does not generally treat them
    as essential to keep alive and in Sonntag's case he is not killable.
    These soldiers range from common riflemen to machine gunners and Panzerfaust-
    yielders. It would be tricky to distinguish them all, but in the walkthrough I
    often use terms like rangers if they wear green and are armed with a rifle.
    The milice are local militia in France who collaborate with the Nazis even
    during the days of the uprising. They are not much different to Germans but in
    You can notice these from their uniform, but otherwise they act almost the
    same as normal soldiers. What makes them different is that they are often only
    armed with a pistol, but are not fooled by any fake papers.
    SS Police
    These are tough version of the soldiers found in the catacombs. They are armed
    with machine guns and seem like the toughest you will have to face early in the
    game but are only a preview of things to come.
    By agents I mean the local militia the Axis has as support in Casablanca. They
    wear with, a red fez and pack a pistol, which means they are easy to kill.
    Usually they try to run back for help though alerting Germans in the area.
    SS Knight
    There are two kinds of knights. The lesser strong one yields a sword and the
    more powerful yields an axe. They are wearing armor like a real knight from
    the crusades, something the Nazis apparently really did try to bring back for
    their crazy elite society. The armor means that they can not be harmed when you
    shoot anything but their head, and killing an axe knight is pretty tough.
    These dogs appear like normal dogs gone mad at first, but when you see them
    dancing then you should know something is up. When they start acting like
    humans by standing on both legs armed with machine guns or even a Panzerfaust
    I would be worried about what the hell went on in that castle. They even
    learnt how to drive a tank!
    These Frankenstein's monster-like opponents are the elite guards of the castle.
    You only have to deal with them in one mission and you should be greatful for
    that. They not only pack a heavy machine gun but also fire extremely fast,
    are always ready for you, and step around the corners with lightning pace. They
    also often come in at least pairs or have an axe-yielding SS Knight surrounding
    them, which either distracts you or shields them from damage while they seem
    to be able to fire through the knight. Finally, when the undead is really
    dead it will explode a second later!
    Panzerknacker (Green & Blue)
    These are evil Panzerknackers found in the final mission. They are robots out
    to kill you, but otherwise they act almost like normal soldiers.
    VEHICLES                                                             G0250
    These are armored trucks with mounted machine guns. The gunner can be killed
    with some explosives and then you only need to worry about the on the side.
    If you stay at its blindspot you can destroy it without taking any damage as it
    is rather slow, but not as slow as tanks.
    This is a motorcycle with a seat on the in case you have not seen in it in
    movies or other places. The seat has a mounted machine gun which can only
    aim forward in roughly 45 degree angles. Shooting the driver will make the
    other guy jump out, then the sidecar will roll forward and eventually
    explode. The sidecar can also drive you over. If you get enough damage done to
    the motorcycle it will explode instantly before anyone has the chance to
    As opposed to the first game, tanks can move in this game. They are tough to
    beat as they have a deadly cannon and a rapid-fire machine gun at both sides.
    The only upside is that you are more maneuverable and its cannon is really
    slow. If you find its blindspot you can throw plenty of ammo against it, and
    a few Panzerfaust shells are enough to destroy it.
    These fighters only appear in one level and drop some bombs on the streets that
    kill anything in a wide range. It also lets rip its machine gun onto the roads
    as you have seen in movies, and it will kill you instantly if you happen to
    take a stroll around there.
    HINTS                                                                G0260
    Fast Reloading:
     Reloading is rather fast for most guns in the game, but there is an even
     faster way.
     This works better if you have few weapons, best is 2. Quickly press the change
     weapon button and your clip will be full again. Some guns, like the pistol, is
     already fast in reloading the normal way. It really helps when having to
     reload a Panzerfaust though, or the crossbow, and knowing how often you have
     to press the change weapon button is also good.
     Downside of this trick? When you reload, the crosshair aim will not default to
     the middle, but changing weapons does. It is therefore a little less useful.
    Head Waiter:
     Nobody will withstand a headshot, that is the beauty of the game. No
     Ubermensch on the German side. Therefore, always aim for the enemies heads. It
     they were headgear, you can still get them if you aim a bit lower, but the
     shot against the helmet will most likely take it off and then you can take
     care of him with the second while they are stunned.
     Aiming for headshots is the best way to go, but if you get another part of
     their body then that is good too, as they will most likely be stunned, holding
     their foot, or whatnot. Often if you shoot them again with a light weapon
     such as a pistol they will regain control quickly if you make a lousy hit.
     For example, you shoot a guard in his shoulder and he will hold it. If you
     shoot him again in the torso then he may just be ready to shoot again. Use
     the stun effect to make a decent shot next.
     Many missions have you pose as a photographer. This means you have a camera
     as weapon and most enemies will believe you are one of their own. Nonetheless
     do you want to kill them, and switching your gun always arouses suspicion.
     Your best way to deal with this is to aim with your camera as if you were
     taking a picture, you even have a nice crosshair to aim with, then while the
     enemy poses, press the switch-weapon button and you will be aiming your shot
     at their head within a millisecond.
    No-Aim Kills:
     Aiming can be slow, thus if the enemy is in plain sight in front of you then
     you are faster just spraying your machine gun and get the kill faster that
     way. Once the enemy is stunned you can still use the chance to aim for a sure
     kill instead.
    Healing Wisely:
     Use the health around the level wisely. If you see a first aid kits and you
     only have little damage, do not waste it. It heals 25%. Canteens are plenty in
     supply and are often dropped from enemies. Keep the first aid kits when you
     took some moderate damage and usually you want to leave the field surgeon
     packs for emergencies. I think it is common sense to leave a 25% healing item
     if you are only slightly damaged, but I thought I should mention this
    Mounted Machine Gunning:
     The spread of the machine gun is often enough to kill almost anything around
     the area; however, keeping a steady line will ensure that the enemy trying to
     get through its path is ensured to be dead by trying. This is very important
     to remember when you are playing the sidecar mission.
    Strafe & Peak:
     The strafe buttons are extremely useful, they keep you alive in the later
     levels. Without you are going to have a really hard time as standing around
     in plain sight will get you killed quickly. Strafing is also the only way to
     ensure you are sidestepping a Panzerfaust or tank shell.
     Peaking around the corner keeps you hidden for the most part and still lets
     you shoot around the corner. You may not be as flexible as the enemies can
     wrap their arms around boxes and walls, but by keeping the aim button down
     and strafing left or right you only slightly in danger.
     Using the sneak toggle makes Manon quiet but slow, yet it is one of the best
     ways to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies. The downside is that often enemies
     spawn at places only because you triggered it, and are thus going to attack
     you nonetheless. Crawling also makes you slightly less vulnerable to getting
     hit by guns, but strafing is slower to avoid bullets and shells.
     The compass in the top left corner not only shows the directions which are
     pretty useless for anything but the walkthrough giving you an idea where to
     go, but it also shows you where you have been hit from rather than the entire
     screen flashing red like some other games. If you are unsure where the enemy
     has just damaged you from, use this to figure it out. This is especially true
     when some enemies have creeped up on you, or are shooting from impossible
     places you would not thing they can hit you from such as below a ladder.
     I was not going to mention at first because it says in the manual, but you can
     shoot and destroy an alarm. The manual also mentions that it will explode.
     What I do not like about this trick is that it actually makes a lot of noise
     which alerts nearby guards, and that is exactly what you are not trying to
     do. In some levels it does not even matter if they raise the alarm, and in
     fact an alarm box will distract the enemy from shooting YOU, thus it is good
     to have around.
    France: A Travel Guide For Lovers
     Let the game run at the menu and it will automatically play this amusing video
     sequence. You have to at least see this once!
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
                                Mission One: Occupied!                   G0310
    Midnight Rendez-Vous (1 May 1942)                                    G0311
    Manon, ma petite!
     Thank you for deciding to help us on our midnight raid. The ever increasing
    Nazi presence in the city has made it more and more difficult for the
    resistance to get its hands on much needed supplies.
     Acquiring this truck full of ammunition and explosives will no doubt
    strengthen our cause.
     Thanks to the Vicky Regime, Petain's French police thugs, the Milice will be
    out in force.
     I'm giving you a pistol, and a few petrol bombs. Please be careful, sister.
    I'll meet you beneath the Eiffel Tower, and from there it's just a short path
    from the park to the academy, where the supply truck should be waiting.
     I should be able to get us into the building, but I'll need you to provide
    cover fire while I'm working on the locks.
     Once we get to the truck, you open the garage doors, and we'll drive out in
    the countryside.
     If anything should go wrong, head to the underground catacombs. We have
    friends there who will keep you safe.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 20
    [] Find Your Brother
    [] Open Garage Door
    Forget about your petrol bombs, you should only use them when you have run out
    of pistol ammo, which is most likely not going to happen.
    Start walking ahead to the fountain and shoot the guard going around it. As you
    enter the alley there is one guard patrolling where you come in and another one
    near the arches. He will most likely jump behind a corner and try to shoot you
    from there. Alternatively you can wait for the first guy to be near the start
    of the alley and shoot him, then the other guy will come running. Be careful at
    the end of thie alley as there is a guy waiting to the right, very sneaky.
    As you enter the Eiffel Tower park there is a guard walking your way. He will
    turn left and back up the other way but you should already take him out here.
    There are two patrols in the next hedge square, and you can spot your BROTHER
    on the left corner. If you wish you can ignore him for now and scout ahead, but
    he is not too vulnerable with his little machine gun and can take enough damage
    to get by.
    At the end of the park is another guard, then you can go three different ways.
    Your brother will go left where another patrol is, thus you may wish to go
    and help him out there. Your actual direction is right which is also guarded.
    The first corner you get to has a small niche on the right, with a guy waiting
    for you. However, the other side is patrolled by a machine gunner and your
    brother will no doubt be already trying to go that way. Take your pick, either
    taking damage by helping your bro and then most likely getting shot in the back
    by the alley rat, or taking out the latter and hoping your brother will take it
    easy on the damage-taking.
    As you progress through this winding path, you will eventually arrive at the
    academy. Your brother will unlock the door, you cannot proceed without him thus
    the first object has to be met by now, either you did it first thing or waited
    until now. Follow him through the corridors but when he takes a few steps down,
    quickly turn around and wait for the two guys to pop up from the end of the
    corridor. Once they are dead, run into the garage and press the button on the
    right side of the gate to OPEN GARAGE DOOR.
    You CAN actually get in front of the truck and shoot some guards here. For the
    casual player, just sit back and watch the explosion, then duck into staircase
    on the left to enter the catacombs. Funny thing is, you can actually do this
    before the truck even gets going. For receiving the excellent rating, however,
    you should go ahead and kill the militia waiting outside, or at least clean up
    who survived the blast. These guys are no push-over, thus you may also need to
    run back through the level to collect some health packs.
    Amongst the Dead (1 May 1942)                                        G0312
     If you are reading this, your attempt to steal munitions did not go as
    planned. Jacques was always rather impetuous and inclined to trust, and now it
    seems the Gestapo are on to us.
     Our group, Combat, has been using the Catacombs to move personnel and
    supplies, and now, we soldiers of the night must evacuate.
     Fortunately we planned for our eventual discovery. With this note you will
    find several detonators and a STEN submachine gun. The STEN ammo should be
    compatible with the MP 3008 weapons that the German's will be using.
     The Gestapo and Vichy's Milice brutes have been coming through crawl spaces
    that connect to the streets above.
     Each entrance is above the main level of the catacombs and moonlight will be
    visible through them. We have explosives placed ready to do the work. Detonate
    them by pressing the action button at the spots marked with a red box and stand
     We also need you to secure some forged papers hidden behind a crawlspace
    marked by the resistance symbol. Then, sneak through the sarcophagus room to
    find an exit leading to a mortuary, where an ex-collaborator awaits burial
    outside Paris.
     Take his place in the hearse, and one of our agents will get you to Sainte
    Marie des Champs where you should be safe until the heat dies down.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 47
    [] Seal Catacomb Entrances
    [] Find Forged Papers
    Switch to the SMG, you will only be using this unless you run out of ammo. Your
    first kill is waiting around the corner, easy enough, you can still use the
    pistol for it if you wish. Down the corridor is a patrol. If you do this right,
    you will not alarm the man leaning against the pillar in the large room ahead.
    Take that one out too of course.
    As you progress into the next corridor, spot the guard in the further right
    archway before he gets a move on you. Taking him out will not doubt raise the
    alarm of the nearby Gestapo agent who will come running. These guy are a little
    tougher than the normal goons. He is accompanied by one of those who will most
    likely stick behind the corner and shoot from there.
    Turn right when you get the choice and kill the guard taking a rest behind the
    pillar. There are lots of supplies here, then return to the main path and
    continue straight ahead and left. You can see a ramp ahead, do not move ahead
    yet! Look around the corner and spot the officer on the top floor and shoot
    Take the ramp up and turn the corner. This is the first CATACOMB ENTRANCE you
    need to seal. Be careful, each entrance has a guard crawling through it with a
    submachine gun, you have to either shoot him quickly or place the charges
    quickly, both work out around the same and both count for your kill. The latter
    is faster and safes you ammo, but you may take slightly more damage.
    Return to the top of the ramp and drop down on the right. Turn the corner and
    shoot the guard, officer and most likely the guard from further down has been
    alerted by the turmoil. Follow the winding path until you see an opening on the
    You will see a column in front of you, turn right and shoot the Gestapo officer
    in the small room and then the other officer lurking around too. When they are
    taken care of, ascend the ladder and crouch into the crawlspace (the Resistance
    symbol is on the right of it if you remember the briefing). At the end is a
    nice stash of supplies as well as the FORGED PAPERS. Return to the main path
    and continue straight ahead, shooting the Gestapo officer up on the ledge.
    Climb up the ladder and shoot the guy crawling in the CATACOMB ENTRANCE
    quickly. This time is it better to just take him out first. Place a bomb at the
    spot and jump down, continuing ahead. Walk around the well and shoot the guard
    patrolling here. Ahead is a sort of wine cellar. One guard is leaning against
    the wall and another one sits behind the pillar on the left. If you stand on
    right side of the corridor you can shoot them both without them even turning
    The next set of guards and officers are more alert than that, as one is waiting
    around the corner and a couple more in the corridor with those nice pillars to
    hide behind. At the end of this corridor as you turn left, you will hear an
    officer shout and most likely hide up the ramp. You cannot shoot him from your
    position if he does that, so concentrate on the guard on your floor for now.
    Now that he is gone, look up and walk backwards against the wall on the right
    until you get him in your sight. His position gives him an advantage and you
    could just run ahead and leave him up there, but you do want to eliminate him
    after all, right?!
    As you proceed, two alert guards will run your way. This path leads to the
    upper floor. When given the choice, turn right and shoot the guy waiting around
    the corner guarding a nice stash of supplies. Go the other way and shoot the
    guy near the cross. Turn left and quickly place a charge (or shoot the militia
    first) to complete the CATACOMB ENTRANCE objective.
    Going the only other way you can, shoot the officer in the distance and then
    more guards take cover. This is actually a good place to use your petrol bombs.
    Throw one at the nearby guys first and then aim further for anyone hiding
    there. Once they are gone, a guard will drop in from the hole in the back. You
    should still be standing on the ledge on the opposite end, thus simply slay him
    with your SMG. Stay here, reload, still aiming at the same spot the guard
    dropped down and shoot the second who wants to commit suicide by coming down
    here. An officer will drop down last, then you can proceed to the other end.
    You can also jump to the side ledges for some supplies. When you hear the words
    "HALT!" being shouted, aim for the small ladder on the right side where an
    officer will sprint down. Easy prey. Three more regular guards are on the way
    to the cemetery.
    Outside are two officers guarding the tomb entrance on the left. Turn right and
    shoot the officer at the end of the narrow corridor. Another one is in the back
    behind the fence, last guy you need to kill, thus enter the hearse.
    Without a Trace (10 May 1942)                                        G0313
     Welcome to Sainte Marie des Champs, Manon. My name is Fabrice Delacroix. It
    seems trouble continues to hound you.
     A Panzer unit has surrounded the village, and they have brought the Milice
    with them. They are conducting a house-to-house search for members of the
    Combat resistance group.
     The village is a major center for the printing and distribution of our group's
    underground newspaper.
     We need to get several key members out of town before they are either located
    or outright denounced by those they call friends. To slow the search, locate 3
    WWI surplus Hotchkiss machineguns we've hidden throughout the village, and use
    them to disrupt the Milice and Panzergrenadier.
     Use "Action" to open the crates, and "Action" again to operate the guns.
     We must protect the businesses that are helping to print and distribute the
    paper. Find and destroy the bundled papers at three locations around town.
     A local butcher has been using his trucks to get the paper to surrounding
    towns. See if the Milice have discovered the trucks. If so, eliminate the
    collaborating cowards, and destroy the compromised vehicles, however valuable
    they may be.
     Finally, find and hide the printing press. Camouflage has been set up, you
    need only activate it. Many lives depending on you, Manon. Bonne Chance!
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 60
    [] Destroy Distribution Evidence
    [] Check Distribution Trucks
    [] Hide Printing Press
    [] Find Hidden Machineguns
    [] Destroy Distribution Trucks
    Switch to the SMG and walk forward into the church. Look right to see two men
    talking. Aim for the right guy's head and then spread the bullet to kill them
    both before they even see you. Leave the church and kill the guard patrolling
    this alley. There is another one around the corner who will come running by
    now, and the end of the road has a new type of ranger militia stationed.
    Switch to the petrol bomb as you walk to the end and open the door on the right
    as the game tells you to. Lob a few bombs into there, holding down X and aiming
    slightly up to throw some over the counter. This should not only take care of
    the two units chatting in there, but also the destroy the first DISTRIBUTION
    Walk along, kill the guard and ranger on the bridge in the distance, then turn
    right and face the truck. If you get close to the fence you will get the
    message that the DISTRIBUTION TRUCKS have been compromised. Shoot the guard
    from here if you want, it is easier than him hiding around the truck later, but
    then also be aware of another guy running around the corner to your right soon
    as you go that way too.
    When you reach the truck, look for a staircase on the left and kill the guard
    upstairs. Open up the crate and man the HOTCHKISS MACHINEGUN. Once you do,
    enemies will pop up from both sides of the truck. It appears as if they will
    come forever but they are finite. A new group will also only respawn once you
    have killed all of the previous guys. They also stop coming when you unman the
    gun but the more you kill, the better your chances for an excellent rating
    later. Be aware of some enemies sneaking up on your from the stairs, like on
    almost immediately when you start out shooting. If you get shot and the radar
    shows the shot came from the right, quickly take care of that guy first. While
    manning the gun, use it to DESTROY the DISTRIBUTION TRUCK.
    Go ahead into the next alley and kill the sentry on the left, who seems to have
    missed out on all the fun just a few yards from his position. He tends to be
    very un-alert, but be careful of the ranger running around the corner from what
    appears to be nowhere. His hideout also has some petrol bombs, grab those.
    Crawl through the wall nearby, then shoot the DISTRIBUTION EVIDENCE on the
    floor. A guard is patrolling the inner fence, he will most likely come running
    soon. There is another patrol around the fence itself, and a ranger on the
    blocked off bridge when going east. Your actual path leads you south,
    There are two guards ahead, and a ranger at the end of the alley with the low
    wall. This is a dead-end, but kill him anyway. The small side alley leading to
    a hole is your direction, behind the sand barricade is another guard though.
    You can ditch past him if you wish, but I do not recommend doing that.
    Down here, destroy the boxes for supplies, then ascend the ladder. Shoot the
    guard on the left behind the sandbags, then the one on the other end of the
    alley. Run down into the small basement building and uncover your second
    HOTCHKISS MACHINEGUN. Enemies are easier to kill this time around, and no
    sneaking up you. There will always be one guy on the right of the windows, he
    is your first priority as he is much closer. There are one or two militia
    running down the alley on the left, and as they take longer to get to you and
    do generally worse at aiming if they stay far away, take them out secondary.
    After a few rounds there are no more coming and you can move on.
    When you reach a more open area, kill the ranger in the field on the right.
    then the guard ahead. Take the stairs up behind the low wall to find your third
    HOTCHKISS MACHINEGUN. This one is a little tougher than the rest, as a lot of
    rangers appear in the far distance. There is generally one around the corner in
    the northwest area, and two run in from the east behind the wall, hiding there.
    A couple of normal guards will also be running up the stairs behind in, simply
    turn around and blast them with the Hotchkiss. Do not forget to actually
    Go into the next open area, kill the ranger in the field on the right and then
    the guard down on the path, you can easily take him out from here. There is
    most likely another guard at the bottom of the stairs, or he may be patrolling
    them right now.
    The next part is a real shoot-out. For once there is a guard at the top of the
    stairs waiting for you. Kill him quickly. Then turn around and look into the
    wide alley to see a ranger. Kill him, then aim up left onto the balcony to find
    another sentry. One more guard should be running at you as you do all this, and
    another one as you take a few steps forward. Also notice another guard up on a
    balcony on the far right. He can shoot you before getting in sight it seems.
    That is all for enemies here. Be careful not to skip ahead to the end of the
    alley as the level will end in failure. Instead, enter the room on the left
    across from the Frenchy sign, to find the last DISTRIBUTION EVIDENCE to
    destroy. The room on the right further up contains the PRINTING PRESS. Stand
    near the rope and press 'Action' to lower the rope onto the press in order to
    hide it. Now leave the level by reaching the gate at the end of the alley.
    Tread Carefully (10 May 1942)                                        G0314
     Our printing operation is safe. Now it is vital you delay the Panzer column
    from leaving the village.
     As we speak, the luckiest of our key personnel are escaping the village by car
    or truck, the rest by bicycle or on foot.
     By destroying enough tanks, you may slow them long enough to help save the
    lives of some of our most dedicated people.
     It's not easy for a single soldier to stop a tank, but by using your superior
    mobility you have a much better chance.
     Keep clear of the front of the tanks; in addition to the cannon on their
    turret, they have a foward firing machine gun.
     If you keep moving, the tank's gunner should have a difficult time getting a
    lock on you.
     High explosives are the key-Panzerfausts in particular. They're heavy, so the
    Germans tend to leave them lying around.
     Petrol bombs are less effective but, with enough use, still get the job done.
     If all else fails, you can use small arms fire, but it takes a large quantity
    of lucky shots or a mounted machine gun to get the job done.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 38
    [] Find A Panzerfaust
    [] Stop The Tanks
    The mission briefing is inaccurate about the damage a tank can take from the
    various weapons. A Panzerfaust takes several shells to destroy it, and at same
    time you are slow, cannot take care of other enemies around you, reloading is
    slow, and you are in dangerous of planting of the shots too close for comfort.
    It is the same for the petrol bombs, they too dangerous, slow, and take a long
    time to annihilate a tank. Instead I would always recommend a mounted machine
    gun, the only downside is that you are immobile while using it.
    Walk ahead and stop the guy peeing against the wall, how rude! Switch to the
    SMG and blast the guys around the corner. Let the tank go for now, then enter
    the small area on the right with a mounted machine gun. Here you will also find
    a PANZERFAUST. However, keep your ammo as you can take out the returning TANK
    with the mounted machine gun.
    The wide area ahead is a little tricky and dangerous. Look around the corner
    and try to shoot whoever is on the open field, either running, shooting or
    what-not. The rest of the enemies tend to hide behind the pillars really well,
    and they armed really swell too. You may be better off trying to throw petrol
    bombs at them, or at least one to rattle their position a little.
    The gate at the end is locked, thus enter the area on the right to find more
    Panzefaust ammo. Crawl through the space and quickly run right to mount the 
    machinegun. It will take a while to kill everyone here, and often when you try
    and advance there will be another person showing up thus run back to your
    machinegun a couple of times. Finally when you proceed, a tank will roll into
    the alley. Run back to the mounted gun and wait for the TANK to be in sight.
    Shoot at it for a while to take it out as well as its entourage.
    Turn the corner up ahead and shoot more militia. The path continues up the
    stairs. At the top of the stairs is a guard on the left who is mighty
    dangerous. Another guard is behind the pillars who will take shots you almost
    The finale of the mission is quite tough. You are facing two TANKS, luckily one
    after the other. The first one is already here, taking aim at you. Keep the
    middle column in-between you and the tank's cannon as well as the turret. It
    will try to move around, and once it moves to the right it will have to turn
    around. Once that happens it is your turn to move. Mount the machine gun and
    blast ahead, taking its cannon out in no time. You can now focus on the ground
    troops for a bit before finishing off the tank. If you can, try to leave its
    dead shell somewhere it is not blocking the path on the right too much. The
    reason being, that the second tank will be behind it and you want to drill it
    with the mounted machine gun as well. That means you want a small gap where you
    can aim at it, but not enough to block it entirely. Eventually the dead tank
    disappears if you are having trouble with this, but the second tank is less
    trouble as it turns to be blocked off.
    Stick around and kill off more enemies with the mounted gun until you rake up
    the kill amount, then exit via the gate.
                         Mission Two: Hunting the Desert Fox             G0320
    Casablanca (5 November 1942)                                         G0321
     Hello, Manon. My name is Captain Ted Aubrick. I was part of the original OSS
    office in Washington and have just been assigned as your control. I must say
    it's always exciting to watch our ranks grow with brave, honorable individuals
    such as you. How are things in sunny Africa? You were to be meeting a local
    operative, but unfortunately, he has since been discovered. The mission now
    rests soundly on you. Local Nazi agents are searching your hotel, and they've
    brought troops from the Afrika Corps with them.
     Escape the hotel and find your way to our operative's house. There you will
    find a dossier on the Logistics officer who has been shipping supplies to a
    secret base in the desert to the west. Use this dossier to locate the officer's
    house. You will find the location of the Afrika Corps supply base there.
     With the location of the depot in hand, infiltrate the supply convoy and
    quietly hitch a ride to that location.
     Things seem to have rapidly fallen apart, but by acting fast you can still
    help make Operation Torch a complete success. After getting our of the hotel,
    find the operative's house and obtain the dossier on the Logistics officer.
    Then find the location of the supply depot and get yourself out of town.
     Go to it, Manon. You've got your work cut out for you.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 72
    [] Escape Hotel
    [] Find Logistics Officer Dossier
    [] Find Location Of Supply Depot
    [] Leave City By Truck
    Although this looks like a stealth mission as you stand around with your
    silenced pistol and the guard outside is slowly approaching your room, it is
    not. Take all the stuff from the room and go outside to blast him. Switch to
    the SMG for the troops coming up, there are many. Once you clear them out, go
    along for more troops and eventually you will ESCAPE the HOTEL. Short but also
    very violent objective. You may have noticed that these enemies take a lot more
    beating than the previous mission.
    Shoot the guard standing there as well as the one jumping over the wall. As you
    continue, there is a local agent around the left corner. If you wait around too
    long after killing him, a guard will come from the room on the left below.
    Shooting him will in turn alert a guard around the right corner who usually
    just leans against the wall. Backtracking to the position of the agent, there
    is a room of supplies to his right and in the room the guard came out from is
    also some more stuff including the LOGISTICS OFFICER DOSSIER.
    As you go down the road you will spot an entrance ahead. Stay behind the corner
    on the left and sneak around to find an agent walking the street, and a guard
    in the window high up. The guy up there takes a long time to aim, so I suggest
    you kill the agent first before he hides around the corner, then you yourself
    hide for reloading, and finally you go for that window camper. Once he is dead,
    aim at the bottom of the window (street level) as there will be another guard
    jumping down in a second, only to fall straight into your gun fire.
    Before entering the door, go down the rest of the main path to kill a guard and
    possibly take some canteens, then enter the doorway. There is a guard in here,
    and an agent in the following narrow downward path. There is an opening on the
    right but first take out the soldier hiding in the left one, take all the stuff
    in there, then optionally enter the right one to kill the guard on the right
    and the one jumping down the window almost immediately.
    Back on the main path, when the surface is stone again you will turn the corner
    and face an agent and a guard. At the end, turn left and slay the officer
    waiting around, take the stuff he was "guarding" and open the huge gate. A
    sentry will jump down in the center, thus aim there and shoot him quickly.
    Another guard will come from the right, be prepared.
    When you see the green door, get ready for another guard to jump down almost
    opposite this winding path. On the left is a small dead-end with a guard
    jumping the wall, another one will be down the road around the corner, and an
    officer jumps through the window on the right. The room he was in has some
    Taking the steps down at the end, turn the corner and aim up to kill the
    officer in the window. Once he is dead, concentrate on the guard who jumped the
    wall, then aim up again as another officer has taken the dead ones place. Turn
    left and quickly shoot the sentry jumping the wall, then face the opposite way
    to enter the room there.
    Out the other side, two guards will jump over the wall. Up the stairs is an
    agent waiting for you. When you see the windows on the left then aim ahead as a
    guard will come running and most likely drop himself onto the ground. Face the
    windows to shoot the guard on the other side of the courtyard before moving on
    to a similar-looking position.
    This time, shoot the guy across on the balcony and then the agent running
    around the corner. Going ahead, quickly shoot the officer in the distance
    before he takes notice, then step closer to have a guy drop in front of you.
    Yet another guard is around the corner and most likely running away from you at
    this point. If you are in the need for desperate supplies, or simply want to do
    something optional at this point, jump into the small ledge and from there leap
    onto the roof of the window. This will allow you to reach the roof on the house
    across the gap which has some supplies stashed away in the corner. To return
    you can simply drop off the roof and use the ladder.
    Soon you will face a small bridge with two guards on the other end. Shoot them
    from here as there will an officer spawning behind your position and you want
    to take away his surprise encounter.
    There are two ways to continue from here, by going into the room ahead, or
    jumping off on the right. I suggest the "normal" way to continue into the room,
    but the alternative has the advantage of less sneaky guards waiting for you.
    You will know what I mean soon enough. Anyhow, if you do jump down, quickly
    turn around to shoot the enemies, then go the direction you jumped down until
    you also read the room, then jump back down and go the other way. However, as I
    said, the normal way is better, thus I will describe it next.
    Enter the room and take the map on the LOCATION OF SUPPLY DEPOT. Is is hanging
    on the wall and the game will give you a hint when you are close. Face the
    stairs and wait for the agent to pop around the corner. After him there will be
    a guard, who tends to run straight into you rather than be the usual sneaky
    fellow. This makes it unpredictable and often harder to aim for. When you are
    walking down the next set of stairs, be very careful of the guy hiding at the
    bottom right corner. This is easier if you come from the other way, but if you
    are very slow and maybe lure him out, he is dead before doing any harm. As you
    run through the narrow corridor leaving the building, be aware of yet another
    sneaky guard hiding on the left of it. Do the same as with the other guy, then
    you will already see the bridge you were on. A guard will jump down and an
    officer aim at your from the top. Another guard is around the corner.
    Shoot the officer at the T-junction before he has the chance to hide, then turn
    right to shoot the agent jumping the wall. There are supplies here too. Going
    the opposite way, shoot guard jumping the wall and the officer in the window.
    As you proceed, the nice round courtyard has two sentries just waiting to be
    picked up. Be careful though, as alerting then will trigger a guard to jump
    over the wall behind you (or better, to the right of you, where the previous
    guy also jumped over). Sometimes this guard is already triggered well earlier,
    do not be confused about it.
    The other side of the courtyard has a small army of three guarding the truck,
    and finally an agent is at the truck itself. Board it to leave this bloody
    Lighting the Torch (5 November 1942)                                 G0322
     Once the truck has stopped within the walls of the supply depot, it's your
    job to gather all the information you can regarding the movement of the Afrika
    Corps, and pass it on to the American Fleet of Operation Torch.
     First find the motor pool's dispatch hut and get your hands on their shipping
     Next, we've learned that a photographer from a Nazy propaganda magazine in
    France is visiting the depot. By stealing her identity you should be able to
    move about the fort more easily. To insure she doesn't expose the deception,
    find a way to detain her until your mission is complete. Just play your role,
    Manon. If a soldier approaches you, try to convince him of your identity by
    aiming the camera and taking his picture. And above all, never reveal that you
    are carrying a weapon.
     Use your new identity to gain access to a radio and contact the American Fleet
    with the location of the supply depot. They will send a plane to pick you up,
    followed closely by bombers to destroy the depot.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 39
    [] Find Shipping Records
    [] Find Disguise
    [] Radio American Fleet
    [] Trap Photographer
    The first part of the level is rather easy, I prefer to plow through it with
    the silenced pistol because it feels more stealthy, and there is not too much
    SMG ammo left from my previous level. The visiblity outside is so bad that the
    guards will have a hard time spotting you. There is not much health available
    at the beginning, but I should think you are not in the need for that much
    Jump out of the vehicle, turn right and walk towards the next truck. There is
    one guard patrolling here, and two more will jump out from the back of the
    truck. Easy. You should also start hearing announcements about the sandstorm
    and to wear appropriate clothes when going outside.
    Go around the truck and walk to the next one, which has a guard and two more
    jumping out. Sounds familiar? Well after you walk around the back of the truck
    to find another one, there is a guard on the left and two more will jump out
    of the truck, again.
    Continue going and when you have the choice, first go left and around the
    corner, quickly shooting the guard camping out here. He is a fast shooting too.
    Go the other way, turn left and shoot the guards around the corner. You will
    soon arrive at a wide open area. Immediately turn left and wait between the
    house and the wall. Shoot the guard when he patrols the wall in front of you
    and then wait for another one to run from the right. After they are gone, look
    around the corner and shoot the guy in the far distance. His shooting is very
    bad and yours is still excellent in these conditions. Open up the house and
    kill the officer here too, who is guarding the SHIPPING RECORDS in the file
    As you approach the large (brown) gate, it will open and two guards come out.
    Wait for them to walk out a bit and then kill them before they can run back for
    cover. Two more guards are waiting in the stables around the corner. When you
    have taken care of those guys, two more will appear as you come closer. One
    pops up from the right so you want to concentrate on him, the other guy tends
    to run back from his position to the next stable room. Hunt him down to there.
    Hide behind the box as there are three more sentries in this area as you get
    closer. Their hideouts are pretty good. Whip out the SMG if you need to. Go
    up the ladder on the other side, then look outside into the courtyard. There is
    one patrol at the ground floor, one at the door to the next building, and one
    in the window. I suggest the patrol first, then the ones at the other end of
    yard. There is also a guard on the left wall, but I often miss him. Perhaps he
    only spawns when you are in the room on the other side.
    Climb up the ladder to the other building and take the DISGUISE from the table.
    Use the action button in front of the bathroom door to TRAP the PHOTOGRAPHER.
    Leave your weapon as the camera, which shows the papers when you press the
    action button. This will fool all the guards in the area. Sometimes they may
    need a photo taken to be convinced. If you are aiming for an excellent rating,
    you will have to first show your disguise, then shoot them in the back of the
    head when they are not looking as well as nobody spotting them. It is up to you
    how to proceed.
    There are three guards in the corridors following the photographer's room. By
    going right first you end up at a room at the end with some supplies, not too
    common in this level (this is supposed to be a supply depot?). Proceed to the
    end of the other corridor to find a guard. Show him 'zee paperz' and he will
    open the door. Open the door down the stairs and do not forget to show your
    credentials to the guard waiting behind it, as you may not see him and run off,
    then they tend to shoot at you in return. Show the guard at the door your
    credentials too and he will open the door. If you want to shoot these two guys,
    stand on the left side of the stairs and shoot the guard nearby first, then
    shoot across the yard to get the other one.
    In fact, your cover is blown at this point, as you need to use the radio in a
    minute. Forget about the camera and whip out a weapon instead. Go up the stairs
    to the radio but do not use it yet! Instead, walk towards the locked door on
    the right and you will hear footsteps nearing. These are coming from where you
    just entered, down the stairs. Aim at the staircase and kill the two guards
    running into the room. If you use the radio first, you will be corned by these
    two guards as well as the ones coming into the room from the locked door. Thus,
    RADIO the AMERICAN FLEET and shoot the officer coming through the locked door
    now. He is armed with a submachine gun. With him gone, jump on the table in the
    room he was in and jump out of the window...
    Burning Sands (5 November 1942)                                      G0323
     Nice work, Manon. Bombers are on the way to Ait Benhaddou to destroy the depot
    you've discovered, but we must make sure Rommel's tanks are sufficiently
    deprived of fuel.
     There should be an armory somewhere nearby. Find it and procure some
     Locating a pass may help you elude the Guards in the area of the Armory.
     You will encounter doors sealed with pad locks. Rather than searching for a
    key, it will be easier to simply shoot off the locks. But be forewarned, this
    will attract the attention of any enemy personnel nearby.
     We've learned that a cipher key we have not broken is somewhere in the fort.
    Locate it and use the photographer's camera to get as much information on film
    as you can.
     Once you have the bombs, use them to destroy the 4 fuel trucks that are now
    loaded with gasoline for Afrika Tanks. Our bombers will take care of the rest
    of the supplies, buy any trucks that are already loaded will surely make a run
    for it at the first sign of an air raid.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 23
    [] Get Access To Armory
    [] Find Explosives
    [] Destroy 4 Fuel Trucks
    [] Photograph Cypher Key Book
    This is a part stealth mission, as you want to stay in disguise for as long as
    you can. This time around, you also want to kill anyone without them taking
    notice. You are safe as long as nobody saw you kill somebody, and if they have
    not raised the alarm. You can also use the SMG in many places, although it is
    not recommended.
    Climb up the ladder, the announcer mentions there is a female photographer in
    the depot and that the troops should behave themselves. That means that you do
    not need to show your papers unless they look at you funny. Silently kill the
    guy nearby and then descend the other way. There is a guy coming up the stairs
    who will not survive this much longer, especially if he is blocking the way of
    a lady like that.
    The small yard below is guarded by an enemy who wants to see your papers. He
    will step aside for you, but sometimes he does not. Well, you will kill him
    anyway so it does not matter.
    Soon you will come to some corridors with doors. The guard nearby is nice to
    you by default, take him out. Turn right and kill the guard in that part of
    the corridor once you have passed him. Open the door on the left (it looks
    different than the rest, and also has the game telling you to press action).
    Show the officer inside your papers to calm him down, then kill him quickly. If
    you try to sneak around him for a better shot you may accidentally pick up the
    armory pass, which alerts him a little. Better not try. Take the armory papers
    anyway, then PHOTOGRAPH THE CYPHER KEY BOOK on the table.
    At the end of the other corridor, turn left and show the guard your papers. He
    will step aside, then kill him. Turn around and shoot the lock on the door to
    find some supplies in the room. Descend the stairs the guard was blocking and
    show your pass to the first guard, then the second guard at the door. He will
    move up the stairs, and you should move to the right of the stairs. Face the
    two guards and whip out your SMG to kill them both in a single spray if you
    can. Shoot the lock on the door GET ACCESS TO the ARMORY. Inside are more
    goodies, including EXPLOSIVES.
    Ascend the ladder and show the guard your pass. Try to shoot him while you are
    near the wall as the guy down in the yard may see something. If so, quickly
    jump down to shoot him too. Else, jump down and show him the papers and then
    calmly blow his brains out as well. Climb up the FUEL TRUCK and place an
    explosive into the tank, then quickly jump down the way you came and hide in
    the path ahead. The blast of the explosion is so large that it may take out
    the enemies in the next area already. If not, there are two guards without a
    clue anything was going on next door. Dispatch them if necessary, but leave the
    truck for now. Continue up the stairs and down the spiraling tower. Show the
    guard your papers before he is a goner. Crawl through the wall and enter the
    last courtyard containing two trucks. There is one guard here, do the usual to
    dispatch him, then backtrack to truck you left alone.
    Climb up the FUEL TRUCK and before you destroy it you could jump to the right
    wall and find some goodies, but usually by now health and ammo is still fine
    and the jump can be frustrating to pull off. Blow up the truck and wait near
    the bottom of the stairs (not in plain view of course). Two officers will run
    down, and they tend not to stop on the way. Easy enough prey for you. Continue
    on to the place where you had to crawl through the wall, this time there is a
    guard on the other side. He may have raised the alarm by now, but you can
    ignore it and simply turn off when it is safe again. There is also another
    guard in the area, he may also be around the corner or in the next yard,
    possibly stuck behind a wall or something.
    In the last yard, climb the nearby FUEL TRUCK to blow it up. Two guards will
    come from what will be your exit. When blowing up the final FUEL TRUCK, hide in
    the corner where there is a small niche with a health pack, as the guy will
    spawn right in there. Picking up his health pack should ensure you get an
    excellent rating.
    Ally in the Desert (5 November 1942)                                 G0324
     Your mission is accomplished, but your cover was definitely blown. Your
    challenge now is to escape before the bombers arrive. We've sent one of your
    best pilots to pick you up, but he cannot land until you have cleared the
     Remember, this is a base for the Afrika Corps, so there are sure to be tanks
    in or around the fort. Use the terrain to your advantage. Stay out of the open,
    and keep an eye peeled. Even without antitank weapons, a determined soldier can
    destroy a Panze wither superior tactics.
     There are 3 Antiaircraft emplacements around the airfield that need to be
    disabled so our plane may land safely.
     Toss a grenade inside the emplacement and the gun's own ammunition should take
    care of the rest.
     Once the guns are disabled, signal the pilot by turning on the landing lights.
     The controls for these lights will be in the control tower. Once you have
    turned on the lights, move to the airfield as quickly as you can to board the
    plane. Oh, and enjoy the ride.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 41
    [] Disable Antiaircraft Guns
    [] Turn On Landing Lights
    [] Escape Morocco By Plane
    This mission sounds really tough at first, and it is a little hard at the
    beginning, but if you take it slow and do not take on the entire army at once
    then it is not so bad. Your cover is blown, thus whip our your SMG. You will
    only be using this to fight infantry, some Stielhandgranaten for the tanks.
    Enter the room ahead for heaps of supplies, most importantly those stick
    grenades. Switch to those and walk outside. Look ahead to see a tank is
    approaching the yard below. Walk backwards for safety and listen to the tank
    roll in. When it is there, lob a grenade down or two. Make sure they are down
    and that it is not currently aiming up to your position. One shot can take you
    out. Even when you hear an explosion, do not feel safe until you actually see
    the smoke. Do not worry about losing grenades, you have plenty and only need
    them now, besides you get more soon enough.
    You will probably also take out the infantry, but they also enter the base of
    the tower. That would mean you need to kill up to three guards here, and two
    more running towards the yard as you enter it. You can hide behind the ruined
    tank pretty well. There are two more guards outside the yard, hiding behind a
    palmtree each. If that is not enough, there is another enemy on the left (go
    that way to ruin his surprise entrance) and one shooting from the left window
    up ahead. If you stay near the wall on your side then he may not have spotted
    you yet.
    As you enter the next building, two guards will greet you. Proceed, kill the
    guarding running at you and shoot the one up on a ledge. Continue up the small
    steps for more guards around the corner, especially the one in the window
    It may seem like a lot is going on in this level, but you have nearly completed
    the tough part.
    You can see the first antiaircraft gun in the distance. You could shoot the guy
    from here, but it means that another one will run towards your position when
    you may not expect it to happen. Leave them alone for now. Instead, go up the
    stairs on the left to small supply stash, and some guys down below. Do not
    bother trying to shoot them as a plane will drop bombs in a second. Just hide
    behind a wall until this happens and see your kill count increase by 2. Return
    down the stairs and go the other hand towards the ANTIAIRCRAFT GUN.
    Kill the lookout, then run towards the mounted machinegun further up. There is
    a German here you need to kill first. Quickly mount the gun and start digging
    holes into that tank. It will not last long enough to even turn around its
    turret, but will most likely escape before exploding for good. You will have
    noticed a guy appear on the right side as well, behind the palmtree or at the
    AA gun. Kill him and now wait for more to come out, Once the entire crew is
    dead, the game will give you a message and you can move on.
    Take care of the tank for good, by either using the maching gun or your
    grenades, then run down the road to the bridge. Bombs will drop, but they tend
    to only take out the left sentry. Shoot the right one some more for him to drop
    as well. Ahead is almost the same situation you were just in. The mounted
    machine gun is guarded by two guys, including an officer, but you can even run
    to the gun and shoot them with it if you wish. The tank is still behind the
    barrier for a while, and you cannot shoot it until it passes the gate. By that
    time you should have elimited that two guards and possible one from the
    ANTIAIRCRAFT GUN crew. Shoot the tank as soon as it comes into the non-safe
    zone and it will be harmless soon enough. Let it roll into the next area for
    now as you will have to deal with some more AA crew members instead. When the
    tank rolls back in, give it some more holes to explode for good.
    Walk through the gate to a new area and when you see a tank, step back as a
    bomber will soon take care of the cannon for you. That means you only need to
    dodge its machine gun turret. I sugges you throw some of your grenades at it
    for good measure, but you can also mount a machine gun ahead and wait for it to
    return. The machine gun should be mounted for shooting the ANTIAIRCRAFT GUN
    crew lookout in the corner, then wait for more guys to pop out. They can be
    shot as they are still climbing, and they do not stand a chance against your
    firepower. Do not forget to check for goodies behind the AA gun.
    Walk through the fence to the building entrance, but first walk past it to
    shoot the two Germans around the corner. Inside is another guard at the end of
    the corridor, two are on the next level, and a machine gunning officer is on
    the top floor which also has the LANDING LIGHTS switch. Careful as some of
    these guys throw grenades, although I have seen them blow themselves up a few
    times as well.
    The door opposite of the building entrance has now been opened for you to
    escape. Around the corner you are greeted by the final three enemies in the
    mission, two on the left and one coming from the runway, and then you only need
    to approach the plane to escape.
                          Mission Three: Undercover in Crete             G0330
    Getting the Story (12 June 1943)                                     G0331
     Exceptional work in Africa! After baking on that hot desert sand, I trust
    you're going to enjoy the locale of your next mission.
     I only wish it were under better circumstances. Your destination is the island
    of Crete. Some coastally embedded cannons have sunk many ships in the region,
    and I'm sorry to say we aren't able to offer you many leads as to their
     We can at least, however, get you started.
     We've bought off the captain of a small fishing vessel, and he's agreed to
    transport you to the port town of Iraklion.
     Since this port is occupied, we believe it to be a likely place to find a
    paper trail leading to the secret artillery installation.
     Discreetly make your way through town and uncover that base.
     Oh, there's one more thing. Rumor has it the Germans have been trying to form
    an alliance with a band of outlaw privateers, but both sides have been less
    than pleased with each other.
     It's possible that open fighting may break out between the two factions.
     If so, keep clear of the crossfire. And if you're lucky, the problem will take
    care of itself.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 48
    [] Get Photo Pass
    [] Get Restricted Pass
    [] Get Archaeology Pass
    [] Photograph Map
    [] Find Supply Schedule
    [] Board Knossos Truck
    You steath here, is pretty lousy. Sure you can fool some Germans into thinking
    you are on their side, but most of them will shoot before asking questions and
    then there are these privateers who will take you for their enemy anyway. The
    two factions do kill each other, however, which makes it easier on your ammo
    (which is slightly sparse here) and you can always let them fight it out first
    and mop up later. The best situation is when somebody is stunned, then you can
    often move in for a kill.
    Start out by approaching the window and shooting the officer with your silenced
    pistol. There is another guard in the first storage house. These two will
    never question your identity unless you show a gun, thus they are optional to
    kill. I say do it anyway, if not only so you can shoot open those boxes for
    some ammo. You will also find the PHOTO PASS lying around here.
    Crawl through to the other side. This sentry will never believe your
    credentials, thus shoot him before even approaching him. Optionally you can
    climb up the step-like boxes and jump to a large chest across the room for some
    extra ammo.
    Leaving the room you will encounter the first fight between the factions. There
    are two Germans behind a chest, and a nearby privateer who is going to bite the
    bullet almost immediately. There is another sailor in the alley on the left who
    will keep them busy for a while. The Germans do not believe you are a
    photographer once they have to fight anyone, thus your cover is blown for now.
    Kill the remaining guys or whoever turns on you sooner, then walk left into
    the alley. Turn left at the end to find another one-on-one fight. The German
    behind the crate has the better position. Turn around when you are done here,
    note that you also got an SMG here as far as I know.
    In the alley on the right up ahead are two privateers blocking the way. Shoot
    them in the back and then clean out the Germans who were on the other end of
    the fight. Move along to find more privateers in a small market corner, and you
    can shoot them quickly from here. The German they are fighting may be dead by
    then. Switch to the camera for now.
    Ahead is a new section of the level, which means the greeting guard has no
    clue what went on earlier. You can use your disguise to shoot him in the back
    of the head, and a privateer should have spawned in the market area and come
    your way. Turn around to follow the path to a house on the left. As you get
    closer, two privateers will run around the corner and go in there, thus move
    back for now and watch them get riddled with bullets. Another guy will jump
    over the wall and try his luck (he will go for you if you stand too close).
    Finally, it is your turn to get your SMG out and shoot the guys barricaded in
    there. Pick up the RESTRICTED PASS when it is all taken care of.
    The small house up ahead has two Germans running in there to defeat the sailor,
    and you can then mop up what is left. If you look down the next alley you will
    see another gunfight, kill whoever remains. Watch out for the sailor jumping
    the wall, and the German down the path. The house on the right side at the end
    has a privateer standing guard, and the stair-like block which both lead to the
    same place has a privateer and a German sentry. They may or may not be fighting
    it out already as you approach.
    As you walk down the stairs on the other side, two sailors will take on a lone
    German who is better equipped. Another German is down the road but he tends to
    stay out of the action and you can easily snipe him from your position. Check
    the building for some supplies and then crawl to the next area.
    The officer on the left blocking the entrance to the building is asking for
    your papers. You can show it to him for now, but you will have to kill him for
    two reasons. For one he is blocking the way to a mission objective, and the
    second is that another German will soon run down the path saying you are no
    photographer, and then he will attack you from the back. Kill him now, then two
    Germans will run down and attack you. Kill them and then take the SUPPLY
    SCHEDULE from the small building.
    Walk down the path and you will find the gate to the truck on the right. You
    can shoot the guard there now. I believe this triggers a privateer to jump
    over the wall on the main path. Another German is inside the barracks on the
    left. Finally, enter the house at the end of the path and kill the officer
    guarding the map. You will also find the ARCHAEOLOGY PASS on the table. Whip
    out your camera and make a photo of the map on the wall. This triggers several
    privateers to spawn on the main path, jumping over the wall. Run up and down
    the path to clean them all up, use the enemy counter to know when you are done,
    it should be on 47.
    If you wish you can equip your camera to fool the guard behind the gate one
    last time, then kill him and board the truck to Knossos.
    What Lies at Knossos (12 June 1943)                                  G0332
    Terrific work, Manon! That supply schedule revealed an unusually large amount
    of munition being diverted to, all places, an archaeological dig. Given what
    else we have, this is our best lead yet! The time to strike is now. We've heard
    that troops have been diverted from this location to restore order in Iraklion,
    allowing us an excellent opportunity to determine if this dig is indeed a cover
    for their artillery emplacements. To do this, you'll be reprising your role as
    a home front propaganda photographer.
     Using your newly acquired credentials, make your way through the Palace of
    Knossos under the guise you're interested in their work, while keeping a sharp
    eye out for hidden artillery.
     We don't expect you'll have much trouble with the guards posted here, as
    they're most likely bored out of their minds.
     But remain cautious nonetheless.
     As you search the ruins, locate and eliminate the archaeologists. Though their
    research is baseless, it seems a terrible injustice to allow them to deface
    history in the name of the Reich.
     Oh, and if the opportunity presents itself, recover some of the relics they're
    crating up to send home.
               Good luck!
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 31
    [] Eliminate Archaeologists
    [] Locate Propaganda Report
    [] Recover Relics
    [] Destroy Bunker Supplies
    [] Locate Bunker Entrance
    Once again you are undercover, and once again it is not as useful as you wish
    it to be. For the most guards you are a photographer, but the important places
    all have an officer stationed who will look at you funny, asking "I assume
    someone approved this!?". In that cast you know he is not going to let you pass
    by without pulling his gun out, and you better take this time for him to still
    wonder to pull out your gun instead and take him and bodyguards out. All you
    are hoping for here is not let them raise the alarm or have a nearby sentry run
    towards this mess. It general you should be ok, and I suggest having the
    photocamera as your weapon of choice while killing people silently afterwards.
    Start by going forward and turning right. The friendly guard patrols the
    outside area, just take him out anywhere not near the stairs. A guard is
    stationed down there. Kill him, then move on around the corner and go straight
    when given the choice. There are two guards with this huge supply of
    ammunition, and only the right one should let you pass. This means you need to
    take care of them both anyway. Open the door on the other side to find your
    first ARCHAEOLOGIST to eliminate. The next room has yet another ARCHAEOLOGIST
    and a RELIC in the crate. Return to he AMMUNITION crates and shoot them,
    careful though, they explode.
    Backtrack to the T-junction and this time go down the long turquoise corridor
    with the gaps in the columns. At the end is another room with ammunition crates
    and two sentries. One will not accept your papers, thus kill them both. There
    is a guard in the corner down the corridor who may come with your use an SMG.
    He does not always notice you blowing up the AMMUNITION either, but you can go
    there to slay him first if you feel insecure about being ambushed.
    Before moving on that way, open up the door in this room and go down the hall.
    There is an officer with what appears to be the leader of the Archaeologists'
    team (he does not count as one of them required to be killed but you will see
    that you need to kill him for another objective). Your papers do not work on
    the officer, thus kill them both. The leader will drop the PROPAGANDA REPORT.
    Backtrack to the previous room where the ammunition was stored, turn right and
    follow it around (the guard is at the corner if you ignored him earlier). Whip
    out your SMG for the next corridor, as two doubting officers with machine guns
    will be at the alarm system. One is most likely walking away from you at this
    point, thus you can deal with them both quickly. Nobody will be hearing your
    shots from this location, just make sure they are dealt with quickly. Continue
    straight and open the door, eliminate the ARCHAEOLOGIST and take the RELIC from
    the crate.
    Take the long hall with the vases to find an officer with a guard in tow. The
    officer will test you if you speak German, so at this point you might as well
    kill them quickly. Descend the stairs to find the last of the ARCHAEOLOGISTs to
    eliminate. There are also some supplies stashed in the corners. Ascend both
    sets of stairs to find a guard who actually buys your credentials for a change.
    Kill him anyway, then first slowly descend the stairs to find an alarm system.
    There should be two Germans around the corner, one of them being an officer,
    who are set out to kill you. Deal with them appropriately.
    Optionally you can turn around again and enter the room you passed, but it only
    contains a sentry with some supplies. Down the stairs is another huge
    ammunition dump and a set of guards to shoot. After you are done destroying the
    rest of the ammunition, follow the corridor on the right side to find a wider
    area. A room up ahead has a guard near an alarm system, but he takes you as a
    photographer when you show your papers and is rather harmless. The door up
    ahead leads to an archaeologists (does not count for your objective) and the
    final RELIC.
    Return to where the ammunition was stashed and open the final door. Be prepared
    for a party of three running towards you with heavy guns. It is best to run
    around the pillars, or back to the stairs, then aim down where the alarm
    system is. They tend to go for that instead of focusing on you, giving you
    time to shoot them. By the way, if you raise the alarm (or it gets raised), I
    have noticed a guard appear from the bunker entrance. I am unsure if this is
    the case with other locations too, thus you could possibly raise your kill
    total, but you will still get an excellent if you did not make any new enemies
    spawn (it is a percentage after all). Anyhow, cross through the room where the
    ambush was waiting, turn right to kill the guard who is aiming at you, then
    descend into the BUNKER.
    Labyrinth (12 June 1943)                                             G0333
     Finding the artillery installation is only part of the larger assignment. Now,
    to take out those cannons, you're going to need firepower.
     Ditch the photographer get up; I doubt it'll get you much further. Swipe any
    weapon you can find and make your way as quickly as possible to those cannons.
     It appears this part of the base is in the labyrinth where legend tells us
    Thesus slew the Minotaur. Leave it to the Germans to set up shop there.
     Regardless, we're sure there's a communications center somewhere in that base,
    and we need you to sabotage it before they recall their divisions from town.
     Once the center is eliminated, you should have enough time to progress
    through the labyrinth and find those cannons. Uncover them as quickly as
    possibly, Manon.
     I've just received word that one of our convoys is entering range, and if
    those guns aren't taken out soon...well, I don't need to tell you what will
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 41+
    [] Locate Artillery Bunker
    [] Destroy All Cannons
    [] Locate Communications Room
    [] Destroy Comm Devices
    This is a hardcore fighting mission where you have enemies appear almost every
    corner. You will only be using the SMG unless you run out of ammo or wish to
    throw a grenade for some reason. I suggest you do not throw grenades in these
    tight corridors. There is not much of a labyrynth, I even think the previous
    mission was more of a maze than this.
    Go around the corner and select your weapon of choice. Wait around half-way
    down the stairs until the guard approaches from down the corridor. Wait for him
    to pass the crate (else he hides there and is rather well protected). You
    should aim to kill him in one shot. There are guards waiting around each
    corner. They will either run at the guard you shot if you are lucky, because
    then they are in the open area to be killed easily. Else they will take cover
    at the edge of the corner and you have to sling it out with good aim.
    Run straight into the wall, which is actually a door to be opened, to find the
    COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. There are two officers in there. Shoot the equipment to
    destroy the COMM DEVICES. That is two objectives down already. The rest will
    not be so easy. You may also want to leave that health pack for later if you
    run really low.
    Walk down the other corridor to find a guard down the stairs. When you kill him
    the guards in the courtyard will be alerted. You can actually aim for them from
    the stairs. Another couple of guards will run in and hide behind the crates.
    They are a little tougher to deal with. You may need to flush them out by
    running around the pillars.
    The next corridor has a guard patrolling it, easy prey. The path will split up
    ahead with a fountain in the middle. Both sides have a guard running down them,
    Do not forget about the canteens on the fountain ledges if you need some. The
    path rejoins behind the fountain, then has another set of guards down the hall.
    The bright room will be ambushed from the front as you enter, be prepared.
    Enemies also start throwing grenades sometimes. The next area is even tougher
    as the high wall makes it hard to spot enemies' locations. There are a total of
    four guards in here, but two only show up when the others are dead, I think.
    The next square garden has a guard hiding behind the low wall in the far back.
    He is easier to be dealt with than the rest. There are several enemies in the
    small square block coming up. They also throw grenades which can harm their own
    troops. This one is a little dangerous if you do not pay attention. The door on
    the west side leads to the barracks with two guards in it. There is not much
    point in coming here, not even good supplies.
    Take the eastern door to continue. The corridor ahead bends around the right
    and a sentry should run at you. Two more Germans are down in the pillared hall.
    This is a tricky place as they are well covered and your position is not very
    ideal. Take these two out, then slowly walk forward as more will jump from the
    sides. They alway scome in pairs, first in the far back, then again in the
    middle. When they are finally all dead, open the gate to locate the ARTILLERY
    BUNKER. First go right and kill the two guys around the cannon. You can also
    just throw one grenade to take out the gun and them. Do the same on the other
    end of the corridor. Both CANNONS are destroyed and you can leave.
                        Mission Four: Wewelsburg: Dark Camelot           G0340
    Ascent to the Castle (19 September 1943)                             G0341
     As you've been briefed, Manon, this mission is not run of the mill.
     The only weapon you have at your disposal is an experimental crossbow, the
    "Big Joe." While it is absolutely silent, it is very slow to reload.
     To reach the castle, you're going to have to eliminate the German forces, and
    commandeer a cable car up the mountain.
     To do this, you'll need to find some tools to disable the controls in the
    station. Otherwise, the car might be called back to the station before you've
    reached your destination.
     Follow the train tracks, they will take you to a road that leads to the cable
    car station and a radio building. The SS are everywhere, and will quickly warn
    the castle if they smell any sign of trouble. Destroy the radio and cut off
    their line of communication before you head up the mountain.
     Also, we've heard that the Germans have just developed a new submachine gun.
    Keep your eyes open for any information on this weapon.
     Be careful, and good luck.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 53
    [] Find A Crowbar
    [] Find Wire Cutters
    [] Destroy Radio
    [] Steal A Cable Car
    [] Disable Emergency Break
    [] Disable Control Override
    You only start with the silly crossbow. It is really slow in reloading and the
    reload trick will not work if you have no other weapon. The good news is that
    there is a napping guard on the right of the boxes up ahead. Just make sure you
    get this kill in one go! He will drop some STG ammo, which means you can switch
    to a proper gun. Do this, but notice you only have little ammo. There are two
    smoking guards on the left of the boxes up ahead, make sure you kill them with
    what you have got. Switch back to the crossbow and kill the guard on the bridge
    silently. Else the troops underneath it will take notice and run up. Go down
    and shoot them with the plenty of STG ammo you should have now.
    Sneak up on the two guards under the lamp post up ahead, making sure that they
    are both dead before one can hide behind the crate. Usually this alerts some
    guards up ahead, and it is better if it does. Stand at the corner looking down
    the tracks to find a guard running along them. Kill him and aim to the left of
    the tracks for another one shortly after. If they do not come running then the
    next part is not as cool, you will see in a second.
    Slowly approach the house and whip out your crossbow, shooting at the rope
    holding the crate above the guard. Of course you can simply aim for the guard,
    but why not at least do it once?! An officer will come running from the left
    soon, he was stationed inside the house. Use your weapon of choice for him, I
    would use the crossbow but if you miss it can be quite hazardous. Before
    entering the house I suggest you walk past the front and look around the corner
    for the final guard in this area. If you go around the other way I find he is
    more deadly in his shots, as the lamp post blocks most of his shots and you are
    farther away. Inside the house you will find a ladder leading up to the
    CROWBOR, adding a new objective to the mission. By the way, if you can not get
    the guards to run down the tracks then they will only be alerted when you
    approach the house, and the guard underneath the crate will also be attacking
    as well as the officer inside the house.
    Crawl underneath the fence to a new area. There are two guards up ahead who
    will spot you from their position, thus you may shoot at them as soon as you
    can in the hope to kill them instead of a lengthy gunfight behind crates.
    Inside the house is a peeing German, he should not be a problem. I suggest you
    take a quick detour into the kitchen even if you do not need the canteens on
    the worktop, as a guard will jump down from the roof as you make your way back
    out. If you do not spawn him this way, he will drop when you going away from
    the house. Also do not forget about the guard around the corner of the house.
    The path continues along the bushes and the fence, turn right at the tracks and
    use your crossbow (if you still have some useless ammo left) to kill the lone
    guard taking a smoke break. You will also have noticed you have a sniper rifle
    at this point. Going the other way of the tracks, use the STG to kill the
    guards and snipe the guy in the tower. Go up there and aim down to the left of
    the little building. There will be an army coming down this path for a while,
    at least eight guys. Keep staying up there until they are all dead. When you go
    down this path there will be one more guard to greet you at the corner. Turn
    left and snipe the guy in the tower. You do not have to go that way unless you
    want/need supplies.
    Down the other way you will soon spot a crate on the right. There is another
    one before that with two Germans hiding behind it. These guys are dangerous, as
    not only do they have machine guns but they also throw grenades and have a
    great hideout place as opposed to yours. The best way to kill them is to shoot
    at the crate they are hiding behind. In case you have not noticed, it is
    explosive and will take care of the first guy. The second tends to survive and
    still throw a grenade, so be careful.
    Walk along and pass the bridge for now. There is a little communications
    building up ahead. Walk around on the right side and peek around the corner to
    kill the two guards at the door. There is a trigger happy officer inside
    waiting for you as well. Once he is dead, DESTROY the RADIO on the table and go
    back outside. Two Germans will have run towards the building. Returning up the
    path you will notice those two pesky guys have respawned, or at least it
    appears like it is them. You can this time shoot the other crate to remove the
    cover and then finally cross the bridge.
    There are two guards patrolling the bridge, easy enough task. There is another
    guard inside the house you can spot from the entrance. This is a little
    trickier to describe as the guards tend to move around in the building. One
    starts out as the reception but runs into the back when he gets alerted, and
    also throws grenades in these tight hallways which is rather risky for his own
    health. There is also an officer near the controls. There are three heavy
    weapon guards for the cable car, and one can be shot from the control room. The
    other two will then run up the long hallway so you better make your way back to
    greet them gunfire.
    Do not go down the ladder inside the building, instead go back out and peek
    down the hole on the side of the building. You will surely notice light coming
    from there. Kill the officer down there and drop down. Grab the CUTTERS on the
    table and ascend the ladder. In the control room, DISABLE the EMERGENCY BRAKE
    and DISABLE the CONTROL OVERRIDE. Finally, go around the long hallway and enter
    the CABLE CAR to STEAL it.
    Dark Valhalla (19 September 1943)                                    G0342
     If the Germans haven't been alerted to your presence, they won't be expecting
    you when you reach the castle. I suggest trying to find another way besides to
    main entrance.
     Those are SS troopers you'll be facing; so you'll want to catch them unaware
    if at all possible.
     In Himmler's office, a large safe protects the records of the castle's
    activities. Your first priority is to find some demolitions, blow the safe
    open, and acquire incriminating documents for the allies.
     As a side note, we've been informed that the legendary Knife of Abraham has
    been stolen and is being kept within the walls of Wewelsburg. As a personal
    favor, please do your best to liberate the blade from them. We'll be sure it is
    returned to its rightful owner.
     Himmler seems to have become lost in his mystic worships and occult beliefs.
     He's begun seeing himself as a sort of new King Arthur and his 12 highest-
    ranking SS officers are his Knights of the Round Table.
     We've heard references to someplace codenamed "Valhalla.", but don't quite
    know what to make of it. We're not sure what you'll find in that castle, so be
    prepared for just about anything.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 48
    [] Enter The Castle
    [] Get Knife Of Abraham
    [] Find Demolition Charges
    [] Get Contents Of Safe
    [] Find Valhalla
    You start out in the cable car with the sniper rifle. You can use this to kill
    the German up ahead, you should have plenty of ammo and it is not very useful
    in this level for anything else. Go along the path until you spot another one
    having a smoke at a lamp post. Again, snipe rifle will do fine. As you approach
    the castle, you will first spot a German up in the window. Snipe him. You now
    have the choice between sneaking in or going through the front entrance. Both
    lead to the same place, and if you want an excellent evaluation then you need
    to come to the main courtyard anyway, but the quiet way is slightly easier.
    Pass through the broken wall and underneath the bridge, then climb up the ivy
    on the wall. Up in the tower is an unsuspected German looking out the wrong
    side. Take care of him and go down the spiral stairs to ENTER THE CASTLE.
    Down there are two more unsuspecting guards facing the wrong way. This is
    really easy coming from the tower. You will also hear the gates closing again,
    creepy. There is a heavily armed guy in the room on the left so be extra
    careful. He is guarding the DEMOLITION CHARGES you want to pick up.
    Crawl through to the main hall and open the gate on the right side. This leads
    to the courtyard and this entrance is guarded by two Germans. I suggest you let
    them run into the gate rather than you stepping outside. When they are dead,
    face the two tunnels on the right south side of the yard as all enemies come
    from there. There are at least two Germans in the right tunnel and another two
    in the left one. They tend to run from one to the other and it is hard to keep
    track where they spawn. One thing is sure, coming down that way (the right
    tunnel) is a lot harder to fight in when the enemies spawn behind you. The left
    tunnel leads to the room where you sniped the German in the window, you can
    find some supplies up there if you need it.
    Re-enter the main hall and enter the museum straight across it. The second
    showroom has the KNIFE OF ABRAHAM in the center. Swipe and get ready for the
    masses of enemies that will surely come into the room to protect it... OK, for
    once absolutely nothing happens.
    Go down the only corridor you have not been, then crawl through to the other
    side and shoot the enemy you can see from this angle. Stay crouched as there is
    another guy behind the round table waiting for you. He is really easy to take
    out if you simply sneak around to the left side and shoot him from underneath
    the table.
    The round junction up ahead is dangerous as it has a machine gunner on each
    side as you step into it. Tread carefully. Notice the hole in the ground, drop
    down there. You will see two armors around the corner as well, not to take away
    a cool moment or anything, but these two are actually knights who will attack
    soon, thus you better shoot their brains out before they even get close. They
    only have a strong melee attack but them running straight for you is half the
    offensive tactic. If you are unprepared they can shock you. Nevertheless, they
    were guarding a room with a safe, thus place the demolition charges and take
    cover. take the CONTENTS OF SAFE and go back up to the round junction.
    There are two guards at the end of this short corridor, then turn right and
    left immediately, down the stairs and turn right again but keeping to the left
    side of this squared room. You will see two officers talking, take them out
    from a distance. As you enter the room you will spot another suit of armor in
    the corner. Of course I do not need to tell you that it is another knight
    wanting to ambush you. First time you play this game and not knowing what to
    expect, totally different than reading about it now.
    The corridor up ahead is the heart of the level. There will be a big gunfight
    first from the front and then from the back. In-between you get a visit from a
    knight in the room to the right. It is hard to describe which event happens
    when, just watch out on both sides. The guys also carry grenades but they
    usually just explode them at the large room with the fireplace. The rooms on
    both sides only hold supplies, thus continue via the one at the end of the
    corridor. If you are not sure when to move on, I had 36 kills at this point.
    Once you open the door, two knights will run through it. Walk backwards as you
    shoot them, it is not too hard. Turn right and take the corridor to an open
    area. Shoot the guard ahead and concentrate on the left wall with the lamps
    which has two guards soon. Walk their way when they are dead, continue straight
    to a what appears like a dead-end, and then interact with the lights on the
    wall in the following order: Middle, Left, Right. A wall will open and reveal a
    huge supply of ammunition, including those lousy bowgun arrows you were
    probably itching to get more of.
    Take the red carpet stairs down and turn left around the corner to find a very
    narrow corridor leading further down. You will probably hear some Germans
    marching around, and they will be running up these stairs. When the coast is
    clear, descend down but be aware of not one, not two, but three knights at the
    end. You should be walking backwards to reload and shoot some more bullets into
    them as they approach, and in the mix there also more German guards and
    officers. Overall this is mighty easy (not easy to avoid the gunfire if you
    stay in the corridor) and the entire "oh no three knights in one go" often does
    not work out the way the developers have thought it should, but if it does
    happen to you then it is mighty cool. Nevertheless, you have found VALHALLA.
    A Vicious Cycle (20 September 1943)                                  G0343
     So, Valhalla is really a room for communing with dead German kings, as well as
    the future home of the ashes of Hitler and other Nazi high officials?
     Well, Himmler is even further gone than we originally suspected.
     You've escaped the castle, however, there is no cable car available for your
    descend - so you'll have to head downhill on foot.
     You will soon run into a road that leads to the town of Buren.
     There is a German barracks just across a bridge off the main road. Use some of
    the explosives you found in the castle to destroy the bridge and slow down the
     Sirens have been triggered, and Germans are scouring the hillside looking for
    you. Locate the control shack for the sirens and turn them off... permanently.
     Once you have reached Buren, you will need to meet up with one of your
    underground operatives.
     Head to the house marked with the weathervane and go inside.
     He will hide you for a few days until we can bring you back to base.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 54
    [] Destroy Bridge To Barracks
    [] Destroy Siren Controls
    [] Go To Safe House
    This level is similar to on in the first game, with the hedges and all. Switch
    to the STG, you will mainly use it unless told otherwise. There are also some
    minor glitches in this level with the sidecars, especially if you decide to run
    away from them. No biggie.
    Leave the castle and walk down to the first clearing. There is a guard behind
    the trees and another one running up the hill behind him. Go to the next
    clearing where, if quick enough, you can shoot an officer patrolling the area.
    Another German is hiding behind the tree on the left and soon one to the right.
    If you walk backwards they will actually follow you soon, but they also throw
    grenades so be careful.
    Continue down the hill and soon another clearing will appear. This time a
    sidecar will jump from the right side and drive off into the opposite direction
    you are coming from. Shoot the driver to take it out of commission. It will
    continue going and explode, do not go near it. If you are fast enough you can
    run forward and shoot the sidecar driver while it is still going the other way,
    then it will explode down there near a tree. It is much safer and you have lots
    of time to pull this off. Two rangers will drop out of the bushes on the right
    side as well soon after the sidecar is gone, kill them both quickly. The sirens
    will go off, this is unavoidable, and you will have to live with the noise for
    As you come down the hill some more you will reach a road. There is a roadblock
    on the left side with a machine gunner guarding it, and another guard on the
    right side when you enter. Make your choice which one to kill first, I tend to
    go for the roadblock one. Two more rangers will run up the road too. Walk along
    the path and when you see a small opening on the left, run in there. Another
    sidecar will drive along soon and you better take it out quickly and step aside
    as it may run into you. A ranger will accompany it. Down the road is another
    roadblock and you can spot a ranger from far away, then take out the one hiding
    in the bushes on the left. This is your way to continue.
    The small clearing has two guards waiting for you, but they do not spot you
    easily. Shoot the left one and then the right one will drop to the floor, where
    you can still shoot him from your position. Move through the clearing and
    quickly shoot the guard on the right hand road block. Another one will probably
    run across the bridge once this happens. Set the charges on the BRIDGE TO
    BARRACKS in a way that you are on the opposite side when it explodes, but you
    can still jump over the gap if necessary. Before that you may want to snipe the
    guy on the tower but sometimes he does not even notice you until you pass by.
    Run down the path and soon you will spot three Germans down the hill. Sometimes
    one will run right into the bushes and appear on top of the small wall. You can
    cut across through the bushes on the other end too, and there is a health pack
    up there too. Keep an eye out on the left side when a small path opens up and a
    patrol should be there as well. Before going that way, take a few more steps
    forward on the main path and snipe the guy in the tower up ahead. This will
    spawn to rangers to come up the path so take care of them before returning to
    the little branch.
    At the end is a small building with a German on the right who will immediately
    spot you. Take extra care of the other guard around the other side of the
    building as his hideout is really well protected by a lamp post. Inside the
    building are the SIREN CONTROLS you want to destroy. Ignore the tower unless
    you need some supplies, then return to the main path. The small branch has a
    machine gunner and an officer waiting for you, this is a major shocker if you
    are playing for the first time, especially when they start blasting their guns
    almost immediately.
    Going along the path you will soon hear the noises of a sidecar engine. It will
    also appear soon, coming straight for you. If you are not fast in taking it
    out, backstep a little as you shoot. There is also a ranger on the right and he
    could be killed by the exploding sidecar, or you once that is out of the way.
    Continuing on the bridge is a dead-end thus take the small path on the right
    side, down below the bridge. Turn left and shoot the two rangers around the
    camp fire before going through the bushes behind it.
    You may want to crouch before reappearing on the other side, as there are two
    trigger happy Germans waiting for you. They tend to shoot almost before they
    can really hit you, from way down below. When you get them, do not bother going
    towards the bridge and instead crawl through the bushes near where you came out
    from. A guard is patrolling the clearing up ahead, and you can almost always
    kill him from your crouching position in the bushes. There is another guard
    further left before you can move on to another road.
    Run along until a sidecar comes riding your way. Take it out of commission and
    then shoot the Germans running out from the village, there should be two more
    in the first part of the village. The house on the left has a health pack if
    you need it badly. Going through small corridor will take you the main area
    with a fountain. Careful, do not step rapidly as there are two Germans waiting
    to greet you, an officer with grenades will join them too, and a forth guy is
    in the back of the village. He sometimes stays there until you reach that area.
    You may have seen the small weather crane, that is indeed the house you want to
    reach. If you are sure all the enemies are dead then you can enter it, and the
    arch on the right past this house has a health pack to ensure you exit the
    mission healthy.
                      Mission Five: Last Rites at Mount Cassino          G0350
    Roundabout (15 June 1944)                                            G0351
     Benvenuto in Italia, Manon.
     We've got a difficult job for you so let's get right to the details.
     Monte Cassino has proven a very tough nut to crack, and our success thus far
    has been negligible. In fact, the first phase of your mission will be to
    actually gain access to the abbey, not a minor heat in itself.
     We think your best chances is through a back entrance leading up to the
    abbey's crypt.
     Unfortunately, getting there means going through a supply depot protected by a
    very nasty guard tower.
     I'm afraid you're going to have to find an alternative way into the abbey.
     There are less used forest paths that go around the abbey, and link up to the
    main road. This is convenient since we want you to stop a series of supply
    trucks from supporting Monte Cassino.
     They must not be allowed to reach the abbey. Take out the trucks, any supplies
    you find, and the guard tower for good measure.
     Watch your back, Manon.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 40
    [] Disable Guard Tower
    [] Destroy Supply Truck
    [] Destroy Supply Depot
    [] Locate Crypt Entrance
    I find this mission rather easy. Sure, most enemies start to carry machine guns
    now, but overall you can finish this with ease. Try to keep enough STEN ammo
    left for the next mission, although using the pistol is not always recommended
    either. In the winding paths you will often be surprised by a guard, and in
    those cases it is better to simply blast without aiming - faster and more
    All right, the beginning bit is quite difficult to do well. You start out with
    very little useful ammunition. Around the first bend is the first road block.
    There are two guards at the gate who will run and shoot at you immediately, and
    a guard in the tower. Fortunately the tower lookout is not so dangerous.
    Additionally, a guard will often be close enough to join into the fun from the
    left trees. To deal with this situation, you have several choices. You can do
    the ordinary way to shoot it out, but you may run dry on ammunition quickly.
    The second choice is to throw a grenade into the path of the two guards in
    order to spread them out a little. They may even die in the process. The third,
    and maybe odd sounding, choice is to pull out the Panzerfaust and shoot it at
    the gate to kill them. This is actually more useful than you think, but the
    problem is that you really need to aim well to get this done. Do not worry
    about lacking Panzerfaust ammo later.
    After collecting all the ammo in this area, move on. The first little passage
    has a guard waiting, and as I have pointed out earlier, it may be faster to
    simply strafe and shoot rather than aim slowly. If you have fast aim on then
    this may still be ok. Another German will run to your position and you have to
    be careful in this scenario as the green plants often hide the fact that
    someone is around the corner. When you reach a fence, first shoot the guard
    patrolling on the right and then turn left to kill the two guards there. This
    is a dead-end so follow along the fence where the patrol was.
    Around the corner are two Germans, then two more near the walls. When you drop
    down you will have to destroy the first batch of trucks. There are three in
    total but they come along really slowly, and always with troops. First kill the
    trooper on the right and grab more Panzerfaust ammo if necessary. There is
    plenty to be found here. Shoot on at the truck and if you hit it clean it will
    stop and should explode shortly after. You should also try to shoot it towards
    the right side and maybe near the ground so its blast takes out the army
    tagging along. Else you can always shoot another Panzerfaust against the side
    of the wall they are running along, or switch to another weapon. To speed
    things up you can also go into the direction the TRUCKS are coming from destroy
    Move along the opposite way, follow the path connection the roads which also
    holds four Germans, then walk left instead of into the roadblock. Kill the
    approaching troops and blast the truck with a Panzerfaust. If you need more
    ammo for it, there is a crate behind the nearby tree and another one sitting on
    the wall when the fences start. The remaining three TRUCKS will drive towards
    you and this time you want to aim whichever place takes out the surrounding
    army. There are roughly a dozen troops on this road to the supply depot.
    Collect all the ammo and then take one step into the depot itself and quickly
    throw a grenade onto the ammo crates on the left. This may take out one or both
    of the guards appearing around here, else just pump them full of lead. There
    are two machine gunners waiting around the far right corner which is also where
    you should DISABLE the GUARD TOWER.
    With the ammo crates already taken care of, use the pistol to shoot the barrels
    lined up against the wall and also two near the guard tower lamp post. Finally,
    throw a grenade into the crates stashed behind the building for them to explode
    and you should have DESTROYED the SUPPLY DEPOT with this. Take the path leading
    away from the depot and shoot the loner guarding the CRYPT ENTRANCE. Jump down
    and approach the ladder.
    Prisoners of War (15 June 1944)                                      G0352
     The next phase of your mission is an errand of mercy.
     You see, we'd received word that a group of pilots from the 8th Air Force had
    recently been taken prisoner when shot down over Monte Cassino. We don't want
    them on the list of casualties once we start bombing.
     They've all earned a free ticket home, Manon. But first, you've got to get
    them out.
     Locate and free the CO of the group. It's likely the Germans are interrogating
     Once free, he'll help you locate the others. You'll most likely need to
    provide cover as he jimmies the locks imprisoning his comrades.
     It's very important all the pilots make it out before the bombing commences.
     Once the pilots are out, search for a command center (we suspect is hidden)
    somewhere inside the abbey.
     Despite heavy shelling on the German position, they've still maintained order,
    so we suspect their command center to be in the abbey itself.
     Locate and eliminate both it, and the command staff.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 44
    [] Free Captain
    [] Rescue Pilots From Cells
    [] Protect Captain
    [] Destroy War Room
    [] Eliminate Command Staff
    This mission is almost reverse to the previous one, in that it is rather easy
    at first and then quite in the final moments. There is so much machine gun ammo
    in this level that you only need to use this gun unless switching to a grenade
    when desired.
    Find the stairs and kill the guard coming down. As you ascend, turn right and
    kill the guard in front of the door. You now have the choice to go right and
    get the captain, or left and scout ahead, killing all the enemies that may
    harm the captain. The captain is not too much of a wussie, but it is the safer
    way to play the level. It is up to you.
    Scouting Ahead:
    Turn left, go along the corridor while ignoring all the doors and turn right
    again. A room to the left has some crates with guards. The room to the right
    also has crates but will continue through to another hallway. There are two
    guards waiting at this point. This corridor has a room to the side with some
    wine barrels and two Germans. The end of the corridor has a few more troops and
    more will come down at the end of the stairs. You may be low on health here as
    the rooms you are suppose to open have some medipacks, but you should still be
    doing all right. If you wish you can go up the stairs and start the gunfight in
    the main abbey, but the captain would normally leave you hear anyway so this is
    again optionally to at this point. Return to the stairs near the beginning of
    the level and turn right, freeing the captain in the room and then going ahead
    as you normally would, only this time you do not have to worry about the guards
    Freeing the Captain:
    Turn right and better change to the pistol to shoot the officer through the
    glass. You risk shooting the captain in the process. There is another guard on
    the left side. The captain will automatically unlock the door to FREE himself.
    Follow him along the corridors and let him unlock the doors to free the
    prisoners. You do not really need to care for them as they will run down to the
    start of the level and suddenly disappear into thin air, which is basically
    rescuing them.
    From the first door, look ahead and shoot the German creeping around the
    corner. The second door look down the T-junction, the third door back into the
    corridor you came from, there are two guys here and one may stay back a little
    so be careful if he tries to get the prisoner or the captain. As you run down
    the T-junction, a guard will spawn behind you, then one in each side room.
    Nothing happens as the captain unlocks the next door, but a guard is at the
    corner to the last prisoner. At the final door you have to watch out for a
    guard coming down the stairs. Do not forget to check the prisoner cells for
    supplies, but you may want to leave any health packs for real need later.
    With the last door unlocked you have RESCUED the PILOTS. The captain will also
    stay at the bottom of the stairs thus you have finished PROTECTING him. If you
    did the gunfight in the abbey earlier than you do not have to bother with it
    now, but there are only four Germans here at this point.
    Turn right from the stairs and pick up the grenades if necessary. Equip one
    and open the large painting door. Turn the corner and throw a grenade down into
    the WAR ROOM. If you have not destroyed it already, throw another one, or just
    to ELIMINATE the COMMAND STAFF. Entering the room has spawned multiple guards
    in the abbey, thus take care of the top of the stairs. The abbey is really
    crowded with Germans at this point, and nearly each pillar leading to the door
    has one hiding behind it. Take it slow and stay covered to accomplish this, it
    is not so easy. Luckily there are two health packs down in the war room and
    you may have left plenty in the prisoner cells for this situation. Do not 
    miss out on the two Germans waiting in the small entrance room when you think
    it is safe to leave. Exit the abbey to move on.
    Mayhem in the Monestary (15 June 1944)                               G0353
     Sorry Manon, but your mission's about to become even more difficult.
     Because Monte Cassino is so heavily fortified, we need to make sure that
    certain elements do not survive the bombing. 
     So, on your way out of the abbey, it's imperative you take care of a few
     First, take out any supplies you lay eyes on.
     If our bombing doesn't achieve the desired results, then this will become a
    war of attrition, meaning the sooner the enemy's out of supplies, the sooner
    the battle is over.
     Second, find the quartermaster's ledge so we can gauge just how long the
    Germans can hold out.
     Finally, destroy all of the half-tracks you encounter. Those vehicles will
    make mincemeat of our troops if any are allowed to survive. So find cover,
    give those vehicles a heavy dose of explosive ordnance, and get yourself out of
     Be careful, Manon. This is a tough one.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 68
    [] Locate Quartermaster Ledger
    [] Destroy Munitions
    [] Destroy Supplies
    [] Destroy All Half Tracks
    The announcer mentions some escaped prisoners. There are many alert guards here
    and it is a real mayhem as the title of the level describes.
    It is also rather hard to detail the enemy positions as they move around a lot
    in the smaller areas. For example, the first courtyard has five guys waiting
    for you. They hide pretty well behind the pillars.
    Move into the corridor and kill the two guards at the end who are not so well
    hidden. Careful of the officer waiting in the room to the right and there are
    some supplies in there that are surely helpful. You already hear the first HALF
    TRACK at this point, thus get your Panzerfaust ready and turn the corner to
    blast it quickly. Two good hits should take it out, else you are wasting
    ammunition. You can also use some grenades to finish it off but that is riskier
    with all those German guards around. Kill the rest of the goons in this yard
    and the ones that are up the wide staircase.
    When given the choice, turn right and kill the guard, then quickly run left
    around the corner for cover and some supplies. Face the corridor to kill the
    guard that was standing there and two more that will come running. Run down
    the corridor with windows on the right and instead of wasting ammot to try and
    shoot the Germans across the other side, crouch and continue until you can
    simply shoot them straight-on. Turn left at the junction and kill the Germans
    waiting for you, then go back to the windows and continue along to a dead-end
    for some supplies.
    In that corridor are three pairs of Germans, each dangerous. Your best bet is
    to approach the corner, run backwards and then let them come around so you can
    blast them. When you fear them shout "evacuate" you know they are coming. At
    the end you will notice a hole on the right. Enter it and shoot the mounted
    machine gunner. If the half track is somewhere on the right then you should
    mount the gun yourself and blast the guards and the ammunition boxes. If you
    want you can leave the boxes to make the half track explode quicker, but I
    suggest you do not let it in your sight as it will take a lot of damage to your
    health. There is Panzerfaust ammo in the corner which you should use to
    destroy the HALF TRACK. If you shoot all the boxes than the MUNITIONS are
    destroyed too.
    Go down the only corridor you have not been and it is of course crawling with
    more Germans. At the you will see ladder but ignore it for now. Go the right
    way and kill the German, this guy is pesky. Turn around and go up the ladder.
    Quickly mad the machine gun and take out the gunner behind the wall. There will
    be more Germans jumping from the windows on the right and you cannot spot them
    from your position. They usually try to go for the gun and you can even shoot
    them before they reach it. Sometimes a guard will be below you and shoot up the
    ladder in some miracle bending bullet style, so you have to decend to kill him
    and then go back up. This whole affair takes a while, I had 55 kills by the
    time it was finished. Blow up all the SUPPLIES to complete this objective. Grab
    all the health and ammo in the area and crawl through the wall to the next
    You can spot a German down the other side of the room. Kill him, then wait for
    two officers to run into view to kill them as well. Grab the LEDGER on the
    chest, equip the grenade and walk into the next corridor. Throw a grenade into
    the path of the two guards and shoot them if they want to throw/kick it back.
    This area might look familiar, but it just looks like that. There are more
    troops down the end and then be careful as you approach the stairs. Take one or
    two steps up and shoot at the corner, then wait for the two heavy machine
    gunners to come into your gunfire.
    The next yard is the final area. First kill the two guys around the corner if
    they step into the doorway, you would not want a Panzerfaust blown in your
    face, would you? When you think it is ok, pull out the Panzerfaust and shoot
    the final HALF TRACK. There are lots of supplies in this area, not sure why,
    but health is always welcome. The entrance has two more Germans to eliminate
    and then you can finally leave this bloody level.
                          Mission Six: A Mittelwerk Saboteur             G0360
    Plans for Destruction (4 July 1944)                                  G0361
     Welcome back to France, Manon! The Nazis have nestled a secret factory in the
    hills near Lille to build their insidious V1 "buzz bombs". Lucky for us, a Nazi
    double agent has acquired detailed schematics of the factory, and is willing to
    risk his life to get them to us.
     He has left a backpack of explosive charges for you along the mountain path.
    Find the explosives, then find the agent up the trail from a signal fire. Once
    you have the plans, follow him to small town where you will find a cable car
    that departs from the village, with a destination up near the factory.
     You'll need to power up the generators near the station to get the cable car
     It's hard to believe the Nazis have turned this once beautiful resort town
    into a heavily fortified war machine.
     Use extreme caution, Manon, there are snipers and well-trained mountain
    troopers everywhere.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 77 (*)
    [] Find The Explosives Backpack
    [] Get The Plans For The Factory
    [] Activate The Generator
    [] Activate The Tram
    You start this mission with the shotgun, and although it is not necessarily a
    bad weapon, it is not suited too well for this terrain. The enemies tend to be
    medium to far distance away from you. However, the ammo for the shotgun is more
    available than the SMG thus you should still try to use both when you can. You
    also have grenades thus get used to cycle through the weapons quickly without
    making the mistake to throw one of those.
    As you turn the corner you can already use your new toy to kill this guy.
    Switch to the SMG for the sniper in the back and then kill the guard coming
    around the right corner. Walk along and when you spot a crate at the next one,
    shoot it twice for it to explode and take the guard behind it to hell. If not,
    use another shot of course. Run up the rest of this ascend and then quickly
    lean against the left wall with the green door. There is a mounted machine gun
    up on the roof which will rip you to shreds. Walk along the path and run up to
    the roof, quickly turn and run towards the fence to avoid the gunfire, and
    finally kill the trooper. Mount the gun yourself and shred the Germans who have
    come up to pieces, and wait for more to arrive. There are two from the right
    side, who will stop at the little shed's entrance, and three or four at the
    left corner. You also want to destroy those barrels of course, especially when
    a guard is next to it.
    Drop down again and enter the little shed to find the EXPLOSIVES BACKPACK.
    Continue on the path and kill the guy running down to you, then the sniper on
    the hill above. When you see a crossroad, turn left and kill the sentry first,
    then you have the choice of where to go. For the proper game flow you want to
    go left, but of course you can also go right and kill all the guards in the
    hope of them not killing your undercover agent later, but since this will
    almost certainly happen anyway, just go left towards Lille (I think 'Aufsatz'
    means 'plateau'.)
    You will find a guard patrolling the next stretch, a sniper in the background,
    and another one up on the hill on the right who is easy to miss. Do not let him
    shoot you in the back. Another guard will run down into your direction and then
    you will see a wall in front of you. A sniper is on the right side, and another
    one in the distance to the right of that. Climb up for supplies and then climb
    up the small ladder on the right to continue.
    You will see a camp fire on the right, two Germans are camping there. Go up the
    hill and meet the double agent who will you zee PLANS FOR THE FACTORY. He will
    also tag along, but he is pretty weak. I have rarely seen him kill somebody,
    mainly snipers who were slow to shoot him first, and if he gets shot like once
    he is already a dead man. Additionally, he can only go as far as the place
    where you need to crawl, therefore it is not useful to try and keep him around.
    Nevertheless, drop down the mountain and go left. Turn left and shoot he sniper
    and turn down to the bridge. Several Germans will be hiding out before, on, and
    after the bridge. It is irregular where they hide. Watch out around the corner
    after the bridge too. This is the place where you crawl, get a health pack, and
    leave the double agent to rot should he still be alive.
    When you reach the other side, stay crouched. Do not think about getting up.
    This is the toughest part of the level, simply because if you are unlucky then
    you get shot to pieces. There is a mounted machine gun in the tower to the left
    and it will shoot often when you are still in the tunnel. Glitch perhaps. Sneak
    around the left and past the sandbags, then turn left and shoot the German
    here. You can get up now, point up and shoot the nasty guy in the tower.
    Optionally you can now return to the hole in the wall and go past it down into
    the woods. Soon you will find a sign post, go the opposite way it is pointing
    for a dead-end with two guards, then down the T-junction until you reach the
    part with the sign posts where you went towards Lille. You can now return the
    way you came, or re-do the part towards Lille. I have noticed three German
    guards spawning near the bridge and they killed the agent I suppose, but I am
    not sure if this is normal to happen. Read the note at the end of this level to
    find out more.
    Whether or not you have done a small detour just now, you should be at the
    machine gun tower now. Go west past it and through a corridor. There are
    several guards around here. When you see a ladder, shoot the guy to the left of
    it, then wait for one to appear at the top of the ladder. Sometimes a guard
    will also run in from the left side, or stay at the house that is that way. If
    he did not, shoot the barrels around him for a quick kill. The barrel on the
    right of the house holds a helpful health pack.
    Ascend the ladder, then shoot the sentry awaiting you as well as the sniper up
    the really long ladder. Ascend this one, then kill all the guys ahead near the
    fence going down a steep cliff. The roadblock on the left has some health and
    the right ascend further up the hill. Kill the two guards near the roadblock
    there, continue up the hill. Turn right and snipe the sniper, then aim at the
    corner to the left where a machine gunner will pop out. Cross the bridge but
    watch out at the corner as two guys will want to kill you. A third one usually
    follows them.
    Inside the village you have a rifleman for a change, easy. On the right are
    some barrels, where the one near the blockade holds a health pack. You may want
    to leave this for later if you are nearly full. Slightly tricky part coming up,
    and so close to the end. Run through the narrow corridor on the right and
    quickly turn the corner with a grenade ready to throw. You should try to get it
    over the sandbags, but if not then the German will usually go for it anyway.
    Quickly kill him, it is important you do this well or you are toast if he
    mounts the machine gun. If you prefer not to use the grenades, aim well! Mount
    the machine gun and kill any oncoming soldiers. There are quite a few here.
    When this is finally completed, continue right through the narrow corridor and
    quickly shoot the guy near the mounted machine gun here. When you approach the
    gun three more guards will spawn, which means you want to riddle them with
    bullets. Also blow up the crates as they hold health which is probably needed
    at this point. These are the last enemies in the level, so collect any more
    health you have left to fill your evaluation requirement, enter the small hut
    at the south side of the village to ACTIVATE THE GENERATOR, then walk up the
    stairs to the large house in the west, which is the tram station. Inside is a
    red lever to ACTIVE THE TRAM. Wait a moment for it to arrive and open the door
    and also the gate to it. Approach it to ascend to the factory.
    (*)When trying different paths I have once managed to respawn a few enemies,
       which I take it to be a glitch in the game. Thus you can actually get more
       kills for this level than the normal count. I have put the number I have
       received without this glitch.
    Sabotage! (4 July 1944)                                              G0362
     The Nazis have converted this vacation resort into a barracks of sorts, and
    according to the plans you were given, they've "remodeled" quite a bit. There
    is a full-blown manufacturing plant winding deep into the mountainside. First,
    acquire the supervisor's control room key. The manufacturing sectors of the
    plant are scaled behind heavy doors, so once you get the key, make your way to
    the control room and open up those sectors.
     Next, destroy all 9 pieces of equipment using those explosive charges you
    picked up along the hillside.
     Once you've crippled their ability to make new rockets, you'll need to wipe
    out the stockpile of parts they've already built. The parts depot appears to be
    at the far end of the factory.
     This is where it gets tricky, Manon.
     The resulting explosion from this stockpile will be massive. Set the demo
    charge and run for your life.
     There is an exit directly down the hall from the depot. This assignment is
    your toughest yet, but I'm confident you'll be able to handle it.
     If you fail, buzz bombs production in the region will continue, and the Allies
    will no doubt suffer heavy losses.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 53
    [] Find Control Room Key
    [] Activate Door Controls
    [] Destroy V1 Machinery
    [] Destroy V1 Stockpile
    Again you should use both the shotgun and SMG for the appropriate situation,
    but you are ok with the shotgun for the corridors unless enemies hide behind a
    Grab the supplies and shoot the first guard at the end of the corridor. Usually
    he does not hide at first so if you are quick he can be shot before it happens.
    There is a German hiding behind the corner in the left branch which is a dead-
    end but has some canteens. Follow the other way straight and not right when
    given the choice, then after a quick winding path with some crates you have two
    Germans waiting for you at the end of the corridor. There is a machine gunner
    in the bedroom on the right who will drop the CONTROL ROOM KEY when dead. The
    other room is a shower and overall this is another dead-end, thus return to
    where I said not to turn right, and turning north this time.
    Kill the guard around the corner, then the other three at the end of the
    corridor. This bedroom leads to nowhere, but you must have noticed the hole in
    the wall which leads to the factory proper. You will also hear an announcer
    mentioned shots being fired, but do not worry it.
    In the factory, go the only way you can and when you see some crates and a
    barrel you need to watch out for oncoming guards. The barrels makes it easy to
    dispatch them. Run into the narrow corridor and if you are fast then you can
    take out the guy on the other end before he starts shooting. Watch out for the
    sentry on the small steps and then turn right at the next junction. You will
    get to another junction soon enough, and a door straight ahead leading to the
    control room. ACTIVATE the DOOR CONTROLS and watch for the enemies pouring
    around the corner. If you simply aim the shotgun towards the left side of the
    doorway then you should only require three shots and take minimal or no damage.
    Do a U-turn and go straight, past the door on the right. Maneuver through the
    winding path with no enemies, then go up the long staircase. There is a German
    at the top but he tends to run back and end up in a room with a desk where you
    can kill him with ease. Crawl through the hole in the end and snipe the two
    engineers from up here, but they do take notice as soon as you see them.
    Explode the first MACHINERY, then approach the left one up ahead and wait one
    second as you hear the door move. Attach another explosive on the MACHINERY and
    it should take out the first enemy who enters. There are roughly half a dozen
    more coming in, some stay around the corner in the hallway. The machine gun
    is best at this point. Do not forget to explode the third MACHINERY before
    Run back down to the junction you were earlier, going straight and into the
    narrow corridor from before as well. The door ahead is now open, and three
    engineers will greet you on the left side. The machine here is kind of annoying
    as it is a cover for anyone standing behind it, and the person behind it can
    shoot over it without any blockage. You want them to be further left before
    wasting any ammo. Destroy the first two MACHINERY and if you need/want some
    more supplies you can crawl underneath the box on the left side. Walk backwards
    into the short connecting corridor to the room in the back, because as soon as
    you do a guard and an engineer will spawn in the room outside the door. They
    will run in and you should be ready for it, this time using the machine as
    cover yourself. Blow up the third MACHINERY in the back and return to the
    junction past the narrow corridor.
    Go right back to the control room, do not be scared that the doors re-open,
    this is the game's technical limitation. Go right and this time turn right
    again into the corridor you past earlier. Shoot the troops around the corner,
    some hiding behind a crate, then descend down and kill the guy around the left
    corner. Quickly look down the chute and shoot the German down there, but he may
    already have left to go meet you up the path. There is a health pack as you go
    around the bend, should you need it badly. In the middle section of this path,
    look down the chute again to kill another guard. At the end of all this you
    have a guard coming up the stairs, two more further down with one usually
    staying around the corner whereas the second runs towards you as well.
    After a while you will end up in a room with crates. Usually this means enemies
    hiding somewhere, and in this case two are behind the last one on the right.
    You have a choice to go west or east now, turn west and shoot the guards around
    the corner and running at you from the distance. Again, the SMG is best here
    but the shotgun can take of it as well. If you turn around now you can enter
    the bathroom for a canteen, and a health pack is behind the crate the other
    guards were hiding. Destroy the last three MACHINERY in the huge room, then
    step on the platform at the end to ascend.
    Take the left or right path up there, they both lead to the same place, but
    it depends where the guard up ahead is hiding I suppose. He may not have
    noticed you yet. The door can only be opened if you have destroyed all the
    machinery already, but you must have done following this guide. Turn left
    and kill the guard, then quickly turn right and shoot the one in the very
    narrow corridor. The eastern one leads to a room with supplies, the western
    one continues the level. Kill the two Germans up ahead, then when you find a
    T-junction there is another guard up ahead. The white sign 'Ausgang' means
    'Exit', but as you are not done yet you should continue straight ahead.
    Sometimes another guard will come around the corner, if not then he is around
    the bend and some more up ahead near the crate. These are the last units to
    kill. Before moving into the room on the left you want to ensure you have
    collected all the health and ammo you want, as once you place an explosive to
    DESTROY the V1 STOCKPILE you have to run out of here and the only place to
    go is into the corridor with the exit sign. Do not look back a keep moving
    if you do not want to be blown up with the factory.
    Sidecar Shootout (4 July 1944)                                       G0363
     Unbelievable job, Manon!
     The explosion created by your seek and destroy mission was spotted by English
    planes returning from a bombing run near Cologne.
     Unfortunately, every Nazi in the vicinity saw it as well, so they'll be
    hunting you down like mad dogs. The only way out of there is a long winding
    road down the backside of the mountain. The road is heavily manned, and to make
    matters worse, shows damage from recent failed artillery attempts on the
    factory you just destroyed. A near impossible mission without some help...
     Lucky for you we were able to get a man on the inside. He's a mechanic named
    Sonntag and he's pretty good with a motorcycle. He'll be waiting for you
    nearby, so just press the action button to get in. You'll have a mounted
    machine gun attached to your sidecar.
     Take dead aim on the Nazis swarming up the road toward you or you'll never
    make it down the mountain alive.
     Oh, and along the way, there are two V1 rockets being readied for launch as we
    speak. Sonntag knows where they are, but you'll have to deal with them
     Once you make it to the tunnel at the end of town, you'll be home free.
     This is a rough one Manon, but I know you're up for it!
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 89 (90?)
    [] Destroy First Launch Site
    [] Destroy Second Launch Site
    [] Exit Town
    This is mission is ridiculously easy, especially compared to what you have been
    through lately. Most of it is on a sidecar which makes it tricky to ensure that
    you kill everyone in the level, but not too tough. Killing all enemies also
    avoids them actually taking a shot at you, thus minimizing damage in those
    Shoot the guard directly in front of you, who does not even notice you if you
    wait around yourself. Two guards around the corner will already have seen you
    though, I suppose they are on alert from the factory bombing or can see through
    the wall. Take care of those boys, then approach the trees for two more behind
    them. The factory will have a small explosion but nothing that will actually
    harm you. Approach the gate and lob a grenade just past the guard house (not
    too much further) and the guy hiding behind it will probably try and throw it
    back. Often it will just be thrown against the guard house, others he may try
    to throw it back at you but then he is also in plain sight for a kill. This is
    the final guy in the first area, and if you have not spotted the surgeon packs
    on an elevated platform near the start of the level then you can refill all
    your health now.
    Use the action button to mount the machine gun on Sonntag's sidecar and get
    ready to shoot the guards. I can try to give some vague directions of where to
    look for them. Shoot ahead at all times, you have unlimited ammo and the gun
    does not overheat. Sometimes you will already perform a kill in the distance
    before they come into sight, but they can also shoot at you before you can spot
    them. By the way, driving over them also counts for a kill if it was fatal. The
    first three guys are spread out, then the next three start near a barrel. Three
    more are just past the house. As you go around the bend, aim right to kill the
    two Germans rather than when the sidecar comes around. Keep aiming right as you
    go around and there will be two more on the side which are easy to miss if you
    are not lined up with the gun, then kill the third of this gang to continue.
    Three more guys are up ahead, two tend to be on the left side of the road. The
    last two are before the roadblock shortly afterwards so be quick to get them
    both. You will automatically exit the sidecar when you arrive.
    The FIRST LAUNCH SITE is guarded by just three people. Two of them will run at
    you not too long after arriving, and the third will probably hide around the
    corner at the house. There are many supplies to be found in the crates and your
    mission is to place an explosive onto the V1 rocket. Get back onto the sidecar
    to move on.
    Aim to the left as soon as you get through the gate to kill the first two guys.
    Keep it left for the next couple as well, one is tight to reach in the bend and
    may slip past if you are too slow. Aim straight ahead for the next three, one
    is easy to get because he is standing next to a bunch of explosive barrels. The
    same is true for the next set of three, the barrels take them out very quickly.
    Aim left after this, forgetting about the right barrels you see. Kill the
    officer first as he often slips by, the barrels are too far for the enemy
    running towards it at this point anyway, and then later you risk harming
    yourself if you explode them. As he is in under way you are probably going to
    run this guy over if you do not kill him by then. Up ahead is an officer on the
    right and a guy near a barrel next to the house. For the next set of enemies
    near the bushes it is not easy to say where they will go. You want to shoot
    whatever you see and then riddle the bushes some more where you think one may
    have gone into. Aim right as you go around the bend, taking aim at the three
    Germans before they get the better of you. These sneaky guys often shoot at you
    before you arrive and you could take a hit without being able to do anything
    about it. No fair. Another three guys are in the avenue up ahead, with the
    high bushes on both sides. Keep shooting to the left of the road side for there
    will be two enemies at the tunnel entrance and one more on the right inside the
    guard house. Careful of the exploding barrels. Inside the tunnel you should be
    aiming more right for the first guard running towards you, and this guy often
    takes a dive so better aiming may be required. There are two more guards at the
    end of the tunnel after this one. When you see two more enemies, then you can
    kill them in any order. The officer on the left is may a little trickier, but
    the green one often runs up the hill. There are two more officers before the
    ramp and this should bring your kill count to 62 at this point.
    The SECOND LAUNCH SITE is guarded by just three lousy officers. The first one
    does not even notice you if you sneak through the tunnel quietly. Collect all
    the supplies you want and set the charger, then return through tunnel while
    killing the officer you thought of sneaking up on you from that side. I wonder
    if Sonntag was taking his Sunday nap for letting this guy through to you. Mount
    the machine gun to move on to the final stretch.
    Aim left almost immediately. There are two guards at the first roadblock, which
    makes them slightly harder to kill behind the barricades. Three more are
    running at you once you enter the narrow tunnel. One may hiding behind a crate,
    which is unlucky for you. After the long stretch without anything you will turn
    right. This is a tough part to get right, aim right to get all the enemies as
    you turn into the bend but they may still slip past you. If you keep the
    machine gun steady and not move around then the spread will be harder to slip
    through, thus only move it when the guy on the left wall is dead and then
    quickly move right for the inner line before finally killing the third one.
    Keep aiming right and shoot the officer on the bridge with another one in tow.
    Another one is past the bridge behind some sandbags, but he is still easy to
    get. Three guards will be on the bend going left, thus aim left and get
    shooting early. The good news is that they are almost always lined up to be
    driven over should you fail to kill them otherwise. After a short time there
    will be three guards in the village. One is on the left besides are barrel,
    make him first priority. Another one is behind the wall on the right but will
    run into the open immediately, with another guy behind him who will often get
    blown up with the barrels as you try to get the one running around in front.
    Up next is the toughest part to get right in this level. There are five guards,
    but they come in two groups of sorts. The first group are three, with two being
    on the right. You really have to aim almost as far right as you can, then do
    not move the gun but keep shooting to kill the German running in from the
    alley. Keep the gun like this to get the second guy who comes from the street.
    If you get the aim wrong then you may only injure one of them, or even miss
    completely. As I said, this is tough. Additionally, as soon as you done with
    them you need to aim left to shoot the barrels and kill the enemy lurking
    around on that side. There is a sandbag barrier with a guy behind it. I am
    quite sure this guy is impossible to kill, as the machine gun will shoot the
    top of the sandbags if you aim at him and anything higher will just go too far
    up. I have tried so many times, I think he is just not killable. This is why I
    have marked the count as 90 in brackets, because just maybe it is sometimes
    happening by mistake. Instead of trying to shoot him, focus on the guard
    running on the street. Finally you have a guard on each side of the tunnel
    EXITing TOWN.
                              Mission Seven: Liberation!                 G0370
    Final Uprising (Sunday, August 19th, 1944)                           G0371
     Bienvenue a Paris, Manon.
     My name is Helene Fourcade.
     Our resistance group near the Latin Quarter was informed of your arrival. We
    Parisians are ready to take back our city, but are in need of a well-equipped
    government building to make our HQ, and are short on weapons to say the least.
    We need you to help us capture the Prefecture de Police, roughly 200 yards
    from Notre Dame. Controlling the Prefecture will give us the means to organize
    the Paris police force, not to mention the armory within.
     The Prefecture will be lightly defended since we will be diverting the German
    forces by simultaneously staging a riotous take-over on the Hotel de Ville,
    just to the north. Unfortunately, you will have to undergo your portion of the
    mission alone. The traitorous Milice will be out in force tonight. If they
    capture you, pray they deal with you quickly. In most ways, they are worse than
    the SS. We have hidden a stash of petrol bombs near the obelisk across from the
    bridge. Get them quickly, and watch for half-tracks that may be in the area.
     You should be able to take the office without firing a shot. The clerical
    staff running it is tired of the occupation and will be glad to see a French
    person in charge.
     De Gaulle himself has already chosen a new police chief, and once the police
    are on our side, our chances improve dramatically.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 69
    [] Find Petrol Bomb Cache
    [] Destroy All Half Tracks
    [] Neutralize Prefecture Guards
    [] Enter The Paris Prefecture
    This mission, and this level alone, is pretty tough for several reason. First
    of all, your ammo is pretty low for most of it, and the weapons you have are
    pretty lousy. The sniper rifle is almost useless as the game only shows you so
    much far ahead, and it is only useful for not spending your important SMG ammo
    when you can. For example, the snipers on the balcony, or unsuspecting guards.
    The petrol bombs will have to do for destroying half-tracks, which is not easy
    to pull off. second, the enemies are now pretty tough, have machine guns,
    grenades, and worse - rocket launchers. These guys do not even make an alarm
    cry when they aim at you, thus they are silent instant killers. They are also
    throughout the mission, even at the very end. Frustrating to say the least.
    Enemies also jump out of the windows all over the place. Thirdly, health is
    extremely sparse. This only makes it tough to survive, but also pretty tough to
    receive the excellent evaluation. Mission seven is also sort of the last level
    of the game, with the eighth one being more of an epilogue.
    Before you get all afraid to tackle this mission, the beginning is not as bad
    as it sounds. Use the sniper rifle to silently kill the militia up ahead on the
    left of the burning barrel. If the game would have a farther sight than this,
    the sniper rifle would be awesome for the streets. Nevertheless, keep the rifle
    for now as you pick up the PETROL BOMB CACHE on the opposite corner. Easy
    objective done.
    Cross the bridge and when you see two guards quickly backstep and snipe them as
    they try to get closer. This should still be no problem. As you still only have
    the rifle, use it to quickly kill the guy waiting on the right as the bridge
    ends. If you are quick enough you can make it before he shoots. Move ahead on
    the road only to quickly return as there are a guard on each side. The left one
    is behind the barrel in the niche, the other one on the opposite side. If you
    stay behind the corner then you only have to deal with one for now, and you can
    try to take out the barrel to kill him. Watch out for grenades behind thrown.
    The right one is actually easier, as the crate blocks his shots more than your
    accurate sniper rifle. These two guys should finally drop some STG ammo and you
    now have the choice to use it. I still suggest using the rifle for now, as you
    want to collect some large amount of machine gun ammo for the later stages.
    If you continue you will have a guy appear on the right side. He will probably
    hide in the same niche as the previous guard, thus you snipe him easier than he
    shoots you. After you kill him, another guard will jump out from the window on
    the left. Take cover and kill him before he does any major damage, he is a bit
    more of a kamikaze guy. 2 more militia are waiting around the left corner.
    Behind the sandbag barricade is some ammo and a health pack. If you do not need
    to use of all it right now, I suggest you keep that for later.
    In the next road, only go as far as the first lamp post on the right side. Look
    into the road around the corner and slowly sidestep on the wall with the sniper
    rifle ready so you can shoot the sniper on the balcony. Run forward to spawn a
    guy jumping over the barricade where the tank is, but stay back as there are
    two militia around the corner as well. You can leave these guys to shoot
    randomly as long as you stay out of sight. After taking care of the lone guard,
    you should kill those two and then go forward a bit more to kill another one on
    this side as well as one in the archway opposite. You should be using the
    machine gun at this point.
    Walk straight and do not go for the health pack unless it is really necessary.
    Keep going straight to the end and then turn right to find two guys behind a
    barrel. The first one is easy to kill by just exploding the barrel, the other
    one is also in the open. Use the sniper rifle to kill the guy up on a balcony
    further ahead, then turn the corner to quickly kill the guard here. This is a
    good position to kill the oncoming troops. They come in three sets and first
    two, then another two, the one more. You should always have them come to your
    position as they will be easy to kill as you peek around the corner. Collect
    their ammo and use the sniper rifle to kill the guy up on a balcony dead ahead.
    Backtrack again, going into the street you missed but from the opposite side of
    course. This takes all of the militia by surprise as they expect you from the
    other direction, and they are easier to kill like this as well. After getting
    all three, take or leave the health and ammo as desired (leaving some for the
    upcoming part is still suggested if you can spare it). Continue to the road
    where the sniper was, then turn right. Kill the guy behind the sand barricade
    and walk into it backwards, aiming at the western building. A guard will drop
    down in a second, easy to kill if you know about it. Behind the barricade is a
    surgeon pack, you really do not want to waste this if you have enough health
    right now.
    Run down the road to the gate and quickly kill the guard jumping out of the
    window on the left side, he can be harmful! Peek around the corner to kill the
    army in this alley, then do the same at the end of it. If you move ahead you
    will find a HALF TRACK coming down this way. The main harm with this vehicle is
    the guy on the mounted gun point forward. The first petrol bomb should take
    care of this while you wait around the corner as he gets close enough. Stay in
    front of it so the back guns do not harm you, and throw a few more petrol bombs
    to take him out. This is rather easy compared to the other one. However, watch
    out for the rocketeer coming down the alley afterwards! Another one is further
    down, then a machine gunner in-between those pillars, and another rocketeer
    Keep on the right of that old news kiosk and peek around the left side and
    slightly up to find two snipers on the balconies. They can also spot you back
    here but it is still a good position for you. Up ahead is the second and final
    HALF TRACK. This one is not so easy if you do not know what you are doing.
    First of all, hide in the small niche on the right and let is go into the area
    to the east. It cannot harm you there. You may already have noticed a guard
    behind the sandbags, he is better taken out with the machine gun from your
    current position. Next, peek around the right corner and up as there is a
    sniper on the higher level. Notice that opening in the building to the right of
    this guy? Another machine gunner will jump out from there in a moment. Step
    back to the opposite side of this opening and quickly take him out, then run to
    your previous niche position but stay at the opposite side where there is one
    of those fancy lamps at the corner. If you are taking too long for all this and
    the half track came back by now, just run down the alley to the kiosk and wait
    for it to come around again later. Get your petrol bombs ready and lob them
    just over this corner so it hits the front of the half track. One more like
    this and the mounted machine gun is surely out of commission. You can now
    either wing it and quickly throw some more, or try the more expert way and
    maneuvering around its front as you did with the last one. This will ensure you
    do not get shot, but is harder to pull off as it moves around more. I tend to
    just quickly dispose of it rather than anything expert, but on a hard
    difficulty level you may need to resort to this. As soon as the track is
    destroyed, aim your sniper rifle down to the opening at the opposite end of
    this yard, slightly to the left entrance, as a rocketeer will take up position
    there in a moment. Do not let your achievement of destroying the half track be
    thwarted by this guy!! If you are low on health at this point, backtrack to
    those health packs you should have left around. Finally done with this portion.
    I would say the tough part is done now, but you still have to pay attention for
    the rocketeers, especially in the park.
    The park up ahead has several guards, some of them being rocketeers. One of
    those us just up ahead. There is a surgeon pack around the corner stashed
    behind the crates, but be aware of another guard having spawned in the yard
    behind you as soon as you are engaging this area. Go back to kill them, then
    continue through the park. At the end are two guys around the corner, that was
    it already. Do not forget to destroy the crates for health and ammo.
    As you turn again at the junction, quietly look right and notice three guards
    on the road going to the prefecture. One of the guys further away is a
    rocketeer, make him your first priority. All three should be killed in one ammo
    clip really. The road up ahead is heavily guarded by Germans and militia. Take
    it slow and hide in the niches of the building to make this a breeze. Also at
    one point you will notice a barrel on the left, two guards will drop down
    behind it making them easy to kill. As you find the entrance to the prefecture,
    continue right and kill the last PREFECTURE GUARD jumping out from the opening
    high up in the building. Now is the time to backtrack for health and ammo;
    however, be aware of three guards having spawned which will get your kill
    counter to 69. The first is down the road from the prefecture, he is usually
    not looking at your direction. The next one is at the beginning of the park
    (from your perspective, not where you came from earlier). This rocketeer is a
    little dangerous as your shots are often blocked by the low wall at the corner.
    The final new guy is at the other end of the park. When you are done with all
    this you can finally ENTER THE PARIS PREFECTURE.
    Street by Street (Monday, August 21st, 1944)                         G0372
     Fantastic effort! Getting that armory was a huge boost. Our fighters have
    begun pressing the Germans to the center of the city. Frederic Joliet-Curie has
    been making petrol bombs in the Prefecture with ingredients from the very lab
    wherein his mother-in-law discovered radium. These should give Jerry a bad case
    of hotfoot!
     Once you leave our resistance base in Pigalle, you'll find many fighters
    defending the area alongside you. Watch each other's back, and mind your fire--
    one stray bullet could spell the end of the fellow countryman.
     You're with good men, but they need your experience to take out three German
    barricades. The Wehrmacht are on the defensive, and have holed up in a few
    dangerous strongpoints. If you can eliminate the guards behind the barricades,
    our fighters can finish the job.
     These barricades are extremely deadly, and we don't know what other surprises
    the night might throw your way.
     See if you can't steal some paperwork from one of the officers. We are not
    sure what they are planning next. If you get us a copy of their orders, we can
    have it deciphered and be one step ahead of them.
     Finally, we need you to go to the marketplace. No, this isn't a shopping trip.
    Once there, you will meet with another resistance agent who we've learned has
    vital enemy information.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 64
    [] Neutralize Barricade Guards
    [] Find Subway Map
    [] Enter Marketplace
    Forget about the fellow French countryman. He will be dead in no time and only
    helps as some meatshield for a few enemies and if they kill and distract some
    then that is actually helpful. I find this level is much easier than the
    previous one, but I suppose if you have played it before and know where the
    enemies spawn as well as what to expect, it is much easier to handle. In other
    words, you will get the hang of this if you fail at first.
    You are treated with some nice German music for the most part. Go up the stairs
    to find your compatriot, and as mentioned earlier, you should just leave him to
    do his own stuff. It is impossible to properly protect him, and you may as well
    save some ammo on your part. He will most likely take out the first guy
    outside, maybe even the sniper up on the balcony, and move on and to the left.
    However, he is totally forgetting about the guard on the right - which will be
    your task. Up ahead he is either dead already or took care of the guy in the
    building on the right, which has a German behind a table barricade. However,
    with two more Germans coming up the stairs he is surely dead by now if you left
    him alone. Take care of business and go down the stairs, killing the German
    down here, then up on the other side where you want face left and up to snipe
    the guy on the balcony as you ascend.
    Up ahead is the first BARRICADE. This is tough if you try to play it macho.
    Stay to the right and quickly dash around the corner and hide at the wall
    behind the lamp post. Pull out the sniper rifle and slowly creep to the right
    (as the lamp post will block your shots, even if you think it should not).
    Crawl forward until the machine gunner is in sight, then pop one in this head.
    The second guy will take over and his fate should be the same. A third guy will
    then appear shortly afterwards, but he does not always mount the machine gun.
    You may also have noticed a French compatriot showing up behind you, and
    probably scaring you into thinking he is an enemy. He is not much help as you
    might have guessed, As soon as the third guy is dead, aim up left to the
    balcony and a German will spawn there. It will happen the same time you get the
    "2 barricades left" message. He drops a medikit you probably want to grab.
    Walk to the yard up ahead and turn left into the alley. At the end are two
    Germans who are surprised to see you. Quickly kill them but leave the field
    surgeon pack for real use later. As you leave the alley, turn left and snipe
    the guy on the balcony. The rest of pretty chaotic as it all depends on where
    you walk and how much your comrades have taken out. There is a new guy on the
    mounted machine gun down the road, so be careful as you return there. When you
    snipe him you will also have to deal with another German on the balcony and
    then one coming up the stairs. During all this a rocketeer will have appeared
    in the yard which is important not to neglect. Sometimes the compatriots will
    help you a lot, sometimes they die almost immediately.
    Down the road is a turn left and the second BARRICADE. Crouch at the opposite
    wall and sneak closer to take a shot. Also kill the guy on the left door who
    may be more important first. After shooting all the guards in the barricade you
    need to be ready to explode a sidecar which will come jumping over the
    barricade. There may also be extra guards here and there, just go through the
    area again before finally crawling into the hole opposite the second barricade.
    There is a surgeon pack which is a waste if you only need little, thus you may
    want to pad your health with some less healing items you can find around to
    fill your health to the max.
    As you arrive at the end side you will the noise from a sidecar. If you are
    experienced in this level you can throw a petrol bomb at them as they jump over
    the barricade on the left, or shortly thereafter. This is rather easy. Kill the
    guard hiding around the corner on the right and then go up the stairs of the
    building. Do not go down the alley beside it. Crouch as you are up there just
    like the Frenchman, then stick to the wall opposite the window. You will have
    to stand up for the actual shot as the window ledge is too high, but it should
    be possible to shoot the machine gunner without him taking any shots. And if he
    does shoot then probably just because the French guy stood up and tried to be a
    hero. Snip the rest of the guards around the barricade too.
    As you enter the square you will once again hear a sidecar approaching. You
    could possibly take it out as soon as it enters by throwing a petrol bomb, but
    the sidecar will roll into the Frenchman on the right. However, if you leave
    the sidecar it will shoot a few times and then Frenchman might not even survive
    that. If he stays alive he is a little beneficiary, so it is up to you to try.
    Stick around and aim towards the roof of the opposite building. A guy will
    spawn to the left of the right chimney. Next up there will be a guy in the
    balcony to the left of where you entered (facing the square, thus not the
    corner your compatriot was in). Another German will spawn on the roof as before
    and then you can continue into the alley where the sidecar came from to kill a
    German waiting there. This also triggers one to appear on the roof of the
    Patisserie and he tends to throw grenades down.
    After crawling through some debris you will find another compatriot running by.
    Let him go ahead and aim at the balcony to kill the Panzerfaust. There is a guy
    at the left entrance and one on the right, who is probably busy with the French
    guy or dead already. Go up the stairs, over the balcony, then aim at the guy in
    the broken building at the opposite side. Go down the stairs and kill the
    Germans running at you. Soon you will walk through a very narrow corridor to an
    open area.
    Switch to the petrol bombs and aim high as you walk into the bar up ahead. You
    want to throw it at the bar and take out all three guys in one go, which is
    rather easy as they never spot you. Switch to the STG and stand on the north
    end of the road, looking down south until the German runs your way. Another one
    has spawned inside the corridor you came out of, take care of him too. Grab the
    SUBWAY MAP the officer dropped in the bar and kill the guy who spawned on the
    balcony just outside the bar.
    Up ahead, go down the left stairs for some supplies, but be aware of two
    snipers spawning as you do this. One is at the window at the end of the road,
    the second is at the top of the opposite side you will ascend up the stairs
    from, on the corner block. Descend the other stairs and kill the German in the
    tunnel, then ascend at the other end.
    Strafe onto the main road looking to the left to quickly kill the trooper, then
    face the other way and shoot the guard running at you from the distance. Lean
    against the wall on the left and face it, strafe right into the sandbags as a
    guard will spawn as soon as you enter the middle of it. It will be easy to kill
    him like this. Pull out the sniper rifle and look down the road you are on.
    Behind the first sandbags is the final BARRICADE. Slowly creep forward to get
    the machine gunner in range, then kill him and let the rest mount it only to
    have the same happen to them. When the message appears that you have
    accomplished this objective, quickly swap to your petrol bombs and throw it at
    the sidecar jumping the barricade.
    Enter the house to get behind the sandbags the guard spawned in that weird
    fashion, then continue down slowly. Stay on the right and as soon as you see
    the message that you have reached the marketplace, backstep and wait for the
    machine gunner to run around the corner. He has often needed me to run back for
    health. You can now do the same if you need to, else ENTER the MARKETPLACE.
    Operation Marketplace (Monday, August 21st, 1944)                    G0373
     Great work! With the barricades destroyed, our operatives can mobilize
    throughout Paris.
     Luckily, we've discovered a cache of German anti-tank weapons hidden near the
    market entrance. Get your hangs on that before you go any further.
     The Jerrys are mobilizing several Panzer throughout the city, and you're bound
    to need those weapons sooner or later.
     At the far corner of the market square, you will meed with a resistance agent.
    He will provide information about the location of the German HQ here in Paris.
     The orders you previously acquired bring us grave news. While General Cholitz,
    the Commander whom Hitler has ordered to burn Paris, wishes to see no more
    bloodshed, one of this underlings has gone over his head and ordered much of
    Paris to be wired with explosives.
     The Elite Demolitions Squad of the VII SS - Panzer Korps is Germany's most
    ruthless demolition squad and is made up of the same men who trapped your
    brother in that schoolyard ambush so long ago. They will be arriving by train
    in one of the metro stations in town.
     Once you have met your contact, make your way down to the metro platform on
    the other side of the park.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 47
    [] Find Panzerfaust
    [] Meet Contact
    [] Escape Into Subway Tunnels
    [] Stop The Tanks
    This level is quite famous in the MoH world. It is really tough at the
    beginning, and then the rest of is still kind of challenging. However, once you
    get past the mayhem it is actually quite mild. If you do not want to be spoiled
    the fun I suggest you try this level once without reading about it, at least
    until you die early on.
    So I assume by now you do not care about spoilers. The agent you are supposed
    to contact is a spy and you will be ambushed. He also carries a machine gun to
    make things worse. Should you get too close he will just shout "Germany
    forever" or something and then all hell breaks loose. There are two things you
    can do to make this easier. For one, collect ammo, and collect it the right
    way, to tackle all those tanks that will come through. There are a total of
    three tanks in succession. The second help is to eliminate the contact from a
    distance without even getting close, thus he does not shoot you and you in a
    much better position to get cracking at those tanks.
    To get things started, turn around the right corner and shoot the two troopers.
    The left one has a Panzerfaust. Turn around and go to the end of this alley to
    kill two more Germans. Do not collect the Panzerfaust ammo in the corner, but
    you can take the rest if you want. The reason will become apparent soon. Return
    to the beginning and enter the marketplace. Stay away from the agent at the
    wall and only collect the ammo as I say. Turn right immediately for some STG
    ammo and petrol bombs. Go to the southeast corner for the PANZERFAUST which
    will give you six shots. Now stand at the entrance of the marketplace so you
    can still snipe the contact. Killing him counts just as if you MEET CONTACT.
    You get a message that he was a traitor and a tank will break down the wall.
    Germans jump in from the east and west, with several more through this fight.
    For now you want to quickly backtrack into the alley came from, at the corner
    from just where you started, and aim your STG down into the market area. German
    troops will pour in from time to time and you always have to ensure you can
    quickly change weapons as required. Your aim is to destroy the tank of course,
    you have received that as a new objective.
    When the tank comes rolling in from the left side, hit a Panzerfaust against
    its front, then another one against the main body as it comes closer. Do not
    try to hit it again at this point, as it will retaliatate with the turret soon.
    If you think it is ready before, only hit it once. You cannot risk getting hit
    by a shell. Wait at the position you started the level at and the tank will
    continue rolling. This is your cue to look back down the alley and shoot any
    infantry that comes running down as before. When the tank is coming back from
    the right, hit a Panzerfaust against the front, the middle, and one more if
    needed. Hide and let it go if you are having trouble. It should be destroyed by
    now though.
    Shoot any troops that are following you into the alley as you make your way to
    the Panzerfaust ammo I told you to ignore at the very beginning of the level.
    This will give you enough ammo for the second tank. Simply repeat what you did
    with the first one, this should be easy enough to understand at this point.
    When the second tank is gone, quickly dash across the marketplace into the
    room there. If you are desperate for health, here is a field surgeon pack. If
    not then I suggest you leave it for a little later. There is more Panzerfaust
    ammo you need, and you can now repeat what you did earlier from this side. The
    enemies are slightly better covered at the entrance to the room, and they often
    camp out outside. You can throw a petrol bomb if you want, but I do not
    suggest it. If you are still in the need for ammo you can dash to where the
    turncoat was standing for some more, and if all else fails then the petrol
    bombs can do some damage. The tank rolls all the way down the street behind
    the broken wall, which gives you enough time to collect the ammo and not get
    shot at. When the third tank is destroyed you have managed to STOP THE TANKS.
    I think the amount of kills you make depends one how long it takes to destroy
    the tanks, as they keep on having more entourage. I usually have 15 but maybe
    it is more if you take longer. Since they only count to the percentage if they
    have spawned, it does not matter for the evaluation. Collect any ammo and
    health you left around and move on through the broken wall.
    There are some troops behind the barrier, take care of them quickly. The path
    is blocked thus you need to crawl through the corner. Shoot the guy behind some
    sandbags in the right corner and watch the bomber fly by and kill anyone who
    was behind the other barricade. Walk along the road until you spot some guards
    and another bomber coming along, then quickly backstep and stay to the right
    and watch them getting bombarded. The bazooka trooper on the right usually
    survives with his dangerous arms, thus you want to kill him quickly and step
    away from anything he dropped live. Shoot anyone who survived at the other side
    of the road, often they do not even step into the bombs being dropped if you
    are too close, instead they will hide or drop down as cover.
    Take out the petrol bombs and run along to the next junction, turn right and
    throw it around the corner to kill the troops there. You can use the STG but I
    find it too slow, as one petrol bomb should take them all out or at least stun
    those that have survived. You can always throw another one for good measure.
    Wait for another guard to jump from the southern window as you collect the ammo
    around here. Maneuver around the first sandbag barrier but stay at the left
    side of the wall in front of a lamppost as a German will drop from the window
    in front of you and more will come around the corner on the left. Kill them,
    then wait for another rocketeer to come running. There is a medi kit if you
    need it.
    Strafe on the left side of the tunnel to kill the guards around the corner
    without getting fully shot in the face, then the guys behind the sandbag
    barrier. Watch out for the guy with the Panzerfaust. As you reach a greenery,
    you can actually use the sniper rifle to kill the lone officer behind the
    blockade at the next tunnel entrance. You cannot pass through there, thus the
    park will have to do.
    The park is home to a Panzer and a Panzerfaust trooper. Thanks to the open
    area you can strafe around and kill the tank with ease, and take care of the
    guy with one shot at the same time. There is some ammo on the northern gate
    and by that time you will have some guys on your tail from the southern
    edge. Shoot them with the STG, then the guard inside the tunnel at the southern
    Watch out for the German further up the tunnel who throws down grenades, and
    there are three machine gunners awaiting your arrival at then. The STG is good
    enough here as they are so close together. I never had a problem to dispatch
    them quickly. The subway park has three more guards spread out, and they like
    to take cover behind the potted trees. I will leave this up to you, then take
    all the supplies and descend into the subway station to ESCAPE INTO the SUBWAY
    The End of the Line (Tuesday, August 22nd, 1944)                     G0374
     There was a traitor among us!
     We have been plagued with turncoats since the beginning of the resistance. It
    enrages me how many men and women are willing to sell their country and their
    soul for a few German Reichmarks.
     No matter how carefully you screen the agents' backgrounds, a double agent
    always seems to sneak through the ranks.
     Right now, however, you have a train to catch. The demolition squad is
    scheduled to arrive in Paris any moment. If that weren't enough, a trainload of
    explosives capable of leveling every monument in Paris is being brought in on
    another train at the same time.
     You will need to get a hold of a train schedule to find exactly which trains
    are arriving where, and then high tail it over to the station where the trains
    are due to arrive.
     If you're really creative, perhaps you can find a way to see to it those
    soldiers and their explosives never see the light of day. This is the big one,
    Manon. We're depending on you to help us preserve Paris' proud history.
     The war is nearly over, and if we can diffuse the threat of this final German
    treachery, we will be that much closer to returning to our families and our
    lives. Do it for your brother, Manon. Do it for all of us.
     Bonne chance, et vive La Resistance!
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 45
    [] Get Train Schedule
    [] Unlock Train Doors
    [] Divert First Train Track
    [] Divert Second Train Track
    The last level with Manon and it is quite easy. No enemies with bazookas, but
    they all, I repeat, all, have machine guns. It is very short and sweet, too
    bad the level only makes limited use with the train sequence.
    There is some ammo where you start, pick that up if you need it. Start by
    attempting to descend the stairs, but quickly run back to the corner. When you
    see a guard running down there, throw a petrol bomb to the lower level. This
    should kill at least two of them. Use the STG to aim at the corner and kill
    anything that comes up the stairs. These machine gunners are really tough. Once
    you have nine kills you can move on.
    Go straight and up the stairs to kill the guard who seems to come from a locked
    gate. Hide at this corner for the German who is coming from behind. Take the
    northern stairs up to the control room and interact with the controls to
    UNLOCK the TRAIN DOORS. Open the train doors but run back behind some pillars
    as there are two guards in there who often shoot through the walls. Kill them
    both and collect ammo in the first train before going through the door to the
    second compartment. The train will start and you have to wait for the doors to
    open again.
    When they do, two Germans are in the second compartment. Kill the left one
    first as he can cover behind the bench, the right one is easier to kill. Move
    ahead and stay behind the left bench for all the troops will come running
    through the cabin door ahead. They always come in twos and are easy to kill
    before even getting a shot off. After a while they stop coming and you can
    enter the door to the next cabin. The train will stop before opening the doors
    again. Shoot the two Germans at the far back and collect the health if you need
    it. Outside you should quickly run up the nearby stairs, kill the German on it,
    then turn around and shoot anyone who followed you. collect the TRAIN SCHEDULE
    in the control room and interact with the console to DIVERT FIRST TRAIN TRACK
    and unlock a gate further up. Shoot anyone following as before, then stay in
    the main hall and aim up the stairs in the distance. Several guards will come
    running, in pairs as usual, and until you have killed them all I suggest you
    stay here. Approach the stairs and turn right to find the now unlocked gate.
    The next station platform has another dogfight in store for you. Kill the
    guards behind the first pillar, then turn and shoot the one behind the windows.
    Continue shooting the Germans coming down the far stairs, my kill count was 45
    at this point. Enter the control room and interact with the console to DIVERT
    SECOND TRAIN TRACK. At this point you can no longer move around, but you can
    still shoot the Germans behind the glass window if you want. They do not count
    towards your kills even if you shoot them, and they do not harm you at all. The
    explosion kills them and you are probably better off letting them go crazy for
    a bit more.
    This is the end of Manon's campaign. If you have received all the honors in the
    previous missions then you will now receive the Legion d'honneur and Dreamworks
    Medal of Valor with Clusters. Well done!
                              From the files of the OSRD                 G0380
                     Office of Scientific Research & Development
                                      TOP SECRET
    Where Beagles Dare (23 June 1944)                                    G0381
     Long time no see, Jimmy. I trust you've been well. Shall we get right down to
     We've been getting bizarre reports from German civilians about strange noises
    coming from a nearby castle.
     The castle has supposedly been deserted for some time, but over the last year
    or so it's been home to an ex SS scientist.
     Since we don't have the manpower to divert any of the regular army to check it
    out, and the threat assessment is very low, we've selected you to pay the
    inhabitants of this castle a little visit, and find out if these reports hold
    and merit.
     The locals have complained of howling, so there might be a guard dog or two
    keeping the scientist company.
     I expect you'll end up scaring some crazy old man and his dogs, but who knows?
     Oh, and be on the lookout for the scientist's technical journal, which may
    hold some clues to what he's working on.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 63
    [] Locate Journal
    [] Find Panzerknacker Legs
    [] Find Panzerknacker Arms
    This is often referred to as Mission Eight, as it follows the sevenths, but it
    is more of an epilogue than an eight campaign. The video does not introduce it
    as such, it is more of an obscure X-Files-like theme, you also play as Jimmy
    Patterson instead of Manon, and the game's box even only mentions seven
    missions (although it says throughout Europe and you also have one mission in
    Nevertheless, this is the hardest mission in the game. It is extremely easy to
    score a huge amount of head shots in this mission, you will notice yourself.
    Anyhow, as with the previous mission with the agent, it is kind of more fun
    to play this on your own first to check out what is going on. It is rather
    mysterious from the briefing and it is rather shocking when you play the first
    All enemies in this level are dogs. Yes, dogs. No more Germans, but instead
    German Shepherds. Maybe they meant them to be beagles like the level title
    suggests, but I think it is just a pun as they do not like beagles. The first
    one is easy enough to kill, use your pistol for that one. Then switch to the
    shotgun and stick with it for almost all the level. As you turn around the
    corner you will already see something weird happening, but fair enough, they
    can dance. Kill them, one well-placed shot should take them out. Backtrack a
    little and turn left into a hideout in the wall where a gate blocks your way at
    the end. You can see more dogs below the bridge though, and shooting them from
    here is a lot more harmless than going there later.
    Go ahead into the tunnel and shoot the dog on the left, the another one further
    up. Turn back for now and descend into the trench around the entrance. Collect
    the supplies, then follow the tunnel to the castle yard. First shoot the dog
    with the bazooka up on the ledge to the left, who often kills himself though,
    then throw grenades onto the half-track to destroy it. Throw another one behind
    the fountain to kill the three dogs there, collect the supplies and then
    approach the window you hear a lot of barking from. If you stand on the first
    ledge you can spend some pistol ammo on those dogs and not waste anything
    valuable. It works well enough, just takes some time. Be careful not to stand
    too close to the window as they may still bite you from there.
    Back to the shotgun it is, jump through the window and collect the JOURNAL.
    Two more objectives are added, you can probably make out what this will be
    ending up as but more will be explained in the next briefing. Approach the
    doorway to the next room but quickly backstep and aim at the next doorway as
    a dog with a Panzerfaust will come around the corner. Kill him quickly,
    ignoring the dog that comes running for now. Kill it next, then follow the path
    around the corner. Kill the dog in the room to the right and then backstep and
    turn south to kill the oncoming dog too.
    Collect the supplies and enter the larger hallway. Turn left into the room and
    kill the guard as you backstep to the start of the hallway. Wait for the other
    dog to come running and kill it, then shoot the one that comes around the far
    side of the hallway where the portrait hangs. Grab the PANZERKNACKER LEG in the
    room and approach the portrait, turn left and take a quick shot at the dog with
    the machine gun before running backwards into the large hall again. Kill the
    dog coming from that dead-end as well as the one from the opposite side, and if
    you did not manage to kill the trooper then it will come too of course.
    Grab the supplies in the dead-end and then go the other way. Look down into the
    library and shoot one of the dogs, then step back and wait for the second to
    come running up. Go backwards down into the library and wait for the machine
    gunner to step into the doorway. Aim in front of you until the dog runs down
    the stairs as it is too fast to be shot on them. Grab the supplies and continue
    into the next corridor. There are lots of dogs in the room to the left, kill
    one and run backwards to kill the rest before they get too close. This can be
    tight but is entirely possible. Another dog should be running down this
    corridor as you walk along, then quickly kill the one with the Panzerfaust near
    the portrait. It is the one on the left side. The other dog will run at you and
    then one more comes from the room to the left. Look into that room to find
    another dog, kill it, then wait for the second one to come running out. The
    room holds an PANZERKNACKER ARM.
    Two dogs come running around the bend in this corridor, then you will hear some
    growling from nearby. Kind of scary. There is a heavy machine gunner on the
    left at this junction, it helps to throw a grenade against the wall and it will
    bounce close enough to kill it. This one is very dangerous, must worse than
    those dogs that come running so make them secondary kills. Go right and kill
    the dogs in this room guarding some supplies. Walk the other way and kill the
    dogs around the corner, then throw a grenade down the hall where you see a
    window. It will disturb the human-like dogs which makes the come from their
    hideout on the left. Two of them are machine gunners and one carries a
    Panzerfaust.Grab the PANZERKNACKER LEG and shoot the window with the pistol if
    the blast from the grenade has not taken it out, then aim down to kill the
    helpless dogs there. Drop outside and right immediately. If you need health
    then grab the canteen behind this hedge first. Pass the door and turn left into
    the path between the wall and hedge. Kill the Panzerfaust-yielding dog and
    move along slowly.
    Turn right at the end and shoot the dogs on the right before they shoot you,
    then kill the dog and running towards this position. Shoot the glass of the
    window if necessary, then I suggest dropping a grenade just to where the ledge
    is to kill the dog running around underneath. You cannot step on this ledge to
    shoot down as it is like a ladder, and you cannot aim while climbing. Getting
    rid of the dog makes it easier to concentrate on the two dogs with weapons
    inside. The blast often also takes out the other dogs if they lurk here, it
    seems almost random.
    Grab the second PANZERKNACKER ARM and follow the corridor. There are dogs on
    the right side and left up the stairs, which lead to the exit of the level.
    Rotten to the Corps (28 June 1944)                                   G0382
     Okay. So there were a few more dogs then anticipated. Perhaps this scientist
    is not to be taken lightly. Who knows what other strange projects he's been
    developing over the last year?
     But if dogs capable of driving half-tracks are any indication, it's important
    that we find out.
     The journal included plans for a secret automaton project. We've no record of
    any such project, but apparently it's real.
     The R&D division would love to get their hands on a prototype, and since
    you've found a few of the pieces already, try to get the rest of them.
     They're bound to be scattered around there somewhere.
     Well Jimmy, be on your guard. Your situation couldn't get any worse then it
    already is-right?
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 78
    [] Find Panzerknacker Torso
    [] Find Panzerknacker Head
    At least the dogs are gone, but they are actually easier to deal with than what
    is coming for you in the castle ahead. The elite zombie troops in green have
    crazy strong machine gun, shoot rapidly, and explode when they are dead. Stay
    away from their corpses. The knights are also upgraded from the previous type,
    as they can take a lot of damage with their armor and dish out more with their
    axes. Aim for the head at all times. Also, I am not sure why is suddenly 5 days
    later in the game, I suppose that is a typo and you did not camp out with those
    mad dogs for that long - not even Jimmy could manage that!
    Seriously, each enemy you encounter feels like a fight for your life, as they
    are so deadly with their weapons. The knights are ok, but the zombie can be
    counted as end bosses times a hundred. You also have four types of weapons
    which makes changing over a little bit of a hassle. The pistol is utterly
    useless, the shotgun rather bad too, but the grenades will help out from time
    to time. Soon you will get the SMG to use.
    Walk along and look through the doorway ahead to find two zombies coming
    through it. Use the shotgun to blast them away. You can pick up SMG ammo on the
    left, finally a better weapon. Not much ammo for it yet though. Stay on the
    left side of the next doorway and see the elite zombie spawn just around the
    corner, quickly dispatch him, and if you are lucky him blowing up also takes
    care of the knight coming from the left side of this room, but usually he is
    already on the way through. You can try to quickly step right after killing the
    other guy and shooting the knight to slow him as he draws closer, then the
    blast will take care of him. Move on into the room and stay at the corner to
    look around it. A zombie is on the stairs there and a knight next to him. The
    knight is thankfully far away.
    As you run up the stairs, you are in big risk of taking damage up the stairs.
    There is not only a trigger happy zombie on the right of it, facing your way
    and totally expecting you, but another one will step into the doorway any
    second. If you do not take any damage here it will be very skilled. Outside the
    door are two more guys, one being a knight, and this time he is not too far
    away. Around the corner is another zombie, and you can hear a sidecar
    approaching. Shoot it quickly as it will drive you over and also shoot of
    As you head along the path, a zombie will run out from the open gate, followed
    by a knight who often gets blown up for this reason. The same is true for the
    zombie around the left corner, if you get the better of him fast then the
    knight is not a problem and saves you ammo. Inside the gate is a health pack.
    Staying indoors, around the corner are two zombies, one who may be outside (if
    you go the other way you also end up here). Continue indoors and I suggest you
    throw a grenade into the small room in the corner to scare out the two guys
    waiting at the left wall. The knight may cause more trouble in these close
    Now follow the path outside until you see an entrance on the right. A zombie
    will run out from there and a sidecar down the road. Shoot the sidecar first
    and avoid it as well, and then quickly kill the zombie and the knight that
    follows. Inside the room is the PANZERKNACKER TORSO. Get the shotgun out for
    the two knights around the next corner, simply to save ammo. If you do not feel
    save with the shotgun then use the SMG, but the shotgun is generally just good
    enough to kill knights in this level, as long as you aim properly.
    Continue on the snowy path and get ready for a shootout with two zombies and
    one knight. From this distance you can leave the knight for later, and even
    pull out the shotgun when the zombies are dead, again to save some ammo. There
    are two more zombies up ahead, use the corner as cover. Throw a grenade into
    the building on the left in order to smoke out the knights, or just alert them
    and waste them with your shotgun. I say grenades because you will get more in
    this building along with some health. There are two elite zombies in the room
    on the right up ahead, inside is only a picture of a "hot" babe on the wall you
    can check out.
    Enter the corridor on the right to find a split. The right has nothing, but the
    left is a long room with a zombie and a knight at the end. Throw a grenade to
    shock them, then follow up with lead. Heading deeper into the room will spawn
    two elite zombies outside who will follow you. Turn around and waste them as
    they run around the corner. Once you pick up the PANZERKNACKER HEAD off the
    table, return to the snowy path and continue.
    At the end you must go back inside, but take a long tour left as you do not
    want to be sprayed by those bullets coming from there. When you kill the two
    zombies, go up the stairs for some more. Inside the room on the left are two
    knights who may pretend to be statues at first. Retreating down the stairs is a
    good option, but shooting them as you descend the stairs is not, as you will
    usually just hit the impenetrable armor. Find some good supplies in the room,
    then head to the next room ahead but stay on the right as you can just about
    make out a zombie in the doorway that continues south. If can shoot him from
    here then you simply have to wipe out the knight coming around the right
    You definitely want to throw a grenade through this southern doorway, wait for
    a zombie to go for it and then kill him, the knight and another zombie coming
    around the right side. Look down the stairs and aim for the left doorway as a
    zombie will be coming through there soon. The knight tends to stand there until
    something happens. As you reach the end of the stairs, another zombie will pop
    up at the far end with a knight running in from the outside. Go there yourself,
    then lob a grenade through the windows. This will either kill or alert some
    zombies, then throw another one over to do more mayhem. Be alert for any to
    come around the corner to see you. Use the pause menu to check if the counter
    has gone up.
    Enter the room opposite this balcony to find two knights and a zombie in all
    the corners. Retreat and let them come out, then take care of them before
    grabbing the supplies, then continue the indoor path. There is another knight
    in the area, but he could be killed by the grenade through the window earlier.
    In the large room is a health kit, but be careful of the zombie coming through
    the doorway soon. A knight will follow, and three more zombies as you step
    outside and quickly retreat again. Kill one and they blow up, but they are also
    so tight together in this doorway that the SMG spray will do the trick.
    Outside, first turn left and grab the health if necessary, or keep it in mind
    for later!  Three knights greet you at the other end of this outdoor area. In
    my case I used the shotgun as you can retreat so far back with ease, but your
    SMG ammo count should be ok by now that you use whatever you like. Inside
    again, quickly dash into the room on the right and wait for the zombie and
    knight to follow, rather than fighting it out in the hallway. At the of the
    corridor, look left and spot the zombie in the corridor on the south side. Kill
    him quickly to cause an explosion and hopefully make the oncoming army much
    smaller. Usually there are three zombies and one knight, but the knight is also
    too fast for the explosion and often blocks your shot range. Very pesky guy.
    Thankfully these were the last enemies in the level! If you need health now,
    there is on the table right there. More health is where I told you just a
    minute ago, but then you have visited most places with supplies using this
    guide. I guess it does not hurt to seek for more if you really want to get that
    excellent evaluation. Exit the level by approaching the door down the stairs.
    I, PANZERKNACKER! (28 June 1944)                                     G0383
     Don't blame me! Who could've possibly expected that? This is getting really
    bizarre, and I'm hedging my bets that it's going to get worse. Much worse.
     The castle courtyard is teeming with activity, and I don't think it's from any
    of our four legged friends this time.
     It sounds like, this scientist has managed to come up with some tanks and
    several of those automatons.
     And they're all looking to keep you from escaping.
     They may have you outgunned and outnumbered, but I've got an idea.
     You've got some technical training, yes? It might be your only hope. Take
    those pieces you collected and put them together.
     With any luck, you may just make a friend to help tip the odds in your favor.
     If the two of you work together, you may have the fighting chance you need to
    blast your way out of the castle.
                                 Mission Objectives:
    Total Enemies Neutralized: 39
    [] Assemble Panzerknacker
    [] Escape Castle
    This level is in my opinion not as hard as the previous one, but some may
    disagree. It not huge step up, that is for sure. I think the main problem is
    the low clip the BAR machine gun can hold. Its 20 clips are hardly enough to
    take out two enemies here, and if you are having trouble getting good shots in
    then reloading is a killer. Your shotgun works against these guys too, but then
    you should be close enough and actually kill them with one shot, else it is
    just too slow. If you know what is coming as per following this walkthrough,
    then it may just be what you want to use.
    There are no enemies at the start to just run along till you reach the huge
    table. This is where the real level starts.
    The game tells you to press Action so follow its lead to ASSEMBLE
    PANZERKNACKER. Panzerknacker (Tank Cracker) is a robot who allies with you. It
    moves along slowly so you can take this level at a slow pace as well. This is
    what I think makes the level slightly easier. It can take quite a big hit and
    survive, but I doubt you will manage to keep it alive forever. The longer the
    better, naturally. All enemies are also Panzerknacker-type robots. They carry
    machine guns and act like the soldiers. In other words, just tough enemies that
    look funny. Their appearance is, as you might have guessed, like the nutcracker
    There is one in the room just around the wall, and one hiding in the niche with
    the hanging meat. When those are dead, and they probably seem tough because
    their superior positioning, move towards the end of the room for two
    Panzerknackers to run around the corner. There are some great supplies behind
    the meat if you crawl through this room, but that means you will let your
    little friend go ahead and he will be in danger. Move along the path for now
    and kill the two robots behind the wine barrels, then you can return to the
    stash as your ally will wait at these barrels.
    This oval room contains nothing, but two more guys will be in the doorway
    continuing. Aim there as you move forward. Go through this small room to run
    into two more Panzerknackers, then one at the end of the slightly longer
    corridor up ahead. One more guy is waiting around the corner to the left.
    This is where it gets tougher. the next room has two doorways. One is up ahead
    and one to the right. Both will have enemies as soon as you step into it.
    Normally you would wait around your end of the room and shoot around the
    corner, but as Mr. Panzerknacker has better ideas and rushes ahead, he is most
    likely a dead robot in a second. It is a shame that his AI is so badly
    programmed, as this level would be much more fun if you keep him around a bit
    All right, it is not impossible to lose Panzy, so let us try. Throw a grenade
    into the doorway up ahead, shoot him trying to get it, then quickly shoot the
    ones on the right. Your ally should be helping here. Forget the room on the
    right and kill anything around the corner going ahead. Careful as one more
    spawns here as you are actually at the corner, this is a little weird. If your
    friend is still fighting it out with the enemy then you obviously want to help
    him out back there for now, you are only going ahead because if he does it then
    he is dead metal. Another guard should be running into your corridor from the
    large room with meat hanging around. There is one bazooka guy at one end of the
    corridor, he changes position from time to time so I cannot tell you exactly.
    Now you want to backtrack into the room on the right you left alone earlier,
    where two more robots will spawn when you enter. One of them has a Panzerfaust,
    careful. They are guarding a medikit though, very useful.
    If you have managed to keep your friend alive he will be in the large meat room
    waiting for you. Continue through and shoot the robots up the stairs. They are
    not ready for you which makes them easy targets. Run straight and be ready for
    the one rocketeer stepping around at the end and the one peeking around the
    corner. Look down the other corridor and notice two large boxes. Two enemies
    will run around it, one holding a Panzerfaust in his arms, and as they are not
    ready you should have an easy time killing them. This dead-end has supplies
    including a health pack, then return half-way to the previous corridor where
    some beds are. Crawl through the space but note that you can stand up again
    later inside this wall.
    Goodbye Panzerknacker, it was nice knowing you. Oh wait, it can follow it you.
    Nice. As you reach the new section there will be a robot waiting for you in the
    doorway up ahead and one more in the one on the left. Go into that one and
    shoot the guards around the right corner, this is a dead-end though. Return to
    the main area and walk straight to fight it out with more robots where your
    ally is hopefully helping out. Go around the corner and shoot the one running
    towards you, then continue past the crates and quickly shoot the ones running
    towards you. This may be good for the shotgun as they are already rather close
    and you can possibly stun them both with one shot, then take them out with
    another one.
    You have nearly reach the yard, and you can hear a tank outside. First kill the
    two Panzerknackers one both side of the archway, then quickly run past the tank
    so its machine gun does not have you in their sight. Whatever your ally is
    doing it up to him, but of course he is hopefully out of sight of both this and
    the cannon. Dump a lot of grenades to destroy the tank and then move on to the
    castle exit. There are no more enemies, but you may want to run back to get
    health now, if any is left.
    There is nothing different if you ended the level with or without Panzerknacker
    in tow, only that I find him most useful as a meat shield especially with the
    tank in the yard. Overall a pretty short level. If you beat all the levels with
    an excellent rating you reward is a neat Panzerknacker statue in the mementos
    cabinet and next to the records box in the menu.
    04.)                    SECRETS & CHEATS                             G0400
    Input codes to unlock secrets which are normally only available once you have
    achieved by getting excellent ratings in all but one or more levels per
    ENTREZVOUS                Enable Codes
    PORTECLEFS                Unlock Everything
    RICOCHET                  Bouncing Bullets
    MOHDESSINS                Cartoon Sketch Pictures
    DWIECRANS                 Dreamworks Pictures
    PUISSANCE                 Invincibility
    LATIREUSE                 Podoski Mode
    BALLESVITE                Quadruple Firing Rate
    MOHUEQUIPE                Team Pictures
    LEMONSTRE                 Unlock 'From the files of the OSRD' Mission
    AUTODINGUO                Wacky Taxi
    Secret Codes
    Unless you use a password to input these, they unlock by completing level with
    an excellent rating. Nearly every level has one, and completing a mission with
    all levels on excellent you will unlock even more. (The list below may have
    some inaccuracies...)
    Mission 1       Swell Multiplayer
     Level 1        Petain (Petain)
     Level 2        Marie Antoinette (Marie)
     Level 3        Snotty Waiter (Garcon)
     Level 4        Mime (Marcel)
    Mission 2	Bouncing Bullet Mode
     Level 1        Moroccan Fez Spy (Viktor)
     Level 2        Joan of Arc (Joan)
     Level 3        Cyrano (Cyrano)
     Level 4        Bogart's Casablanca Character (Rick)
    Mission 3	No Reload Mode
     Level 1        Archeologist (Rheinhold)
     Level 2        Greek Smuggler (Jakob)
     Level 3        Minotaur (Deadalus)
    Mission 4	Civil War Mode
     Level 1        Wewelsburg Knight (Lothar)
     Level 2        Nosferatu (Shrek)
    Mission 5	Podoski Mode
     Level 1        LATIREUSE Paratrooper (Erich)
     Level 2        POW (Wild Bill)
     Level 3        Snotty French Waiter (Garcon)
    Mission 6	4x Firing Rate
     Level 1        Hooded Mountain Trooper (Herbert)
     Level 2        Napoleon (Napoleon)
     Level 3        Factory Worker (Olly)
    Mission 7       Invulnerability, Secret Mission
    Mission 8	Wacky Taxi Mode, Jimmy Patterson (Jimmy)
     Level 1        Panzerknacker
     Level 2        Julia Child (Jewels)
     Level 3        Heino (Schlagermeister)
    Jacques' Locket
     Reward for completing three out of four levels with an Excellent rating in
     Mission One (Occupied!).
    Foreign Legion's Badge
     Reward for completing three out of four levels with an Excellent rating in
     Mission Two (Hunting for Desert Fox).
    Photograph of Knossos Ruin Being Defaced
     Reward for completing two out of three levels with an Excellent rating in
     Mission Three (Undercover in Crete).
    Captured SS Ring
     Reward for completing two out of three levels with an Excellent rating in
     Mission Four (Wewelsburg: Dark Camelot).
    La Medaille de la campaign d'Italie
     Reward for completing two out of three levels with an Excellent rating in
     Mission Five (Last Rites at Monte Cassino).
    Piece of Destroyed V1
     Reward for completing two out of three levels with an Excellent rating in
     Mission Six (A Mittlewerk Saboteur).
    La Croix de guerre
     Reward for completing three out of four levels with an Excellent rating in
     Mission Seven (Liberation!).
    La Medaille de la France liberee
     Reward for beating the seventh Mission (Liberation!) and thus completing
     Manon's campaign.
    La Croix de la Liberation
     Reward for completing all but one level with an Excellent rating in the
     entire game up and including Mission Seven (Liberation!).
    Legion d'honneur
     Reward for completing all levels with an Excellent rating in the game up to
     and including Mission Seven (Liberation!).
    DreamWorks Medal of Valor with Clusters
     Reward for receiving all medal up to and including Mission Seven (Liberation!)
     which means you will have received all medals but this one and the
     Panzerknacker statue.
     Reward for completing two out of three levels with an Excellent rating in
     the last mission (From the files of the OSRD).
    05.)                    MULTIPLAYER                                  G0500
    Medal of Honor Underground's multiplayer is not as bad as you might think. A
    console release usually suffers under split-screen problems such as knowing
    where the other person is at right now, and visual problems in the squeezed
    display. Nevertheless it can be some fun to play around with.
    Select the arena in which your battle takes place. You start out with four
    maps to choose from:
    *Aztec Turtle House
    *The Shoot Hole IV
    *Metro Plex
    *The Missionary
    By unlocking more in the single player campgain you will also receive the
    maps Squaresville and Shostakovich Nightmare.
    You can switch the available weapons between eight available sets.
    1: MP40
       Walther P38
       STG 44
    2: Sten SMG
       Colt .45
       Petrol Bombs
    3: Gewehr 43 Sniper Rifle
       Big Joe Crossbow
       HiStandard Silenced Pistol
    4: STG 44
       M1 Garand
    5: Panzerfaust
       STG 44
    6: Gewehr 43 Sniper Rifle
       Big Joe Crossbow
       Petrol Bombs
       Sten SMG
    7: Gewehr 43 Sniper Rifle
       Petrol Bombs
       Colt .45
       Sten SMG
    8: Panzerfaust
       Petrol Bombs
       M1 Garand
    Game Type
    Choose between a timed match of 2, 5, 10, or 21 minutes or an unlimited time,
    or First to X wins match of 3, 10, or 21 wins.
    Each player can select a uniform to wear. This is more like a character you
    pick rather than just the dress. You start out with only six but unlock a lot
    more during the single player campaign. See the secret section for more
    Swell Multiplayer
    Once you unlock this feature by completing Mission One (Occupied!) with all
    excellent ratings you can toggle this option. It will alter the game in one
    way. When a player dies, it will drop a box which will activate a special
    effect. Some of them are good, while some of them are bad, which makes it your
    risk to pick this box up. The effect only lasts a minute. The available effects
    are as follows:
    4x Firing Rate: The weapons fire at a four-time speed than normal.
    Achilles Mode: Invincibility.
    Air Walk: Press jump to fly and crouch to descend.
    Blink: The action/reload button will warp you around to random location each
    time you press it.
    Bouncing Bullets: All bullets and shells will bounce off the walls.
    Double Damage: Deals double damage than normally.
    Frozen: You are stuck on this spot and can only look around. Shooting is still
    possible but you are a sitting duck.
    Half-Damage: You only take half the damage from the opponent's weapon, i.e.
    your half double armor.
    Random Controls: Every time you press a button it will have a random action,
    i.e. once it may be shoot, then the next time you press it could be jump.
    Reverse Controls: All the movement is reverse, i.e. left is right.
    Slow: You move at a slower pace than normal, and are thus easier to follow.
    Swap Ammo: The two players change ammo between each other, thus you end up with
    the opponent's ammo and s/he with yours.
    XX.)                    FAQ                                          GXX00
    Q: Is this game really based on WWII events or made up?
    A: Most of it is based on facts, but bent a little to match your mission. Often
       they change names but the campaigns are real and the videos show it.
    Q: Is Mission 7 the end, or the one after?
    A: Mission 7 is the last mission of the proper campaign, the following one is
       an epilogue that fits to the first game. It is incorrect to call it
       "Mission 8".
    Q: What kind of secrets are in the game?
    A: Most secrets are in the secrets section, and on all sorts of websites.
       During the mission one can only find some niches with extra supplies that
       are otherwise off the main path, or one has to jump to reach them, but that
       is about it. In Mission 4 you can find a secret room which is explained in
       the walkthrough.
    Q: I do not have the same amount of enemy kills as in your guide.
    A: You probably did not let enough spawn when mounting a machine gun, because
       otherwise you can still search through the level to find more. If not then
       there may have been a glitch that activates one or two more enemies when
       normally it would not.
    Q: Some other sites/guides list the mementos and unlockables different.
    A: Unlockables might have some inaccuracies, I am not sure. The mementos are
       correct I believe. I have seen others say that you achieve some by
       completing the entire game but actually the last mission (From the files of
       the OSRD) only nets you the statue, not any of the others. It is likely that
       they have played the game in a different order of receiving an Excellent
       evaluation (i.e. went back to replay a level later after finishing the game
       along with the bonus mission), but I made sure to get one with each single
       level and this is how I had received the mementos.
    Q: What is the "Panzerknacker Unleashed" mission?
    A: It is the alternative name for "From the files of the OSRD", which is the
       last mission in the game.
    Q: Is there any different between the North American and European version of
       the game?
    A: Apart from the framerate differences I do not see any, and I am not even
       sure the European version is multilanguage. The French version is called
       "Medal of Honor: Resistance" by the way.
    Q: Is Manon hot or what?
    A: Well it is hard to tell from the first game's in-game graphics, and in MoHU
       you only have a few good images, but the cover makes her seem pretty and she
       has a sexy voice in my opinion... If the Nazis are really into her when she
       poses as a photographer is questionable, as they may not have seen any woman
       in forever. Hmm...I do not know why this question is here...
    Q: What is the OSS? I do not hear about them these days.
    A: You can read about the Office of Strategic Services in many sources. They
       were something like the CIA during WWII although you cannot really compare
       the two since its transition.
    Q: Why does Manon not receive the Medal of Honor like Jimmy in the first game?
    A: The Medal of Honor is only available for anyone serving in the US army, and
       Manon only indirectly works for the OSS and is actually just part of the
       French resistance group. The highest reward she can get in the French army
       is the Legion d'honneur (Legion of Honor).
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     First release (March 28th 2009)
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00
    GameFAQs for hosting this file and the cheats.
    Dreamworks Interactive for developing the game, EA for publishing it and later
    ruining a series by screwing with yet another the developing team they take
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
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